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Like Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, this game works on an item-placement password system. All of the passwords below will work only if you leave the name-entry slot blank.

If you want to skip right over the first stage and on to stage 2, use this. To start on stage 3, the dreary cavern and sunken city, use this.
This will allow you to skip right ahead to stage 4--the Death Tower. Stage 5, the entrance to the castle, has no bossses but is still worth the trip.
If you want to skip over stage 5 and just enter the castle's first stage, use this. The next stage of the castle is the library, where this leads.
This one lets you skip right ahead to stage 8--the Dungeon. The 9th stage, the treasury, will be your next stop with this.
Use this one to skip right ahead to stage 10--the Clock Tower. This starts on the final stage; this final stage is long and has multiple bosses.
Contributed by Danny If you want to simply start the game on the 2nd quest, put in this password.

Quick Tips

Hidden Areas

Stage 3: In the stage's cavern, the starting point, you'll come to an area guarded by two bone pillars. To the left you'll see a wall that is made up of big square bricks that look out of place. Whipping them away will lead you to an area filled with all kinds of good stuff.

Stage 6: The second half of the castle's first stage holds the next secret. Right after you're done jumping from large chandelier to large chandelier, you'll enter into a hall where smaller chandeliers will fall on you when you walk beneath them. If you whip the ground right under the third such chandelier three times, you'll crack and clear away a brick, which opens up a secret to the underground. A zombie and his ghostly dog guard the area, so you'll have to do some fast whipping.

Stage 9: The second half of this stage, the Treasury, has small openings in the background that use pressurized suction to vacuum you in. When you see a snapper casket shaking about on a platform near one such opening, make your way up to it and let it suck you in. Don't worry about the casket; it won't attack Simon as he approaches the secret-room entrance but will come alive after he exits.

Final Stage: After defeating the Reaper, you'll arrive at that ol' familiar staircase that leads to Dracula. If you walk to the ledge of the platform and take a leap of faith, you'll land on an invisible platform. Jump left again to land on another invisible platform and push against the end of the screen. After a flash, multiple items will begin to fall from the sky in this order: Big hearts, energy-restoring chicken legs, boomerangs, and double- then triple-shot symbols. To safely make your way back up, walk right while pressing up; you'll climb up an invisible stairway back to the first invisible platform, which saves you from at least one blind jump. To get back to the staircase, make an educated guess as the distance you think Simon can clear and leap away. Don't walk too far before jumping or you'll plunge to your death.

Breakable-Brick Treasures

These treasures and special items can be found by breaking bricks in certain places. They include the following:

Stage 1 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 1 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 1 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 2 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 4 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 6 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 6 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 6 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 7 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 7 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 8 (contributed by Danny)

Other Tips

The Moonwalk: Are those enemies placed behind you getting in the way as you attempt to climb up or down stairs? There's a clear solution: First, begin walking up or down a stairway regularly; while Simon is in motion, hold up and the opposite direction that you're moving in (up-right or up-left, depending on your direction). Simon will now be able to climb while facing the opposite direction of his destination, able to attack those sneaky enemies.

Camouflaged Essence: Since 16-bit games were made during the era of background and foreground layering, Konami sometimes used the latter to hide the most lucrative item-holding candles. By unleashing whip snaps in some areas, like behind the pillars and stone structures in the waterway, you may whip a candelabra that will release a big heart, a high-priced money bag, health replenishment, or an important 1-Up symbol. (Contributed by Danny.)

Planned Triple Play: If you want to save some time in earning for yourself your next fully-powered sub-weapon, you can plan for it: Before unveiling the desired sub-weapon by whipping away the candelabra, first arrange for a double- or triple-shot to fall to the ground. Now collect a new sub-weapon and pick up the double- or triple-shot, which will immediately power up your new sub-weapon to that level without any of the entailed workings. (Contributed by Danny.)

Chests of Life: When you enter into the Treasury (Stage 9), you'll see treasure chests littering the entire area. When you jump on top of a chest, its top will flip open and coins will pour out. If you jump on any of these treasure chests 255 times in a row, a pot roast will be yours. While this a good trick to know if you're low on energy, it takes a lot of time to pull it off, and it may not be worth it.

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