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Technical Specs


8502 (6502 compatible)
Z80 for running CP/M programs.

CPU Speed:  

1.02 MHz NTSC, 0.985 MHz PAL.
The clock speed doubles when 80-column display modes are in use (2.02 MHz for NTSC, 1.97 MHz for PAL)


44 kbytes


128 kbytes
Banking is used to accommodate all the RAM and ROM inside the 8502's 64 address space


92 arranged in non-standard QWERTY layout


40 column mode, with 40x25, 16 colors
80 column mode, with 80x25, 16 colors
Standard mode. 320x200 resolution with 16 colors. Two colors per each 8x8 pixel square
Multi-colour bitmap. Half the resolution (160x200) of the previous mode. 16 colours colours are available simultaneously, but again with a constraint: four colours are allowed in each 4x8 pixel block
Some of the hacked-up modes available thanks to the extra 80-column video RAM included 640x200 (monochrome), or 640x200 (16 colours), but only with 64 kbytes of extra RAM
8 hardware sprites (24x21 pixels with one colour or 12 x 21 pixels with 3 colors), scrolling and collision detection


SID chip
3 channels of sound
Sound is sent to the TV or the monitor

Periphial Memory:  

None built in


Cartridge and expansion port, an edge connector
User port, also an edge connector
2 x Joystick ports for digital Atari-style joysticks
TV output (RF modulator, also transmits audio to the TV)
RGB output, including audio and composite video
Serial port for connecting printers and floppy drives
Tape recorder port, yet another edge connector. This is for Commodore's specialised tape recorder running at 300 bps.

System Notes/History

None at this time.

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