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1941 Counter Attack -Contributed by Rey, Tomato
1942 - [Capcom] -Contributed by Rey
1942 - [Williams] -Contributed by Rey
1942 - [Play Choice-10] -Contributed by Rey
1943 The Battle of Midway -Contributed by Rey
1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
1944 The Loop Master -Contributed by Rey
1945k III - [Kor] -Contributed by Notion
19XX The War Against Destiny -Contributed by Rey
2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge -Contributed by Notion
4-D Warriors -Contributed by Notion
600 -Contributed by Rey
64Th. Street: A Detective Story -Contributed by Ace
720° -Contributed by Notion
'88 Games -Contributed by Notion
9 Shootout! -Contributed by Notion

A.B.Cop: Air Bike -Contributed by NPI
Acrobat Mission -Contributed by Notion
Act-Fancer: Cybernetick Hyper Weapon -Contributed by Rey
Action Hollywood -Contributed by Rey
Aero Fighters -Contributed by Rey
Aero Fighters 3 -Contributed by Retro
Aero Fighters Special - [Taiwan] -Contributed by Rey
After Burner - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
After Burner II -Contributed by Rey
Age of Heroes ~Silkroad-2 -Contributed by Rey
Air Assault -Contributed by Rey
Air Attack -Contributed by Rey
Air Buster: Raid Unit. Trouble Specialty -Contributed by Billym, MC Pantera
Air Duel -Contributed by RyuWatase
Air Gallet -Contributed by RyuWatase
Air Wolf -Contributed by Rey
Akumajo Dracula: The Arcade - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey - (New)
Alex Kidd with Stella -The Lost Stars- -Contributed by Notion, Billym
Alien vs. Predator -Contributed by Rey
Alien Sector -Contributed by Opi
Alien Storm -Contributed by Billym, Notion
Alien Syndrome -Contributed by Notion, NPI
Alienł The Gun -Contributed by Rey
Aliens -Contributed by Kitsune Sniper
Alligator Hunt -Contributed by NPI
Alpha Mission -Contributed by Billym
Altered Beast -Contributed by Ace
Amazing Adventures of Mr. F.Lea -Contributed by Rey
Angel Kids - [Jpn] -Contributed by Notion
Aqua Jack -Contributed by Billym
Arabian Magic -Contributed by Cutman
Arbalester -Contributed by RyuWatase
Arcadia -Contributed by Rey
Ark Area -Contributed by Billym, Skippy911
Arkanoid -Contributed by RyuWatase
Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH -Contributed by Billym
Arkanoid Returns -Contributed by Rey
Arm Wrestling -Contributed by Rey
Armed F: Armed Formation -Contributed by NPI
Armed Police Batrider - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Armored Warriors -Contributed by NPI, Jeff Cotten
Asterix -Contributed by Tammy
Astyanax -Contributed by Rey
Asuka & Asuka - [Jpn] -Contributed by Billym, Chanacol
Athena -Contributed by Billym
Atomic Boy -Contributed by Rey
Atomic Punk -Contributed by Billym
Atomic Runner Chelnov -Nuclear Man, The Fighter- -Contributed by Rey
Aurail -Contributed by Rey
Avengers -Contributed by Billym
Avengers in Galactic Storm -Contributed by Rey
Avenging Spirit -Contributed by Billym, Notion, Boyakki

Backfire! -Contributed by NPI
Back Street Soccer -Contributed by Billym, Notion
Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja -Contributed by Rey
Bang -Contributed by NPI
Bang Bang Ball -Contributed by Billym, ApacheMan2k
Bang Bead - [Euro] -Contributed by NPI
Batman -Contributed by Raziel
Batman Forever -Contributed by NPI
Batsugun - [Euro] -Contributed by NPI
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 -Contributed by Rey, NPI
Battle Bakraid - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Battle Bakraid: Unlimited Version - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Battle Chopper -Contributed by Billym, Skippy911
Battle Circuit - [Euro] -Contributed by Rey
Battle Flip Shot -Contributed by NPI
Battle Garegga -Contributed by Billym, NPI
Battle K-Road: Multi Style Fighting Tournament -Contributed by Rey
Battle Lane! Vol. 5 -Contributed by Rey
Battle Rangers - [Euro] -Contributed by Rey
Battle Shark -Contributed by Ed
Battlantis -Contributed by RyuWatase
Battlecry -Contributed by Notion
Battletoads -Contributed by Ed, Rey
Bay-Route -Contributed by RyuWatase
Beast Busters -Contributed by Rey
Beastorizer -Contributed by NPI
Bells & Whistles -Contributed by Rey
Bermuda Triangle -Contributed by Rey
Bermuda Triangle - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Big Bang: Power Shooting -Contributed by Tupou
Big Karnak -Contributed by Notion
Big Run 11th Rallye: The Supreme 4WD Challenge -Contributed by Notion, Billym
Big Striker -Contributed by Billym, Notion
Bio-Ship Paladin -Contributed by Billym
Bionic Commando -Contributed by Rey
Biomechanical Toy -Contributed by Billym, Notion
Black Heart -Contributed by NPI
Black Panther -Contributed by NPI
Black Tiger -Contributed by Rey
Blade Master -Contributed by Ace
Blades of Steel -Contributed by Notion
Blandia -Contributed by Jacquismo, O Ilusionista
Blast Off - [Jpn] -Contributed by Billym
Blaster -Contributed by Rey
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey, Jonny2x4
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Blazeon - [Jpn] -Contributed by Billym, RyuWatase
Blazer - [Jpn] -Contributed by Notion, NPI
Block Block -Contributed by Billym
Block Hole -Contributed by NPI
Blomby Car -Contributed by Billym
Blood Bros. -Contributed by Opi
Blood Storm -Contributed by Nestea
Bloody Roar 2 Bringer of the New Age - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Bloody Wolf -Contributed by NPI, Notion, Billym
Blue Hawk -Contributed by Notion
Bonanza Bros. -Contributed by Notion
Bonk's Adventure: Arcade Version -Contributed by Rey
Bonze Adventure -Contributed by NPI, Boyakki
Boogie Wings - [Euro] -Contributed by NPI
Boomer Range'r -Contributed by Rey
Boot Camp -Contributed by Notion
Border Down - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Boxy Boy -Contributed by RyuWatase
Brave Blade - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Breaker's Revenge -Contributed by Rey
BreakThru -Contributed by ODog502
Brute Force -Contributed by RyuWatase
Bubble Bobble -Contributed by Rey
Bubble Symphony -Contributed by Rey
Bubble Memories: The Story of Bubble Bobble III -Contributed by Rey
Bucky O'Hare -Contributed by ApacheMan2k
Burglar X -Contributed by RyuWatase
Burning Rival -Contributed by NPI
Bust-A -Move - [Neo-Geo] -Contributed by Rey
Bust-A -Move Again -Contributed by Rey
Bust-A -Move Again EX -Contributed by Rey
Buster Bros. -Contributed by Tyler, Notion
Buster Buddies -Contributed by NPI

