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Casino Kid
Contributed by Josh

      Ok, is it just me, or does the computer cheat non-stop in this game? Or do I just suck at blackjack? I've never even beaten the third blackjack dealer. One time I got him down to $100, but then he just happened to get this great streak of luck and got two blackjacks in a row, and then proceeded to beat the crap out of me until we were about even again. Needless to say, I threw my controller and turned the game off.

      Each and every time I met that damn third dealer after that led to almost the exact same results. My conclusion: the game cheats. It's that simple. To add the the confusion, my friend Karl said he finished this game. I have a hard time believing him because you have to beat a grand total of fifteen dealers, AND you then have to beat the CASINO KING.

      I can't even comment on the poker in this game, because I've never been able to make it to a poker dealer. The thing is...I love this game. I play it all the time. I usually just beat the crap out of the first blackjack dealer to make myself feel good, and quit playing after that to avoid the humiliation of losing to the third dealer. Maybe someday I'll be able to beat him...someday...someday.

      Anyway, this game has some cool ideas..there's some role playing elements included in the gameplay. You have to go around talking to people to get clues on which dealer to play next. If you talk to the wrong dealer, they really dish out some mean insults. Some of them include: "I'm Tough", "I'm Cute", and my favorite "Get away from me punk". Also when you start your game, there's the most high tech effect I've ever seen in a Nintendo game...the first time I saw it, I thought my game was broken or something...you have to see it for yourself. I'm not going to spoil it for you.

      Really, I'd have to say this is a great game, and you should buy it if you see it around anywhere. If it just didn't cheat so bad...

- Update -

      This weekend I sat down in front of my Nintendo with a lofty goal in mind. That goal of course was to beat that damn third blackjack dealer. Not only did I do that, but I easily surpassed the fourth and fifth dealers with ease, but it was a bitter sweet victory, because I found that the sixth blackjack dealer is nine thousand times harder to beat than the third. I'll keep you all updated with any progress.