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Stage Select: Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth is a really difficult game when you consider the sometimes-crazy level design (swinging from pendulums while fending off ravens and projectile fire, for instance) and the increasingly long stages with their mid-bosses and such. That said, why put yourself through the torture of replaying the game from the start when you just want to reach a certain stage? Now you can: Skip past the title sequence and on the "Start" screen hold right on the Wii Remote or GameCube controller's d-pad until you're taken to the Level Select, using which you can elect to start on any stage 1-6 assuming you've already cleared a given stage on your currently selected difficulty mode.

Classic Mode: Anyone who played the Game Boy titles remembers Christopher as the stiff, clunky fellow who moved like a tank--not the sleek, maneuverable cat they've turned him into. Relive the "glory" days by clearing the game and then entering the options menu; you'll find under "Style" a new choice called "Classic." When in "Classic" mode, Christopher loses all midair control and the ability to change direction mid-jump, reducing him to the leap-of-fate status he and other such limited heroes once enjoyed.

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