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Sometime in 1990, Konami began releasing for different computer systems separate ports of the NES' own Castlevania. The systems in question were the Commodore 64, the IBM PC, and the Amiga Home Computer. Strangely, Konami chose to sell each version with the same packaging--a classic-style box featuring on its back screenshots of the three separate ports; therein, it supplied the same manual for all versions but on each box slapped a sticker notifying the consumer of the system on which the port played.

In some instances, the box's screenshots, most interestingly the Amiga version, appear to be taken from beta builds. There is speculation that from this product line came an "original" Amiga offering, which came before before the Novotrade-licensed game that you see featured on this site. That is, before Novotrade gained creative license to wacky-up the Amiga game, there existed a more natural-looking port (presumably from Konami itself). Time will tell as to whether or not an original version actually exists. The contributor and one of the researchers, Morgoth, gives us some detailed information:

"The same box was used to package all three ports. The only thing identifying each port was a sticker. The IBM, and presumably the Amiga version version both had a white sticker in the bottom left hand corner. This sticker covered up a Com64 identifier. This must mean that the boxes in fact were printed saying Com64, and a sticker used to separate each port.

The manual seems to have been the same for each release.

The IBM version came in two different versions that I know of. The most common by far of all the versions I have seen is the IBM 5.25" disk version. This version had two 5.25 disks. There is also a 3.5" disk IBM version, and I have only seen this specific version on one occasion.

The Com64 version was just a single 5.25" double sided disk. It is speculated that there might have been a tape version of the game, but there is absolutely nothing to back this up.

The Amiga version is by far the strangest and rarest of the ports. Almost nothing is known about this version, as to its disk format, since pics have never been found of this port.

One interesting thing though, about the Amiga version, is that a beta version is featured on the back of the CVPC box:


This version is not the finished Novotrade version we ENJOY today. The beta on the back of the box resembles the finished version, as I have compared background tiles between the two and have seen definite similarities. There are only two pics of this beta to be had, although there are at least three sources of these beta pics- the back of the CVPC box, an Amiga ad featuring the game, and a CVPC pack-in ad. Also, I have asked around about this beta, and no one seems to have EVER seen it." (All associated images are credited to Protogem.)


In addition to the universal manual, all PC-port versions came packaged with the same warranty/consumer feedback form. This and all other scans were supplied by Protogem.

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