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Bram Stoker's Dracula
© 1993 Sony Electronic Publishing Co.
Review by Raziel

Released in 1993 by Sony Imagesoft/ Psygnosis this game is based on the already classic Francis Ford Coppola film loosely based on the novel of Bram Stoker which in turn is loosely based on the life of the legendary Romanian king Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula. In my opinion the film is the best fantasy film of 1992 and certainly one of the best fantasy films ever, and certainly the best vampire film. It is certainly the best film that was turned into a game! OK, enough praise about the film, let's see how good (or bad) the game is. With such thematic material the game deserved to be a dark and powerful, as well as spooky action game inspired by Castlevania and even better in its quality. Unfortunatelly, it is a failure...


The graphics are not too bad. The sprites are decent and some of the backgrounds are great (especially the final stage). But they are a bit uninspiring and dull. Everything is well drawn and detailed but it is not eye-catching. And certainly they are not spooky and atmospheric, as they should be. All in all, they are a bit disappointing...


The opening music theme is good, but the rest of the music is peppy and totally out of place. If you expect the powerful score of the movie, forget it! If you listen to the music tracks without knowing in advance where they are from you would think that they are from a cute platform game a-la Mr.Nutz. The SFX are here, but they are nothing to brag about. They just do their job (but they are better than the music). If you want, after all, to play the game, turn off the volume and listen to Vempyre by Cradle of Filth. It fits better!

A simple platform game that would like to be Castlevania, with the hero having a knife instead of a whip. You control Jonathan Harker and you must travel your way through several levels to reach castle Dracula and rescue your girlfriend Mina from the Prince of Darkness. The control response is poor and the difficulty is high. And there are no passwords to help! There are 6 levels total, divided into to parts, one by day and the other by night. Is it necessary to mention which part is harder? At the end of each level you will face a boss. The funny thing about the bosses is that they are too large. Now, you will object telling me that huge bosses are great. Yes, they are, but not if the characters they represent are not huge. Just take a look at the pictures and see for yourself what I mean. Among others, you will face 4 meter tall versions of the Count himself,Dracula in Bat form, Dracula in wolf form, Dracula in 'gentleman' form, Lucy the female vampire, Renfield the Lunatic and finally Dracula in full armor (the one he wore at the beginning of the film). As I said before, the game is too hard and unforgiving and you will either be challenged or bored (the second is more likely).


An ordinarily average movie game. It is not as bad as, say, Cliffhanger or Last Action Hero (which were also made by Psygnosis in 1993) but it certainly disappoints. Especially when you consider that the film is very good. It is hard to recommend this game to anyone, but fans of Castlevania or Dracula would like to see it, just from curiosity (by the way, what did curiosity do, to the cat?)

FUN :50