Cabal -Contributed by Opi
Cadash -Contributed by RyuWatase
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs -Contributed by Rey
Cal.50 Caliber.Fifty -Contributed by RyuWatase
Camel Try -Contributed by Lentium
Capcom Bowling -Contributed by DJ Tigresa
Capcom Sports Club: Starring Basketball Tennis & Soccer -Contributed by NPI
Captain America and the Avengers -Contributed by Ace, JR
Captain Commando -Contributed by Ace
Captain Silver - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Captain Tomaday -Contributed by RyuWatase
Carrier Airwing -Contributed by Ace
Castle of Dragon -Contributed by Rey
Castlevania -Contributed by Rey
Cavelon -Contributed by Lentium
Caveman Ninja -Contributed by NPI
Chack'n Pop - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Champion Pro Wrestling -Contributed by Jacquismo
Champion Wrestler -Contributed by Jacquismo
Change Air Blade - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Chaos Breaker - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Chaos Field - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Charlie Ninja -Contributed by NPI
Chase H.Q. -Contributed by Notion
Cheese Chase -Contributed by Notion
Chequered Flag -Contributed by NPI
China Gate -Contributed by Rey
Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers -Contributed by Rey
Chopper I -Contributed by NPI
City Bomber -Contributed by NPI
Cleopatra Fortune - [Jpn] -Contributed by Reiji-Kun
Cliffhanger: Edward-Randy -Contributed by RyuWatase
Cobra Command -Contributed by RyuWatase
Combatribes -Contributed by Kitsune Sniper
Commando -Contributed by Opi
Congo Bongo -Contributed by Opi
Continental Circus -Contributed by Raphie
Contra -Contributed by Rey
Contra - [Play Choice-10] -Contributed by Rey
Contra III The Alien Wars -Contributed by Rey
Cookie & Bibi 2 -Contributed by NPI
Cookie & Bibi 3 -Contributed by NPI
Cool Boarders: Arcade Jam -Contributed by NPI
Cool Minigame Collection -Contributed by NPI
Cop 01 - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Cosmic Cop -Contributed by NPI, Notion
Cosmo Gang: The Video -Contributed by Sogetsu
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams -Contributed by Rey
Cotton 2 Magical Night Dreams - [Jpn] -Contributed by Paul Jensen
Cotton Boomerang: Magical Night Dreams - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4
Crack Down -Contributed by NPI
Crazy Climber 2 - [Jpn] -Contributed by Vaz
Crime City -Contributed by Notion
Crime Fighters -Contributed by Billym, Notion
Crossbow -Contributed by Rey
Cruis'n USA -Contributed by NPI
Cruis'n World -Contributed by NPI
Crystal Castles -Contributed by Notion
Crystal of Kings -Contributed by Rey
Cybattler -Contributed by NPI
Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness -Contributed by RyuWatase
Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI

D. D. Crew -Contributed by Rey
Daioh -Contributed by Rey
Dangerous Seed - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat -Contributed by Notion
Darius -Contributed by RyuWatase
Darius II - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Darius Gaiden: Silver Hawk "The Dawn of a New Battle" -Contributed by RyuWatase
Dark Adventure -Contributed by Rey
Dark Edge - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors -Contributed by TonyB, Notion
Dead Angle -Contributed by Rey
Dead Connection -Contributed by RyuWatase
Demolish Fist -Contributed by Rey
Demon's World -Contributed by Notion
Desert Assault -Contributed by Notion
Devastators -Contributed by Notion, NPI
Devil World -Contributed by Rey
Dharma Doujou - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Dimahoo -Contributed by RyuWatase
Dino Rex -Contributed by Jacquismo
Do Donpachi -Contributed by Rey
Do Donpachi II Bee Storm -Contributed by Rey
Dogyuun -Contributed by Rey
Dolphin Blue -Contributed by Rey
Don Doko Don! -Contributed by Boyakki
Donkey Kong -Contributed by Opi
Donkey Kong Junior -Contributed by Opi
Donpachi -Contributed by Rey
Double Dragon -Contributed by Rey
Double Dragon - [Play Choice-10] -Contributed by Rey
Double Dragon II The Revenge -Contributed by Rey
Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone -Contributed by Rey
Downtown -Contributed by Notion
Dr. Mario -Contributed by Rey
Dragon Ball Z -Contributed by Rey
Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Battle -Contributed by Rey
Dragon Blaze -Contributed by NPI
Dragon Breed -Contributed by NPI
Dragon Buster -Contributed by Rey
Dragon Master -Contributed by Rey
Dragon Saber -Contributed by Rey
Dragon Spirit -Contributed by Rey
Dragongun: Firebrand, Gun of the Ark-Magi -Contributed by Rey
Dragonninja - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4
Dragoon Might -Contributed by Rey
Dream Soccer '94 -Contributed by Mike Myers
Drift Out - [Jpn] -Contributed by Notion
Drift Out '94 The Hard Order - [Jpn] -Contributed by Notion
Dungeon Magic -Contributed by Rey
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom -Contributed by Rey
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara -Contributed by Rey
Dyger -Contributed by NPI
Dyna Gears: An Action Adventure on the Era of Dinosaur -Contributed by Rey
Dynablaster -Contributed by Rey
Dynamite Duke -Contributed by Rey
Dynamite Düx -Contributed by NPI
Dynasty Wars -Contributed by RyuWatase

