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Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
Reprogrammed Game © 1992 U.S. Gold
Original game design & Program Tiertex Ltd.
Review by Raziel

Produced in 1992 by U.S. Gold, this game is an adaption of the classic third Indy film (the best, in my opinion). It is adapted of an older game that appeared in the home computers in 1989. That year they appeared two Indy3 games, the action game and the point & click adventure game. The adventure was excellent for its time but the action game was below average. So, it was not the best contender for an adaption to Genesis. Of course, here the game is improved a bit but it's still not worthy of the Indy name.


The graphics are not too bad, but average at best. Indy's sprite is decent but with poor animation. The sprites of the enemies are poor. The backgrounds are not great but they follow the scenes of the film.

The soundtrack of the film is adapted but with awful quality. It is obvious that Genesis did not have the musical capabilities of SNES. The SFX just do their job.


It is just a simple platform. Indy can use his fists or his mighty whip to get rid of the many enemies that lurk in the levels. The control response could be better. There are 5 levels total. Their themes follow the story of the film. You will search for the cross of Coronado in Utah, you will try to esacpe a chase on a train, you will explore tha catacombs in Venice, you will ascend Castle Brunwald in Austria and finally search for the Holy Grail. In most levels there are bosses, which are small in their size but very tough. The problem is that the game is too tough, and there are no passwords to help you.

The game is not too bad as say, Last Action Hero, but it's a rather typically average film-license. Fans of the film might want to see it, but for the rest, there are a hell lot better platform games. If you want to play an excellent game with Indy, try Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures for SNES.

FUN :49