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Quick Tips

The Castle Map

To attain the full 100% castle completion, you need to fill in the castle map as seen above. While there's no reward for simply filling in the map, it's always a good idea to cover as much ground as possible--to find the strongest weapons and the more rare enemies whose souls you may want to absorb. White lines represent unpassable boundaries while faded white lines are openings that connect the rooms. Some seemingly unpassable white walls can be destroyed to reveal secret rooms--this includes walls and ceilings.

The "Boss Rush" Mode

To unlock this mode, an additional mission for Soma Cruz, you must finish the game by defeating the Chaos essence's second form for the best ending. To do this, you must defeat Graham Jones with the correct souls selected, to allow a continuation of the story that brings you to the Chaotic Realm. After the credits roll, your progress will be saved into the game's memory. When the game resets, the title screen will have an additional option called "Special," wherein the "Boss Rush" mode is the top billing. Once you click on it, you must select your finished regular mission file in order to begin. Simply put: This mode consists of successive battles against the game's bosses--with what's normally a lesser enemy, the enigmatic Man-Eater, thrown into the mix to add some length.

The order is as follows: Creaking Skull, Manticore, Great Armor, Man-Eater, Big Golem, Headhunter, Death, Legion, Balore and Graham

In Harmony of Dissonance, you started out on a set level in a room filled with hearts and sub-weapons. This time around, since you've select your finished regular mission, you'll begin with all of your stats intact plus the weapons, armor, souls and abilities that you were able to attain. When "start" is pressed, you'll be in a safety room wherein you can take the time to equip the weapons you'll need; thereafter, there's no time to rest--there are no safety rooms after boss fights. After you defeat a boss, though, it'll release a crystal that'll restore your lost energy and magic power before you enter into the next room for the next fight. When you've defeated the final boss, you'll find a nice reward based on how long it took you to reach and defeat it, and it will transfer over to your regular mission:

After you collect your new item, your score will be tallied and you'll be returned to the main screen.

Why is he here? Who knows?
Julius will tear 'em apart

Despite what what was said about this being an extra mission for only Soma, you can actually play through as another character: Julius Belmont, who you can also unlock for the regular game; you'll have to finish the regular game with him, too, by defeating Graham so that you can get his own personal ending. Thus, it will save your progress and allow you to select his finished save file to play through this mode. (For the information on how to unlock him regularly, check the "codes" portion of this page.) Julius, of course, has his own unique abilities, strong points and weaknesses, so the mode will be a different experience for him. As it was for Soma, your starting power will be decided by the saved stats of your regular mission file. Playing as Julius is its own reward, however, since the collected item can't be carried over to the inventory-less hero's main mission.


Sound Mode

The Konami Sound Test returns once again for your listening pleasure. To unlock this mode, simply defeat the Chaos essence's second form for the game's best ending, under the same conditions you used to unlock the "Boss Rush" mode. This may be redundant, since both modes unlock at the same time. From here, you can without restriction listen to all of the game's simply-named tunes .

Better Endings

Symphony of the Night had different endings depending on the conditions surrounding your battle with Richter Belmont, and in contuing the trend there are three possible endings for Soma in Aria of Sorrow depending on similar conditions. The first ending, considered "bad," is received simply by making it to and defeating Graham Jones in his Dracula-like state. The other two are decided by your battle with the game's real ultimate evil, which you can reach by defeating Graham with the following souls equipped: Flame Demon, Giant Bat and Succubus--these three foes represent the answers to the riddles found in the three "ancient books." The story will thus continue, spilling into the Chaotic Realm where the final boss awaits. Here is the order of endings, including the aforementioned:

Additionally, you will receive an extra line of dialogue during the best ending's final scene if you were able to defeat the Chaos essence after collecting all of the game's Tactical Souls.

