Sonia Belmont

Character's History

Image contributed by ray_e1x3@lycos.comSonia was the first Belmont to battle Mathias under his new persona of Vlad Tepes, who had already earned the title Count Dracula in relation to his murderous campaign against humanity. On her seventeenth birthday, Sonia met and formed a bond with Alucard, Dracula's estranged and forgotten half-breed son, who had tired of his father's antics and was planning a countermeasure. After the two became close, forming an intimate relationship, Alucard entrusted her with his secret: For he was going to confront and destroy his own father and stop an impending war whose enormity went unconsidered, even if it meant sacrificing himself for the cause. Sonia showed a vested interest despite Alucard's resistance to her involvement. This insistence later led to a showdown between the two--Alucard's testing of her mettle and resolve, whence Sonia proved worth. Knowing now the true power of the whip and its possessor, Alucard realized that the defeat of Dracula was best left in her hands, and he let the determined warrior take his place in the war. Thus, Sonia went on to become the first hero to show the Dark Lord a true defeat.

When Sonia came of age, her uncle passed unto her the Vampire Killer whip that Leon once brandished. Too, it was Sonia who reclaimed the mystic weapons that her ancestors presumably hid for her to find near what was once Walter Bernhard's castle, for these weapons would be forged further over time for each new generation's own usage. Whether or not the stopwatch was part of the package by that point is unsure, but Sonia made it so in place of the lost crystal. Even though, to her, these sub-weapons were only collectible (as she wasn't yet trained to use them), she was not without alternate power: She would instead use her own sacred power to steal and harness a soul's essence and thus use it as a weapon against Dracula's forces.

She also started the trend of finding symbol attachments (chains and fireballs) that would magically augment the basic leather whip, allowing for a metamorphosis--a deadly alteration transforming it into a now-more-powerful tool of destruction. Sonia had another magical power that allowed for temporary invincibility, but this was either character-specific or an ability somehow harnessed and bottled as a special potion for future use.

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Sonia's one and only appearance was in Castlevania Legends for the original Game Boy. Hers was the fairly typical Belmont arsenal of the whip and sub-weapons. Sonia starts out with a standard leather whip. She can use magic crystals to power it up twice; the first one turns it into a short chain whip, and a second will increase its length and turn it into a fireball whip--a long chain whip capable of spewing fireballs. Rather than using the dagger, holy water, boomerang, axe and stopwatch, Sonia relied on five soul powers that could be collected and interchanged during her adventures.


Striking Weapons
Soul Wind: Wind power allows Sonia to temporarily stop time, the impetus for the future stopwatch  
Soul Flame: Flame power emits an area-wide flash that damages (but rarely kills) all nearby enemies Vampire Killer: A leather form of the famous family whip; its range is short and its strength is weak
Soul Bat: More powerful than the Soul Flame, Bat power will cause an area-clearing flash Chain Whip: The chain whip is roughly the same length as the leather whip, but its strength is great
Soul Saint: Saint power embellishes the whip's power, allowing it to fire a scrolling blast Fireball Whip: Though its form is unchanged, the whip is now granted the power to spew fireballs
Soul Ice: The use of Ice power will replenish some lost energy though at great cost to the heart-total

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