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Castlevania II: Simon's Quest works on a letter/number password system. Below are codes to start the game with special items already collected.

Use this password to begin with a chain whip, a white crystal, holy water, the dagger, garlic, the holy flame and Dracula's rib bone.

Continuing along, this will allow you to start with the all of the above plus the Morning Star whip, the silk bag, and the silver knife.

If you want to start with all of the above but have a more powerful magical crystal, which is required to cross some lakes, use this password.

This password will add the golden knife, the diamond, Dracula's eyeball, and a good supply of garlic and laurels to your growing arsenal.

This password will let you start with all of the items collected. It will nab you what is best described as the game's worst of three possible endings.

This password will also let you start with all of the items collected. In this case, though, you'll receive a "better" ending than what the previous password offered. I guess.

This password, too, will let you start with all of the items collected. As a bonus, it should also get you the game's best ending--"best" according to its content.

Quick Tips

Hidden Weapons/Items

Holy Flame: The rising flame can be found in the second cave of Dabi's Path, hidden behind two breakable bricks in the lower-left corner of the room (as seen left). Dabi's Path can be found by heading right upon starting the game, traveling through the Veros Woods and the Town of Veros. Once inside, just use your holy water to break the two bricks and walk into the flame that rests behind them.

Silver Knife: If you take the lower road presented to you in Aljiba Woods, you'll wind up in the Town of Aljiba. Head to the far right of the town to exit into Camilla Cemetery. This area is blocked off, only accessed if you accidentally hop down from the right, which is a point deep within the game. Use garlic anywhere from between the first tombstone and the cemetery's entrance to make a shrouded figure appear; it'll reward you with the silver dagger.

Silk Bag: You can get here by going left upon the game's start point, by crossing the dead river and by talking to the Ferryman regularly. From there, cross the town of Alba and take the lower road of the Sadam Woods. You'll cross another town, Ondol, before reaching Storigoi Graveyard. Once there, head as far left as you can go; throw garlic down anywhere within range of the final three tombstones to make another mysterious figure appear with the bag.

The Diamond: After coercing the Ferryman, by using Dracula's heart, to bring you over to Braham's mansion, you can stop for this goody before you re-board to leave. Before or after exploring the mansion, simply head left and fight your way through the enemies and over the obstacles to find another mysterious soul. This already visibile robed figure will give you a diamond for your troubles. (Contributed by Danny.)

Flame Whip: After riding in the tornado by ducking with the red crystal in the Jam Wasteland, head left and continue on, traveling beyond the first mansion you cross. Eventually you'll come to a cave-like area with floating platforms. Located in an isolated area is a shrouded purple figure. Using the floating platforms, break through the rightmost wall with holy water and talk to the man; it'll enchant only a Morning Star Whip with a fiery power.

Other Item Locations

Item Name
Purchased from a merchant in the Town of Veros
Golden Knife
Attained by defeating the Grim Reaper in Brahm's Mansion
Oak Stake
Sold by merchants in every mansion
Thorn Whip
Purchased from a merchant in the Town of Jova
Chain Whip
Purchased from a merchant in the Town of Veros
Morning Star Whip
Purchased from a merchant in the Town of Ondol
Magic Cross
Attained by defeating Vampira in Laruba Mansion
White Crystal
Bought from a merchant in the Town of Jova
Blue Crystal
Traded by a man in the Town of Ondol
Red Crystal
Traded by a man in the Town of Aldora
It can be bought from merchants in most towns
Holy Water
Bought from a merchant in the Town of Jova
Bought from merchants in almost every town; also found in Laruba Mansion, attained from a shrouded figure

