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Quick Tips

Reinhardt Schneider's Alternate Outfit: On Stage 7, the Tower of Execution, finding a hidden purple jewel will unlock Reinhardt's Simon-Belmont-like second outfit after defeating the game. After locating the execution key on a top level, you can unlock a steel gate that was resting on a level below. Once inside the locked area, locate a hovering platform that rests over a ledge and jump toward it. On the platform is an iron maiden. Strike it to reveal the purple jewel that'll therein unlock the second outfit. (Note: You can also reach the hovering platform from the level below via an invisible platform, but the other way will net you some additional goodies, too.)

Carrie Fernandez' Alternate Outfit: On Stage 7b, the Tower of Sorcery, another of those purple jewels exists for Carrie. When you make it all the way to the top, right before exiting the stage, another seemingly out-of-reach platform with a torch (which contains the jewel) can be seen; an invisible path can be used to access the platform, but you'll have to feel your way around to find it and to make sure you don't fall into the abyss. Holy water can be used to reveal parts of it--assuming you have the weapon equipped.

Green Jewel: On the very first stage, the Forest of Silence, you'll come to one of many points where you'll have to jump onto hovering platforms to get to the other side of a path. In one such instance, a small platform with a torch will be located to your left. It's far off, so you'll have to get a running start before diving at the last possible second; if you're lucky, you'll grab onto its ledge and pull yourself up. Inside the torch is a green jewel, which opens up the hard difficulty level after defeating the game.

Castle Keep Secret: Right before entering the castle keep after climbing the long stairway, you'll see two torches on either side of the entrance. Jump toward one of them while trying to grab onto a ledge without falling to your death. From there, work your way around until you find another torch with a power-up. From here, you'll see a floating platform that looks well out of reach--simply locate an invisible bridge and get your way over there to lay claim to a medkit. Carefully work your way back over the bridge and back around to the castle keep stairs.

Fountain Secrets: Right after defeating the Cerebroses at the start of Stage 3, the Villa, you'll come to a fountain with many treasures lining its upper bowl. Neither Carrie or Reinhardt can jump high enough to grab onto a ledge. Instead, wait until midnight, when a platform that was visible in the bottom portion of the fountain will rise up; stand on it before it starts ascending upward and the rewards are yours.

Hidden Treasures: There's nothing to this one, really. Castlevania 64 is a little bit Shadowgate-like in that you have free reign to search every nook of any room. Use the right-c button to search for food, potions and moon/sun cards in the surrounding areas--anything, including furniture, suits of armor, curtains and pictures. Whip objects like chandeliers, boxes and steel posts to uncover multiple items at once. Finally, search for ways to climb high atop each room to see special items hidden on arches, support beams and science displays. It ultimately saves you a lot of cash in preparing for the battle with Dracula, and you may not even need to ever call upon Renon.

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