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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”Those who wander in the darkness shall see a great light.””

Joshua: 9. 2.

Chapter 9: Picture of a Ghost Ship.

Castle ruins, Bodley. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The air shivered before it solidified. Mae Lin then made manifest. She had become resurrected by the Dark Lord. The undead girl beheld her surroundings. Dust and mould coated the ancient stone floor. Mae Lin exposed her fangs. The black suit fit like a glove, which concealed her approach. She had a mission, a task, to perform. That was why she was brought back to life. The black braids moved like twin tentacles when she began moving. They kept draining Gabriel’s curse to use as a catalyst for the prince of Darkness. The circle of blood sent her to supervise the process. The Eclipse sealed away his demon castle. Mae Lin snarled. She shot an arrow at the skeleton. The arrow exploded. Then darkness fell. The vampire hung up the weapon. They said it was a treasure from the castle’s armoury. Mae Lin was impressed by the potential. She gloated in the certainty of the curse of Darkness. Neither did know she had a score to settle on her own behalf. Trevor Belmont defeated her at the mansion. Mae Lin would gain her revenge. She came prepared. The vampire brandished with the whip. She smiled by the cracking. The Dark Lord expected great things of her.

Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fog peeked between the iron bars. Noriko tried to pull back. There was not enough space. He sat across from her, the pale face all to obvious in the gloom. The dead pirates at least let them have one lamp. “There is powerful magic about.” Iori all but breathed. “I sense it too.” Noriko said. Iori pulled the cloak tight about his body. She shuddered. The dank atmosphere wasn’t good for either of them. Noriko snarled. She wished to break out. They didn’t reach high enough. Even if she went to stand on shoulders, the fence would still be in place. “If only you had accepted the power.” Iori broke into her line of thought. “Then neither of this would happen.” Noriko almost turned as pale. “Iori, don’t say that.” She inhaled. “Never say that.” Noriko shivered. The voices of the dark side almost broke her mind. “But it is the truth.” Iori insisted. “The shadow rising.” He smiled without humour. “There is nothing we can do.” Noriko kept silence. She let a hand to slid inside her uniform to touch the crucifix. “He will find a way.” She got to believe it. Despair might be dangerous. The ghost ship felt like to harvest such emotions. Iori closed his eyes. “Keep faith.” He said. “Though you have to accept your destiny.” Noriko felt so tired. “It doesn’t have to be that way.” She sighed.

Everything was adrift. Christian knew he was dreaming. That made no difference. Trevor stirred. He dreamt of Richter Belmont and the events of 1792. He was the last true successor to inherit the Vampire Killer whip and the mystic sub-weapons. The order of Eclesia served as the replacement killers when Dracula was resurrected in 1810. Christian tried to wake up. The dream kept him in prison. The relations had used 20 years to figure about their legacy. That was why Morris Baldwin got to old. Trevor became Richter. He got to save Anette.

Realm of dream. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They where atop the clock tower. Richter finally defeated the dark priest Shaft. “Maria! Are you okay, Maria?” Anette was alive, though Maria reached her first. “Yes, just fine.” She giggled. “That is because I have the same vampire hunting blood flowing through me, like Richter.” That was a poor man’s guest. She was a Belnades. The little witch went serious. “He must be fighting somewhere now too.” Richter dismissed. “Anette!” He stepped out into the clock room. “Richter!” Anette beamed by the sight. “Are you hurt?” She looked alright, though he had to ask. “No, and you?” She looked so worry. Richter smiled. “No, I am fine.” He told. “It is good to bleed a little.” Maria smirked. “Come Maria.” Anette said. “Let us go home.” Richter tightened the grip upon the whip. She couldn’t. Maria knew that. “Not yet.” She didn’t let him down. “There is still something I have to do.” She looked up into her sister’s face. “You go on ahead.” The girl inhaled. “I am going to slay the vampire.” Anette hid her mouth. “It is the hundred year anniversary of our circle of blood.” Richter explained. “So then… “His girlfriend was about to sob. He felt sorry for her. “Yes.” This was his fate. “We are to kill the demon.” Anette began to cry. “You can’t. It is too dangerous.” Richter could do nothing. “That is my destiny. Also his blood calls up to me.” Maria pulled her tight. “The path is safe.” He got to explain. “Go quickly.” Maria let go. “Bye.” She whispered. Maria then charged the spell. “Maria! Wait! Richter!” He cracked with the family whip. They couldn’t stay. Anette drew her tears. “Really, you jump ahead.” She pulled herself together. “Come back safely. Please.” They would. Richter kissed her fully. Maria made a grimace. She tried not to look. Richter then went to leave.

He turned in his sleep. There was someone talking. Christian heard their voices. He felt like a shadow loomed in front. He muttered. Trevor was the heir to the house of Belmont. The Phoenix would rise from the ashes. His family would hunt the night. Leon would be proud. They should repent for Gabriel’s crime. Christian fought already. He would challenge the prince of Darkness. He would oppose, even though it ment certain death, or worse. Trevor knew he might become like them. He called out to the Lord. He alone got the right to decide.

The treasure was stashed in glorious fashion. “This has to be more wealth then we keep in the bank.” Koji Hakuba felt for plunging into the riches. “More then the horde beneath the basement.” Kochi wasn’t that impressed. His brother looked frightened. “Come on!” Koji tried to encourage. “There hasn’t been any fun lately.” Kochi shook his head. “Koji, no.” He brushed the messy black hair away from his eyes. “I don’t think you should touch any of it.” Koji frowned. He pulled his own brown hair away. “Remember what grandmother told.” The twins exchanged glances. “There is more then treasure that make the dragon.” Koji muttered. He tied up the scarf. The light colour was a contrast to his jacket. They let them take their baggage before leaving. “They are alright.” Kochi removed a glow to touch his shoulder. Koji put his own gloves into the pockets. “I know.” He sighed. He dusted off his trousers. Why had the artist been so interested? Koji tightened his fists. The emblem hung from a chain around his neck. “Koji?” His brother was a far better person then he could ever be. “Thanks.” Koji said. “Thanks for being here.” Kochi smiled. “I am.” Kochi met his brown gaze. Koji had a final look on the treasure. “They tried to seduce us.” He said. “I think we better break out.”

Volcano, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The lava boiled while striking the crater. The alter offered an excellent view of the mountain. “I feel the power.” The three brothers gathered at the brink. “We did right when removing the treasure.” The third brother declared. “That is strong.” The oldest kept staring at the crater. “This might achieve our goal.” He was right. The old notice their strength. The fact disinterested his plotting. “That is only a side-effect of the restoration.” The middle-man remarked. “The Dark Lord shall rise.” His wand caught fire. “That is the Cree of the order.” Let them argue. This was potentially more important. “There is something out there.” The sight got lost in the smoke. No matter, he knew what he saw. “In the lava.” The old got their attention. “Though I cannot tell what it is.” They did not belong here. That much was truth. The old might torture the living for more intelligence. “You are sure.” The youngest had such great respect for lord Dracula. They all pledged fealty to his name. “I am.” The second brother seemed to shrink into the robes. “Then we must act.” The old surmised the approach. “No.” He said. “Leave it to me.” He beheld the brothers. “It is I who should deal with this.”

Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mist shrouded everything. The sorceress enjoyed the gloom. Zabine sat on the chest while she beheld the boy. He was so young, though his aura was that of strength and power. The sorceress touched his items. The crew stripped him of the clothes and arsenal. Zabine made a grimace. They couldn’t touch the image. “Thou should give him to me.” The angel of Death flouted in the air. “No.” She made a pact with the Devil. “He belongs to me.” The grim reaper kept silent. Zabine smiled to herself. Then the gaze pierced her. “If thy can.” The angel vanished from sight. The countess acknowledged. This was all the permission she would ever have. Then so be it. Zabine knew how to capture his desire and use it to chain him to pleasure. The Dark Lord would be pleased. The enslavement of the Belmont clan would yield great power to their cause. Zabine exposed her fangs. She would have to control her thirst for blood. This would make up for the loss of Richter. That slut stole his affection. Zabine could have given him so much. The sorceress would have to wear him down. “Return the items.” She beconed. “Revive him for me.” The countess licked her lips. “Then you may leave us.”

They where talking. Christian opened his eyes. Who was calling? Trevor threw it off. He knew something was amiss. Christian reached for the crucifix. Then he remembered what happened. He was aboard the ghost ship. Trevor left from the sofa to brandish with the whip. He looked around. The mist peeked through the windows. Christian checked his arsenal. The walls got hanged with tapestries. Trevor shuddered by the look. He recognised the Basraq dragon. This was a distraction. He had to find Noriko. Christian hit the lamp. The crystal restored his energy. The shrieking sound made him to retreat. The ravens nested outside the windows. Trevor mentally kicked himself for the lapse. The ravens would pick him apart. Christian used the stopwatch to slow their progress. Then he hurled the axe in a high arch. The birds burned to ashes. Trevor exhaled. He let be the money. Another bird flew to scratch him in the face. Christian threw himself down. Although the floor got concealed by black velvet, the planks got pressed against his back. Trevor got up to present the crucifix. The raven beheld him through eyes without pity. “Nevermore.” The word caused an echo through his mind. Christian shook his head. He was a child, though Poe couldn’t fright him. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Trevor said through clenched teeth. The raven dashed. Christian struck with the whip. The bird shrieked. Then it burst into oblivion. Trevor wiped his forehead. Then he retrieved the crystals. There came no warning. The skeleton aimed its musket. The robed and armoured figured then fired a shot. Christian knew he got no protection. He threw himself sideways. The musket got to reload. Trevor made a glide. The harpy swept. The redhead tried to smash him against the wall. Christian struck with the whip. The Soul bat put an end to her misery. The musket fired. Trevor threw himself down. The monster got to reload. Christian got back up. He struck with the whip. The fireball burned the skeleton. Trevor exhaled. That was close. He got no time to rest. The birds streamed through the windows. Christian used the stopwatch. The Soul Saint gave an upper hand. Trevor leaned against the wall. He got to gather. “Be the will of God.” Christian would commit into the hands of the Lord. The harpy shrieked in anger. She threw herself against his body. Trevor hurled himself backward. The naked woman slashed with her arms and legs. Christian barely survived. He buried the silver knife within her bosom. The harpy screamed before she exploded. Trevor exhaled. He barely got time. The sister collided with him. Christian groaned. The harpy tried to nail his abdomen. Trevor gasped. She shouldn’t try to do that. He released the Soul flame. That saved his descendants. The harpy leaped to survive. Christian presented the crucifix. He got Simon’s heart of fire. The harpy licked her lips. She pulled back the brown hair to look him in the face. Trevor threw the cross. The enflamed boomerangs cut her to pieces. Christian retrieved his weapon before picking the crystals. Then a chilling draft pierced the cabin. Trevor picked the whip. The ghost pirates penetrated the wall. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Christian wasn’t really a Belmont by blood. The Lord would decide. Trevor cut himself in the palm. The blood of the hunters where the family’s ultimate weapon. “Don’t wait until night!” Christian raised his stained hand. He became invisible and invincible. The blood force would only last thus long. Christian went into battle. The pirates couldn’t reach him. Not now at any rate. The apparitions moaned when fading. “Rest in peace.” He whipped them into oblivion. The force subsided. Trevor was left gasping. He barely survived. Christian picked the gems. He hoped that Leon would be proud. He didn’t wait this time. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor burst through the door. The bone-musket was ready to fire. Christian reached for the stopwatch. The harpy sisters went to distract him. Trevor released the four clocks. That defeated the enemies. The bats squeeked with blood thirst. They swooped to bite him. Christian brandished with the whip. He got to defeat them. Trevor exhaled. He picked the crystals. The windows revealed nothing but the mist. Christian frowned. This got to be the captain’s cabin. “Preserve us.” He made the sign of the cross. The body sat behind the desk. Trevor realized the seaman died in a plague. He didn’t know why, though he retrieved the log from beneath the dead man’s hand. He noticed the piece of paper. Christian frowned. He thought of her advice. The piece was labelled “Sonnet of Dreams”. The ferryman told that Gabriel cursed the lake. Trevor reached for the crucifix. The order was draining up the source. He couldn’t let it happened. Trevor’s eyes fell on the text. He read the final paragraph. The story made him to weep, though he knew the Lord had forgiven all.

Jungfrau’s log. –From Mortvia to Bodley.

11th. Of January: Left Mortvia yesterday with great riches aboard. The captain’s death left me in charge.The crew elected me captain. Ruff sea and misty. Had to keep watch all night to might spot Boyar ships. The men managing their charge.

