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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

””I am a voice calling out in the wilderness. Like the prophet Isaiah have said; “Make straight the ways of the Lord.””

John: 1. 23.

Chapter ‘10: Demon seed. Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The air was dank. The woman knelt by the alter. The cloak was spread out to reveal her dress. “The mist shrouds and conceal.” The bodyguard was an elder gentleman, clad in black above the red and gold armour. “Darkness is generous.” The woman breathed. She lit a tall black candle with a nasty flickering flame. “Dracul.” She beheld The knight hail. “Satan.” Her eyes where like pale sapphires. “Thou want him.” The gentleman observed. “Does thee nay?” The witch shook her mane. She was fair, as fair as could be, with golden locks down her neck and shoulders. “Actrise.” He used her nickname. “Oh Giles.” She moaned. “Nay.” He said. “He told us to wait.” The countess smiled. The fangs got exposed. “Indeed.” Red flames burned behind the gaze. “Though we have waited so long.” Giles De Reis changed into a great wolf. His thung was so long and red. She beheld with laced ecstasy. Isabella Von Krohnquist never possessed such power. She was a witch. Actrise knew things he did not. The vampire awaited his touch. “Come!” Actrise longed for his arms. “We arth thous!” She would entertain the Master. The witch then cursed. The thirst for blood would always be with her. Actrise would not surrender. The knight presented their sacrifice. She laughed in triumph. They would drink.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The snowflakes stained upon the windows. It was snowing again. Anita Fortner kept walking back and forth. They where so close. The witch might feel their presence. She smiled. They had reached her resting-place. Her sister told of death and betrayal. Anita Fortner realized about their intentions. That where of no concearn. She only got to distract them long enough to disrupt their tactic. The black witch got the perfect tool. That little brat would be her trumph. The child killed ceveral members of their kind. Anita Fortner dismissed. She got the half-blood held within a cell beneath the castle. The black witch retained her seat. If she could present his son. Anita Fortner allowed herself to dream. The person who delivered the young master would claim a price. A reward greater then any mere mortal might imagine. The black witch smiled so that her fangs got exposed. Anita had a sip from the bloody champagne glass. “Display.” She hissed. The crystal ball, held by a claw-like construction, lit up to reveal the hunters. The sight of the blonde whore made her to lick her lips. The black witch was no stranger to the pleasure of the flesh. The little mage was untouchable, though the witch might spend some time with this woman. The Master used her well. This would be entertaining.

The cell was freezing. Torah Fernandez got chained to the wall. She watched the water drip from the ceiling. The golden chains kept the prisoner from using sorcery. Torah had escaped the school. Though it gave her no comfort. Torah killed her cousin. But then the black witch had arrived. She brought her to the castle. Torah huddled together. She wished to hunt the night. Torah reached out with her feelings. As a half-blood, she possessed the power of flame, frost and spirit. Torah might even sing their lyrics. She wondered if either might help her now. The sorceress exhaled. She controlled her breathing. Torah focused on the chains. Then she realized. Torah was kept in limbo. Sort of anyway. The bonds left her in time. “Help me.” She whispered. “I am in peril.” Torah read in the Bible. She got hope. The sorceress got to break free from the spell. Torah got the stopwatch item. She never really used it before. Torah was afraid of what might happen if she did that. She was not a Belmont. Torah closed her eyes, like her grandmother thaught her to do. She tried to reach out. This made her no shaman. Torah got to know more. This might be one way to make it. She shuddered. Torah might die of cold. The torch was the only source of light. Torah gasped. She really saw something.

Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. They reached the top of the ridge. Marcia fluttered in the air. The fairy worried about the others. Alicia Schneider looked tired after the long journey. The vampire hunter was stained with mud. Alucard didn’t look much better, though he retained his demanour. The fairy was glad it ceased raining. Then she could fly. “The curse is broken.” Alucard said. “The weather is changing.” Marcia might tell. The climate was getting colder. “Night is coming.” Alicia looked skyward. “I hope the children escaped.” Alicia cleaned her glasses. Marcia turned to gaze at the marshland. “This is the border.” Alucard remarked. “Look!” The fairy called. “The bog has frozen over!” There was nothing there, beside the ice and snow. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. The fay didn’t know what to say. “There is the hunt to finish.” Alucard’s familiar came to visit. Marcia felt sorry about the sorceress. “When this is over.” Alicia said. “I will find her.” The Boyar afforded a cordial bow. “As you say.” He told. “Though I too will come with you.” Alicia arched an eyebrow. The fairy hid her mouth, though she couldn’t conceal her colour. “At ease.” He told. “These arth serious matters.” Marcia settled on a branch. The others kept looking at the ocean.

This was strange. “The lake is open.” Alicia remarked. The fairy was changing colour. “That is what remains of the Vrad castle.” She touched His image. Alucard seemed lost in thought. “We have to cross the bridges.” He unsheathed the sword. “Alright.” Marcia left the branches. Alicia got her own blade. The ruins seemed lost among the isles. “Demon seed.” Alucard gave his salute. “Indeed.” He admitted. Christopher Belmont searched the abode in 1591. She wondered about the family’s history. Adrian might tell. Although he looked ragged, the man was still a boyar of the Walachian nobility. Alicia shrugged. Alucard had always been hard to figure. She remembered what her father told about him in the chronicle book of 2076.

Paragraph from Reichardt Schneider's chronicle. Budapest, Hungary. The 27th. of October 2076 A.D. The window was crashed open. I leaped from my bed, my hand reaching for the Undead Killerwhip. A figure lay on the floor. “What the Devil!?” He got up to brush of the splinterd glass. “Alucard.” Even now he was an aristocrat. The wind pulled at his cape. “Silence.” He demanded. “Young Belmont.” I arched an eyebrow. Alucard made no notice. He was grim. “I bring terrible news.” I had an idea. “Tell me.” I went to pick my clothing. “I shall hunt the night.” That was my duty to the bloodline. “He is back.” I made it no question. Alucard never changed expression. “Nay.” He told. “Though the man who kept him in prison is dead.” I reached for my crucifix. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” I breathed. Alucard acknowledged. “The order of Shadow is to blame.” He said. “They murdered him and his family.” I got to call my brother. “Let it be.” The boyar put a hand on my shoulder. “The Catholic church shall warn the clan.” That made me relax. Alucard beheld me. He made a dessision. “They hide among the underworld.” Alucard revealed. “You must beware.” I accepted the statement. “Train.” The word was a dictate. “I will.” I assured. “Fear you well then.” He reached through the window. “You too.” I said though he was already gone.

End of paragraph. Alicia shook her head. This wasn’t the time. “Then let us wage war.” Alucard produced his sword and shield. Alicia agreed. They wasted too much time already. The Yoma marshland almost killed them. She sighed. Marcia fluttered before her face. “The clouds are coming in again.” She told. “Indeed.” Alucard acknowledged. “There will be more snow tonight.” Alicia touched the crucifix. She looked to the east. The fog obscured the forest. Alucard went down the slope. A last line of pine trees marked the end of the forest. Alicia looked round. She disliked the silence. Alicia tightened the grip. She wasn’t really a Belmont at all. Michael Geilhardt Schneider was a kind man who married Richter’s cousin. “Watch out!” Marcia shrieked. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The crows hid among the branches. The black birds got burned. The dark feathers was a clear contrast against the snow. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia reacted. She got to stop feeling pity about herself. The zombies pushed through the ground. Alicia brandished with the sword. The fact that Anette Renard was unable to give birth wasn’t her fault. She buried the blade into the heart of the corpse. Alicia threw the dagger forward. She made it split in three. The bodies crumbled into ashes. Alicia made the sign of the cross. “I salute thee, young Belmont.” Alucard hailed. “The Schneider, the Morris and the Graves fractions are true vampire hunters.” Alicia blushed. “Behind you.” Marcia whispered. Alicia spun. The trio of dead corpses was ready to eat her alive. Alicia doused them with holy water. That was the end. She picked the crystals. Alucard knocked the candles. He collected the items. Alicia exhaled. They continued among the trees. Something landed upon her shoulder. Alicia looked up. “The snow is falling.” Marcia could fly. Her light changed into a thoughtful purple. “This is no undead weather.” She told. Alicia felt better. Marcia was a fairy. She should know about the climate. Alucard presented the shield. The crow collided. Alicia threw the axe into the air. “Impressive.” Alucard admired. She killed the bird. Alicia held the sword in both hands. The crows went about. They might pick them apart. Alicia gathered together. She might make an item crush. The riders would discover. She threw it aside. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia leaped into the air to throw a flurry of crosses. “For great is the Lord.” Alucard made the sign of the cross. Alicia picked the crystals. The crows were all dead. Marcia sat upon her shoulder. “Nice work.” She told. Alicia smiled. Then it died on her lips. The memory almost broke her heart. She hoped that Christian was alright. Alicia had been able to suppress her worry for the past weeks. But now it all came back. “What is there, my lady?” Adrian asked. She sighed. Alicia knew he cared. “It is about Christian.” She told. Alucard was stern. “The boy who inherit the Vampire Killer?” She told him what happened at the ruins of castle Dracula. Alicia tried to shrug. It didn’t work. This was too serious. “I am afraid.” She confessed. “Christian knows about the consequences of using the whip.” She inhaled. “But I don’t know if that will stop him.” Alucard knelt before her. “Be brave, yung hunter.” He kissed her hand. “Thy blood have still to unlock the true power of the Vampire Killer.” Alicia blushed. She couldn’t help it. Alucard could be so medieval at times. Though she felt conforted. He was right. “We should continue.” Marcia suggested. “Of course.” Alucard bowed. The fay turned all pink. Alicia almost laughed. She wasn’t the only one affected by his charm. She soon picked together. Night was falling. They got a hunt to finish. The snow fell even heavier upon the forest. Alicia reached for the crucifix. It wasn’t over. Other zombies pushed through the snow.

The crows flew in circles. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard released the high shot. The bird got blasted into oblivion. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Alicia Schneider had rejoined the battle. Alucard was proud of her abilities. The lady brandished with the sword of the hunter Hugh Baldwin. Edward Morris lended the blade to his cousin. They where his blood. “Crimson lightning!” He made it strike. “Grizzly wing!” The bats spread out to counter their efforts. “So let it be!” The young Belmont threw a circle of axes. The zombies gave way to her assault. “Watch out!” The fairy flew like an angry wasp. She put some crows to sleep. Alucard would have the crystals. That would have to wait. He used the shield like a battering-ramp. The corpses had noticed about him too. “Hellfire!” He spread the cape to counter. “Adrian!” She was there. Although Alicia Schneider broke their connection, she got faith in him. That was why she did not despair when they got lost in the mire. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She did the sign of the cross. The blade caught fire. She defeated the zombies. Alucard lowered his head. Dracula’s curse was to blame for this. The hunter got ahead. She reached the bridge. The fairy went along. Alucard would not leave them to peril.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The snow fell so thick it shrouded the nightscape. Marcia might hear the clashes of waves when the water leaped against the bridge. The fairy flew in front. She would warn them of danger. Marcia sighed. That made her to flicker. She tried not to let it show. They where so close to the source. Marcia was afraid. Afraid that the shadow might be a devil forgemaster. Such a person might imprison her species. “Do not be afraid.” Alicia told. “The Lord will be with us.” The fay felt taken aback. “That is correct.” Alucard acknowledged. “We are all afraid.” His eyes reflected ancient emotions. “Though there are things worth to fight for.” Marcia shone slightly purple. “It won’t be easy.” She said. Alicia shook her blonde hair. “Such is life.” Marcia spread her wings to might get some hight. Alicia was her friend. The fairy believed in her. “No! Watch it!” Marcia shouted. The ravens nested atop the sculptures. She wouldn’t be afraid anymore! Marcia would put them to sleep. She knew she could. She flew at the birds while releasing star dust. The people said that only dream weavers might produce such quality. The fairies might too. She went about the nest. Alicia reached for the crucifix. The fishmen leaped upon the bridge. Alucard got the shield. Marcia turned to line up.

They where here. Alucard presented the shield. The fishmen jumped from the depth to spit poison streams. Alicia Schneider pressed against his back. She carried no shield. That was not a problem. “Harpies coming in!” The fay was a lookout. The bird-women went from both sides. An arrow hit his shield. He arched an eyebrow. Who was the shooter? The harpies exchanged glances. Alucard stalked the land. There was a statue of the Centaur. The sculpture got a bow of stone. The harpies shrieked. The trio brandished with their lances. Alucard struck with the Lecarte sword. The blade was left by his mother. The hunter threw a vial. She looked concerned. “They are not like the others.” He took the stab on the shield. “You have to forget about them.” He spread his cape. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard moved so quick he was able to retain the arm. The lady gathered her instincts. She threw the dagger at the brunette harpy. The creature got impaled. Alicia Schneider was wearing glasses, though she got a great aim. She sat the blade on fire. How impressive. Hugh Baldwin was famous for such abilities. The bats countered the ravens. The fairy gave support. “Crimson lightning!” The fishmen where getting too close. He made a bolt of lightning to strike down. The redhead and blonde kept flying in circles. They used their momentum to change place or pattern to might confuse him. The fishmen got burned. Some leaped overhead to might dodge the attack. The Belmont was there to meet them. She brandished with the flaming sword. Alucard almost felt pity for them. “Get down!” Another arrow hit the ground. Marcia the fairy was on duty. Another pack of ravens cut him short of other speculations. Alicia Schneider threw a wave of holy water. The birds got frozen solid. Alucard acknowledged. He gave his salute. The hunter picked the crystals. The fishmen leaped from the water. “Demon familiar.” Alucard requested. “Come to my aid.” The familiar arrived. “Summon your power.” Alucard told. “Conquer my enemies.” The demon bowed before him. “Yes, my master.” Alucard dismissed. He got his own conquest. The harpy air-bombed his position. She kept the lance ready for the kill. He gave her the shield. The Belmont was making good work with the fishmen. She discovered about the mystery shooter. The fay would aid her. The harpy glared at him. The demon kept the birds awake. “Nightmare claw!” Alucard disliked to use such tactics. This was war. He did what he had to do. The spell ripped the soul from her body. He let go before she might touch him. The harpy rejoined with her flesh. The pain knocked her out cold. “Forgive us.” He made the sign of the cross. “We arth men of little faith.” Alucard saluted the harpy. “You got the power of Dominance.” Alicia Schneider defeated the fishmen. “Soma Cruz didn’t have to become the Dark Lord incarnate.” She made it no question. Alucard recalled the demon. “Thank thee.” He said. “For thy service.” Alucard left it to disappear. Then he might face her. “Forgive me, my lady.” Alucard bowed. “I doubt my heart.” He noticed her confusion. “I did not allow myself to deal with Chaos.” He clasped his gloved hands behind his back. “I am my father’s son.” He did not have to say more. She figured the statement. The fay came back to flutter about the hunter. “Excuse me.” She said. The fairy turned a slight green. “I think it’s time to leave.” Alucard did agree. “The shadow might discover our presence.” His familiar made up that statement. She told them about it when sent by Edward Morris. He dismissed. Alucard moved in front. Thus he protected from the arrow. The Centaur kept shooting. The fairy went above. Alicia Schneider threw ceveral enflamed axes into the air. The statue exploded on impact. Alucard retrieved the arrow. He pulled it out with one quick move. He fought the pain, although the status healed him. “That was too much.” Marcia turned a perfect opal. Alucard might agree. The destruction crushed a portion of the bridge. “Alicia!” The fairy called. Alucard moved into a combat stance. “Of course.” His tone went freezing. “The sin of Vrad.” The hunter sent him a look. Alucard resented. This was not the time for telling stories. The harpies returned. They released a great boulder which cut them off from the shore. “We must reach the castle.” Alucard admitted. “Come.” He then told. “This is what we have to do.” The Schneider made a grimace. She would change her mind. They got no choice. Other fishmen left from the merky depth. There where no time to spare. He knew that. The harpies would give or take no mercy. The fight might begin. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia Schneider crossed herself. The fairy shone as Alucard gave his salute.

This was much better. Torah could see. She didn’t have to use the stopwatch. At least not yet. A drop of water fell from the ceiling. Torah made a grimace. That disturbed the surface. She tried to use the pond like a focuse. The chains limited the use of sorcery. Torah discovered she might still practise some magic. She fell back into the trance. Mathilda disliked this craft. Yoko got strict when teatching. The young sorceress didn’t want more power. Torah only wished to make them proud. She might feel the curse. The heart was beating. Spirit made hope to blossom. Torah was getting stronger. She shook her head. Torah wouldn’t get lost. Not this time. The black witch was to blame, though Torah didn’t figure the motivation. She sighed. That might not be important. She saw the others. Alicia had come. Alucard might smell her blood. Torah hit the wall. This wasn’t fair. She should be able to release herself. The sorceress might have no choice. Torah knew she could end up being buried beneath the ruins. The stones echoed with grief and sorrow. Torah felt it when touching the ground. She reached for the cross. Not even the witch might take it from her. Torah exhaled. She could fight. Torah gathered. This wouldn’t be easy. She got to save herself. Torah would use her abilities.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The clashes of waves leaped against the bridge. Marcia got soaked by the water. She managed to land. Alicia threw herself down. The fish heads turned to cry sonic rings. Alucard changed into mist. “Marcia!” Alicia called. “Can you see them!?” She searched the tiles. “Here!” Marcia told. She found the glasses. “Thanks!” Alicia replaced them upon her face before she threw the daggers forward. The ravens went to pick her. “Leave her alone!” The fairy cried. She could fly. Marcia shot into the air. Her dream dust lulled them to sleep. The birds fell on the bridge. Alicia threw back the mane of blonde hair. She was prity. Marcia fought to remain airborn. The snow kept falling down. Alucard unsheathed his sword. The fish head emitted an acid liquid. Alicia threw the axe in a high arch. The topmost skull exploded into a million pieces. “Watch out!” Marcia was the first who noticed. The harpies dropped the boulder. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia leaped. The other head cryed sonic rings. The fairy went for the ravens. Alucard threw back his cape. “Ball of Destruction!” He fired the high shot. The harpy was dead before reaching the surface. The sisters cried. Alicia defeated the fish head. The Centaur fired. Marcia gasped. That was too close. Alicia almost got killed.

The statue exploded. Alicia exhaled. She made the sign of the cross. Alucard released the Hellfire. That might not be enough. The fishmen leaped from the water. Alicia threw a wave of daggers. The creature got cut to pieces. The monsters spat poison streams. Alicia crushed the vial to might shield herself. “You won’t kill her!” Marcia flew about. She defended against the ravens. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike the harpy. “Ball of Destruction!” The high shot killed the sister. Alicia threw the cross. She used her abilities to release them in a flurry. The boomerangs killed the fishmen. Alicia leaned against the walkway. She gathered to knock the candles. Adrian left to aid the fairy. That was nice. Alicia picked the coins. She found some crystals. The food was the real price. Alicia felt much better after the chicken. “Hellfire!” She sighed. The fight continued. Alucard fried the fishmen. “Sisters coming in!” Marcia told. Alicia made the sign of the cross. Hugh Baldwin’s sword was on fire. “Grizzly wing!” Adrian bent on one knee. He released the bats to counter their assault. The brunette harpy got shot to pieces. Alicia pushed forward. She buried the blade within the heart of the redhead. The harpy shrieked. She tore her hands to shreds when pulling on the blade. Alicia stood tall. She felt sick. The harpy finally fell limp from the sword. Alucard was pressed against the bridge. The fishmen pushed as hard they could. Alicia was glad she wore no dress. That might be proper when working at the family’s tavern. But not when hunting the night. Alicia ran to his side. The sword kept blazing. Alucard acknowledged. She impaled the harpy. The tragic prince saluted her efforts. Another group left their towers. Alicia got no time. She fought the fishmen. The monsters died. Alicia had the heart of ice. She threw a wave of holy water. The monsters got frozen. “I hail thee, Alicia of the Belmont clan.” She blushed. “Hellfire!” Alucard finished the fight. The fishmen got blasted into oblivion. Alicia knew it wasn’t the end. The hunt would make any magician in the region to notice. The dark wanderers would be drawn to their power. Alicia shuddered. She reached for the crucifix. They already know. They got to. She would hunt the night. “Here I am.” Alicia said. “Quite right.” Alucard bowed. “Thy argument is flawless.” Alicia arched an eyebrow. He got a sence of humour. She let it drop. The fishmen were back. She cried when the raven picked the wrist. The beak went through the leather jacket. “Blast you!” Marcia went like a dagger. “Good Lord.” Alicia staggered. The fay pierced the bird through. “Rest in peace.” Marcia went all pink. “Let it be.” Alicia threw the axe. “This is for my mother.” Alucard beheaded the monster. The axe cut through the trio. The harpies tried to get him from behind. Alicia made a glide. The bridge collapsed underneath. That didn’t matter. Alicia got up to challenge the sisters. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard arrived. The harpies got defeated. Alicia looked around. Marcia was still there. The ruins loomed above. She could see through the falling snow. “We are getting closer.” Alucard said. Then the fishmen leaped. Alucard aimed the shield. “Wait.” Alicia warned. “The fish head might kill you.” Alucard bowed. “I know, my lady.” He touched her cheek. “Do not mourn for me.” She barely felt his fingers inside the glove. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard went on the offensive. Alicia was to follow when the Centaur fired. She ducked beneath. The toads hid among the mud and mire. They leped from inside the shrubbery to flail with the tongue. Alucard cursed in his ancient Walachian dialect. The fairy danced about to escape the leach. Alicia threw a vial. She had to be quick. The fish head awoke to emit acid liquid. The holy water burst into fire. The wave of flames cleared some space. Alicia bit her lip. Then she hurled the dagger forward. The storm was in her blood. The wave destroyed the sculpture. Alicia made the sign of the cross. Then she kicked the feet from under the fishman. The monster fell back. He collided against the brother. Alicia pierced both hearts. She picked the crystals. “Nightmare claw!” Alucard ripped through the fish head. The toad leaped from behind. Marcia kept it tight. The amphibium struggled to get free. Alicia stamped it out. The fishman spat a stream of poison water. Alicia figured she might die. “Leave her alone!” Marcia shot through the air. She crushed into the chest. Alicia managed to use the laurels. That healed the status. The fishman collapsed. Marcia reappeared. She was covered in blood. The crystal made the fay to lit up. “Thank you.” Alicia shook her mane. The fairy blazed. Alicia smiled. The fight was over. Adrian defeated the monsters. For a moment, everything went quiet. “We got to hurry.” Alucard then told. “They will soon be back.” Alicia agreed. The hunter would retrieve her items. The tragic prince was ahead. “Let’s hunt.” Alicia breathed. Marcia fluttered above. They went to follow.

The sun was about to set. Torah was certain about it. The cell felt even colder. That made her to shiver. Torah fought to hide it. That was difficult. She made up her mind. The sorceress got to regroup with the others. There was one problem though. How was she to break out? The chains restrained the use of magic. Torah frowned. She tried to use her spirit to might lift the curse. So let it be. Torah twisted the ring about her finger. She kissed the cross. She smiled. God would make His judgement. Torah thought about the final fight against her cousin.



Village of Ondol, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The door was open. Torah focused her magic. She returned to the school. The sun sent searching fingers inside the building. She should be safe. The undead would be asleep beneath the classroom. Torah licked her lips. She came to kill her cousin. This got to be her coffin. “At last you have come.” Torah got back. Gwendolyn Lecarde smiled so the fangs became exposed. Torah held the ring smash. She wouldn’t retreat. “You have come to slay me.” Her eyes burned red. “I feel your power.” Gwendolyn carried a ring upon her finger. “You should have taken my offer.” Torah hid her mouth. That belonged to Christina, the last true Belnades, who fought alongside Simon Belmont in 1688. Gwendolyn presented her wand. She seemed to be gathering force. Torah channeled more magic. She would be ready. Her cousin rose into the air. The cloak was like a shroud. The shade blocked the sunlight. Torah touched the cross. Gwendolyn Fernandez became turned into a vampire by the resurrected countess, Elizabeth Bathory, in 1917. “Homing ball!” She charged with flame. Torah released the steam blast against her relative. Gwendolyn moved like a liquid shadow. She countered the spell with a trio of homing balls. Torah stood tall. She would put her to rest.


End of flashback.

