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Wednesday, January 31, 2001. -Added 15 N64 scans. From Mark: FIFA Road to the World Cup 98 (Front) (Back), NBA Live 99 (Front) (Back), Rayman 2 the Great Escape (Front) (Back), Starfox 64 (Front) (Back), Super Mario 64 (Back), Super Smash Bros. (Front) (Back), Top Gear Rally (Front) (Back), Turok Rage Wars (Front) (Back).

-Added or updated 16 SNES games with 212 pictures: Dark Kingdom (Jap), Dark Law (Jap), Dear Boys (Jap), Death Brade (Jap), Death and Return of Superman The (US), Derby Jockey (Jap), BS Chrono Trigger Music Library (Jap), Emit-Volume 2 (Jap), Emit-Volume 3 (Jap), Energy Breaker (Jap), Esparks (Jap), Mountain Bike Rally (US), F1 Grand Prix Part 3 (Jap), Flintstones, The (Movie) (US), Flintstones, The - The Treasure of Sierra Madrock (Euro). Updated: BS Chrono Trigger Character Library (Jap).

-Added 29 Atari ST games to Gamepics. From Opi: Arkanoid III, Arctic Fox, Basketball Sam & Ed, Battle for the Throne, Billiards Simulator, Bob Morane, Borodino, Captain Blood, Game Over II, Gauntlet, Great Battles 1789 - 1865, Hang Man, Hex, Karting Grand Prix, Kick Off, Knicker Bockers, Maria's XMas Box, No Excuses, Pac-Man, Pac-Land, Roadwar Europe, Rogue, Rugby League Boss, Sapiens, Seconds Out..!, Trivial Pursuit, Trivial Pursuit - A New Beginning, Wizard War, Zynaps.

-Added 32 Sega Game Gear scans. From Willy Koch: Aerial Assault (Front) (Back), Alien 3 (Front) (Back), Arena (Front) (Back) Ax Battler (Front) (Back), Defender of Oasis (Front) (Back), Devilish (Front) (Back) Dragon Crystal (Front) (Back), G-Loc Air Battle (Front) (Back), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Front) (Back) Kick & Rush (Jap) (Front) (Back), Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Front) (Back) Master of Darkness (Front) (Back), PGA Tour Golf (Front) (Back) Shinobi 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Wimbeldon (Front) (Back), Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap (Front) (Back).

Monday, January 29, 2001. -Added 8 Playstation 2 scans: Dynasty Warriors 2 (Front) (Back), Street Fighter EX 3 (Front) (Back), Super Bust-A-Move (Front) (Back), Tekken Tag Tournament (Front) (Back).

-Added 11 SMS scans. From Mich: Astro Warrior (Front) (Back), Choplifter (Front) (Back), Cloudmaster (Front) Fantasy Zone the Maze (Front) (Back), Quartet (Front) (Back), Zillion II (Front) (Back).

Saturday, January 20, 2001. -Added 4 Playstation Endings: Cool Boarders 2, TRAG, Street Fighter Collection 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Monday, January 1, 2001. -Added 41 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: American Speedway (Set 1), American Speedway (Set 2), Argus, Atomic Punk - Global Quest, Atomic Robo-Kid (Jap), Avengers (US Set 2), Batsugun Special Version, Battle Zone (Cocktail), Beathead (Prototype), Beezer (Set 2), Big Twin, Buggy Challenge, Buggy Challenge (Tecfri), China Town (Jap), Cosmos, Daiku no Gensan (Jap), Darius 2 (Dual Screen Jap), Darius 2 (Jap), Dark Warrior, Dazzler, Dead Connection, Dynamite League (Jap), Fantasia, Final Blow (Jap), Full Throttle (Jap), Gals Pinball, Gold Bug, Golden Tee Golf, Golden Tee Golf 2 (Joystick ver.1.0), Golden Tee Golf (Trackball ver. 1.1), Golden Tee Golf (Trackball ver. 2.2), Gun Frontier (Jap), Gunforce - Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island, Heart Attack, Hero, Hissatsu Buraiken (Jap), Holeland, Hot Pinball, Hot Shots Tennis, Hunchback (Donkey Kong Conversion), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (German).

Sunday, December 31, 2000. -Added 3 Playstation Endings: Final Fantasy Tactics, Street Fighter The Movie, Tomb Raider 3. Added 5 Super Nes Endings: Aladdin, Donkey Kong Country, Firepower 2000, Lufia 2, Super Empire Strikes Back.
Added 3 Neo Geo Endings: Metal Slug X and from Kitsune: King of Fighters 96 and Waku Waku 7.

Sunday, December 24, 2000. -Added 3 Playstation Endings: Mega Man X4, Tekken, Vandal hearts.

Friday, December 22, 2000. -Added 2 Playstation Endings: Grandia, Ace Combat 2.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000. -Added 1 Playstation Ending: Metal Gear Solid.

Sunday, December 17, 2000. -Added 7 Arcade Endings: Double Dragon 3, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter Alpha, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and From Ace: The Simpsons.

Thursday, December 14, 2000. -Added 14 Nes Endings: Dragon Spirit, Uncle Fester's Quest, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna White, Wheel of Fortune Junior Edition,Wheel of Fortune Family Edition, Adventure Island 4, Earthbound, Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 3, Gradius 2, Salamander. From Focus: Destiny of an Emperor 2. From Kitsune: New Ghostsbusters 2. Added 10 Snes Endings: 7th Saga, Alien vs Predator, Captain Commando, Demons Crest, Out of This World, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Magic Knight Rayearth, Rockman and Dash, Terranigma. From SuperG: Jerry Boy.

Sunday, December 3, 2000. -Added 2 Commodore-64 Endings from Moses: Ultima 4 And Ultima 5. Added 4 Playstation Endings: Air Combat, Final Fantasy 8, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions, Rage Racer.

Monday, November 20, 2000. -Added 22 Genesis Endings: From Ace: Boogerman, Castle of Illusion, Dynamite Duke, Fantasia, Ghostsbusters, Lightening Force, Moonwalker, Sol Deace, Sonic 3, Thunder Force 3, Tiny Toon Adventures. From Oli: Gods, Golden Axe 3, Immortal, Kings Bounty, Spaltterhouse 2. From Camus: Valis 3. From Rey: Adventures of Batman and Robin, Beyond Oasis, Phantasy Star 2, Sonic, Thunder Force 2.

Monday, November 13, 2000. -Added 6 Neo Geo Endings: Fatal Fury 3, Last Resort, Nam 1975, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, Samurai Shodown 4, World Heroes.

Saturday, November 4, 2000. -Added 3 Neo Geo Pocket Color Endings: Cotton, King of Fighters 2, Metal Slug. And 1 Atari Lynx Ending: Ninja Gaiden 3.

Tuesday, October 31, 2000. -Added 2 Genesis reviews: Splatterhouse 2 & 3, and a NES review for Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes.

Sunday, October 29, 2000. -Added 6 Master System Endings: Ghouls and Ghosts, Kung Fu Kid, R-Type, Space Harrier, Wonderboy in Mosterland, Zillion 2.

Thursday, October 26, 2000. -Added 15 PSX scans: 007 - Tomorrow Never Dies (Front) (Back) (CD), Grand Theft Auto 2 (Front) (Back) (CD), Silent Hill (Front) (Back) (CD), Silhouette Mirage (Front) (Back) (CD), Tales of Destiny (Front) (Back) (CD).

Monday, October 23, 2000. -Added 23 PSX scans. From Mark: Chrono Cross (Front) (Back) (Manual) (CD1) (CD2), Crash Bandicoot 2 (GH) (Front) (Back) (CD), Fade to Black (CD), Final Fantasy VIII (Manual Back), Front Mission 3 (Front) (Back) (CD), G Darius (Front) (Back) (CD), G Police (Front) (Back), Gran Turismo (Front) (Back) (Manual) (CD), Grandia (Manual).

-Added 6 Game Ads. From NGA: The Castlevania Adventure / Motocross Maniacs (Gameboy), Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (NES), Davis Cup - World Tour (Genesis), Phalanx (SNES), Sky Shark (NES), Iron Sword - Wizards & Warriors II / Wizards & Warriors (NES).

Sunday, October 22, 2000. -Added 4 TG-16 Endings: Gradius, Parodius, New Adventure Island, R-Type.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000. -Added 11 Neo Geo Endings: Andro Dunos, Eightman, Fatal Fury, Garou, Last Blade, Last Blade 2, Metal Slug 2, Ninja Commando, Puzzle Bobble, Samurai Shodown 2, Samurai Shodown 3.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000. -Added 3 NES reviews for Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II and New Ghostbusters II, and 2 SNES reviews of Fatal Fury - King of Fighters & Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension.

Saturday, October 15, 2000. -Added 3 Atari Lynx ads, 40 Classic ads, 15 Gameboy ads, 60 NES ads, 1 Sega 32X ad, 6 Sega Game Gear ads, 7 Sega CD ads, 29 Sega Genesis ads, 1 Sega Saturn ad, 1 SMS ad, 30 SNES ads, 1 TG-16 ad, 14 Misc ads, 55 Multi-Console ads from NGA.

Friday, October 13, 2000. -Added a review for Friday the 13th (NES).

-Added 15 Arcade Endings: 1943, Bells & Whistles, Bionic Commando, Contra, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Ghosts and Goblins, Haunted Castle, Mystic Riders. From Opi: Blood Bros., Cabal, Operation Thunderbolt, Poker Ladies. From Ace: In The Hunt, Sunset Riders.

Thursday, October 12, 2000. -Added 15 SNES games to Gamepics. From Opi: Dark Kingdom (Jap), Dark Law (Jap), Dear Boys (Jap), Death Brade (Jap), Death and Return of Superman The (US), Derby Jockey (Jap), BS Chrono Trigger Music Library (Jap), Emit-Volume 2 (Jap), Emit-Volume 3 (Jap), Energy Breaker (Jap), Esparks (Jap), Mountain Bike Rally (US), F1 Grand Prix Part 3 (Jap), Flintstones, The (Movie) (US), Flintstones, The - The Treasure of Sierra Madrock (Euro). Updated BS Chrono Trigger Character Library (Jap).

Saturday, October 7, 2000. -Added 3 SNES reviews of Art Of Fighting, Ranma ½: Hard Battle, and Super Double Dragon and a review of Fatal Fury - King Of Fighters for the Neo-Geo to the Reviews section.

Friday, October 6, 2000. -Added 14 PC-98 games to Gamepics. From Crokk: Alaskan Malamute G.C., Cyber Illusion, Dennoo Senati Lavian, Gaina Rock 2, Gundam - A Year of War, Half Pipe, Kankin, Koosoku, Metal Mover Jastrike, Phobos, Quiz Chiryaku no Hasya - Sangokushi Kitan, Sorcer Kingdom, Xenon, X-na.

-Added 1 NES scans. From J. Soler: Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (Front).

-Added 1 NES game to Gamepics. From J. Soler: Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Soreyuke Daiundoukai.

-Added 1 SNES game to Gamepics. From J. Soler: Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio Tachi no Banka.

-Added 2 MSX games to Gamepics. From Robin Mask: Herzog, Underline.

-Added 34 N64 scans. From Rey: 1080 Snowboarding (Front) (Back) (Cart), Banjo-Kazooie (Front) (Back) (Cart), Castlevania 64 (Cart), Diddy Kong Racing (Cart), Donkey Kong 64 (Front) (Back) (Cart), Goldeneye 007 (Cart), Hybrid Heaven (Front) (Back) (Cart), Jet Force Gemini (Cart), Legend of Zelda The Ocarina of Time (Cart), Mario Kart 64 (Cart), Mario Party (Front) (Back) (Cart), Mischief Makers (Cart), Perfect Dark (Front) (Back), Pokemon Stadium (Front) (Back) (Cart), Resident Evil 2 (Front) (Back) (Cart), Star Wars Rogue Squadron (Front) (Back) (Cart), Yoshi's Story (Cart).

Monday, October 2, 2000. -Added 54 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: Arcade Golf (1), Arcade Golf (2) ,Laser Blaster (1), Laser Blaster (2), Laser Blaster (CCE), Laser Gates, Laser Volley, Lock n Chase, London Blitz, Lost Luggage, M.A.D., Malagai, Mangia, Marauder, Marine Wars, Marineflieger (Pal), Mario Bros. (CCE), M.A.S.H., Master Builder, Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man, Math Gran Prix, Maze Craze, Maze Mania (2), Mega Force, Megamania, Meteor Defense, Midnight Magic, Miner 2049'er, Miner 2049'er Vol. II, Mines of Minos, Minesweeper (2), Miniature Golf (2), Mission 3000 A.D., Missle Control, Mogul Maniac, Mondo Pong, Monstercise, Montezuma's Revenge Starring Panama Joe, Moon Patrol, Moon Patrol (CCE), Moonsweeper, Moto Laser, Motocross Racer, Motocross Racer (Joystick), Motorodeo, Mountain King, Mouse Trap, Mr. Postman, Mr. Postman (CCE), Ms. Pac-Man (CCE), Multi-sprite Demo, Music Machine, My Golf, My Golf (CCE).

Saturday, September 30, 2000. -Added 8 Amstrad CPC scans. From JMSH: Booty (Front) (Back), Ghost Hunters (Front) (Back), Ghosts 'N Goblins (Front) (Back), Thunder Cats (Front) (Back).