12th. Of January: Spent the day with the riches we took at the mouth of Yoma. What a gloat. More then I expected.Rich reward to everybody. Still misty. The crew worried, though unwilling to tell why. Discipline have to be maintained.

13th. Of January: There is the plague aboard the ship. We found the rats today. How could they get ondeck without notice? If only we could find Bodley. The isle seemed to have vanished. I know this is impossible. The compass is lost.

15th. Of January: The Devil is aboard the ship. Half the crew had turned ill. I hung the master man yesterday. The food has gone bad. The fog peruses us like a curse. If only we could reach Bodley. But will that ever happen?

16th. Of January: The crewmen deluged out my eye today. Three more sick and five hands dead. He warned us. Curse that man and all his riches. I don’t want them anymore.

17th. Of January: The new master man jumped overboard. Mishkin told he heard him scream about the red plague. Fear spreading and the men killed him.

18th. Of January: God forgive me. I regret my sins as a pirate. The master man did right to jump.To die like a man, a sailor, in the deep blue sea, is no shame. I shall kill this beast, this monster. God help all who are at sea tonight. Help a man to do his duty as a captain.

Christian sighed. He replaced the log. The Dark Lord was so powerful. Abbadon got to bend to his will. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Trevor crossed himself. The Lord would guide him. He watched over the family. Christian inhaled. He put the note-piece into his pocket. Trevor then went to leave. He got distracted by the were-panther. The Bolivian woman changed so fast it was almost impossible to follow. Christian struck with the whip. He barely saved himself from an untimely death. The panther slashed at his face. Trevor stamped with the crucifix. The female screamed. He threw the vial at her. The were-panther got beneath. She caught him with a sliding kick. Christian stumbled. He stabbed with the silver knife. She punched him repeatedly. Trevor groaned. He missed the heart. The woman aimed another kick. Christian struck with the morning-star whip to release the Soul bat. The female jumped high to survive. Trevor got ambushed by the bats. The swarm went for his blood. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian leached with the flame whip. The bats got obliterated. The woman slashed her claws. Trevor twirled with the flame whip around her neck. He pulled her forward to burn her flesh. The slide kick hit him in the stomach. Christian moaned. The armour saved him, although he lost grip. The panther smirked. She revealed her charm in much delight. Trevor managed to stop her. He put away the stopwatch in the moment she reacted. Christian doused her with holy water. The woman shrieked. The vial even caught the remaining bats. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The were-panther threw her on top. Christian staggered. She forced him down. Trevor let go. The Soul Saint knocked her apart. He managed to get up. The rats left their hiding. Christian got disgusted. They came with the plague. Trevor reached for the cross. The homing boomerangs cut them to pieces. Christian managed to retrieve his item. He went to search for the whip. The rats were still about. Trevor threw the dagger forward. The beast squeeked on impact. Christian took the dagger. He even picked the crystals. Trevor should leave the cabin behind. He went for the exit. Christian twirled with the whip, though he crossed himself before he entered.

There was that smell again. Koji kept brushing through his messy brown hair. He closed his eyes to might make more sense. “Brother.” Kochi’s voice cut through his line of thought. “I smell kin’s blood.” Koji smirked. The 16-year old tugged at his brother’s black hair. Kochi pulled free. “I mean it.” He snapped. “Course you do.” Koji tried to reassure. This was the front-most cargo hold, he thought. Never mind. The order captured the plane. Koji had no idea where his sisters might be. “Dragon’s breath!” Kochi burned with a black flame. That still made him feels slightly uneasy. Koji muttered to himself. He brushed the forehead. Koji was sweating. The countess threw them into the treasury. They got to fight their dragon urge for gold. “Dragon’s tail!” He grasped the opal crest. The harpy tried to nap his brother. Their grandmother was right. The world might be a dangerous place. “Dragon’s nose.” Kochi was able to track the smell. “There.” He stopped at the grate to peek inside. Koji let be the diamonds. “There is a boy and a girl inside.” Kochi looked rather nervous. “Relax.” Koji grinned. The brown eyes sparkled. “This is where I fit in.” Kochi pulled back. “Dragon’s claws!” Koji yanked the bars aside. “Hello!” He called. “Is anyone in there?” Kochi asked.

The mine, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The vampire beheld the collection. The underground garden was luminous. She came to purchase slaves. He was not interested. The order found a way to use the Belmont curse to their advantage. “Gabriel Belmont fell to the dark side.” Naoil Hoa told him to set aside the humans. “He could have become a Dark Lord.” That was an ancient myth. The family was ashamed of his actions. “You are a devoted adept.” The Chinese accent spoke strong through the German language. “Make her step forward.” The living dead forced the object closer toward the balcony. “Excellent.” The torchlight revealed the oiled skin. “She is young and strong.” The undead folded her arms across. She was taller then most of her people. “She is the ninth.” Naoil Hoa would bring them to the castle. “Take them away.” She instructed. They came through the barrier. The order would make a full resurrection. The Ninja warriors collected the humans. “They might return to work.” The collection got lead through another tunnel. “Come with me.” The men got removed by the servants. “There is something I want you to see.” She arched an eyebrow. He brought her to the ceremonial room.

Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

They exchanged glances. Owen Hammer was sure he might convince Sue Belnades about the truth. “You got to listen.” He insisted. Sue looked away. She pulled the black hair down over her face. “Your brother is dead.” The tears where precious to him. Owen was taken aback by the discovery. He would do anything to help her. Sue merely smiled. “Peter is crazy.” That never reached her blue eyes. “He killed our father. He murdered all who got in his way.” Owen bit his lip. He forgot they lived with the tribe. Never mind. He saved her from drowning. Owen wouldn’t let it be in vain. “I rescued you at the village of Ondol.” He said. “I won’t let anything happen to you.” Sue shuddered. “You never saw his face.” She sighed. “I killed him.” Owen grasped her shoulders. “It was an accident.” He told. Owen was afraid. The fisherman wasn’t like the others. He reached for the crucifix. Owen impaled him with several stakes. Sue didn’t need this. She was only 18 years old. Owen wished he got more bullets. He still carried the firearm at his side. Sue touched the Star of David. She used the staff for support. “He is coming.” She pulled back the robes to unsheathe her sword. Owen acknowledged. He got the short-sword. Owen would die as a man. Then he heard their voices.

This might be the rightmost cabin. Trevor licked his lips. The Decatur was fascinating. Great coloured tapestries hung about the walls. Christian almost tripped on the heavy silk cushions. Someone rested on the sofa. He made the sign of the cross. This was Oriental. Trevor reached for the crucifix. The Turkish oil lamps released a heavy smell of perfumed incense which seemed to intoxicate his sences. Christian got to fight. They tried to in snare him. “Christian.” The voice was so softly seductive. “Christian.” They beconed him closer. Trevor swallowed. He might see her features. She lay back on the sofa. “Sit down.” She offered. Christian did. He rested against the pillow. The girl laughed. “I knew you would come.” She whispered. Trevor felt all dizzy as she rose to approach. The girdled loincloth, and the bra made of silk, revealed her voluptuousness. Christian got a feeling she was well trained in the arts of pleasure. He didn’t really feel anything. “Lament of in sense.” Trevor felt pity about her. He looked up into their faces. “Jesus the word!” He exclaimed. The swarm of blood sucking bats was almost upon him. Christian leaped from the cushion to stop time. The stopwatch gave an edge. Trevor hurled the axe in a high arch. The swarm burned into ashes. The sisters pulled back. “You are not who you pretend to be.” Christian knew he was right. The pale grey skin and pointed ears gave them away. “You are the sylphs of the sea.” They tied him up with lilies. How did he forget? “Honey.” The sylph cooed. “You really are no match.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “The Lord will decide.” He unsheathed the short-sword. The sisters laughed. “Let me sing you a lullaby.” The sylph called. Christian made up his mind. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He made a glide along the floor. The carpet felt like it would tug him to the spot. “Away from me Satan!” Trevor was both angry and frightened. “Only the Lord you shall worship and Him alone!” He turned on the sylphs. The Soul flame exploded. The girls answered with their own game. Christian barely dodged. They became invisible! “They are nothing for you.” The Brazilian hid beneath the staircase. She leaped while morphing. Trevor hurled the silver knife. The were-panther snarled. “Come.” The sylphs reappeared. “Share my bed.” Christian felt sick by her suggestion. Didn’t she know? Obviously not. Trevor threw the vial. That set her ablaze. “Zirka!” The sister released three fireballs. Christian got tackled by the were-panther. She threw him to the floor. Trevor got up to stamp with the crucifix. The Lycan had vanished again. The rat sat sniffing the air. Christian gave it a rather mystified look. The animal fled. The Soul wind stopped enough time for him to regroup. The sylph threw other fireballs. Trevor hurled the blade like a shuriken. That removed the head. The were-panther gave him the jump kick. That sent him spinning. Christian still managed to strike with the morning-star whip. The Brazilian winched in pain as Burns erupted upon her skin. Trevor knew that wouldn’t kill her. The fur protected from damage. The claw stab proved his certainty. Christian presented the crucifix. The were-panther bent low as she began to circle. Trevor got to follow. He couldn’t risc to be confused. The storm raged within the heart. Christian threw the dagger. They split and homed onto his enemy. The woman got stabbed, though she moved so fast that neither hit any vital points. Trevor used the breather to gain some distance. He found the sword. Then the were-panther was on him again. Christian staggered. She forced him back. Then he noticed she impaled herself upon his blade. Trevor shuddered. He couldn’t stop. The body fell limp on the floor. He watched her burn. She left the crystals behind. Christian felt no victory. He claimed the jewels, although they gave a bad taste in his mouth. There might be a way to escape. Trevor went to inspect the staircase. That led down into the cellar. Christian sighed. It would, if there hadn’t been for the junk and garbage which blocked the way. That left only one choice. Trevor used the ladder to climb on deck. He really was atop the rear of the ship. The bone-muskets turned around. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian cried while brandishing the whip. He then threw himself down. The fireballs burned the monsters. Even so, the bullets went overhead. Trevor got up. He threw the axe. The musket got crushed to pieces. Christian retrieved the crystals. He tried to pierce the mist. He sighed. There was no use. The only sure thing was that the waves clashed against the centre of the ship. Trevor made the sign of the cross. He went to climb the masts. The crows noticed. They came to take him. Christian made it to rain with holy water. The birds shrieked while burning. That didn’t change anything. The harpy swooped down. With one hand on the rope, Trevor hurled the cross like a boomerang. The harpy shrieked. Then she fell from sight. Christian kept climbing.

The panther was on fire. Noriko absorbed the soul. That made her to feel much better. “Dragon’s breath!” Koji killed another swarm of bats. “Dragon’s tail!” Kochi crushed the furniture before it might counter. Iori absorbed that soul. Noriko used it to slide kick the gold skeleton. Water was dripping through the sealing. Noriko threw the bones into the air. She marvelled at the power. These where the ability souls she needed. “Get down!” Owen warned. The pirates aimed their hookshot. “He is here!” Sue hid her face. “The fisherman!” The words seemed torn from her living heart. Noriko pulled back. The dead man tried to hang her up. She shuddered. The man was clad in ruff fishing cloathings. He swung the hook at her. “Dragon’s nose!” Koji tried to boil him. The fisherman merely staggered. They cried in unison. The fisherman got no face. “Dragon’s breath!” Kochi gasped. The pirates got burned. The fisherman reappeared. Noriko grasped the soul. She fired with the musket. That didn’t stop him. It should be impossible, though it wasn’t. “That is no zombie.” Owen breathed. The soldier tried to impale him. “She is mine.” The fisherman told. The voice was so cold. Iori made the swords to stab him. The fisherman kept coming. Noriko wanted to run.

The dead man was coming. “Dragon’s eye!” Koji shot beams of red flame. That should burn him to ashes. Koji bit his lip. The fisherman merely tripped. He then threw the hook. “He is toying with us!” Noriko threw herself sideways. Koji got hit, although he managed to pull free. Iori threw back his cloak. The fireball exploded. “Be gone!” He called. “I wield the power of Dominance.” Koji managed to stop the bleeding. The dead man wasn’t impressed. “There is nothing here for you.” The voice told. “Get aside.” Noriko then presented the crucifix. Koji frowned. He didn’t know she got it. Never mind. “Dragon’s claws!” Kochi cut up the bats. The fisherman pulled away. The image was more then he could handle. “Thank You.” Owen revealed another cross. They joined forces. Koji smirked. “Watch out!” The hook made Noriko to stagger. Owen tripped and fell back. The brothers spread out to might shield them from damage. “Wait!” Sue called. But it was too late. Kochi got in front to shield the children. The fisherman tore his throat. “No!” Koji ran. “Kochi!” He got stained with blood. Koji didn’t mind. There was nothing he could do. His brother was dead. Koji broke down and sobbed. This was too much. Now he was alone. Koji roared. He was still a dragon.

