Date Released
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March 17th, 1994
Playable Heroes
Stage Number
Game Size
John Morris and Eric Lecarde
6 Stages (57 blocks)
Original Platform
Sega Genesis 
Platforms Ported To


GameTap | PS4 (Castlevania Anniversary Collection) | Xbox One (Castlevania Anniversary Collection) | Nintendo Switch (Castlevania Anniversary Collection / Nintendo Switch Online) | Steam (Castlevania Anniversary Collection) | SEGA Genesis Mini | PS5 (Castlevania Anniversary Collection)

    Alternate Incarnations
  Sega Mega Drive - Japan
Release Date: March 18th, 1994
Ecshewing its consistency in naming the series games after its antagonist, Konami of Japan chose for its creation the very-English title Vampire Killer (not to be confused with the MSX2 game of the same name).

Sega Mega Drive - Europe
Release Date: March 20th, 1994
- The PAL version of the game is titled Castlevania: The New Generation, bereft of the "Bloodlines" subtitle due to political reasons never fully explained.

    Re-Release Information

   Developed By: Konami
   Releast Date: (Month Unknown)
Bloodlines sees its first-ever re-release on GameTap's digital video-game service.

   PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam (Castlevania Anniversary Collection)
   Developed By: M2 | Published By: Konami
   Release Date: May 16th
For only the second time, Bloodlines sees re-release. It appears in this collection as one of eight classic series titles.

   SEGA Genesis Mini / SEGA Mega Drive Mini
   Game Developed By: Konami | Machine Published By: Sega
   Release Date:
All Territories - September 19th
Not long after, it returns as part of a compilation--as one of 40 titles included in Sega's newest plug-and-play offering: the SEGA Genesis Mini ("SEGA Mega Drive Mini" in Europe and Japan), a reminiscently designed miniature version of the company's classic console.

   PS4 and Nintendo Switch (Castlevania Anniversary Collection)
   Developed By: M2 | Published By: Limited Run Games
   Release Date: TBA
Publisher Limited Run Games releases four separate physical versions of the Castlevania Anniversary Collection for the PlayStation 4
(it's also playable on the PlayStation 5) and Nintendo Switch. Check the Castlevania Anniversary Collection page for more information.

   Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch Online)
   Developed By: Konami | Published By: Konami
   Release Date: All Territories - October 25th
Along with other Sega Genesis classics, Bloodlines comes to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service via a self-contained Genesis application.


    The Manual's Synopsis

Journey back to 1897 and the Transylvanian countryside of Romania. It was a time of fear and dread for the simple people of this European country. They lived under the dark rule of Count Dracula for many years. He was a ruthless warrior when he was alive, but he was even more terrifying in death! For you see, Dracula is king of the vampires!

But even one as powerful as Dracula has enemies. From the early 16th century the Belmonts--including Trevor, Christopher, and the legendary Simon--had been fighting Dracula and his minions throughout Europe. Finally, in 1897 Quincy Morris, a descendent of the House of Belmont, overcame great odds to defeat Dracula and send him to his eternal grave. Unfortunately since Quincy was so badly beaten in his battle with the Count, he lost his own life moments after plunging a wooden stake into Dracula's chest.

Quincy's legacy has continued, however. His son--John Morris--and John's childhood friend Eric Lecarde had witnessed the Quincy-Dracula showdown from the shadows. That scene changed their lives forever--as they grew older they swore to rid the planet of the evil creatures of the underworld.

Twenty years later...

Elizabeth Bartley. The name conjures up images of a regal countess who, in the year 1421, was found kneeling over the body of a dead young man. He had two puncture wounds in his neck. She was tried as a vampire and found guilty. Her sentence was...too gruesome to mention in this pages. What is important is that she was indeed guilty. And not only was she a vampire, she was the niece of Count Dracula!

Now, in the ruins of a mysterious castle in Transylvania, an amateur witch by the name of Drolta Tzuentes dabbles in arcane magic. She casts a spell which inadvertantly brings Elizabeth Bartley back to the land of the living! Now that she has returned, Bartley is bent toward one goal--reviving her dead uncle, Count Dracula!

In a twist of fate, Morris and Lecarde have been drawn towards the ominous castle. Their task is simple--defeat Bartley before she can complete her macabre objective. Completing their task, however, will involve many perilous encounters and life-or-death acts of bravado.

Is your heart strong enough for this challenge?


   Objective / Overview

While it was hardly a unique practice, Konami's spate of supplying exclusive series' titles carried over to the west, where it seemed offbeat considering that "Castlevania" had always been associated with Nintendo systems. Only now, the series was coming to the Sega Genesis in the form of Castlevania: Bloodlines. In reality, to the oblivious, Konami was only continuing a trend that started with its unheralded Japan-only exploits.

