Vampire Killers

One of the most famous families of video game legend, the Belmont clan has repeatedly saved the world from the tyrannical Dracula and his forces of evil. Along the way, through centuries of struggle, the Belmonts have enlisted the services of a powerful ally or two--those who have also cemented their names in legend. Other heroes have taken up the hero's mantle in the Belmonts' absence. And still others have challenged the dark forces harboring more personal agendas.

The Belmont representatives always command the famous family whip, the Vampire Killer, while friends and allies are known to brandish their own unique, character-defining tools of destruction. Too, many if not all have proved themselves adept in the use of the standard sub-weapons if not their own personal additions to the category. Heroes, their weapons of choice, and more will be discussed in this section; click on a name above to zip right to the character of your choice. To view the pages without the top frame, click on the appropriate link and navigate using the bottom links: Original Series, Lords of Shadow, or Heroes of Gaiden.

The First Hero