-Added 89 Neo-Geo scans. From KOF Perfect: Aero Fighters 2 (Front) (Back), Samurai Shodown (Front) (Back), Samurai Shodown II (Front) (Back), Samurai Shodown IV (Front) (Back), Samurai Spirits (Front) (Back), Samurai Spirits II (Front) (Back), Samurai Spirits III (Front) (Back), Samurai Spirits IV (Front) (Back), Sengoku (Jap) (Front) (Back), Sengoku 2 (Front) (Back), Sengoku 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), ShinOhKen (Front) (Back), Shock Troopers 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Shogi no Tatsujin (Master of Syougi) (Front) (Back), Soccer Brawl (Jap) (Front) (Back), Sonic Wings 2 (Front) (Back), Sonic Wings 3 (Front) (Back), Stakes Winner (Jap) (Front) (Back), Stakes Winner 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Super Sidekicks (Front) (Back), Super Sidekicks (Jap) (Front) (Back), Super Sidekicks 2 (Front) (Back), Super Sidekicks 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Super Sidekicks 3 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Super Spy, The (Jap) (Front) (Back), Tengai Makyo Shin Den (Front) (Back), Thrash Rally (Front) (Back), Thrash Rally (Jap) (Front) (Back), Top Hunter (Jap) (Front) (Back), Top Players Golf (Front) (Back), Tsukai GANGAN Koushinkyoku (Front) (Back), Twinkle Star Sprites (Jap) (Front) (Back), Ultimate 11 (Super Sidekicks 4) (Front) (Back), Ultimate 11 (Super Sidekicks 4) (Jap) (Front) (Back), Viewpoint (Front) (Back), Viewpoint (Jap) (Front), Waku Waku 7 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Windjammers (Front) (Back), World Heroes (Front) (Back), World Heroes (Jap) (Front) (Back), World Heroes 2 (Front) (Back), World Heroes 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), World Heroes 2 Jet (Front) (Back), World Heroes 2 Jet (Jap) (Front) (Back), World Heroes Perfect (Jap) (Front) (Back).

-Added 34 Neo-Geo scans. From KOF Perfect: Nam 1975 (Front) (Back), Nam 1975 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Neo-Geo Cup 98 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Ninja Combat (Front) (Back), Ninja Combat (Jap) (Front) (Back), Ninja Commando (Front) (Back), Ninja Commando (Jap) (Front) (Back), Ninja Masters (Front) (Back), Over Top (Front) (Back), Pulstar (Jap) (Front) (Back), Quiz Daesousasen (Front) (Back), Quiz Daesousasen 2 (Front) (Back), Quiz King of Fighters (Front) (Back), Riding Hero (Front) (Back), Riding Hero (Jap) (Front) (Back), Robo Army (Front) (Back), Robo Army (Jap) (Front) (Back).

Friday, September 29, 2000. -Added 33 TG-16/PC Engine games to Gamepics: Hana Tahka Daka, Hani in the Sky, Hani on the Road, Heavy Unit, Hisou Kihei Serd Gai Shadow, Hit the Ice (Jap), Hyperdyne Sidearms, Hyperdyne Sidearms - Taisang Version, Idol Hanafuda Club, Image Fight, J. League Greatest Eleven Soccer, Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Championship Golf (Jap), Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf, Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (Jap), Jamanoid (Home Brew), Jaseikin Necromancer, Jigoku Meguri, Jimmu Densho Yaksa, JJ & Jeff, Kaizou Ningen Shubibiman (Pirate), Kaizou Ningen Shubibiman 2, Kickball, King of Casino, King of Casino (Jap), King of Fighters 97 Art Show 1 (Homebrew), King of Fighters 97 Art Show 2 (Homebrew), King of Fighers 98 Art Show (Homebrew), Kiyuu Kiyoku Mahjong Idol Graphics, Kiyuu Kiyoku Mahjong Idol Graphics II, Klax (Jap), Lady Sword, Legend of Hero Tonma, Legend of Hero Tonma (Jap).

Wednesday, September 27, 2000. -Added 13 Arcade Endings from Ace: Knights of The Round, Punisher, POW. From Peter: Mortal Kombat. From Rey: 1941, Astyanax, Bad Dudes, Final Fight, Ghouls and Ghosts, King of Dragons, Mega Man The Power Battle, Strider, Super Contra.

-Added 4 MSX Endings from Peter: Metal Gear 2. From Rey: Nemesis, Nemesis 2, Nemesis 3.

-Added 10 Genesis Endings from Camus: Galaxy Force 2, F-22 Interceptor. From Ace: Alien Storm, Altered Beast, Eswat. From Rey: Mega Turrican, Phantasy Star 4, Shining Force, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Strider Returs.

-Added 2 Game Gear Endings: Shinobi, Double Dragon.

-Added 2 Master System Endings: Lucky Dime Caper, Deep Duck Trouble.

-Added 7 Neo Geo Endings from Kitsune: Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2, King of Fighters 95, Legend of Success Joe, Fatal Fury Special. From Dawny: Metal Slug. From Rey: King of Fighters 94.

-Added 5 Game Boy Endings: Blaster Master Boy, Gargoyles Quest, Gradius, Killer Instinct, King of Fighters 95.

-Added 7 Game Boy Color Endings: Bust a Move 4, Knockout Kings, Konami Winter Games, Mr. Driller, Super Mario Deluxe, Warlocked, X-men.

-Added 10 Nes Endings: Bad News Baseball, Deadly Towers, Flintstnes, Gremlins 2, Gun Smoke, Kid Icarus, Legendary Wings, Mega Man 5, Mega Man 6, Palamedes.

-Added 4 Super Nes Endings: Battletoads In Battlemaniacs, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3, Street Fighter 2. Updated Tetris Attack.

-Added 26 Neo-Geo scans. From KOF Perfect: Magical Drop 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Magical Drop 3 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Magician Lord (Front) (Back), Magician Lord (Jap) (Front) (Back), Mahjong Kyo Retsuden (Jap) (Front) (Back), Metal Slug (Jap) (Front) (Back), Metal Slug 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Metal Slug 3 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Metal Slug X (Front) (Back), Metal Slug X (Jap) (Front) (Back), Minasan Okagesamadesu (Jap) (Front) (Back), Miracle Adventure (Jap) (Front) (Back), Mutation Nation (Jap) (Front) (Back).

Tuesday, September 26, 2000. -Added 8 PSX scans. From Reiginsei: Double Cast (Front) (Back) (Manual) (CD 1) (CD2), Saga Frontier 2 (Front) (Back) (CD).

-Added 6 SNES scans. From Zauver: FIFA Soccer 96 (Pal) (Front) (Back), Flashback (Pal) (Front) (Back), Pitfall The Mayan Adventure (Pal) (Front) (Back).

-Added 9 Creativision games to Gamepics. From CreativEmu: Air/Sea Battle, Basic (C) 1983 VTL, Crazy Chicky, Deep Sea Adventure, Mouse Puzzle, Planet Defender, Police Jump, Sonic Invader, Tennis.

Monday, September 25, 2000. -Added 6 Game Boy scans. From Rey: Seiken Densetsu 3 (Front) (Back).

-Added 6 Game Boy scans. From Rey: Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX (GBC) (Front) (Back), Pokemon Blue (Front) (Back), Pokemon Red (Front) (Back).

-Added 1 Game Gear game to Gamepics. From Gynoug: Panzer Dragoon Mini.

-Added 2 SMS games to Gamepics. From Jorge Nieves: Kenseiden, Shinobi.

-Added 6 N64 scans. From Mark: Castlevania 64 (Front) (Back), Jet Force Gemini (Front) (Back), Ridge Racer 64 (Front) (Back).

Saturday, September 23, 2000. -Added 22 NES scans. From NGA: Abadox (Front), Cybernoid the Frightening Machine (Front), Double Dragon (Cart), Dr. Chaos (Front) (Back), Fantasy Zone (Front), Fester's Quest (Front), Fire 'n Ice (Cart), Kid Kool (Front), Klax (Cart), Mag Max (Front), Mega Man 6 (Cart), Operation Wolf (Front), Paperboy (Cart), Platoon (Front), Pyramid (Front), Section Z (Front), Solomon's Key (Front), Star Wars (Front) (Back), Time Lord (Front), To the Earth (Front).

-Added 1 SNES game to Gamepics. From Boba Fett: Tengai Makyo Zero. Also added 3 SNES scans. From Boba Fett: Tengai Makyo Zero (Front) (Back) (Manual)

-Added 1 Arcade game to Gamepics. From Robin Mask: Night Striker III.

-Added 12 SNES scans. From Opi: Dino City (Front) (Back) (Cart), F1-Roc 2 (Front) (Back) (Cart), Kirby's Dream Course (PAL) (Front) (Back) (Cart), Super Probotector (PAL) (Front) (Back) (Cart).

-Added 5 TG-16 scans. From mbox: Alien Crush (Front), Blazing Lazers (Front), Bloody Wolf (Front), R-Type (Front), Sidearms (Front).

-Added 8 Sega Saturn scans. From Aaron Mims: Assault Suit Leynos 2 (Front) (Back), Baroque (Front) (Back), Hokuto no Ken (Front) (Back), Virtua Fighter Remix (Front) (Back).

-Added 1 PSX game to Gamepics. From sfx: Tenchu 2 Birth of the Stealth Assasins.

Sunday, September 10, 2000. -Added 2 Game Gear Endings: Shinobi 2, Mega Man. Added 1 Sega Master System Ending: Phantasy Star.

-Added 10 Atari Lynx games to Gamepics. From MrPerfectn: Baseball Heroes, Chip's Challenge, Cyberball 2072, Electro Cop, European Soccer Challenge, Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge, Loopz, Puzzler, Todd's Adventure in Slime World, World Class Soccer.

-Added 1 Amiga game to Gamepics. From Louie: Boston Bomb Club.

-Added 1 Game Boy game to Gamepics. From Dream Land: Kirby's Dreamland 2.

-Added 1 SNES game to Gamepics. From Hedon: Front Mission: Gun Hazard.

-Added 1 Arcade game to Gamepics. From CBH: Time Killers.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000. -Added 22 PC-98 games to Gamepics. From Crokk: Aito Koookan no Hibi Manami, Ash, Dangel, Escalation 95, Heart Heat Girl, If 3, Ishin Kaikoku, Mahjong Fantasia 2, Mandara Kazoku, Monzetsu Suru Fighter, Nurse no Mumasensen, Pleria, Powazon, Red Cobra, Ryouki no Ori, Seek, Sexpress, Shinjuku Monogatari, Togenkyo, Wonpara Wars 2, Yoojuu Kyooshitsu, Yoojuusenki AD 2048.

Friday, September 1, 2000. -Added 9 Snes Endings: Art of Fighting, Castlevania Dracula X, Fatal Fury, Inspector Gadget, Samurai Shodown, Secret of Mana, Star Fox, World Heroes, Ys 3 Wanderers From Ys.

Monday, August 28, 2000. -Added 6 Genesis Endings From Kitsune Sniper: Art of Fighting. From Ace: Contra Hard Corps, Dynamite Headdy, Shadow Dancer, Strider. From Rey: Arrow Flash.

Monday, August 21, 2000. -added 28 Game Gear games with 286 pictures to Gamepics: 5 In 1 Funpak, A A Harimanada, Adventures of Batman & Robin The, Aladdin (Jap), Andre Agassi Tennis, Arcade Classics, Big War (Jap), Bram Stoker's Dracula, Captain America and the Avengers, Chakan, Chessmaster The, Columns, Crystal Warriors, Cutthroat Island, Deep Duck Trouble (Jap), Desert Speedtrap, Dragon, Dragon Crystal (US), Ecco the Dolphin, Evander Holyfield's Boxing, Fantasy Zone Gear, Fatal Fury Special, FIFA International Soccer, Gear (Jap), Gear Stadium (Jap), George Foreman KO Boxing, G-Loc Air Battle (Jap), Gun Star Heroes.
And added more shots for Aerial Assault, Ax Battler - A Legend Of Golden Axe (Jap) and Baku Baku Animals.

-added 2 MSX games with 10 pictures to Gamepics: From Robin Mask : Herzog and Lupin.

Sunday, August 20, 2000. -Added 1 Neo Geo Ending: Art of Fighting 3 The Path of The Warrior.

-Added 8 Vitual Boy games to Gamepics: Galactic Pinball, Insmouse's Mansion, Mario Clash, Mario's Tennis, Telero Boxer, Virtual Fishing, Virtual Pong (Homebrew), V-Tetris.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000. -Added 11 Sega 32x games to Gamepics: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples, Doom, Kolibri, Mortal Kombat 2, Motocross Championship, Primal Rage, Space Harrier, Tempo, T-MEK, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing Deluxe.

-Added many screenshots to Mr. Do and Out Run in the Arcade section of Gamepics.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000. -Added 21 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: James Bond 007, Jawbreaker, Journey Escape, Jungle Fever, Jungle Hunt, Jungle Hunt (CCE), Kaboom! (2), Kaboom! (CCE), Kangaroo, Karate, Keystone Kapers, King Kong, Klax (NTSC), Knight on the Town, Kool-Aid Man, Krieg Der Stern, Krull, Krull (CCE), Kung Fu Master, Kung Fu Master (CCE), Lady in Wading.

Monday, August 14, 2000. -Added 27 Game Boy scans. From Opi: Flash, The (Ger) (Front)(Back)(Cart), Gargoyles Quest (Ger) (Front)(Back)(Cart), Kid Icarus (Ger) (Front)(Back)(Cart), Mario's Picross (Ger) (Front)(Back)(Cart), Prince Of Persia (Ger) (Front)(Back)(Cart), Quarth (US) (Front)(Back)(Cart), Quix (US) (Front)(Back)(Cart), Track & Field (Ger) (Front)(Back)(Cart), Wario Land (US) (Front)(Back)(Cart).