Though radical in terms of system-hopping, the results are the same: You're supplied a classic stage-by-stage experience, each stage defined by its minor enemies, its devious traps and its multiple bosses. Though, Bloodlines has a built-in appeal because it's an amalgamation of sorts: The culmination of the Castlevania saga as the continuation of the novel Bram Stoker's Dracula (a conveniently altered version of it, actually). Furthermore, as far as the western world is concerned, this is the first series' title to offer two unique heroes from game's start: John Morris and Eric Lecarde, both directly from the Belmont bloodline (thus the subtitle). Though their abilities differ, both heroes travel the same path to the final stage, where a freshly risen Count Dracula awaits; however, due to these abilities, Eric can reach heights and passageways that John cannot and vice-versa. Though, both characters receive unique ending sequences for their efforts. The game can be played on an easy or regular mode, and a difficult mode will be unlocked once the game is cleared in the regular mode.

Collectors might want to know that the original game was packed in the usual clamshell casing before a switch was made to release in a NES-style box. Also existing is a strange "beta version" of the game that was shipped for early review to the producers of famous gaming magazines. It's altogether similar to the finished version but features different sprite designs (for enemies) and more stages. For information on this, click here or look under "Screenshots and Media."


   Version Differences

Japanese Version
- The Japanese version is almost identical. Its normal mode is less difficult than the North American version's--equivalent to its "easy" mode--with a lower enemy rate and more damage dealt when the heroes attack.
- John Morris is named "Johnny" rather than just John.

- The storyline in regard to Elisabeth Bartley is much more sinister.
- Dracula's second form, according to an official guide, is actually Drolta Tzuentes (whose artwork matches the character sprite), creator of the Mecha Knight.
- Its Normal Mode is generally easier: Some enemies and bosses suffer a bit more damage when struck. Certain enemies don't appear where they should; sometimes ghosts, balls of destruction, or floating eyes are missing, as are the Medusa heads that usually swarm Munitions Factory's clock tower. Bone-pillar heads spew only two fireballs at a time. Skeleton bats are slower and lack the circling animation; instead they either hover up and down over a given area or simply fly from left to right (and vice versa).
And two of Death's chance cards provide health-replenishing pot roasts; as a result, one of the flame-blast cards is absent. It should be noted that these missing enemies/elements do appear in their rightful places in Expert Mode.
The password screen doesn't show after a stage is completed; rather, it only appears when your character runs out of lives.

European Version
The European version is bereft of blood due to "morality" issues. Blood doesn't drip down from the platforms on Stage 1, Eric Lecarde does not impale himself with the spear when he dies, and Stage 5's bloody-water effect don't occur at all. In fact, the game's subtitle has been changed to "The New Generation" in objection to even the word blood.



- There are some palette differences for enemies and specifically Zombies, Medusa Heads, and the Machine Gun Knight.


- Like all PAL game-versions released during this period, its play-speed is painfully slow.
- There's some variant (read: perplexingly bad) enemy placement, including a lack of expected enemies, and some item-placement differs as a result; this works to make the game unbalanced, sometimes more
difficult and yet sometimes easier.
- Rather than exploding on whip-contact, zombies instead snap back, fall, and then die.
- In some instances, enemies will respawn, where in other versions they don't, and moving contraptions (like the pistons in the Munitions Factory) reset to their starting position when almost off-screen.

Beta Version Differences
Please check the Beta Versions page for information on this subject.


   Soundtrack and Credits


1. Beating in the Darkness 9. Bloody Tears 17. Nothing to Lose
2. Vision of Dark Secrets 10. Vampire Killer 18. Six Servants of the Devil
3. Bonds of Brave Men 11. After the Good Fight 19. Theme of Simon
4. Arduous Journey 12. Mysterious Curse 20. The Vampire's Stomach
5. Reincarnated Soul 13. Iron Blue Intention 21. Stage Clear
6. Sinking Old Sanctuary 14. Prayer of a Tragic Queen 22. Together Forever
7. The Discolored Wall 15. Calling from Heaven 23. Requiem for the Nameless
8. Beginning 16. Messenger from the Devil       Souls

Music Files: MP3 and MIDI
Soundtrack Release: Dracula X Collection,
Dracula Battle Perfect Selection Vol. 1, Dracula Battle Perfect Selection Vol. 2 and Castlevania Best Music Collections Box
Game Credits:


   Character List

Lesser Enemies

Skeleton Zombie Fishman
Vampire Bat Floating Eye Knight
Medusa Head Skeledragon Ghost
Raven Bone Pillar Bone Scimitar
Minotaur Golem Knight Barrel Skeleton
Speed Demon Bag Slave Munitions Skeleton
Mace Skeleton Death Swinger Machine Gun Knight
Boe-and-Arrow Knight Hammer Knight Wheeling Knight
Wall Slime Ball of Destruction Fleaman
Axe Knight Giant Sword Knight Mummy Man
Blood Skeleton Stone Rose Deadly Vine
Circle Weed Small Gear Creature Skeleton Bat
Harpy Flame Medusa Head Sprinting Mecha Knight


Hellhound Mecha Knight Water Magician
Armor Lord Red Armor Lord Golem
Bone Dragon King Gargoyle Bat Frankenstein
Gear Steamer Blue Armor Lord Evil Tower Guardians
Princess of Moss The Grim Reaper Medusa
Elizabeth Bartley

Dracula Forms

Dracula Dracula's Ghost Dracula's Ghost II

Supporting Cast

Quincy Morris Elizabeth Bartley Drolta Tzuentes