The drop of water fell down. That soaked her forehead. Torah returned to the presence. The blue ring, as the family named it, protected from the heat. She tried to remember what Yoko told about the talisman. Torah kept twisting. The black witch never searched her items. They where so careless. She sighed. Torah felt the power, like the sun seen through a window. A tear went down her cheek. The sorceress so wished to be free. Torah cleaned it away. She touched the cross. Torah would hunt. The torch still burned. She got up. Torah prayed the chains wouldn’t be too short. “Let it be.” Torah gathered her momentum. The ring would shield her. It had to. Torah leaped into the air. She screamed when the flame touched her fingers. Then the frost erupted. The golden chains got shattered into pieces. Torah cradled on the floor. The torch went out. “Homing ball!” She managed to open her grasp. Torah gasped with relief when the spell lit up. The magic shone in the dark. “Thank You.” Torah said before she began to clean her face. She was still in prison, though Torah might use her magic again. She exhaled. Torah kept playing with the orb. She better have a look around. The sorceress produced the ring smash. Payback was in the making. Torah would make it so. Vrad Castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The fish head kept blasting with sonic rings. Marcia got above the impact. The glow became bright red. Alicia barely got down in time. The fairy fought a snarl. Alucard morphed into a bat. He reappeared behind the monster. Marcia put the raven to sleep. “Hellfire!” The man spread his cape to release the fireballs. The fish head got shot to pieces. Marcia might relax. Then Alicia made it rain with holy water. That was weird. The flames raged although it kept snowing. Marcia shook it off. The hunter clipped the harpy. The brunette burned into ashes before she might even reach the surface. The fairy knew that sound. “Timber!” She cried to warn the others. Alucard changed into mist. Alicia was running. The walkway collapsed. Marcia shot through the snow. She got to keep up. They might drown in the water. Alicia got across. She almost fell to her knees while gasping for air. Marcia flew in circles to might keep the ravens at bay. “The Lord is with you.” Alucard retained his human form. “Come.” He helped her to get up. Marcia came to settle on her shoulder. “See for thyself.” Alucard threw back the cape. “We have reached the island.” The castle loomed above. Marcia felt the shadow’s stronghold. Although the castle lay in ruins, the fairy could tell this was a trap.

The castle was no longer a distant threat. Alicia pulled the glasses tight. The whole front of the abode got broken open. She could see through to the main hall. “Let be Your will.” Alicia reached for the crucifix. The top floor was still inhabited. “What happened with the castle?” Marcia asked. The fairy sat on her shoulder. Alucard beheld the ruins with a look of distain. “Listen to my words, my lady.” He said. “Heed them well.” The tragic prince crossed his arms above the chest. “This is no bedtime story.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. She already figured as much. “For more then 500 years ago, a clan by the name of Vrad came to this land.” He finally met her gaze. “They where persecuted from their country, accused of witchcraft.” Alicia pulled her mane back. The snow soaked her hair. Marcia had a grip upon the collard. “Their estate became a safe haven for pirates.” Alucard made a disgusted grimace. “The last lord of the castle kidnapped and kept a maiden in prison.” Alicia had to restrain a smile. Although she didn’t like the sound of it, Adrian looked and acted like a true Hospodare. “He forced her to bless the fleet.” Alicia frowned. Christopher Belmont told about his father in the chronicle book. “The Belmont family was absent during those years.” Alucard continued the story. Then he became silent for a while. “The Dinesti family gathered support from Moldova and Walachia.” The gaze returned to the castle. “They came and lay siege to the ships and harbour.” A smile quivered at the fringes of his lips. “Then a great fire broke out within the castle.” Alucard made the sign of the cross. “They left it to burn.” Alicia shook her head. “The family believes that lord Vrad committed suicide that day.” Alucard seemed to dismiss. “That rests with the Lord.” Alicia read about such events, though she never got used to them. She sighed. “The bridges have collapsed.” Marcia kept scouting the ruins. “Are you sure?” Alicia pulled the glasses up her nose. “She tells the truth.” Alucard declared. “The ocean created a ditch.” Alicia still struggled to look beyond the snow. She thought she saw the snowflakes move across the water. “I guess the fishmen will be after us again.” Marcia muttered. Alucard acknowledged with a bow. “There are Centaurs about.” Alicia brushed the snow from her cloathing. Alucard made no sign. He leaped for the nearest platform. The centaur fired. “God’s death.” The tragic prince seldom used such language. “Grizzly wing!” The bats carved some space. “Nearer to Thee.” Alucard made the sign of the cross. “Mine God. Forgive me, I do not know what I do.” Alicia reached the platform. She got a storm inside. The hunter cried before she hurled the wave of daggers forward. The sculpture exploded. “I salute thee.” He hailed her efforts. Alicia threw it aside. “The harpies!” Marcia cried. “Crimson lightning! Ball of Destruction!” Alucard managed to block the first wave. The birds air-bombed his position. Alicia picked the crystals. She knocked the candles. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She made it to rain with holy water. Alucard hid beneath the cape. Marcia danced in the air. The ravens got burned to ashes. Alicia exhaled. She then went to collect the gems. “This is not the end.” Alucard remarked. “I know.” Alicia brushed through her hair. The other birds went in circles. “You might still use the pillars.” Marcia kept sharp watch. “I can guide you.” Her light shone clear blue. “Leed us.” Alucard told. ”This is why the fishmen let us through.” Alicia inhaled. She touched the crucifix. “I won’t let them hurt you.” Marcia shot at the birds. Alicia leaped. The snow obscured the horizon. The sun had set. Even the rising moon got shrouded. “Come on, Al!” She used his nickname. “We got to continue.” James Morris, Diana Aulin and Nick Lecarde who fought Dracula in 1976, made it all up. Alucard dismissed. Then he morphed into a bat. Alicia tightened the grip. They would hunt the night. Alicia jumped. The fairy flew in front. Alicia landed in time to challenge the fishmen. ”Crimson lightning!” Alucard retained human form. “Watch out!” Marcia cried. The fish head fired. Alicia got beneath. She threw the cross like a boomerang. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard got ambushed by the harpies. They got surrounded. Alicia decided she would die fighting. “Hellfire!” Alucard came to aid her. “Let it be!” Alicia called.

The bats squeeked in unison. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. She charged with frost. The icy mist froze them solid. Torah smiled. She lost none of her propencity. The jewels replenished her energy. She lit another orb. Torah knew it made her a target for the black riders, though it was the only source of light. She didn’t dare to knock the candles. Torah felt so alone. She tightened the grip upon the ring smash. The cellar was a labyrinth. Although she picked the map, Torah got lost. She studied the scrawl before moving. The orb revealed the vegetation growing on the walls and ceiling. Torah licked her lips. She found dead corpses about. She made them burn. That was a matter of security. Something crushed beneath her foot. Torah looked down. She almost stumbled upon the skeleton. “Help me.” She breathed. The bone-man reached to kill her. The sorceress struck with the razor rings. The frame broke to pieces. Torah messured her breathing before taking the crystal. The caves where so quiet. She looked about. The blue ring got reflected in the orb light. Torah closed the grip. She began to walk. The net was almost invisible. Torah cut it down. The spiders crawled to reach her. “Homing ball!” She made them to burn. The skeleton hid behind. Torah pulled back.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The wind was picking up. Marcia noticed as the blizzard went even heavier. The monsters caught them atop the pillar. “Let it be!” Alicia called. She held the crucifix. The fish head cried sonic rings. Marcia hid her mouth. A shining beam struck down through the vampire hunter as a flurry of spinning crosses got released. The monsters got burned or slashed to pieces. Alicia was down on her knees. “Alicia!” The fairy flickered with red. She shot for the birds. “Nightmare claw!” Alucard was furious. He ripped the harpy. The shade consumed her figure. The harpy got knocked cold. Marcia didn’t mind. She put the ravens to sleep. Then she went to check on Alicia. The tragic prince helped her to stand. Marcia flew in worried circles. “My lady.” Alucard kissed her hand. “I beg thee to take the crystals.” He got to help her. Alicia touched the gem. She quickly grew stronger. Soon she could help herself. Alucard stepped back. “Hellfire!” Marcia shone as he destroyed another Centaur. The hunter retrieved her sword. Alucard changed into mist. Marcia led on as the others left the platform. Although the light was bad, she could guide. Marcia was sure they would get across. The fishmen leaped from the water. Alicia got behind the stream. Marcia went back to fly in circles.

The monsters kept shooting. Alicia brandished with the gold sword. The fishmen fell back. She threw the gold knife. The harpy got impaled. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape before striking with the shield. The fishman collapsed. The toads hid among the high grass. Alucard almost got impaled by the redhead. The harpy twirled with the lance. Alicia stamped the toads. They might poison the hunters. Alicia picked the crystals. She then leaped for the next platform. Another group of harpies tried to stop her. Marcia crashed through the brunette’s troat. The fay got soaked in blood. Alicia hurled the vial. The sister was set ablaze. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it strike. Marcia picked a crystal. She shone like the stars. Alicia wished she got the stopwatch. “They are here!” Marcia pointed. The ravens went like a flock. They hid among the snowflakes. Alicia got the heart of fire. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She made it to rain with holy water. The ravens burned into ashes. Alicia picked the crystals. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard reappeared at her side. He killed the blonde harpy. Alicia relaxed. “This way!” The fairy moved across the surface. Alicia noticed. She went above the distance. Alucard became the blue wolf. He landed upon the floor. Alicia smiled. She left him to sniff while dusting off the snow. The blizzard wasn’t all that bad. Alicia made the sign of the cross. At least the ceiling kept them dry. She dismissed. They reached the castle. It felt nice to have solid ground beneath her feet. “The castle got ruined by the fire.” Alucard retained his human form. “Ball of Destruction!” He fired the high shot. The bats squeeked before they scattered. Alicia picked the crystals. Marcia fluttered in front. She seemed to lit up in the gloom. Alicia brandished with the sword. The skeletons hid among the piles of rock and debris. “Hellfire!” The three blue bat-inhabited fireballs went ahead. Alicia reached for the crucifix. The bone-men got shot to pieces. She exhaled. The entire wall must have caved in. “May the Lord make mercy upon their souls.” Alucard hailed with the sword. Alicia cleaned her glasses. He looked so handsome. Alicia shook her head. She replaced the spectacles. Alicia wouldn’t suffer Maria’s fate. “Where shall we go?” Marcia asked. Alicia returned to reality. The fairy glowed with purple. “Alucard?” The boyar seemed lost in thought. “You must tell us.” Alucard got to listen. “I feel the power.” He finally said. “Though I cannot locate the source.” Alicia licked her lips. She disliked the situation. “Let’s go and find out.” Marcia suggested. Alicia smiled. That was an idea. She would like to climb the spiral staircase. “Indeed.” Alucard offered her a bow. The fay turned all pink. Alicia got ahead. The blizzard kept howling. That made no difference. Marcia soon caught up. Alucard blocked with the shield. The bats came like a swarm. Alicia doused them with holy water. The rubble got stirred. The skeletons reached to take her. Alicia made a glide to break through the group. A second swarm of bats went squeeking for her face. “Alicia!” Marcia doused them with the star dust. The bats collapsed on the floor. Neither of them paid much attention. “Be mindful.” Alucard reappeared among the broken columns. “Adrian.” Alicia began, although he noticed. The spiders dropped from the web. Alucard slashed through their numbers. The bone-men pulled her behind. She forgot about their numbers. Alicia screamed. The flurry of axes cut them all down. She managed to inhale. Alucard got finished with the spiders. The fairy danced about. Alicia picked the crystals. “Demon familiar!” The boyar called. “Sword familiar!” He held the cards. “Come to my aid!” The bats went in an ambush. “Conquer my enemies!” That wasn’t the real threat. “God with us!” Alicia pulled back to throw the dagger forward. The mudmen staggered. The figure got made of mud, dead vegetation and rotting flesh. Alicia almost threw up on sight. They where so disgustive. “Sorry, Marcia.” Alicia pulled together. The fairy only tried to illuminate the castle. The sword and demon went into battle. Alicia leaned against the pillar. The skeleton reached around. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She crushed the man to pieces. The storm was awake. Alicia threw a wave of daggers forward. The eight knives sent the bats squeeking into oblivion. Alicia drew sweat of her brow. The familiars fought the mudmen. They kept the monsters from surrounding their master. Alicia hailed with the sword. The frozen blade granted her strength. The gems replenished her energy. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” She made the sign of the cross. She dashed among the enemies. The holy water froze the mud pit solid. Alicia struck with the blue sword. That broke the mudmen to pieces. “We won!” Marcia cheered. Alucard dismissed the familiars. Then he offered a bow. Alicia smiled. She shook her head. Alicia wished they might have a rest. That was not an option. The bats where about. The undermoles hid among the rubble. They went to assist the skeletons. “Beware.” Alucard advised in his usual icy manour. “Hellfire!” Alicia got another idea. She threw the vial into the air. The holy water waved about to burn the floor. The undermoles got caught in the assault. “Come on!” Marcia called. “Let’s leave this place!” Alicia agreed. She followed the fairy. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it strike. The garbage stirred. They didn’t stop to fight. That didn’t keep them from hurling bones. Alucard tried to take it on the shield. Alicia made it to rain. She picked some crystals. They got to reach the staircase. Alicia noticed that other corridors led from the hall. The net blocked the exits. She made the sign of the cross. The bone-men caught up. “In Manos Toas Domini.” The presence of the holy granted a breather, although it didn’t last. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. They had to keep their distance. Alicia threw a circle of axes. That defeated the bats. She screamed. The bones felt like chilling nails tearing at her body. Marcia moved in circles. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released the bats. They fought back-to-back. “I can’t help you!” Marcia was close to tears. “I know!” Alicia killed the Undermole. “Be safe.” Alucard blocked the bones. “Ball of Destruction!” He shot the Arachni to bits. Alicia crossed herself. She threw the vial in a high arch. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She crushed the skeleton. The bats came from above. They hid among the shadows. Alicia threw a flurry of crosses. They where too many.

The mudmen got shot to pieces. Torah exhaled. She charged with gold. The flare struck through their magic. Yoko told her power would grow. Torah wished she could tell she was sorry. She began to climb the staircase. The bats where awake. They came from multiple directions. Torah made a crisscross attack with the ring smash. “Homing ball!” She charged the ball to home onto the enemies. The orb circled about before leaving. Torah got a second to gather. She hurried to leave the cellar. “Homing ball!” Torah had to lit her path. The stairs went even higher. Torah thought of the abyss stairway. She shook it off. Torah twisted with the blue ring. It became a bad habit of sorts. The air was getting colder. Torah put on the cap and poncho. She reached the ground floor. Torah presented the ring smash. The wind pulled with the scarf. She was not alone. Torah reached for the cross. Alicia and Alucard stood atop the staircase. The monsters gave a hard time. Marcia sat on a tile while wheeping. Torah charged her magic. They where her friends. “Homing ball!” The steam blast left her fingers. Alicia might know about her sister. Torah got to tell them about her revelation. That she found the source of the ancient curse. “There she is!” They came down the stairwell.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. They had caught up. Marcia turned a bright green. The dryads bent down to fire with their bow-and-arrows. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard took the brunt of the assault. Marcia flew about. “They throw seeds upon the floor!” She called. The plants where unlike anything she had ever seen. “Thorn-weed.” Alucard made it a curse. Alicia threw a wave of holy water. She managed to freeze the enemies. The bats got shattered into pieces. “Homing ball!” Torah cast her spell. The steam blast boiled her sisters. Marcia felt sorry for her. There was nothing they might do about it. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it strike from between his fingertips. The skeletons got blasted into oblivion. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia threw the circle of axes. She then staggered. Marcia knew she got wounded. The laurels healed her. She was tired. “Homing ball!” Torah cut the flowers. She then leaped for the dryads. The sisters shrieked. They got no armour. “Homing ball!” Torah kept blasting. Marcia used the star dust to enforce the sleep upon the living. The rats went through the cracks and potholes. They gathered to eat her. Marcia felt tears down her cheeks. This wouldn’t be the end. Alicia flouted in the air. The flaming cross burst to burn the monsters.

The sisters fled up the stairway. Alucard acknowledged. He helped the young Belmont to retain her stance. “The Lord shall be with you.” Alucard let her take the crystals. He felt ashamed for being angry with her. Sonia Belmont told the truth. He should never have enishiated the blood pact. “ I have been granted strength to fight your father.” She told him so, in 1476. “We all decide our own fate.” Those words got burned into his memory. Alucard did. He believed in her strength. That she passed on to her family. Either way, the moment spent with her was the best of his existance. That was a dream. Though it was a good dream. He should have let her release him of the curse. “Is everything alright?” The young sorceress looked up at him. “Nothing.” Poor child. She went through so much. “I swear to thee.” She felt pity for him. Even though he was the son of the enemy. “I merely thought of an old friend.” Torah Fernandez hid her mouth. “You thought of Maria Renard.” Her cheeks turned red. “Heed me well.” The sorceress made it no question. Alucard had to explain. “I did not love her.” Alicia Schneider collected the crystals. She and the fairy came to listen. “Though I honour her memory.” Maria loved him with a passion he did not expect. “She came to me after the battle in 1797.” The vampire hunter was a Belmont in everything but blood. “We spent a night together.” That much he could give her. Maria gave birth to a child she named Lysander. “Our child was the founder of the Lecarde bloodline.” The sorceress looked away. “I know.” She looked so tired. Alucard bowed. He knew she got some connection to their family. “Do not worry.” Alucard put a hand on her shoulder. “Alicia.” The fay was talking with the Schneider. “Let me stay with her.” The glow dimmed. “I might be of some help.” She went to settle on the sorceress. Torah Frenandez had a deep breath. “Thank you, everybody.” She picked on the ring smash. “I have something to tell you.” He became afraid. She located the source of the curse. If a candidate might extract such power, the Dark Lord would live again. Alucard beheld his comrades. Alicia Schneider was the descendant of Rachel, the cousin of Richter Belmont. She was indeed worthy of her title. Then there was Torah Fernandez. Strange how the noisy, talkative and flirty Yoko Belnades could be the grandmother of this mindful and serious child. Alucard dismissed. He got neither the time nor the luxury to speculate about such matters. Not while the hunt continued. “They are coming!” The fairy warned. Alucard acknowledged. He might hear the flapping of wings. Alicia Schneider unsheathed her sword. “Homing ball!” The sorceress was the first to react. The impact caused shock waves throughout the ruins. Alucard arched an eyebrow. That was unusual. The rocks hammered against the floor. “Curse thee.” The stone men pulled together. “They are Simon Belmont’s enemies.” He declared. Torah Fernandez dashed forward to engage the monsters. The stones cracked on her assault. The figures broke apart. Alucard retained human form. He turned into mist to might aid her in time. The stone men turned into smaller copies of themselves. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia Schneider twirled with the sword. She doused with holy water. The fay blazed green. Alucard took the fist upon his shield. “Ball of Destruction!” They must nay forget about the bats. “Sword familiar!” He picked a card. “Come to my aid!” The sword arrived. “Conquer my enemies!” He would protect against the enemies. “Yes, my master.” The sword familiar spun at the swarm. The stone man copy knocked the air from his lungs. “Hellfire!” Alucard hissed. The fireballs got pressed into the rock figure. The stone man got shot to pieces. The women used the laurels to heal. The stone men got defeated. The sword still fought the bats. “We should climb the staircase.” Marcia settled on the child’s shoulder. “Be my guest.” Alucard admitted. The openings got closed by cobweb. “The shadow is atop the tower.” Torah Fernandez completed her ritual. “Then let’s go.” Alicia Schneider shared the crystals. Alucard replenished his energy. Then he began to climb. The sword familiar reappeared to flout beside. “Homing ball!” The hunters where ready. The sorceress lit a spell. That might help, although Alucard could see in the dark. “Get down!” The fairy cried. The dryads prepared an ambush. “Homing ball!” The child threw her magic. Alucard hid behind the shield. “Conquer my enemies!” Alucard demanded. The sisters fired. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia Schneider threw the axe in a high arch. The thorn-weeds blossomed. That was a problem. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread his cape. The plants might kill them. ”Master!” The familiar called. “Help me!” The dryads tried to steal it from him. Alucard dismissed.

They where not her sisters. Torah made a dual slash before a crisscross attack. The thorn-weed got cut to pieces. The sorceress dodged the arrows. “Leave him alone!” The trio tried to steal the sword familiar. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with flame. The steam blast collided with the group. “Grizzly wing!” The tragic prince spread the cape wide. “I salute thee, Torah Fernandez.” He hailed. She bowed at the middle. Alicia threw the cross. She made it to split in three. Torah hid her mouth. The hunter cut up the thorn-weeds. She even blocked the seeds. Torah used the laurels to heal. The pope was right. They came in handy. “Homing ball!” The sorceress cast the spell. She shot the head of the serpent. The wyrm rose to bite Alicia. She went for the dryads. Torah threw a ring at the sister with the whistle. The body hit the floor, though she woke the wyrms. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard shielded against the bats. The swarm broke into single monsters. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with gold. The flare broke the stone man into smaller coppies. Alicia doused them with holy water. Torah retained the ring smash. She went into close-range battle. The dryads held the stairway. Alicia hurled a circle of axes. “Homing ball!” Torah killed the wyrm. “Hellfire!” Alucard opened the cape.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They fought to climb the staircase. Marcia went in front. She got to find the bats. The hunters had a brief conversation, then they spread out. The fairy wasn’t quite sure. Alicia spoke of her relation, Nathan Graves. They killed the dryads. Marcia knew the danger was far from over. The wyrm rose up to eat her. The fairy lulled it to sleep. She retained her usual blue colour. The stairway seemed to continue on forever. Torah got ahead. She used the ring smash to cut the net. The cobweb hung down like great ghostly curtains. “Beware of the bats!” Marcia called. “Homing ball!” The sorceress cast the spell. Alicia was prepared. The stone men hit the ground. The hunter hurled a wave of holy water. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard fired the high shot. He burned the web. Marcia fought to get free. She was caught in the net. The spiders climbed for her location. Marcia turned red. She spread the star dust about. The Arachni fell asleep. Torah cut her free. The Undermole leaped through a pothole. Torah spun to cut up the beast. The thorn-weeds shot spiky seeds. “My lady.” Alucard used his body as a shield. Marcia shone bright. Alicia managed to restore him. The sorceress slashed the plants. “Homing ball!” The fairy cheered. That was enough. Then Torah got captured by the rats.

