Unused Sprite

This enemy sprite was found in the Simon's Quest game pak by Redrum. We can assume that it was not put into use because of the usual timesaving measures. By the way it moves, this enemy simply appears to be along the lines of a different-looking zombie. Because of its bright colors, I'd expect it to be more a town- or bridge-dweller rather than a mansion foe, which are usually darker colored. It could be this game's answer to Frankenstein, or it could be a Zeldo prototype. I guess we'll never know.


Unused Text



For reasons unknown, the Simon's Quest developers were to include some type of mechanic that allowed for Simon to interact with the Fishman enemies, who would be surprisingly chatty. While incomplete, the mechanic can be implemented into the game by using a Game Genie and entering the code "XXZZZZ." When you then approach a Fishman and "talk" to it, a dialogue box will open and display a random line from the game's script; curiously, it'll sometimes display a never-before-seen message relating to "increased skill," which, like the former, is still a random event. (This information was provided by Amar Youkai; the images are credited to XCult.)

Using any NES emulator's built-in "Cheat" option, you can also unlock these Level Up codes plus additional unused messages. For the Level Up codes, specifically, go into the cheat menu and locate the text boxes for "Address" and "Value." You're going to put in two separate codes to unlock each message. First enter 007F into the Address box, then put any of the following in the Value box: 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 0A. Now enter a second code with 00CC in the Address box and E0 in the Value boxes. In this instance, all character conversations will now be replaced with "Your level of skill has increased to [whichever values 04-0A correspond]."



As for additional messages, follow the instructions below:


All Address-Value codes are credited to http://tcrf.net and was sent in by Christopher M.