They were all in danger. The twin had fallen. Owen searched for the cross. He helped Noriko to get up. Sue knelt behind the Star of David. He reloaded the pistol. Owen aimed for the heart. The mage found her crucifix. Owen exhaled. He got to be real careful. The fisherman tried to kill her. Noriko revealed the symbol. “Stay away!” She cried. The monster laughed. Owen tightened his jaw. He knew this thing might kill them. The soldier was grateful he couldn’t see the face. “Take this!” He cried. “You undead bastard!” Owen fired the gun. The bullet went home. The fisherman screamed. Owen tugged the pistol. “Peter!” Sue finally reacted. She ran to support the undead. “Oh Peter.” She sobbed. “I am so sorry.” The soldier felt sick as she embraced the fisherman. Then he blinked. Her tears made him to crumble. “You still love me.” He regained his voice. The hat fell away to reveal his torn expression. “Forgive me.” He pleaded. “Hush.” Sue dried her tears. “This is my entire fault.” Peter smiled. “You never ment for this to happen.” He lay back. “Live for me. To the end of the world.” Sue kept weeping as the body finally crumbled. Owen didn’t ask for her permission, he simply held her until she relaxed. “Here.” Koji gave her the flute. “He left it to you.”

The water kept dripping. They were alone. Sue couldn’t believe she was free. She put the flute into her backpack. The children talked silently together. Owen was their lookout. Sue guessed they might be inside another cargo area. She let it drop. Koji was performing some sort of ritual. Sue Belnades knew much lore. “He is one with the horoscope.” She assured. Koji looked up. “You knew?” He then smiled, though it didn’t reach his eyes. Sue put a hand on his shoulder. The dragon kind wasn’t included by the Torah. “You are a flame dragon?” She asked. Koji sighed. “I am, although my father was a human.” He then shrugged. “The eggs might crack at any constellation.” Sue acknowledged. She got trained to recognise the species. “My sisters could tell you more.” Koji looked very alone. “If they are still alive.” Sue squeezed the shoulder. He told her the story. “I should keep his pendant.” Koji hung it around his neck. “Though I would rather have his advice.” Sue couldn’t help him. She was no healer. “Dracula calls himself the lord of the dragons.” Koji got up. “Some of my kin serve his order.” He smiled without humour. “I am not like them.” He told. “I will fight.” Sue knew he would. He also lost his family. “Come.” She said. “We have to leave.” Koji only smirked.

The monsters were coming back. They hid among the treasure. Mimic lay open for him to inspect. The stack was lovely to behold. He ment to leave it to the dragon. But then the casket snapped. The swords cut it to pieces. Noriko captured the soul. That was no waste. Let her take the gold. He conjured the wind lord’s soul to might freeze the dead pirate. Sue Belnades then pulled back to fire her bow-and-arrow. She got the zombie through the heart. “Remarkable.” He complimented. The sorceress shook her hair. She used that wand to knock the candles. Owen Hammer already found a round of ammunition. He used that to shoot the bats. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji Hakuba used the tail like a battering-ramp. He absorbed the souls. They fused his power. Noriko made lightning strike. She released a series of fireballs. Mimic got shot to pieces. She trapped the souls. That was impressive. “Dragon’s claws!” He ripped the pirates to shreds. He felt amused when taking their souls. The soldier reloaded the pistol. He shot the rats. He then turned round to hurl stakes at the gold skeleton. They burst on impact. Noriko captured the soul. She released multiple feathers to might counter the ghost. They came to close. Sue Belnades surprised him again. She presented the pendant for a shield.

Icy Mountain, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The treasure drained up Gabriel’s curse. That was working perfectly. “Open Hell’s gate!” The blue lord was about to reach the climax. “Come forth, my servant.” The rite was complete. The time/space reality got tore asunder. “The scent of your blood.” The lady inhaled. “You are a Lycan.” The blue wizard gave no reply. “Such an imposing creature.” The figure breathed. “Never could I imagine.” She knelt before his image. “Arise.” The wizard told. “Do my bidding.” She got summoned for a reason. “You possess ancient power.” The tablet lay at display on the alter. “I need you.” The strange markings got carved into the surface. “To translate.” The single moonstone was the heart of the table. “The runes upon the moon plate.” This was another inherited artefact. The demon rose from her position. “If that is what you wish.” She bowed so that the burning red hair fell down over her eyes. “It is.” The blue lord demanded. “You belong to me now.” The moon plate was waiting. “This item was crafted by the lord Cornell in 1047.” The elders later sealed away the power so that no one but a chosen few might wield it. The blue wizard was about to break that seal for himself.

Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They fought glorious. Countess Zabine emerged from the shadows. “I beg of you, my lady.” The tiny sylph knelt by her feet. The sorceress merely acknowledged. The Belmont was strong, as she predicted. She smiled so the fangs became exposed. Zabine might plot accordingly. Such a bitter end. The sorceress disliked to waste resources. There was no gain in such approach. No matter. The others would not be permitted to join forces. The countess might read the signs herself. As could anyone with the correct knowledge. Zabine looked down into her face. The sorceress considered about the matter. The sylphs might still be useful to her. “I will.” Zabine finally answered the pleas. The hore bowed her head so low that the copper hair fell down to conceal her face. The countess glorified in the suffering of others. How interesting. She might still rise in power. The countess would be ready to ripe the reward. “You shall make him my slave.” Zabine licked her lips longingly. “Thus is your service.” She made no reply. Zabine knew her predicament. She laughed. The sorceress got a little trap in store for the heir to the house of Belmont. “This you are to do.” She then revealed. ”As you say, my lady.” The sylph kissed her hand. “Then go.” Zabine requested.

The mist shrouded everything. Christian might see beyond the obvious. He cracked with the Vampire Killer to might grapple the ring. The pirates tried to aim the cannon. They might actually hit him. Trevor hurled the axe into the air. Then he swung across to the nearest mast. Christian didn’t waste time. He climbed the rope to might dodge the gunshot. The sylph was above his location. She twirled the lilies to might hang him up. Trevor hurled a vial forward. That burned the flowers. He sighed with relief. Christian got to the end of the road. He had to use the mast as a platform. The cannon got concealed behind the sails. That didn’t change anything. The pirates might still shoot him. Trevor leached with the whip. John Morris created this move in 1917. Christian managed to grapple the mast. The legends told that the founders of the family might use that combat-cross in a similar fashion. Trevor dismissed. He threw three daggers to might disturb the birds. The banner was like a dead cloth. Christian was sure it revealed another dragon. He climbed up the whip. Trevor then threw himself down. He managed to hold onto the whip. The skeleton almost got him. The musket moved to reload. Christian reached for the crucifix. He got lifted into the air. The frozen cross burst apart to freeze the enemies. Trevor exhaled. He got atop the mast. The breather didn’t last. Christian cracked with the whip. The harp’s sisters tried to close in. Trevor presented the crucifix. He got to create some space. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian released with the Soul Saint. The trio captured the wood. They managed to hold on to the mast. Christian knelt to might figure it out. Then he got up. Something great was approaching. “A bat-shade!” The harpies spread out. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The fighter was shaped like a standing bat, with dual wings and a bullet-shaped cockpit. Christian threw himself aside. He barely held onto the rope. The Bat-shade arrived. The fuel burned behind like a flare while the machine guns shot the mast apart. Trevor swung across the open space. He threw the crystal. His blood carried the perfect storm. The rebound stone hit the ship head on. Christian kept in place. He held the hand in a perfect aim. His other hand ached while he slowly slid down the rope. Christian didn’t mind. The stone broke through the cockpit. The harpy swooped. Trevor got to twirl with the whip. He captured the crystal. The fighter looked rather beaten, though it launched a single missile. Christian killed the sister. He thanked the Lord when the projectile missed. Then again, it came swooping back. The fighter also turned the cannons. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor made it to rain with holy water. The missile exploded. The pilot was hurt. Christian had his own problems. The harpies got assistance. The pirates climbed the masts. The cannon ball went through the air. The fighter got in the way. The ship burst to pieces. They really destroyed it. Trevor felt no victory. He got a second storm inside. The five spinning crosses spread out as the beam struck down. Christian was breathing hard. He picked the gems. That restored him. Trevor drew sweat of the forehead. He felt so tired. There was no rest. “Good Lord!” The fighters came from both directions. The cannons got aimed. Christian created the stone shield for protection. They seized fire. Trevor threw three enflamed boomerangs. He hit the ship so hard it went off course. The electric fire made it to spin out of control. Christian swung over to another mast. The second fighter craft was launching missiles. Trevor was able to whip them aside. This proved the Lord was beyond all science. Christian believed it already. Only the Lord was the Lord. He made the sign of the cross. The initial Bat-shade fought to regain some height. Trevor struck with the whip. The Soul bat hit the fuelling cells. The engine exploded. The fighter then vanished in a blossom of flame. Christian picked all the crystals. Then he got into trouble again. The damaged fighter decided for an alternate approach. The pilot held his fire. He, or she, sent the Bat-shade on a colliding course with the ghost ship. That might kill them both. The pilot didn’t seem to care. “Let it be!” Trevor committed his soul into the hands of the Lord. Then he threw the vial in a high arch. The wave of holy water engulfed the whole fighter. The shade got blasted into oblivion. That was too close. The force felt like tearing him from inside. Christian screamed as he got hurled away into space. He then lost consciousness.

The hold was partly submerged. Noriko bit her lip. She unsheathed her grandfather’s knife. She sighed. Noriko disliked getting wet. She sighed again. That wasn’t really important anymore. Noriko stepped forth as the pirates leaped from the water. She bent and cut into the knee. The pirate staggered. She absorbed the soul. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji arrived to smash Mimic. The gold skeleton hit him across the chest. Koji staggered. Hammer fired the pistol. That made it to crumble. Noriko absorbed the soul. The furniture then struck her against the wall. She fought to trap the poltergeist before it might return. The furniture dodged the web. Iori released the warg. The dead pirates pulled their weapons. Sue gave them each an arrow. The black hair waved about while she leaped above the submerged area. “Wait!” Hammer called. “The needles are there!” Noriko noticed. She captured the poltergeist. The thing collided against the skull shield. Noriko burned the furniture before it might gather. She got another soul. She used the slide kick to knock the pirate over. The knife then pierced his heart. Sue defeated the needles. Noriko picked the soul. She hid behind the spiked shield. The bats squeeked. “Dragon’s breath!” Koji cleaned up the mess. Noriko smiled. He was her friend.

The bats burned into ashes. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji was on the offensive. He saved her life. Noriko threw fireballs about. “They are coming!” Owen told. “The other bats!” He emptied the pistol. Koji snarled. “Dragon’s claws!” He ripped them into shreds. Hammer slashed with the short blade. He knocked the candles. Koji fought himself. He longed for the gold. Sue got busy with the water skulls. He snarled. They kept rising up. Iori went above. He must be after the souls. Koji let it drop. “Demon!” Noriko screamed. The submarine put on the searchlights. “They use them for target guidance!” Owen told. Koji roared. He changed into his true form. The torpedoes went to blow up his friends. Koji went underwater. “Roger, Roger.” The aqua-droids had their own laser-sights. They launched single harpoon shots which exploded on contact. Koji exhaled. That froze the surroundings. The Scuba robot burst into pieces. The submarine created a sort of wire-pool. Koji fought the pull. The Seahorse robots hatched from the metal eggs to spew horned bombs. Koji flailed with the tail to might crush them. He spat solid ice shards. “Ready to launch.” The aqua-droids released repeated torpedoes. Koji roared. The shock caused several explosions. He went for the surface. Koji got to breathe.

