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Technical Specs



Internal RAM:  

16 KBytes


160 x 152 dot 8-level monochrome


128 kbytes
Banking is used to accommodate all the RAM and ROM inside the 8502's 64 address space


Built-in lithium battery

Standard Screen Composition:  

Sprite screen, scrolling A screen, scrolling B screen, and the background.


Built-in lithium battery

Power Supply:  

2 size AAA dry batteries (AAA alkaline battery recommended)

Play duration:  

About 20 hours (with alkaline dry cell batteries)

Scroll function:  

Allows for priority display, windows, and character displays.


122mm (w) x 74mm (h) x 24mm (d)


Approximately 130g (160g with batteries)

External Outlet:  

5 pin connector for link cable
Stereo headphone terminal
AC adapter plug

System Notes/History

  • Includes World Clock, Calendar, Horoscope, and Alarm system software
  • Handles 16M of continuous access
  • Sprite feature with position revision function, stacked character and stacked character chain ability, along with setting for the stacked scrolling screen

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