The fairy shrieked. Alicia slashed through the flowers. She made a glide to might reach beneath the wyrms. Torah was transfixed. Alicia doused her with holy water. The rats burned. The sorceress took the crystals. Alicia forged the flame sword. Then she made a complete turn. The undermoles got defeated. “Homing ball!” Torah made the orb to circle about. The bones exploded on impact. Alicia blinked. The skeletons came around the corner. How tall was the tower? She shook her head. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard reappeared. He crushed the stone men. Now he came to shield against the bats. Alicia staggered. The skeleton hit her. Torah was among the enemies. She crushed them to pieces. Torah threw the ring smash. She beheaded the harpy. Alucard morphed into a bat. He went to retrieve the weapon. Alicia picked together. She stamped with the crucifix. The bone-man fell apart. Alicia sighed. She claimed the crystal. “Homing ball!” Torah released the freezing mist. The rats where dead. She killed them. Alucard got body slammed by the brunette harpy. The boyar growned when striking the wall. The redhead approached. She held the lance in both hands. Torah was busy with the rats. The fairy lulled the undermoles to sleep. Alucard dropped the sword and shield. She licked her lips. Alicia prayed she wouldn’t hurt the others. She got a storm in her blood. Alicia let go. She hurled a flurry of crosses. The harpies got taken by surprise. The sisters screamed. “Hellfire!” Alucard released them of suffering. The group rejoined. The harpies got defeated. Alucard burned the net. That didn’t change anything. “The bats are coming in.” Marcia warned. “I hear the cracking of bones.” Alucard regained the weapons. “They are coming.” Torah shuddered. “We have to leave.” She broke from the trance. Alicia reached for the crucifix. “Then permit me to bear thee.” The tragic prince crossed the arms above his chest. “Why didn’t you say so before?” Alicia asked. “We could have escaped from the marsh pit.” She wasn’t amused. “Do you regret anything?” Alucard met her gaze. “I do not.” She blushed. Alicia looked down. “At any rate.” He pointed at the enemies. “I do not possess unlimited power.” Torah was charging up. “I cannot fly thee all the way.” Marcia flew for his face. “Then take them as far as you can.” She demanded. Alucard arched an eyebrow. Then he bowed. “So thee say.” Torah put an end to the argument. “Hit the deck!” She cried before releasing the spell. Alicia threw herself down. The skeleton carried a bag of bombs. Alucard morphed into a bat. He picked Torah off the walkway. The bomb went home. Alicia escaped the impact. She got up to throw daggers. The storm raged inside. The bone-man got struck to pieces. The skeletons threw bones. Alicia hurled the vials into the air. She got to burn the bats. Alicia was alone. She was not afraid. Leon and Sonia where alone to hunt the night. Alicia would make them proud. The skeletons leaped. Alicia got surrounded. She made a beam of light to strike down. The spinning crosses saved her life. Alicia wasted no time. She picked the crystals. Then she ran up the stairway. The bats shrieked with blood thirst. Alicia brandished with the sword. She impaled the blonde harpy. The sisters went from set positions. They tried to pine her. Alicia cracked a lone vial. The holy water lit up and burned the harpies to ashes. The gems restored her power. Alicia exhaled. She kept climbing. They got to be around. Alicia looked for her friends. She stopped to clean the glasses. Pieces of rocks fell like raindrops. Alicia pulled back. The platform got blown sky high. Torah came tumbling down. “I got you!” Alicia managed to hold her. “I won’t let you fall.” She promised. “I will never let you fall.” Torah looked up into her glasses. “We are unified.” She told. “We hunt the night.” Alicia put her down. “Come on!” Marcia went like a shot. “Alucard is still up there!” Torah picked the ring smash. “I warn you.” She said. “The golem is awake.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. She thought about Koranoth of Ravenberg. Alicia shook her head. She let it drop. Alicia followed them up the stairs. They soon reached the platform. Alicia guessed it was the remains of a floor. “Hellfire!” Alucard was across. He burned the bats. The impact made the harpies fly. “Climb on my back.” Alicia told. She bent down so that the sorceress might get on top. Torah held tight with her arms and legs. “So let it be.” Alicia inhaled. She gathered her force. Then she ran forward to leap above the distance. The Lord carried across. “Homing ball!” Torah sprang from her back to cast the spell. The harpies got confused. The fight was on. Alicia unsheathed her sword. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She called. The golem noticed. The redhead came to pine her. Alicia threw the axe in a high arch. The weapon split in three. The harpy got cut to pieces. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard appeared in front. He released the bats to block the fireballs. The monster struck the floor.

The bats whirled and fluttered. Alucard made them to spread out. He discovered the eye was the only weak spot. The golem struck down to might crush the floor. He was humongus. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it strike. He rammed the eye. The golem made an uppercut which made other stones to fall down. Alicia Schneider threw the axe. She defeated the harpy sisters. “Homing ball!” The sorceress got rid of the bats. She then cast a homing spell. “Get him!” The fairy encouraged. “Let him have it!” The golem tried to block the magic. “Hellfire!” Alucard threw back his cape to might keep it occupied. “Ball of Destruction!” Marcia danced like a maniac. The golem got shot through the eye. Though not by his effort. Torah Fernandez had become very powerful. The golem released three-way fireballs. Alucard morphed into mist. He got to shield himself. He became a man to flout in the air. Alucard then struck his blade. He tried to crush the crystal. The golem roared. Stones kept falling down. Alucard became a bat. The Belmont threw a flurry of crosses. The monster roared. She hit the eye. “Homing ball!” The child was left alone to fight the bats. Marcia released her star dust. That was not enough. Alucard reformed to support her efforts.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The explosion threw her off her feet. The castle was shaking. Anita Fortner retained her status. The hunters must be to blame. “Display.” She demanded. The image appeared above the crystal. The black witch snarled. The sorceress had escaped. They combined their efforts. That was not important. The tragic prince was alive. She thought to conquer him. Anita Fortner let go. She underestimated their power. That was a mistake. The black witch vowed to not do so again. She would kill the women and force Alucard to kneel before the Dark Lord. “Calysto, Delphilla.” Anita Fortner summoned her favaorites through telepathy. “Defend your lady.” She told. Naked flame told of their approach. “Excelent.” The black witch smiled. “Whatever the cost.” She twisted the wand between her fingers. “I want the area contained.” Her eyes burned. “Kill the women.” The knights turned eager. Anita Fortner might feel their emotions. The smile grew to expose her fangs. “Leave the prince to me.” The black witch would deal with him in person. “Yes, my lady.” They hailed before leaving. Anita Fortner dismissed. She returned to the crystal to observe the events. This would be her triumph.

The ground shook. The golem struck the floor. Alicia retrieved her weapon. She charged her blood force. Alicia then leaped into the air. She went past the fists and the fireballs. The gems flashed. Alicia struck with the sword. The flames hit like a whip. The monster roared. Pieces of the skull got blown apart. Alicia managed to land in a croached position. The golem struck down. Alicia tumbled. She got out of the way. “Homing ball!” Torah fell from the sky. She blocked the fireballs. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard retained his human form to make it strike. The golem got hit. The crimson electricity was channeled through the openings. The giant rock fighter shook while the force burned out. Then Alucard got struck by the fireballs. Alicia ran to where he fell. The tragic prince got scorched and burned. Alicia bit her lip. Alucard was ghastly hurt. She made an item crush. The laurels healed the poor nobleman. “Homing ball!” Alucard managed to rise. The little sorceress was left alone. She homed onto the crystal. The purple orb of plasma went home. Alicia figured she must have charged the magic. The golem was breaking up. Alicia made the sign of the cross. Torah didn’t take all the jewels. Alicia collected the lot. She was ready to fight. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape. “Ball of Destruction!” The bats collided against the stones. That gave a better view. Alucard released the high shot to finish the fight. The golem got shot to pieces. The rocks got spread all over the place. They morphed into big gems. Alicia looked about. They where alone. Alucard wasn’t the only person who needed healing. Torah used her own laurels. The fairy was back on her shoulder. Alicia sighed. They shared the crystals. She felt much better. The floor was a mess. “The stair continue.” Alucard remarked. “We should climb.” Alicia agreed. The ground didn’t reach far enough. “The shadow is waiting.” Marcia was dim. Torah kept silent. They exchanged glances. Alicia exhaled. “Let us go.” Alucard moved in front. They went for the staircase. Alicia reached to check her arsenal. She would hunt the night. She better. “Watch out!” The bats formed up. Marcia went into the air. The dust sparkled like the moon. Alicia threw a wave of holy water. She was cold. The hunter got the heart of ice. The bats burst into bits. “Hellfire!” Alucard morphed into mist. He went past the spear guard. The suit of armour turned to poke him. The tragic prince took it on the shield. “Homing ball!” Torah shot the golden flare. Alicia reached for the crucifix. Torah cut the head of the serpent. The ring smash where ment for close hand-to-hand combat. Alicia kept the sword up. She lept to hurl the daggers forward. The spear guard got burned to ashes. Alucard took the crystal. Torah picked that which the wyrm left behind. Alicia threw the axe at the harpies. She had the gems. The sisters got out of range. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it strike. The spear guard almost impaled behind the shield. “Homing ball!” Torah climbed the stair. She charged with frost. The spear broke into pieces. “Grizzly wing!” Alicia got ambushed by the harpies. The sisters tried to impale her. Marcia was too busy. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She was trained by her father and uncle. Alicia made a beam of light to strike down. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The crosses killed the harpies. “Thou arth a great hunter.” Alucard bowed. Alicia exhaled. She felt tired. The crystals restored her. Torah got ahead. She fought another spear guard. The fairy fluttered about. Marcia threw dust to might disturb the bats. “We cannot leave her alone.” Alucard decreed. He morphed into a bat. Alicia agreed with the statement. Although Torah used the ring smash to block the attack, she didn’t get close enough. “Leave her alone!” Marcia tried to blast through the helmet. There was nothing inside the armour. Alicia shuddered. Torah stamped with the cross. Flames lit and burned the spear guard. Alicia arrived. She got the heart of ice. She struck with the blade to release a whip-like burst of frost. The spear guard got struck to pieces. They shared the crystals. Alucard retained his human form. He was higher up the staircase. The skeletons tried to rip him apart. Torah ran. She brandished with the razor rings. The bats swept in to bite them. Alicia schrieked. She presented the crucifix. “Homing ball!” Torah fired about. She might release one or two orbs in a row. Alicia inhaled. Alucard fought the undead. He took the bones on the shield. Alicia ran forward. “Go.” Alucard said. “I might deal with them.” He brandished with the sword. Torah and Marcia came up. The tragic prince was the best fencer she ever met. Alicia got her own sword. She struck to crush the skeletons. “Homing ball!” Torah moved ahead. She shot the harpy. Then the step collapsed. “Torah!” Alicia and Marcia almost cried in unison. Torah leaped. She reached the next step. The bats went like a swarm. Alicia jumped. She got above to throw the vials. The holy water burned on impact. “Watch out!” Marcia called. The harpy went like a dart. Alicia presented the crucifix. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with flame. The steam blast crushed the harpy. Then the step went skyward. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Alicia almost fell down. Torah managed to pull her back. She looked about. They got to leave this thing. There where no other steps. This couldn’t be natural. Then they stopped. The pillar was still there, though they couldn’t get down. Alicia bit her lip. She got no idea what to do. “There are other platforms about.” Marcia informed. The little sorceress touched the cross. “I don’t know.” She began. Alicia did. She finally figured. They where in trouble, again.

The bats squeeked with blood thirst. Torah exhaled. She thought they laughed. That was impossible. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel.” The hunter made the sign of the cross. Alicia unsheathed the sword. “Kumolo and Nimbler.” She beheld the wall mounted Minotaurs. Torah brandished with the ring smash. She once heard that Christopher Belmont fought the duo in 1591. “Hit the deck!” She dismissed. The Minotaurs stabbed with their pitchfork. “Homing ball!” Torah charged. “Wait!” Alicia pulled her back. The homing ball split in two to strike both monsters. Alicia went straight up. She must have summoned her blood power. Kumolo and Nimbler spat crystals at them. Torah shrieked. She felt the poison on contact. “You won’t get her.” Alicia landed back down. Torah felt sick. “You must live.” The fairy was dim with worry. Alicia threw the axe. She then produced the laurels. Torah gasped when restored. Alicia smiled. Then she hurled the vials skyward. The bats got burned upon impact. “They got brought to life through black magic.” The sorceress read their aura. “I know.” Alicia shuddered. The duo stabbed with their pitchforks. Torah leaped. The duo made the step to move up. Alicia went the other way. “Homing ball!” Torah shot at the monsters.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Minotaurs threw a crisscross of green crystals. Marcia turned an angry red. The fairy went like a dart. She threw star dust about to make them sleep. The bats fell from the ceiling. Alicia ducked beneath the onslaught. She made a glide to reach the next platform. Torah came around the pillar. They got to be careful. Kumolo and Nimbler was playing with the steps. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. She made it home onto Nimbler. Alicia leaped to hurl the cross. The boomerang got buried in the living sculpture. The Minotaurs screamed. Marcia flew in circles. She got to keep the bats occupied. Torah threw herself down. Nimbler stabbed with the pitchfork. He made the step collapse. “Don’t let the sun go down on me.” The sorceress muttered. Marcia turned a confused orange. Torah held onto a metal ring. “Homing ball!” She sent the sphere of purple plasma straight for the face. Kumolo spat crystals at her. Alicia crushed them with holy water. The axe hit the monster through the chest. Torah managed to swing herself to safety. She presented the cross. Marcia swept to assist her friends. She made it rain with star dust. They where not affected. Marcia dimmed her light. She caught their attention. Kumolo turned his head to might nail her with the green crystals.

The monsters got distracted. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She gathered her strength. Marcia was in trouble. She got to help. The Minotaurs kept shooting. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia jumped. She summoned the blood force to strike with the sword. The gust of strong wind shook the Minotaur. “Homing ball!” Torah was going up. She lay flat on the platform while casting spells. Alicia dodged the pitchfork. She might get atop of things. “Help me!” The sorceress threw herself from the step. She then vanished among the shadows. “Torah!” The fairy went to find her. Alicia was left alone. She licked her lips. Alicia didn’t have many gems left. “So let it be.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. Kumolo and Nimbler kept quiet. They served the undead. Such was the law. Soleyou Belmont left with the dagger and stopwatch. Alicia leaped. The floor was falling down. Christopher Belmont used the other four sub-weapons to defeat the duo in 1591. She would do the same. They tried to pierce her. They used their pitchfork with full effect. Alicia threw the vial. She followed up with the axe. Nathan Graves would be proud. The Minotaurs got hit. Alicia managed to reach the metal ring. Kumolo spat crystals at her. Nimbler made a step to shoot like a projectile. Alicia swung herself for the nearest platform. She threw the cross into his face. Kumolo was breaking up. Blood oozed from inside the sculpture. Nimbler sent the pitchfork forward. Alicia retrieved the cross. The vial crushed on impact. The Minotaur shrieked when the fire burned. They shot with poison crystals. Alicia managed to restore herself. She left to strike with the sword. Nimbler got hit through the chest. Alicia hung onto him for dare life. She managed to ram the partner with the boomerang. Alicia even caught her weapon upon the return. Then Nimbler reached to strangle her. He was so strong. Alicia gasped for air. She stamped him with the crucifix. Nimbler got consumed with flame. The Minotaur roared as he burst into pieces. Alicia was sent flying through the air. She hurled the axe. Kumulo got beheaded. There came a clicking sound. Alicia landed upon the staircase. The defeat of Kumolo and Nimber must have extended upon the mechanism. The mystic orb came rolling down the steps. Alicia picked it up. The crystal ball shone like the sun. She blinked. The orb was gone. Never the less, Alicia felt refreshed and restored. She brandished with the sword. All the weapons where in place. Alicia made the sign of the cross. Then she went to look for her friends. They got to have survived. Alicia had to clean her glasses. When she did, she noticed Marcia’s light further down. They got to be there. Alicia reached for the crucifix. That was a roaring voice. Alicia recognised the sound of the golem. That sent chills down her spine. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia ran forward. She got no crystals left, but she would fight. “Beware!” The fairy was there. “The bats are here!” Alicia spun round. Marcia told the truth. The swarm flapped about their location. Alicia struck with the sword. She managed to break the onslaught. That left some crystals. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia roared her slogan while slashing with the blade. The bats got to close. Alicia managed to hurt them. The blood felt like freezing. Alicia knew that only one bite might infest her with the undead pestilence. They went to settle on her. Alicia screamed. Her heart was beating fast. She presented the crucifix. The bat got split in two. The creature squeeked before it burst into fire. This was a distraction. Alicia was sure. While she was kept occupied up here, the others got murdered. Alicia brandished with the blade. She was getting better. The swarm came. Alicia shrieked. She struck with the sword to release a whip-like burst of gold energy. The bats got blasted into oblivion. Alicia picked the crystals. She thought to knock the candles. Alicia dismissed. They would need the light. She bent out over the edge of the stairway. There was no rail or support. Alicia brushed her hair back. The wind kept blowing about. She got a glimpse of her friends. They fought the golem. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. “Homing ball!” The golem struck the ground. Alicia pulled back. Rock fell down to crush them. Alucard went to challenge the stone men. Alicia grasped hold of a metal ring. She threw herself out into space. This got to end. She managed to land upon the golem’s shoulder. She used the sword to impale the crystal. The golem roared. The body cracked. Alicia licked her lips. This was no good idea. The bats where not defeated. They came in a row. Alicia kept hold of the monster’s head. Alucard reappeared. He flouted in the air to might pick her up. “Crimson lightning!” The golem was struck. He roared with frustration. The uppercut made other stones to collapse. The tragic prince morphed into a bat. He carried her away. Alucard dropped her beside the sorceress. “Grizzly wing!” The swarm went to counter the assault. Torah struck with the ring smash. The fairy flew about to illuminate the floor. “Homing ball!” She charged up to release a real homing spell. The golem got hit through the eye. He shrieked and hammered the ground. Alicia felt the impact. She was too busy. Some stones contained groups of skeletons. Alicia challenged the lot to claim the gems. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard retained human form. The high shot hit the monster. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Alicia crossed herself. The skull ghosts whirled through the air. “Homing ball!” Torah tried to protect herself. She held the cross in one hand. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. Alucard hid beneath the cape. Torah smiled. “Homing ball!” She crushed the ghosts. They moaned while fading. The golem almost got broken in the process. He shot three-way fireballs to might take them. Alicia held up the crucifix. “Hellfire!” Alucard morphed into mist. The sorceress made a glide. “Take care!” Marcia called. She did. “Homing ball!” The freezing mist pierced the crystal. The golem shrieked while crumbling into dust. Alicia laughed. She shook her head. The monster left a fortune in jewels. They shared the price. Even Marcia got some gems. Alicia couldn’t be sure, though she thought the fairy shone even brighter then before. She put it aside. They still got to reach the top floor.

The fairy fluttered ahead. Torah let her fly. They always seemed to take care of her. Torah charged her magic. “Homing ball!” She burned the bat. Alicia leaped into battle. She brandished with the sword. Torah watched her efforts. She wished to be like the Belmonts. Alicia crushed the skeletons. “Watch out!” Marcia called. “Homing ball!” Torah released to blast the harpy. The brunette screamed before she fell into the abyss. “Hellfire!” Alucard remained behind, like a constant shadow. He killed the wyrms before they might bite her. “Ball of Destruction!” The cape whirled when he turned to shoot the blonde sister. Something moved around the wall. “Oh no!” Torah hid her face. She met the bone dragon before. “Homing ball!” Torah released the spell. The bats closed up to take the blast. Alucard snarled. The fangs got exposed. The redhead came with the lance. “Thy time arth over.” Alucard caught her. “No!” She screamed. “Let me go!” Torah swallowed. His eyes blazed blue. Alucard drank her blood. “God in Heaven!” She presented the cross. “This is how things are.” The fairy came back to flutter before her face. “He is a vampire.” Torah exhaled. “I know.” She said. The white dragon was breathing flames. Torah let go. “Homing ball!” She called.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He let go of the corpse. Alucard felt his strength return. “For blood is the life.” He then knelt in prayer. “Father in Heaven.” Alucard touched the crucifix. “Forgive me; for I have sinned.” For a moment, Sonia was revealed. She smiled. Alucard wept bloody tears. His beloved left him alone. Alucard rose to his full hight. She would always be with him. Alucard hailed with the sword. He would fight the righteous battle. Alucard morphed into mist. “Hellfire!” He reappeared to blast the bone dragon. The Schneider pulled back. She had become a fencer, though not of his kind. The sorceress went through the air. The white dragon had gathered. The fireballs might be a problem. Fernandez used the ring smash to deflect the onslaught. She leaped to strike the head. The bone dragon got knocked back against the wall. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it strike. The bats lusted for blood. He could not permit. “Adrian!” Alicia Schneider called. “Behind you!” The harpies would avenge their sisters. Alucard took it on the shield. They whirled about to brandish their weapons. “Homing ball!” The sorceress got to retreat. The bone dragon waved back and forth while breathing flame. The mist froze the skeleton into place. The hunter then made it to rain with holy water.

The skeledragon crumbled into a heap of big crystals. Alicia retrieved the vial. The downpour burned the bats. The blonde struck her against the stair. Alicia groaned. The air got struck from her lungs. She was about to collapse. “Let her go!” The fairy flew at her face. Alicia struggled for air. She still managed to stamp the sister. The harpy screamed. Alicia almost threw up by the stench of fried flesh. “Do not treat me like a child.” Torah told. She then made a double swing to break the spine. The harpy moaned. She burst into flame. “Sorry.” The sorceress played with the orb. “That I picked the crystals.” Alicia struggled back on top. “That is alright.” She would like to touch her cheek. Torah would not allow it. What was it about this girl? Alicia wished to protect her. To save her from the night. Torah wouldn’t be gracious about it. She tried so hard to be a hunter. Torah was like Christian in that way. Alicia let it drop. “Be what may be.” She made the sign of the cross. Torah looked up at her. Then she turned to smash the brunette harpy. Alicia was ready. She removed the head. The harpy burned before reaching the ground. She picked the gem. Torah went to assist Alucard. Alicia would follow. She didn’t have time. The bats settled on her body. Alicia doused herself with holy water. She got plenty of crystals. Alucard and Torah came walking up the stair. They had to continue. Alicia went around the staircase. The step reminded her about the ghost ship. “Be careful.” She told the others. “I think this might be a rotating platform.” They waited while she went on top. “Good Lord in Heaven!” She exclaimed. The step was going round. Alicia managed to reach the next step. The bat came to bite her. Alicia cut it in two. Alucard reappeared. He turned into a wolf. The tragic prince carried the sorceress across. The skeletons made bones to fall down. Alicia almost staggered back to the other step. Alucard saved her, using his body like a shield. Torah hid behind the burning cross. The skeleton-men leaped to flail with the bones. They used them for hammer or clubbing weapons. Alicia made a grimace. They got to fight both them and the bats. She slashed with the sword. Torah got ahead. She went above another rotating step. The spear guard was up there. He tried to impale her. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The bone-men kept quiet. That gave her time to dash among them. Alicia hurled the cross. The boomerang went in front like a makeshift shield. She struck with the sword. Flames burned along the blade. Alicia got Simon’s heart of fire. The monsters shrieked in horror. Alicia looked round for Alucard. What kept him up? The tragic prince went to assist the sorceress. Though he got caught by another swarm. “Crimson lightning!” He made it to strike from between his fingertips. “Hellfire!” The blue bat-inhabited fireballs homed onto the enemies. Torah made a glide beneath the spear. Alicia crushed the bone-man into pieces. Then she got hit in the head. The skeleton pulled back for another jab. Alicia gathered enough to stamp him out. Then another bone-man got hold around her neck. Alicia struggled. The four remaining bags of bones gathered round to keep her busy. “Let her go!” Marcia crushed through the skull. The fingers held around her troat. The fairy turned pink. The bone-men tried to catch her. Alicia fought to breathe. She struck the blade down to break the arm. The skeleton finally crumbled. Alicia gasped. Never before did air taste this good. She shook it off. Torah got rid of the spear knight. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard made them to fly from within his cape. The fight was over before it might begin. They still got a problem. The group of bones went about. Alicia got beneath the fist. She struck him through the ribs. The spine snapped. Alicia threw the dagger forward. She had to get rid of them. The other skeletons gathered round. They threw bones at her friends. Alicia crushed the ribs. Marcia dashed through the head. The bone-men fell into pieces. Alicia exhaled. She claimed the crystals. Then she went above the other rotating platform. Marcia went to regroup with Torah. Alucard waited for her to keep up. Alicia pulled back her hair. She stopped to clean the glasses. Alucard spun round. He took it on the shield. The wyrm hissed with frustration. Alicia threw the cross. She beheaded the serpent. “Homing ball!” Torah kept shooting. She was somewhere above their location. Alicia ran up the stair. The step crumbled beneath her feet. Alicia leaped ahead. She landed in time to challenge the spear guard. Alicia hurled the dagger at him. The knight twirled with the spear. He managed to repel the knife. Alicia caught it before it might disappear. The spear guard stabbed to impale her body. She managed to dodge. The spear went above. Alucard arrived. “Hellfire!” He hit behind the weapon. The spear guard staggered. Alicia inhaled. She went forth to ram with the blade. Alucard kept up the defence. The knight hit the shield. He seemed to be without pity or mercy. What was inside the armour? Alicia shuddered. She didn’t wish to know. No one did. She doused the knight with holy water. That didn’t stop him. Alucard used the opportunity to use the shield like a battering-ramp. The spear guard struck with the woody end. Alicia almost fell from the stairway. She buried the axe between his shoulders. The knight shook. Alucard moved in. “This is for my mother.” He said. Then he made the sword to strike down. The knight screamed. The armour fell into pieces. They didn’t stop. Torah might need their help. Alicia ran to find her. Alucard morphed into mist. She had no mind. The bats whirled about. They would dine upon her blood. Alicia got a storm inside. She threw a flurry of crosses. That made them to keep some distance. Alicia retrieved the weapon. She picked the crystal. “God’s Holy Mother!” Alucard exclaimed. She gathered her power. Then she went the distance. “Homing ball!” Torah hid behind the cross. She made the orb of purple plasma to strike the skeleton monster. The bone dragon hit the stairway. Alicia licked her lips. She didn’t like that. The stairs shook. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard fired the high shot. The harpies where abroad. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The fairy flew about to might counter the bats. Marcia released the star dust. They told it was the fabric of dreams. Alicia shook it off. The white dragon was breathing flame. Alicia tightened her grip. She knew they where in trouble. Her life force might be a weapon. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia struck with the sword to release an acid burst. The skeledragon curled up. Alicia reached for the crucifix. The bone dragon shot fireballs at them. The harpy landed. Alicia threw the dagger.

