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December 31st, 1998
Playable Heroes
Stage Number
Game Size
Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez
13 Stages
Original Platform
Nintendo 64 

    Alternate Incarnations
Release Date: March 11th, 1999
- The Japanese version is titled
Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku, which translates to Demon Castle Dracula Apocalypse. It's otherwise known as Dracula 3D.

Release Date: May 14th, 1999
The European version arrives relatively on time considering the sluggishness of its territory's localization.

    The Manual's Synopsis

In earlier times, peace and prosperity reigned across the land, and no-one thought to question their good fortune or fear for the future...

     Then, in the middle of the 19th century, a dark shadow spread across Wallachia, Transylvania, home to many a vampire legend. The spirits of the depraved and corrupt had roused the king of evil from his enforced sleep of 100 years...

     Shapeshifting into a bat, a wolf, or coils of mist, he stalked the land...

     Seeking the dark and shunning the light, he cursed the gods as he hunted...

     Damned to eternal life, he sucked the blood of one young maiden after another...

     Count Dracula, Lord of Darkness and Master of the Castle of Death, had arisen again...

     The peace and prosperity of the people utterly destroyed, a black cloud of despair spread over the land. Evil beings roamed through the towns, and those who refused to pledge allegiance to Dracula died horrible deaths.

     It was then that two warriors came forth, called by fate to hunt down the Lord of Darkness and deliver the people from his evil...


   Objective / Overview

It was inevitable the our famed series would have to one day earn its 3D stripes, and in 1999, the honor fell upon Konami Computer Entertainment of Kobe (KCEK), a division of the main company. Thus, Castlevania 64 is the first series' title to enter into the world of three dimensions. Though there were many promises made as to the quality of the finished product, only few were delivered upon. Regardless, what remains is a rather unique take on Castlevania-style gameplay in its first 3D venture.

At your disposal are two characters, two Belmont-derived heroes whose missions are yours to clear. They are Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez, who command their own tools of destruction but utilize all of the same magical items. You can take control of either hero and guide him or her through nine of the twelve stages, which come in two types: Those that offer straightforward room-to-room action, and others that feature free-roaming areas whose puzzles must be solved through exploration. Though they cover most of the same terrain, both characters' missions have exclusive two areas that branch out from stages three and five. Therein, you must deal with each character's main instigator, sporadic and erratic boss appearances, and finally the game's major villain.

Castlevania 64's gameplay runs on a day-to-night timer, which determines good or bad endings depending upon how long it takes to complete a respective mission. This works to supply a sense of replayability, but that may or may not be a good thing. In addition to the regular mode, there's also an easy mode that can only be played up until stage five; otherwise, clearing the game in the regular mode under a certain condition unlocks a "hard" but complete mode.


   Version Differences

Japanese Version
- The Japanese version doesn't have any changes in its mechanics or story, but there are the usual name deviations. Most notably, Carrie's last name is different; here it's "Belnades," the establishment of which tells us that her bloodline actually descends from Sypha Belnades from the earlier Dracula's Curse. Also, as a result, the enemy known in the U.S. version as "Carrie's Cousin," who's described as a recent "castle invader," is actually meant to be Sypha herself, resurrected by Actrise in her attempt to engage in both antagonism and mind games. Refer to this page in the Heroes' Evolution section for more details.
- When you save your game via a white jewel, your data is saved to the game's cartridge rather than to a controller-inserted memory card.

European Version
The European version is titled simply "Castlevania," continuing what was Konami's standard practice for games released in the continent. Since some series titles were released either late or not at all, Konami must have felt that it needed to continually reestablish the brand and do so in the simplest terms. For this reason, Konami of Europe saw fit to leave off the subtitles and present them to customers as starting-off points.


   Soundtrack and Credits


1. Introduction 29. Maze Garden B 57. Death's Defeat
2. Title 30. Actrise 58. Showdown With Actrise
3. Setting 31. Female Victim Rises 59. Acrtise's Defeat
4. Introduction 32. Found a Secret Path 60. The Clock Tower
5. Prologue 33. Underground Mine 61. Last Meeting With Renon
6. Forest of Silence 34. Spider Woman 62. Renon's Transformation
7. Skeleton Awake 35. Arachne 63. Vampire Vincent
8. Shudder 36. Lamented Rose 64. Dracula's Coffin I
9. Skeleton Ape 37. Underground Waterway 65. Dracula's Coffin II
10. Intrusion 38. Lizard Men 66. Showdown with Dracula
11. Enter the Watchtower 39. Actrise II 67. Third Struggle
12. The Watchtower 40. Castle Center 68. Dracula's Servant's Defeat
13. Bone Dragon 41. Bloodborn 69. Moment of Silence
14. Dracula's Servant 42. Malus Reappears I 70. Castle Escape
15. Exit the Watchtower 43. Malus Reappears II 71. Malus and the Unicorn
16. Cerberus I 44. Planetarium 72. Dracula's True Form A
17. Cerberus II 45. Unexpected Encounter

73. Dracula's Defeat I

18. Cerberus III 46. Rosa's Defeat 74. Dracula's Defeat II
19. Annex 47. Carrie's Cousin 75. Dracula's True Form B
20. First Vampire 48. Carrie's Cousin's Death I 76. Fourth Struggle
21. Rose 49. Carrie's Cousin's Death II 77. Drago's Defeat
22. Charlie Vincent 50. Duel Tower 78. Bad Ending
23. Hamlet People I 51. Tower of Science 79. Schneider's Good Ending I
24. Hamlet People II 52. Security Crystal 80. Schneider's Good Ending II
25. Hamlet People III 53. Tower of Execution 81. Carrie's Good Ending I
26. Renon 54. Tower of Sorcery 82. Carrie's Good Ending II
27. Malus 55. Showdown With Death 83. Credits
28. Maze Garden A 56. Second Struggle 84. Game Over

Music Files: MP3 and MIDI
Soundtrack Release: Japanese Soundtrack, European Soundtrack
and Castlevania Best Music Collections Box
Game Credits:


   Character List

Lesser Enemies

Skeleton Exploding Skeleton Motorcycle Skeleton
Ghost Lizard Man Werewolf
Hellhound Skull Head Blood Skeleton
Medusa Head Spider Woman Bloodborn
Frankenstein Gardener Knight Pillar of Bones
Bone Head Hell Knight Machine Gun Guard
Cerberus Flame Cerberos Hell Cerberos
Vampire Butler Vampire Maid Lesser Female Vampire
Vampire Bat Ice Monster


Giant Ape Skeleton Guardian Skeledragons Vampire
Rosa Carrie's Cousin Demon Bull
Were-Leopard Werewolf Were-Bull
Were-Tiger Death Renon
Actrise Charlie Vincent

Dracula Forms

Dracula Drago

Supporting Cast

Dracula's Servant Charlie Vincent Rosa
Renon Malus Actrise
Mutated Lizard Man