Sunday, August 13, 2000. -Added 57 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: 10 Yard Fight (Vs. Version 11/05/84), Crime Fighters 2 (Jap), Undercover Cops (Jap), Uo Poko (Jap), Vanguard (Centuri), Van Van Car (Bootleg), Varth - Operation Thunderstorm (Jap), Vastar (Set 2), Vendetta (Asia Set 2), Venture (Version 4), Venture (Version 5 Set 2), Venus, Victory, Victory Banana, Vigilante (Jap), Vigilante (US), Vimana (Nova Apparate GMBH & Co), Vimana (Set 2), Viper, Vulgus (Jap?), Vulgus (Set 2), War of Aero - Project MEIOU, Wardner no Mori, Warp Warp (Rock-ola Set 1), Warp Warp (Rock-ola Set 2), Western Express (Bootleg), Western Express (World?), Wild Fang, Wild Western (Set 2), Willow (Jap, Japanese), Wise Guy, Wonder 3 (Jap), Wonder Boy (Non-Encrypted), Wonder Boy (Set 2), Wonder Boy (Set 4), Wonder Boy (Set 4, Non-Encrypted), Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (Bootleg), Wonder Boy Deluxe, Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Jap, Non-Encrypted), World Series: The Season, World Soccer Finals, Xevios, Xevious (Atari), Xain'd Sleena (Bootleg), X-Men (2 Players Jap), Yamato (Set 2), Yankee DO!, Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Set 2), Yokai Douchuuki, Zarzon, Zaxxon (Set 2), Zero Time, Zig Zag (Galaxian Hardware, Set 2), Zing Zing Zip, Zoo Keeper (Set 2), Zoo Keeper (Set 3), Zzyzzyxx (Set 2).

-Added 2 X68000 games to Gamepics : Dine On and Nemesis 90 and added 16 shots (and replaced the old jpg's) to Super Street Fighter 2.

Thursday, August 10, 2000. -Added 11 SNES games to Gamepics : Battle Jockey (Jap), Battle Master (Jap), BS Wizardry 5 (Jap), Dai Bouken Jima (Jap), Dai Bouken Jima 2 (Jap), Dai Kaijyu Monogatari 2 (Jap), Dai Koukai Jidai (Jap), Dai Koukai Jidai 2 (Jap), Danzarubu (Jap), Darius Twin (US).

Wednesday, August 9, 2000. -Added 11 SNES games to Gamepics : BS Albert Odyssey (Jap), BS Mario Excite Bike 1 (Jap), BS Out of Bounds Golf (Jap), BS Spriggan Powered (Jap), BS Super Mario 1 (Jap), BS Super Ninja (Jap), BS Super Shogi Problem 1000 (Jap), California Games 2 (US), Championship Sea Bass (Jap), Championship Soccer '94 (US), Chaos Seed (Jap).

-Added 22 Multi-Console ads. From NGA: Beavis and Butt-head : The Game, Champion World Class Soccer, Dual Turbo Controllers, Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge, Justice League Task Force, Mortal Kombat (2 ads), Mortal Kombat 2 (2 ads), NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, Spider-Man, Spider-Man & Venom : Maximum Carnage (2 ads), Spider-Man & X-Men, StarGate, Super High Impact, True Lies, Warlock, Wolverine : Adamantium Rage (2 ads), WWF Raw.

-Added 2 SNES ads. From NGA: Super BattleTank 2, Turn And Burn : No-Fly Zone.

-Added 1 Game Boy ads. From NGA: The Punisher.

-Added 2 NES ads. From NGA: Double Dragon 3, Trog.

-Added 1 Playstation MP3s: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - Ending.

-Added 12 Game Boy endings: Heiankyo Alien, Kirby's Dreamland, Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Operation C, Solar Striker, Super Mario Land 2, TMNT Fall of the Foot Clan, TMNT 2 Back From The Sewers, TMNT 3 Radical Rescue, Wario Land 2, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

-Added 14 PC-98 games to Gamepics. From Crokk: Angel, Dead Force, Flash Point 1-2-3, Flash Point 4, Goice, Japanese Cult Quiz Zipang, Kakyusei, Oh! Tsukiaitai, Ray Gun, School Girls, Tekkaman Blade, Totugeki! Mix, Tsumo Baka Nissi, Yumeutsutsu. -Added 2 MSX games to Gamepics. From Robin Mask: Herzog, Lupin.

-Added 1 SNES scan. From TJ: Mega Man X (Front).

-Added 4 NES scans. From TJ: Mega Man 4 (Front) (Back), Mega Man 6 (Front) (Back).

-Added 2 SNES scans. From Summi: Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (PAL) (Front) (Back).

-Added 8 NES scans. From NGA: Castle of Dragon (Front) (Back), Castlequest (Front) (Back), Deathbots (Front) (Back), Metal Fighter (Front) (Back).

-Added 2 TG-16 scans. From Foxhound: Loom (Front) (Back).

-Added 135 3DO scans. From Qun Mang: 3DO Buffet, The (Front) (Back) (CD) (Insert) Alone in the Dark (Front) (Back) (Box Front) (Box Back) (Manual), Alone in the Dark 2 (CD) Blade Force (Front) (Back) (Box Front) (Box Back) (CD) (Insert Back), Brain Dead 13 (Front) (CD 1) (CD 2), Daedalus Encounter, The (Front) (Back) (Box Front) (Box Back) (CD 1) (CD 2) (CD 3) (CD 4) (Insert) (Insert Back), Dragon's Lair (Front) (CD), Family Feud (Box Front) (Box Back) (CD) (Manual), FIFA Soccer (CD), Flashback (Front) (Box Front) (Box Back) (CD), Gridders (Front) (Back) (CD) (Insert Back), Guardian War (Front) (Back) (Box Front) (Box Back) (CD) (Insert Back), Incredible Machine, The (Box) (Box Inside) (CD) (Manual), John Madden Football (Box Front) (Box Back) (Box Inside) (CD) (Manual), Killing Time (Front) (CD) (Insert Back), Mazer (Front) (Box) (Box Inside) (CD) (Insert Back), Out of This World (Front) (Back) (Box Front) (Box Back) (CD) (Insert Back) (Manual), Pebble Beach (Front) (Back) (CD) (Insert Back), PO'ed (Front) (Back) (Box Front) (Box Back) (CD) (Insert Back), Return Fire (Front) (Back) (CD) (Insert Back), Shanghai Triple Threat (CD) (Manual), Shock Wave (CD), Shock Wave 2 (Box Front) (Box Back) (Jewel 1) (Jewel 2) (CD 1) (CD 2) (Insert Briefing) (Insert Ops), Soccer Kid (Front) (CD), Space Ace (Front) (CD), Star Control II (Box Front) (Box Back) (CD) (Manual), Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Front) (Back) (CD) (Insert Back), Syndicate (CD) (Manual), Theme Park (Box) (Box Inside) (CD) (Manual), Total Eclipse (CD), Trip'd (Front) (Back) (Box Front) (Box Back) (CD) (Insert Back), Twisted (CD) (Insert), Way of the Warrior (CD), Zhadnost the People's Party (Front) (Back) (CD) (Insert Back). Replaced Kingdom the Far Reaches (Front) (Back) (CD) (Insert Back)

Sunday, August 6, 2000. -Added 15 Nes endings: Bucky o'Hare, Commando, Flying Warriors, G.I Joe, G.I. Joe The Atlantis Factor, Karated Kid, Kings Of The Beach, Legend of the Ghost Lion, Kings of the Beach, Magic of Scheherazade, River City Ransom, Rush'n Attack, Simpsons bartman Meets Radioactive Man, Star Tropics 2, Super Dodge Ball, Wizards and Warriors.

Saturday, August 5, 2000. -Added 60 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: End, The (Stern), Hustler, The (Jap Version J), John Elway's Team Quarterback, John Elway's Team Quarterback (Set 2), New Zealand Story, The (World, Bootleg), New Zealand Story 2, The (World), Tail to Nose - Great Championship, Taisen Karate Dou, Tank (Jap), Tapper (Alternate), Tatakai no Banka, Tazz-Mania (Strategy X Hardware), Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (2 Players UK), Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (4 Players UK), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2 Players Jap), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4 Players Jap), Tempest (Revision 1), Tempest (Revision 2), Tempest Tubes, Tenchi wo Kurau, Terra Cresta (YM2203), Terra Cresta (YM3526 Set 2), Tetris (Bootleg), Tetris (Japan, B-System), Tetris (Sega Bootleg), Thunder Blaster (Jap), Tiger Heli (Bootleg 1), Tiger Heli (Bootleg 2), Time Pilot (Centuri), Time Pilot '84 (Set 2), Tip Top, Toki (Bootleg), Tokio - Scramble Formation (Bootleg), Tokushu Butai Jackal, Tomahawk 777 (Revision 5), Toobin' (Prototype), Toobin' (Version 2), Top Gunner (Bootleg), Top Gunner (US), Top Secret (Jap), Total Carnage (Prototype, Rev. 1.0 01/25/92), Touchdown Fever (Jap), Tough Turf (Bootleg), Tough Turf (US), Tower of Druaga (Set 2), Track & Field (Centuri), Treasure Hunt (Jap), Trigon (Jap), Tri-Sports, Trog (Rev LA3 02/14/91), Trog (Prototype, Rev 4.00 07/27/90), Trojan (Romstar), Tron (Set 2), Tumble Pop (Bootleg Set 1), Tumble Pop (Bootleg Set 2), Turpin, Tutankham (Stern), Twin Cobra (US), Twin Eagle (Jap), Two Crude (US).

Friday, August 4, 2000. -Added 39 MSX scans. From Angel: Game Master (Front) (Back) (Spine), Game Master 2 (Front) (Back) (Spine), Ganbare Goemon (Front) (Back) (Spine), Garyvo King (Front) (Back) (Spine), Gofe no Yabou Episode 2 (Front) (Back) (Spine), Golvellius (Front) (Back) (Inside) (Spine), Gradius (Front) (Back) (Spine), Gradius 2 (Front) (Back) (Spine), Graph Saurus 2.0 (Front) (Back) (Inside) (Spine), Graphic Master (Front) (Back) (Spine), Green Beret (Front) (Back) (Spine), Green Beret (UK) (Front) (Back) (Spine), Gunfright.

-Added 5 Genesis endings from Ace: Golden Axe, Golden Axe 2, Revenge Of Shinobi, Streets Of Rage, TMNT The Hyperstone Heist.

-Added 7 Sega CD ads: Dragon's Lair, Earthworm Jim Special Edition, Keio Flying Squadron, Lunar The Silver Star (Ad #2), Panic!, Popful Mail, Vay.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000. -Added 53 SNES games to Gamepics : Axelay (Eur), Axelay (Jap), B.O.B. (Eur), Bakenrenkinjyuto (Jap), Bakumatsu Korinden Oni - Oni 2 (Jap), Barayorou - Gurume Sentai Bara Yarou (Jap), Barcode Battler Senki - Coveni Wars (Jap), Barkley's Power Dunk (Jap), Battle Clash (Eur), Battle Commander (Jap), Battle Cross (Jap), Battle Dodgeball (Jap), Battle Dodgeball 2 (Jap), Battle Grand Prix (Jap), Battle Grand Prix (US), Battle Soccer (Jap), Battle Submarine (Jap), Battle Zeque Den (Jap), Battletech 3050 (Jap), Best Shot Pro Golf (Jap), Big Ichigeki 2 University (Jap), Bill Walsh College Football (US), Bing Bing Bingo (Jap), Black Hawk (Eur), BlaZeon (US), Bokujou Monogatari [Harvest Moon] (Jap), Bomberman B-Daman (Jap), Bomberman B-Daman 2 (Jap), Bombuzal (Jap), Bonkers (Jap), Boogerman (US), Bounty Sword (Jap), Boxing Legends of the Ring (Eur), Boxing Legends of the Ring (US), Brandish 2 Expert (Jap), Brandish 2 The Planet Buster (Jap), Brass Numbers (Jap), Breakthru! (US), Brennen Edge (Jap), Cameltry - On The Ball (Jap), Cannondale Cup (US), Capcom MVP Football (US), Card Master (Jap), Casino Bar (Jap), Casino Paradise (Jap), Chavez Boxing (US), Chavez Boxing 2 (US), Chibi Maruko Chan 91 (Jap), Chibi Maruko Chan 95 (Jap), Chinhai (Jap), Civilization (Jap), Classic Road (Jap), Classic Road 2 (Jap)
and added, replaced pictures for Axelay (US), Brandish (Jap), Bubsy - Clawed Encounters of the Furred Kind (US), renamed Flash Hiders SFX to Battle Tycoon (Jap) <-- all are SNES games.

-Added 34 Intellivision games to Gamepics. From Intellivision Graffiti: All-Star Major League Baseball, Duncan's Thin Ice, Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing, Safe Cracker, Scooby Doo's Maze Chase, Sea Battle, Sewer Sam, Shark! Shark!, Sharp Shot, Skiing, Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball, Slap Shot, Snafu, Soccer, Space Armada, Space Battle, Space Hawk, Space Spartans, Spiker, Stampede, Star Strike, Sub Hunt, , Super Cobra, Super Pro Football, Swords & Serpents, Tennis, Thunder Castle, Tower of Doom, Triple Action, Tron - Deadly Discs, Tron - Solar Sailor, Tropical Trouble, Truckin', Utopia, Vectron, White Water, Word Fun, Worm Whomper, World Series Major League Baseball.

-Added 3 Snes endings: Final Fantasy 3, Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past, Toy Story.