The bone dragon caught her off guard. Torah released her magic. She presented the cross. The symbol shone blue like the ice. The fireballs shattered into bits. Torah exhaled. “Homing ball!” The freezing mist kept the white dragon in place. They shrieked with blood thirst. “Watch out!” The bats formed up position. “They are coming!” Marcia was shining green. The bone dragon roared. The monster broke free. Torah huddled together. She felt so alone. Then she gathered. “Homing ball!” The orb went home. The skeledragon broke into pieces. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard was there. He made lightning strike. The bats scattered about. Torah giggled. She hid her mouth. That wasn’t proper. She shook it off. Alucard had left. The redhead harpy chased him down the stair. Alicia fought the other sisters. The harpies twirled with their lances. The hunter was so quick. She dodged or parried each blow. Torah charged the magic. Marcia fluttered above. The fairy seemed at a loss. “Homing ball!” The spell collided with the redhead. The harpy got blasted into oblivion. Alucard picked the gem. Torah touched the cross. The blonde went for her. Torah presented the symbol. The harpy shrieked. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard fired the high shot. The harpy was dead. Torah exhaled.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She led the way. The harpies still chased them. Marcia disliked the situation. They reached the castle keep. The floor consisted of blue and red tiles. The stairway went half-way round the room. Alicia made the sign of the cross. “This look like the Versailles palace.” Marcia settled on Torah’s shoulder. “That is in the past.” Alucard unsheathed his sword. “John Morris and Eric Lecarde searched the Dark Lord in 1917.” Alicia cleaned the glasses. The great French windows where stained with snow. Torah picked the ring smash. She went out on the floor. The only light came from those chandeliers. “Beware.” Alucard told. “Mine father arth to blame.” Marcia went dull. He was right. The fairy recognised the symbol. “Dracul.” Alicia breathed. “The crest of the Basraq.” Heavy black banners decorated the walls. “Save us.” Torah went all pale. Marcia didn’t know what to say. “I feel it too.” She told. The shadow engulfed the pinnacle. This was almost worse then inside the mountain. The source was much older, and much stronger. “What do we do now?” Torah asked. “We do what we must.” Alucard said. He presented the shield. “We hunt the night.” Alicia replaced the glasses. She held the sword in both hands. They where right. Marcia would do what she could to aid them.

He could feel it, smell it. Alucard made a grimace. “The undead.” He almost hissed. The women folk traded looks. “Adrian.” Alicia Schneider said in her softest tone. “What is it?” He had to tell them. “The bats!” Marcia the fairy cut him short. “They are coming!” Alucard bowed. He presented the sword. Torah Fernandez made a stance. She dashed to meet them. The swarm hid among the shadows. Now they left the ceiling. “Homing ball!” The sorceress released her magic. The bolt of purple plasma took the brunt of the assault. “Nay.” The mere impact threw the girl backward. She staggered at the brink of the abyss. Torah Fernandez got to live. He changed into his wolf form. Alucard came in time to pull her back from the staircase. “Thank you.” He got her arms around his neck. The blue wolf barked. Then he retained human form. The sorceress let go. “Homing ball!” She leaped down to fire a heavy steam. The bats spread out. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” The Belmont made it to rain with holy water. She watched on while the monsters burned into ashes. “The vampire might dominate the lesser forms of life.” Alucard let them collect the crystals. He felt like being watched. “We have to continue.” The fairy fluttered in the air. Alucard agreed. But then the flames roared straight up. “The shadow has come!” The Fernandez shrieked. He remained in place. Alucard knew this was not their enemy. He went in front of the women. The flames burned out. “Buer.” Alucard requested. “Show yourself.” He should have expected to find them here. Alucard might feel the presence of powerful flame magic. “Let it be.” Alicia Schneider made the sign of the cross. The hunter and the sorceress would fight. Alucard accepted the statement. Together they stood. Buer where the masters of the enflamatory. This was not the time. “Leave them to me.” Alucard said. “The curse must never be resurrected.” The legend of Cornell was well known among the underworld. “I believe in you.” He went to challenge the enemies. “Come on.” The young sorceress seemed to have decided. “Let us go.” Alicia Schneider bit her lip. “I am right behind you.” Torah Fernandez tried to encourage. The Belmont finally began to move. The women left for the exit. Alucard watched them walk. They tried to lull him to sleep. “Fernandez!” Alucard realized as the web fell from the ceiling. The sorceress got captured. “Hurry.” She called. “This won’t help me.” Schneider bent to cut her free. The fairy was dancing in the air. “There is work to do.” They looked gazes. “You have to do it for me.” The girl smiled, though it never reached her eyes. The Belmont nodded. Alucard marvled at her bravery. “Here.” Torah Fernandez reached into her backpack. “I stole it from the school.” He looked round for the bodyguard. What kept them? Then Alucard noticed about the gift. Schneider made the sign of the cross. That was a coppy of Gwendolyn’s spell book. “Glory be You.” His descendant proclaimed. “Our Father in Heaven.” She then accepted the book. Alucard knew of its potencial. The Belmont left it in her pocket. “They are back!” The bats had gathered. Alicia Schneider struck with the sword. She tapped the power. The monsters shrieked. The Belmont released three homing fireballs. Alucard was impressed. They got no warning. The skeletons hid among the curtains. “Homing ball!” The sorceress slashed through the web. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The hunter released more energy. She unleashed a flurry of sonic rings. “Shields up!” The fairy called. This was no show. Torah Fernandez threw herself down. Alucard morphed into a bat. The enemies got struck to pieces. The lady laughed with relief. Torah Fernandez got back on foot. The Schneider soon regained composure. She crossed herself. Alucard watched the hunter leave through the door. This was how it was ment to be. Buer seemed to agree. They only waited for her to depart. The rising flames ripped through the surface. Alucard took it on the shield. The bodyguards where like the were-lioness, armed with long swords and knives. “Homing ball!” Torah Fernandez came from behind. The armour gave a slight protection against her magic. The sister turned to challenge. Alucard snarled. He became like mist to escape the fire. “Sword familiar! Come to my aid!” Alucard retained human form to conjure the familiar. “Master!” The blade appeared to flout in front. “Challenge my enemies!” He demanded. Torah Fernandez was able to block the attack. “Do not think to defeat us.” Buer said. “Such tricks have no place here.” The smile was wicked. The sword familiar cleaned it away. “Homing ball!” The sorceress struck. The mist froze the air. “Alga Dimensha!” Alucard ignored about her language. Such was mere gestures. “Grizzly wing!” The bats left his care. They flew in before the girl. Alucard had to protect her. The swarm got torn to pieces by the red flare. The boyar took a hit in the knee. He would readily accept it. The sorceress licked her lips. “Beware of the dark.” Alucard warned her. “Do never underestimate its power.” Torah Fernandez touched the cross. “Die!” Buer was determined. Alucard met the assault. “Homing ball!” He was not alone. The familiar countered the stab. The Fernandez released the mist. The frost went home. Buer got struck hard against the wall. Alucard became the blue wolf. He buried the fangs within her troat. The blood splashed like a fountain. Alucard faded like mist. The body exploded into a pyre of red flame. “This is not the end.” The sister lived. She snarled. "Terminus alegra!" The roar of red hate hurled him like struck by a Titan’s fist. "Terminus alegra!" Buer reached a hand. She would kill them all. “Homing ball!” The Fernandez released a flare of pure gold. Buer got stunned by the impact. That did not last very long. "Agra dimensha!" The lioness fired a red beam. Torah Fernandez presented the cross. The symbol shone bright with pure energy. The forces clashed and exploded. "Alegra shamastu!" Buer had gathered. Alucard got to react. The lioness released other flames. The sword familiar went to impale her. “Alga Dimensha!” Buer made it to spin. This must be finished. Alucard forced himself upright. “Stay there!” The sorceress told. “Believe me, Al.” She smiled. “I got her where I want.” He disliked the name. No matter, Alucard would not leave her to fight. “Homing ball!” The fairy flew about like a crazed insect. Torah Fernandez released the mist. “Alga Dimensha!” Buer was quick to react, though the spell got blasted into oblivion. The familiar stabbed through the armour. Alucard moved in. “Hellfire!” This was an execution. He was a Hospodare of Walachia. This was his right. Buer burst into flame. Alucard managed to retreat. Torah Fernandez survived, though she fell to her knees. Alucard dismissed the familiar. Then he beheld the sorceress. “You almost killed yourself.” He lectured. “Did Yoko Belnades never teach thy anything?” The sorceress hung her head. “You should have practised with forest mystics.” Alucard arched a finger. “Sing their music; and the elements might serve your purpose.” It should have been obvious. Though she was still in training, the sorceress would learn in time. If she survived.

The fairy fluttered above. Torah felt ashamed. "Don't speak about my grandmother." She tried to hide. “Forgive me.” Alucard bowed. “I forgot thy loss.” He touched her cheek. The fingers felt so soft beneath the black glove. “She might be noisy at times, flirty and talkative, though Yoko would never abandoned those she cared for.” Torah smiled. The tragic prince looked aside, leaving her to clean her face. "Then don't speak bad about her teatching.” Torah said. “It isn’t her fault.” She inhaled. Alucard still knelt before her. “Thou arth in training.” He acknowledged. “Though thee will become.” He helped her to stand. Marcia fluttered before her face. “We have to help her.” The fairy went all blue. “Alicia might be in danger.” Torah bit her lip. “Indeed.” Alucard retrieved his sword and shield. “We should go.” Torah gathered. They where right. Alicia might be in trouble. Alucard went ahead. Marcia left to scout for enemies. Torah also kept watch. She would not be captured. Not again. “I should have gone with her.” Alucard dismissed. “She is a vampire hunter.” He said. Torah sighed. "But even members of the Belmont clan have been known to turn to evil." She knew it was true. The tragic prince looked so sad. Torah picked the ring smash before Alucard might open the door.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The curtains of indigo silk got removed by invicible hands. Marcia felt uneasy. The tragic prince closed the door. “I fear nay.” Torah went ahead. “Even though I wander through the twilight of the eternal night.” The lamps where lit. “God will forgive you.” Alucard gave his salute. Torah smiled. “This is a pirate’s treasure.” Marcia kept the blue light. The curtains where embroidered with the images of hunting gods. “Really?” Torah whistled when touching the fabric. “This is gold.” She gasped. Alucard made a grimace. “Leave the gems.” He said. “They are accursed.” Marcia might tell. Torah put her hands into the poncho. “I won’t have it.” She assured. The tragic prince didn’t seem to listen. Alucard beheld the suits of armour. Marcia turned green. The shadow was waiting. The sound of the great clock only made her feel even worse. “The mask of the red plague.” Alucard remained in place. “Do you smell it?” He asked. Torah shuddered. “The scent of incence.” Alucard revealed his fangs. “The vampire tries to hide its presence.” Marcia went dull. Torah kept her from falling. “That doesn’t matter.” The sorceress was determined. “We came to prevent the shadow rising.” Marcia lit up. “That is true.” Alucard said. The fairy was sure they would make it.

She closed the door behind. Alicia made a grimace. That was the scent of opium. Her uncle was a kind of scoundrel. Many things happened at his garage workshop beside fixing bikes and motors. Gustav’s merchandise might provide almost anything related. Alicia remembered about the quarrel before he began dealing with ileagal contraband. Although Gustav purchased both ciggarets and alcohol, he never touched drugs. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She thought about how the elders threw the dealers off their property. Reichardt teached them how to recognize the garbage if they ever returned. Her family where true vampire hunters. Alicia sighed. Either the shadow was an addict, or they tried to influence upon her. Alicia tried to shake it off. She tightened the grip. Alicia might smell their presence. She better have a look around. The vampire might be anywhere. The pinnacle, unlike somewhere which had to be protected or guarded, revealed more elegance and comfort then the rest of the castle. The moon shone through the high windows. Alicia noticed the weather had changed. The soft light, and layers of dust, slightly concealed the work of age and moth. Alicia exhaled. She crossed the green carpet. Alicia barely noticed the pictures of birds and flowers. She searched for the enemy. Alicia nearly tripped on the foot stool. She blushed. Alicia almost expected to hear wicked laugher. That never happen. She exhaled. Alicia felt chills down her spine. She brushed the curtains aside. Alicia marvled by the images of the hunting sceene. She threw herself sideways. Nothing happened. Alicia reached for the crucifix. She then went inside. The silence was getting to her. Alicia barely stopped to behold the collection of weapons. The display was rather impressive. Alicia recognised the collector’s items. Here where swords and knives, spears and all kind of ranged weapons. Alicia licked her lips. Heat roared up the chimney. Shadows flickered at the brink of visibility. Alicia closed her eyes. She didn’t want to see beyond the obvious. Alicia sighed. She couldn’t ignore about this. The moonlight got reflected by the crystal. There got to be a magician about. They where the only who might use such items. Alicia was careful not to step on the bear rug before the fireplace. The Victorians would never forgive her if that happened. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” She noticed about the bloody champagne glass. “Nosferatu.” Alicia hissed the word. The very name felt like venom upon her lips. The goblet rested atop the small round table beside the arm chair. “Thou arth that perfect.” Alicia presented the crucifix. The woman wore a dress of flame-coloured velvet. “Who are you?” She moved into a defensive posture. The pale green eyes returned her gaze. Even though the moonlight shone through the window, the blonde lady cast no shadow. “Thee do nay recognize mine?” Alicia shuddered. The smile exposed her fangs. Alicia closed the hold upon the image. She never got used to this way of life. The smile became a snarl. “I am Anita Fortner.” She spread her arms to reveal the figure. “The black witch of Warakiya.” Red flames burned behind the gaze. Alicia felt chills down her spine. She remembered. They did meet before, even though that was ten years ago. Anita ventured through Europe, together with her mother, aunts and sisters to strip at her uncle’s garage. The children went to play hide-and-seek in the forest. There might be monsters out there. Heinrich came to watch over them. Alicia found Anita kissing her cousin. She tried to shake it. “You don’t fool me.” Alicia let go of the crucifix before taking a two-handed grip. “Your tricks won’t work on me.” The black witch shed the cloak of deception. Alicia would be a vampire hunter. “The Dark Lord granted me eternal life.” Anita crossed her arms in front. “I know what you want.” Alicia noticed she dropped the ancient dialect. She shook it off. “”In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Anita became so angry that she turned ugly. Alicia withdrew. “If you aren’t with me.” The black witch said. “Then you are against me.” Alicia got the sword up in time. She mourned the loss of a friend. But this was no longer the childhood playmate. Anita was dead. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” Alicia would fight. The witch didn’t answer as the wand appeared in her hand. The eyes burned. Alicia licked her lips. The black witch looked like a figure of flame. “Your life is forefite.” She told. Alicia had no doubt.

This was an ambush. Alucard snarled. Fires burned the floor. “Homing ball!” The skeletons hid among the tapestries. Torah Fernandez cast a magic spell. The fairy was red. Alucard threw back his cape. Glory be the Father, for small blessings. He was prepared. Blade met against blade. Buer growled. Alucard accepted the challenge. He might be a better fencer, though she met each blow. Her kind was among the elite. Buer stepped back to unsheathe a long knife. She then came for him. Alucard took it on the shield. “Hellfire!” Alucard disliked such behaviour, though this was no dual. She dodged. Buer stabbed him. Alucard felt the blood stain his shirt and cloathing. She might think to have the upper hand. He would heal. Buer then made flames to enforce her weapons. Alucard morphed into mist. He brought no protection from fire. Let it be. Alucard would pay the price, though not to her. He would not leave the child to her mercy. Buer pledged fealty to the prince of Darkness, the man who was his father. Alucard came as a bat. He tore at her troat. She screamed. Buer might be worshipped like a goddess, though she was not immortal. Alucard retained human form. She made rising flames to track forward. Alucard hid beneath the cape. Then the fairy approached.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fairy dashed. She made it to rain with star dust. Buer got caught in place. The tragic prince touched the crucifix. Buer blinked. Alucard removed the head. Marcia sighed. She liked to help. This might be too much. The fairy went to find Torah. She brandished with the ring smash. Marcia shone bright. The skeletons tried to kill her. She wouldn’t let it happen. The fairy struck through the skull. The bag of bones collapsed. “Homing ball!” The undead kept too close. The explosion threw them across the area. Marcia fluttered in the air. Things where only getting wilder. Alicia was in trouble. The fairy was certain about it. Torah emerged from the outburst. Although she looked shaken, she kept the razor rings. “Grizzly wing!” Marcia turned to see Alucard retreat. “Alga Dimensha!” Buer burned them to ashes. The fairy felt terrified. Who where these people? Buer conjured fire. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the frost spell. Buer got taken aback. Alucard impaled the heart. “Get down!” The corpse exploded. She was so relieved they survived. “Darkness always claims a terrible price of those which it seduces.” Torah sighed. “I wished I knew thy ancestor.” Alucard bowed. “She should be proud.” Torah blushed. The fay hid her mouth. Then she saw the enemy’s face.

The black witch aimed her wand. Alicia threw herself sideways. The heavy flame might kill her. The ice blast made her to stagger. Anita put up a force field. She laughed while throwing fireballs. Alicia managed to sidestep. She threw the vial in a high arch. The holy water went up in flames. Anita vanished. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. She looked round for the enemy. The witch reappeared. Alicia threw the axe forward. Anita split into a swarm of smaller bats. They went like a swarm. Alicia presented the crucifix. The vampire reformed to control the flaming orb. She made it to chase her about. Alicia got to run. The curtains began to burn. They where here! Alicia had to warn them. She might be flexable. Alucard had noticed. “Grizzly wing!” He made the orb to explode. “Homing ball!” Torah dashed to counter the fireballs. The black witch hissed with frustration. Alicia was impressed by the girl’s bravery. She slid in to might crush the witch. Anita vanished like mist. She came back to continue the assault. Alicia noticed. She threw the dagger forward. Alicia made it to split in three. The black witch got impaled. But then she left like bats. “You can’t defeat me!” Anita bellowed. “I wield ancient power!” The flames went for Alucard. Alicia tightened her grip. The black witch was careless. She might tear them apart. If she only could break the wand. Anita released another series of fireballs. The fairy got to dance. “Homing ball!” Torah tried to freeze her in place. The witch created the force field. Alicia ducked behind the arm chair. The globe of yellow fire blasted the seat into oblivion. Alicia managed to throw herself away. She was a Belmont. Alicia would hunt. The storm raged within. Alicia released a flurry of crosses. The witch faded like mist. If only Trevor was here. Her cousin was trained to be a vampire hunter. Alicia shook it off. He couldn’t help them now. Anita was back. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Alicia threw another dagger. She got the heart of ice. The frost might shield her against the enflamed spells. Dual ice knives pierced the undead. Anita groaned. Blood stained the red and yellow upon her dress. The witch opened her mouth. Red liquid ran down her chin. Alicia touched the crucifix. She didn’t pierced the heart. Anita gathered to throw other fireballs. She ran for cover. Torah went creaping along the floor. The fairy managed to conceal herself. Alicia closed her mouth. She was too brave. Alicia picked together. She reached for the spell book. Anita kept shooting. Alucard was busy with the bats. She left it in the hands of the Lord. Then Alicia released a flurry of sonic rings. The witch roared in anger. Then Alucard wolf leaped atop. Anita was taken aback. The sheer waight made her to stagger. Anita made flames to burn. Alicia blocked her ears. The howl sent echoes throughout the ruins. Alucard leapt aside. He opened a gash in her shoulder. Alicia dashed. She kept the sword held high. Before the vampire might try to hypnotize, the hunter threw the vial. Anita split into a swarm. The bats went like a swarm. Alicia made a glide. She got beneath the onslaught. Anita reformed to release a beam of red flame. Alicia hid behind the crosses. The witch put them afire.

The crosses burned out. Torah bit her lip. The fire made strange shadows upon the wall. She tried not to worry. Marcia was with her. She really was afraid. This was no mere vampire or undead. Alicia threw herself forward to strike with the sword. The woman fired another beam. Alicia dodged. She managed to hurl the axe. Torah fought the urge. She couldn’t afford to cheer right now. Torah kept creaping. The blue wolf threw itself upon the witch. She screamed. The axe went home. Torah touched the cross. The adult went to retrieve her weapon. Marcia had begun to glow. She bit her lip. Torah didn’t want to be found. She got to pick the right moment. Torah prayed they would keep her occupied. They did. Alicia opened a small wound. She shed a few drops. The sword blazed upon contact. “I am sorry Anita.” The blood force broke the shield. “But this I must do.” The result hurled the vampire away. “May the Lord make mercy upon thy soul.” Alucard arrived, sword in hand. “Rest in peace.” Anita didn’t answer. She threw flames at him. The tragic prince morphed into mist. Alicia managed to repel the fireballs. That was her moment. Torah leaped to crush the witch’s wand. Anita shrieked. But it was too late. The wand exploded. The reaction then shook the castle.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The smoke was finally clearing. The fairy wished to scream. Torah lay motionless upon the floor. “We arth all God’s madmen.” Alucard had retained human form. The fairy wept. She wished there where something she might do. Torah looked so defenceless, although she still cradled the ring smash. “Forgive us.” Alicia breathed. “We don’t know what we do.” Marcia suddenly felt so angry. The black witch wasn’t defeated. The explosion ripped the dress, though the red flame kept burning. “So be it.” Anita dropped the rags. Beneath, she carried a near transparent shroud. The fairy felt at a loss. She heard ghostly music. The jewlery survived the fire. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Alicia was blushing. The tragic prince arched an eyebrow. Anita reached with her arms before she began to dance. The fairy recognised the charm. “You want to kill me?” The voice was soft as silk. Even Marcia shivered by the touch. The vampire was an Exelent artist. “Then you have to come closer.” Anita cooed, offering a hand. The gown fell down to reveal her left shoulder. Marcia gasped. The ivy tattoos climbed up her skin. Marcia wasn’t the only one glancing. “Help me.” Alicia sounded like drowning. “In mine mother’s name.” Alucard said. “I shall stamp thee out.”

She got skill. Alucard knew this would be the final battle. He cursed himself as a fool. Anita Fortner was more then a magician. She danced with such grace it was hard to resist. She charmed his comrades. Alucard would have no part in it. The vampire came for him. She knew well how to deal with mortal combat. She concealed a set of knives. When Alucard moved to disable, she delivered with successive swipes. The Belmont awoke. The witch dodged or parried the offense. They could not touch her. Anita was to agile. This was a waste of time. They got to sever the source of the leaking power. The others kept trust in them. “Sword familiar!” Alucard summoned. “Come to my aid.” Anita Fortner danced beyond their reach. The flouting sword appeared on his command. “How may I be of service?” The vampire smiled. “Oh Alucard.” She beconed. “You still don’t realize my power.” Alucard made no reply. The witch approached with a series of stabs. The assault made them to retreat. “Conquer my enemy.” Alucard told. “Yes, my master.” Alicia Schneider then crushed a vial. The holy water went up in flames. Alucard morphed into mist. The witch screamed in agony. She burned. The sword familiar would remove the head. The vampire split into a swarm. The familiar spun to reach her. The witch reformed to kill the Belmont. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” The hunter threw three burning daggers. Anita Fortner got impaled. She screamed in pain. The gaze burned with hatred. Alucard would protect his descendant. He came too late. Alicia Schneider was not alone. The sorceress was alive. She hurled one of the metal rings. The vampire got hurt. She threw a knife in return. Torah Fernandez saved herself. The knife went above. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread the cape to release the trio of blue bat-inhabited fireballs. Anita Fortner snarled. She channeled a burst of black electricity which consumed the onslaught. “Master!” The sword familiar went darting in. Alicia Schneider struck with the sword. They intended to remove both the hearth and head. The undead escaped their effort. She left like bats. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard would settle the matter. The spell almost made his wish come true. But then the vampire resurfaced. “Homing ball!” Torah Fernandez cast the enchantment. Alucard bowed. This time it was the witch that got sent flying against the wall. He unsheathed the sword. Torah Fernandez arrived before he could. She struck through the neck. “No!” Alucard could only impale the heart. “It can’t end like this!” Alicia Schneider doused her with holy water. “I don’t think He agrees with you.” The sorceress remarked. Alucard almost smiled. She got a point. “Fools!” The witch bellowed while going up in flames. “I also got hidden powers!” She laughed. “I know things you don’t.” Alucard might feel the disturbance. “Menace!” She called. “Help me!” The vampire then crumbled into dust. “May she rest in peace.” The Schneider went to open the windows. The night air was cold, though it made the air to smell much better. “It must be close to midnight.” The sorceress went to look outside. Marcia fluttered above her head. “I thank thee for thy service.” Alucard dismissed his familiar. He replaced the card. Then he went to join with the others. Alucard would like a look on the lake. “It looks like another storm.” The yongling remarked. Alucard was about to speak when he noticed. “Save us.” He then praid. “We arth perishing.” They looked concearned. They must realize. “I feel it.” The fairy said. “The energies are rising to rapidly.” Alucard never acknowledged as the castle began shaking.

