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Quick Tips

The "Boss Rush" Mode

To unlock this mode, a sort-of side-quest for Hector, you must finish the game after defeating all of the game's boss creatures, including the secret bosses Legion Lv5.2 and Nuclais Lv.53, which are fought in succession in the Garibaldi temple in its hidden area reached with the assistance of a Devil-type I.D. (If you don't defeat them, first, the mode will not appear after you complete the game by defeating Dracula.) After the credits roll, you'll have to save your progress onto the memory card. When you select to play your mission file again, you can access the "Boss Rush" mode by entering into any warp room and selecting the "Boss Rush" destination from the warp menu. What then begins is a long marathon, successive battles against all of the game's bosses, who in certain cases have received stat increases to match what's likely to be a high-level Hector. Unlike those in the GBA titles, this is an actual part of the game and not a wholly separate mode, so you'll be taking along all of your Innocent Devils, items, advanced fighting moves and so on, as is, while maintaining your level status. Still, it's best to stock up on healing items beforehand and visit Julia's shop to take possession of your most prized Devils.

The order is as follows: Crazy Armor Lv.9, Wyvern Lv.14, Trevor, Skeleton Diver Lv.24, Minotaurus Lv.30, Isaac Lv.34, Saint Germain Lv.37, Trevor Lv.40, Dullahan Lv. 49, Isaac Lv.50, Death Lv. 51, Legion Lv.52, Nuclais Lv.53, Dracula and Dracula's Ghost.

There's no time to rest--once you enter onto the field of battle, the battle begins immediately. Once you defeat a boss, it'll drop two potions of varying potentcy; otherwise, after certain battles, a blue energy field will appear and will if they enter into it completely heal Hector and his Innocent Devils. If there's something you need to use or equip, the time to do it is now, before you enter the ambient blaze that'll take you to the next boss. When you've defeated the final boss, Dracula's Ghost, your best time will be recorded, and you'll be transported back to the previously entered warp room. You can save these stats by going to a save room, and you can then go back to play the "Boss Rush" mode to compete against yourself for a better time.

The Boss Rush mode is also accessible to secret playable character Trevor. After destroying all of the game's bosses, as you did with Hector, and then completing the game and saving it, you can use the very same warp rooms for a boss-battle marathon. There's only one minor difference: Since he can't collect items, the potions received after defeating a boss will automatically restore his energy if he touches them.

Sound Select

The Konami Sound Test returns once again for your listening pleasure. As a reward for completing the "Boss Rush" mode with Hector, you will find upon your return to the selected warp room a music box, which will be there for the taking. After saving your game again, there will a "Sound Select" option available on the title screen. From here, you can listen to all of the game's tunes with little messages from the composer listed in a window below.

Secret Bosses

In addition to the twelve bosses encountered, you will find hidden two secret bosses. The bosses in question are Legion Lv5.2 and Nuclais Lv.53, which, for the sake of convenience, are fought in succession in a previously inaccessible area of the Garibaldi Temple. In order to locate the bosses, who nest in area's basement, you must from the temple's entrance travel to its far-left corner and pass under a grating with the assistance of your Devil-type I.D. While there is no storyline reward for defeating them, their separate defeats are a must if you hope to unlock the "Boss Rush" mode; also, both bosses.

Freeing Pumpkin

Within the sixth floor of Dracula's Castle lay the final the final Innocent Devil holding chamber, sealed off by a low-lying wall that can only breached using the Magic Circle ability of a Devil-type I.D. However, the forces within this room aren't too eager to let go their captive. To break the seal and release Pumpkin, the final ID type, you'll have to come back to this room and strike the egg with a Pumpkin Mace, to get which will require some work on Hector's part. To do so requires the crafting of both a Piko Piko Hammer and one Pumpkin Head, which when combined will form a Pumpkin Mace. (In order to learn the combinations and locate the materials, please visit the Curse of Darkness weapons page). When the weapon has been obtained, just return to this room, strike the pumpkin-egg, and then proceed to wonder why you even bothered.

The Tower of Evermore

The Tower of Evermore is home to many of the game's more advanced enemies, who you'll probably want to add to your bestiary. To reach the Tower of Evermore first requires the clearing of the Tower of Eternity (the 50-floor tower found in the Forest of Jigramunt). If you look into the distance upon reaching the tower's top, you'll see another that looks just like it; to reach the far-off tower, first line Hector up so that he's facing the tower; you'll then need (a) a running start and (b) the assistance of a Wingosaurus, an evolved bird-type I.D., and its Long Glide ability. If done correctly, you'll land on Evermore's top and will then work your way down through 50 floors of pure hell. After clearing all floors, the base of the tower will break open and allow you to exit to the tower's home--the villa area of the Garibaldi Temple. From here, with an entrance now available, you can re-enter the tower and battle the most desired enemy, the Golden Bones, a resilient enemy that drops Miracle Eggs.

