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Reinhardt's Good Ending

After defeating Drago in the desert realm, Reinhardt is transported to a mountain cliff where he watches Castlevania collapse into the ocean. Leaves start to fall all around him as he ponders the preceding events. His grief turns to joy as Rosa materializes in front of him, free from Dracula's curse.





"Will this struggle against Dracula never end?" Reinhardt wonders. His grief turns to wonderment as rose petals begin to fall from the sky, followed by the rose from which they found sanctity. Miraculously, it signals the appearance of Rosa, free from the curse.










Reinhardt regrets that the battle is eternal--that Dracula will continue to return as long as there is evil in people's hearts. As long as they have love, Reinhardt consoles, they'll find a way to overcome it. The two then stare at the remains of the fallen castle as the credits begin to roll.