E.D.F. Earth Defense Force -Contributed by Rey
Eco Fighters -Contributed by Notion, RyuWatase
Egg Venture Deluxe -Contributed by NPI
Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring -Contributed by NPI
Eight Forces -Contributed by Rey
Empire City: 1931 -Contributed by Notion, RyuWatase
Enduro Racer -Contributed by Notion
Enforce -Contributed by Rey
ES Evolution Soccer -Contributed by Mike Myers
ESP Ra.De.: A.D. 2018 Tokyo -Contributed by RyuWatase
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters -Contributed by Rey
Espgaluda - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey, Jeff Cotten
Espial -Contributed by Rey
ESWAT: Cyber Police -Contributed by Notion
Evil Stone -Contributed by Rey
Explosive Breaker -Contributed by Rey
Extermination -Contributed by Rey
Exterminator -Contributed by Rey
Exzisus - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI

F-1 Grand Prix Star II -Contributed by Rey
Fairy Land Story -Contributed by Mahlemiut
Fallen Angels -Contributed by Rey
Fancy World: Earth of Crisis -Contributed by NPI
Fantasy Land -Contributed by Notion
Fantasy Zone -Contributed by Rey
Fantasy Zone II The Tears of Opa-Opa -Contributed by Rey
Fantasy Zone II The Tears of Opa-Opa - [2008] - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash -Contributed by Tamara
Fever SOS -Contributed by Rey
Fight Fever -Contributed by NPI
Fighter & Attacker -Contributed by eXAXXiON, RyuWatase
Fighter's History -Contributed by Rey
Fighting Hawk -Contributed by Rey
Fighting Layer - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Fighting Soccer - [Jpn] -Contributed by Mike Myers
Fighting Vipers -Contributed by Rey
Fighting Vipers 2 -Contributed by Rey
Final Blow -Contributed by Notion
Final Fight -Contributed by Rey, Mr.Wilbury
Final Fight - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4, Japadius, Al LaPrade, Eien Ni Hen, Snark, Paul Jensen
Final Round -Contributed by RyuWatase
Final Star Force -Contributed by Rey
Finest Hour - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Fire Hawk -Contributed by NPI
Fire Shark -Contributed by NPI
First Funky Fighter -Contributed by NPI
Fist of the North Star -Contributed by Rey, Tomato
Fixeight -Contributed by Rey
Flame Gunner -Contributed by NPI
Football Champ -Contributed by Mike Myers
Forgotten Worlds -Contributed by Rey
Fortress 2 Blue Arcade -Contributed by NPI
Fred Flintstone's Memory Match -Contributed by Rey
Funky Jet -Contributed by Boyakki

G Darius -Contributed by Rey
G Stream: G 2020 -Contributed by Rey
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero -Contributed by Shemp, Notion
G-LOC Air Battle: Loss of Consciousness By G Force -Contributed by Rey
G-LOC Air Battle: Loss of Consciousness By G Force R360 Servo Drive Moving System -Contributed by Rey
Gaia Crusaders -Contributed by NPI
Gaiapolis -Contributed by Rey
Gain Ground -Contributed by NPI
Galactic Warriors -Contributed by Jacquismo
Galaga '88 -Contributed by Rey
Galaxy Force II -Contributed by Rey
Galaxy Gunners -Contributed by Notion
Galmedes - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Gang Busters -Contributed by Rey
Gang Wars -Contributed by Cutman
Ganryu -Contributed by Rey
Garyu Retsuden - [Jpn] -Contributed by RyuWatase
Gate of Doom -Contributed by RyuWatase
Gauntlet Legends -Contributed by Rey
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy -Contributed by Rey
Gekirindan -Contributed by Rey
Gemini Wing -Contributed by NPI
Genix Family -Contributed by NPI
Ghosts 'n Goblins -Contributed by Rey
Ghoul Panic -Contributed by NPI
Ghouls 'n Ghosts -Contributed by Rey
Ghox -Contributed by Rey
Giga Wing -Contributed by RyuWatase, Rey
Giga Wing Generations: Yokushin - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Giga Wing 2 -Contributed by Rey
Gigandes -Contributed by NPI
Ginga Ninkyouden - [Jpn] -Contributed by Lukman
Gladiator - [IGS] -Contributed by Rey
Gladiator - [Taito] -Contributed by Notion
Gladiator 1984: The Equestrian Fighting Event -Contributed by Rey
Global Champion -Contributed by NPI
Go! Go! Mile Smile -Contributed by NPI
Goal! Goal! Goal! -Contributed by RyuWatase
Godzilla - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Gogetsuji Legends -Contributed by NPI
Goindol -Contributed by NPI
Gokujou Parodius ~Kako no Eikou o Motomete~ - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4
Golden Axe -Contributed by Generalme
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death-Adder -Contributed by Ed
Golden Axe: The Duel -Contributed by Ninjasrok
Gondomania -Contributed by Notion
Gradius - [Play Choice-10] -Contributed by Rey
Gradius III -Contributed by Rey
Gradius IV Fukkatsu - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Grand Prix Star -Contributed by Rey
Great Swordsman -Contributed by Jacquismo
Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer -Contributed by Rey
Grind Stormer -Contributed by NPI
Grobda -Contributed by Rey
Growl -Contributed by Chanacol
Guardian Force - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI, Eien Ni Hen
Guardians of the 'Hood -Contributed by Notion
Guerrilla War -Contributed by Rey
Guilty Gear Isuka - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Guilty Gear X - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival #Reload - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Guilty Gear XX Slash: The Midnight Carnival - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Guilty Gear XX: Λ Core - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Gulf War-II -Contributed by NPI
Gun & Frontier -Contributed by Rey
Gun Force: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island -Contributed by RyuWatase
Gun Force II -Contributed by Rey
Gun Master -Contributed by NPI
Gun.Smoke -Contributed by Ace
Gunbarich -Contributed by NPI
Gunbird -Contributed by RyuWatase
Gunbird 2 -Contributed by RyuWatase
Gundhara: Juudan Arashi - [Jpn] -Contributed by Notion
Gunnail -Contributed by Rey
Gururin - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI, RyuWatase
Guts'n - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Gyruss: Galaxy Defense Force -Contributed by NPI