The castle shook. Torah could feel the rising shadow. What did they do wrong? Never mind that now. The ruins where about to crumble. “We have to leave!” Alicia already turned to run. They got nowhere. The floor cracked beneath their feet. Alucard morphed into a bat. He and Marcia might fly. Torah couldn’t. “I am sorry.” She breathed. Then Torah fell. She fell forever. The debris and rubble came along. Torah closed her eyes. She only waited for the final impact. She couldn’t survive. Not this time. Torah would be crushed and then buried beneath the ruins. She felt tears down her cheeks. Torah let it show. She wasn’t afraid. Then she heard the sound of flapping wings. A bat shrieked. Torah smiled. He came to save her. Torah was unsure if she deserved it. There where no one to rescue Alicia. The bat swept down into the ruins. She caught a glimpse of blonde hair. Alicia was there. The light revealed her face. Marcia fluttered about. She was glowing so bright that Torah got to look aside. Alicia said something she didn’t quite figure. That wasn’t important. The bat slowed the descent, though he couldn’t save them. Not even Alucard was that strong. Torah exhaled. “Help us!” She called. “Homing ball!” Torah blew a hole in the floor. The pond saved their lives. Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The resurrection room was pich black. “Where arth thee?!” Alucard called to his comrades. “Here.” A voice answered, deep and cold. “ I am waiting for thy.” The tragic prince made the sign of the cross. “Nay.” He said. “It cannot be.” The torches then lit with a sickly green flame. Ahead of him, in front of the sarcophagus, stood the enemy. “Thy know me.” The ragged cloak and bandages could not conceal the greyish brown skin. Alucard retrieved his sword. The feet lost a few toes. “Tut Ank Amon.” Alucard presented the shield. The notion sat the sunken yellow eyes afire. The nose was a crater. Alucard was apaled. Patches of wirey white hair grew here and there about the skull. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia Schneider rose from the rubble, sword in hand. The undead mummy beheld her shape. The lips where gone. The grimace was forever captured upon his features. Even so, he could see the sign of lust. Tuth Ank Amon moved like a walking corpse, though he approached the lady. “You won’t dare.” The young sorceress was furious. “Right!” The fairy burned bright red. He stopped to watch her. The king wielded the rod with great care. Alucard disliked it. The smoldering gem beated with dark power. “Beware of the shadow.” He told the others.

The pond was freezing cold. Alicia doubted the quality. She threw it aside. They where alive. Alicia unsheathed the sword. She felt the shadow. Alucard occupied the centre. He presented the crucifix. The mummy stopped. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Alucard spoke between tight lips. Tuth Ank Amon was chanting ancient words. “What is he saying?” Torah asked. Alucard cast no shadow. That wasn’t important. “He mentioned the names of Anubis, Seth and Cali.” The tragic prince bared his fangs. “That is a wvariant of the Nubian thung, the vertion spoken by the priesthood of the cult.” Alicia touched the crucifix. She felt chills down her spine. “I don’t like him.” Marcia chirped. She settled upon Torah’s shoulder. The mummy then aimed the rod. “Fire in the hall!” Alicia pulled the glasses tight before she threw herself sideways. Tuth Ank Amon released the shadow. The acid green flare exploded on impact. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. “Get down!” Marcia warned. “He is using a shield ring!” The spell got absorbed. Alicia bit her lip. She wouldn’t be able to use the sword crush. Alucard noticed as much. “Come to my aid!” He summoned the demon familiar. The beast brandished with the spear. Tuth Ank Amon made no notion. He turned in place to lift his hand. Alicia thought he looked rather spooky. The mummy release a storm of small fireballs. The tragic prince changed into mist. Alicia made a glide. The storm didn’t reach home. “The spell is short-ranged!” The demon called. Alicia didn’t answer. She crushed the vial against his body. Flames burned the wrapping. “You won’t hurt her!” Torah approached. She used the ring smash to block against the scroll. Alicia was unable to reed the script. She better not. The impact hurled the sorceress across the ceremonial room. The mummy was about to aim the rod. Alucard came back. He used the shield like a battering-ramp. The king staggered. The demon pined through where the stomach should be. Tuth Ank Amon completed the chant. Alicia felt how the Malice tore at her lungs. The necromancer might conjure even the spirits of the dead. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The death masks didn’t stop. They spat icicles about. Alicia struck the shard. Was this how Jonathan Morris felt in 1944? Only Charlotte Aulin might tell. She shook it off. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Tuth Ank Amon captured the prince in wrappings. The demon familiar cut the bonds. Alicia struck through the heart. The mummy staggered. The shield ring couldn’t protect him against this attack. Fires burned the body from within. The death mask almost froze her into place. “Homing ball!” Torah got up on one knee. The steam shot the mask to pieces. Alicia made a back-flip. The short-ranged fireballs worked like a shield. Alucard became the bat. The mummy had aimed the rod. Alicia really disliked that item. She could see beyond the obvious. The gem was a black hole in reality. The wand drained up the Chaos from outside and spewed it upon the living. The black witch also used a rod. But this was nothing of the sort. She made a sudden rush. The Death masks kept firing. Alicia got a storm inside. She hurled eight daggers forward. The masks burned on impact. Toth Ank Amon revealed the demonic script. Alicia felt the shift in power. Marcia came to flutter in front. She absorbed the attack. Marcia really got drained. “Take the crystals!” Torah shouted. Marcia dived. “Homing ball!” The spell cut through the wrappings. Alicia regained her breath. She almost got strangled. “Hellfire!” Alucard was back. “Thou should know.” The mummy absorbed the assault. “Thee arth nay the one to defy me.” The tragic prince never answered. He kept the stare. “Then let me handle it.” Torah said. Toth Ank Amon already got the rod aimed. The ring smash got buried between the ribs. The girl fought to retrieve them. The king managed to suppress the outburst. “Thou arth a pretty flower.” Toth Ank Amon reached for her. “ Growing in the vales of the moon.” Torah screamed. The fairy went like a dart. Alicia couldn’t bare it. The demon made a glide. “Master!” He stabbed the spear through the rags and bandage. The Chaos exploded. Torah got free. They all got hurled away. Alicia finished the Final Death mask. Toth Ank Amon turned to behold her. Alicia looked down. She didn’t meet the gaze. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia reached for the crucifix. She was the eye of the storm. Alicia made a beam to strike down. The mummy rose the wand. The dark force was not enough. He got cut up by the spinning crosses. Alucard went like the blue wolf. Toth Ank Amon released the flurry of short-ranged fireballs. Alicia moved in to block the assault. She brandished with the storm sword. Alicia got captured by the wrappings. Torah got back up. She released her before dodging the script. Alicia gathered to might throw the axe. Then she got hit by the Death masks. The shards sent her flying back. Alicia then fell into deep water. She shuddered with cold. Alicia tried to gather. That was impossible. Everything went black.

The tragic prince went for the hunter. “You bastard!” Torah shouted. The mummy man was about to fire. The fairy sped after the others. She was alone. Torah presented the cross. Toth Ank Amon was trying to make her into a concubine. Torah might see it in his eyes. The cross blazed with gold. The mummy man staggered back from the image. “Homing ball!” She went behind the attack. Toth Ank Amon might block the spell, though not the ring smash. “Take this!” Torah screamed as she struck through. The corpse burned from within. He aimed with the wand. Torah knew the rings would be stuck. She stamped with the cross. The black gem exploded. Torah screamed. The outburst tore at her soul. She began to sing. Toth Ank Amon got captured by the “Minuet of the forest”. The power of life cut the mummy into pieces. Torah fell on her knees. She found the mystic orb. The crystal ball replenished her energy before she might give it away. “Oh God!” Torah prayed. “If You truly ever loved us, then send help, now!” The sorceress was close to tears. The castle began to crumble. Torah knew they would be buried. “Do thy hear that?” Alucard reappeared. He carried Alicia in his arms. “Gingle bells?” Marcia went pink. Torah felt taken aback. Then he arrived; Father Chrismus.

Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. They went through the air. The fairy could hardly believe they where doing this. Father Chrismus offered them a ride. The sledge went above the fog-shrouded night-scape. The castle really did crumble. The lake side had frozen over. Marcia was glad the forest got restored. Alicia was still alive, though she didn’t wake up. The tragic prince worried about her statusThe fairy went blue. She was worried too. Marcia hung onto Torah’s shoulder. She could reed her aura. The fairy might see the broken centre point, the source of the opposing bloodlines. The dryad blood gathered power, then the sorcery line would gain the upper hand. She turned green with worry. This reminded about that Eastern symbol. Marcia looked back at Alucard. He fought the same battle, though the tragic prince brought balance to the force. “That isn’t your fault.” The Chrismus pup might actually speak! Marcia got confused. The Reindeers seemed to glow in the moonlight. No one else seemed to notice. This was almost too much for a little fay to handle. Marcia wished that Torah might speak. She, if anyone, could explain. This was human business. “There we are!” Father Chrismus aimed at the forest. “Get ready!” Marcia settled in. The hunt began again. She would do what she could.

He could stay awake to hear her breathing. “Come back.” Alucard put the glasses upon her lap. “Alicia Schneider. He had come to care about her. “Thee deserves to live.” Alucard knew different, of course. The Lord might anser his prayer. Then the vampire hunter opened her eyes. Alucard worshipped the Lord. He felt grateful for her revival. The mystery saint had saved them all. Alucard helped her to sit. Alicia Schneider then pulled the blanket closer about herself. “I don’t believe it.” The tragic prince acknowledged. The big old man remained seated in the sledge. “I do.” Torah Fernandez almost laughed. She really was that merry. “It really is him.” She spread her arms. “That is father Chrismus.” Alucard bowed. “She tells the truth.” He told. “He saved us.” St. Nicolus provided aid. He brought them to the forest. “The bishop lit the fire.” The Belmont put a finger on her lips. “That is alright. I believe you.” Alucard might relax. She figured his concearn. “Here.” Torah Fernandez offered her a steaming cup. “I never liked tee before.” Torah Fernandez revealed. “It is rather English.” Alicia Schneider had a sip. “Though this is delishious.” Father Chrismus began to laugh. “It should.” Even the sorceress shared his mirth. “Charlotte Aulin drank a lot in 1944.” Alucard arched an eyebrow. He met her granddaughter while the eclipse incident of 1999. “Merry Chrismus!” St. Nicolas was about to leave. “Merry Chrismus!” The sledge left into the air. They where left behind. “Alucard.” Alicia asked. “What happened?” Marcia left the branch to flutter before her face. “We did it!” The fay exclaimed. “The fairy familiar came to visit.” Torah Fernandez sat down before the fire. “She told about their battle.” She smiled. “We severed the source.” Alucard never changed expression. The source of the shadow still ecsisted. There was another problem. “They need our help.” He explained. “My familiar told they where captured beneath the countryside.” Alicia Schneider pulled off the blanket. She became worried. “We got to help them.” The hunter exclaimed. Then she hid her face. “That we cannot.” Alucard folded his arms above the chest. “We have no means to reach them.”

She was sobbing. Torah hated her despair. “It isn’t like that.” She assured. “Nicolas offered us lift into the forest.” Alicia drew her tears. The tragic prince bent to kiss her hand. “We have not lost.” He told. “We have reached Ruvas forest.” Torah made a grimace. “Drop it.” Marcia whispered. “It isn’t worth the effort.” Torah sighed. The fairy was right. Alicia had gathered. She folded the blanket so it might fit into the backpack. “The saint gave us a map of the countryside.” Alucard offered the scroll. She had a look. Torah was certain that Alicia might guide. “The entrance to the caves should be marked out.” Marcia lifted into the air. “I think.” Alucard bowed. Alicia began cleaning her glasses. “First we have to find the ridge.” She frowned. Torah bent to look. “We must reach the oblivion ridge.” She made a grimace. Alicia touched the crucifix. “Let’s start.” She got up. Torah would assist in breaking the camp. The tragic prince kept looking into the distance. Torah knew his trouble. They didn’t tell her the curse was active. They would have to explain. Alicia unsheathed the sword. “We have to gather.” Torah smiled. She got that right. “Let us go.” Alucard suggested. Torah picked the ring smash. They would confront the shadow some other day. The group began walking. Dabi's path, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D. This was the moment. Dimitri Blinov knelt upon the floor. The witch was ready. “Yes, my lord.” Drolta Tsuentez acknowledged his demand. She reached inside her cloak to produce the tubes. The candidate was pleased. He absorbed the power of the marsh, though that was not enough. That may be. This would grant him control. The apprentice witch secured the samples befor the ritual. “This is the blood of the black and the white witch.” Drolta Tsuentez poured it out upon the ground. They felt the potential. Dimitri Blinov knew this might impress upon the circle of blood. “Preceed.” He told. The witch bowed. “Yes, my lord.” She lit the candles. They shed some light above the ancient stone table. “Excelent.” Dimitri smiled. He knew the fangs got exposed. “Make the circle.” Everything was going according to his desire. “Prepare the blue fire.” The witch served his will. Drolta Tsuentez was beautiful tonight. Dimitri knew she was naked beneath the garb. That was of no concern. The Spaniard was not of his type. She knew that. Dimitri approached. “It begins.” He opened a wound to stain upon the altar. Dimitri would heal. This was an offering to the Chaos which he served.

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Castlevania Darkness Never Dies35

Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademark of Konami and Nintendo.

Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”You shall see greater things than this.””

John: 1. 50.

Chapter 10: Bloody Tears.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

The white witch dominated the room. The shroud got spread about like a pile of snow. “My lady.” Bael approached. They would serve the Dark Lord. “We have assembled the bounty hunters as you requested.” Liza Bernhardt acknowledged, though she disapproved about their rank. The bounty hunters where traitors, outcasts of society, though the realm had to be kept in good order. “Stand aside.” She told. They entered the audience room. The snow queen admitted the group. She had been careful when celecting the scavengers. The woman fit her file. Molly Graham was an ice-blonde undead with piercing blue eyes, clad in silver white body armour. The weapons robe of delusion almost made her to blend with the background. Though it was the droid, SD-88, who spoke on their behalf. She cared not. “There will be a substancial reward for the one who finds the Belmont clan.” The white witch decleared. “You may use any method necessary.” She was certain to impress upon them. “But I want them alive; no desintigration.” They exchanged glances. “Now go.” The ice queen dismissed. “Do not forget what I have said.” She smiled. “Your life depend upon it.” They bowed to her. “It shall be done, my lady.” Liza Bernhardt acknowledged. The price would secure their loyalty.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

The white Sheppard sniffed the air. “We are lost.” Edward Morris beheld the countryside. She growled. Angel disliked the sound in his voice. The owner then shook his head. The tree-she squeezed his hand. “I am not afraid.” The red hair fell down to frame her features. Angel got her tail up. “Beside.” The female pulled at his beard. “This isn’t your fault.” The breeder pulled free, though he blushed. “You are so cute.” The Sheppard noticed she smiled. Then she revealed her teeth. “Sorry, young master.” The shiny thing didn’t smell natural. “But I think you wish to see this.” The delicate creature flouted before his face. The owner made a grimace, although he went to look. Angel was sure she got between him and the shiny one. “Take cover.” The breeder told. She was sure to listen. The others also got down. The snow was cold, but Angel had no problem with blending with the white. The stones pushed through the sheet. Angel didn’t move. The scent told her to keep out of sight. A flock of flying things went across the sky. The big light was up, though the flyers didn’t smell right. “They try to find you.” The shiny thing seemed almost dull. “I know.” The owner tugged his beard. “They serve the black riders.” The tree-she looked so sad. Angel wished to protect them.

The ravens finally disappeared from sight. Edward made the sign of the cross. He hoped their problems would be over after they defeated the countess. That was not the case. Darkness never dies. That was so true. Edward tapped Angel on her back. He helped Saria to get up. For a while they held on to each other. Then Edward let go. They tried to leave the ridges. He sighed. The hills where a labyrinth. Edward knew he could use the card. He dusted off the coat. That was no option. They would notice about him. Saria muttered about the bow. Although there where no snowlfall, she got trouble with the string. That added an antire new set of worries to the lot. Edward reached for the crucifix. He got to believe it would be alright. Edward cracked with the morning-star whip. He went to knock the candles. The crystals replenished his energy. That would come in handy. Edward knew he would have to use the DSS-cardss eventually. He didn’t deserve them. Julius should have given them to Christian. “Thank you, little cousin.” Saria spoke with the fairy. “You warned us in time.” Edward frowned. He wondered what she ment. That wasn’t important. Not now. He got other things to do. Edward recoiled the whip. They got to continue. Angel went ahead. The Sheppard might find a way. Or at least Edward hoped she could. The ground grew rocky and steap. Saria tripped. Edward was able to help her. “Let me carry you across.” He offered. The dryad smiled. She kissed his cheek. Edward brushed through her hair. Then he bent forward. Saria got on top. He made a grunt, although she was light. Angel waited for them to keep up. Edward forced his way about the boulders. The stones got littered throughout the hillside. “Why don’t you listen to me?” The dryad bent to speak in his ear. “This way is much to rocky.” He didn’t answer. Edward kept his hand close to the whip. “We should go back.” Saria insisted. Edward sighed. He let her slip from his back. They got to talk. Saria had a deep breath. Then she met his gaze. “I know.” Edward might stand right. “We spent the better part of a day to even get this far.” Saria shook her head. You know that doesn’t count.” She reached for the medallion. “There have to be a way.” Edward pulled back the hat. “There might be.” He frowned. “But the henchmen might know of it too.” He made the sign of the cross. Saria went on tip-toe to touch his cheek. “I don’t want the undead to find us either.” Edward touched her left breast. “We have to continue.” Edward would liked to kiss her. There was no time. “The riders will always be there.” Saria made a sound. She knew they got no choise. “They will never stop hunting us.” Edward had felt so relieved when the mansion burned. But that was only a breather. “We must find a way down.” Saria didn’t answer. She kept his gaze. Then Saria bent to kiss him. “I trust you.” She told.

They reached the end of the ridge. Saria licked her lips. The abyss looked ready to swallow her up. The gorge got littered with splintered rocks and boulders that penetrated the snow. The cluster of Ash, Oak and Pine trees got twisted by the wind. Edward made the sign of the cross. She put a hand on the trunk. Saria felt suddenly uneasy. “There is no shelter.” The grove was nothing like the Dora wood. Edward sighed. “The East wind is blowing again.” Saria shuddered. She felt it too. “I think it’s getting colder.” Angel barked. Saria gathered. The fairy was coming back. The Sheppard disliked her cousin. That was obvious. The hound got in front of her boyfriend. Saria hid a smile. Then again, she only tried to help. Edward reached for the whip. Saria unsheathed the sword and shield. The emaralds gleemed upon the hilt. Saria would be ready. The werewolves knew how to fight. She hoped they where not around. “I found the road.” The familiar told. Edward didn’t rejoice. “Though I think the tavern might b occupied.” He smiled, though it never reached his eyes. Saria sighed. She should have guessed it would be this way. “What do we do now?” They exchanged glances, although Saria already knew the answer. Edward crossed himself. “We hunt the night.” He then said.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

The servants spread out. Olga was in the leed. Charles Krueger tried to inhale. They lost their property, though the family survived. That was all which mattered. “It will be alright.” Constance held his hand. He was so proud of his daughter. She managed to lead the others into battle. “I know it will.” They went for the village of Doina. Charles touched the axe. The family owned another estate. “There is something out there.” Olga came back to tell him. “Something in the forest.” They exchanged glances. Charles picked his weapon. He prayed it was not another maid going renegade. That other almost killed him. Constance saved him in time, though he got a limping leg. Charles exhaled. “Tell them to gather.” He said. Constance looked round. She produced both her knives. Charles gave an approving look. “Yes, as you say.” Olga licked her lips. She was worried too. “Wait here.” The undead maid tried to kill her too. “Gather to the land lord!” The housekeeper called. “Come, hurry up!” The servants made haste. They remembered what happened at the ridge. The people brandished with their items. Charles had a shudder. The maid summoned the dead. Constance gave his hand a squeeze. Then they waited. Charles was sure he heard his heart beating. Then the farmers showed up.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

The Sheppard growled as Edward tied her to a tree. “Sorry pal.” He muttered. “But I can’t take you inside.” Saria touched his shoulder. She resheathed the druid sword. “I know.” Saria hung up the dryad shield. Edward scratched himself. Then Angel howled. The ravens nested atop the tree. “Magic arrow!” Saria had found another string. Edward threw a vial. The skeleton tried to strangle him. The vial hit down. The holy water burned the bone-man into submission. He was not alone. Other skeletons pushed through the ground. “Star shield!” Saria presented the shield. The ravens burned on impact. Angel moved around the tree to bite at the enemies. The necklace shone bright with silver. “Blue bow!” She pined the bird against the tree. “God with us!” Edward challenged. He brandished with the whip. The skeleton made a back-flip to throw bones. Edward made a grimace. “Star bow!” Saria hoped there where no magicians about. They might notice her usage. The birds must not escape. They would tell the black riders. Edward threw the dagger forward. The skeleton collapsed into a heap. He was more careful. The white Sheppard crushed a raven between her canins. Saria made a dash. She crushed the bone-man before he might react. That was the last of their numbers.

The ravens came swooping in. Edward hurled the axe in a high arch. They kept to close. He managed to take out a whole lot. Saria crushed the last skeleton. She fired arrows to take the birds. They left plenty of crystals. Edward collected the gems before he went through the thicket. Angel looked after him. She gave such a forlonged expression. Edward sighed. He couldn’t take her with him. Not this time. Saria kept up. They went out on the ridge. The inn lay at the brink of a great rock. The view was magnificent, though the distance was so great that big and small became blended. “The Tainyor mountains.” Saria said. Edward agreed. “Come.” He said. The fairy familiar had warned them about this place. Edward made her to disappear. He went for the tavern. Edward threw a glance up at the sign. The place was named the “Hangman’s daughters”. That might be a proper name for an establishment serving Dracula’s followers. Edward touched the crucifix. He hid it inside the jacket. Saria sent him a look. Edward exhaled. He buttoned the coat to might conceal his other items. Saria opened the door. There came a gust of hot air. The guest house contained quite a gather. The high voices might tell as much. “We have to be more careful.” Edward told before they entered.

