Syousetsu Akumajou Dracula: Akuma no Chi Chi no Akumu

As described by the contributor, JPCVFAN: "Syousetsu Akumajou Dracula: Akuma no Chi Chi no Akumu Vol.1 (translated to mean Novel Demon Castle Dracula: Demon's Blood - Nightmare Blood Vol.1) was released by company Aspect in 1994. It was quickly discontinued and saw no other volumes." Shedding some insight into the novel's creation is the following postscript:

"I wanted to write a vampire novel.
However, the magazine editor demanded novelizing the video game.
I borrowed 'Dracula' and 'Simon' from Akumajou Dracula.
Still, the story is almost all my original creation. Sorry.
This novel is not a novelization of the video game."

Featured on this page are character profiles and sample shots of the novel's pages--that is, several pieces of artwork as contributed by the very same JPCVFAN.


Dean Silva
Elizabeth Arye
Simon Belmondo
Pierre Baiyan
Claude Runkle
Leesa Berenice
Cil Vink
Mary Fraise

Dean Silva:
He is a bishop. He becomes a missionary because of the Archbishop's instruction. He struggles between a "belief in God" and a "lover who became a vampire."
Elizabeth Arye:
She is a female priest and Dean's lover. She follows along when Dean travels. Her blood is ingested by a vampire, turning her into one of their kind. However, Simon Belmont believes that she is still alive.
Simon Belmondo:
Simon is considered a god by the villagers. He died many years ago but was somehow revived--that is, he fought against Dracula 200 or more years ago. His blood is a "nectar" for vampires, described as a "deadly poison of death."
Pierre Baiyan:
He is a self-styled alchemist and a criminal. He, too, travels with Dean, who tries to reform him. It is, however, by Pierre's doing that Dracula has been resurrected; he believes Dracula to be "God" and hopes by association to become a "Dark Lord."
Claude Runkle (Dracula):
A vampire and the vessel of Count Dracula. He was Simon's best friend before his possession.
Leesa Berenice:
She is a woman beloved by both Simon and Claude.
Cil Vink and Mary Fraise:
A pair of villagers and victims of a vampire attack. They are destroyed by Dean.


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