Hugh Baldwin

Hugh's rivalry with his friend combined with Dracula's power makes him Nathan Graves' worst nightmare. Mostly: He'll chase Nathan around and swing his sword forward when he gets close; he'll follow this up by throwing a mystic weapon--axe, dagger, boomerang or holy water--depending on your position. He has two other powers: He can thrust his sword into the ground and make flames rise up, and he can elongate the sword and lower it down quickly. When damaged enough, he'll gain more power and continue the chase. This time, his mystic weapons will have item crash-like power, with multiple daggers, axes, boomerangs, and towering holy flames. From this power, he gains the ability to create multiple spectral swords that will follow you around.

Games In: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Similar Enemies: Any hero-turned-villain
Forms List: Not available
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