The heroes meet Brauner and his daughters in the painting titled Sandy Grave and then again in the studio painting, where he acts as a boss
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

While not really what one would call an "ally" to Dracula, the vampire Brauner's goal was certainly one in the same: That is, it was his personal mission to eradicate humans from the face of the Earth. Brauner desired such a scenario not because he was a vampire but due of the loss of his two daughters, who during World War I were killed as a result of the humans' self-destructive ways. While his hatred was great, he had yet to possess the skill or know-how to pull off such a coup, so he watched from the shadows as Elisabeth Bartley plotted to revive Dracula and take over the world.

When the plot failed--Bartley, Dracula and their followers silenced by John Morris--Brauner, having studied her methods in resurrecting Dracula, quietly put his plan into action. As Bartley had done in instigating global chaos in spurning World War I, the inspired Brauner collected the souls of those felled in its follow-up, World War II, and harvested their ill feelings, an enormous force that allowed him to raise from the depths Castlevania. Though, Brauner had no intention of restoring its ruler, Count Dracula, whose repeated failures would no longer be tolerated. To prevent Dracula's return, Brauner, an artist, created and spread out castle-wide a number of paintings, which he infused with his considerable power of absorption; such paranormal phenomenons would function to concentrate and control the castle's dark energies, cutting them off from Dracula's grasp.

To Brauner's surprise, the aging Eric Lecarde managed to breach one of the paintings--the one housing his very studio. Before Eric could react, Brauner ambushed him with an attack that ended his life. When Eric's daughters--Stella and Loretta, who had been tailing their father--entered to witness the horror of the final blow, they, too, were paralyzed and eminently susceptible to a surprise attack, an induction into the world of vampires. For Brauner, this wasn't an act of revenge; it was an improvised reaction to the very sight of the young women, who bore a remarkable resemblance to his own daughters, and he immediately deemed them to be their very reincarnations. In their reawakening, Stella and Loretta came to accept this as truth. Now with a sense of family, the overjoyed Brauner would complete his mission.

Though, the plan wouldn't go off without a hitch. There were a few hindrances: The heroes Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin were investigating the castle's sudden appearance and through their search destroying his paintings, and his daughters wouldn't restrain themselves, insisting on accosting the heroes who were distracting them from perhaps a more grave threat: Death was somewhere in that castle, and it, too, was investigating matters, for it would never allow for or cooperate in the suppression of its master's powers. Brauner's fears were realized when his daughters acted in haste and confronted the heroes, who thanks to Charlotte's purification magic cured the sisters of their early-stage vampirism and restored their senses; they knew well of Brauner's location and the means needed to breach his final seal, and they provided the heroes this knowledge.

Brauner could only prepare for a final battle. When the heroes finally arrived, the cured Stella and Loretta at their side, Brauner was enraged. "What have you done to my daughters?!" he gasped. After snapping his cane, he vowed to make them suffer for the loss of his daughters to humanity and would show them the true meaning of suffering. He fought intensely and cagily, but while his power was great, Brauner couldn't outlast the determined heroes; he wouldn't in defeat concede that justice was on their side, for it was their race that was despoiling the earth with war. His final memory was that of Death hovering above, laughing at the demise of the interloper whose destruction would open the door for yet another revival of the Dark Lord.

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