Juste Belmont

Character's History

Juste is the very grandson of the famed Simon Belmont, and his plight was similar in that he, too, had to collect Dracula's remains in order to break a curse--in this case his friend Maxim's--and save their good friend Lydie Erlanger and, in effect, the world. Juste learned well Simon's brandishing technique (if you take Super Castlevania IV's story as canon) and he also originated many of the special moves that Richter and others of his ilk would one emulate and build upon; these include such recurring maneuvers as the slide, the double jump and the super jump. Juste would come to enhance the Vampire Killer by attaining whip attachments, a character-defining trait. It was these abilities that he used to conquer Castlevania and its transient brother, therein saving Maxim's soul from Dracula's possession, rescuing Lydie, and destroying Dracula's weakened spirit.

Juste's more important role in the storyline is that he also located and utilized magic books that allowed him to power up his mystic sub-weapons via the "Spell Fusion" system. Harnessing the propensity of Sypha's ever-present genes, he was able to use the books, as Sypha once could, to afford superpower to his already potent arsenal. This may very well have been the catalyst in building toward the family's item-crashing ability and the DSS Card System. So none too subtly, he was written in as a prototype, a character who originated many of the future generations' then-typical arsenals.

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Juste stars in the second Game Boy Advance title, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance--the direct follow-up to Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. Juste forgoes the leather whip and always uses the morning star version of the Vampire Killer. Since it can't be powered up, changed in form, he can instead collect special tips to give the whip different strengths: Red, blue, yellow and green stones for different elemental attacks; an energy circle that lets him swing the whip around as could Nathan Graves; a crushing stone to let it break through some walls; and steel and platinum tips to add a little striking punch. As for mystic weaponry: Juste leaves the stopwatch home and brings the other four typical sub-weapons. To add some variety, he also brings two of his own lethal instruments in their place.


Striking Weapons
Dagger: A quick but weak dagger that Juste can toss forward at long range   Vampire Killer: The famed family whip, an effective chain-link whip that Juste can brandish wildly
Holy Water: When a vial is thrown to the ground, a deadly flame treks along the floor and engulfs foes
Axe: An unwieldy but powerful axe thrown in an arc, capable of damaging enemies above and below
Cross: A boomerang-style projectile that damages enemies while both coming and going
Holy Book: A holy book will circle Juste, cycling progressively outward to damage foes near and far
Sacred Fist: Juste will extend his upper limbs to unleash a long-range, rapid-fire flurry of punches

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