Other Tips

13 Clues

Simon's Quest is complicated in that it's like solving a mystery without having any real leads. As explained to you by an old man in the town where you first begin, Jova, there are thirteen clues hidden throughout the game, but you'll find that even they aren't too helpful. Below are each of the clues and the locations where they can be found. I'll add my own thoughts in parentheses. For better luck in finding books, select Dracula's eyeball in the inventory.
  1. Clue #1: Location: Berkely Mansion: "A symbol of evil will appear when you strike the stake." (This is telling you to throw oak stakes at the magical orbs inside the mansions.)
    Clue #2: Location: Berkely Mansion: "Destroy the curse and you'll rule Brahm's Mansion." (This is just utter nonsense.)
    Clue #3: Location: Berkely Mansion: "A flame flickers inside the ring of fire." (From this, you're supposed to deduce that the mystic flame is within Dabi's Path. Right.)
    Clue #4: Location: Aljiba Woods: "To replenish Earth, kneel by the lake with the blue crystal." (Simple enough: Just kneel by unpassable lakes for five seconds with the magic crystal selected.)
    Clue #5: Location: Rover Mansion: "Destroy the curse with Dracula's heart." (I guess this means that you should show the heart to the Ferryman.)
    Clue #6: Location: Rover Mansion: "Garlic in the graveyard summons a stranger." (This one should be obvious enough if you've read the item locations above.)
    Clue #7: Location: Brahm's Mansion: "Place the laurels in a silk bag to bring them to life." (This means that the silk bag will let you carry more laurels.)
    Clue #8: Location: Brahm's Mansion: "Wait for a soul with a red crystal on Deborah Cliff." (This shows that most of these clues are poorly translated. It should tell you to wait by the cliff with your red crystal for a soul to appear--in this case, a spirit-inhabited tornado--and carry you to a new location.)
    Clue #9: Location: Deborah Cliff: "Dracula's nail may solve the evil mystery." (They're telling you to have the nail to enter Castlevania.)
    Clue #10: Location: Bodley Mansion: "The curse has killed the laurel tree." (Laurels are rare, I guess. Not much of a "clue.")
    Clue #11: Location: Debious Woods: "Dracula's evil knife blurs Camilla's vision." (I guess they want you to use the golden knife on Vampira, even though its effect on her is nothing special.)

    Clue #12: Location: Town of Veros: "Clear a path at Berkely Mansion with a white crystal." (Use the white cyrstal to see the originally-invisible moving platform at the mansion's entrance.)
    Clue #13: Location: Town of Aljiba: "An old gypsy holds the diamond in front of Deborah Cliff." (The diamond is located past Laruba Mansion, so this seems to be a bogus clue.)

Extra Boost: There will be some instances where you come across three-brick-high jumps that Simon won't be able to clear--as mentioned above, Camilla Cemetery is most prominent in this regard. In fact, it's not even supposed to be possible to make such a jump. But you can just eke your way to the top of such an obstacle by jumping and swinging the whip at the jump's peak. This will take some practice and timing, as you may lose some lives, but it doesn't matter since you restart right from where you die.


Free Laurels: In order to stock up on laurels, which render you invincible when used, you'll have to earn the appropriate heart-total by fighting enemies over and over again. Since there are many instances of long marsh pits that almost require such an item (if you plan on not dying at least once), along with the danger of the final Dracula battle, it can be costly to continue to purchase more and more. If you can be patient until late in the game, you'll find a soul in Laruba Mansion who will give you six of them for free. "Take these laurels, I beg of you," he'll say, solving your problems. (Contributed by Danny.)

The Blind Woods: On the final path to Dracula, which extends well past the drop point of the Jam Wasteland tornado ride, you'll come to your final forked road, where you can continue going straight through the Dora Woods or take the correct path, a stairway leading down to a final town, which marks the pathway to Dracula. If you take the top road, you'll find yourself in an oddly colored cavern within the woods. When you come to its end, you'll be seemingly trapped, cornered by the very long marsh pit. In order to escape, you'll have to pull out the final-stage Super Castlevania IV and Rondo of Blood trick of climbing an invisible stairway to the safety of the elevated platforms--the stairway begins near the wall, climbed as the image shows. (Contributed by Danny.)

Weaker Mansion Foes: It's not a secret that the game's enemies grow stronger during the night hours. But what people tend to overlook is that you can also decrease the strength-levels of enemies within mansions by entering them in the daytime. (Contributed by Danny.)

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