This game has five stages in all, but it has an additional bonus stage for you to travel through should you want to complete the task of obtaining all five collectible mystic weapons after having found four of them during the initial five stages--this is the "Bonus Stage."

Stage 1: The Graveyard

This is the first in the series of long stages. It's pretty straightforward: You'll move along while being attack by bats, ghosts, zombies, critters and what appears to be floating fireballs. Midway through, a candle in a suspicious place will lead you to a mini-battle with an array of zombies should you be unlucky enough to hit it. After a lot more of the same, you'll eventually run into the boss beyond a gate.


Lesser Enemies: Bat, Zombie, Will-o'-Wisp, Ghost, Big Worm and Spear Guard
Boss: Creature Bat
Music Track: Bloody Tears

Stage 2: Castle Halls

It may not look like it, but these are the recurring castle halls. Here you'll begin running into more complicated enemies, like the pillar of bones, skull heads, spear guards and hunchbacks. You'll face a series of small rooms with individual enemies, getting stronger by each room. You'll have to defeat Sword Lords later on to clear spikes away from the blocked entrances. When you reach the library area, the boss is near.


Lesser Enemies: Skull Head, Hunchback, Bone Pillar, Spear Guard, Will-o'-Wisp, Bat, Zombie and Sword Lord
Boss: Death Dragon
Music Track: Banquet of Spirits

Stage 3: Clock Tower

This stage is long and annoying. There's a lot of rope climbing as enemies fly in from above, overwhelmingly at times. There are also enemies here that can climb on the ropes, just as you can. Not too far into this stage, you'll have to deal with a mid boss. You'll then climb through increasingly annoying areas with more ghosts, bats and rope lizards attacking from above. There are all kinds of alternate paths, but most lead nowhere. When you make it to the very top, you'll come face-to-face with fate.


Lesser Enemies: Bone Pillar, Bat, Ghost, Rope Lizard, Hunchback, Ghost, Spear Guard and Zombie
Mid Boss: Flying Dragon
The Grim Reaper
Music Track: Endless Motion

Stage 4: Castle Keep

Through these narrow passageways, you'll have to deal with large spiders and mudworms while trying to get by Sword Lords that guard the correct way forward. In a small room not too far off, you'll face another mid-boss. Soon after, you'll have to ride on moving ropes while dodging the spikes shot out of the 8-directional spike shooters. Moving platforms and ropes must be traveled upon to get over the spike-lined floors, but sword lords and more spike shooters block the way.


Lesser Enemies: Spider, Spike Shooter, Mud Worm, Sword Lord and Bat
Mid Boss: Medusa
Music Track: Encounters

Bonus Stage: The Dungeon

This stage is only accessible if you take an alternate path on the first part of stage 5. It's nothing really different from the other stages--bats, spear guards, climbing while being attacked by ghosts, etc.--but there are split paths all over the place. You can wind up being really drained, energy- and time-wise, before you eventually find the proper exit. The one boss that does appear on this stage comes unexpectedly at the end of one such split path, so be prepared. If you manage to find this stage, you'll start stage 5 at a special midway point.


Lesser Enemies: Bat, Spear Guard, Zombie, Big Worm, Fishman, Mud Worm, Will-o'-Wisp, Hunchback, Bone Pillar and Ghost
Boss: Executioner
Music Track: Holed Up

Stage 5: Inner Den

You'll start out in a series of caves guarded by mostly bats and fishmen. You'll have to jump into water in some areas to get around the rubble and low cave ceilings while watching out for more fishmen. You'll eventually face a mid-boss then exit out to the final leg of Dracula's castle. The way up is guarded by multiple bats and Sword Lords, attacking while you climb; next is a horizontal shaft guarded by more bats and Sword Lords. Right near the end (downward) is an energy boost guarded by a lowly spike shooter. You'll then proceed upward to face the master of the house.


Lesser Enemies: Bat, Fishman, Mud Worm, Ghost, Sword Lord and Spike Shooter
Mid Boss: Ninjotaur
(1) Dracula, (2) Dracula's Ghost
Music Track: Dark Nightmare

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