The Moebius Brooch

The Moebius Brooch is the reward received for clearing "Crazy Mode" (see "codes" for how to unlock this mode). More speficially, the brooch will then appear in Julia's shop for your purchasing pleasure. Equipping the brooch will empower your Innocent Devils, whose heart-totals will be set to infinite and result in no loss of power for any special moves used.

Musical Chairs

Hector will during his quest notice a number of chair types placed innocuously in certain castle areas, with the highest concentration of those found in Cordova Town's bizarre "chair room," which you'll just know is the source of something. If you can locate and have Hector sit in each and every chair (twenty-three in all) found game-wide, it will unlock in the "chair room" a special chair that will signify the completion of the side quest. This whole process has no bearing on the actual quest. Check the Curse of Darkness weapon page for chair locations.

Beyond the Barriers

It's inevitable that you'll find yourself in a position where a desired path is blocked off and there's seemingly no solution to the impasse. It's likely, then, that it's one of those scenarios where you'll need the help of a certain type of evolved Innocent Devil and more urgently its special attacks. Below are some of those scenarios:

The Codes

Play As Trevor Belmont: It's pretty clear by now that Konami likes to provide its fans with a secondary character whose mission is no-nonsense compared the main character's. This time, Koji and his team allow you to unlock and play as Trevor Belmont, who was thought to be only as a supporting-cast member who appeared twice as a storyline boss. To play as Trevor, complete the game with Hector, wait through the credits, and then save your game onto the memory card. Now start a new mission and enter "@Trevor" as your name. You'll skip past the usual intro, and the game will begin with you in control of Trevor at the entrance to the Abandoned Castle. Trevor controls similarly to Hector, but there are significant differences. For the easiest description: Trevor's fighting style is reminiscent of his forefather Leon Belmont, star of Lament of Innocence--and not surprisingly since Curse of Darkness reuses its game engine.

While Trevor's mission is of course less restrictive than Hector's, he, too, must travel to all areas and defeat the allotted bosses before battling Count Dracula in Castlevania's keep. Hector's mission required the use of Innocent Devils for the breaching of heavy shutters or low-lying grates, but for Trevor is provided instant access thanks to the removal of barriers, easy shutter access, and special warp pads that allow him to pass through certain walls. However, he has some restrictions and other general differences: (1) He can't access an inventory screen, which means that he can't collect items, weapons, armor, or Innocent Devils; and Julia's shop services will be cut off. Such items simply won't be there, replaced by meter-ups or minor items like potions; when he touches an item, it'll take effect automatically. (2) He doesn't gain fighting abilities (since he already has all necessary moves, like the guard and guard-dodge), and his statistics are at first low; to cure this, he'll have to collect the HP-, MP-, attack- and defense-ups that replace the normal items. Also, he receives for defeating bosses parameter-ups, which increases the whole of his statistics. (3) In place of the "Trevor" boss, encountered twice, is a Trevor-based doppelganger (as not to create a universe-destroying paradox). (4) There are no story elements to his mission. (5) He receives his own ending, however abbreviated, for defeating Dracula.

Trevor is your traditional series' hero, and his arsenal is typical of the Belmont clan. His main weapon is the Vampire Killer whip, with which he can execute a series of combo attacks, this by inputting random taps of the "attack" and "finisher" buttons (which you can see mapped out in the soon-to-be-added weapon page). In addition to the power-up items, Trevor will increase his attack power by finding new whips (or relics that add special properties to the Vampire Killer), which are hidden within the ten castle areas:

He wouldn't be a Belmont without an assortment of sub-weapons, and it just so happens that he's brought some along. Available at all times to Trevor are the five traditional sub-weapons: The Dagger, the Axe, Holy Water, the Cross and the Stopwatch. Trevor can switch between the available weapons and enhance them using the family's inborn "crashing" ability, which when using it to bolster sub-weapons eats away at a larger consumption of his heart meter, which is filled and maintained through the collection of big and small hearts.

The Crazy Mode: This is Curse of Darkness' obligatory hard mode. After completing the game with Hector and saving your data onto the memory card, start a new mission and enter "@Crazy" as your name. You'll now play a tougher mission where the enemies are stronger and more numerous, and you can only collect five of each item in your inventory. After defeating a mission in "Crazy Mode," you can return to Julia's shop and buy the elusive " Moebius Brooch."

The Moai Statue: Curse of Darkness continues trend that started back in 1997 with memory-card connectivity between separate games--Symphony of the Night and Metal Gear Solid. Following more with the recent connectivity between series-only games, Aria and Dawn of Sorrow, you can locate in Curse of Darkness a Moai Statue if you have on the currently inserted memory card a Castlevania: Lament of Innocent save. From the game-starting position in the Abandoned Castle, turn south and follow the winding path, along the mountains, that leads to a small field that will now house the Moai Statue.

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