Hachoo! - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Hammerin' Harry -Contributed by Boyakki
Hang-On Jr. -Contributed by Notion
Hard Dunk -Contributed by NPI
Hard Head -Contributed by NPI
Hard Head 2 -Contributed by NPI
Hat Trick Hero '93 Campeon de Futbol -Contributed by Mike Myers
Hat Trick Hero '94 Campeon de Futbol -Contributed by Mike Myers
Hat Trick Hero '95 -Contributed by Mike Myers
Haunted Castle -Contributed by Rey
Head Panic: Polly & Sally Adventure - [Korea] -Contributed by RyuWatase, NPI
Heaven's Gate -Contributed by NPI
Heavy Barrel -Contributed by NPI
Heavy Metal: Geomatrix - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Heavy Unit -Contributed by Rey
Heavyweight Champ -Contributed by NPI
Hellfire -Contributed by Rey
Hippodrome -Contributed by Notion
Hit the Ice: The Video Hockey League -Contributed by NPI
Holosseum -Contributed by Rey
Hook -Contributed by Tech Neon
Hot Chase -Contributed by NPI
Hotdog Storm: The First Supersonics -Contributed by RyuWatase
Hydra -Contributed by NPI, Notion
Hyper Duel: Buster Gear -Contributed by eXAXXiON
Hyper Sports Video Games -Contributed by Mike Myers
Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition -Contributed by Rey

Ichidant-R: Puzzle & Action -Contributed by Notion
Ikari -Contributed by Rey - [Jpn]
Ikari Warriors -Contributed by Rey
Ikari III The Rescue -Contributed by Rey
Image Fight - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom -Contributed by Rey
In the Hunt -Contributed by Ace
Insector X -Contributed by NPI
IQ-Block -Contributed by NPI
Irem Skins Game -Contributed by Notion
Iron Horse -Contributed by Rey
Irritating Maze -Contributed by NPI

J.J. Squawkers -Contributed by NPI
Jackal - [Euro] -Contributed by Rey
Jail Break -Contributed by Notion
Jeon Sin: Guardian Storm - [Kor] -Contributed by Sogetsu
Joe & Mac Returns -Contributed by Rey
Jojo's Venture -Contributed by Rey
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure -Contributed by Rey
Jumping Pop -Contributed by NPI
Jungle Hunt -Contributed by NPI
Jungle King - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Jurassic Park -Contributed by RyuWatase

Kabuki-Z -Contributed by Rey
Kageki -Contributed by Notion
Karate Blazers -Contributed by Ace
Karate Tournament: Chakun Yaraku Shanku -Contributed by Jacquismo
Karian Cross -Contributed by NPI
Karnov -Contributed by Rey
Ken Sei Mogura: Street Fighter II - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Kid Niki: Radical Ninja -Contributed by Billym
Killer Instinct -Contributed by Rey
Killer Instinct 2 -Contributed by Rey
Killing Blade -Contributed by Rey
King of Dragons -Contributed by Rey
King of Fighters: Neowave -Contributed by Rey
King of Fighters XI -Contributed by Rey
King of Fighters XII - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
King of Fighters XIII - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Kingdom Grandprix -Contributed by Rey
Klax -Contributed by Notion
Knights of The Round -Contributed by Ace
Knights of Valour -Contributed by RyuWatase, NPI
Knights of Valour: Super Heroes -Contributed by Rey
Knights of Valour Plus -Contributed by NPI
Knights of Valour 2 New Legend -Contributed by Rey
Knights of Valour 2 Nine Dragons -Contributed by Rey
Knights of Valour: The Seven Spirits -Contributed by Rey
Knuckle Bash -Contributed by NPI
Knuckle Heads -Contributed by Jacquismo
Konami GT -Contributed by NPI
Koutetsu Yousai Strahl - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Kung Fu -Contributed by Rey
Kung-Fu Master -Contributed by Lukman, RyuWatase
Kyros -Contributed by NPI

Laser Ghost -Contributed by Rey
Last Day -Contributed by NPI
Last Duel: Inter Planet War 2012 -Contributed by Rey
Last Mission -Contributed by NPI
Last Striker -Contributed by NPI, Mike Myers
Led Storm -Contributed by Rey
Led Storm: Rally 2011 -Contributed by Rey
Legend of Hero Tonma -Contributed by RyuWatase
Legend of Heroes - [Kor] -Contributed by Rey
Legend of Kage -Contributed by Lukman
Legend of Makai -Contributed by Mike Myers
Legend of Silk Road -Contributed by eXAXXiON, Notion
Legendary Wings -Contributed by Rey
Lethal Crash Race -Contributed by NPI
Lethal Enforcers II Gun Fighters -Contributed by RyuWatase
Lethal Thunder -Contributed by Rey
Life Force -Contributed by Rey
Life Force - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Lightning Fighters - [Euro] -Contributed by RyuWatase
Lightning Swords -Contributed by Rey
Line of Fire -Contributed by NPI
Liquid Kids -Contributed by Boyakki
Lost Castle in Darkmist -Contributed by Rey
Lucky & Wild -Contributed by Rey, Jeff Cotten

