Skeleton Leader

The Skeleton Leader will suddenly appear in a cloud, ninja style, with a surprise attack, a ninja star to hold you off while it finishes transporting in. The Leader will then begin sizing you up for one of its mad sword dashes; if it misses in this attempt and instead hits a wall, it will be knocked back, stunned momentarily and ripe for a counterattack. The Leader, also, will often hold the sword up parallel to itself and fire a devastating expanding beam forward. Otherwise, this skeletal foe is rather explosive: To foil your air attacks, the Leader can arc a single stick of dynamite into your direction; and after it receives damage in any way, it'll throw out a lot more dynamite and exploding ninja stars in all directions while it recovers.

Games In: Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight (Sega Saturn)

Similar Enemies: Skull Knight King (Harmony)
Forms List: Not available
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