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  [ General Video Gaming ]

  Racket Boy - Retro game blog.
  Sickos on Parade - Video Game Humor site.
  Tomorrow's Heroes - Classic Gaming and Comics site.
  Zany Video Game Quotes - Hilarious game quotes site.

  [ Game Codes & Strategies ]

  BSFree - Old GSCentral archive of codes.
  GameHacking - Previously known as The GSHI. The best source for Game Genie, GameShark, Action Replay, CodeBreaker and emulator cheats.
  StrategyWiki - Basically, a wiki-GameFaqs filled with indepth strategies. It might just take over Gamefaqs one day too!
  New - Yamada_Arthur's Twitter - Yamada_Arthur's twitter account where he posts a lot of codes found by him.
  New - Yamada_Arthur's Unpublished Codes - Yamada_Arthur's website where he archives the codes he has found.

  [ Game Music Sites ]

  Galbadia Hotel - Massive collection of VG MP3s.
  SNESMusic - All Super NES soundtracks in SPC format.
  Video Game Music Archive - Huge MIDI music archive for tons of consoles.

  [ Game Series Sites ]

  Bifi's Homepage - A fan site with lots of information on Konami games.
  The Bionic Commando Headquarters - Bionic Commando fan site.
  Blaster Master Shrine - Blaster Master fansite.
  Bonk Compendium - The best Bonk site on the net with lots of images, information and even cancelled games.
  BS Zelda Homepage - Great Broadcast Satellaview (BS-X) Zelda information.
  Bubble Bobble Info Pages - Bubble Bobble fansite.
  Castlevania Dungeon - Castlevania fan site with massive information on the whole series.
  Contra Headquarters - Contra site with scans, reviews & information about the whole series.
  Contra Encyclopedia - Contra site filled with information about all the Contra variations on consoles, PC, and mobile.
  Dark Dimension - Great Vampire Savior site with information, secrets and lots of screenshots.
  Double Dragon Dojo - Great Double Dragon site covering the whole series.
  Dragon Quest Shrine - A shrine dedicated to all the Dragon Quest games.
  Egger Land: Adventures of Lolo - Eggerland (Lolo) fansite.
  Eggerland Project - Another good Eggerland/Lolo site.
  e-Reader Zone - A page with lots of information on Nintendo's e-Reader.
  Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy - Great Fire Emblem series site and forum covering each and every game, includes translated scripts for most games.
  Fire Emblem War of Dragons (Spanish) - Fire Emblem fansite covering all the games including walkthrough with maps and translations to Spanish.
  Fire Emblem Wiki - Great Fire Emblem wiki with tons of detailed info.
  Fire Emblem World (Archived) - Great Fire Emblem series site.
  Final Fantasy III Dream Land - Final Fantasy III website with tons of info.
  Ghoul Realm - The best Ghouls 'n Ghosts series website.
  Gradius Homeworld - Good Gradius series site with lots of information.
  Kirby's Rainbow Resort - Huge Kirby site.
  Knightmare Saga - Great fansite about Konami's Knightmare series.
  March of The Black Queen - Huge Ogre Battle site.
  Marvel Land - A fansite dedicated to Namco's Marvel Land.
  Mega Man Homepage - Huge Mega Man series site.
  Mushroom Kingdom - The biggest Super Mario series website on the net.
  Mystical Website of Goemon - Goemon fansite.
  Ninja Gaiden Homepage - Great Ninja Gaiden series site.
  Ogre Battle World - Good Ogre Battle 64 information site.
  Princess Peach's Castle Courtyard - Princess Peach fansite.
  Rayman Fanpage - Great Rayman fansite covering all the Rayman releases.
  Rockman Perfect Memories - An awesome Megaman site covering each game ever made.
  RPG Classics - Dozens of RPG shrines with maps, walkthroughs, sprites and more.
  Samurai Shodown Forever - Awesome Samurai Shodown site!
  Sega CD Universe - Sega CD fan site with reviews, FAQs and much more.
  Seikens - Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana fansite.
  Shadowgate Lands - The best Shadowgate site.
  Sonic Museum - The best Sonic fansite.
  Sonic Wings Wiki - Wiki filled with information about the entire Sonic Wings / Aero Fighters saga.
  Snake Soup - Metal Gear series fansite covering all the games.
  Streets of Rage 2 Tribute page - Just what the title suggests.
  Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together - A great site with tons of information for Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.
  Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis - A great site with tons of information for Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.
  Terraearth - Terranigma fan site.
  Twin Bee Land - A Twin Bee series information site.
  Wanderer's Lodge: Brandish (Japanese) - Fansite dedicated to the Brandish series.
  Welcome to Rayman - A Rayman fanpage covering the first releases.
  XyZ - A tribute site to Xak, Ys and Zelda with lots of information.
  Zelda Elements - Great Zelda series site.
  Zelda Legends - Huge Zelda series information.
  Zelda Universe - Another huge Zelda series site.