The explosion shook the ship. Owen almost got thrown into the water. Koji was fighting a pitch battle beneath the surface. The soldier picked the bullets. They fell from the candles. That was impressive. Owen dismissed. He only tried to hide his feelings. Sue was out there. The ghost pirates couldn’t be impaled. Owen picked with the cross. That kept them at bay. Noriko tried to protect him. The girl looked like a vampire in the face. He shook it off. That girl saved his life a number of times. Owen threw the stake. He impaled the bat. Noriko made a group of zombies to attack the flouting furniture. Owen made a grimace. They tore each other to pieces. There came a secondary explosion. Owen staggered before he might regain balance. “Relax honey.” Slender arms appeared from behind to embrace him. “You don’t have to worry.” Owen screamed. The sylphs hid among the shadows. They waited for a time to ambush. Owen hated the lot. He got trouble to fight the temptation. “Let me go!” Owen struggled to get free. Noriko jumped high above to release a swarm of bats. The sylphs retreated. Owen shot the group. He picked the ammunition. “Use your magic!” He called. “The fisherman is dead!” Sue looked at a loss. Owen cheered when she released the spell.

The fireball gathered between her fingertips. Sue struck with the sword to might crush the water skull. Another was already rising. She released the spell. The skull got shot to pieces. That didn’t turn the table. Iori absorbed the soul. She could feel it, see it, the ecstasy upon his face. Sue shuddered by the look. She cast an ice shard. Noriko gained the distance. She absorbed the soul. They got the power of Dominance. The family warned her. Sue released a light ring. The explosion removed the ghosts. The pirate’s moaned when fading. Noriko threw a skull at the bats. The assault made them to scatter. Sue created a black hole to might suck them in. The ice shards finished them off. The bolt of lightning gave Owen time to get across. She looked for Koji. He still hadn’t reappeared. Sue was about to get worried about him. The children joined forces. Sue used the opportunity to reach above the water. Owen came along. He almost fell down. Sue was able to save him. The sea then began to ripple as the dragon arrived. Sue felt grounded by the strength and glory. Koji was amazing. The submarine resurfaced to launch repeated rounds of homing harpoons. Sue gathered. She pulled them in. The harpoons exploded. Koji’s breath put it on fire. Sue exhaled before she cast the spell.

The lightning struck down. Sue Belnades might become a powerful sorceress. He felt something about her. She got a virtuous soul. That might be important. Noriko Cruz caught the submarine within the web. She tried to pull it in. Not even she got that kind of strength. Koji Hakuba went to breathe flames. Noriko released the bats. The bone-musket tried to kill her. He went to stand beside the soldier. Owen Hammer impaled the dead pirate. They kept leaving the sea. He obtained the soul. The light ring seemed to have an impact. The fish submarine caught fire. “Flame, frost and thunder.” He observed. “Dark and light.” Koji Hakuba smashed with the tail. He looked like a red star within the dim lit cargo hold. Hammer made a leap. He reached the dragon. The soldier then leaped down to place a sort of metal object. “Dragon.” He whispered. The oval bomb exploded. The submarine got blasted open. Koji breathed. The fire burned the thing up from inside. The crew was dead. They watched the wreck sink to the bottom of the ocean. The dragon landed on deck. He flickered. Then Koji Hakuba was back. Noriko Cruz went to check on his condition. The boy looked weary. He would regain in time. “We have to find Christian.” That would be the best approach.

Volcano, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Black smoke penetrated the chamber. The three brothers made up the pentagram. ”The fire temple, you say.” The trio kept chanting. “You cannot resist.” The old hissed. “Power achieved through power.” The sage screamed in agony. “We are in control.” The death force solidified about her body. “You no longer oppose us.” The dark wizards combined their forces. “The Dark Lord has no use for such a soul.” She was kept inside the crystal. “We already know what you conceal.” They forced her into the space. “He will come to serve count Dracula.” They laughed. “The king of the dragons might have some better use for him.” The sage disappeared. They didn’t kill her. She might find better company, in his seraglio. “Be ready.” That would have to wait. Now they knew. The old expected. They might have to sacrifice one of their own for such achievements. Count Dracula gave his last command. The wizard would give himself if that might serve the purpose. They became members of the order at an early age. “This we must do.” The younger would have to bring the flame treasure to the castle. “Let it be done.” His brothers already accepted the possibility of this approach.

Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They giggled. The girls seemed to have fun. The countess expected she would find her here; at the harem. “My servant.” She beconed. The sylphs came to live at the front of the ship. “Laura.” Lady Carmilla tried to embrace her in 1775. She failed. “I enforce the contract.” The Dark Lord honoured her bravery by giving the name to all blonde brides they happened to require. Laura morphed into mist. She left the girlfriends to kneel at her feet. “My lady.” Zabine grew impatience. She was not a part of the circle of blood. “Rise.” She demanded. “You are to come with me.” Laura emerged. The sorceress admired. The pink gown looked nice on her. That was not important. “You are a nice-looking girl.” The countess remarked. The cheeks went slight crimson. “Thank you, my lady.” The bride kept her arms in front. “Are you to leave us for tonight?” The sylph asked. “You dined on their blood.” Zabine made it no question. She knew. “They offer me great strength.” Laura licked her lips. The countess couldn’t suppress a laugh. “Indeed they do.” She said with mirth. Then the humour died. “Come with me now.” The sorceress demanded. “I have need for you in a greater project.”

The heavy fog was moved by the wind. The ravens shrieked. Christian came around. “Glory be you.” He breathed. “Our Father in Heaven.” Sara Trantoil hadn’t forgotten about the pact. The Vampire Killer caught on to the mast. Trevor got around to rest against the wood. That didn’t mean he got safe and sound. The birds had gathered. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian released the Soul flame. The ravens burned into ashes. “Take him!” The brunette cried. “Make him pay!” The harpies gathered round. The redhead sister picked up iron balls to throw at him. Trevor presented the crucifix. He got to keep them at bay. The harpies shrieked by the image. Christian threw the knife. He released the wind. The dagger split in three. They impaled the harpies. Trevor retrieved the weapon. He felt no victory. Christian killed the woman. That could never be the right approach. He exhaled before taking the crystals. Trevor then had to challenge the pirates. The living dead used the hookshot to reach his location. Christian doused them with holy water. The dead pirates jumped to stab with their cutlas swords. He got beneath. Trevor used the morning-star whip like a grappling hook. He threw axes into the air. That gave an edge. Or perhaps not. The harpy survived. She brought another bunch of iron balls. Christian reached for the crucifix. The deck gun also began to fire. The boom went through the sail. Trevor let go. He went through the air, past the enemies, until he caught hold. That was a near miss. Christian almost hit the ocean. He swung back on deck. Trevor got up to face the dead pirates. The were-panther got the claws extended. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The pirates had landed. Christian used the stopwatch. The four clocks granted some space. The harpy circled about. The panther came with a slide. The kick sent him sprawling. The redhead laughed. “Take this!” She cried. “This! And This!” She picked the balls from inside the bag with a clawed foot. She sent them rolling across the deck where upon they suddenly exploded. The were-panther leaped. She sent a double-handed claw-punched upper-cut. Trevor ducked. He cracked with the whip. The strike caused flames to rise up. The woman shrieked in anger. The brunette returned. She went to find other bombs. “Get ready to rumble!” She laughed before sending them forward. Christian got to dodge the panther. She might inflict a cursed state. Trevor presented the crucifix. The were-panther hid her face. “May He forgive your sins?” The woman shrieked. “Rest in peace.” Christian really wished that to happen. His image burned her fur. “Curse you, human!” She then kicked him aside. Trevor almost lost the crucifix. That still hung around his neck. The impact struck the air from his lungs. Christian got saved by the chest-plate. She might break his ribs. The harpy was ready. She threw the ball in a high arch. Trevor blocked with the crystal. The were-panther came with the claws revealed. The Brunette got blown to pieces. Christian struck with the whip to release the Soul bat. The panther made a back-flip. He still kept the crucifix. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor made a glide. He got up to stamp her forehead. She screamed when fires burned her body. She then sent him away with a claw kick. Christian used the laurels to heal the damage. He threw the cross. The item split in three. They cut the birds into submission. Trevor collected the crystals. He threw a wave of holy water. The pirates crumbled into ashes. The panther leaped through the flames. Why couldn’t the ship burn? He shook it off. Christian stood tall. He threw the silver knife. The lady threw herself sideways. But not before getting struck in the shoulder. The flames went out. The were-panther came at him again. The flying-kick might knock the head off his shoulders. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The Lycan got stunned by the gesture. “Glory is you!” Christian worshipped. “Our Father in Heaven!” The tail moved to show her emotions. She then spat on the deck. Trevor gave her the crystal. He made the diamond to rebound. The impact broke her down. The were-panther screamed while burning. Christian watched it happen. He hoped she might find peace in some better place. Trevor sighed. “Rest in peace.” He retrieved the items. “There he is!” Christian brandished with the morning-star whip. He picked the crystals. The sylphs finally caught up. They were not alone. The harpies carried all too familiar bags. The hook hit the planks. The dead pirates where climbing down the masts. “Let be your will.” Trevor knew he was in danger. He inhaled. They wouldn’t take him down without a fight. Christian knocked the candles. Then he released the clocks. Trevor got to keep them at bay. The monsters got stopped in time. Christian felt the perfect storm. Then the undead got shot. He got company. The fireball exploded on impact. The harpies shrieked. The soldier stopped to reload. “The woman made lightning strike. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor struck with the whip. The sylphs became visible. She threw three rapid flames. He managed to block. She threw the lilies to might trap him. Trevor hurled the vial. That burned the flowers. The harpy sent the ball rolling. Christian threw the silver knife. The bomb burst on impact. The sylph threw other flames. Trevor managed a back-flip to counter. He hit the lilies. She then suddenly arrived to embrace him. Christian presented the crucifix. The sylph smiled. But then she screamed. She got impaled. “Watch out!” The man advised. “My name is Owen Hammer.” The soldier retrieved the stakes. Trevor met his gaze. “I am Christian Belmont.” He told. “I know.” Owen sighed. “I dreamed that I got turned into a ghost.” Then he actually smiled. “Please, take me with you.” Christian reached for the crucifix. Owen looked so sad. “My family got killed by the Dark Lord.” Trevor knew how it felt. “I will take you with me.” Owen cleared his voice. I can help you a lot, because I am so quick and agile.” Christian got a feeling this happened before. He threw it aside. That wasn’t important. Trevor was only a child, though he shook hands with the soldier. “Come on then!” The birds appeared behind. “Get down!” Christian threw a wave of holy water. The crows froze over before they shattered against the deck. The woman pulled back the flow of black hair. “Thanks for helping me.” She said. “I’m Sue Belnades, the sorceress.” She bowed. “I will follow you if you need my help.” Trevor inhaled. “I will take you with me.” He didn’t expect them to join him. “Yeah.” Owen shrugged. “Whatever.” Sue sent him a warning look. “I hope the magic spirit might give us the power.” They shook hands. “Our job isn’t over.” Owen remarked. “But I’m sure we’ll be able to pull it off.” Trevor left it in the hands of the Lord. “Please, Owen, we have to be careful.” The blue eyes went hard as diamond. “Then we might be victorious.” Christian agreed. “Let us fight.” Owen suggested. “Look.” He pointed. “They are coming.” That was right. Trevor reached for the whip. They got interrupted. There was an explosion beneath the deck. “Good Lord!” Christian made the sign of the cross. The sylphs got thrown off balance. What happened? He had to figure. ”Noriko!” Sue exclaimed.

The liquid poured through the side and went like a waterfall, tumbling through the bottom of the ship. “This must be the point of impact.” Noriko licked her lips. They felt dry. The boys kept quiet. Koji pulled with the goggles. They made him look like a pilot. Noriko sighed. They split up to search for Christian. She hoped that Owen and Sue where alright. “The reefs must be holding it up.” Not that she knew them very well, but Noriko had come to rely on them. Iori’s comment brought her back to reality. “I think so.” It wasn’t really all that important. Noriko noticed the rats peeked through their potholes. “Dragon’s claws!” Koji went in front. The box snapped together. Noriko summoned the plate shield. The piled riches were very interesting. Noriko forgot about the power of greed. She never should have. The hold was occupied by several treasure chests. Iori threw skulls at the rats. He claimed the souls. “Watch out!” Koji tore Mimic into bits. The toad couldn’t be healthy. The amphibium leaped forward. The tongue leached around his torso. “Mutant devil!” Koji screamed. “Leave me alone!” Noriko bared her fangs. She stabbed the knife through. The toad burst into flame. Koji staggered back. He didn’t look good. Noriko felt so helpless. She was no healer.