The “Hangman’s daughters”, Oblivion ridge. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The heart got lit by a glorious fire. Edward made a sigh of relief. The heat roared up the chimney. That felt nice after the cold outside. The dryad closed the door behind. Edward looked around the tavern. “Save us.” He muttered. There where no sunlight. The dusty old oil lamps hung down from the low ceiling. They almost gave no light at all. “The windows are closed.” Saria tried to keep her voice down. That was difficult. The inn was crowded. Another lamp was lit above the bar. Behind the counter sat a big bear like man, who seemed to watch over the place. Edward noticed he got a shrude look behind the beard. “Keep close.” Edward was clever when concealing the arsenal. The guests got armed. The clientel seemed to be made up of both humans and the mythological. Edward looked for somewhere to sit. The orcs and goblins didn’t seem to care. “She at least know how to entertain people.” Edward arched an eyebrow. Saria was too preoccupied to notice. The girl danced on the table while singing. She couldn’t possibly be much older then 19. He dismissed about the matter. This was uncharted territory. Edward caught some of the words. They almost made him blush. The dirty white blouse was cut so low that it seemed like she would fell out with each step. “Indeed.” Edward got to clear his voice. “She is quite flexable.” Saria hid her mouth. Edward wished to hit himself. “Though I am better.” He tried not to mind as he kept looking for a table. This wasn’t his kind of establishment. The maids where all prostitutes. Some of the guests had noticed about his girlfriend. Saria didn’t mind. Edward hoped they wouldn’t start anything. The slavers might give a fear price for someone like her. “Do you want company?” The brunette appeared from among the crowd to invite him. “Or are you just looking?” The sweet voice sent thingles through his heart and soul. The grey eyes returned the gaze. Edward swallowed. The maid wore a bracelet of false gold. The necklace was made of the same material. Edward would have reached for the crucifix. The jewels had to be pieces of glass. “You might call me Marian.” The barmaid teased. “Come, stay with me.” A pink tongue went across the painted lips. “It will be fun.” Saria shook her head. “Sorry girly.” She stepped in front. “But he is with me.” Marian only giggled. “You should try a second dish.” The brunette folded her arms to reveal the bosom. “They all say I might fit in anywhere, any time.” Edward tried to figure an answer. Saria already got one. “Pity.” She spoke before he could. “But not now.” The dryad even cracked a smile. “But perhaps later.” The maid blew a kiss before she vanished to serve the other guests. “What was that about?” Edward tugged his beard. “Find us a table.” Saria told. “This is a maiden’s house.” She went for the bar. Edward couldn’t wait. He doged her track. The big brute turned to talk with her. Edward pushed back the hat. He didn’t trust him. That black man, he forgot the name, told the ancestors about that hotel. James Morris and Charles Lecarde came too late. Although they did sanctify the earth, so that the evil might never return to haunt those grounds. Edward dismissed. That was way back in 1978. He got to concentrate. “Sure there is a way down to Jam.” The barman told. “But why should a girl like you wish to go there?” He smiled to reveal ceveral missing teeth. “You should stay in bed.” Edward crossed his arms. “Instead of climbing about the rocks.” The brute turned a tumb over his shoulder. “Though I warn you.” The man got a shudder. “There are strange folks abroad.” They exchanged glances. Edward knew what that ment. They got to continue. Saria made a grimace. “I noticed that Marian got interested.” The barman winked. “She really looks nice.” Edward forced a smile. The bartender laughed. “Tell her you got the tip from old Joe.” He pointed at himself. “She might give a nice fear.” Edward cut him short. He ordered an ale for himself and a brandy to Saria. Joe was quick in action. He soon sent the drinks across the counter. Edward gave him the money. Saria found a table. They went to sit down. Edward sent the orc a nasty look. He only kept on snoring. Edward dismissed about the drunkard. “What happens now?” He had a sip of ale. The brew tasted real good. Edward sighed. He forgot how he missed it. Edward wondered how they made it. He saw no greenhouse from outside. That was only a distraction. “We might take the bottoms up and leave.” Saria sent the glass a dirty look. “You heard what he said.” She picked with the medallion. Edward had another taste. Then he nodded. “I had hoped the riders lost our track.” Saria smiled, though it was only a grimace. “They won’t ever stop.” They held hands across the table. Edward knew they got bound to the count. Then he noticed the stoap was empty. Edward was about to get up when the door was opened. His spine turned to ice. There stood a figure, clad in red and gold. “Good Lord in Heaven.” He was not alone. Another person came from behind. Edward might breathe again when he figured they where not the dark wanderers. “Mother of trees.” Saria hissed. He frowned. She never used such language before. The woman remained at the door while her partner went to speak with the bartender. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Edward breathed. “I don’t like this.” Saria was getting up. “Hello Bree.” Marian reappeared. “Do you feel lonely tonight?” She put a hand on her chest. Edward tugged his beard. The coat fell back to reveal black rubber. The suit got proved by set metal plates and Kevlar. “Edward.” Saria said. “I think she is armed.” Edward agreed. He also noticed about the hip holster. That woman got to be one of Dracula’s techno mages. Edward inhaled. He would eat his hat if that other person was not a robot. “Do not draw attention.” He told. “Get ready.” Saria did. Edward could almost smell her anxiety. He knew how she felt. Edward hoped they didn’t bring other soldiers along. He reached for the whip. Edward was to slow. “Forest’s death.” Saria cursed before releasing the arrow. “SD-88!” The woman called. The robot immediately turned round. “Set for stun.” The machine aimed its heavy cannon. They came to take her! The dryad made a dive beneath the table. The tavern was in an uproar. The guests went for the exits. Edward unbuttoned the coat. He and Saria stood back-to-back. “God with us!” Edward challenged while he brandished with the Undead Killer whip. “I am Dr. Bree Coleman.” The woman shed the coat. “Fire in the hall!” She touched her shoulder to launch repeated missiles. Although he managed to dodge, the impact made large holes in the walls and ceiling. Saria groaned. She got hit by a dagger. Edward ducked. The dancing girl snarled before she hurled a second knife. “I don’t think so.” The dryad picked together. She fired a moon arrow. Edward combined the Pluto and Serpent cards to throw dual vials. The holy water waved up and burned the enemies. The hunters got disturbed by the costumers. Joe didn’t leave. He picked a heavy hammer before he approached. “Blue bow!” Saria had killed a man. “Forgive us.” Edward whispered. “We don’t know what we do.” He reached for the knife. “Surrender.” Bree was back. “If you want to live.” She flailed with a sort of combined metal, leather and electricity whip. “Opponent calculation: estimates to 100%.” SD-88 activated the shock lance. “The calculation do not conclude to confident approach.” The doctor shook her dark short-cut blonde head. “I know that.” The style was kept straight below the pointed ears to might frame her studs. “You have no idea.” Edward presented the crucifix. “I rather place my faith in the mercy of God.” Saria made no move, though she kept the bow steady. “The data analyzed.” The robot hit him with a sort of search light. “Edward Jonathan Morris; the vampire hunter which infiltrated the Ravenberg installation.” Bree stamped on the floor. “I don’t care who he is.” She insisted. “Fire at will.” Saria hid a smile. Edward was certain about it. He shook it off. The bounty hunter was still human. Edward tightened his grip. This was no game. The woman might blend with the background. The tight black suit seemed to liquify on her command. Edward combined the Jupiter and Salamander cards to make the fireballs to circle clockwise. That took the bront of the rockets. SD-88 was on the ofensive. “Star bow! Blue bow!” Saria released the arrows. She then fell on the floor. Saria got hit in the side. “No!” Edward cried. “Saria!” She didn’t move. ”She is alright.” Bree told. “At least for a while.” She laughed. Edward didn’t speak. He cracked with the whip.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They still didn’t smell right. The flying things sat upon the windows. Angel snarled. She would liked to crush them. That she couldn’t. The breeder tied her up. The things then lifted off. The flying things went for the high lands. Angel might detect the black spot. The Sheppard growled. They carried images about her care. She became quiet. A sudden chill spread through the air. Angel winched. She could smell their approach. The bone two-legs pushed through the snow. The humans built their den upon the burrow. The transparent figures where so cold. She pulled with all her force. The bond let loose. Angel was free. She howled when hurling herself toward the ghost. The silver necklace burned like sunfire. The two leg moaned when fading. The white Sheppard didn’t rest. She went for the others. Angel would bite them all. She had to serve and protect the owner. The bone tasted so bitter she spat them all out. That couldn’t stop her. The dead things reached to tear her. Angel howled her challenge. The crosses blazed. She tore through the ghost. The foul thing moaned. She whimpered by the sound. Angel might smell the lot. The dead meat tried to catch her. Angel growled before she threw herself around. The necklace burned. She would tear them apart.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

She liked it better here. The white witch had returned to the kenels. The wargs did recognize their mistress. “Nevermore.” The raven was black against her shoulder. “You have done well, my servant.” They spotted the Belmont. Not that she needed condescending. The hunter was using mysticism again. The ravens where a gift from the angel of Death. “Go.” She told. “Leave us.” The bird made a hoarse sound before leaving its purch. The snow queen watched it fly. She then beheld the soldiers. The warg-riders where hers to command. Liza Bernhardt noticed they watched her move with lustful hunger. She once gave in to their craving. The rite had made her strong. “Nathock.” The ice queen beconed. “Yes, my lady.” The chieftain bent down to her. “Let loose your warg-riders.” She told. “My ravens might guide you. The white witch rose her wand to let ice and frost to become present. “As you say, my lady.” The captain withdrew some steps before clanking for his steed. They respected no one and nothing but strength. A storm began to play with her white robes. The snow queen laughed. The riders hurried to the wargs. She made it to snow indoors. The bounty hunters got their chance. Now it was her turn to show the power of the Dark Lord. Liza Bernhardt knew well how to remedy.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

The heavy clouds came drifting from the East. Angel felt the white touch her nose. She shook it off. The snow began to fall in a thicket. The white Sheppard turned her head. She might still smell their numbers. The bone two leg pulled back to throw bones into the air. Angel dashed among the boulders. She came back out to leap upon the ghost. The figure moaned. The silver crosses shone like the big light. The Sheppard got hit by the bone. She winched on impact. The dead thing grinned at her. Angel growled. She threw herself sideways. The dead meat was trying to tear her apart. She howled her challenge. The crosses still burned. The dead things tried to escape. Angel leached toward the walking dead two legs. Angel was her breeder’s confident. She would protect and serve, no matter what. The white Sheppard bit into the dead flesh. She tore through to the heart. Angel crushed it between her canins. The dead meat burst into fire. The Sheppard drunk the water. She felt dirty after the conflict. Angel then leaped. The skeleton-man kept hurling bones. She would break it up. The ghost came through the snow. Angel howled. The figure reached for her. Angel leaped through. The ghost sighed when fading. Angel got the tail up. The silver necklace had saved her life.

The “Hangman’s daughters”, Oblivion ridge. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She didn’t wake. Edward felt like crying. He got no time. The machine kept marching forward. Edward got in a tight spot. He made the sign of the cross. This was getting out of hand. The robots might be immune to magic, though that didn’t make them invincible. Edward figured as much. The machines might be blown to pieces or receive a burnout. “You won’t dare!” Bree brandished with that whip. Edward tugged his beard. He got a score to settle. “God with us!” The doctor changed into her true form. Edward combined the Apollo and Serpent cards to might throw the ice bomb. The bar got frozen over. This was a mistake. Edward presented the crucifix. Saria found the answer. That wasn’t important right now. He made a grimace. Edward would protect her. Saria lay unconscious at his feet. “Pixie!” He picked the familiar card. “You have to help me!” The white cat laughed by his efforts. Edward didn’t mind. The fairy might turn the table. Or at least cause some confusion among the enemies. The robot fired for stun. Edward threw himself sideways. The SD models where unlike the other units he encountered. The lady cat kept launching rockets. Edward fused the Diana and Salamander cards to might stop the objective. The fireballs made the missiles to explode. He hoped that Christopher Belmont would be proud. The chronicle books told he got such abilities. The robot leaped overhead to attack with the lance. Edward cracked with the Undead Killer. The ghost whip petrified the robot. “God with us!” He couldn’t rest. Edward then changed his tactics. He combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to make it rain with holy water. Edward repeated the combo to throw a sircle of axes. “Curse you!” Bree flailed with the electricity whip. “Prepare to be terminated.” The shadow droid got back in action. Edward picked the crystals. He got to keep them occupied. Edward fused the Uranus and Salamander cards. He would not surrender. The firey beast appeared in front. Edward reached for the crucifix. The Salamander roared. The lady cat tried to dodge. Pixie arrived. She shone so bright. Bree collided with the Salamander. The impact sat her ablaze. She shrieked. The bounty hunter then collapsed into a heap. Edward exhaled. Bree got burned to ashes. “Get down!” The fight continued. “Configuration complete.” The shadow droid rebuilt the metal skeleton. The SD-88 then opened fire. “They might recreate their bodies!” Edward didn’t know about that. Pixie had figured. She warned them in time. “Sorry.” The Salamander got into trouble. This was all his fault. “There will be another time.” The beast vanished in a blossom of flame. Edward pulled together. The fairy still tried to confuse the robot. SD-88 didn’t mind. He lost the lance, though he kept blasting about. The robot got to have some weakness. Edward only got to figure. Pixie fluttered in circles. SD-88 seemed unstoppable. Then Saria began to sing. The robot glanced aside. Edward rejoiced, although his girlfriend kept weeping. The music pierced his heart. Edward felt refreshed and ready. He would hunt the night. SD-88 aimed his weapons. Edward wouldn’t allow it. This accursed robot of sick twisted mind was not going to kill her. The fairy shot like an arrow. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Edward cracked with the whip. Saria kept sining. She wouldn’t accept it either. The dryad pointed a finger. Then flowers began to grow upon the machine. SD-88 tried to escape. Edward crossed himself. Saria kept him in place. The green-life was growing wild. He inhaled. Edward then fused the Apollo and Thunderbird cards to might throw an electric bomb. The robot wined. The data computer was going overload. Then SD-88 got blown to pieces. Edward exhaled. Then he heard Angel wining. “Come on.” They exchanged glances over the wreckage. “The costumers escaped.” He was sure they would return. “This place will be filled with soldiers.” Edward thought of the ravens. He shuddered. “I know that.” Saria licked her lips. “Your pet might be in danger.” Pixie came back to flutter before his face. Edward touched the crucifix. He knew they didn’t like each other. That didn’t matter. The fairy wouldn’t neglect to warn them. “Thanks for telling me.” Edward told. Saria cleaned her cheeks. He would liked to comfort her. But they didn’t have time. Angel was in trouble. Edward recognised his responsibility. He wouldn’t let her down. Edward went for the exit.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fight was over. The fairy shone. Angel defeated the undead. Saria hid a smile. Edward picked the crystals. The Sheppard came to meet him. They looked so happy. Saria sighed. She found the way down to the waste. Saria looked over the edge. This was the end of the world. The snow was wett and sulky. She felt depressed. There where no trees, not even the evergreen, to might soften the landscape. Saria touched the medallion. The boulders, ashes and pieces of powdered rock told their own story. “We have to go back.” Saria licked her lips. “There might be some water left behind.” She already got thirsty. Edward touched her cheek. “You might relax.” He told. “I filled the bottles while you spoke with the barman.” Saria shook her head. “You still surprise me.” She said. Edward bowed. ”No problem.” He smiled. Then Edward got serious. “The cold is getting worse.” Saria shuddered. He was right. “This isn’t natural.” Edward crossed himself. “I know.” The Sheppard barked. Angel got in front. She was so brave. Saria picked an arrow. The hunter cracked with the whip. Saria bit her lip. Nothing changed. She might still be that person. Edward deserved to know. She was unsure how to tell him. Edward began walking. Saria cursed beneath her breath. She got to follow.

The “Hangman’s daughters”, Oblivion ridge. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

They came too late. Theodrin leaped from her hoover wing. They where about to rebuild the tavern. Molly Graham threw down the communicator. The elf was unsure, the t-shaped opening almost hid the face, though she thought the undead was furious. “Those people are worth 300 000 pieces in gold.” Molly stepped on the com-link. “I want that price.” Theodrin knew it wasn’t that easy. This got personal. They where partners. The droid sent a distress signal. They got delayed. Neither of them would rest until the duo was avenged. “Dorian!” Molly made him to land. Dorian Grey was another vampire. The blue and green techno-suit reflected the sunlight. Theodrin always thought he looked like a cyborg. “They must be out on the waste.” Dorian remarked. “If you say so.” They trusted his abilities. Dorian might track other forms of magic. “Let’s hunt a bounty.” Theodrin suggested. She got the wing into motion. “I agree.” The face might be hidden, though she recognised his lustiness. Molly gave a salute. She then charged the jet-pack. Theodrin went ahead. They spread out to cover for her. Theodrin smiled. This was the real thing. Together they sped toward the wasteland.

Jam wasteland, Warakiya. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

They escaped from the hillcountry. Although the breeder got to carry her some distance while climbing the cliff, the Sheppard might finally put her paws upon the wasteland. Angel winched. The snow cracked underneath. The owner made that certain gesture. “Glory be You.” He said. “Our Father in Heaven.” The tree she put a short arm around his chest. He brushed through her hair. Angel pulled her nose up to might sniff the air. She growled. The scent was not good. The breeder tugged his mate closer. That seemed to be what they waited for. “The ravens are here!” The tiny shining thing screamed at the top of her lungs. Angel howled. The dead things pushed through the snow. “God with us!” The breeder let go. He replaced the hat. The white Sheppard threw herself upon the skeleton. The master brandished with the whip. The tree-she bent to shoot a claw through the dead meat. The shiny thing held onto her hair. Saria hung up the weapon. She got the long tooth. “Star shield! Magic sword!” The sunfire made her nervous. Angel went through the ghost. The figure moaned while fading. The crosses burned around her neck. “This way!” The breeder moved down the road. Angel followed. “Stop!” The shiny thing went dull. The spike trap made Angel to wine.

Heavy clouds littered the sky. Somewhere above, the sun was about to set. Edward pushed back the hat. The snow kept falling. He got to buttoned the coat. The weather was freezing. Edward sighed. His breath got turned to smoke. He brandished with the morning-star whip. “Fire take you all.” Saria pulled her sword and shield. The dryad didn’t look good. Edward didn’t know how to help her. It could wait. The enemies kept chasing them. He hit the zombie. “God with us!” The ravens approached. Edward brandished with the whip. He got the spell book. The fireballs gave an edge. Saria was shaking, though she pierced the skeletons. Edward reached for the crucifix. The weather never bothered her before. He shook it off. They left the road. Both Saria and Pixie might track the curse. “I am alright.” Saria smiled, though she went pale. Saria shook her head. “The waste is polluted.” Her voice was like that of a dream. “The miners never cared much for the enviromint.” Edward tugged his beard. Then he hurled the dagger forward. Edward impaled the zombie. He made the sign of the cross. They had to defeat the undead. Saria got difficulty with breathing. Edward combined the Pluto and Serpent cards to throw dual vials. He repeated the combo with twin axes. Angel howled. She hurled herself upon the skeletons. Edward picked the crystals. He knocked the candles. He found more money. Edward was willing to purchase from Renon if that might do her any good. “It is the chemicals.” Saria drew sweath of her brow. “It doesn’t feel right.” The forhead was clean. “This really is cursed earth.” Edward agreed, Though he didn’t feel it like she did. He only knew the country was dead. “The tree won’t protect me.” Edward tugged his beard. The ghosts gathered round. Angel crouched before his girlfriend. Edward threw a wave of holy water. He got to protect them. “I can’t feel him.” Tears ran down her cheeks. “Although I know the tree is alive.” Edward brandished with the morning-star whip. He used the laurels to heal his pet. Angel actually moved her tail. Edward tapped her on the back. Then he reached for the crucifix. Edward got Simon’s heart of fire. The flaming cross appeared overhead. The holy flame burned the monsters. Edward was tired. He got to collect the crystals. That replenished his energy. Edward picked his girlfriend. Saria met his gaze, though she didn’t refuse. They got to escape. Edward figured the laurels wouldn’t be enough. Saria was sick. His people were to blame. Edward felt so ashamed. “Forgive us.” He called to the Lord for guidance. “I have sinned.” Edward knew it was true. Saria touched his cheek. The fairy familiar settled on his shoulder. “He is here.” Pixie didn’t shine. “Get down.” Saria hissed. Edward did. He should be more careful. “Save us.” Edward breathed. Fear caught his heart in an iron grip. Edward felt like freezing up. The dark wanderer had come. They hid among the snow and ashes while the figure passed by. The hood and cloak concealed his identity. Edward might tell. He tried to gather the courage which gave victory atop the power-plant. The heart failed him. Dread seemed to keep him in place. There were no ravens about. That made no difference. The hood turned from left to right. Edward might hear that weird sniffing noise. He cursed himself. The wanderer went in a perfect line. He might smell the blood of the living. Edward tightened his grip. The wraith was getting closer. His breath was a poison hiss. Edward reached with the free hand to hide the familiar. He knew the truth by now. Angel hung her ears. The ravens flew across the sky. The wanderer stopped. Then he began walking again. Edward almost felt like fainting. The figure was heading south. Edward gripped his girlfriend. They didn’t move until the figure vanished from sight. Edward got up. He replaced the hat. “They are gone.” Saria also beheld the sky. Edward made the sign of the cross. “That was close.” Pixie lifted into the air. The Sheppard growled. Then she began to sniff the earth. Edward recoiled the whip. “Sorry.” The fairy familiar returned to his face. “I wasn’t able to track them.” Edward shook his head. “That is alright.” He assured. “There is no one to blame.” Saria produced the bow-and-arrows. “We felt their presence.” Edward tugged with his beard. Saria was right. The dryad threw back her hair. She didn’t look better. They got to leave this place. Edward climbed the ridge. He almost fell down the mine shaft. “Edward!” Saria managed to save him in time. Edward shuddered. That was too close. “Blue bow!” Saria aimed for the cluster. The bats squeeked with blood thirst. They hid down the shaft. Edward leaned against the trunk. “Watch out!” Pixie blazed. Angel howled. The arrows fell about their location. The rangers hid behind the structures. “Good Lord!” Edward struck with the whip. The lizards spread out. “Magic arrow! Star bow!” Saria did her best to keep the zombies occupied. Edward threw the vials into the air. Angel suddenly leaped from the snow. She tore the neck of the dark elf. Edward made a grimace. They where among the oldest people of the world. “Sorry, brother.” He made the sign of the cross. The litch was clad in a black turban and vail. The robes where pich black. He was not Muhamed’s relative. No more then Edward descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The dead wizard lifted both arms to conjure other corpses. “God with us!” Edward called. The zombies left the mine shafts. “They must be miners!” Saria called. The druid blade pierced the heart. She took an arrow on the shield. Angel barked. She leaped to fetch another arrow. Edward reached for the crucifix. The familiar went in circles. He combined the Diana and Salamander cards to spew other fireballs. The zombies burned into ashes. “May the Lord hold the lamp high so they may find the way home.” Edward said. The litch charged. The rings began to glow. “Star bow!” Saria fired. The arrow went through the chest. Edward pulled her aside. She wasn’t there when they fought the wizard in the reservoir. He doused the villain in holy water. The rangers had gathered. Angel came from behind. The white Sheppard was almost invisible against the snow. The litch reappeared. He went through the smoke to fire deathly steam. Pixie shot for the face. Edward felt chills down his spine. That was a naked skull. “God with us!” He challenged.

Beyond the clouds, the sun went down in a sea of blood. Saria pulled back the string. The litch unsheathed a short sword and dagger. She let loose. The arrow pierced the lizard man through the eye. Saria inhaled. She felt for laying down. That was not an option. Edward hit the candles. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He picked the gems. “God with us!” Edward threw three boomerangs. The litch pointed his finger. The jewel seemed to beat. “He conjures the bats!” The fairy shouted. Saria took them on the shield. Edward hurled a wave of axes. The bats exploded. Saria picked one more arrow. She aimed for the wizard. “Let it drop.” The lizard caught her by the troat. The litch slowly approached. Then Angel leaped above. She broke through the skeleton. The wizard crumbled into pieces. The pyre marked the grave. The lizard got stunned. He let go. Saria turned to run. The black elf appeared with the bow at the ready. The dryad dropped to retrieve her weapons. The arrow went overhead. Angel howled. “God with us!” Edward brandished with the whip. The ravens came to pick him apart. Saria almost wept. She knew this would happen. Saria decided. She wouldn’t go down without a fight. The elf aimed for the heart. Saria used the shield like a battering-ramp.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

This must be done. The white witch made the curtains to move aside. “Little mirror on the wall.” Liza Bernhardt beheld the item with great care. “Who are to conquer in this world?” The heirloom would tell the truth, though not as expected. The sight was clearing. The mirror belonged to one of her royal ancestors. “Thou, my lady, arth strong, powerful and potent.” The flames lit up. “Though thee arth nay alone.” The face was like an empty mask. “Tell me.” She said. The spirits shrieked. “Thou ask me?” They where furious about being kept in Limbo. The snow queen exposed her fangs. She needed the answers they might give. “Despair!” The spirits bellowed. Then a series of images got revealed in swift succession. The white witch felt the force of the impact. She might resist. Liza Bernhardt exclaimed. The mirror slept. The ice queen tried to capture the fleeing insights. She saw Drolta Tsuentez provide within an ancient cave. She even saw a white boy step over the body of lord Dracula to encounter a blonde hunter with a whip. The images escaped. The white witch could only recollect about the final revelation. Liza Bernhardt saw herself involved in a dual with the Belmont wearing a hat. She snarled. The white witch would make nurishment upon his blood.

Jam wasteland, Warakiya. The 17th. of December 2098 A.D.