-Added 49 NES games to Gamepics: A Ressha De Ikou, Aa Yakyuu Jinsei Icchokusen, Abadox (FFE Pirate), Abadox (Jap), Abadox (Portugese V. 0.1), Abarenbou Tengu, Aces: Iron Eagle 3, Action 52, Action in New York (Euro), AD&D Dragons of Flame (Jap), AD&D Heroes of the Lance (Jap), AD&D Hillsfar (Jap), AD&D Pool of Radiance (Jap), Adventure Island 4 (English V.1_0), Adventures of Bayou Billy, The (Euro), Adventures of Captain Comic, The, Adventures of Ice Mario (Hack), Adventures of Lolo (Jap), Adventures of Lolo 2 (Jap), Adventures of Rad Gravity, The (Euro), Afro Man (Hack), Afro Mario Bros. (Hack), Ai Sensei no Oshiete - Watashi no Hoshi, Aigiina no Yogen, Air Fortress, Air Fortress - Kuuchuu Yousai (Jap), Airwolf (Euro), Airwolf (Jap), Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha, Akka-Pong (Hack), Akuma Kun - Makai no Wana, Alice Cooper (Hack), Alien Syndrome (Jap), All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (Pirate), America Daitouryou Senkyo, Ankoku Shinwa - Yamato Takeru Densetsu, Anti-Hippie Dr. Mario (Hack), Aoki Ookami To Shiroki Mejika - Genchou Hishi, Aoki Ookami To Shiroki Mejika - Ghengis Khan, Arabian Dream Sherazaado, Arctic (Trained, Jap), Argus (Jap), Arkanoid (Jap), Arkanoid 2 (Jap), Arumajiro, Astro Fang - Super Machine (Jap), Athena (Jap), Autobot Bros. (Hack), AV Pachi Slot (Pirate).

Monday, July 31, 2000. -Added 5 Nes endings: Adventure Island, Adventure Island 3, Dragon Warrior 2, Dragon Warrior 3, Dragon Warrior 4.

Saturday, July 29, 2000. -Added 31 MSX games to Gamepics: 10 - Yard Fight, 1942, Alibaba And 40 Thieves, Aramo, Arkanoid, Athletic Ball (Ghost Flipper), Beach-Head, Blockade Runner, Boggy' 84, Comic Bakery, Dig Dug, Dragonquest 1, Galaga, Gun Fright, Inspecteur Z, Jagur, King's Valley, Konami's Baseball, Konami's Billards , Konami's Tennis, Nemesis 1, Nemesis 2, Nemesis 3, Payload, Penguin Adventure, Raid On Bungling Bay, Rambo, Thexder, Track And Field 2, Yie Ar KUNG-FU 1, Yie Ar KUNG-FU 2

-Added 8 Game Boy endings: Batman, Batman Return of the Joker, Batman The Animated Series, Bust A Move 2 Arcade Edition, Little Mermaid, Pokemon Yellow, The Punisher, Rolan's Curse 2. Also added 12 Snes endings: Addams Family, Alien 3, Blackthorne, Bust A Move, Death And Return Of Superman, Dino City, Krusty Super Fun House, The Rocketeer, Super Punch-Out, Thunder Spirits, True Lies. And one from Opi: Axelay.

Thursday, July 27, 2000. -Added 13 Atari 2600 scans. From Shaun Kranzusch: Air-Sea Battle (Front) (Back), Moon Patrol (Front) (Back), Mouse Trap (Front) (Back), Spider Fighter, Spider-Man (Front) (Back), Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (Front) (Back), Starmaster (Front), Warlords (Front).

-Added 29 SNES games to Gamepics: 90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (PAL), ABC Monday Night Football (Jap), After School in Beppin, Act Raiser 2 - Chinmoku heno Seisen (Jap), Adventures of Kid Kleets, Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Aero the Acrobat 2, Air Management - Oozora wo Kakeru, Air Management 2 - Kouku Ou wo Mezase, Akazukin Cha Cha, Alice in Wonderland, All-American Championship Football (PAL), America Oudan Ultra Quiz, American Battle Dome, American Gladiators, Ancient Magic - Bazoo! Mahou Sekai, Aokidensetu Shoot!, Aqutallion, Arabian Knights - Sabaku no Seirei Ou, Archer MacLean's Dropzone (PAL), Armored Trooper Votoms, Aryol, Asahi Shinbun Rensai Kato Hihumi 9dan Shogi Shingiryu, Asameshimae Nyanko, Astral Bout 2, Sougou Kakutougi, Astral Bout 3, RINGS, Atlas, The - Renaissance Voyager, Augusta Masters 3 New World Golf, Kaiju Monogatari

-Added, corrected and replaced pictures for the following SNES games at Gamepics: 3 Ninjas Kick Back, 3x3 Eyes, 7th Saga, Actraiser, Actraiser 2, Adams Family, The, Adams Family Values, Adventures of Batman and Robin, Aerobiz Supersonic and Super Baseball 2020 - and deleted one double entry.

-Added 12 Playstation MP3s: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM05, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM06, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM07, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM08, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM09, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM10, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM11, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM12, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM13, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM14, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM15, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM16.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000. -Added 36 MSX scans. From Angel: E.G.O.S. (Front) (Back), F-1 Spirit (Front) (Back) (Spine), F-1 Spirit (Jap) (Front) (Back) (Spine), F-1 Spirit 3D Special (Front) (Back) (Spine), Farm Kit (Front) (Back) (Spine), Fire Ball the Tip Top Pinball (Front) (Back) (Spine), Fleet Commander II (Front) (Back) (Spine), FM P.A.C. (Pana Amusement Cartridge) (Front) (Back) (Spine), Forbidden Fruit (Front) (Back) (Spine), Frantic (Front) (Back) (Spine), Fray in Magican Adventure (Inside), Fray in Magical Adventure (MSX2), Fray in Magical Adventure (MSXTR).

-Added 14 Sony Playstation games to Gamepics: Azure Dreams (PAL), Bloody Roar (PAL), Cool Boarders 3 (PAL), Doom, Final Fantasy Tactics, Formula 1, Hooockey!!, Jumping Flash 2, Mickey's Magical Tetris (Jap), Ogre Battle, Rage Racer, Ridge Racer Type 4 (PAL), Star Gladiator, Tomb Raider.

-Added 14 Game Boy Color endings: 1942, All-Star Baseball 2000, All-Star Baseball 2001, Bionic Commando Elite Forces, Classic Bubble Bobble, Croc, Crystalis, Dinosaur, Duke Nukem, Looney Tunes Carrot Crazy, Metal Gear Solid, Mortal kombat 4, NASCAR Challenge, NBA In The Zone 2000.

Monday, July 24, 2000. -Added 11 NES endings: Bomberman, Bomberman II, Ikari III The Rescue, Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden II, Ninja Gaiden III, Operation Wolf, Solstice, Tecmo Bowl, Tecmo World Wrestling, Zen Intergalactic Ninja.

Sunday, July 23, 2000. -Added some Sega Genesis System Notes/History from Nestor J. Galeano.

-Added 2 Sega Genesis games to Gamepics. From Vinicius: Monica in Monster Land, Pica-Pau.

-Added 3 Sega Saturn games to Gamepics: King of Fighters 97, The, Radiant Silvergun, Virtual On.

-Added 48 PC-98 games to Gamepics. From Crokk: Amaranth, Aokiookami to Shirokimezika Genchohishi, Arabesque!, Arquelphos, Atlas, The, Blood Seed, Cherry Bomb, Chookooso Crisis, Dalk, Dalk hint-disk, Edge, Elves, Farce, First Queen IV, Foreigner, Gozira, Hana no Kiouku, Horny Sweeper, Horror of Cridewell, Image Club Banana Room, J.B. Harold 3 - Dc Connection, Kekkou Kamen, Macross Love Stories, Madou Gakuin R, Magical Story Seriers-Majocco Kumi, Mahjong Fantasia the 3rd Stage, Moon Light Enegy, Necronomicon, Nonomura Byioin no Hitobito, Oogon no Rashimban, Present Duo, Quiz Bancho, Quiz Tonosama no Yabo, Regional Power 3, Ribon, Rose, Schwarzschild 2, Shangrlia, Skip 4, Suzaku, Teio no Yaba, Teitoku no Ketsudan, Toumeiningen Arawaru Arawaru, Ultima Underworld-The Stygian Abyss, Ushinau Wareta Rakuen, Venus, Watashiwo Golf ni Turetette, Wrestle Angels 3.

-Added 10 Game Boy games to Gamepics: Bikkuriman 2000 Charging Card GB (GBC), Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle 4 (Jap) (GBC), Dino Breeder 4 (GBC), Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten Quiz (GBC), Hunter X Hunter (GBC), Pokemon Yellow (German) (GBC), Rayman (Jap) (GBC), Sei Hai (GBC), Toonsylvania (GBC), Trick Boarder (GBC).

Saturday, July 22, 2000. -Added 24 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: Advertisement Cartridge, Cannon Man (2), H.E.R.O., H.E.R.O. (CCE), Halloween, Hangman, Harbor Escape, Haunted House, Hole Hunter, Holey Moley, Home Run Baseball (1), Home Run Baseball (2), Human Cannonball (2), I Want My Mommy, Ice Hockey, Ice Hockey (CCE), Ikari Warriors, Immies and Aggies, Indy 500 (4k Version), Infiltrate, International Soccer (Pirate) (1), Inv (1-3-98 Version), IQ 180, Race (3).

-Added 7 Playstation games to Gamepics: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22, Gundam: The Battle Master 2, Umihara, Kawase Shun 2nd Edition, Double Cast, Finger Flashing, Strider 2, Bushido Blade 2.

Friday, July 21, 2000. -Added 1 PC98 game to Gamepics: Hustler 2055.

-Added 12 Turbo Duo games to Gamepics. From Capr|corn: Advanced V.G., Cyber City Oedo 808, Dragon Slayer The Legend of Heroes, Emerald Dragon, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna,God Panic, Hellfire S, Kick Boxing The, Monster Lair, Nadia The Secret of Blue Waters, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume 2, Startling Odyssey 2.

Thursday, July 20, 2000. -Added 61 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (Set 2), Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (Set 3), Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (Jap), Solar Fight, Solar Warrior, Space Attack (Cocktail), Space Attack (Upright, Older), Space Attack II, Space Battle, Space Fury (Revision A), Space Invaders Deluxe, Space Invasion, Space Phantoms, Space Pilot, Space Trek (Cocktail), Spaltan X (Jap), Speak & Rescue, Spectar (Revision 1), Speed Rumbler, The (Set 2), Spiders (Set 2), Spinal Breakers, Spinal Breakers (Jap), Sprint 2, Spy Hunter II (Revision 1), Spy Hunter II (Revision 2), Star Castle (Older), Star Force (Encrypted), Star Jacker (Stern), Star Wars (Revision 1), Stoneage, Strategy X (Stern), Stratovox (Bootleg), Street Fight (Germany), Street Smart (Jap Version 1), Street Smart (US Version 2), Strider Hiryu (Jap Set 1), Strider Hiryu (Jap Set 2), Strike Zone Baseball, Sunset Riders (Asia 2 Players Ver. ABD), Sunset Riders (Jap 2 Players Ver. JBD), Sunset Riders (US 2 Players Ver. UBC), Sunset Riders (US 4 Players Ver. UAC), Sunset Riders (US 4 Players Ver. UDA), Sunset Riders (World 2 Players Ver. EBC), Sunset Riders (World 2 Players Ver. EBD), Super Burger Time (Jap), Super Galaxians, Super Invaders, Super Invaders (Zenitone), Super Moon Cresta, Super Missle Attack, Super Pac-Man (Midway), Super Pierrot, Super Pool III, Super Pool III (I-Vics), Super Qix (Bootleg), Super Volleyball (Jap), Super Volleyball (Korea), Super Xevious, Swimmer (Set 2), Tapper (Suntory).

-Added 8 Playstation MP3s: Vampire Hunter D - Lone Ride, Umihara Kawase Shun - Ending Theme, Umihara Kawase Shun - Ending Theme 2, Legend of Dragoon, The - Opening, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM01, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM02, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM03, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 - BGM04.

Thursday, July 13, 2000. -Added 11 Game Boy endings. From Rey: Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge, Castlevania The Adventure, Iron Man - X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal, Jeopardy! Sports Edition, Kid Dracula, Mortal Kombat 3, Nemesis, Ninja Gaiden Shadow, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Street Fighter II, Tetris Blast.

-Added 34 Intellivision games to Gamepics. From Intellivision Graffiti: Blackjack & Poker, Empire Strikes Back, The, Fathom, Football, Frog Bog, Frogger, Golf, Happy Trails, Hockey, Horse Racing, Hover Force, Kool-Aid Man, Learning Fun I, Learning Fun II, Lock 'n' Chase, Loco-Motion, Masters of the Universe, Math Fun, Maze-a-Tron, Melody Blaster, Microsurgeon, Mind Strike, Mission X, Moto-Cross, Mouse Trap, Mr. Basic, Mud Buggy, Night Stalker, Nova Blaster, Pac-Man, Popeye, Reversi, Roulette, Royal Dealer.

-Added 4 Sega Dreamcast scans: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (Front) (Back). From Aaron Mims: Dead or Alive 2 (Front) (Back).

-Added 7 Neo-Geo games to Gamepics: Andro Dunos (Jap), Ryuuko no Ken, Ryuuko no Ken 2, Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden - Art of Fighting, Sonic Wings 2, Sonic Wings 3, Tsuukai GANGAN Koushinkyoku. Fixed: 3 Count Bout, Aero Fighters 2, Aero Fighters 3, Andro Dunos, Art of Fighting 3.

Wednesday, July 12, 2000. -Added 38 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: Elk Attack, Enduro (Taiwan), E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (CCE), Fast Eddie (Activision 83), Fast Eddie (CCE), Fishing Derby (2), Fishing Derby (CCE), Football (2), Freeway (2), Freeway (CCE), Frostbite (CCE), Galaga (River Raid Clone), Galaxian (CCE), Gangster Alley, Gas Hog, Gauntlet, Ghost Manor (1), Ghost Manor (2), Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike, Gigilo, Glacier Patrol, Glib, Golf (1), Gopher, Gorf, Grand Prix, Grand Prix (16k Version), Grand Prix (CCE), Gravitar, Gravitar (CCE), Great Escape, Gremlins, Grover's Music Maker, Guardian, Gyruss, International Soccer (Pirate, 2).