The plague was an ancient pestilence. Koji knew he shouldn’t be affected. The dragon had their own illness. They where unlike the humans. Koji tried to gather. He reached for the talisman. Koji roared. He got transformed. When he changed back, the plague was healed. “Dragon’s breath!” Koji snarled. He wasted precious time. The breath burned the bats. The pirate aimed the hookshot. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji threw him back into the water. He leaped to support the other boy. Iori looked back over his shoulder. “Get down!” The statue was moving. “This is madness!” Noriko caught up. “No.” Koji shook his head. “It isn’t.” The Cyclops struck with the hammer. “Great ones!” Koji exclaimed. The monster broke the floor. “Die!” Iori made the swords to attack. The Cyclops fired a beam. The eye was wide open. The blades got turned to stone. Iori hid his face. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji smashed across the chest. The Cyclops groaned. Then it struck down. “Dragon’s wings!” He got out of reach. Noriko made lightning strike from between her fingers. The Cyclops moaned. Electricity surged through the body. “Your time is over!” Noriko released a swarm of bats. They got turned to stone. “Dragon’s nose!” Koji release a heavy steam. The Cyclops met the assault. Koji roared.

The hatch cracked open. Owen climbed through. The boy leaped to land cat-foot and ready to throw the cross. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The boomerang split in three. Owen closed his mouth. Christian defeated the bats. He struck with that morning-star whip to release fireballs. “Noriko told he was clever.” Sue slid through the opening. “Yeah.” Owen frowned. “Though she didn’t tell how well.” She smiled. That made his heart leap. “Never mind.” Owen couldn’t help his feelings. He wasn’t entirely useless. The soldier threw stakes to take out the sylph. The vampire hunter leaped across. He passed the remains of the submarine to knock with an ice whip. The needle shattered into pieces. They came above. The rats hid inside the deck. Owen fired his pistol. They squeeked on impact. Christian turned to fight the ghost pirates. “Watch out!” Sue brandished with the wand. The gold skeletons hid among the riches. Owen got occupied by Mimic. The bats swept to bite him. “Curse you!” Owen bellowed. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian made it to rain with holy water. That burned the box. Christian picked the crystals. “Come!” Sue was involved with the skeletons. “She needs our help!” Owen reloaded the pistol. The sorceress already got ahead.

They threw bones into the air. The dim light made it difficult to see. Sue made a glide upon the planks. She threw the ice blast to counter their assault. The boy twirled with the whip. He made the gold to explode. “Back off you devils!” Owen caught up. He struck with the short-sword. The bats squeeked. “Make mercy upon the house of Israel.” Sue prayed. “I keep the law of Moses.” The star was an amulet. She kept a piece of scripture within. Christian touched the stopwatch. The other gold skeletons got stopped in time. He doused them with holy water. He let her pick the crystals. Christian bent to unsheath a short-bladed sword. The rats hid inside the deck. Christian cut them to pieces. Owen finished reloading the pistol. He shot the needle. That made no difference. Sue released the ice. That froze it into place. She fired an arrow. That pined the stinger against the floor. Sue exhaled. She pulled back the hair. Christian was back in action. He made the ghosts to fade. Then he kept up with the rats. Sue was impressed. The harpies went without sound. She didn’t know where they came from. “Fire in the hall!” Sue cried. “Bombs away!” The blonde hurled the ball. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian threw the axe. “Watch out!” Sue made lightning strike.

The Cyclops might be of danger. He conjured the souls to release the wolf. The monster caught notice, of course. That was his intention. The beast was to agile to be stoned. “Dragon’s wings!” Koji Hakuba collided with the Cyclops. The body slam was not enough. The monster caught him. “Dragon’s breath!” The flames released him. The Cyclops roared with pain. Agony was the dark side. He might tell. Noriko made the zombies to march forward. The Cyclops smashed them into oblivion. That gave another opportunity. “Dragon’s tail!” Hakuba still tried to smash him apart. The impact was enough to gain some space. He dismissed the wolf. That served its purpose. He caused a whirlwind. The Cyclops could not turn that to stone. He removed the toad. The soul was useless. The swords got crushed by the hammer. Noriko screamed. She leaped high to stamp with the image. The flames burned through the skull. The Cyclops got her. He closed the grip. No! That could not be allowed. He sent the bats spiralling skyward. The monster got hurt. Koji Hakuba managed to save her. “Dragon’s breath!” The fires pierced the chest. The hammer struck down. Noriko released multiple feathers to might cut his throat. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji Hakuba enforced the contract.

The mine, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He kept the promise. “You told the truth.” This was something to behold. “I told you so.” The warlock led her to the heart of the mine. “This might serve the Dark Lord.” Noail Hoa was a devoted adept. “I thought you might think so.” The warlock touched the rock. “They must be worth a king’s ransom.” The undead surmised. The wizard merely lowered his head. “The ore is rich.” He told. “They reach deep into the earth.” Noail Hoa got hypnotized by the ray of bright rainbow colours. “This might take another century.” The handmaiden dismissed. “The circle has to know.” She breathed. Then she turned a piercing gaze upon him. Hellfire burned behind. “You will have all the workers to require.” The warlock bowed. “It shall be done.” He assured. “You will not be disappointed.” This was another way to prove his worth. That was none of her concern. The vampire went to inspect the globe. The treasure cracked with amethyst power. “How wonderful.” She could almost taste the potential. “Beware.” The warlock hissed. “I know that.” Naoil Hoa realized the danger. “Do not disturb the balance between fire, ice and lightning.” She repeated. “Quite right.” The warlock acknowledged.

Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The explosion then shook the ship. “Great ones!” Noriko staggered back. The Cyclops burst into a blossom of flame. She managed to pick the soul. Noriko gasped. She felt like blazing. The power filled her up. Noriko smiled. The ecstasy was like a promise of force. “Are you alright?” Koji pulled back the goggles. “I am fine.” She promised. Noriko felt more then fine. She felt like sparkling. “I received the power.” Noriko would dance with joy. “Ah, Culadra.” Then perhaps not. “What art thy business here?” He was back. The grim reaper. Noriko stood tall. “I have come to put an end to this.” She charged a fireball. “Thou art still befriending mortals.” The angel remarked. “I will nay ask thee too return to our side.” Noriko would not. “Though I demand thou to cease thy assault.” Koji growled. That was the sound of courage. “I will never stop fighting.” She declared. “Thou shall regret those words.” Death breathed. “We shall meet again.” He began to fade. Noriko exhaled. She really disliked his presence. “I think we are in trouble.” Koji didn’t look happy. “I don’t like it either.” She told. Koji shook his brown hair. “It isn’t like that.” He shuddered. “The reaper hates my heritage.” He pulled at the scarf. “Oh no.” Noriko had figured. “Where is he?” She asked.

They reached the other side. Owen really was agile. He brought Christian far enough to reach this place. “Koji must have transformed.” Sue unsheathed her blade. “I don’t know that.” Trevor touched the crucifix. “Get down!” Owen kept watch. ”She is alive!” The blonde sister retrieved another bag. “You shall pay!” She hurled the bombs into the air. Christian felt the storm inside. “So let it be!” He threw three homing daggers. The iron balls exploded. Owen didn’t relax. He fired a boom with the pistol. The harpy was dead before reaching the surface. “Rest in peace.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. Sue shook her black hair. She managed the bats. “Thank you.” Christian was glad for the assistance. “Never mind.” Her cheeks went red. Trevor hid a smile. “Come on.” Hammer opened a door. Christian cracked with the whip. “Let us hunt.” Trevor went ahead. The bone-musket fired a shot. He threw himself down. The skeleton got to reload. The other muskets fired at his friends. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The light shone through. They got protected by the circle of crosses. The bats hurt themselves on impact. Trevor picked the crystals. The barrier was gone. Sue released a fireball. The musket exploded. The duo got ready. The muskets fired. Owen sidestepped. He threw the stakes. The skeleton got knocked to pieces. “Good Lord!” The rats gathered up. They crawled on his body. Christian doused himself with holy water. “Hear the words of God!” Sue made a glide. She came up to pike with the rod. The staff went through the skeleton. The musket shuddered. Then it broke to pieces. Trevor exhaled. It was over. He knocked the candles. Owen retrieved the money. “Leave it.” Sue advised. “The light is bad already.” She was right. “The Lord is with us.” Trevor told. “He grants us kind gifts.” He reached into the backpack. “The lamp might light the way.” Christian made it to shine. He still got enough oil for this to work. Trevor hung it on the bag. Then he cracked with the whip. Christian went ahead. “There is something in here.” Sue whispered. She raised a hand to create the light ring. “Nice trick.” Owen admired, though he kept the pistol aimed. Trevor made no comment. The rats went through their pot holes. He bent to whip them. Then the ghost pirates went through the ceiling. The soldier presented the cross. Sue pulled back to release the ring. The ghost moaned. The other man reached to touch her. The soldier stamped him out. Christian crossed himself. He went further down the corridor. “No way!” He turned to support them. “Die, human scum!” The Caribbean female morphed into her true form. “I have you now!” The were-panther leaped for the kill. Trevor threw the vial. The holy water rose up and burned in place. The Lycan went through the flames. Christian got prepared. He struck with the holy whip. The panther shrieked. Trevor stamped with the crucifix. The fur was put on fire. Then she kicked him in the stomach. “You like that?” She teased. Christian bent over. The chest-plate saved his life. That didn’t change anything. Trevor still felt ready to throw up into her face. That wouldn’t be proper. The silver knife got buried in the stomach. The were-panther screamed. Her blood soaked his hand. Trevor withdrew to clean the stain. She punched with the claws extended. The wound wasn’t fatal. Christian ducked. He managed to stamp her out. The burn marks got revealed. He swallowed. That was too nasty. Death stared him in the face. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor made a glide. The were-panther managed to sidestep. Christian ducked. “You won’t escape forever.” He threw the silver knife. The female got beneath. She swept with the claws. Trevor shrieked. The dagger split in three. The were-panther was dead before hitting the floor. “The Lord is my stronghold.” Christian used the laurels. He sighed as the pain subsided. “Are you alright?” The others arrived. Trevor was glad they survived. The fight only lasted for a minute. “The mask of the red plague.” Sue breathed the words. “Good Lord.” Christian made the sign of the cross. The rats crawled through the floor. “This isn’t natural.” Owen fired the gun. He was right. Trevor should know. He read the captain’s log. “Abbadon is the second rider.” He twirled with the whip. The rats squeeked; their eyes turned red, like the fires of Hell. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian threw the crystal. He made it to break in three. That crushed them. Owen threw himself down. The furniture swept in. “You shall not dabble in necromancy.” Sue whispered when throwing the fireball. The poltergeist burned on impact. “Glory be You.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.”

The waves clashed and leaped against the deck. Koji picked with the goggles. The mist might conceal their enemies. That wasn’t important right now. The girl was furious. The heat rose like clouds of steam. “Where is he!?” Noriko asked again. Her voice became a scream. “I will not tolerate it anymore!” Koji licked his lips nervously. She better cool down. Legends told that anger almost made Soma Cruz to turn over. “Roger, Roger.” Before he might speak, the aqua-droids rose up from the water to launch harpoon torpedoes. Koji leaped upon Noriko. “Dragon’s breath!” He made himself into a human shield. The breath burned the objective. “Fire at will.” The leader declared. “Roger, Roger.” He began to hate that comment. Koji got off the girl to rise her up. “You don’t have to be stupid.” She snapped. Koji shrugged. Noriko blocked with a flurry of water skulls. That at least saved them from impact. “Ready to launch.” The robots used laser-sights to pick their position. “Dragon’s nose!” The heat was a barrier against the ice cannon. Noriko screamed in anger. She made lightning strike. Koji threw her aside. The bats went like a wave. “Dragon’s tail!” He smashed them into oblivion. Noriko barely got up. She captured a droid within the net. Koji smirked. That was a nice trick.

The Cyclops blocked the end of the passageway. The boy twirled and struck with the whip to get rid of the toads. Owen reloaded the pistol. He might shoot the ghosts with this new type of silver bullets. Owen found the ammunition within the candle. Sue hurled another fireball. The rat’s squeeked as they got roasted. He was impressed. “Preserve us from the evil One.” Christian did a back-flip to escape the laser. Owen made a grimace. That might turn everything to stone. The hunter used that stopwatch thing again. He then leaped to impale with the daggers. Owen would like to help him. The bars got torn away. “Get back!” Sue called. She bet he would. The gold skeletons appeared through the opening. They didn’t waist time fooling about. Owen got hit. The bone went in an arch. He fell back, clutching his chest. “Help me!” He cried. Christian used the hook to swing up and throw the cross. The Cyclops roared. He got hit in the eye. Owen got taken by the skeletons. They pulled him away while tugging his windpipe. Sue fired the bow-and-arrows. They went in quick succession. The gold skeletons let go. “You filthy morons.” Hammer pulled the trigger. The boom finished their band. Owen had a deep breath. The furniture gathered up. The soldier threw his stakes.