The sharp things left into the air. Angel barked with frustration. She tried to leap up and bite them. “Angel!” The breeder called. “Leave them alone!” She wined. The spike trap got hidden beneath the white. Angel then growled. She recognised that smell. The green things blosomed. The evil plants grew in the ashes of fight. “Mother of trees!” The she two-legs used her shield to smash through the ancient one. Angel pulled her ears back. What a waste. She trotted to keep up. The lizards turned to fire. Angel winched. “God with us!” The owner challenged. He threw eight spinning claws to counter the assault. Angel leaped on the ancient. She cursed while dying. Angel dropped the corpse. The taste was too sweet for her liking. “I got you now.” The sharp things left the trunk. “The crows are coming!” The shiny thing shrieked. “Shoot her!” The pack came down from the north. “You are the chieftain.” The goat thing aimed the short bow. “You heard him boys. Fire!” The breeder folded his hands. “Into Your hands I submit my soul.” The flaming cross appeared above. Angel howled. The fire split and burned the bad things. “Grond!” The boar two-legs cried. “You are going to pay, human.” He spat on the ground. She charged. No one treated her breeder like that.

They came this far to kill him. Edward realized this was the same group which they met in the forest. The ogres joined the rangers. Edward tugged his beard. The wind was picking up. He touched the crucifix. The battle waged on. Saria got difficulty with breathing. The pond was a rec of chemicals and toxic sluage. He also got sick. Edward pulled together. He got to. The orcs brandished with their clubs and scimitars. The shouts and cries of wild laugher sent chills down his spine. “God with us!” Edward cracked with the whip. “They are to kill us all.” Saria looked so pale, although she pulled the string back toward her pointed ear. “I heard the stories.” Edward crossed himself. The beasts would rape and slaughter everyone they happened to find. Saria fired the sun arrow. The bright light shone through the group. The others approached. They almost wiped out Louise’s family in 1945. Edward knew his descendants. He made the fairy to disappear. Alucard would dislike if anything happened to his familiar. Edward replaced the card. He then struck with the whip. The ogres passed him by. “Take the slut!” The black elf demanded. Saria looked hurt. Then she released a second sun arrow. Edward threw up his arm to shield the eyes. The impact was almost too bright. The evil plants awoke to spit fireballs. “Blue shield!” Saria got hurled away. The henchmen laughed. Angel made no sound. She went to tear the flowers up. Edward ran for his girlfriend. Saria got up on her knees. She sang to melt the snow. Edward shook his head. The lizard slid. They missed the target. He picked together. Edward struck with the whip. The spell book bousted the attack. The sonic rings cut through their lines. The black elf then leaped to slice his troat. Edward met him with the Bowie-knife. The elf snarled. “Human scum!” Edward made no answer. He got disappointed. He heard of their ancestors. The black elf pulled back to pick a knife. Edward stamped with the crucifix. “Damn you.” The elf said before he perished. Edward made no reply. He knew this wouldn’t change anything. “I would like to hear you squeal.” The orc pulled Saria from the ground. The dryad kicked his chest. “Go easy, baby.” He merely laughed. “I have something better for you.” Angel tore his neck before the beast might do anything else. Edward had a sigh of relief. “Relax.” The lizard unsheathed the scimitar. “They shall tame her for you.” Edward threw the knife through the troat. The beast spat blood before it crumbled. Edward retrieved the dagger. He got to find his girlfriend. The pond boiled before it erupted. Edward ran aside. The monsters shrieked while spreading out. Angel reappeared at his side. The tail hung down to the surface. Where was Saria? “Keep still you little… “ The black elf tried to pine her. The dryad rolled as best she could. Edward leached with the morning-star whip. The repeated combo made the elf to stagger. Saria got up. “This is for the forest.” She told while releasing the moon arrow. The elf was dead before reaching the snow. The other enemies where lining up. Edward reached for the crucifix. Then the pond got another eruption. They ran for safety. The enemies got boiled. “Let’s get away!” Edward picked her from the ground. The survivers spread abroad. Angel ran through the snow. He went in presuit. “Watch out!” Saria held to him. She noticed the spike trap before he could. The Sheppard leaped above. She tore the plant. Edward had to let go. The orc and lizard caught up. “Leave us alone!” Saria fired a moon arrow. Edward picked the gems. They got to escape before the others might arrive. The crows left the rock. Edward threw the vial in a high arch. The flock burned to ashes. Edward didn’t wait. They had to leave. He picked Saria of the ground. The dryad fired the bow. Edward smiled. Then he chased the Sheppard.

The chaos changed her perspective. “I hope the myth is true.” Edward put a hand on her shoulder. “What do you mean?” Saria sighed. “It is a dryad poetry.” She explained. “The song is too long and mournful.” Saria shrugged. “This isn’t the time for telling stories.” Edward tapped his pet. “Though it tells about the druids and their perils.” Saria licked her lips. “They died, but left their task to my people.” Saria smiled. She always felt proud about that part. “The legend tells that the evil might come again. Then a chosen dryad shall appear to restore balance.” She inhaled. “She shall be of the old blood and make the order to live anew.” That wasn’t the whole truth. Saria wouldn’t tell him about the rest. She couldn’t accept it anyhow. Edward pulled through her red hair. “We may only hope and pray.” He said. “What is to be, rests with the Lord.” Edward made the sign of the cross. Saria pulled away. He didn’t get it. This was her problem. Saria wouldn’t make that decision. The snowfall got worse. Edward looked sad. The Sheppard licked his hand. Saria dismissed. They would leave the waste. The curse could be broken. “Come on.” She encouraged. “Let’s go.” Edward tugged his beard. “Wait.” He told. Saria shuddered. The snow had gathered. “Preserve us.” Edward breathed.

Castle wall, castle in the forest. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fog shrouded the night-scape. The man-beast stood atop the wall. The dreams where coming true. He felt amused. The estate belonged to the faithful now. They got an invitation. That was only a part of the plot. The harpies came to rest for the night. They had forgotten about their past. It was like it should be. The others must be rather busy by now. They already saved the life of a warlock. He watched the operation from afar. The technology was rather impressive. Though it didn’t mean anything, not to him. The power of the man-beast was what mattered. The Oldrey family took everything from him. They would return. The scent of decay rose from beneath the castle. That gained power. The man-wolf dismissed. He got to gain control. There would be a re-match. There might be another way to motivate the confrontation. “This is glorious.” The presence didn’t surprise him. “Is it not?” He smelled the approach. “Indeed.” The boy smiled. “I know who you are.” The man-beast said. The child made no notion. The moon shone down upon the wall. They where above the mist. “You conjured it into being.” The boy carried an instrument casket upon his back. “I have come to recrute you.” He said. “I see.” The man-wolf admitted while he began to play the violin.

Jam wasteland, Warakiya. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun had set. Molly Graham inspected her instruments. Everything seemed to be in order. “That is our target.” Dorian Grey removed his binoculars. “Excelent.” They would gain the bounty. “All is clear.” She had a final check. “Are we ready then?” Theodrin asked. The vampire acknowledged. Her might was restored. Dorian replaced the helmet. The faint light got reflected by his suit. “They should be to busy with the snowmen to notice about us.” The dark elf was eager. “You have to keep the Belmont occupied.” They figured a strategy. “Roger, roger.” Dorian got a lack of humour, though it sometime came into play. He heard the dryad tell her story. The readings of the aura concluded to reality. “It is me, remember.” Molly made a grimace. Then she laughed. “I tried to have a little confidence there, my boy.” She couldn’t help it. Dorian snorted. “Nice.” He muttered. “Cut it up.” Theodrin told. “You should discuss it later.” She was right. They always seemed to argue. This wasn’t the place. Molly activated the jet-pack she carried across the shoulder. It was nap time for Belmonts. She smiled by the thought. Dorian fired the rocket-pack. The black elf was aboard the wing. They would come from a difficult angle. The hunter would have no time to counter.

The snow fell down to might cover the ground. Edward made the sign of the cross. That wasn’t the real problem. “God with us!” Edward combined the Diana and Salamander cards to create the fireball whip. The snowflakes moved and gathered together. “Mother of trees.” Saria bit at the end of her braid. The faceless snow figures reached with their claws. Angel howled. The necklace was on fire. Edward flailed with the morning-star whip. He got to stop them. The crows left the rocks. The black birds were almost invisible against the storm. Saria fired the sun arrow. The impact melted the snow. That wasn’t the end. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to make it rain with holy water. The crows burned into ashes. He picked the crystals. The other snowmen threw ice pellets to might freeze them. Saria ducked. She was pale like a ghost, though she kept shooting. The sun arrows burned the monsters. Angel growled. The wargs had come. The white Sheppard got into trouble. She couldn’t fight them all. Edward tightened his grip. The snowmen had gathered. They reached to tear him up. Saria stood tall. Edward got impressed. She shot at the wargs. He unsheathed the Bowie-knife. Edward pulled back while whipping the snowmen. Then he threw the dagger forward. “Watch out!” Pixie called. “There are the crows!” The fairy flew about to might tell them about the enemies. Saria was singing. The music made flames to lit up. Edward felt a sudden desire to dance the night away. He fought the sensation. Edward brandished with the whip. The crows spread out to gather more space. Edward fused the Diana and Manticore cards to hurl the pebbles about. That gave a breather. Saria laughed with joy. The snowmen got turned to stone. That was the end of their efforts. Edward gathered. His pet was bleeding. The wargs gathered round. Edward threw axes into the air. No one was to harm the Sheppard. Then the crows came like a swarm. Edward got the spell book. He released the flurry of sonic rings. Pixie offered an apple of life. Angel ate it all up. “Drop the whip, mailman.” The rocketman, clad in full techno suit, landed in front. “That rests with the Lord.” Edward crossed himself. The rocketman aimed his weapons. “Belmont scum.” The undead snarled behind the T-shaped vizor. Edward hoped they might shed the group after the battle of the tavern. That didn’t happen. “No problem.” Edward removed his hat. So let it be. “God with us!” Edward struck the rifle from his grip. “Get aside.” The wargs leaped from ceveral directions. The bounty hunter tried to get past. Edward moved into a defensive posture. The rocketman got wrist cannons. Edward threw himself sideways. He leached with the whip. The bounty hunter expected he would. He fired the rocket. Edward crossed himself. “Block this.” He reached to touch the shoulder. “If you can.” Edward made a glide. The bounty hunter threw a wave of grenades in a high arch. Although he missed, the sonic impact almost stunned him in place. Edward managed to gather. Angel was bleeding. She fought the wolves. Pixie gave a hand. She offered an apple of life. He shook it off. Edward combined the Diana and Serpent cards to block the row. The ice pellets made the grenades to shatter into bits. The bounty hunter came back to retrieve the rifle. He fired a set of heavy ice blasts in return. Edward was forced to sidestep. He combined the Neptune and Golem card to enchant his stamina. Edward then hurled three vials. He made the sign of the cross. The holy water burned on impact. Then chills ran down his spine. The armour saved the enemy. Edward tugged his beard. Then he remembered about the mirror steel. The British marine core began the production of the advanced prototype some three years before the ice. Edward should have figured that Dracula’s followers might purchase for battle. “The weapon don’t make the man great.” He mused. “Perhaps.” The bounty hunter smirked. “That is to be seen.” Edward threw himself down. The missile went above. The warg wasn’t that fortunate. The rocket shot it to pieces. “Forgive me.” Edward got up. “For I have sinned.” He crossed himself. The undead fired a second missile. Then he went skyward to hurl the grenades. Edward ran for cover. He produced the Apollo and Serpent cards. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Edward threw the ice bomb. The bounty hunter managed to dodge as the wargs spread about. The bomb hit the surface. The ice shards got thrown about. Edward hid behind a rock formation. He kept his faith. Edward got another combo. He fused the Apollo and Thunderbird cards. The electric explosion tore the country apart. Edward got up. He even combined the Apollo and Salamander cards for finality. The fire bomb was the real pay off. The wargs went wining into the distance. The bounty hunter was gone. Edward sighed. It was finally over. Then he noticed that Saria also was gone. “No.” Edward felt like freezing up. “Saria.” Tears ran down his face. This couldn’t be possible. “Master.” Pixie appeared before his face. She carried something in her hands. Edward picked it. “Help me.” He beheld the pendant. “I am so sorry.” The familiar told. Edward beheld the life tree medallion. “Forgive me.” He prayed. Edward wept like his heart was breaking. He never should have brought her along. This was his fault. “Fearwell.” Edward kissed the medallion. Then he noticed the tree was alive. Fresh resolve blossomed inside. “Come.” He told the familiar. Edward recoiled the morning-star whip. “We are to break the curse.” Angel put her nose into his hand. Edward smiled. He tapped her on the head. “Yes, master.” Pixie lit up. “I show you the way.” Edward knew she could. He made the sign of the cross. They took the sisters away. Edward wouldn’t rest until they were free. He began walking. Angel went ahead, though it was Pixie who led the way.

The wind kept whipping the snow about. The hound barked at the flowers. Pixie almost threw up by the smell. That was the bitter sweet scent of decay. The fairy never noticed before. Angel got a far better nose. Pixie flew in circles. She wished to tear them up by the root. Pixie got to warn him about them. “God with us!” Master Edward brandished with the whip. The evil plants shot fireballs at him. They were unatural. Pixie made a grimace. The glow went all purple with disgust. The caretaker might block the onslaught. Pixie lit up again. She would offer an apple of life. He threw the cross. That shredded the flowers. The master then went to retrieve the crystals. The hunter found the boomerang. Pixie danced with joy. They climbed the ridge. Angel whined. The tree carried leaves in the winter. Pixie felt dull about it. That didn’t look healthy somehow. “Master.” She began. “I think we better leave this place.” Master Edward touched the crucifix. “The Lord preserve us from the wicked One.” He said. Then the warg leaped from behind. Pixie shot for the face. She wasn’t a real fighter, though she would provide for him. The hunter threw a vial into the air. The crows hid among the branches. Master Edward made them to burn. Angel leaped at the wolf. That was not enough.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D.

The group knelt before the throne. “So it is.” The white witch acknowledged. This was rather interesting. Bael held the dryad in check. “You may take the price with my pleasantries.” The bodyguards prepared the wooden box. “Thank you, my lady.” The bounty hunters endulged in the piled riches. “It has been a pleasure.” They bowed while leaving her presence. The snow queen dismissed. She rose to stand before her captive. “Do you know why they brought you?” Liza Bernhardt requested. Saria met her gaze, though she never answered. The white witch smiled by the defience. “You wish to use me as a bate.” The dryad finally spoke. “Though it won’t work.” Saria had made her decision. “I rather let you kill me.” The ice queen exposed her fangs. “This is not about the Belmont.” Lord Dracula might get angry with her, though this was too important to neglect. “I know the truth.” The white witch revealed. “This is about you and me.” The dryad then began to shiver. “You are crazy.” She said. “Maybe.” Liza Bernhardt admitted. “We shall see.” She laughed. “The mirror might tell.” The snow queen dismissed. “Bael.” She told. “Take her away.” The bodyguards would obey. They got to drag her along. That was not a problem. She could wait. The snow queen returned to the throne.

Jam wasteland, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D.

The tree was moving. Pixie screamed. The bodies fell like evil fruit. Master Edward threw the cross. He made it to split in three. The fairy buried her face into his coat. Angel barked. She killed the warg. The Shepard then threw herself upon the ghoul. The card holder retrieved the boomerang. “God with us!” He threw a wave of enflamed axes. Treant shrieked. The roots appeared through the snow. Master Edward threw himself sideways. The snow kept falling. Treant kicked like the lady cat. The hunter made a glide. The snow cracked on impact. “Watch out!” Pixie called. Her breath turned to smoke. The crows left from among the leaves. Master Edward almost fell down the mine shaft. The bats slept inside. Angel leaped for the birds while the hunter brandished with the morning-star whip. Pixie shuddered. She felt the cold. She tried to shake it. The fairy gave her the apple of life. Angel got her ears up. She managed to tear the corpse. “Get away!” Treant kicked through the ash and snow. Master Edward threw himself down. The crows almost picked him. He got up to douse them in holy water. Pixie cheered. The holder got beneath the branches. He stopped to release the fireballs. Treant roared. The freak kept flailing. The ghouls fell down. Pixie went dull with fright.

The Sheppard might handle the undead. Edward rushed through the snow. He fused the Venus and Griffon cards to might enchant his mobility. “Bats are coming!” Pixie cried. He figured that out by himself. The swarm squeeked with blood thirst. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to throw multiple daggers. The bats got cut to pieces. Edward fetched the crystals. The snow got blown into his face. Treant struck the branches like great wooden hammers. Edward threw a wave of enflamed axes. The trunk was turn on fire. The spiders left through every opening. Edward felt sick with disgust. He knew they might inflict a poisoned state. Edward touched the crucifix. “God with us!” He exclaimed. Edward was lifted into the air. Treant reached to take him. The cross burst apart. Flames rained to purify the clearing. The spiders got stamped out. Edward got back down to collect the gems. Angel leaped at the crows. She tried to bite them. Edward pulled her back. Angel wined. She almost got impaled upon the spike trap. “Get away!” Pixie cried. “Get far away!” That was too late. Angel got taken by the tree. She looked so small. Angel barked. The monster let go. Treant burned the branches against the necklace. Edward got the spell book. The tree wasn’t going to hurt her ever again. He cracked with the whip to release tripled fireballs. Treant got burned. The spiders where dead. Edward made the sign of the cross. Treant kept striking down. The roots reached to strangle the victims. Edward fused the Venus and Griffon cards to escape. He threw a vial into the air. The content burned on impact. The flames roared upright to create a shield. Treant flailed the branches about. Angel chased the birds away. The fairy went along. Pixie gave an apple of life. The tree roared. Edward got caught by the roots. The spiders crawled to reach him. Edward created the gold whip. He would die fighting. The trunk got bathed in magic. Edward pulled back. Treant burned into ashes. Edward inhaled. He picked the fortune of crystals while the others beheld him. It was finally over. Edward pushed the hat back on his head. This was only a breather. He had a look on the candles. They still burned. There might be something useful inside. Edward hit the candles. He retrieved the dish. That was the real price. Edward produced the planket before he sat down for nourishment. Pixie fluttered before his face. The pot roust replenished his energy. “You want something?” Edward asked. “Thank you, my master.” He tore some meat to might provide for her. Pixie settled on his knee to take them, piece by piece. She ate like a lady. Edwardsmiled. He was not alone. The fact gave some comfort. Angel looked at him with praying eyes. Edward scratched her between the ears. He gave her the last of the pot roust. The white Sheppard was eager. She buried her nose into the meat. Edward sighed. He couldn’t stay here forever. The snow kept falling. Edward got some of the water he took from the tavern. Then he got up. Angel was finished with her share. Edward pulled up the sheet before replacing it into the backpack. “This way.” Pixie got up. “As you say.” Edward cracked with the Undead Killer. The Sheppard got in front. Edward let her go. They soon left the dale behind. This time it was he who noticed. There stood a giant, marvellous and glorious to behold. “God in Heaven!” Edward exclaimed. The giant was clad in red robes, with the white fur of the polar bear. “Bless you.” The man’s white hair and beard came down to frame the smiling face. Edward knelt before him. “St. Nicolas.” He acknowledged. “Is there to be Chrismus again?” The saint laughed with joy. The sound made Edward to feel all warm inside. “The ice have kept me away.” Father Chrismus announced. “Though here I am at last.” Pixie came to settle on his shoulder. “The people have faith in prosperity.” Edward barely noticed. If the Lord so wished, he would celebrate the holiday. The Saint helped him up. Angel came to sniff upon him. She whipped with the tail. “I am the sign of hope.” Nicolas said. Edward touched the crucifix. “Sorry.” He tugged the beard. “But the celebration hasn’t begun yet.” The bishop shook his head. “If man you are.” He told. “You will celebrate Chrismus through all the year.” Edward felt taken aback. “Then the spirits of Chrismus past, present and future will be with you. Besides.” He laughed again. “I even have a present for you.” St. Nicolas reached into his bag. “Though Chrismus is the season of peace, I give you tools, not toys.” He put the sword, sheathed in a scabbard, into his hand. Edward bit his lip. “The living death is a threat to all the people.” The old man regained his spirit. “God save all men and women!” Father Chrismus decleared. “God bless you. Merry Chrismus!” He climbed aboard the deer pulled slege. “Merry Chrismus!” St. Nicolas hit the rains. Then, with a final shout, the giant was gone. Edward shook his head. Did it really happen? He still held the sword. “May we meet again someday.” Edward exhaled. He made the sign of the cross. “What shall we do?” Pixie asked. Edward hung up the scabbard. He might use the Mars card by now. Edward shook it off. Pixie deserved an answer. “We search for Saria.” Edward told. The fairy left his shoulder while Angel got ahead. ”The black spot is up there.” Pixie pointed. Edward acknowledged as he began walking again. The snow fell down. He cracked with the Undead Killer whip.

The big yellow light was rising above the shroud. Angel shook her head. The wind kept nipping at her nose. They got lost when trying to move around the garbage heap. The Sheppard barked. She was to protect and serve. They seemed to be on the right track. The wasteland lay behind, though Angel disliked this place. She shook her fur to might get rid of the snow. “This is the way.” The shining thing fluttered in front. The breeder followed her about the bolders. Angel felt for barking up the pine trees. The mountains seemed to be standing in their way. “The country is wild.” The owner two-legs admitted. “Though it is rich by nature.” The white Sheppard got ahead. She didn’t figure, though she might smell there were plenty to hunt. She shook her fur. She shouldn’t be distracted. Angel leaped above the trunk. The tree must be reasenly cut. That didn’t seem right somehow. Angel bared her teeth. The breeder would make it alright. They crossed the creek by climbing the wooden bridge. Angel looked down into the water. The mist obscured her vision. She got to sniff about. He found the road. The white Sheppard caught up. She disliked the tracking. This path must be in much use. The owner tried to read the sign. Angel barked. She might tell it was all rotten.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The heart got filled with fresh logs. A touch on the shoulder awoke him to the morning. The maid lit the fire. She then preceeded to serve the morning tee. Charles almost forgot how it felt to wake up without fear. “Thank you, Rosaly.” He had a sip of the China. “Have you seen Constance this morning?” The maid was busy serving breakfast. “No, sir.” She frowned slightly. “Shall I call for her?” Charles shook his head. “That won’t be necessary.” He told. Charles smiled. “Not until I have finished my tee.” Rosaly smiled. “As you say, sir.” She made the toasts for him. Charles ate them all up. He found real pleasure in the boiled egg. Rosaly went over to remove the heavy curtains. Charles sighed. They came to the village before dawn. The inhabitants had been glad to meet them. Charles got to blink as the sunlight streamed through the windows. He might be a Krueger by blood, though the name still ment something to this people. Rosaly removed the trate when he got finished. She left the master bed chamber while Howard, the valley servant, appeared to assist him. “Good morning, master Krueger.” He turned a hand to the bathroom. “I have provided the green suit for today’s expence.” Charles acknowledged. They were both estate servants. He got much to do.

Jam wasteland, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The big light was above the clouds. The white covered the ground. Angel licked her lips. She couldn’t remove that sticky taste. She winched a little; the blood of the warg-rider two-leg felt so filthy. The white Sheppard looked for the breeder. He dropped the leaching claw whip upon the ground. The tiny flying thing left them behind. Angel growled. The keeper sent her on an errand. The great tree came tumbling to the ground. Angel revealed her canins. The trunk had become an enemy. They made it to collapse. Edward knocked the candles. She let him to fetch the items. The German Sheppard cared about him. “Come on.” The master muttered. “It can’t take that long to deliver a simple message.” He looked down the valley. Angel went to stand beside him. She disliked the smell, although the land looked the same. “Curse the ice.” Edward went about. She looked up at him. The breeder tried to keep warm. The ears went up. She heard someone approach. There were two-legs on the road. “Come here.” The keeper also noticed. He vanished behind the trees. Angel growled. She hid among the white. They were not their friends. Angel might smell as much. She snarled by sight. The rat two-legs looked discustive. She would leap up and bite them. The keeper was ahead.