-Added 18 TG-16 games to Gamepics: Gai Flame(Jap), Galaga '88 (Jap), Ganbare! Golf Boys (Jap), Genji Tsushin Agemada (Hero Agent, Jap), Genpei Toumaden (Jap), Genpei Toumaden 2 (Jap), Ghost Manor, Gokuraku Chuka Taisen (Jap), Gokuraku Chuka Taisen (Jap, 512k), Gomola Speed (Jap), Gomola Speed (Jap, 512k), Gradius (Jap, Different Version), Gradius (Jap, Different Version 2), Grandzort (SGX, Jap), Gunboat, Gunhed (Jap, 512k), Gunhed Special Version (Jap).

Monday, July 10, 2000. -Added 58 Neo-Geo scans -From KOF Perfect: Bakumatsu Roman - Dai Ni Maku Gekkano Kenshi, The (Front) (Back), Bakumatsu Roman - Gekkano Kenshi, The (Front) (Back), Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer (Front) (Back), Galaxy Fight - Universal Warriors (Jap) (Front) (Back), Ghost Pilots (Front) (Back), Ghost Pilots (Euro) (Front) (Back), Ghost Pilots (Jap) (Front) (Back), Joy Joy Kid (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 94, The (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 94, The (Jap) (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 95, The (Jap) (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 96, The (Jap) (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 97, The (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 97, The (Jap) (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 98 - The Slugfest, The (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 98 - Dream Match Never Ends, The (Jap) (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 99, The (Front) (Back), King of Fighters 99, The (Jap) (Front) (Back), King of the Monsters (Jap) (Front) (Back), King of the Monsters 2 - The Next Thing (Euro) (Front) (Back), King of the Monsters 2 - The Next Thing (Jap) (Front) (Back), Last Blade, The (Front) (Back), Last Blade 2, The (Front) (Back), Last Resort (Front) (Back), Last Resort (Jap) (Front) (Back), League Bowling (Front) (Back), League Bowling (Jap) (Front) (Back), Puzzled (Front) (Back), Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (Front) (Back).

Saturday, July 8, 2000. -Added 60 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: 2 Pack - Challenge - Surfing, 2 Pack - Hoppy - Alien Force, 2 Pack - Star Warrior - Frogger, 32-in-1 (PAL), 3-D Tic Tac Toe (1) , 3-D Tic Tac Toe (2), A Game of Concentration, A Mysterious Thief, Air Raiders (2) (CCE), Air Sea Battle (2), Alien (CCE), Angling, Apples and Dolls (CCE), Aquaventure (CCE), Artillery Duel (2), Atlantis (Activision 1), Atlantis (Activision 2), Atlantis (CCE), Autorennen, Barnstorming (CCE), Basketball (4k Version), Beamrider (2), Beany Bopper (CCE), Bearenstein Bears, Berzerk (CCE), Bionic Breakthrough, Blackjack (2), Bobby is Going Home (PAL), Bowling (4k Version), Boxing (2), Brain Games (2), Breakdown, Canyon Bomber (4k Version), Carnival (CCE), Challenge (Alt), Challenge of ...NEXAR, Chess (1) (Taiwan Othello), Chess (2) (Taiwan Othello), Chopper Command (CCE), Code Breaker (2), Color Bar Generator, Combat - Tank Plus (1), Combat - Tank Plus (4k Version), Corrida da Matematica, Cosmic Swarm (4k Version), Cubo Magico (CCE), Dare Diver, Dark Mage (8k Version), Defender (CCE), Demon Attack (Activision), Demons!, Demons to Diamonds (CCE), Dolphin (CCE), Donald Duck's Speedboat, Donkey Kong Jr. (2), Donkey Kong Jr. (CCE), Dragonfire (2), Dragster (2), Dshungle Boy, Dumbo's Flying Circus.

Friday, July 7, 2000. -Added 33 Intellivision games to Gamepics. From Intellivision Graffiti: ABPA Backgammon, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasures of Tarmin, Armor Battle, Astromash!, Atlantis, Auto Racing, B-17 Bomber, Baseball, Basketball, Beauty and the Beast, Blockade Runner, Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling, Bomb Squad, Bowling, Boxing, Bump 'n' Jump, Buzz Bombers, Carnival, Centipede, Championship Tennis, Checkers, Chess, Chip Shot, Congo Bongo, Commando, Defender, Diner!, Donkey Kong Jr., Dragonfire, Dreadnaught Factor, Super Pro Decathlon, Triple Challenge.

Thursday, July 6, 2000. -Added 68 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Irem Skins Game, The (US Set 1), Irem Skins Game, The (US Set 2), Safari Rally, Samurai Nihon-ichi, Sangokushi 2 (Asia), SAR - Search and Rescue (US), Satan's Hollow (Set 2), Savage Bees, Scramble (Bootleg, Galaxian Hardware), Scramble (Stern), Screw Loose, Secret Agent, Section Z (Set 2), Sector Zone, Sega Ninja (Non-Encrypted), Seishun Scandal, Senjo no Ookami, Senjo no Ookami II, Shadow Dancer (Jap), Shadow Warriors, Shao-Lin's Road, Sheriff, Shinnyuushain Tooru-kun, Shinobi (Bootleg), Shisensho - Joshiryo-Hen, Shuuz (Version 7.1), Sichuan II (Possible Hack, Set 2), Side Arms - Hyper Dyne (Jap), Side Arms - Hyper Dyne (US), Silk Worm (Set 2), Silver Land, Simpsons, The (2 Players), Simpsons, The (2 Players Jap), Sinistar (Prototype), Sinistar (Revision 2), Skull & Crossbones (Set 2), Sky Shark (US), Sky Wolf (Set 1), Sky Wolf (Set 2), Slap Fight (English Bootleg), Slap Fight (Jap Bootleg), Sly Spy (US Revision 2), Smash TV (Rev 4.00), Smash TV (Rev 5.00), Smash TV (Rev 6.00), Space Invaders (SV Version), Space Invaders (TV Version), Space Invaders Colour (CV Version), Street Fighter (Jap), Street Fighter (US), Street Fighter II The World Warrior (Jap 911210), Street Fighter II The World Warrior (Jap 910214), Street Fighter II The World Warrior (US 910206), Street Fighter II The World Warrior (US 910214), Street Fighter II The World Warrior (US 910228), Street Fighter II Champion Edition (Accelerator Pt. II), Street Fighter II Champion Edition (Red Wave), Street Fighter II Champion Edition (US Rev A), Street Fighter II Champion Edition (US Rev B), Street Fighter II Champion Edition (Jap), Street Fighter II Turbo - Hyper Fighting (Jap), Super Bagman (Stern), Super Buster Bros., Super Cobra (Bootleg), Super Cobra (Stern), Super Contra (Jap), Super Hang-On (Bootleg), Super Invaders.

Tuesday, July 4, 2000. -Added 47 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Mad Gear (Jap), Magix, Mayhem 2002, Meta Fox, Mortal Kombat (Rev 2.0 08/18/92), Moon Base, Mr. Jong (Jap), Nastar (World), Nastar Warrior, Ninja Ryukenden, Off Road, Off Road (Track Pack), Oh My God! (Jap), Pac & Pal (Older Version), Paint Roller, Pang! 3 (Euro), Pang! 3 (Jap), Pig Out, Pig Out (Alternate), Pigskin, Pipe Dream, Poly-Play, Pound for Pound (US), Pound for Pound (World), Power Instinct (US Bootleg), Psycho-nics Oscar (Jap Rev 1), Psycho-nics Oscar (Jap Rev 2), Punisher, The (US), Quarterback, Quarterback (Set 2), Quiz Sekai wa Show by Shobai, Rabbit Punch, Rabio Lepus, Raiden (Alternate), Raiden (Korea), Rastan Saga 2 (Jap), Redline Racer (2 Player), Rescue Raider (Stand-Alone).

Monday, July 3, 2000. -Added 5 Neo-Geo games to Gamepics: 2020 Super Baseball (Jap), Bakumatsu Roman - Dai Ni Maku Gekkano Kenshi, Fire Suplex, Kunio no Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu, Money Idol Exchanger. Fixed: Money Puzzle Exchanger.

Sunday, July 2, 2000. -Added 62 Neo-Geo scans -From KOF Perfect: 3 Count Bout (Front) (Back), Cyber Lip (Front) (Back), Double Dragon (Jap) (Front) (Back), Dunk Dream (Jap) (Front) (Back), Eightman (Front) (Back), Eightman (Jap) (Front) (Back), Fatal Fury (Front) (Back), Fatal Fury (Jap) (Front) (Back), Fatal Fury 2 (Euro) (Front) (Back), Fatal Fury 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Fatal Fury 3 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Fatal Fury Special (Front) (Back), Fatal Fury Special (Jap) (Front) (Back), Fighter's History Dynamite (Jap) (Front) (Back), Fire Suplex (Jap) (Front) (Back), Flying Power Disc (Jap) (Front) (Back), Football Frenzy (Front) (Back), Football Frenzy (Jap) (Front) (Back), Fuun Mokushiroku (Front) (Back), Fuun Super Tag Battle (Front) (Back), Garou Mark of the Wolves (Front) (Back), Garou Mark of the Wolves (Jap) (Front) (Back), Karnov's Revenge (Fighter's History Dynamite) (Front) (Back), Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle (Front) (Back), Real Bout Fatal Fury (Front) (Back), Real Bout Fatal Fury (Jap) (Front) (Back), Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (Front) (Back), Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Front) (Back), Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Jap) (Front) (Back), Savage Reign (Front) (Back).

Saturday, July 1, 2000. -Added 12 C-64 scans. From Alexander Patraj: Dragon's Lair (Front) (Back), Dragon's Lair 2 (Front) (Back), Great Giana Sisters (Front) (Back), Hot Wheels (Front) (Back), Pac-Land (Front) (Back), Wonder Boy (Front) (Back).

-Added 14 Game Boy games to Gamepics. From Opi: All-Star Baseball 2001 (GBC), Asterix - Search for Dogmatix (GBC), Conveni 21 (GBC), Croc (GBC), Mary-Kate & Ashley - Get a Clue (GBC), Mask of Zorro, The (GBC), Ohasta Yamachan & Reimondo (GBC), Oira Jajamaru Sekaidai Boken, Olympic Summer Games, On the Tiles, Otto's Ottifanten (Euro), Poyon's Dungeon Room 2 (GBC), Tomb Raider (GBC), Wacky Races.

Friday, June 30, 2000. -Added 47 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: 800 Fathoms, All American Football (Revision D), Air Duel, Alley Master, Altered Beast (Version 2), Arbalester, Arch-Rivals (Revision 2), Ashura Blaster (US), Ataxx, Ataxx (Jap), Ataxx (Set 2), Baluba-louk no Densetsu, Baseball Season II, Battle Rangers, Bloody Wolf, Bosconian (Older Version), Captain Commando (US), Cerberus, Caveman Ninja (World Revision 0), Crazy Blocks, Crime City (Jap), Crime City (World), Daiku no Gensan, Danger Zone, Dangun Feveron, Double Play Super Baseball Homerun Derby, Down Town, Dyger (Set 2), Esp RaDe, Exodus, Funky Fish, Galaga 3 (Set 2), Golden Axe (Version 2), Grind Stormer (Korea), Gunforce - Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island (US), Hammerin' Harry (US), Hana Awase (Flower Matching), Hatris (Jap), Hunch Back (Scramble Hardware), In the Hunt (US), Indy Heat, Insector (Prototype), Juno First (Gottlieb), Katei Daisensou, Karate Blazers, Karate Blazers (US), Knights of the Round (Jap).

Sunday, June 25, 2000. -Added 6 PSX MP3s: Elemental Gearbolt: Act 1 Cinema, Enter the Dragon (Stage 2), Grieving Angel's Descent (Stage 1), Title Theme. Street Fighter Alpha 3: Chun Li's Stage, Ryu's Stage.

Saturday, June 24, 2000. -Added 6 Chrono Trigger MP3s: Chrono and Marle a Distant Promise, Determination, Last Battle, Sealed Door, World Revolution, Zeal Palace.

Friday, June 23, 2000. -Added 23 TG-16 games to Gamepics: Dai Makai Mura (SGX), Daichikun Crisis Do Natural, Darius Alpha (Jap), Darius Alpha (Jap, Alt), Davis Cup Tennis, Dead Moon (Jap), Deep Blue, Deep Blue (Jap), Detana!! Twinbee (Jap), Devil Crash (Jap), Doko Doko Don, Doraemon Meikyu Daisakusen, Doraemon Nobita no Dorabian Night, Double Dungeons (Jap), Download (Jap), Dragon Egg! (Jap), Dragon Fighter (Jap), Dragon Spirit (Jap), Dragon's Curse, Drop Off, Drop Rock Hora Hora, Dungeon Explorer (Jap), Energy (Jap).

Thursday, June 22, 2000. -Added 3 Neo-Geo games to Gamepics: Magical Drop III (Jap), Waku Waku 7 (Jap), From Ed: Garou Mark of the wolves.

-Added 30 Neo-Geo scans -From KOF Perfect: Baseball Stars (Front) (Back), Baseball Stars (Jap) (Front) (Back), Baseball Stars 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Big Tournament Golf (Jap) (Front) (Back), Blazing Star (Front) (Back), Blue's Journey (Front) (Back), Breakers (Front) (Back), Burning Fight (Front) (Back), Burning Fight (Jap) (Front) (Back), Chibimaruko Deluxe Quiz (Front) (Back), Crossed Swords (Front) (Back), Crossed Swords (Jap) (Front) (Back), Cyber Lip (Front) (Back), Neo Turf Masters (Front) (Back), Raguy (Front) (Back).

Wednesday, June 21, 2000. -Added 8 PC-98 games to Gamepics. From Opi: Arcus 3, Sword Dancer '93. From Crokk: Dora Dora Emotion, Fechi, Gidyy 2, Midnight Hen, Strawberry Taisen Ryaku 2, Vain Dream.

