Akumajou Dracula: Kojyo no Shitou

As described by the contributor, Protogem: "This is an Akumajou Dracula 'choose your own adventure'-type book. It was not licensed by konami and therefore the story was never canon. Translated to Demon Castle Dracula: Desperate Fight of the Old Castle, the novel's story is that you are a descendant of the original Simon Belmont in modern times, shooting a movie about his adventures. Dracula is accidentally unleashed on the world again, whence he kidnaps Simon's movie costar Mina, and it is up to the new Simon to defeat him. The apparently contradicting images of the story's outcome are because the book is a 'choose your own adventure' type, and there are multiple paths and outcomes."

If you'd like to view/read the entire book, please click on this link; doing so will allow you to download a ZIP file that contains scans for each page. These files were contributed by Francisco R.

Directly below are character bios and sample screenshots. The bios are supplied by JPCVFAN as are some extra sample shots, which carry yellow labels.

Simon Belmondo
Lucy Lane
Christopher Bee
Gregoriano IV
Simon Belmondo:
Simon Belmont's actual descendant (by approximately 400 years). He is a movie star.
Lucy Lane: She is an actress who plays Simon's lover "Mina."
Christopher Bee: This is the actor who plays Dracula. He along with director Trans Fisher and the entire cast (excluding Simon and Lucy) are killed during the movie's production.
Dracula: The vampire sealed away by Simon's ancestor 400 years ago. He's revived when Simon unknowingly breaks the seal.
Gregoriano IV: The former Transylvanian king killed by Dracula 500 years ago. He now serves as Dracula's ghost servant.

The Front Cover

Removable Cover

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Bastard Troll





Darkwing Bat


Drac's Stance



A gun

A Hallway

Frank's in the Hall

Holy Water


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