M.I.A. Missing in Action -Contributed by Mike Myers
Macross: Super Spacefortress -Contributed by RyuWatase
Macross II Chou-Zikuu Yousai - [Jpn] -Contributed by Tupou
Macross Plus - [Jpn] -Contributed by Tupou
Mad Gear -Contributed by Notion
Mad Shark -Contributed by NPI
Magic Sword: Heroic Fantasy -Contributed by Rey
Magical Cat Adventure -Contributed by NPI
Magical Drop II -Contributed by CloudVII, NPI
Magical Drop III -Contributed by Cameron
Main Event -Contributed by Notion
Masked Riders Club: Battle Race -Contributed by NPI
Marchen Maze - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Mario Kart Arcade GP -Contributed by Rey, Monoxide219
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 -Contributed by Rey, Monoxide219
Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting -Contributed by RyuWatase
Martial Champion -Contributed by Jacquismo
Martial Masters -Contributed by NPI
Marvel Super Heroes -Contributed by Rey
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter -Contributed by Rey, Jonny2x4, Cavery210, Ragey
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes -Contributed by Rey
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes -Contributed by Rey, LGN-76
Master of Weapon -Contributed by NPI
Mat Mania: The Prowrestling Network -Contributed by Jacquismo
Maze of Flott - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Mazinger Z -Contributed by NPI
Mechanized Attack -Contributed by NPI
Mega Blast -Contributed by Notion
Mega Man: The Power Battle -Contributed by Rey
Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters -Contributed by Rey, Fragnarok
Mega Man III -Contributed by Rey
Mega Twins -Contributed by Ace
Mercs -Contributed by Ace
Meta Fox -Contributed by RyuWatase
Metal Black -Contributed by Rey
Metal Hawk - [Jpn] -Contributed by Notion
Metal Saver - [Kor] -Contributed by NPI
Metal Slug 6 -Contributed by Rey
Metamoqester -Contributed by Mahlemiut
Metamorphic Force -Contributed by RyuWatase
Metroid -Contributed by Rey
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker -Contributed by Notion, Ace
Midnight Resistance -Contributed by Ace, Notion
Mighty Warriors: Ave Caesar Morituri te Salutant -Contributed by Rey
Mighty! Pang -Contributed by NPI
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! -Contributed by Rey
Mobile Suit Gundam: EX Revue -Contributed by Rey
Mobile Suit Gundam: Final Shooting - [Jpn] -Contributed by RyuWatase
Mobile Suit Gundam: Kidou Senshi Gundam - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jacquismo
Money Puzzle Exchanger -Contributed by NPI
Monkey Mole Panic -Contributed by NPI
Monster Farm Jump - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Monster Maulers - [Euro] -Contributed by Rey
Monsters World -Contributed by Rey
Mortal Kombat -Contributed by Peter, Mike Myers
Mortal Kombat II -Contributed by Raziel
Mortal Kombat 3 -Contributed by Raziel, MSTieScott, Notion
Mr. Goemon - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Mug Smashers -Contributed by Rey
Mustache Boy -Contributed by NPI
Mutant Fighter -Contributed by Jacquismo
Mutant Night -Contributed by NPI
MX 5000 -Contributed by NPI
Mystic Riders -Contributed by Rey
Mystic Warriors: Wrath of the Ninjas -Contributed by Rey

Namco Classic Collection Vol.1 -Contributed by Rey
Namco Classic Collection Vol.2 -Contributed by Rey
NARC -Contributed by RyuWatase
Nastar Warrior -Contributed by RyuWatase
NBA Jam -Contributed by NPI
NBA Jam Tournament Edition -Contributed by NPI
NBA Hangtime -Contributed by Notion
NBA Maximum Hangtime -Contributed by Notion
Nebulasray -Contributed by Rey
Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun - [Jpn] -Contributed by Master Ace
Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-Bu - [Jpn] -Contributed by Master Ace
Nemesis -Contributed by Mahlemiut
Nemo -Contributed by SpkLeader
Neo Bomber Man -Contributed by ApacheMan2K, Mike Myers
Neo Drift Out: New Technology -Contributed by RyuWatase
Neo Mr. Do! -Contributed by RyuWatase
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum -Contributed by Rey
New Atomic Punk: Global Quest -Contributed by RyuWatase
Newzealand Story -Contributed by Lukman
Next Space -Contributed by Rey
Night Slashers -Contributed by Rey
Night Star -Contributed by NPI
Night Striker -Contributed by RyuWatase
Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge -Contributed by Densetsu, Mustafa, Jonny2x4
Nightmare in the Dark -Contributed by Kitsune Sniper
Ninja Baseball Bat Man -Contributed by Rey
Ninja Clowns -Contributed by Notion
Ninja Gai Den -Contributed by Rey
Ninja Gaiden -Contributed by Rey
Ninja Gaiden Episode II The Dark Sword of Chaos -Contributed by Rey
Ninja Gaiden Episode III The Ancient Ship of Doom -Contributed by Rey
Ninja Kazan -Contributed by Rey
Ninja Kids -Contributed by Notion
Ninja Mission -Contributed by Rey
Ninja Spirit -Contributed by Lukman
Ninjawarriors -Contributed by Notion
Nintendo World Cup -Contributed by Mike Myers
Nitro Ball -Contributed by Notion
Nostradamus -Contributed by NPI
Numan Athletics -Contributed by Rey

Omega Fighter -Contributed by NPI
One Shot One Kill -Contributed by NPI
Opa Opa - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Operation Gunbuster -Contributed by NPI
Operation Thunderbolt -Contributed by Opi, Mike Myers
Operation Wolf -Contributed by Mike Myers
Operation Wolf 3 -Contributed by Notion
Orius -Contributed by NPI
Osman -Contributed by Rey
Out Run -Contributed by Xyz, Skippy911
Out Runners -Contributed by CrashTest
Out Zone -Contributed by Boyakki
Outfoxies -Contributed by Rey
Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty -Contributed by NPI