  [ Reviews & Articles Sites ]

  1-Up Games - Awesome French reviews site.
  Arcade Game Reviews - Magazine scans of Arcade reviews.
  Blame The Control Pad - Excellent site with game reviews and articles for consoles and arcades.
  Defunct Games - Lots of articles and reviews.
  Gamerbase - Fun video game review site.
  Gameroom Blitz - Lots of good articles like Fighter's Misery which shows the worst fighters in fighting games.
  Hardcore Gaming 101 - An awesome site full with information, images, scans and reviews for lots of cult-hit games.
  Hardcore Gaming 101 Blog - Great blog for HG101
  Kazuya's Neo-Geo Reviews and FAQs Site - Site for reviews and FAQs of almost every Neo-Geo game.
  Pocket Gamer - Mobile game reviews.
  Postback (Spanish) - Varied game related articles.
  Retro Nek - Old school game reviews and goodies.
  Rincon Portatil (Spanish) - Lots of retro articles.
  RVGFanatic - Steve's great retro site chock full of obscure Super NES and Saturn reviews.
  Satellablog - A blog dealing with lots of information regarding the Super Famicom's BS-X (Broadcast Satellaview)
  SHMUPS - Huge site with information and reviews for most of the shooters across all consoles.
  Stage Select - Game and system reviews.
  Super NES.com [Archived] - Good Super NES reviews site.
  Telebunny - Great blog and reviews site by Jeremy Parish from 1up. Previously known as Gamespite/Toastyfrog. Will he ever make up his mind?
  Video Game Den - Reviews for Famicom, FDS, PC Engine, PCE CD and Super Famicom with lots of information, images, omake, etc.

  [ Sprite Rips, Maps & Scans ]

  Cover Project - Tons of high quality box scans.
  Cybergamba - Some MSX game maps.
  Emugifs - Good Sprite Rips site.
  Fenrir's Sprite Domain - A great Sprite Rips archive.
  Fighter's Generation - Fighting games sprites.
  GameScanner - Tons of high quality box scans.
  Game Sprite Archives - Massive Sprites collection for all systems.
  Hideout (Japanese) - Lots of maps for PC88 games.
  MSX Solutions - Lots of MSX game maps.
  NES SNES Sprites - Big Nes-Snes sprite archive.
  Old Computer Mags - Computer magazine scans.
  Pixel Perfect - Nice sprite rips site.
  Retromags - Tons of Nintendo Power, Game Players, EGM magazine scans.
  Shyguy Kingdom - Huge Sprite database.
  Spriters Resource - Great Nintendo, Sega, Square and Capcom Sprite Rips resource.
  Sprite Database - Great sprite database covering a lot of consoles.
  RPG Icons Archive - RPG icons.
  Video Game Bestiary - Bestiary sprites.
  VG Mapper - Good collection of game maps.
  Video Game Maps - Huge collection of game maps.

  [ Game Videos, Saves & Endings ]

  C64 endings - Commodore 64 endings.
  Game Boy All - Japanese site with lots of Game Boy endings.
  GamEnd - Lots of console endings.
  Game Ending Screenshots - Screenshots of NES game endings.
  Game Endings UK - Videos of game endings.
  Famicom All - Japanese site with every single Famicom ending.
  MAME End - Lots of Arcade endings.
  Nintendo Syndrome - More screenshots of NES game endings.
  RPG Saves (Japanese) - Saves for Japanese RPGs.
  RZX Archive - Playthroughs of ZX Spectrum games..
  Speccy Spoilers - More playthroughs of ZX Spectrum games.
  Super Famicom All - Japanese site with lots of Super Famicom endings.
  Tool Assisted Movies - Lots of speedruns.

