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A big mystery surrounding the Amiga port of the NES classic Castlevania arises from a promotional screenshot seen on the back of the universal box cover reserved for all three computer ports. Was there ever an "original" Amiga version before Novotrade went to work and supplied the wacky? Well, standout collector and Protogem (supplier of all information and related scans) tracked down a copy of the actual Amiga title and has this to say:

"I finally got my hands on a physical copy of the game, and have figured out the truth about what was actually sold.

Here we have the Amiga identifier sticker, which indicates that it's in the same release group as the Commodore and PC ports.

And here we have confirmation that the Novotrade version is indeed the real deal. The different shots on the back of the boxes are more than likely doctored up screenshots by Konami or Novotrade before development was completed. Speaking with those in the Amiga community, it seems this was a rather common practice. A scan of the disk reveals that it's the same style as the 3.5-inch floppy seen for the Commodore version."


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