-Added 6 NES Endings -From Rey: Castlevania III Dracula's Curse, Little Nemo the Dream Master, Little Ninja Brothers, Mario's Time Machine!, Monster Party, Willow.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000. -Added 41 MSX scans -From Angel: Chess (Front) (Back) (Spine), Choplifter! (Front) (Back) (Spine #1) (Spine #2), Circus Charlie (Front) (Back) (Spine), City Connection (Front) (Back) (Spine), Contra (Front) (Back) (Spine), Control de Stocks (Front) (Spine), Crazy Train (Front) (Back) (Spine), Cyberun (Front) (Back), Deep Forest (Front) (Back) (Spine), Demonia (Front) (Back), Deus Ex Machina (Front) (Back) (Spine), Dragon Knight (Front) (Back) (Spine) (Inside), Dragon Slayer (Front) (Back) (Spine), Druid (Front) (Back) (Spine).

-Added 28 Neo-Geo scans -From KOF Perfect: 2020 Super Baseball (Front) (Back), 2020 Super Baseball (Jap) (Front) (Back), Agressors of Dark Combat (Front) (Back), Alpha Mission II (Front) (Back), Andro Dunos (Europe) (Front) (Back), Andro Dunos (Front) (Back), Art of Fighting (Front) (Back), Art of Fighting (Jap) (Front) (Back), Art of Fighting 2 (Front) (Back), Art of Fighting 2 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Art of Fighting 3 (Jap) (Front) (Back), Ashita no Joe (Front) (Back), ASO II (Front) (Back), Bakasama Mahjong (Front) (Back).

Saturday, June 17, 2000. -Added 5 Chrono Trigger MP3s: At the Bottom of Night, Black Omen, Underground Sewer, Undersea Palace, Wind Scene.

-Added 42 MSX scans -From Angel: 10 Serie Oro (Front) (Back), Akumajo Dracula (Front) (Back) (Spine), Albatros (Front) (Back) (Spine), Aleste (Front) (Back) (Spine), Alien 8, Ancient YS Vanished (Front) (Back) (Spine) (Inside), Andorogynus (Front) (Back) (Spine), Antarctic Adventure (Front) (Back) (Spine), Ark A Noah the Flood Part II, Athletic Land (Front) (Back) (Spine), Bastard (Front) (Back) (Spine), Batman (Front) (Back) (Spine), Batman the Movie (Front) (Back) (Spine), Burai (Front) (Back) (Spine) (Inside), Burai (Alt) (Front) (Back) (Spine).

Friday, June 16, 2000. -Added 1 NES Review: From Trevor: Lethal Weapon

-Added 1 Game Boy Review: From Opi: Kirby Star Stacker.

-Added 13 Game Boy games to Gamepics. From Opi: Cadillac II, Caeser's Palace (Jap), Capcom Quiz, Captain Tsubasa VS, Card Game, Card Hero (GBC), Cardcaptor Sakura (GBC), Castlevania Legends (German), Castlevania Adventure, The (1989), Chalvo 55 - Super Puzzle Action, Championship Pool, Chase HQ (Jap), Checkmate (GBC).

-Added 28 ZX Spectrum games to Gamepics. From Opi: Ad Astra, Agent X II, Atic Atac, Bubbler, Cookie, Crystal Castles, Cyberun, Gunfright, Jetpac, Knight Lore, Lunar Jetman, Martianoids, Nebulus, Necropolis, Nightshade, Pentagram, Pssst!, Sabre Wulf, Spindizzy, Star Glider, Tau Ceti, Tempest, Trans Am, Urban Upstart, Vampire, Vectron, Virus.

Thursday, June 15, 2000. -Added 10 Sega Genesis Endings -From Rey: Aladdin, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Revenge of the Joker, Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master, Sonic 3D Blast, Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2.

-Added 41 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Konami RF2 - Red Fighter, Q*bert (Jap), Qix (Set 2), Qix (Set 3), Qix II (Tournament), Quantum (Prototype), Quantum (Rev 1), Quiz & Dragons (Jap), Rad Action, Rally X (Midway), Rampage (Rev 2), Rampart (2-Player Joystick), Rastan (US Set 1), Rastan (US Set 2), Rastan Saga (Jap), Regulus (Non-Encrypted), Relief Pitcher (Set 2), Repulse, Return of the Invaders (Bootleg Set 1), Return of the Invaders (Bootleg Set 2), Ring King, Ring King (Set 3), Ring no Ohja, Road Fighter (Set 2), Robocop (World Bootleg), Robotron (Yellow/Orange Label), Roc'n Rope (Kosuka), RodLand (Jap), Rollergames (Jap), Rolling Thunder (Old Version), Rolling Thunder 2 (Jap), Route 16 (Bootleg), R-Type (Bootleg), R-Type (US), R-Type II (Jap), Rug Rats, Runark, Rush'n Attack, Rush & Crash (Jap), Rygar (US Set 2), Tapper (Root Beer).

Wednesday, June 14, 2000. -Added 21 SNES Endings -From Rey: Kirby Super Star, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Lion King, Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mania the Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers The Fighting Edition, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers The Movie Featuring Ivan Ooze, NHLPA Hockey '93, Ninja Warrior, Pocky & Rocky, Pocky & Rocky 2, Prince of Persia 2 The Shadow and The Flame, Ren & Stimpy Show Veediots, Super Bomberman, Super Bomberman 2, Super Double Dragon, Super Widget, Wild Guns, X-Kaliber 2097, Yoshi's Safari.

-Added 25 TG-16 games to Gamepics: Bravo Man Chouzetsu Rinjin, Cadash, Cadash (Jap), Chase HQ, Chase HQ (Jap), Chew-man-fu, Chibi Marukochan Quiz De Pihyara, Chikudenya Toubee, China Warrior, China Warrior (Jap), China Warrior (Jap, Trained), China Warrior (Jap, Trained, Pirate), Circus Lido, College Pro Baseball '89, College Pro Baseball '90, Columns (Jap), Columns (Jap, Alt), Coryoon Child of Dragoon (Jap), Coryoon Child of Dragoon (Jap, Alt), Cratermaze, Cyber Combat Police, Cyber Core, Cyber Core (Jap), Cyber Dodge, Cyber Knight.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000. -Added 5 Chrono Trigger MP3s: Battle with Magus, Brink of Time, Frog's Theme, Schala's Theme, Secret of the Forest.

Sunday, June 11, 2000. -Added 1 Neo-Geo Review: From Kitsune Sniper: Art of Fighting 2.

Saturday, June 10, 2000. -Added 10 Arcade Sprite Rips: From Caveman Ninja: Double Dragon Map #'s 1-9.

-Added 1 Neo-Geo Review: From Kitsune Sniper: Art of Fighting.

Friday, June 9, 2000. -Added 76 C-64 games to Gamepics From C-64 Games: Rack It (Zamzara), U-96, Uchi-mata, Ultrazoyd, Underground, Up'N Down, Uridium, Uridium 2, Uridium 2 (Zimmi), Uuno Turhapuro, V, Vampire, Velocipede 2, Vermeer, Vindicator, Viper, Virus, Vixen, Volfied, Warhawk, Warplay, Wavy Navy, Waxworks, Welltris, Weltendaemmerung, Werner, Western Games, Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, Wimbledon 64, Wings of Fury, Winter Olympiad 88, Winzer (German), Wizard of Wor, Wizard's Lair, Wizball (Ocean), Wolfman, Wonderboy, Wonderboy 2 in Monsterland, World Championship Karate, World Cup Carnival, World Geography (German), World Games, Wrath of the Demon, X Out, X-15 Alpha Mission, Xerons, Xevious, Xevius, Xiphoids, Xpiose, Xybots, Yathzee, Yogi Bear, Yogi Bear 2, Yuppie's Revenge, Z, Zak McKracken (German), Zauber Lord, Zauberland, Zauberschloss, Zaxxon, Zepp, Zeus, Zig Zag, Zolyx, Zombpy Stomp, Zone 7, Zone 7 Part 2, Zoomball, Zorro, Zub, Zuul, Zybex, Zzzzz.

-Added 43 Game Boy Pocket games to Gamepics. From Opi: Battletoads & Double Dragon (Tradewest), Battletoads & Double Dragon (UK, Sony Imagesoft), Beethoven's 2nd, Bey Blade (Jap, GBC), Bikkuri Nekketu, Bill Elliot's NASCAR Fast Tracks, Bionic Commando (Jap), Bionic Commando - Elite Forces (GBC), Bistro Recipe - Best Garum Version (Jap, GBC), Bistro Recipe - Food Battle Version (Jap, GBC), Black Bass Lure Fishing (GBC), Boku Dracura Kun, Boku Dracura Kun 2, Boku Drakura Kun 3 (Akumajyo Dracula), Bokujo Monogatari 2 (GBC), Bomberman GB (Jap), Bomberman GB 2 (Jap), Bomberman Max - Hero of Light (Jap, GBC), Bomberman Max - Shadow of Darkness (Jap, GBC), Bomberman Quest (Europe, M3, GBC), Bomberman Quest (Jap, GBC), Bugs Bunny Operation Carrots (M3, GBC), Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 (GBC), Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 (Jap, GBC), Burai Fighter (Jap, GBC), Burger Pocket (Jap, GBC), Burger Time (Jap), Bust-a-Move 3, Bust-a-Move 4 (GBC), Ca Da, Catrap, Chiki Chiki Tengoku, Chinese Fighter (Jap), Choro Q Hyper Custom Ball GB (Jap, GBC), ClassKing Yamazaki (Jap, GBC), College Slam, Columns - Tezuka Osamu Characters (Jap, GBC), Contra Spirit (Jap), Cool Ball (Europe), Cosmo Tank, Cosmo Tank (Jap), Cross Country Racing (GBC), Cyber Formula (Jap).

Thursday, June 8, 2000. -Added 1 NES Review: From PeKENyo: Rad Racer.

-Added 24 TG-16 games to Gamepics: Ballistix, Ballistix (Jap), Bari Bari Densetsu, Batman (Jap), Battle Ace (SGX, Jap), Battle Royale, Be Ball, Be Ball (Alt), Be Ball (Taising Version), Benkei Gaiden, Blazing Lazers (Jap), Blodia (Jap), Bloody Wolf, Bomberman (Jap), Bomberman (Jap, Pirate), Bomberman '93 (Jap), Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge, Bonze Adventure, Boxy Boy, Bravoman, Bravoman (Alt), Break In (Jap), Burning Angels (Jap).

-Added 1 NES Review: From PeKENyo: Adventure Island.

-Added 10 Neo-Geo Pocket games to Gamepics. From Opi: Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams (Jap), Dive Alert - Burn Version, Dive Alert - Rebecca Version, Evolution (Jap), Faselei (Jap), Master of Syougi (Jap), Neo Dragon's Wild (Multi), Neo Mystery Bonus (Jap), Pachisuro Azire Ooko Pocket Azteca, Puzzle Tsunagete Pon 2 (Jap).

Wednesday, June 7, 2000. -Added 62 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Datsugoku - Prisoners of War (Jap), Naughty Boy (Bootleg), Naughty Boy (Cinematronics), Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Bootleg), Nemesis (UK), New Puck-X, Nibbler (Set 2), Ninja Kid II (Set 3), Ninja Princess (Bootleg), Ninja Princess (Unencrypted), Out Run (Set 2), Out Run (Set 3), Out Zone (Bootleg), P-47 - The Freedom Fighter (Jap), Pac-Gal, Pac-Land (Set 2), Pac-Land (Set 3), Pac-Land (Midway), Pac-Man (Bootleg, Pisces Hardware), Pac-Man (Hearts), Pac-Man (Midway), Pac-Man (Midway, Harder), Pac-Mania (Jap), Pang (Bootleg), Passing Shot (2 Players, Bootleg), Pengo (Set 2), Pengo (Set 2, Unencrypted), Penguin-Kun Wars (Jap), Penta, Phantasm, Phoenix (Centuri), Phoenix (IRECSA, G.G.I Corp), Phoenix (T.P.N.), Phoenix (Taito), Pig Newton (Revision A), Pinball Action (Set 2), Piranha, Pit Fighter (Version 3), Pitfall II (Unencrypted), Pleiads (Bootleg), Pleiads (Centuri), Pocket Gal (Bootleg), Pocket Gal 2, Polaris (Set 2), Pole Position (Version 1), Pole Position II (Set 2), Pomping World, Ponpoko (Venture Line), Pootan, Pooyan (Stern), Pop Flamer (Set 2), Popeye (Bootleg), Pot of Gold, Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (US), Psycho Soldier (Jap), PuckMan (Harder), PuckMan (Set 2), Punisher, The (Jap), Punk Shot (2 Players), Pyros, Space Panic (German), Space Panic (Set 2).

-Added 28 Game Boy games to Gamepics. From Opi: Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly, Batman - Return of the Joker (Jap), Battle Arena Toshinden, Battle of Kingdom (Jap), Battle of Olympus, The (5 Languages), Battle Pingpong (Jap), Battle Ship (GBC), Battle Tanx (GBC), Battle Unit Zeoth (Jap), Battle Zone & Super Breakout, BC Kid 2, Beach Volleyball (Jap), Beast Wars (GBC) (Jap), Beat Breaker (Jap), Beatmania GB 2 (GBC) (Jap), Beavis and Butthead, Berutomo Kurabu, Bionic Battler, Bishojyo Sensi SE, Blades of Steel (GBC), Blaster Master Jr., Blues Brothers, The, Boggle Plus, Bonk's Revenge, Booby Boys, Boulder Dash, Bugs Bunny Collection, Buster Brothers.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000. -Added 14 SNES Endings -From Rey: Batman Returns, Battletoads and Double Dragon the Ultimate Team, Final Fantasy II, Final Fight, Final Fight Guy, Final Fight 2, F-Zero, Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie, Hagane, James Bond Jr., Jeopardy! Featuring Alex Trebek, Jeopardy! Sports Edition, Joe & Mac, King of Dragons.