The poltergeist was back. Sue pulled through the black hair. She was tired of this threat. Owen threw his stakes about. That might be alright. The bats and gold skeletons got forced back. The poltergeist didn’t burn. He presented the symbol. The furniture rebounded. It was like they hit a barrier. Christian escaped the hammer. He threw the axe. The Cyclops got hurt. Blood ran down the face. Sue hurled the ice shard to might stop the poltergeist. The frost pierced through the invisible. “The Lord is my shepard and stronghold.” The poltergeist came twirling back. Sue threw herself down. “Get back you Devil!” Owen suddenly appeared. He presented the cross. The furniture rebounded. Christian doused them with holy water. The flouting furniture got destroyed. The boy sidestepped. The Cyclops was bent on smashing him. He hooked onto the ring to get high enough to throw the crystal. The monster bellowed. Sue got up. She pulled him away. The scream summoned the toads. She made lightning strike. The toads got burned. The Cyclops struck down. The black hole pulled him forward. That was enough. “Thanks.” Christian made a glide. He leaped to strike with the whip. The Cyclops screamed in agony. Owen fired a boom with the pistol. But then the monster escaped.

Icy Mountain, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The aria had passed. They finally returned. “Guards.” The Succubus sent them to the castle. “You may leave us.” The blue lord demanded. The warriors left the chamber. “Dracul.” The demon drew the image of the dragon before unfolding the scrolls. The wizard bent over the kneeling figure. The jewels kept them open. “The master librarian might demand a fortune in gold for these pages.” Succubus remarked. He dismissed the matter. The blue lord left her to study alone. She knew how to translate. The script told him nothing. The language of Hell’s servants went beyond his experience. That was of no concern. She would tell him what to do. They got a binding contract about the matter. He desired the might which the moon tablet could provide. The tribe fought for the right. Cornell earned the right in 1844. Since that time, no one had risen to challenge his descendants. The ancient force became a question of inheiritage. Such procedures would soon be over. The moon tablet would permit access without any of those tiresome iiniciation rites. The wizard almost laughed. He would move in exactly the right moment. The Dark Lord would then reward him for the service.

Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The aqua-droid fired his gun. The web froze on impact. Noriko was furious. How dared they oppose her? She threw multiple feathers before releasing the bats. They got no effect. “Dragon’s nose!” Noriko wasn’t alone. Koji boiled the robot. He threw her aside to save her from the torpedo. “Dragon’s wings!” Koji spread out to block the bats. Noriko got up. Tears boiled on her cheeks. He was too brave. The fireballs shot them to pieces. Noriko summoned the scimitar soul. The shield offered some protection. Koji removed his gloves. “Dragon’s claws!” He shredded the seamen. “Great ones!” Noriko used her might to make lightning strike. The robot got shot to pieces. There was no mercy. She kept striking until they all got smashed to pieces. “Dragon’s tail!” It wasn’t over. It never would. Koji swung with the tail. He was a dragon. Noriko was left to stare at the waterfall. That went through the bottom of the ship. Noriko frowned. She might figure out how to escape. They went to search for Christian. She forgot about him. Iori was much more important. Noriko would have to kill him if he rose to the dark throne. “Koji!” She called. “I know how to continue!” Koji retrieved the gloves. He came to stand by her side. Noriko inhaled. Then she began to explain.

The Cyclops really got hurt this time. Christian crossed himself. The monster wept drops of blood. Then it gathered up. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor stood tall. He cracked with the whip. The perfect storm raged inside. The fireballs rebounded off the walls or collided with the Cyclops. The ship didn’t burn. The monster did. He dropped the hammer to shield the face. Owen shot the bats. “Hear the words of God!” Sue made lightning strike. Christian threw a wave of holy water. The electricity combined to blast the Cyclops into oblivion. They shared the gems. Trevor then noticed how the end of the passage had fallen in. He looked out into a much larger hold. The water poured through the side of the ship to tumble through the bottom. “Good Lord.” Christian made the sign of the cross. He felt strange about the area. “They used much magic.” Sue stood behind, leaning on her staff. “The warlock and dragon.” She smiled. Trevor cleared his voice. “I hear what you say.” Owen approached. “I don’t see them anywhere.” He reloaded the pistol. Christian agreed, though he felt cold. “The grim reaper was here.” Trevor realized. The soldier went pale. “I can feel it.” Sue closed her eyes. “Can you find him?” Christian asked. She shook her head. “I don’t have that kind of magic.” He sighed. He would make the best of it. “Listen up.” Owen said. “I don’t want to disturb, but have you noticed the water is rising?” Trevor blinked. “Good Lord.” He never figured out. “Something is pluging the source.” Sue licked her lips. Christian cracked with the whip. The water leaped against the planks. Mist peeked through the loop holes. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor reached for the crucifix. The dead pirates were awake. “Curse you to Hell!” Owen bellowed as he emptied the gun into the crewmen. The silver bullets exploded. The band staggered. Christian leaped across the opening. He rolled and got up into a ready position. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor didn’t care about the riches. They were a distraction. The pirates fired the hookshot. Christian got protected within a circle of crosses. The undead staggered to hide their faces. The others couldn’t help. The soldier and sorceress fought back-to-back against the crew. The pirates withered when trying to breach the barrier. Trevor let go. He brandished with the holy whip. The zombies burned like oiled paper. “Glory be You.” Christian made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” The coffin stirred before another figure emerged. Trevor felt the venom. “The empress.” He didn’t flinch, although Christian wished to curl up into a ball. “I know you.” He whispered. “You are no mere pirate.” Trevor struggled to recognize. Then he figured. “You brought the plague aboard.” Christian felt like being strangled. He might see beyond the obvious. An eerie black smoke seemed to shroud the figurine. “Be what may be.” Trevor recoiled the whip. The smile made her face even more hideous. “Your move.” He unsheathed the short-sword. The pirate got her cutlas. Christian reached for the crucifix. The lamp illuminated the features. The stench was terrible. Trevor bit his lip. Beneath the three-pointed hat, the red mask revealed empty sockets. She made an attack. Christian met the offence. The jewleries seemed to shine with a nasty glow. “You are the avatar of the second rider.” Trevor was certain about it. He managed to impale her body. The empress shuddered. Then she got free. She reached to touch him. Christian was unsure if even the laurels might remove such status. It worked with the toads. But would it be enough to challenge this being? He let it drop. She swung to kill him. The mane of dry blonde hair went along. Trevor got beneath. He sidestepped the black glove. The deck went lofty. They might drown. “Save us!” The water would flood the hold. “We are perishing!” Christian managed to stamp with the crucifix. The flames surged through her body. The pirate then knocked him with the end of her weapon. Trevor slashed across her chest. She staggered. But then the corpse turned the blow away. She went into closer hand-to-hand combat. Christian bit his teeth. She really knew how to brandish that thing. He released the Soul flame. The pirate fell back. Trevor hoped they didn’t notice. The empress reached for the cutlas. Christian removed the head. That didn’t change matters. The headless corpse kept lumbering forward. Trevor felt chills down his spine. The approach made his hair to stand on end. This couldn’t continue. Christian got back to douse her with holy water. That was the finale. The empress crumbled into ashes. Trevor picked the crystals. “Nice work.” Owen got over to the platform. “Indeed.” The sorceress leaned against her staff. Sue really looked tired. Christian was about to offer a reply when the scream rammed through his brain. “Koji!” Owen pressed his hands against the temples. The waves calmed. Trevor dismissed. That was no longer important. “The plug, it’s gone.” Sue told. Christian shook his head. “We don’t have much time.” He said. “We have to swim up through the waterfall.” The sorceress and soldier looked at one another. Trevor sighed. “It is the obvious thing to do.” He told. “I have no doubt.” Christian made the sign of the cross. “Great is the mystery of faith.” He stated. “The Lord is our guide.” Before they might protest, Trevor threw himself into the water. The cloathing and backpack pulled him down. Christian struggled to continue. He didn’t knew where he got the strength. But he decided to reach the top. The scream had been a summon and a warning that not all was as it should be. Sue and Owen reached him. Trevor smiled. They would make it together. The pirates where among the water. But they couldn’t keep track as the group began to descend.

They went through the bottom. Koji got to hold his breath. This was suicide. Then again, he might change his mind. Noriko had been sure this was the right thing to do. She worried to much about her friend. Koji had to keep track with the pirates. Noriko held onto his back. She hid herself within the coils of the robe. Koji knew she was drowning. He moved through the hole. That was a relief. The pirates didn’t follow. Koji dismissed. He didn’t know where to turn. The fishmen noticed. They came for the kill. Koji froze them on sight. He finally figured the direction. Noriko drifted away. Koji felt his heart plummith. She got to live. Koji went in presuit. He would find her. The fishmen gathered. Koji used all his tricks to keep them at bey. He hoped Kochi would be proud. He fought the tears. Even the dragon might cry. That was so true. He breached the surface. Koji looked for Noriko. He had a deep breath. The mist still obscured the lake. “Dragon’s breath!” Koji thundered. He burned the fishmen on sight. The harpies circled about as Koji spread his wings. He could smell her blood. Koji picked the girl. Then he went for the sky. “Land on the ship.” Noriko told. Koji sighed. He didn’t like it, but Noriko was right. They couldn’t leave the others. The scythe hit on approach. Koji screamed.

The boy went ahead. This was impossible. They should be drowning. Christian kept swimming. He actually worked up the waterfall. Owen felt the cross around his neck. The thing kept shining. The glow should blind him. Instead, he felt a beacon to continue. “Keep moving!” Sue called. She tied the wand to her backpack. Owen had a deep breath. Sue might still surprise him. He shook it off. The dead didn’t chase them. Owen didn’t feel much better. The bats kept whirling about. The symbols kept them away. He got to believe. That was all he could do. Christian escaped from view. The pull was really strong up here. Owen swallowed. He managed to keep his breath. They got to push through the opening. The hunter somehow figured. “Keep on!” Sue reached ahead of him. “I know you can make it!” She slid through. Owen kept fighting. He had another deep breath. He then moved beneath the water. The surface closed above. He found the stream. That fought to wash him back down. Christian had extraordinary abilities, like the sorceress. Owen struggled for air. He was a simple man, trying to get through. The soldier dropped it. That didn’t matter. Even he might fight the undead. Owen already did. He fourced through the water. Now he only got to reach the surface.

They reached above the water. Christian twirled with the whip to get hold. He managed to climb up the side of the ship. Sue looked about. Owen was nowhere to be seen. The mist obscured her view. The soldier might be around. Christian disappeared overhead. She didn’t worry about him. Christian was a Belmont. He knew how to take care of himself. “What’s up?” Owen reappeared. “What kept you?” Sue was truly grateful. “I worried about you.” She tried to hide her feelings. “Hello!” Christian called through the mist. “Are you still there?!” He threw the rope down. “You better climb up here!” Sue sighed. It began again. “Wake up!” Owen was climbing the rope. “That is a cannon!” He disappeared into the mist. Sue didn’t wait. She swam to reach up. The fishman caught her. He pulled her down. Sue pulled him in through the black hole. Then she released the light ring. The other fishmen kept back. Sue used the opportunity to escape. She got above the water. “Get away!” She called while releasing the fireball. The fishman exploded. Sue climbed the rope. They might need some help. She shot the birds into oblivion. The monster tried to leap. “Hear the words of God!” She threw the ice shard. Then Sue reached the tot. The countess where up there.

Castle ruins, Bodley. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Someone was coming. The vampire might smell. “I see you.” The heavy wind might throw a lesser being off balance. The black dragon roared his challenge into the night. “They have been here.” There sat a figure atop the mount. “Indeed.” Mae Lin made a formal bow. The warlock lord seemed to sniff her out. “Dead blood.” He then hissed. The vampire kept her head low. The pale king was not to be taken lightly. “Tell me, bride.” He got no face. The black hood was empty. The stare made her humble. How could the Dark Lord possibly associate himself with such beings? “So it is.” She ended her speech. The wraith lord kept his stare. “So.” He finally stated. “They try to lift the curse.” Mae Lin acknowledged. “They have to return.” The ghost king rasped. “That is the only way.” The vampire exposed her fangs. His presence chilled her to the bone. The warlock lord made a gesture. The book opened its pages. For a while, he read to himself. Mae Lin got curious about the tome. She never saw it before. The book beaconed closer. She got to resist the lust for power. The pale king made it to disappear. “You are to wait.” He said. “Lord Dracula shall arise.” Mae Lin then smiled.

