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Quick Tips

Unlocking Henry's Mission: After defeating the game with Cornell, Henry will become accessible. His mission is a bit different than the others in that he has free reign through six of the game's sixteen stages. His objective during that mission is to save six children; doing so will earn you some rewards.

Missing Children Locations: Finding the children located in Henry's mission will allow you to explore the other game's options. These are the locations of the children missing in his mission followed by instructions:

The first child is hidden in the Forest of Silence, by the two switches that make stone pillars rise from the ground. Near the switch to the far north rest platforms below the cliff; jump downward and find a wall with a crack in it. Strike the wall, go through the tunnel, and the kid is right at the end. From here, you can skip over half the stage. The second one is within the Castle Wall. When you enter, go to the left tower and make your way to the second set of the rotating green spike platforms. While standing on solid ground, look toward the room's large center pillar. A child will be on a platform attached to it. Either jump over to the child or use the invisible bridge that links to it. The third is hidden in the Villa hedge maze. Find the circular fence where you found the rose brooch with Cornell. From there, go to the path that branches out east of the the fence's entrance gate. Watch out for the Frankenstein Gardener, as he'll constantly be giving chase. The child is located within an archway.
The next one can be found in the Outer Wall. When you take the first elevator up, you'll be at a save crystal. Hanging over the edge of this section are two stone gargoyle heads with a support arch branching upward--which consists of three pillars--right near them. The child is on the top of the second level of that arch, on the opposite side of the second pillar; you'll have to jump to the child from a higher point. Florence won't be here unless three others have been saved. This one is in the Underground Tunnel. Just find the first stairway that spirals upward to a short bridge right near the first save crystal. Once you hop over to the other side of the bridge, look left--you'll see two narrow platforms hanging out of the wall, with a big black opening just below the second. Fall or jump your way over to the opening to get the child. If you don't feel like going all the way to the end to face the boss, simply retreat to the stage's entrance. The final one is in the Underground Mine. Travel all the way past the vertical-moving lift area--the one where you ride a red lift to a platform to wait for a blue one to come along. Work your way around some platform-heavy chasms and check around all of the split paths past there until you find a shovel stuck into the ground. From the shovel, run north until you come to a time door. If it's the right time of day, enter the door; if not, use a moon or sun card. The child is right in there.

By finding each kid, as mentioned, you can unlock most of the game's secrets. It's not the number that counts--it's the specific child that you locate. The following is what you can unlock:

Fountain Secrets: In Cornell's mission, raising the platform to get to the top of the fountain works differently than in Castlevania 64. Cornell has to hit switches on the headstones surrounding the fountain in this order: Ord De Rais, Mary, Henry, then the unreadable grave. For Reinhardt and Carrie, it's the same as in Castlevania 64: Just wait until midnight, when it raises for a period of time.

Franky, I Give a Damn: Contrary to belief that the Frankenstein Gardener is but a mere minor enemy, it actually appears as a boss in the game's Hard Mode as played through using Reinhardt or Carrie. To face the speedy chainsaw-armed terror, pick either hero and make your way to Stage 4: The Villa. After you retrieve the Copper Key, Frank and his pair of hounds will jump the fence and enforce a typical boss battle (with Franky the main target). Avoid entering the servants' entrance beforehand or the battle will fail to commence--that is, unless you again locate Franky as you did after exiting the Villa Mansion. (Contributed by B. Busta.)

Castle Keep Secret: Right before entering the castle keep after climbing the long stairway, you'll see two torches on either side of the entrance. Jump toward one of them while trying to grab onto a ledge without falling to your death. From there, work your way around until you find another torch. Near it is an invisible path that leads to a floating platform. Use holy water to find your way to it and back.

Hidden Treasures: There's nothing to this one, really. Castlevania 64 is a little bit Shadowgate-like in that you have free reign to search every nook of any room. Use the right-c button to search for food, potions and moon/sun cards in the surrounding areas--anything, including furniture, suits of armor, curtains and pictures. Whip objects like chandeliers, boxes and steel posts to uncover multiple items at once. Finally, search for ways to climb high atop each room to see special items hidden on arches, support beams and science displays. It ultimately saves you a lot of cash in preparing for the battle with Dracula, and you may not even need to ever call upon Renon.

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