Bat Attack

The combination of the Flame Demon, Succubus and Giant Bat souls together equal the true representation of the dark lord. It also affords you a Dracula-like power while you're in bat form. With these three souls equipped, simply hit L to transform into a bat and then push B to spit out three- and sometimes five-directional fireballs. The use of flames causes your already-rapidly-draining meter to empty quicker, but it'll let you cut through the storms of enemies without having to force your way through. Contributor MarsDragon notes two other powers you can harness as a bat:

The Codes

Play As Julius Belmont: In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, you could play as Richter Belmont after clearing a mission with Alucard. As yet another nod to the PlayStation classic, the team's second masterpiece, the crew put in an extra that allows you to unlock and play as Julius Belmont, who was thought to only be a supporting character. To play as Julius, clear a normal mission with Soma for either the "acceptable" or "best" ending and wait through the credits so that it saves your progress. Now start a new mission and enter "Julius" as your name. Simply skip past the usual intro, and the game will begin with you in control of Belmont descendant, who plays very similarly to Juste Belmont from Harmony of Dissonance and the aforementioned Richter.

Unlike Soma, Julius can travel just about anywhere he wants to go from game's start without restriction because he already has the special abilities to do so. However, he has some restrictions in other areas of play: (1) He can't access an inventory screen, which means that he can't collect weapons or armor, find Hammer, amass any currency, or absorb enemy souls. Equippable items simply won't be there, and coins will be replaced by single hearts. (2) He can't level-up or increase his stats; as such, he's really no match for enemies found deeper into the castle. To cure this, he'll have to become more powerful by defeating the bosses and collecting the crystals they leave behind; by doing so, his whip power and defense will increase. (3) He can't complete 100% of the castle since he can't access the sealed door in the Floating Garden. (4) There are no story elements to his mission. (5) He can only receive his own ending for defeating Graham, since he won't be allowed to battle the Chaos boss.

Julius is your typical whip-and-jump Castlevania hero. He's both much faster and moderately stronger than a regular Soma, but he does take more damage for hits due to no stat-potential. He has all of the special moves that Soma could use, and he comes with his own mystic sub-weapons--the axe, holy water, the boomerang and a cross--that he can switch between at any time; these sub-weapons consume magic points from his meter, which can only be replenished by collecting hearts. Because of the lack of restriction, he can make it to the castle keep and battle Graham at any time, but he'll only be able to do minimal damage until he beats other bosses and collects the crystals they leave behind. To help you become stronger, you have the following advanced moves:

Brandish the Whip: After pushing the B button to whip, hold the button down to let it hang. Just swirl the directional pad around and around for increased movement.
Double Jump: This is Julius' primary accessibility move. After pulling of a regular jump by pushing A, simply push A again while in the air to pull off a second jump.
The Sweeping Kick: Push down plus A to make Julius execute a sliding kick. It's weaker than a whip slash, but it allows you to speed along.
The Super Jump: This move is the best means for getting Julius around the castle. Once you're in the air, push the L button to make him soar upward; this can be done again and again while in the air. Also, it acts as an uppercut at its peak to damage foes.
To Jump Kick: Once you double jump, you can pull this off. Push A plus down, down-left or down-right to go flying in that direction. You can bounce off of enemies using this move and pull it off again and again.
To Circle Dash: Push the L button while grounded to pull off his special dash, a Smash Bros.-like move that lets him glide around enemies to quickly attack from the other side.
Mystic Weapons: To use a sub-weapon, push up plus B. You can switch between the four available weapons by pushing the R button. Each use of a weapon will drain your magic meter accordingly.

You can manipulate the aural conditions of Julius' mission via your completion rate in Soma's mission. If you should clear the mission with a 100% completion rate but defeat Graham without equipping the three storyline-advancing souls (the "acceptable" ending), the normal Castle Corridor music will play as you trek through the halls; earn the best ending and the regular tune will be replaced by Heart of Fire, which is a Haunted Castle tune and now Julius Belmont's adopted theme.

Hard Mode: In the earlier games, which relied on stage-by-stage action, you could play through a second time, wherein the challenge would be increased by more enemy resistance and decreased means of defense. Since most people believe Aria of Sorrow to be more difficult than Harmony but still under par, they included a Hard Mode for you to try. To do this, first complete the regular mode with Soma for the game's best ending. Then, when you start a new mission, it will give you the option of playing in this, the Hard Mode.

Handicapped Challenges: If you still think that Harmony is below par challenge-wise, you might want to try these codes:

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