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Unused Animation Sequences


This unused animation for Richter Belmont, found on the Symphony of the Night CD, was sent in by Morgoth. Richter was going to utilize yet another special move--a spinkick reminiscent of Ken and Ryu's cyclone kick in the Street Fighter 2 games. Of course, a lot of the character looks and moves in Symphony were already inspired by the Street Fighter games, so this animation comes as no big surprise. I'd guess that they'd take it out as not to overpower Richter too much with a space-clearing move that, for free, could do the work of item-crashes. This would be a good elimination, because I find Richter's mission to hold the best challenge. Here are the individual frames, sent in by Hiro1112.

Spin Jump

Richter was to have a midair somersault move. What would happen, I guess, is that a jump executed while running would result in Richter flipping through the air--similar to how Samus Aran flips off of momentum in the Metroid games. While it would have been a nice evasive maneuver, it's difficult to tell how you would unleash a whip snap while within this animation. (The individual frames were sent in by Hiro1112.)

"Rondo" Injured Frames

Was Richter going to be ripped directly out of the Dracula X games without upgrading his abilities? It seems so if this animation was included on the CD. When Richter was struck with a heavy attack in Rondo or Castlevania: Dracula X, he would be knocked back, tumbling in a ball of helplessness. Richter must have bulked up during those four years. (The individual frames were sent in by Hiro1112.)

Combo Attack

I'd call this another Street Fighter 2-type move. While ducking, Richter seems to be pulling off a sweeping kick. Or he could be generating some sort of fireball attack. From the complete animation, it looks at though he's charging up a combo attack where he delivers a sliding kick and then follows it up with a shoulder charge. The frames themselves are never coherent, so it's difficult to tell. At the least, it's a lost part of the "spinkick" animation. (The individual frames were sent in by Hiro1112.)


Symphony did away with stairway problems for good--staircases simply became part of the surface. However, a single frame of climbing animation was found on the CD. Maybe Richter's play experience was going to differ from Alucard's in that he would instead have to climb stair-like structures the old-fashioned way? That would have been confusing. Thankfully, they wised up and reconsidered. (The individual frames were sent in by Hiro1112.)

Rage Jump

Richter's super jump maneuver was going to be used for more than just platforming. There was going to be a second type of jump that would bring pain to grounded foes: It looks at though from a crouching position, Richter would initiate the super jump and then, from its apex, reverse the motion and come crashing down into the ground with an elbow smash. How would he pull it off? Maybe by ducking for two seconds before pushing up plus attack? It's not a stretch considering Richter's Street Fighter 2-style of movement. (The individual frames were sent in by Hiro1112.)

Dance Revolution

This odd maneuver looks like a victory pose. Richter faces the camera and throws his fists forward, alternately. It could be a taunt, it could be the start of an item crash, or it could be a dance move that Richter busts out when you leave him standing idle for too long. Maybe it's better that we don't know. (The individual frames were sent in by Hiro1112.)

Unused Sprites

"Bloodletting" Leftovers

The Heroes
The Antagonist

JPCVFAN sent in these sprites. These are left over from the project Castlevania: The Bloodletting, this before it was transformed into Symphony of the Night. Bloodletting was to be another Rondo-style game for the Sega 32X that utilized the services of Richter Belmont and Maria Renard, who looked to be starting the punk craze. The antagonist was to be their chief rival in the hunt for Dracula. To see what became of both Bloodletting and these sprites, please see its canceled game page.

Cloaked Richter

Maria doesn't know Alucard's past
He remembers Trevor very well

This sprite and accompanying screenshots were also captured by JPCVFAN. It's not entirely fair to say that this sprite is unused--it's more "cut off." When Alucard meets with Maria after defeating the Hippogryph, she inquires about his knowledge in regard to the Belmonts. She recalls an image of Richter donning a cloak (which isn't consistent with the actual in-game Richter but rather with its manual and official art). The sprite is cut off at the knees during this cut scene, but the whole sprite does exist on the CD all the same.