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“The last enemy which is destroyed is Death.”

Corinthians: 15. 26.

Battle track: Poison Mind.

Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The scythe hit on impact. That wasn’t really nice. But when did they ever care? Koji groaned as he retained human form. Noriko got slammed into the deck. She screamed. Noriko felt like every bone got broken. “That Is thy proper place.” The shadow fell upon her. He was here. The angel of Death. “Let her go.” The grim reaper looked sideways. Koji managed to get up, though he clutched the stomach. Blood oozed from a wound. That didn’t stop him. Noriko exhaled. He made her to stand. “Go on, dragon.” The angel breathed. “Grant her thou heart.” Noriko blinked. She didn’t figure. Noriko wouldn’t take his soul. “I am not Dracula.” She stated. Her grandfather told that the evil count’s first act was to slay the dragon. He thus sent a message that he had arrived. “The lord of the dragons.” The angel’s whisper sent echoes of darkness through her mind. Noriko shuddered. “I shall send you back to the castle.” She suddenly felt so angry. “My fury resist your presence.” She would show him. She would show it all. “No.” Koji pulled her back. “Stop it.” He told. “Stop it right now.” Noriko sent him an angry stare. Koji stood tall. “I smell Chaos.” He said. “Let go of your hatred.” Noriko shook her head. This was her moment. Then she lost hold. The pain forced her to scream.

This was the middle of the ship. The pirates turned the cannon. “Hold your fire.” The vampire told. “Hello, Richter.” Christian had climbed up along the wreck. “They better.” The soldier got aboard. “I have my own right here.” He picked the pistol. Trevor shook his head. That wouldn’t work. “Do you not recognize me?” The undead didn’t seem to care. Sue reached the deck. “Ich bin Zabine.” Christian crossed himself. He was not a reincarnation. Was he? Trevor had a closer look on his enemy. “Behold.” Another woman gathered from the mist. “Zabine Reinhardt, the countess of Berestov.” That was Laura. Christian recognized the blue eyes and golden hair. She was attractive. At least his friends thought so. The purple gown fit her like a glove. Trevor touched the crucifix. That didn’t reach him. The countess was something else. She reached a hand. “Richter.” The green and yellow dress was revealing. “Leave these others and Come to me.” The red hair fell like a river down her back. “My arms yearn for you, my beloved fiancée.” She smiled. The blue eyes where alive with pashion. “Let us rest together. Forever.” Christian revealed the crucifix. “Never!” He declared. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Zabine shrieked with anger. She pulled away. Trevor once read a myth. Richter Belmont proposed to a woman before he met Anette Renard in 1792. He shook it off. The family never was perfect. Christian used the opportunity to run forward. “Perfect.” He crossed the line. The countess was smiling again. Trevor cast it aside. He struck with the whip. Zabine deflected with a wave of bats. “Richter.” She pleaded. “Why didn’t you save me?” Christian felt chills down his spine. She sounded so lonely. “I know you could.” This wasn’t right. Trevor would use the stopwatch. “I don’t thing so.” The smile exposed her fangs. Something blocked the assault. Christian went pale. “Observe.” She pointed. Trevor looked down. “The circle might restrain the use of magic.” Zabine explained. “I see.” Christian touched the crucifix. “Though I shall defeat you.” She must have used demon blood to manage. “The Lord is with me.” Trevor had no doubt. “He will set you free.” The vampire snarled. “Never!” She bellowed. “That slut won’t take you from me!” The spirits gathered into a huge skull. That was Death’s might. Christian paid no attention. Laura approached. The skull sorceress laughed by the attempt. “It is good to bleed a little.” Trevor repeated. He would fight on, like a Belmont. “The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes!” He opened a wound to stain on the floor. “Blood of the hunter!” The drops became like liquid light. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The holy flame burned to cleanse the evil. “Then I shall feast on your blood!” The circle was no longer in effect. Christian presented the crucifix. His friends reached the battle. “So let it be.” The eyes popped from the sockets. “Deliver us from the wicked One!” Trevor tightened his grip. The orbs became magnetic spheres. “Take this!” Owen fired repeated rounds before he got caught up by the pirates. The orbs exploded. Christian leaped to reach the sorceress. She tried to bite him. “He is yours!” Zabine told. “You won’t touch him.” Sue threw a fireball. Laura fell back on deck. Trevor struck with the morning-star whip. The sorceress screamed. Christian released the Soul bat. Then he rolled along the deck. The skull sorceress made the orbs to strike with lightning. Sue reappeared. She blocked with the wand. “Hear the words of God!” She spread her arms. The black hole pulled up the flames. “Use the gifts.” She said to clenched teeth. “I trust you.” Trevor exhaled. She was sure he could. Sue wasn’t afraid. Christian used the stopwatch. He caught Laura in time. Trevor got away. The eyes became magnetic spheres. He cracked with the whip. The orbs burst apart. Christian then hurled the vial in a high arch. The skull sorceress got bathed in flames. The holy water burned on impact. Trevor made the sign of the cross. Sue fired with the bow. The arrow almost pierced the other vampire. She reappeared to embrace the hunter. Christian wished to help her. The skull sorceress swooped to make the eyes become heavy flames. Trevor gathered his strength. Then he leaped across. That was incredible. “That is my boy.” Laura was behind him. Christian presented the crucifix. Laura snarled. “I have it right here.” Owen threw an oak stake. He must have found them in the candles. The skull sorceress made lightning strike. “The Lord is my stronghold!” Sue brandished with the wand. The holy ring almost hurled Zabine from her purch. “Richter.” She pleaded. “Help me.” Trevor did all he could. He threw the enflamed axe into the air. The vampire got hit in the side. Blood oozed and stained her dress. She slid back some distance, then the sorceress released the bats. Owen got hit by the impact. “Get away from him!” Zabine cried. The eyes became magnetic orbs. They struck Sue against the deck. “Come with us.” Laura teased. “You want us.” Christian felt nothing but disgust. He flipped with the morning-star whip. Laura shrieked when burning.

The figure remained tall. Noriko shrieked. He bent to shield her. The sickles went home. Koji got hurled far away into the mist. He shook all over. That didn’t matter. Koji retained his true form. The demon made manifest. “Curse you, Oni!” The scally skin was bright blue. hat was the sea demon. Koji roared. The monster charged before shooting the heavy frost bullet. Koji struck with the tail. That was enough to repel the ice shot. Koji breathed. The acid wave burned the demon into submission. The Hellspawn might duplicate. He forgot about the lore. Koji shrieked. Some demons might only be banished through strangulation. He managed to trap a demon. Koji moaned while the frost surged through his body. The other sea demon kept shooting bullets. Koji pushed it away. The demon cried. He got squeezed to death. The tail ached while the blue energy got released. The monster tried to possess him. Koji resisted. The dark force was already a reservoir of strength. The other demon came flying in. Koji roared. The monster buried the claws into his throat. Koji tried to shake it. The sea demon was either beheading or freezing him up. Koji didn’t care. He tore the demon away and crushed it between the claws. Koji resisted the energy. He went back to reach the ship.

The bats squeeked with blood-thirst. “Blasted.” Owen grunted. The soldier got pinned to the planks. He held the cross up for cover. The swarm spread out. Owen smirked. He got up to shoot them. The first bullet hit the skull sorceress. Owen used silver. Flames rose and burned the enemy. The hookshot might pierce his skull. Owen withdrew. He picked a rose to throw at the pirates. The wild rose exploded. That granted some space. Christian threw three axes. The countess got hit. He even put out those magnetic spheres. “Mistress!” Laura came to embrace her. “Richter.” Zabine wept crimson tears. “Help me.” Her remorce was pitiful to behold. “I have ventured too far into the eternal night.” Sue staggered upon her knee. “Do you still not understand.” She told. “That woman really is Zabine.” She released a fireball. The skull sorceress got obscured with flame. The bats went like a swarm. Zabine rose from the pyre. The soldier felt chills down his spine. He threw stakes at the pirates. They used the cannon. The shot crushed the ship. Owen picked the garlic bombs. He rolled one, two and three along the deck. The pirates ran for cover. The cannon got hit. Owen closed his eyes. The flashbang forced him back. Owen gaped. The thing survived. But then Koji struck with the tail.

The dragon roared. The flames burned the pirates. He then crushed the cannon. Sue used the opportunity to help her friends. She shot an arrow at the skull sorceress. “Curse you!” Zabine got hurt. “Take her!” Laura went to embrace. Sue shuddered. She felt their might. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian made a glide. He got beneath the bats. Sue presented the star. The vampire snarled. The hunter caught them in time. Then he released four clocks. The countess was about to crumble. Then she made the eyes to become heavy flames. Christian got hurt, though he made it to rain with holy water. “The Lord is my stronghold.” Sue got up to watch the skull sorceress burn to ashes. “Rest in peace.” The boy made the sign of the cross. Sue looked round. There was something they forgot. Laura knelt on deck. She shed bloody tears. “You Belmont sneak!” She then bellowed. “You killed my mother!” Laura vanished to reappear in battle gear. “You shall pay!” She declared. “You may escape that destiny.” Christian told. Laura didn’t listen. She tackled him with repeated hard punches. Sue stopped her with an ice shard. Christian stamped with the crucifix. Laura hit him with a slide-kick. Owen got her through the heart. He then removed the head.

Ghost ship, Uta lake. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The grim reaper held Iori in an iron grip. “Stop this pointless bickering.” Noriko felt her heart ache. “I command.” This was the death to all hope. “I surrender.” She whispered. Noriko stepped forward to drop the knife on the deck. “Release Iori.” She told. “It’s me you want.” Noriko couldn’t help but shudder. She remembered how Malus raped her. “Thou art nay important anymore.” Death’s voice pierced her mind. “ This boy have awaken Chaos.” She felt chills down her spine. That couldn’t be true. She knew the angel never lied. “I tried to tell you.” Iori only breathed. “My rosary has broken. I could be Dracula incarnate.” Noriko wanted to scream. He might still make a choice. Iori didn’t have to be the Dark Lord. “Embrace thy power.” Death told. “Or he comes with me to the castle.” Noriko folded her hands. She kept Mina’s crucifix. “ So it is.” Iori began to fade. “Thou must accept thy legacy.” Noriko knew. She would have to decide. Then it would be no going back. The others where geting close. Even so, Noriko felt more alone then ever. The grim reaper held the scythe aloft. “The last enemy to be destroyed.” The echo went cold as winter’s heart. “Is Death.” He moved to fast. Noriko dodge the sickles. The fight had begun. She went to retrieve the knife.

They found her at last. Koji settled down before resuming his human form. Christian made the sign of the cross. The angel fought with Noriko. They were at the front of the ship. “Sorry.” Koji touched his forehead. “But I… “ He trailed off. Then Koji fell forward. “He is alright.” Sue assured. “He only needs some rest.” She and Owen helped each other to put him down. “Do what you can.” Trevor cracked with the whip. “I hunt the night.” He used the laurels to heal himself. “I am with you.” Sue dashed to make lightning strike. Christian reached for the crucifix. Death was protected. “Good luck!” Owen reloaded the pistol. “I stay behind.” Trevor had no time. The grim reaper threw the sickles. Noriko didn’t manage to dodge. This time she got knocked cold. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian moved in front. He threw the cross. “It is thy.” The angel breathed. Chills went down the spine. Death repeled the sub-weapon. Sue shot the flurry of sickles. They were so cold. Christian gathered. He didn’t really master the whip, though it was still the Vampire Killer. “This isn’t the castle.” He already proved the Belmont legacy. “The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes.” Trevor made an oath to hunt the night. “The Lord is my stronghold!” Sue used her wand to block the attack. That was too close. Christian struck the skulls to pieces. “ She may embrace Dominance.” The angel threw the scythe like a giant boomerang. “Hear the words of God!” Sue got behind. She struck with the blade. Death got to defend himself. “Behind you!” The soldier called. “The scythe is coming back!” He sounded like being far away. Trevor threw the vial in a high arch. The grim reaper couldn’t deflect the holy water. The vial cracked to make the flames to burn about. Death held up both hands. He became transparent. This was the time. Trevor struck with the whip. The angel shrieked. Christian held around his head. He knew it was only mental. That made no difference. Sue screamed. She staggered back. Death had vanished, though he reappeared, flouting in the air. He went down at a 45 degree angle to might cut her down. Trevor hurled the axe. The angel made it to break in four and rebound backward. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian somehow managed to retrieve. “Get back!” Sue held the star. Death shrieked in anguish. Trevor cracked with the whip. He found plenty of big gems when Zabine perished. The light shone through as Christian brandished with the holy whip. Death held up both hands. “You are Dracula’s servant.” He came to all. But not here. Death hit him with the skull. “Help me.” Trevor gasped. He felt the force tear with bitter frost. “I will.” Sue got close enough to stamp him. The grim reaper shrieked. The mental pain was terrible to endure. Christian barely managed to stand. That got to wait. He cracked with the morning-star whip. Death became transparent. It was time. “Let be Your will.” Trevor said through clenched teeth. The grim reaper threw another flurry. Christian got to knock them aside. He threw the knife. Death reflected. Trevor screamed when hit by the pieces. The angel twirled with the scythe. Sue tried to strike him. She was able to match his assault. That wouldn’t last. The cold ran through her body. Sue was screaming with agony. “Stronger we are!” Christian used the Soul ice. “In the name of the Lord!” He threw the silver knives forward. The grim reaper got caught from behind. He vanished in a cloud of chilling mist. Trevor exhaled. The angel came like a meteor. He managed to sidestep. Death spun to throw the skulls. Sue hurled a fireball. The shot exploded. Christian then met the angel in close battle. He kept throwing the sickles to keep Sue away. Now it was his turn to feel the full brunt of the freezing force. Death was so cold. Trevor shuddered. He had to get away.

