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Carrie's Bad Ending

After defeating Dracula's servant, who was posing as the real Dracula, Malus appears before Carrie.







The boy tests Carrie's naiveté by questioning if she believes that Dracula is truly dead.


We cut to a scene where Carrie and Malus are resting on the back of wagon as a peasant drives them home.








Suddenly, Malus asks Carrie to marry him, but she notes that they're both too young; he concedes that they should get married when they get older, wherein he could protect her always. When Carrie gives a vague answer, Malus demands that she say yes. Mistaking his tone for playful, after some thought, she promises that she will one day marry him. "Now we have a binding contract...," he says, with a strange voice, to which carry becomes concerned.



They let it drop without another word. They then ride off into the sunset. For Dracula is still alive, and Carrie would one day know the horrible truth.