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Castlevania Legends utilizes a password system similar to the one in Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge. In this case, though, there are more symbols to use in each table--an axe, a dagger, a stopwatch, holy water, a boomerang, a candleabra and a roast chicken. There are two play modes available: Light Mode (easy), wherein your whip is always powered up to the fullest, and Regular Mode. There are two columns, each containing passwords for the two separate modes; the description found in the middle goes for both modes' passwords.

Regular Mode
Light Mode
This will allow you to start on the game's second stage, with the Axe collected.
This lets you start on the game's third stage, with the Stopwatch collected.
This one lets you start on the game's fourth stage, with the Dagger collected.
This one will let you start at the regular entrance of stage five, with the Holy Water collected.
This one lets you start on the bonus stage, wherein the final mystic item collectible is being held. This stage is hidden.
If you go through the bonus stage, you can use this password to start on stage five via the midway point, with all of the mystic items and soul powers collected.

Quick Tips

Mystic Sub-Weapons

Sonia Belmont was the one who found the five mystic weapons--the axe, the dagger, the boomerang, holy water and the stopwatch--(after Leon supposedly lost them) and passed them on into the family. In Legends, the five weapons are hidden on the initial four stages and on the bonus stage. Collecting them is not necessary, as they don't act as weaponry for Sonia, but they do determine whether or not you get one of the good endings. Below are images and information on how to find them.

Stage 1: The Axe

Sometime after you enter through the stage's first gate, you'll see a white candle (the kind that holds an enemy trap should you whip it). After a short trek through a graveyard, you'll come to a split path--a rope that leads upward and the continuation of the graveyard that leads right. Continue right and make a series of midair-platform jumps until you come to a dead end; the axe is hidden in one of these two candles.

Stage 2: The Stopwatch

The stopwatch isn't too far out of the way compared to the other mystic weapons. When you come to the stage's first vertical area, you'll be presented with another split path--a rope that leads upward and an opening to the right. Simply climb the rope upward, take care of some annoying enemies that'll float in from above you, and whip the candle that lies near the chamber's end.

Stage 3: The Dagger

Stage 3 is mostly a series of vertical towers. In the third such tower, you'll find a split path. You must chose between ropes that take you upward and an opening that leads to the left. Take the left path until you come to split path number two (don't continue going left, or else you'll run into an enemy trap); go up the set of ropes, avoid enemies and spikes, and claim the dagger.

Stage 4: Holy Water

The holy water is located deep into this stage, somewhere around its end. When you come to the place seen in the screenshot to the left, go immediately upward. Continue traveling upward while making sure not to whip any of the white candles that are laying around. The water is atop this vertical area, and many annoying bats guard it. If you can survive the madness, the mystic weapon is yours.

Bonus Stage: The Boomerang

The bonus stage has many split paths that are intended to confuse you and kill you by time-limit expiration. Eventually, you'll come to a sub-boss room where you'll be forced to take on a horde of will-o'-wisps. After destroying them all, climb the rope and you'll be in the room seen left. Go through that left opening and take the low road, fighting off spear guards and zombies, to claim the final mystic weapon.

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