Unused Items

Now Make

These items were sent in by Hiro1112 and Iamstillnocturne: The first item is an autographed picture of Alucard, it seems. I would guess that it's a lesser version of the "Power of Sire" item, which damaged all on-screen enemies; it does appear in the Saturn version as a real "potion" item. The "No X" item can be equipped in Alucard's right hand and protects him from holy attacks. (Maybe they're subliminally telling you to avoid playing Castlevania: Dracula X?) The next item, the oddly named "Now Make," is a simple sword that can be equipped in Alucard's right hand. The final item, which we'll call "3E," has no know purpose; it can be found using the Gameshark (80097C00 00FD for the U.S. version, and 80097C10 00FD for PAL territories).

$5000 Chest
Magic Max Up
Other Books
Basted Turkey

These items, as found hidden on the Symphony CD, were sent in by Soldjermon (the turkey image credited to http://tcrf.net and sent in by Christopher M), to whom I'll leave the descriptions of such:

  1. $5000 Chest: "Use the Gameshark code '800769A4 000B' for the U.S. version or '800769AC 000B' for the Japanese/PAL versions (as discovered by Nocturne). The chest only appears in that one candelabra in the middle of the Marble Gallery's long hallway--the one that connects to the Outer Wall. Use this code to make the chest appear when the candle is whipped away and in the process make easy money as it adds up really quickly."
  2. Magic Max Up: "I'm not sure if it's even a Magic Max Up, but it is one of the unused tiles. Had it been used in-game, its obvious purpose would be to increase the potency of Alucard's magic, which as such only gets a boost through level gains."
  3. Other Books: "There are two other books other than the Bible. As they weren't programmed into the game, since they might have been underdeveloped ideas, we can't say for sure what they might have done."
  4. Basted Turkey: "In addition to the normal Turkey item, which restores 80 HPs, the developers had in mind a similar item: The considerably large Basted Turkey, which no doubt would have been your typical high-level healing item."


Unused Audio

Fifth Ending?

The developers recorded dialogue for conversations that lead up to a fifth ending--specifically a third "bad" ending--that for unknown reasons wasn't provided visual accompaniment in-game. The scene entails Maria being transformed into a demon before being destroyed by Alucard, who later laments the loss of both she and Richter. This information was brought to light by Mike Chenoweth via ZKeene's comprehensive walkthrough on GameFAQs.

Here's the dialogue as transcribed by ZKeene:

Maria: "Wait! Don't hurt Richter anymore!"
Richter: "Ma.. Maria?"
Maria: "Richter!"
Richter: "You saved me!"

(Male voice, perhaps Shaft?): "If not for you, I would have lost to this fool."

Female Demon (Maria?): "EEYAAAHH! Uh! Hahaha! Four Demons I hold you to your oath. Defend your master who commands you!"

Female Demon: "Oh! Such power in such a little girl. Hahahaha!"

Female Demon: "EEYAAAHHH! It won't end like this! You should be destroyed along with this castle. Hahaha!"

Alucard: "It's over, but the sacrifice was great. Maria, Richter... I did not wish for you to die. Such is the fate of mortals. I'm certain that some dark force was behind Maria's transformation, but it doesn't matter now.

You can read about this more in depth in ZKeene's walkthrough file. You can listen to an audio version on Youtube, both the video and the accompanying subtitles provided by Canale di Rosatuccio. Or you can isolate the audio by inserting the game's CD into one of computer's drives and scanning its directories for music files compatible with either XAPlay or PSMPlay.


Secret Rooms

Debug Room

This room was found by Hiro1112 using a Gameshark: It goes a long way in showing us the programming work hiding behind the game's foreground textures. I don't know anything about programming, but I assume that combinations like "1R," and "2L" tell the processor when Alucard is walking upon a slope, which activates the appropriate animation sequence. The arrows could tell the processor to begin loading the next room when you get near. You can even see these symbols on the ceiling for when you enter the upside-down version of the castle.

Underground Garden?


By exploiting a glitch where Alucard can travel through solid structures, you'll find a messed-up save room in the lower area of the castle. When you exit the room, you'll be in a small cave that leads upward and exits out of the entry grate near the castle's drawbridge. It's interesting because it proves one thing: Even before the Sega Saturn version was made, the Underground Garden was close to being a reality. Where else was this meant to lead? I guess they ran out of time or inspiration, so they just sealed it off. This is all you'll find, however, if you're hoping to see a piece of the actual garden.