P-47 The Phantom Fighter -Contributed by NPI
P-47 Aces -Contributed by NPI
P.O.W. Prisioners of War -Contributed by Ace
Pac-Mania -Contributed by Rey
Paddle Mania -Contributed by NPI
Pang Pang Car -Contributed by NPI
Pang Poms -Contributed by Notion, NPI
Panic Bomber: Bomberman -Contributed by NPI
Parodius: Non-Sense Fantasy - [Euro] -Contributed by NPI
Pass -Contributed by NPI
Phelios - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4, Jotaro Raido
Pigskin 621 AD -Contributed by NPI
Pirate Pete -Contributed by NPI
Pirates -Contributed by RyuWatase
Pit & Run: F-1 Race -Contributed by NPI
Pit Fighter -Contributed by Marcelo
Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein -Contributed by NPI
Pleasure Goal: 5 On 5 Mini Soccer -Contributed by RyuWatase
Plotting -Contributed by NPI
Plus Alpha -Contributed by NPI
Pochi and Nyaa - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Point Blank -Contributed by NPI
Poker Ladies -Contributed by Opi
Pole Position -Contributed by Rey
Pole Position II -Contributed by Rey
Police Trainer -Contributed by Notion
Pollux -Contributed by Rey
Pop 'n Bounce -Contributed by NPI
Popeye -Contributed by Opi
Pound for Pound -Contributed by Notion
Power Balls -Contributed by Rey
Power Blade -Contributed by Rey
Power Instinct -Contributed by RyuWatase
Power Instinct 2 -Contributed by NPI
Power Spikes -Contributed by NPI
Power Spikes II -Contributed by RyuWatase, NPI
Power Stone -Contributed by Rey
Power Stone 2 -Contributed by Rey
Prehistoric Isle In 1930 -Contributed by RyuWatase
Prehistoric Isle 2 -Contributed by James Wragg
Premier Soccer - [Euro] -Contributed by Mike Myers
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon -Contributed by RyuWatase
Primal Rage -Contributed by NPI
Prime Time Fighter -Contributed by Jacquismo
Progear -Contributed by Rey
Psychic 5 - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Psychic Force -Contributed by NPI
Psychic Force EX -Contributed by NPI
Psycho-Nics Oscar -Contributed by NPI
Psycho Soldier -Contributed by DownSouth420, DJTigresa
Psyvariar -Medium Unit- -Contributed by Rey
Psyvariar -Revision- - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Psyvariar 2 The Will to Fabricate - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Pu-Li-Ru-La -Contributed by RyuWatase
Punch-Out!! -Contributed by RyuWatase
Punisher -Contributed by Ace
Punk Shot -Contributed by NPI
Puyo Puyo -Contributed by NPI
Puyo Puyo 2 - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Puzz Loop -Contributed by Notion
Puzzle Bobble - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Puzzle Bobble 2 - [Euro] -Contributed by NPI
Puzzle Bobble 3 -Contributed by Notion, NPI
Puzzle Bobble 4 -Contributed by Notion, NPI
Puzzle De Bowling - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Puzzle De Pon! -Contributed by NPI
Puzzle De Pon! R -Contributed by Rey
Puzzli - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Pyros -Contributed by Opi

Quartet -Contributed by Notion
Quester - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game -Contributed by Rey

R-Type -Contributed by Opi
R-Type II -Contributed by NPI
R-Type Leo -Contributed by RyuWatase
Rabbit -Contributed by NPI
Rabbit Punch -Contributed by Notion
Rabio Lepus - [Jpn] -Contributed by TK Flash, Jotaro Raido
Raccoon World -Contributed by NPI
Rad Action -Contributed by NPI
Rad Mobile -Contributed by NPI
Rad Racer -Contributed by Rey
Rad Racer II -Contributed by Rey
Radiant Silvergun - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Raiden -Contributed by NPI
Raiden Fighters -Contributed by Rey
Raiden Fighters 2 Operation Hell Dive -Contributed by Rey
Raiden Fighters Jet -Contributed by Rey
Rail Chase - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Raimais -Contributed by Rey
Raimais - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey, Zerochan
Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 -Contributed by Boyakki
Rally Bike -Contributed by Notion
Rambo III -Contributed by Rey
Rastan -Contributed by Notion
RayForce -Contributed by Rey
RayStorm -Contributed by Rey
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special -Contributed by Rey
Real Ghostbusters -Contributed by Rey
Red Earth -Contributed by Rey
Red Hawk -Contributed by NPI, Notion
Relief Pitcher -Contributed by Cutman
Renegade -Contributed by Master Ace
Repulse -Contributed by DExcel
Rescue Raider -Contributed by NPI
Return of Ishtar -Contributed by Rey
Rezon -Contributed by Rey
Riding Fight: Front View Speed Action Game -Contributed by Rey
Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II - [Euro] -Contributed by Rey
Ring Rage -Contributed by Jacquismo
Riot -Contributed by Rey
Riot City -Contributed by Ace
Rival Schools: United By Fate -Contributed by NPI, Ed
Road Blasters -Contributed by Rey
Robo Cop: The Future of Law Enforcement -Contributed by RyuWatase, Buapo
Robo Cop 2 -Contributed by Billym
Robo Cop 3 -Contributed by Rey
Rock'n Rage: John, Rick & She-Na - [Jpn] -Contributed by Notion
Rock'n Tread - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Rock'n Tread 2 - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Rock'n 3 Set Your Body Free on the Groove - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Rock'n Megasession - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Rod-Land - [Jpn] -Contributed by Opi
Rohga: Armor Force -Contributed by Rey
Roller Jammer -Contributed by Rey
Rollergames -Contributed by Rey
Rolling Thunder -Contributed by Mr.Wilbury
Rolling Thunder 2 -Contributed by RyuWatase
Rompers - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Rough Ranger -Contributed by Rey
Rumble Fish -Contributed by Rey
Rumble Fish 2 -Contributed by Rey
Run and Gun: B-Ball Show Time -Contributed by Mike Myers
Run Deep -Contributed by Rey
Rush'n Attack -Contributed by Rey
Rush'n Attack - [Play Choice-10] -Contributed by Rey
Rygar -Contributed by Rey
Rygar: Legendary Warrior -Contributed by Mr.Perfectn
Ryu Jin - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI

S.P.Y. Special Project Y. -Contributed by Notion
S.S. Mission -Contributed by Rey
Saint Dragon -Contributed by Tupou
Salamander - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Salamander 2 - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Samurai Aces -Contributed by RyuWatase
Samurai Shodown VI -Contributed by Rey
Sand Scorpion -Contributed by RyuWatase
SAR: Search And Rescue -Contributed by RyuWatase
Saturday Night Slam Masters -Contributed by Rey
Sauro -Contributed by NPI
Scramble -Contributed by Rey
Scramble Spirits -Contributed by Rey
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative -Contributed by Rey
Search Eye -Contributed by Rey
Section Z -Contributed by Rey
Sega Ninja -Contributed by Rey
Segasonic The Hedgehog - [Jpn] -Contributed by Magnus Andersson
Sel Feena -Contributed by Vincent
Sengeki Striker -Contributed by Rey
Sexy Parodius - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Shadow Dancer -Contributed by Notion
Shadow Force -Contributed by Rey
Sharpshooter -Contributed by NPI, Notion
Shienryu -Contributed by NPI
Shinobi -Contributed by Rey
Shock Troopers -Contributed by RyuWatase
Side Arms: Hyper Dyne -Contributed by Rey
Silent Dragon -Contributed by Ace
Simpsons -Contributed by Ace
Skull & Crossbones -Contributed by Rey
Skull Fang -Contributed by Rey
Sky Adventure -Contributed by Notion
Sky Alert -Contributed by NPI
Sky Kid -Contributed by Rey
Sky Kid Deluxe -Contributed by Rey
Sky Shark -Contributed by Rey
Sky Soldiers -Contributed by RyuWatase
Sly Spy -Contributed by Ace
Snow Bros. Nick & Tom -Contributed by Rey
Snow Bros. 2 With New Elves -Contributed by Notion
Sol Divide: Sword of Darkness -Contributed by Rey
Solar Assault -Contributed by Rey
Solar Warrior -Contributed by Ace
Solitary Fighter -Contributed by Jacquismo
Sorcer Striker -Contributed by Rey
Soul Edge -Contributed by Ed
Soul Edge Ver. II -Contributed by Rey
Space Gun -Contributed by NPI
Space Harrier -Contributed by DJ Tigresa
Space Invaders '95 The Attack of the Lunar Loonies -Contributed by NPI
Special Criminal Investigation S.C.I. -Contributed by Notion
Speed Rumbler -Contributed by Rey
Spelunker - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Spelunker II 23 no Kagi - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Spider-Man: The Videogame -Contributed by Ace
Spinal Breaker -Contributed by Rey
Splatterhouse -Contributed by Chris
Star Gladiator Episode: I - Final Crusade -Contributed by NPI
Steel Force -Contributed by NPI
Steel Gunner -Contributed by Rey
Steel Gunner 2 -Contributed by Rey
Stone Ball -Contributed by Mike Myers
Storm Blade -Contributed by Rey
Strato Fighter -Contributed by NPI
Street Fighter -Contributed by Rey
Street Fighter II The World Warrior -Contributed by Rey
Street Fighter II' Champion Edition -Contributed by DJTigresa, MCPantera
Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting -Contributed by NPI
Street Fighter III New Generation -Contributed by Rey
Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack -Contributed by Rey
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future -Contributed by Rey
Street Fighter IV - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams -Contributed by Rey
Street Fighter Alpha 2 -Contributed by RyuWatase
Street Fighter Alpha 3 -Contributed by RyuWatase
Street Fighter EX -Contributed by Rey, NPI
Street Fighter EX - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4
Street Fighter EX Plus -Contributed by Rey, NPI
Street Fighter EX Plus - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4
Street Fighter EX2 -Contributed by NPI
Street Fighter EX2 - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4
Street Fighter EX2 Plus -Contributed by NPI
Street Fighter EX2 Plus - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4
Street Fighter: The Movie -Contributed by NPI
Street Smart -Contributed by Notion
Strider -Contributed by Rey
Strider 2 -Contributed by NPI
Strike Fighter - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Strike Gunner S.T.G -Contributed by NPI
Strikers 1945 -Contributed by Rey
Strikers 1945 II -Contributed by Rey
Strikers 1945 III -Contributed by RyuWatase
Strikers 1945 Plus -Contributed by RyuWatase
Success Joe -Contributed by Rey
Sunset Riders -Contributed by Ace
Super Burger Time -Contributed by Notion
Super Buster Bros. -Contributed by NPI
Super C -Contributed by Rey
Super Chase: Criminal Termination -Contributed by Spikey
Super Contra -Contributed by Rey
Super Dodge Ball -Contributed by Master Ace, Spikey
Super Dodge Ball - [Neo Geo] -Contributed by Spikey
Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix -Contributed by Rey, RyuWatase
Super Hang-On -Contributed by Notion
Super High Impact -Contributed by Notion
Super Mario Bros. -Contributed by Rey
Super Mario Bros. 2 -Contributed by Rey
Super Mario Bros. 3 -Contributed by Rey
Super Mario World -Contributed by Rey
Super Punch-Out!! -Contributed by RyuWatase
Super Puzzle Bobble -Contributed by Rey
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo -Contributed by Richard DD
Super Real Darwin SRD -Contributed by NPI
Super Space Invaders '91 -Contributed by NPI
Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers -Contributed by Rey
Super Street Fighter II Turbo -Contributed by Rey, Jonny2x4
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Super Visual Soccer: Sega Cup -Contributed by Rey
Super Xevious: GAMP no Nazo - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Superior Soldiers -Contributed by Jacquismo
Superman -Contributed by Notion
Surprise Attack -Contributed by RyuWatase
Survival Arts -Contributed by Ed

