Stage 1: Castlevania

Our adventure begins within the hallowed halls of the condensed Castlevania, whence Kid Dracula emerges from his coffin ready to fight. He'll start with familiar main halls, now home to the crushing spiked pillars usually found in the lab, and battle familiar main-hall enemies like Zombies and Bats; his quick ascent will see him pass through the Clock Tower, home to Knights, Frankensteins and a swinging pendulum; and he'll arrive at the rather unpopulated Castle Keep, where only a few soft jumps lay between him and the castle's final boss.


Lesser Enemies: Zombie, Bat, Ghost, Knight and Frankenstein
Boss: The Ghosts of Halloween's Past, Present and Future
Music Track: Go Go at the Castle

Stage 2: The Sky

From the heights of Castlevania, Kid Dracula takes to the skies. To move forward requires that he jump from cloud to cloud, avoiding annoying enemies like Eagles and Witches. Things turn mechanical when he enters a small facility whose innards feature rotating cylinders adorned with platforms; these odd devices will carry him to the top, where he'll happen across a lift. As he boards the lift, which begins to move along a track, Mad Turtles will try to catch him by surprise and knock him to his death. The lift will eventually speed up as it treks along slightly diagonal tracks and large loop de loops; the aforementioned turtles plus elemental lords will try to disrupt his rhythm and knock him to his death. Finally, he'll leap across more cloud-platforms, including those with faces--a breed of vapor that immediately begins moving in fixed directions when you walk upon them. After a few tricky spots, you'll find a large, feathered fiend.


Lesser Enemies: Eagle, Witch, Mad Turtle, Lightning Lord and Wind Lord
Boss: The Spirit of the Roast Chicken (that you ate)
Music Track: Hop and Step Above the Clouds
Second Track: Roller Coaster Ride

Stage 3: The Sea

From the sky and to the depths, Kid Dracula plunges into deep blue sea. Decreased gravity will act as either a friend or foe, depending upon how you use it. Early on, Mines and Hotheads will clog the area, attempting to disrupt your floaty jumps and precision landings. A few ladders, by which some nasty swimmers congregate, leads out of the water, up to a series of antigravity strips, which Drac must use to float over (and under) spike traps. Taking back to the sea, he'll again use platforms to safely travel over the bottomless chasms, but not without dealing with a rough spot cluttered by Mines, Hotheads and the dangerous Submarines, which take up a lot of space. One final set of ladders will carry him up the area's tentacled boss.


Lesser Enemies: Mine, Hothead, Fish, Swimmer and Submarine
Boss: Octopus
Music Track: Water Cha Cha

Stage 4: Icy Mountain

The sea's shore exits onto the snowy banks of the icy mountain. Drac will have to leap across sinking platforms while dealing with a pesky Snow Thrower before tackling some slippery slopes guarded by Seals. The path leads down into a cavern, where normal and rotary-based platforms are all that stand between Drac and the deadly icicles/bottomless pits. To escape from this area, he'll have to use his bat-transformation power to navigate through a narrow maze of spikes; his reward for success is an encounter with some nasty Skaters and eventually the scaly boss.


Lesser Enemies: Snow Thrower, Seal, Snow Man, Slider and Skater
Boss: Dragon
Music Track: Everything Falls Down, Ouch Ouch Ouch

Stage 5: The City

Not far from the icy mountain is the city, through which Drac'll travel by hopping across the roofs of many skyscrapers. Early on, alien-dropping UFOs will serve as the game's newest tool for knocking you into instant-death gaps; a bit later, the wall-crawling Spider Men and plane-throwing Kongs will give the same effort. When he reaches a dead end, Drac'll drop into the subway and onto a moving train, from where he'll fend off Punkers and Axe Murderers while hopefully crouching in time to avoid hitting his noggin on overpasses, which speed by after an audible warning. When the train stops, he'll climb back out into the open city, where he'll be greeted by the Statue of Liberty, which'll usher him into a game-show setting where he'll have to best two opponents in a test of knowledge. Answer three questions to win; miss an answer, and he'll lose one health piece.


Lesser Enemies: UFO, Alien, Spider Man, Kong, Punker and Axe Murderer
Boss: Statue of Liberty: The Quiz
Music Track: Calling Tiffany
Second Track: Subway Ride

Stage 6: The Desert

From the hot lights of the studio to the sweltering heat of sandy dunes, Kid Dracula arrives at the desert, where humanoid Cactuses will pop out of the ground for surprise attacks, Scarabs will dive out from quicksand and nip at his heels, and Sandworms will emerge from open pockets and erratically fly about before returning to their domain. He'll find little relief when he enters a pyramid, which is home to Skeletons and crushing spike beds; he'll need to utilize his ceiling-walk ability to negotiate his way around the madness. Two more deadly traps follow: A collapsing bridge that features a surprise attack, and giant boulder that gives chase within a narrow passage. The chase ends when Drac drops into a pit, where the boss is waiting.


Lesser Enemies: Cactus, Scarab, Vulture, Sandworm, Skeleton and Skull Head
Boss: Tutankhamen
Regular Stage Track: Sucharaka Pyramid

Stage 7: Outer Space

If Garamoth can't be found hiding in any conventional locations, he must be in outer space! That in mind, Kid Dracula boards a convenient lift that blasts off, up into an elevator/airtube where the entire stage unfolds. To survive in this fast-scrolling stage, he'll have to keep jumping up to reach the platforms that are slowly descending from screen's top. He'll meet resistance in two spots: First some ill-placed robots will attempt to block his path, then deadly rockets will begin firing up from below, exploding on impact and potentially knocking him to his death. After a few more tricky jumps, he'll arrive in outer space and converse with the soon-appearing boss.


Lesser Enemies: P
Boss: Garamoth
Music Track: Oh No! Watch Out!

Stage 9: Airship

With Garamoth out of the way, Kid Dracula returns to Earth and lands somewhere in the clouds, where he gives chase to what appears to be a floating pirate ships. Walking Turrets attempt to stop him from breaching the first ship's bow. When he makes onboard, Reapers will attempt to swoop down and pick him off. More cloud-hopping and ship-chasing will lead to the second ship and encounters with Missile Bots and Specters, who team up and clutter the area. Drac will drop into the second ship's innards and deal with more robotic foes before dodging a giant death laser. Another drop will take him to the chamber of the giant, seemingly impervious boss.


Lesser Enemies: Turret, Reaper, Missile Bot, Specter and Maintenance Bot
Boss: Hard Metal
Music Track: Calling Tiffany

Stage 9: Final Approach

The pirate ships carry Kid Dracula to his final approach--a construction area where he's initially engulfed by the flames of Hell; a bearded hellhound appears from out of the flame and supplies a mini-boss-level challenge. When the hound is subdued, Drac'll have to put his ceiling-walking skills to the test as he squeezes his way through narrow spike-lined passages guarded by Bubble Crabs. As he reaches the last leg, the entire structure begins to collapse; as spiky ceilings constantly scroll downward, he'll have to hurry to reach safe ground while dodging Construction Bots. When things settle down, he'll battle the head of the giant robot that could be seen in the falling structure's background. Once the drill-shaped robot head is out of the way, he'll meet up with the game's true villain and attempted Earth ruler.


Lesser Enemies: P
Boss: (1) Robot Head, (2) The Illegal Alien from Planet X
Music Track: Robot Battle

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