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Forgotten One

The Forgotten One, a tortured demon who has been locked away for eternity, is best described as a three-dimensional version of Symphony's Beezelbub. This long battle takes place in three stages: (1) Its lower half. If you want to get this demon's attention, you'll have to destroy its lower organs and torso. At first, you can strike them by standing close, but when organs explode, you'll have to start aiming higher. A lot is going on at this time: Diving maggots of two sizes are jumping off of it and clogging up the platforms. If one connects with a dive, you will be cursed and unable to double jump; and its blood will spilling out into puddles, which will poison and kill both you and the maggots if either moves over them. When its lower torso has been destroyed, the platform moves up for the second round. (2) Its upper torso. Your concern now is its arm, which it drags along the platform left or right, crushing you against the walls; it pounds the ground where you're standing; and it opens a wound on its hand and drops its poisonous blood over large areas. Striking its arm will do more damage than striking its chest. (3) Its head. The Forgotten one will scream so loud that giant rocky debris will fall from the ceiling, and the bigger rocks are your only means for protection against its more dangerous attack: Its can spit out a crippling energy beam left to right and vice-versa, sometimes in succession. Each rock can take three hits before giving way, but there will always be at least one to hide behind. There are some differences in "Crazy Mode": There are more maggots crowding the area in round one, and they stone you instead of inducing a curse; and in round two, it uses the arm-dragging attack three consecutive times with unexpected time differences between each; it round three, it begins by spitting out the energy beam without warning.

Games In: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Similar Enemies: Beezelbub
Forms List: Not available
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