The snow wasn’t that heavy anymore. Edward tightened his grip. There were dryads and rat warriors on the road. He reached for the crucifix. Edward knew the orcs and ogres might put up a fight. “Deliver us from the wicked One.” He breathed. The leader carried a fairy lamp upon his belt. “So let it be.” Edward unsheathed the sword. “God with us!” He ran from the shelter. Angel barked. She already leached herself upon the enemies. The dryads spread to might fire at will. Edward threw the dagger forward. He made it to split in three. There were too many. Edward fused the Saturn and Salamander cards to summon the bat familiar. The fireballs might keep them occupied. Edward chased his pet. The orcs tried to tear her apart. The crows left the branches. At first he was almost afraid it might be another Treant. That wasn’t the case, although the birds got in his way. Edward doused the flock with holy water. That at least gave some space. The rat warriors hurled their boomerangs through the air. Edward brandished with the sword. He released three homing fireballs to pick them out. The rats turned to run. He wounded the lot. The ogres came to back them up. The goat soldiers made them to fight. Edward threw a second vial. Then he combined the Mars and Unicorn cards to charge his offense. “God with us!” The holy sword slized the enemies. Angel tore through the orc. The crosses burned like the sun. She left the monster to die before leaching at the dryads. Edward let them run. The sisters screamed as the Sheppard approached. They released some other arrows. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to throw a circle of axes. That actually worked. The survivers fled into the wood. Edward exhaled. He couldn’t find the pet. That was no problem. Angel would return in time. He shook his head. This was madness. So it would be at war. Edward began to search for the lamp. The soft light made it easy to find. Edward made the sign of the cross. He crushed the lamp against the nearest rock. The fairy might then escape. “Thank you.” A purple fay then appeared before his face. “For saving me.” She shone even brighter. “My name is Rose.” Then she went almost dull in colour. “What do you wish?” Edward frowned. “Nothing.” He told. “You can’t help me.” Edward then cleared his voice. “I am Edward Morris.” He introduced. This really wasn’t his department. “I wish for you to be free.” She wasn’t Pixie. Besides, He didn’t want a familiar. Edward exhaled. He couldn’t tell her what to do. Angel came to sniff on her. Edward felt a bit nervous, though the Sheppard merely licked the fairy. Rose giggled. That made the ears to stand up. Edward pulled her back. Rose changed colour when meeting his gaze. “You really mean it.” The fairy shook herself. Edward lowered his head. Rose began weeping. He frowned. What had he done? “That is impossible.” Rose shook by each word. “The fountain is destroyed.” Fresh tears ran down her face. “They killed my mother.” Angel howled. He reached for the crucifix. Edward felt at a loss. He didn’t know what to do. “If I can’t be a familiar.” Rose said. “Then I will die.” Edward tightened his grip. He didn’t want any of this, though he couldn’t let her die. The Dark Lord was to blame. Edward was certain. He shook it off. Edward was unsure how to make it work. He was no magician or sorcerer. Edward got the DSS-cards, but they were unfit for a familiar. He wished Alucard was here. The tragic prince would know. Edward tugged his beard. “What must I do?” He hoped that Rose might tell. “You have to pick the card.” The fairy obtained an eboney glow. “They forced me into service.” Edward frowned. That was no surprise. He went to search among the dead. The chieftain kept it in his purse. The card looked stained and old. But when he touched it, the item began to glow. “Good Lord.” Edward almost dropped the thing. He managed to keep hold as he felt the flow of energy. “Are you alright?” Edward asked when Rose changed her colour into a bright green. “I am fine.” She told. Angel barked while whipping her tail. Edward tapped her back. He brushed away the snow to might sit upon a rock. Rose came to settle on his knee. Edward kept a sharp lookout for monsters. There might be others abroad. He and Pixie agreed to meet out here. “That road leeds to the wicked ditch.” Rose then suddenly said. Edward pushed back the hat. He already knew as much, although he kept across country. “I know.” Edward sighed. The entrance was heavily guarded. Edward felt the shift in power. He was certain there was magic involved. Edward got to be clever if he where to get inside. He might summon the cabal. But that would only make every warlock from here to Kyoto to notice. Edward sighed. It wouldn’t be enough with magic. Perhaps Pixie might have an idea. “Excuse me, master.” Rose was still shy. “But I know there is another entrance at the other side of the ridge.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “Tell me about it.” He said. Edward was unsure if this might be another trap, or if it could be a sign that the Lord was with them. Angel howled. Before he might decide, the warg-riders where upon them again. The snow got picked up and hurled about. There was another blizzard coming on. Edward had no mind. He got up to strike with the morning-star whip. “Curse it!” He exclaimed. His boot got stuck in the snow. The monsters approached. Edward combined the Pluto and Serpent cards to might gain some space. The crosses got hurled in opposite directions. He felt sweat on the forehead. The mountains loomed high above the valley. Edward struck with the whip. He got to force them back. “I am so sorry.” Rose did her best to aid him. “I forgot to warn you.” Edward threw the vials in a high arch. “Never mind.” He told. “You have to keep some distance.” The fairy left into the air. He was too busy. Angel threw herself against the riders. Edward fused the Saturn and Serpent cards. The ghost might freeze the enemies. He then buried the long sword into the ground to make rising flames to track forward. The rider howled and burned to death on impact. Edward crossed himself. He would fight to the end.

This then was her new master. Rose felt uneasy. He was a vampire hunter. The fairy flickered. He released her from the killers, although she didn’t really know about him. Edward Morris got in close. He removed the head. The warg fell into a heap. “What is going on!?” The other fairy almost collided with her. Rose blinked. She quickly told her what happened. Edward pulled back. The rider unsheathed his blade. “I see.” The sister shone an angry red. Rose felt confused. She was jealous about her. How could that be? “They reached the lair!” Edward hailed with the hat. “Okay, Pixie!” He stamped with the crucifix. The fairy beamed. “I belong to master Alucard.” Pixie boasted. Rose changed her colour. She didn’t get it. Obviously he sent her on an errand, although Rose didn’t care much about it. She let it drop. Rose moved in to might heal his wounds. Pixie still fluttered about. “Thanks.” Edward brandished with his whip. Rose almost blushed, though she might get used to this way of life. “God with us!” The white hound tore the neck of the warg-rider. Rose cheered. She couldn’t help it. The rider tried to take her. Rose escaped. She would never be their slave again. Edward roared. He threw a wave of enflamed axes. That really split them up. Rose danced about the battlefield.

Castle center, castle in the forest. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The rain continued to fall on the pavement. That was not his care. The boy kept playing on the violin. Thunder roared in the distance. He laughed with the storm. The troop transport was about to land. The man and the woman hurried forth to hail their lieutenant. That held no importance to his goal. The shuttle carried the crown jewel of their order. The display case might not look much to the world, though he saw beyond the mundane. The cargo got delievered by a skeleton-crew of dead soldiers. They would not reveal anything. Lightning struck to destroy the ship. How acidential. The soldiers might also experience some misfortune. He stopped playing. The rain might ruin his instrument. The violin was a gift from his parents. He tended to be sentimental about it. The boy dismissed. He protected the casket. The others left the platform to find shelter. Then the prisoner arrived. The giant lizard man might carry the price upon his back. He did not wait. The soldiers crumbled into ashes. He captured the core. It had become so easy. He gained power. How amusing indeed. The others did not know about this secret. The boy aimed a fist. He would reveal it to them.

Jam wasteland, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They were alone on the road. Edward defeated the monsters. The fairies fluttered above the Sheppard. Pixie might be jealous about him, though she respected her efforts. “This way.” The sister led him through the grove. Rose was changing colour. “Stop.” She told. Master Edward struck with the sword. The mental blast shot the bats into oblivion. “God with us!” He turned round to brandish with the ghost whip. The zombies pushed through the ground. Angel snarled. She threw herself upon the corpse. “Master!” Rose called. “I know.” Edward knocked the candles. He picked the crystals before hurling dual crosses. Pixie shone as bright she could. She got to illuminate the woodland. The snowmen where without face or identity. They came to cut him up. The hunter stood tall against the tree. He got the sword and whip in hand. Angel curled at his feet. Rose sat on his shoulder. Edward ate the apple of life. Then he went into battle. The enemies got cut down. The bats whirled about. Pixie cheered. Edward made a flurry of crosses to fly forward. That gave the upper hand. Pixie wished she could fight. The Sheppard tore the heart from the corpse. The body burned to ashes. The aura was like sunlight. There was something else. Edward got distracted. Pixie hurried to keep up.

The sculptures were made of ice. He got to warn them. The lamps hung down to lighte the seenery. Edward made the sign of the cross. The pond was frozen over. Angel pulled back the ears. He put a hand on her necklace. The scaters wore tight silver-white suits of fur coated fagric. Edward tugged his beard. The set of emarald and sapphire revealed each curve upon their bodies. “Preserve us.” He thought of the nymphs at Dora. “Edward.” Rose whispered. The snowmen where building up. Pixie looked nervous. Edward made his choice. “Get away!” He dashed into the clearing. The ice dancers turned round. The golden hair got disturbed by the movement. “The dead do wander where they don’t belong!” Pixie came in close presuit. The faceless hurled snowballs into the clearing. Edward threw the cross like a boomerang. He made it to split in three. The burning crosses melted the snow. Then he staggered forward. The scater put her hands down to utilize with a spin kick. Her legs moved so fast that they almost became invisible. Edward collided against the tree. “Edward!” The fairies cried in unison. He struggled to get up. The scates got forged into razor blades. Edward touched the crucifix. The mental force exploded. He fell back down to face the scaters. Edward thanked the Lord. The snowmen where gone. That was the least of his trouble. The ice dancers moved about the pond. Edward tugged at his beard. They got ready to fight. “You are the undead.” Edward held the long sword with both hands. “So let it be done!” He rose the blade above head. The Sheppard growled. The snowballs barely missed. Edward stabbed the blade into the ground. He made rising flames to track forward. The scaters mostly survived, though the snowmen melted. Edward rushed to retrieve the crystals. He almost got hit in the head. The kick hit him above the chest. Edward groaned as the lungs was pressed together. The vampire smiled to expose her fangs. She would drink his blood. Edward knew it was true. “No!” Rose shrieked. “You won’t dare!” Pixie said no words, though both fairies shot for her face. The ice dancer got confused. Edward buried the Bowie-knife deep within her heart. The vampire screamed. She then burst into fire. Edward sighed. She wouldn’t find peace. He couldn’t pray for her redemption. The vampires gave him no choice. Then Angel leaped to block the assault. The Sheppard made the scater to fall over. Edward dashed, although he nearly slipped on the ice. The scater struggled back up as Edward doused her with holy water. He combined the Mars and Serpent cards. The sword was on fire. Edward removed the head. The bats dwelt inside the tree. They went flapping out to fend their hide. Edward got ambushed by the snowmen. The flurry of sonic rings made them to burst apart. Edward threw the wave of explosive axes. The scater got cut to pieces. Angel leaped about to bite the bats. Edward picked the crystals. He had to escape from this madness. The scater twirled to deliver repeated punches. Edward presented the crucifix. She pulled back. Pixie offered an apple of life. Edward ate the fruit. That healed his wounds. The ice dancer came back round with a series of spin-kicks. Edward threw himself down. The duo got him cornered. “God with us!” Edward called. He got up to combine the Pluto and Serpent cards. The daggers went in opposite directions to impale the scaters. Edward knew it wouldn’t be enough. He struck with the whip to release three homing fireballs. The ice dancer got shot to pieces. The final scater clipped him with a cross-kick. The claw-jab sent him flying. The chain mail saved him from a gash. Angel gave him a breather. She tackled the scater from behind. The fairies flew at the heart. Edward wished he got the stopwatch. He let it drop. Edward unsheathed the sword before he made a glide. The ice granted even greater mobility. The blade stabbed through her stomach. Angel went up to bit her troat. The silver necklace burned through fur, flesh and bone. The scater collapsed into a heap. Edward let her have the crystals. He fetch those which the others left behind. “Come here!” Rose called. Edward chased around the boulders. They escaped from the forest. Edward got to climb. “There it is.” The fairy pointed. Pixie settled on his shoulder. Edward pulled back the hat. Angel caught up. They reached atop the hill. There were fewer trees up here. Edward noticed there were lesser wounds too. He exhaled. That was a relief, though his people ravaged the countryside. Edward made the sign of the cross. “This is the place.” Pixie said. “The black spot.” He acknowledged. This would be dangerous. Edward decided not to use the DSS-cards until he reached the mine. He began walking. “Curse it.” His boots got stuck in the snow. Edward had to use more force to get forward. He was about to descend when the sentries fired. Edward slid down the ridge to land in a pile of snow. He immediately got up to disappear among the trees. Edward could hear the lizards shout as they tried to find him. Angel got down in front to bite the bats. The fairies hid in his backpack. They soon left the soldiers behind. Edward doused the zombies with holy water. Then Yeti roared as it struck down the claw to crush him. Edward hid behind a row of enflamed axes. The bear creature fell into a pile of snow. “Watch out!” The bats went in a swarm. Edward struck with the morning-star whip. The white Sheppard howled. She leaped at the Yeti. The creature caught her in a crushing grip. Angel wined. The silver necklace began to burn. Yeti screamed. It had to let go. Edward picked the crystals. The skeletons hid among the trunks. They appeared to hurl bones into the air. Edward groaned. He used the laurels to might remove the damage. He wasted time. The bone-man tried to strangle him. The others got hold. The chill kept Edward from fighting. Angel was still busy with Yeti. “Leave him alone!” Rose went like a shot. She crushed the skull to pieces. The fingers kept their grip around his troat. The bear went to bury them all. “God with us!” Edward broke free of the bones. The Bowie-knife pierced the gaze. The snow was to heavy. Edward gasped to might breathe. The crucifix was on fire. Yeti got burned. The skeletons broke apart. Edward put the image into the mouth. The bear burst to pieces. Edward got all the crystals. That didn’t help. He was loosing air. Then Angel pushed her nose through the snow. She used her paws to might pull him out. Edward got up to retrieve his items. He replaced the hat. Pixie offered another apple. Edward shook his head. He didn’t need it. Angel ate it instead. She seemed to shine for a moment. Edward tapped her back. Then he went for the mountains. The bats continued to chase him. Edward was grateful he shook off the lizard sentinels. He snapped with the whip. They might bite him. The cracking of bones warned him in time. Edward threw himself sideways while hurling three homing daggers. He whipped the candles to might claim the items. The rosary cleared the forest. Edward exhaled. Then he went to retrieve the other crystals. They went some distance. Everything kept quiet. Edward left the line of trees. He found the opening. “Help me.” The ravens left the branches. Edward struck with the whip. He got the spell book. The flurry of sonic rings sent them blasting into oblivion. Treant awoke. Edward made the sign of the cross. The ghouls got loose. They went crawling about. He knew they searched for human flesh. Edward unsheathed the long sword. Then the Yeti roared.

The blizzard made it difficult to fly. Rose went almost dull with the effort. The hillside felt like a trench. Angel was playing hide-and-seek with the Yeti. The fairy hoped the others where alright. Rose already lost a family. She would do all she could to prevent that from happening again. Edward hurled a wave of holy water. He then cracked with the whip to release three homing fireballs. Treant roared as the bodies burned to pieces. Pixie rushed about to might distract the spiders. Edward made the tree to burn. Treant struck with the branches. Rose blinked. The Yeti tried to bury him alive. “Watch out!” She called in time. The crosses got buried in the flesh. He struck with the sword to release the water wave. Yeti melted. It was incredible. Rose bit her lip. That should be impossible. Treant caught him by the roots. Pixie went for the face. “God with us!” Edward cried. He reached for the image. The force tore him free. Rose gasped. The enflamed cross burned overhead. Treant collapsed with a heavy thud. She went to check on his condition. Edward looked like he might need a Holiday. He got up to find the hat. Edward then picked the gems from where they landed. The Sheppard came back to lick his hand. Pixie went ahead. The others followed into the mine.

Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mist cleared enough to reveal the clearing. The veteran knight awaited his call. “What is thy bidding, my lord?” The rain did not touch him. “Thee called us to come.” Actrise retained her human form. The boy smiled. “Thy should know.” The witch held the wand aloft. Her spell shielded against the downpour. Gilles acknowledged with a bow. “Indeed.” He folded the arms above his chest. “All who oppose the Dark Lord must die.” He stated. The eyes flared, though only for a moment. The knight was unsure if he even noticed. Gilles dismissed. “Thee have to come with me.” The boy then told. “I found them dwelling at the castle in the forest.” Actrise threw back the cloak. “If that really arth so.” She said in the sweetest voice. “I do look forward to may form a binding contract.” Gilles De Reis did hail with an armoured fist. “Then what of the Belmont clan?” He asked. The young master looked undeterred. “They arth nay of thy concern.” He smiled again. “I shall tell thee what to do.” Actrise lowered her head in acknowledgement. “As thou say, my lord.” Gilles bowed. He got an agenda. The boy beheld them both. He made a promise. The prince of Darkness would live again.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D.

The sun had set. Liza Bernhardt smiled to expose her fangs. It might begin. She retained female form to might sit upon her throne. The Belmont had breached the domain. The white witch felt his presence. He would not remain hidden for long. The ice queen would use her magic. He was not really important anymore. the hunter might be dangerous. She would kill him herself. What a feather in the cap that would be. The white witch licked her lips. She got to be careful in plotting. The Dark Lord would not be pleased by failure. Liza Bernhardt accepted her fate. Then it might turn out to serve him. That would really be glorious. “Come to me.” She beconed. Bael arrived. “Bring me blood to drink.” The bodyguards acknowledged. The snow queen watched them leave. She would remedy for herself before the battle. The blood would revive the expectation. She would have to occupy the Belmont long enough for this nourishment. Then he would come. “My lady.” Bael forced the victim into the throne room. The man tried to resist. “Am I not attractive?” Liza Bernhardt exposed. He beheld her charm. The white witch threw herself upon him. The blood sacrifice was an ancient rite to regain power. The Dark Lord discovered. She would enjoy her moment.

The cave was frozen over. Edward made the sign of the cross. Angel barked. The piece of Simon Belmont’s chronicle told about how he searched an ice cave in 1688. The fairies reflected that eerie blue light. The pet got in front. Edward cracked with the whip. They went up the ridge. He found a viewpoint. “Good Lord.” The waterfall got frozen solid. He hadn’t seen anything like this since they left the power-plant. He reached a crossroad. Edward used his lamp to might lit the torch. The other way led down to the water. Edward didn’t know where to go. He went down to might inspect. Edward lit the other torches. “Edward!” There was a chamber carved from the ice and stone. Rose shone to reveal the bats. Edward threw a vial. The bats squeeked while burning. The skeletons hid inside the small room. The cracking of bones told him in time. Edward brandished with the whip. There where no candles. He would have to pick the crystals. The skeleton leaped to throw bones. Edward got beneath. He threw the dagger forward. The bone-man collapsed into a heap. Angel crushed them to pieces. The space was too narrow for them to form up. Edward managed to stand tall. The band got defeated. Edward had a look inside the chamber. “It seems to be an office or guard room of sorts.” Pixie remarked. Edward acknowledged. He left the place to continue the climb. Edward reached the outlook as another swarm of bats went to settle on his body. Edward presented the crucifix. He managed to burn the lot. The survivers kept circling about. Edward retrieved the crystals. He climbed the steps until he reached another platform. The statue was made to look like Dagon. The frozen stream went straight left to tumble down the abyss. The bats gathered round. Edward exhaled. Angel leaped to bite them. His mind was a weapon. Edward hurled three homing daggers. The bats got cut to pieces. “I found the way!” The fairies went around the fountain. Edward recoiled the whip. He followed to might get behind the sculpture. Angel managed to keep up. There was another staircase. Neither where very steap. Edward thought about that. He was about to climb when the skeleton appeared. Edward got hit by the bones. He felt like icy nails scratched at his soul. The fairies settled down to might help. Angel growled. She leaped up to catch the bone. Edward bit together. He threw the axe before the skeleton might gather. The bag of bones fell apart. Edward rose and ran for the top before other enemies might arrive. Angel led the way. They breached the passage. The skeleton tried to choke him. Edward pulled back. He struck with the whip. The skeleton crumbled into pieces. Edward exhaled. He took the crystal. The cave looked like the den or barnyard. He thanked God there where no wargs about. “This is the way.” Rose assured. Edward accepted the statement before he cracked with the whip. The fairies flew for the rightmost opening. “Not that way!” Edward inspected another tunnel. “That is the way down to Dabi’s path.” Rose almost went dull. Edward heard that name before. He shook it off. There were only one slege. “Good Lord.” Edward reached for the crucifix. He was here. “Gotten aben, meine Damen, mein Hehr.” The cabman spoke in perfect German. “My great lord, the count, have told me to take good care of you.” The big hat, and long brown beard, concealed the features. “There is a flagon of the native plum brandy beneath the seat.” He smiled with sharp white teeth. “If you should have need for it.” Edward tightened his grip. “Welcome to our house.” The cabman seemed to freeze in his gesture. Edward kept in place. Then he blinked. Where was he? Edward sighed, though he retrieved the bottle. It might get in handy. Edward crossed himself before tracking forward. The next cave made him to stay in place. The area was even larger then the waterfall cave. The snowflakes fell through the opening. Edward made the sign of the cross. The lake was still open. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” How was he to get above. The fairies went to fly in front. Edward sighed. He already knew the answer. “Come here.” He called for the pet. Angel came to sit at his feet. She got the tail across her paws. Edward smiled. He tapped her on the head. “Sorry.” He then muttered. Edward got no choice. He bent to carry her above his shoulders. Angel wined. He bit together. “Here goes nothing.” Edward said. He then leaped into the air. The Lord was with him. Edward reached the nearest platform. “Watch out!” Rose called. Edward almost slid on the ice. “The berg is rotating!” Pixie changed her colour. Angel barked. “God with us!” Edward would make it work. The snow made it difficult to continue. So let it be. Edward might see beyond the obvious. The fairies did their best to lit his path. Edward smiled. That never reached his eyes. The bats came flying in a wave. He doused them with holy water. Edward picked the crystal. The fishman leaped from the water to land in front. The fairies shrieked their warnings. Edward struck with the whip. The fishman burst to pieces. He was not alone. The others appeared to spit poison streams. Edward managed to dodge. He threw the vial before leaving. Edward reached the platform as another fishman spat more poison. Edward struck with the whip. He had to get across. Edward reached the iceberg as it began spinning. He moved quicker then the fishmen. Edward managed to climb some other platforms before they caught up. The bats came from different locations. Edward revealed the crucifix. The fishman suddenly arrived to spit more water. Edward hurled the knife forward. He made it to split in three. The monsters got burned to ashes. Edward got hit in the stomach. The fishman bared its claws. Edward bit together. The mail had saved him. Angel barked. He couldn’t let go. This wasn’t her fight. Edward doused the fishman with holy water. Pixie came down to offer the apple of life. Edward ate the fruit. That replenished his energy. Edward crossed himself. He managed to reach the next platform. Rose flew about to might confuse the fishmen. Edward used the opportunity to move forward. Then another trio attacked. Edward got ready. He brandished with the ghost whip. The monsters got struck to pieces. He didn’t wait for the others to appear. Edward kept jumping until he reached the other side. “Thank you.” He said. Rose blushed. “There is no need to thank me.” She said. “You hold my card.” Edward smirked. “No problem.” He muttered. Edward let Angel to find the way. “This is it.” The fairy told. “This is the Wicked ditch.” Edward removed the hat. He made a short prayer. “Amen.” Edward closed the confession with the sign of the cross. He replaced the hat. Then he unsheathed the long sword. Angel barked. The needle circled the chamber. “God in Heaven!” He barely got across. The fairies looked back. Edward exhaled. Then he continued.

The cell seemed to be made of ice. Saria shuddered. She couldn’t help it. This was magic. The cold bit at her spirit. The torch in the tunnel was the only source of light. Saria disliked how the glow got reflected by the ice. It made her feel like trapped in blood. Saria closed her eyes. She would freeze to death. The dryad sang, although the plants only withered. The ice queen haunted her mind. Saria didn’t want to be the chosen one. But what if the undead was right? She didn’t know anymore. So much had happened these last weeks. “Mother of trees.” Saria pleaded. “Please grant me clarety.” There came no answer. Saria began to sing. The music gave some comfort. Saria was glad she was still alive. They stole her medallion. She should be dead anyhow. Then why didn’t it happen? Saria heard that, if a loved one found a pendant, then the dryad would live. That was only a legend. Saria never believed it before. She might be flexable. The music might attract attention. Saria let it be. She would sing of Edward and a life without Dracula. The chill tried to choke the dream. Saria kept singing. They couldn’t stop her. Even if she was to perish, their love would survive. The thought made something to blossom within. Saria gasped. She never felt it this strong before. The forest was alive.

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