-Added 32 Sega CD scans -From Aaron Mims: 3 Ninjas/Hook (Front) (Back), American Laser Games Gamegun (Front) (Back), Bram Stoker's Dracula (Front) (Back), Chuck Rock II (Front) (Back), Ecoo Tides of Time (Front) (Back), ESPN Baseball Tonight (Front) (Back), Formula One Beyond the Limit (Front) (Back), Lethal Enforcers II Gun Fighter (Front) (Back), Loadstar (Front) (Back), NFL Football Trivia (Front) (Back), Power Monger (Front) (Back), Road Rash (Front) (Back), Space Ace (Front) (Back), Star Blade (Front) (Back), Star Wars Chess (Front) (Back), Wirehead (Front) (Back).

-Added 15 TG-16 games to Gamepics: 15 in 1 Mega Collection, 1941 Counter Attack (SGX), 1943 Kai, 5 in 1 Fami Collection, Aero Blasters, Air Zonk, Air Zonk (Jap), Aldyness (SGX), Alien Crush (Jap), Andre Panza Kick Boxing, Ankoko Densetsu, Aoi Blink, Appare! Gateball, Artist Tool, Av Poker World Gambler.

Monday, June 5, 2000. -Added 13 Neo-Geo Pocket games to Gamepics. From Opi: Baseball Stars (Jap), Baseball Stars Color (Multi), Biomotor Unitron, Cool Boarders Pocket (Jap), Crush Roller, Magical Drop Pocket (Jap), Neo 21, Neo Poke Pro Yakyuu, Pac-Man (Multi), Pocket Reversi, Pocket Tennis Color (Multi), Puyo Pop (Multi), Shanghai Mini (Multi).

-Added 85 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Hangly-Man (Set 2), Haunted Castle (Set 2), Head On (1 Player), Heavy Barrel (World), Heli Fire (Revision A), Hit 'n Miss (Version 2.0), Hoccer (Set 2), Hook (US), Hunchback (Scramble Version), Hydra (Prototype), Hyper Olympic (Bootleg), Ikari Warriors (Jap), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Set 2), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Set 3), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Set 4), Invader's Revenge (Dutchford), Jack the Giant Killer (Set 2), Jack the Giant Killer (Set 3), Joust (Solid Red Label), Joust (White/Red Label), Jump Bug (Bootleg), Jungler (Stern), Kangaroo (Bootleg), Karate Champ (US VS Version), Karnov (Jap), Kick (Upright Version), King & Balloon (Jap), King of Dragons, The (Jap), Klax (Jap), Klax (Set 2), Klax (Set 3), Kram (Set 2), Kung Fu Master (Bootleg Set 1), Kung Fu Master (Bootleg Set 2), Kung Fu Master (Data East), Lady Bug (Bootleg), Last Duel (US Set 2), Last Duel (Bootleg), Last Mission (US Revision 5), Legend of Kage, The (Bootleg), Legendary Wings (US Set 2), Life Force (Jap), Liquid Kids (US), Lode Runner (Set 2), Lost Tomb (Hard), Lunar Lander (Revision 1), Magic Sword (US), Main Event, The (Version Y), Major Havoc (Prototype), Major Havoc (Return to Vax), Major Havoc (Rev 2), Makai-Mura (Revision C), Makai-Mura (Revision G), Mania Challenge (Set 2), Mappy (Jap), Marble Madness (Set 2), Marble Madness (Set 3), Mario Bros. (Jap), Mayday (Set 2), Mega Zone (Kosuka), Mercs (US), Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Bootleg), Midnight Resistance (Jap), Midnight Resistance (US), Mini Golf (Set 2), Missing in Action (Version S), Missing in Action (Jap), Missle Command (Set 2), Moon Alien Part 2 (Older Version), Moon Cresta (Bootleg, Galaxian Hardware), Moon Cresta (Bootleg Set 1), Moon Cresta (Bootleg Set 2), Moon Cresta (Gremlin), Moon Patrol (Williams), Moon War (Set II), Mortal Kombat (Rev 1.0 08/08/92), Mouse Trap (Version 3), Mouse Trap (Version 4), Mr. Do! (Bugfixed), Mr. Do! (Taito), Mr. Do! (Yukidaruma), Ms. Pac-Man Plus, My Hero (Korea), Space Invaders Part II (Midway), Video Hustler (Bootleg). 1 Neo-Geo game From Ed: Magician Lord (Set 2). And 1 Sega Saturn game Dungeons & Dragons Collection.

Sunday, June 4, 2000. -Added 1 NES Review: From Kitsune Sniper: Ninja Gaiden 2.

-Added 22 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: F-14 Tomcat Flight Simulator, Fantastic Voyage, Farmyard Fun, Fast Food, Fast Freddie, Fatal Run, Fathom, Final Approach, Fire Birds, Fire Fighter, Fire Fly, Fire Spinner, Flag Capture, Flash Gordon, Forest, Frankentstein's Monster, Frog Pond, Frogger II Threedeep!, Frogs and Flies, Front Line, Frost Bite, International Soccer (Pirate).

-Added 2 Game Reviews: Arcade, from PeKENyo: Congo Bongo. SNES, from Kitsune Sniper: Street Combat.

Thursday, June 1, 2000. -Added 58 Game Boy games to Gamepics. From Opi: 16 in 1 Super Card, 3 Punyosoumaban Club, 4 in 1 Funpak, 55 Game HK (Pirate), A Boy and His Blob - Fushigina Bulobi, A Boy and His Blob - The Rescue of Princess Blobette (Imagineering), A Bug's Life (Activision) (GBC), A Bug's Life (THQ) (GBC), Ace Striker (Jap), Addams Family, The (Jap), Adventure Island 2 - Bikkuri Nekketou, Adventure Island 2, Adventures of Arle, The (Jap) (GBC), Adventures of Star Saver, The, Aerostar, Ah Harimanada, Akazukin Cha-Cha, Alfred Chicken (SGB), All-Star Baseball 2000 (GBC), Amazing Spider-Man 2, The, Amazing Spider-Man 3, The - Invasion of the Spidey-Slayers, America Oudan Ultra Quiz, America Oudan Ultra Quiz 2, America Oudan Ultra Quiz 3, America Oudan Ultra Quiz 4, Amida, Animal Breeder, Animal Breeder 2, Animal Breeder 3 (GBC), Animaniacs, Another Bible, Aretha, Aretha 2, Aretha 3, Army Men (GBC), Asterix, Asteroids, Atelier Elie, Atelier Marie, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Aturukun - Pachinko Data Card, Avenging Spirit, Ayakashi no Shiro, Azure Dreams (GBC), Azure Dreams (GBC) (Jap), Babe and Friends (GBC), Baby T-Rex, Bakenoh TV, Bakenoh V3, Bakenouz, Baku Bomberman - Tune in the Air (GBC), Bakuhashi Senki Metal Walker - Kkoute No Yuujyou (GBC), Barbie Chasse Au Tresor Sous-Marine (GBC) (French), Barbie Meeresabenteuer (GBC) (German), Baseball Kids, Battle Crusher, Battle Dodge Ball, !Sqrxz (V1.1) (Jap).

-Added 4 Sega Genesis games to Gamepics. From G30: XDR, Xenon 2 - Megablast, X-Men, X-Perts.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000. -Added 20 Game Boy games to Gamepics. From Rey: Armorines Project S.W.A.R.M. (GBC), Boarder Zone (GBC), Caterpillar Construction Zone (GBC), Catz (GBC), Daffy Duck "Fowl Play" (GBC), Deer Hunter (GBC), Dogz (GBC), Go Go Goemon (GBC), Halloween Racer (GBC), Knockout Kings (GBC), Micro Machines 1 and 2 Twin Turbo (GBC), Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie, NASCAR Challenge (GBC), New Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley (GBC), NHL 2000 (GBC), Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams (GBC), Test Drive Off Road 3, Uno (GBC), Yoda Stories (GBC).

-Added 1 SNES Review: From Kitsune Sniper: Ranma Chonai Gekitosen (Ranma Part 1).

Tuesday, May 30, 2000. -Added 1 SNES Review: From PEKENYO: Mega Man X.

-Added 68 C-64 games to Gamepics From C-64 Games: Blob, The, Cosmic Tunnels, The, Deep, The, Detective Game, The, First Million, The, Great Escape, The, Hobbit, The, Hobbit, The (Melbourne House), Ormus Saga, The, Ormus Saga 2, The, Pawn, The, Shadows of Mordor, The, Shogun, The, Shogun, The (German), Space Vegetable Corps, The, Tapper, Tarzan, Teacher Busters, Tennis Manager (German), Terminator 2, Terry's Big Adventure, Test Drive, Tetris, The Games Summer Edition, Theatre Europe, They Stole a Million, They Stole a Million (German), Thief, Tiger Mission, Tiger Road, Time Soldier, Times of Lore, To Be on Top, Tobruk 1942, Tom, Tom & Jerry, Toobin', Tooth Invaders, Top Gun, Tor Von Mario, Track & Field (Atari), Tracksuit Manager, Trailblazer, Train Escape to Normandy, The, Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge, Trans World, Trans World (German), Trantor, Trap, Triad, Trivial Pursuit, Trivial Pursuit (German), Trolls, Tron, Trouble Bubble, Truc King USA (German), Tunnel Vision, Turbo Outrun, Turbo the Tortoise, Turmoil, Turn n Burn, Turrican, Turrican 2, Twin Tigers, Two on Two, Untouchables, The, Vikings, The, Young Ones, The.

Sunday, May 28, 2000. -Added 26 NES games to Gamepics: 1944, Baseball, Battle City, Battle Stadium Baseball, Bonk's Adventure, Booby Kids, Break Time, Buggy Popper, Captain America & the Avengers, Dragon Buster II, Dragon Fist, Duck, Dynamite Bowl, East 53, Elrond, Empire Strikes Back, The (Jap), Exerion, F-16 Valkerie, Family Computer Othello, Faxanadu (Jap), Final Fantasy 1 + 2, Final Fantasy 3 (Jap), Fist of the Northstar, Fist of the Northstar 2, Fukuda, Fuzzical Fighter.

Saturday, May 27, 2000. -Added 9 SNES games to Gamepics. From Vermilh0: 2 Dan Morita Shouiga, 4 Nin Shogi, 777 Fighter, Ace Striker, Ace Tennis, Action Pachio, Akumajyo Dracula, Angelique, Arabian Nights.

-Added 32 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: Big Bird's Egg Catch, Dancing Plate, Dark Cavern, Deadly Duck, Death Trap, Decathlon, Defender, Defender 2, Demolition Herby, Demon Attack, Demons to Diamonds, Dice Puzzle, Dishaster, Dodge 'Em, Dolphin, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Dragon Defender, Dragon Fire, Duck Shoot, Earth Dies Screaming, The, Eggomania, Eli's Ladder, Encounter at L-5, Enduro, Enduro (Activision), Entombed (Name That Game), Espial, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Exocet, Mr. Do's Castle, Star Wars Return of the Jedi (Deathstar Battle).

-Added 81 C-64 games to Gamepics From C-64 Games: Saboteur, Saboteur 2, Samatha Fox Strip Poker, Samurai Warrior, Sanxion, Sarakon, Satan's Hollow, Save Me Brave Knight, Scooby and Scrappy Doo, Scooby Doo, Scotland Yard (German), Seafix, Second World, The, Sentinel Worlds Future Magic, Sex Games, Sex Puzzle, Sgt. Slaughter's Mat Wars, Shadow Warriors, Shadowfax, Shanghai, Shanghai Karate, Silent Service, Silk Worm, Skate or Die, Skramble, Slap Fight, Slap Shot, Slap Shot 2, Slinky, Snakepit, Snoopy, Soccer 2, Soldier One, Solitaire, Solomon's Key, Son of Blagger, Southern Belle, Space Ace, Space Harrier, Space-Pilot, Space-Pilot 2, Spindizzy, Split Personalities, Spy Hunter, Squish 'Em, Star Paws, Star Trek Flucht Ins Paradies (German), Star Wars (Atari), Starbyte Super Soccer, Starbyte Super Soccer (German), Starfighter, Steel Thunder, Steigenberger Hotel Manager, Steigenberger Hotel Manager (German), Sterne Wie Staub (German), Stifflip & Co. (German), Stix, Stratego, Street Fighter II, Street Rod, Street Sports Basketball, Street Surfer, Strip Poker, Strip Poker 2, Stump, Stunt Car Racer, Subsonic, Summer Camp, Summer Olympiad, Super Cycle, Super Dogfight, Super Huey, Super Huey 2, Super Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man (Plus 7), Super Pipeline II, Super Sprint, Supercuda, Superman, Survivor, Swiv.

Friday, May 26, 2000. -Added 37 C-64 games to Gamepics From C-64 Games: Q*Bert, Q*Bert (Alternate), Quedex, Quiwi, Quo Vadis, R.A.F., Rainbow Islands, Rambo First Blood Part II, Rambo III, Rampage, Rastan, Realm of Impossiblity, Red Storm Rising, Rendezvous with Rama, Renegade, Revs, Rick Dangerous, Rick Dangerous 2, Rimrunner, Rings of Medusa (German), Risiko (German), Riskant (German), Road Runner, Road Runner (Hitec), Robin Hood Legend Quest, Robocop, Robocop 2, Robox (German), Rocket Ball, Rocketroger, Rock'n Roll Fahnder, Rock'n Wrestle, Rocky Horror Show, Roland's Ratrace, Rolling Ronny, R-Type, Running Man.