  [ Video Game Resource ]

  Arcade Flyers - Huge arcade flyers archive.
  Arcade History - Arcade games information dabatase.
  Atariage - Great Atari database.
  Atarimania - Massive Atari database.
  Atari Protos - Information and screenshots about Atari Prototype games.
  CAPCOM Arcade Classics Museum - Fansite covering all of Capcom's Arcade Beat'em up games.
  Classic Games (Chinese) - Online flash and java remakes of contra and other popular nintendo video or arcade classic games.
  Chris Covell Page - Prototype images for several games.
  CPC Zone - Information regarding everything Amstrad CPC.
  Controller Family Tree - A family tree of game controllers.
  Cutting Room Floor - Great wiki specializing in removed content from games.
  Dark City Productions - Good TurboGrafx / PC Engine information site.
  David Wonn's Video Game Glitches - Video game glitches archive.
  Eidolon's Inn - A great page with information on all the SEGA consoles.
  Famicom World - Famicom & Famicom Disk System information site.
  Fantasy Anime - Big collection of Super Famicom RPG games information.
  Flying Omelette - Awesome page with reviews, cameos, oddities, trivia and more.
  FM7 Page - Fujitsu FM7 information page.
  Game Credits - Jotaro Raido's repository filled with Japanese credits.
  Gamebase 64 - Great Commodore 64 resource site.
  Game Innovation Database - A database of innovations in video games.
  Game Pilgrimage - Game information and comparisons.
  Gaming Sanctuary - Lots of reviews, information, FAQs, scans, art and more for several systems.
  GBATemp - Release lists and information for GBA, DS and Wii games.
  Genesis Collective - Sega Genesis database.
  Generation MSX - MSX games database.
  Hall of Light - Amiga information database.
  History of Home Consoles - A brief history of game consoles.
  Lazer Dorks - Screenshots of celebrities in video games.
  Lemon 64 - Great Commodore 64 database.
  Lost Levels - Video game related articles and lots of unreleased NES games information.
  MSX Resource Center - MSX information.
  Necstasy - PC Engine and PC FX Database.
  NES World - Lots of NES and famicom info.
  NinDB - Awesome Nintendo related database featuring lots of cameos and information.
  Nintendo Information Repository - Information, scans, game lists for most of Nintendo's systems.
  PC Engine Catalog Project - Great Turbografx/PC Engine site with images, scans, reviews and much more.
  PC Engine Software Bible - Turbografx/PC Engine database.
  PCEngineFX - NEC console resource.
  Perfect Conversion - Information on Nintendo and Sega's consoles and games.
  Planet Virtual Boy - Everything about the Virtual Boy.
  Pocketheaven - Release lists and information for GBA, DS and PSP games.
  Replacement Docs - A game manual scans archive.
  Romhacking - Translation patches.
  Rusted Logic - Burried things in NES/Famicom games that were never available in the final versions..
  Sega-16 - Sega games reviews and articles.
  Segaga Domain - Database of Dreamcast, Saturn and Genesis games.
  Satakore - Excellent Saturn games information site.
  SNES Central - Lots of info on SNES prototypes and unreleased games.
  SMS Power - Master System and Game Gear database.
  Speed Demo Archive - Home of game speed runs .
  System Card Warning Warehouse - Screenshots of every System Card warning from PC Engine CD games.
  Tokugawa Corp - Information database for FM7, FM Towns, PC88 and PC98 games and consoles.
  tsr's NES Archive - Huge NES information fan site.
  Turbografx-16 - Turbografx/PC Engine information database.
  Unseen64 - Huge archive of unseen and prototype images.
  Universal Video Game List - Game lists for every console.
  Video Game Ads - Huge video game tv commercials database.
  Video Game Console Library - Great website with detailed info, specs, fun facts, images, videos and much more for every game console released.
  Video Game Museum - The best page in the universe.
  Vidgame - Screenshots of consoles and accessories.
  Virtual Boy Net - Virtual Boy information archive.
  Warp Zone - Nintendo carts information.
  World of Spectrum - Sinclair Spectrum information database.

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