They managed to pull her aside. The mist was to their advantage. Koji touched his chest. He almost died by the impact. “Here.” Owen said. “Put her in the boat.” The soldier looked round. “I hear it.” Koji pulled back the goggles. “There is something climbing up the side of the ship.” The fog closed even tighter. Koji disliked it. “We have to protect her.” Owen checked the pistol. He was not afraid. “I am ready.” Koji was impressed. The soldier carried no gifts. He fired when the fishman leaped. The corpse tumbled back down. “Dragon’s claws!” The monsters went in packs. Koji dashed to slice them. “Dragon’s breath!” He countered the fireballs. “You won’t have her.” Owen snarled. He got ambushed by the pirates. Koji pressed his hands about the head. “By the great ones.” He moaned. Christian must have whipped the angel. That was why he became transparent. Koji pulled together. The fishman swiped for him. “Dragon’s nose!” He boiled the monster before it might regroup. “Give it to me.” Noriko stirred. She absorbed the souls. “Curse it!” The soldier pulled back to reload. “Do not shoot!” Koji told. “They only multiply through blood!” Owen looked frustrated. The sea demon released an ice bullet. Koji dodged. Things was getting nasty. Then Noriko got up.

The sudden burst of Hellfire made him blink. The demon got obscured. The girl used her might. Owen was sure she picked the soul. Then she suddenly staggered. “Noriko!” Koji ran to her side. The girl had collapsed again. The soldier shrugged. Let her sleep. Noriko had been through so much tonight. Owen watched when that angel hit her. He staggered. Sue almost impaled Death upon her staff. Then he almost dlost the pistol. The enemy shrieked within his head. The pirates didn’t react, of course. Owen groaned. They got no brain. He dropped the matter. “Dragon’s wings!” Koji made life hard for the fishmen. “Blasted!” Owen sidestepped the hookshot. The pirates landed in front to showcase their abilities. The soldier pulled his own weapon. He turned the cutlas aside. The cross burned on contact. Owen made a back-flip to throw stakes. He actually impaled a pirate. That wasn’t the real point. Hammer found the pistol. “Now it’s your turn.” He fired a boom. Then Owen almost lost it again. The boy hurled the crystal. Death staggered back. Freezing currents went through body and soul. That was too much. “I have to help them!” Owen told. “Wait!” Koji was against his back. “Dragon’s eyes!” He fired a shot. The soldier figured out. They couldn’t leave. “Sorry.” He muttered.

The grim reaper threw glowing skulls. Sue struck with the blade. The sword reflected the assault. Sue gasped. Then she smiled. Sue almost forgot about their forging. Her father, Gregory Belnades, was a blacksmith alchemist. He didn’t approve of her way in life, though he created weapons which might withstand powerful black magic. Sue sighed. She went to impale the angel. “Thou shall nay defeat me.” Death twirled with the scythe. Something was wrong about his shield. Sue struck down. Then the blade shattered into pieces. Sue felt chill run up her arm and freeze the heart. He didn’t press his advantage. Christian brandished with the whip. The holy weapon might banish even the angel of Death. Sue tried to get up. The pain was too much. The grim reaper shrieked. Sue collapsed. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian doused him with holy water. The grim reaper became transparent. “It is over.” The hunter released four clocks. “For now.” Death screamed when the pentagram sucked him in. “So it will be like this, the rest of the way.” Then he was gone. “Get up!” Owen appeared to aid her. “This isn’t the end.” He was right. There came an explosion. The ship was burning. ”Get inside!” Owen threw her into the boat. The men fought to get down.

The flames flickered against his shield. The boy stood on deck. He watched as the hunters pulled away from the burning ship. The Belmont stole the mystic orb. He would have liked to hold it. That may have granted some influence over the grim reaper. The angel was absolute in his loyalty to the Dark Lord. The boy dismissed. That was no longer an option. He got to change his plot. She would not come to him. Not yet at any rate. Noriko Cruz was the most important of all. She got the right, though only for a while. He would be there to face her.

Bodley, Uta Lake. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was too dank. Noriko opened her eyes. She was sweating. They almost buried her among blankets. She sighed. Her friends made a fire. That was nice. “She is awake.” Noriko knew his voice. “Christian.” He bent to touch her forehead. “You don’t shudder anymore.” He smiled. “You have been so cold.” Noriko shivered by the memory. “Thank You.” Koji survived. “The fever is gone.” She also felt grateful. Sue helped her to sit up. The soldier got the meal prepared. “Do you remember anything?” Christian asked. Noriko made a grimace. She ate the chicken. “Of course.” The carpet fell down. Christian blushed. “Sorry.” Noriko didn’t realize they removed her outfit. She shrugged. Hammer muttered something she couldn’t quite figure. Never mind. “We had to know if you got hurt.” Sue told. “That is alright.” Noriko finished the meal. “You had to be sure.” Why did he look so embarrassed? “Here.” Koji gave her the bundle. “Put these on.” Noriko kept the carpet as she sneaked behind the trees. She washed herself at the pond. Then Noriko redressed. The school girl uniform still fit her size. Noriko surprised a giggle. She felt it die. Iori was missing. Death sent him away. He didn’t deserve it. Noriko would find him. They got to listen.

The mist lay heavy upon the lake. Christian knew it was because of Gabriel’s curse. The fire couldn’t warm his heart. Sue was sitting nearby, touching the hilt on the broken blade. Trevor wondered why she kept it. He might see beyond the obvious. “Good Lord.” Christian reached for the crucifix. Sue met his gaze. “Powerful magic lay dormant in the sword.” She acknowledged. “The blacksmith must have been a master alchemist.” Sue smiled. “Thanks.” She pushed the mess of black hair from her face. “My father knew what he did.” Trevor didn’t know that. Sue was unlike the other members of her family. “I might restore it someday.” She resheathed the remains before hiding it among the camouflage robes. “I guess.” Christian hoped she would. “I once heard a story in which the alchemist was able to restore mystic items.” He put a hand on the Vampire Killer. “But only if they retained some of their power.” Owen sent him a warning look. Then he began to clear the campsite. The sorceress didn’t notice. Noriko was back. She looked determined. Trevor was unsure about her motives. He brushed it aside. Although there was no Dark Lord, Dracula’s power had begun to revive itself. Christian felt chills down his spine. He got to explain about his strategy.

They gathered about the fire. Koji felt slightly nervous. They couldn’t just sit about and do nothing. Christian might have a plan. The others also looked eager. It was time to speak out. The vampire hunter exhaled. “I must break the curse.” Koji smirked. He expected as much. Christian was taking this very seriously. “I don’t think so.” Noriko spoke her mind. “I have to save my friend.” Koji looked down into his lap. He would like to come along. But he promised Christian too. “How do you intend to break it?” Owen asked. “Like this.” Christian unfolded the note-piece. “This is the “Sonnet of Dreams”.” He told. “Yoko Belnades wrote a book on dryad lore.” Koji smirked. They were so cute, although he never heard about their religion. “My nurse liked to tell me about such.” Sue then said. “This lyric might cut the connection.” Owen frowned. “That is the deal?” He asked. “You only have to find the source and play that song?” The hunter sighed. “Of course not.” Koji was not surprised. That would have been too easy. “The order used Anger, Hate and Agony to tap into the source.” How did he know? “We must claim the treasures.” Koji bit his lip. Christian told his story while they left the ship. “It won’t work.” Sue remarked. “Neither of us have the power of Dominance.”

The fire flickered. It was about to burn out. Sue hated to disrupt his tactics, though this couldn’t work. Christian looked up into her face. “Nothing is impossible to God.” Sue almost felt ashamed. Noriko was standing. “I don’t care.” She stamped her foot. “I have to find him now.” Christian also got up. “You can’t run away.” He said. “We can’t afford to splinter.” Sue put the note-piece into her purse. She had to stop the quarrel. “Perhaps we should.” Koji then said. “I know the geography of the lake.” He smirked. “We must part company.” Hammer frowned. “That’s right.” He said. “There are three isles, beside from Bodley, of course.” Christian put more wood on the fire. “Return the three treasures.” He repeated. “If your heart is brave enough.” Noriko took it like a challenge. “Then I return to the volcano island.” She said. “You can join me, if you dare.” Koji almost looked lazily. “Relax girl.” He told. “You have company.” Sue sighed. He was brave. Owen sent her a look. Sue didn’t meet it. “I can redeem the Agony.” Sue exhaled. “Though I don’t know the way.” The soldier touched her shoulder. “I do.” He said. She finally met his eyes. “Then so it is.” Sue accepted. Owen beamed. Sue sighed. She wasn’t interested. “Let us head for the mine.” Owen encouraged.

Then everything was settled. Noriko had earth on the fire. Christian pulled on his backpack. “May the Lord be with you.” He said. “Just relax.” Koji turned into a dragon. “We meet here at dawn.” He picked Noriko by the tail. Owen smiled. That looked rather funny. She climbed upon his back. “Bye!” Noriko called as they vanished. “See you!” Owen waved his farewell. He hoped they would be okay. “Let us take the boat.” He said. The hunter kept looking toward the heavens. “You have to go on without me.” Christian then said. “I have to reach the icy mountain.” He almost forgot. That was the third isles. “Hate is the genesis of malice.” Owen shuddered. He didn’t want to know. “The Lord is God.” Sue knelt to embrace the boy. “And He is one.” Christian touched the star. “I know.” She let go. “Good luck.” Owen said. That was the least he could do. “We shall meet again.” Christian promised. “No matter what.” He shrugged. That was their department. Christian led the way to the beach. The clashes of waves fought against the harbour. Owen climbed down into the boat. He looked out for the others. Sue got aboard. “Goodbye.” Christian said. “The night will pass.” He presented the crucifix. “The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes.” Owen was sure. “It will.” He said.

Castle ruins, Bodley. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This then was the sacrificial alter. Mae Lin knelt before His image. “I thank You.” The vampire was pleased. “You granted my request.” She breathed. “The hunters are coming.” Mae Lin then smiled. The ninja had been a fool to forget about the Master. She hated the Belmont clan. Lord Dracula might use them to his advantage. Mae Lin had wondered if this really was necessary. The order performed their task without her having to watch over their shoulder. Mae Lin paid homage before the sculpture. She needed more time. The vampire kept her silence. They sent her as an observer, though ignorant of her motivation. Mae Lin got her own vendetta. So let it be then. Mae Lin retained her pose. She figured about the ruins. She trusted nobody. The Dark Lord did offer so much. Then he asked for everything in return. Mae Lin could wait. His eyes seemed to burn with a nasty blue flame. Mae Lin watched it happened. A wanting desire awoke in her heart. She would submit to His wishes. That was unlikely. The force would tear her to pieces. The vampire got to resist the lust for power. “They intend to oppose us.” Mae Lin exposed her fangs. She was alone, though she would make them to suffer. “All who opposed the Dark Lord must die.” Mae Lin repeated.

(A.N: I hope you liked the chapter. It has been a long time. The text is in honour of CV DX chronicles and CV III DC. I developed some new characters from those titles. That was nice to do. Anyway, have a nice time.)