T.N.K. III -Contributed by Rey
Ta-o Taido -Contributed by Jacquismo
Tank Force -Contributed by Rey
Task Force Harrier -Contributed by Rey
Tech Romancer -Contributed by NPI
Tecmo Knight -Contributed by NPI
Tecmo World Cup '90 -Contributed by Fabiano, Mike Myers
Tecmo World Soccer '96 -Contributed by RyuWatase
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -Contributed by Rey
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - [Play Choice-10] -Contributed by Rey
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time -Contributed by Ace
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game -Contributed by Rey
Tehkan World Cup -Contributed by Mike Myers
Tekken -Contributed by NPI
Tekken 2 -Contributed by NPI
Tengai -Contributed by RyuWatase
Tenkomori Shooting -Contributed by NPI
Terminator 2 Judgment Day -Contributed by Notion
Terra Diver -Contributed by NPI
Terra Force -Contributed by NPI
Tetris Plus -Contributed by Rey
Tetris Plus 2 -Contributed by Rey
Three Stooges in Brides is Brides -Contributed by Rey
Three Wonders -Contributed by Rey
Thunder & Lightning 2 -Contributed by Billym
Thunder Blade - [Upright Model] -Contributed by Rey
Thunder Blade - [Sit-Down Model] -Contributed by Rey
Thunder Ceptor -Contributed by NPI
Thunder Ceptor II 3-D -Contributed by NPI
Thunder Cross -Contributed by Notion
Thunder Cross II - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Thunder Dragon -Contributed by Notion, Sogetsu
Thunder Force AC -Contributed by Rey
Thunder Fox -Contributed by Ace
Thunder Hoop -Contributed by NPI
Thunder Jaws -Contributed by Notion
Thunder Strike -Contributed by Rey
Thundercade -Contributed by RyuWatase
Tiger Road -Contributed by NPI
Time Killers -Contributed by MSTieScott
Time Soldiers -Contributed by Vesther
Toki -Contributed by Notion, Boyakki
Top Gunner -Contributed by Rey
Top Speed -Contributed by NPI
Tough Turf -Contributed by Notion, RyuWatase
Tower of Druaga -Contributed by Rey
Track & Field -Contributed by Mike Myers
Trick Trap: 1771 -Contributed by CWDevine
Triggerheart Exelica - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Trio the Punch: Never Forget Me... -Contributed by Rey
Trivial Pursuit Arcade: All Star Sports Edition -Contributed by Rey
Trivial Pursuit Arcade: Baby Boomer Edition -Contributed by Rey
Trivial Pursuit Arcade: Think Tank Genus Edition -Contributed by Rey
Trivial Pursuit Arcade: Genus II Edition -Contributed by Rey
Trivial Pursuit Arcade: Young Players Edition -Contributed by Rey
Trizeal - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Trojan -Contributed by RyuWatase
Trojan - [Play Choice-10] -Contributed by Rey
Tropical Angel -Contributed by Rey
Truxton -Contributed by Rey
Truxton II -Contributed by Rey
Tube-It -Contributed by NPI
Tumblepop -Contributed by Boyakki
Turbo Force -Contributed by Rey
Turpin -Contributed by Rey
Turtles -Contributed by Rey
Turtleship -Contributed by NPI
Twin Bee -Contributed by Rey
Twin Bee Yahhou! Fushigi no Kuni de Daiabare!! - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4
Twin Cobra -Contributed by NPI
Twin Cobra II -Contributed by RyuWatase, NPI
Twin Eagle: Revenge Joe's Brother -Contributed by Rey
Twin Eagle II The Rescue Mission - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Twin Falcons -Contributed by NPI
Twin Hawk -Contributed by NPI
Two Crude -Contributed by Rey
Typhoon -Contributed by Billym, RyuWatase

U.N. Defense Force: Earth Joker - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
U.N. Squadron -Contributed by Ace, Notion
U.S. Championship V 'Ball -Contributed by NPI
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 -Contributed by Jimbob, Notion
Ultimate Tennis -Contributed by Notion
Ultra X Weapons -Contributed by NPI
Uncle Fester's Quest: The Addams Family -Contributed by Rey
Under Fire: Lock & Load! -Contributed by RyuWatase
Undercover Cops -Contributed by Ace, RyuWatase
Uo Poko - [Jpn] -Contributed by Tyler

Valkyrie no Densetsu - [Jpn] -Contributed by DiscoAlucard
Valtric -Contributed by Rey
Vampire Hunter 2 Darkstalkers Revenge - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Vampire Savior: Lord of the Vampire -Contributed by RyuWatase, Insanitist
Vampire Savior 2 Lord of the Vampire - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Vandyke -Contributed by Notion
Vanguard -Contributed by Rey
Vanguard II -Contributed by Rey
Vapor Trail: Hyper Offence Formation -Contributed by Rey
Varia Metal -Contributed by NPI
Varth: Operation Thunderstorm -Contributed by Mr.Wilbury
Vasara - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Vasara 2 - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
Vendetta -Contributed by Ace
Venture -Contributed by Rey
Victory Road -Contributed by Rey
Vigilante -Contributed by Opi
Vimana -Contributed by Rey
Vindicators: Part II -Contributed by Notion
Violence Fight -Contributed by Notion
Violent Storm -Contributed by RyuWatase
Viper -Contributed by NPI
Virtua Fighter -Contributed by NPI
Virtua Fighter 2 -Contributed by Rey
Virtua Fighter 3 -Contributed by Rey
Virtua Fighter 4 -Contributed by Rey
Volfied -Contributed by Rey
Vs 10-Yard Fight -Contributed by Notion
Vs. Castlevania -Contributed by Rey
Vs. Gradius -Contributed by Rey
Vs. Super Mario Bros. -Contributed by Rey
Vs. T.K.O. Boxing -Contributed by Rey
Vs. The Goonies -Contributed by Notion
Vulcan Venture - [Euro] -Contributed by Rey

War of Aero: Project MEIOU -Contributed by RyuWatase
Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode 3 - [Jpn] -Contributed by Notion
Warriors of Fate -Contributed by Rey
WGP Real Race Feeling -Contributed by Rey
Wild Pilot -Contributed by NPI
Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa -Contributed by NPI, Notion
Willow -Contributed by Rey
Wily Tower -Contributed by Rey
Wiz -Contributed by NPI
Wizard Fire -Contributed by RyuWatase
Wolf Fang: Kuhga 2001 - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4, Jotaro Raido
Wonder Boy -Contributed by Ace
Wonder Boy: Monster Land - [Jpn] -Contributed by Notion, Billym, Clay Karczewski, Paul Jensen
Wonder Boy III Monster Lair -Contributed by Notion
Wonder Momo - [Jpn] -Contributed by NPI
World Beach Volley -Contributed by NPI
World Class Bowling -Contributed by Rey
Wrestle War: Sega Wrestling Alliance -Contributed by Notion
WWF Super Stars -Contributed by Notion
WWF Wrestle Fest -Contributed by FrostedFl
WWF Wrestle Mania -Contributed by Notion

X Multiply -Contributed by Rey
X-Men -Contributed by Ace
X-Men: Children of The Atom -Contributed by Rey
X-Men vs. Street Fighter -Contributed by Rey
XESS: The New Revolution -Contributed by Notion
Xevious 3D/G - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
XX Mission -Contributed by Mahlemiut

Yam! Yam!? -Contributed by NPI
Youjyuuden - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Youkai Douchuuki - [Jpn] -Contributed by Jonny2x4

Zed Blade -Contributed by Rey
Zero Gunner 2 - [Jpn] -Contributed by Rey
Zero Point -Contributed by NPI
Zero Point 2 -Contributed by NPI
Zero Wing -Contributed by NPI
Zing Zing Zip: The Shooting -Contributed by NPI
Zombie Raid -Contributed by RyuWatase
Zupapa! -Contributed by SuperG