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Quick Tips

Akumajou Dracula X68000 is a remake of the original Castlevania, sharing its time-period storyline-wise and some of its stage designs. With that in mind, it also shares its secret-finding mechanics--that is, maneuvering into certain situations to make hidden treasures pop up. Below are some of those secrets.

The first such secret can be found right at the start of the game. Make your way over to the drawbridge and duck right about where the chain meets its end. (It may take a couple of tries to make these treasures pop up.) If you do it correctly, a crown will pop up right by the statue to the left.
The second secret is also on the first stage--they call each section a "stage," so ignore the corner-right text in the image. At the end of the fishmen area, a platform rests hidden just below the water. To get to it, strike the last brick of the platform above Simon in the image to open up a way down. Duck near the middle of this bottom-most platform to make the treasure pop up.
The next secret is in the second hall, after entering from the fishman room, drop down to where Simon is standing in the screenshot and remain standing for five seconds. If done correctly, a treasure chest will pop up on the ground level. (Contributed by Morgoth.)

On stage two, drop down from the beginning and fight past bats and other obstacles until you come to an area where three stalagmites fall in succession, providing a platform upward. To the right of the third one, duck right around where Simon is in the image. A treasure in the form of a crown should pop up right above you.

At the very start of the next section, immediately drop straight down and emulate Simon's positioning in the screenshot. Five seconds later, a treasure chest will pop up on an adjacent platform. (Contributed by Morgoth.)

Continuing on in the second stage, you'll come to your first split path. Both ways lead to a lone skeledragon. Slay it, jump up a bit, and strike the nearby wall; it'll break, allowing you access to an isolated area where a horn-playing robed figure will jump out and make four items rotate in the air. Strike one and it's yours. If you don't like what he's offering, strike him--he'll change the selection. Don't strike him too many times.
On the game's third stage, you'll enter into the marshy area of the woodland. Underneath a rocky bridge you'll see a candelabra directly over the marsh, but there's no clear way to reach it--that is, there's no stairway leading downward. Instead, starting from the left, sink into the marsh (you won't die) and walk underneath the bridge foundation to retrieve the laurel within the candelabra.
On the third stage, you'll pass by a fountain and soon be assaulted by statues that arc deadly arrows in your direction. Find the platform illustrated in the screenshot and simply walk to its edge, where Simon is standing. Directly below the platform, at ground level, a money bag will pop up. (Contributed by Morgoth.)
Later on in the third stage, you'll make your way to the ice cave. Toward the end, the path is split between top and bottom. On the bottom path, find the unpassable ice barrier depicted left and kneel down against it for five seconds. Climb up the stairs on the right to collect it. On a block above and to the right, a crown will pop up. (Contributed by Morgoth.)
On stage four, climb to the top of the very first vertical room, enduring skeledragons and Medusa heads, and place yourself on the room's topmost platform. Walk left and fall right off of it and you'll hear the emergence of the hidden treasure--in this case a Maoi Head--which pops up off screen; simply climb or drop down to collect it. (Contributed by Morgoth.)
On stage five, the clock tower, you'll come to a long spike pit which must be maneuvered over using the tower's moving parts. In this case, you want to find the weighted platforms and have Simon kneel on the first--its rightmost platform--for five seconds. A gold crown will pop up on the ground straight ahead. (Contributed by Morgoth.)
Later on in stage five, you'll come to another weighted platform that works to release a flock of hunchbacks from its captivity. Directly below the platform (after you eliminate the threat) is a wall that you can break away; after completing the process, stand in its crevice for five seconds and a rare 1-up symbol will pop up not far away. (Contributed by Morgoth.)
At the start of stage six is a vertical room that's all straight down. Before leaving this area, emulate Simon's positioning in the picture and stand there for five seconds; a money bag will pop up on the platform high above. Quickly climb the stairs to collect it. (Contributed by Morgoth.)
On stage six, the dungeon, you'll encounter the Frankenstein monster on one of its highest levels. After dealing with it in your preferred method, make your way to the stairway depicted right. Stand where Simon is placed and jump straight up; when you land, a Moai Head will pop up on the platform at stair's top. (Contributed by Morgoth.)
At the start of the final stage, different knight types will try to impede your progress. Breach through and make your way to the end of this first horizontal room. Stand for five seconds where Simon is positioned in the screenshot and another rare 1-up symbol will pop up just ahead. (Contributed by Morgoth.)
Once you exit the armory portion of stage six, you'll be at the bridge that leads to the keep. Walk over to the stairway depicted in the screenshot and position yourself at its base; now jump straight up. Upon landing, yet another Maoi head will pop up, this by the platform's edge. (Contributed by Morgoth.)

Second Quest Secrets

In the second quest, make your way to the fourth stage. Climb to the top of the first vertical room and follow the path left until you come to the area show left. From the high platform, straight off and fall into the gap; a Maoi Head will pop up on that same high platform, and you'll have to jump up to get it. (Contributed by Morgoth.)

Breakable-Brick Treasures

These treasures and special items can be found by breaking bricks in certain places. They include the following:

Stage 1
Stage 1
Stage 1
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 6
Stage 7
Stage 7
Stage 7
Stage 7
Stage 8

Hidden Areas

Stage 4: After climbing up the stage's initial vertical chamber, you'll enter into the large room where featured is a large tear-dripping statue, which is the source of the room's growing number of blood skeletons. Before climbing to this room's top, walk straight ahead to the seeming dead end; if you jump toward the wall while holding forward, you'll find that you can walk right through it--into a connected secret room that holds three big hearts, a triple shots, three sub-weapons and a candelabra-held pot roast. After collecting the goodies, simply exit the same way you came in. (Contributed by Kevin.)


Other Tips

Taunting Technical: In the second half of the game's second stage, the Underground Mine, you'll come to an area where wyrms break through the ground to strike at the surprised Simon. You can destroy them before they get chance or you can take advantage of the situation by repeatedly jumping over the wyrm-filled chasms. Each time you complete a jump under this circumstance, you'll receive ten points, which will be made visible. (Contributed by Kevin.)

The Codes

Extra Challenge: If you've found that Chronicles is too easy to clear (all zero of you), you can handicap yourself by entering "Nomis" as your name in the name-entry slot. When you start a normal game, continue a mission, or restart after dying, you'll have only one bar of your sixteen-bar meter filled. In any instance, you can only take one shot. Only by using the laurel sub-weapon can you replenish the energy meter.

Time Attack Mode: To play in the Time Attack mode, simply complete the Arranged mode (as if that's really a "simple" task). You can now play through any of the stages in an attempt to set a record for completing it in the least amount of time. There are no rewards for doing this, but it does grant you free-roam through the game.

Sound Manipulation: If you've played the X68000 version before buying Chronicles, the music in the Original Mode will sound a bit more digital than you'll remember; mainly, you're listening to the MIDI Roland SC-55 version. To correct this, hold L1 and R1 while selecting "Original Mode" to enter into an emulation screen. Here you can set the music to the original game's X68000 MIDI plug-in. (Credit: gamefaqs.com)

More Options: On the main title screen, use the ol' Konami code, taking into account the PlayStation controller's differently labeled buttons: Up, up, down, down, left, right, O, X, start. This will open "Extra Options" for selection.

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