-Added 16 Neo-Geo Pocket games to Gamepics. From Opi: Biomotor Unitron, Dark Arms, Dark Arms (Jap), Fatal Fury F Contact (Jap), King of Fighters R-1, King of Fighters R-1 (Jap), King of Fighters R-2, King of Fighters R-2 (Jap), Last Blade (Jap), Metal Slug First Mission, Neo Cherry Master, Neo Cherry Master (Jap), Neo-Geo World Cup '98 Plus, Puzzle Bubble Mini (Jap), Puzzle Tsunagete Pon, Samurai Shodown 2 (Jap).

Thursday, May 25, 2000. -Added 60 C-64 games to Gamepics From C-64 Games: Nemesis The Final Challenge, Nemesis The Warlock, Neverending Story II, The, New York City, New Zealand Story, Nexus, Nibbly 92, Nick Faldo's Championship Golf, Nick Faldo Plays the Open, Ninja, No Mercy, North & South, O'Riley's Mine, OEL, OHG, Oil Imperium, On Court Tennis, Operation Neptune, Outrun, Overlander, Pac-Man, Pacmania, Panic Express, Paper Boy, Paradroid Competition Edition, Paradroid Metal Edition, Parallax, Park Patrol, Partygirls, Paulchen's Shiebung, Peace Woman, Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona, Phaedora, Phantom of the Asteroid, Pharaoh's Curse, Phoenix, Pinball Spectacular, Pipe Mania, Piracy, Pirate Adventure, Pitfall, Pitfall 2, Platoon, Pod, Poltergeist, Pool Billiard, Pooyan, Popeye, Popeye (RDH Soft), Power at Sea, Power Drift, Predator, Predator 2, President, President Elect 1988, Prohibition, Project Stealth Fighter, Psycho Pigs, Puffy's Saga, Puzznic.

-Added 53 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Eagle (Set 2), Electric Yo-Yo, The (Set 2), Elevator Action (Bootleg), Eliminator (2 Players, Set 2), Eliminator (4 Players), Enduro Racer (Bootleg), Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (Set 2), Espial (Europe), E-Swat (Bootleg), Exciting Soccer (Alternate Music), Exciting Soccer (Bootleg), Eyes (Techstar Inc.), F-1 Dream (Bootleg), Fantasy (Jap), Final Fight (Jap), Final Fight (US), Flashpoint (Bootleg), Flicky (Set 2), Fly-Boy (Bootleg), Frog, Frogger (Modified Moon Cresta Hardware), Frogger (Sega Set 1), Frogger (Sega Set 2), Flying Shark (Bootleg), Galaga '84, Galaga (Bootleg), Galaga (Fast Shoot), Galaga (Midway), Galaxian (Bootleg), Galaxian (Midway), Galaxian Part 4, Galaxian Turbo, Gaplus (Set 2), Gate of Doom (US Revision 1), Gauntlet (2 Players), Gauntlet (Intermediate Release 1), Gauntlet (Intermediate Release 2), Ghosts'n Goblins (US), Ghosts'n Goblins (World Set 2), Golden Star (Blue Version), Gradius II - Gofer no Yabou (Jap Set 2), Gradius II - Gofer no Yabou (Jap Set 3), Gravitar (Version 2), Green Beret (Bootleg), Grobda (Set 2), Grobda (Set 3), Growl (US), Gun Dealer (Set 2), Gun Smoke (Jap), Gun Smoke (US Set 1), Gun Smoke (US Set 2), Gyruss (Centuri), Real Ghostbusters, The (US 3 Players).

-Added 29 C-64 games to Gamepics From C-64 Games: Macadam Bumper, Mad Mix Game, Mad Nurse, Mafia, Magic Madness, Magic of Endoria, Magnetron, Mahjongg, Manchester United Europe, Maniac Mansion, Maniac Mansion (German), Manic Miner, Marble Madness, Marble Madness Secret Level, Mario Bros., Mario Bros. II, Mask of the Sun, The, Mask of the Sun, The (German), Master Chess, Match Day 2, Matrix, Mayhem in Monsterland, Mean Car, Mega Phoenix, Megahawk, Mercenary (German), Merlin, Mermaid Madness, Mickey Mouse, Microprose Soccer, Midnight Resistance, Mighty Bomb Jack, Mikie, Miner 2049, Minesweeper, Minesweeper 94, Mini Putt, Mini-Zork, Molecule Man, Monopoly, Monopoly Deluxe, Monster, Monty Mole, Moon Patrol, Moons, Mr. Angry, Mr. Do!, Mr. Do's Castle, Mr. Mephisto, Ms. Pacman, Mugsy's Revenge, Munchy, Murder on the Mississippi, Murder on the Mississippi (German), Murder on the Zinderneuth, Murphy.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000. -Added 23 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Cadillacs Kyouryuu-Shinseiki, Dangar - Ufo Robo (9/26/1986), Dangar - Ufo Robo (Bootleg), Dark Seal (World Revision 1), Defender (Green Label), Demolition Derby (2 Player Mono Board Version), Devil Fish (Galaxian Hardware), Dig Dug (Atari), Dig Dug (Set 2), Dig Dug II (Set 2), Disks of Tron (Enviromental), Do! Run Run (Do's Castle Hardware), Do! Run Run (Set 2), Donkey Kong (Jap), Donkey Kong 3 (Jap), Donkey Kong Jr. (Bootleg), Donkey Kong Jr. (Jap), Donkey Kong Jr. (Original Japanese), Double Dragon (Bootleg), Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone (Bootleg), Dragon Saber (Jap), Mr. Do's Castle (Set 2), Zig Zag (Dig Dug Hardware).

-Added 29 C-64 games to Gamepics From C-64 Games: Lady Tut, Last Ninja 2, Last Ninja 3, Last Ninja Remix, Last V8, The, Laurel & Hardy, Lazarian, Lazy Jones, Le Mans, Leader Board (Execute), Leaderboard Golf, Legacy of the Ancients, Lemmings, Lethal Zone, Leviathan, Life Force (FTL), Lifeforce, Lions of the Universe, Little Puff, Live and Let Die, Loco, Locomotion, Lode Runner's Rescue, Logan, Logical, Lord of the Rings, Lords of Conquest, Lords of Doom, Lupo Alberto.

-Added 21 TG-16, and 2 Turbo Duo games to Gamepics. Turbo-Duo: From Engine Shock: Gate of Thunder, MrPerfectn: Dracula X The Rondo of Blood. TG-16: From Engine Shock: Blazing Lazers, Bouken Danshakan Don Sunheart Hen, F-1 Dream, F-1 Pilot, Falcon, Final Blaster, Final Match Tennis, Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Legend Bout Japan, Formation Armed F, Formation Soccer Human Cup '90, Kaiser's Quest, Kaizou Ningen Shubibiman, Kato Chan & Ken Chan, Katutobi Takuhai Kun, Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, Kiki Kai Kai, Klax, Knight Rider Special, Kyuukyuku Tiger (Ultimate Tiger), Volfied, Zipang.

-Added 43 C-64 games to Gamepics From C-64 Games: Crystals of Zong, Jack Attack, Jack the Nipper, Jack the Nipper II, Jack the Ripper, James Pond 2 Robocod, Jammin', Jammin' II, Jet-Boys, Jinks, Jinxter, Joe Blade, Joe Blade 2 Players, Jr. Pac-Man, Judge Dredd, Jungle Hunt, Jungle Jack, Jungle Story, Kaiser, Kaiser II, Kampf Um Thurn, Kangarudy, Karate Kid 2, Karriere (German), Katakis, Kennedy Approach, Kick and Kill, Kik-Start, Kik-Start II, Klax, Kniffel, Knight Games, Knight Rider, Krakout, Krackout Professional II, Krackout 3, Krackout 4, Krieg um de Krone, K-Ring, Kung-Fu Master, Kunst Aus China, Kwik Snax.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000. -Added 41 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: Cakewalk, Canyon Bomber, Carnival, Casino, Cat Trax, Cathouse Blues, Centipede, Challenge, Challenge (2), Chase the Chuckwagon, China Syndrome, Chopper Command, Chuck Norris Superkicks, Circus Atari (Joystick), Circus Atari (Paddle), Clown Down Town, Coconuts, Code Breaker, Coke Wins, Col 'N', Commando Raid, Concentration, Condor Attack, Congo Bongo, Cookie Monster Munch, Cosmic Ark, Cosmic Commuter, Cosmic Corridor, Cosmic Creeps, Cosmic Swarm, Crackpots, Crash Drive, Crazy Climbers, Criminal Pursuit, Cross Force, Cruise Missle, Crypts of Chaos, Cubicolor, Custor's Revenge, Pele's Soccer, Test Pattern.

-Added 1 SNES Review: From The Watcher: Final Fantasy 4.

-Added 1 NES Review: From Josh: Batman.

Monday, May 22, 2000. -Added 36 C-64 games to Gamepics From C-64 Games: 007 The Living Daylights, 1942 (Capsule), 1943 The Battle of Midway, 1944, 1985, 1994, 3-D Man, 3-D Pinball, 3-D World Boxing Champion, 5th Gear, Darts 180, I Ball, I Ball 2, Icicle Works, Ikari Warriors (Elite), Ikari Warriors (SNK), Imperator (German), Imperator (Imperator Software, German), Impossible Mission 2, In Eighty Days Around the world, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana in the Fate of Atlantis, Infernal Runner, International Hockey, International Ice Hockey, International Truck Racing, Into the Eagle's Nest , Invade a Load, Invest, IO, Iron Lord, It's a Knockout, It's Only Rock 'n Roll, Manager, One Man and His Droid.

-Added 33 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Backgammon, Bank Heist, Barnstorming, Base Attack, Basic Math, Basic Programming, Battlezone, Beamrider, Beany Bopper, Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em, Bermuda, Bermuda Triangle, Berzerk, Bi! Bi!, Blackjack, Blueprint, BMX Airmaster, Bobby is Going Home, Bogey Blaster, Boing, Boom Bang, Bowling, Brain Games, Breakaway IV, Brick Kick, Bridge, Buck Rodgers - Planet of Zoom, Bugs, Bugs Bunny, Bump 'N' Jump, Burning Desire.

-Added 21 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics: Acid Drop, Action Man, Adventure, Airlock, Air Raiders, Air Raiders (CCE), Air-Sea Battle, Air-Sea Battle (3), Alien's ReturnAlpha Beam With Ernie, Amidar, Aquaventure, Armor Ambush, Artillery Duel, Asterix, Asteroids, Asteroids (Copyright Version), Astro War, Astroblast, A-Team, Atlantis.

Sunday, May 21, 2000. -Added 13 NES Endings -From Rey: Abadox The Deadly Inner War, Bad Dudes, Bases Loaded, Bases Loaded 3 Dinowarz Destruction Of Spondylus, Hoops, Kung Fu, NARC Ninja Crusaders, Peter Pan & The Pirates The Revenge of Captain Hook Robo Cop, Rocketeer, Silver Surfer.

-Added 4 Sega Saturn games to Gamepics: Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter, Pocket Fighter, Vampire Savior, X-Men Vs. Street Fighter.

-Added 2 Playdia scans -From Aaron Mims: Dragonball Z Shin Saiyajin Zetsumestsukeikaku (Earth Edition) (Front) (Back).

-Added 1 Playstation Review: From The Watcher: Street Fighter Alpha 3.

-Added 2 Playdia scans -From Aaron Mims: Ultraman Welcome to Alphabet TV (Front) (Back).

-Added 34 ZX Spectrum games to Gamepics.-From Opi: 1942, Action Force, Alien 8, Arkanoid Revenge of Doh, Beach-Head, Chase HQ 2, Commando, Dunlop 911 TS, Elevator Action, Elite, Enduro Racer, Falcon Patrol 2, Formula One, Ghouls'n Ghosts, Gremlins, Gyroscope, Ikari Warriors, Impossible Mission, International Karate +, Jet Set Willy, Judge Dredd, Last Mission, Moon Cresta, Nemesis, Ocean Conqueror, Oink, Rambo, Rambo III, Rolling Thunder, Rommel's Revenge, Toobin', Underwurlde, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Zaxxon.

Saturday, May 20, 2000. -Added 106 SMS scans -From Aaron Mims: After Burner (Front) (Back), Alex Kidd High Tech World (Front) (Back), Alex Kidd The Lost Stars (Front) (Back), Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Front) (Back), Altered Beast (Front) (Back), Aztec Adventure (Front) (Back), Bomber Raid (Front) (Back), California Games (Front) (Back), Captain Silver (Front) (Back), Dead Angle (Front) (Back), Double Dragon (Front) (Back), Enduro Racer (Front) (Back), F-16 Fighting Falcon (Card) (Front) (Back), Ghost House (Card) (Front) (Back), Ghostbusters (Front) (Back), Global Defense (Front) (Back), Great Baseball (Front) (Back), Great Basketball (Front) (Back), Great Football (Front) (Back), Great Golf (Front) (Back), Great Ice Hockey (Front) (Back), Great Soccer (Front) (Back), Great Volleyball (Front) (Back), Kung Fu Kid (Front) (Back), Lord of the Sword (Front) (Back), Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting (Front) (Back), Miracle Warriors (Front) (Back), Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Front) (Back), Monopoloy (Front) (Back), Montezuma's Revenge (Front) (Back), Outrun (Front) (Back), Parlour Games (Front) (Back), Penuin Land (Front) (Back), Psycho Fox (Front) (Back), Rambo (Front) (Back), Rambo III (Front) (Back), Reggie Jackson Baseball (Front) (Back), Rescue Mission (Front) (Back), Shanghai (Front) (Back), Shinobi (Front) (Back), Space Harrier (Front) (Back), Space Harrier 3-D (Front) (Back), Spell Caster (Front) (Back), Spy vs. Spy (Card) (Front) (Back), Super Tennis (Card) (Front) (Back), Thunder Blade (Front) (Back), Time Soldiers (Front) (Back), Walter Payton Football (Front) (Back), Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (Front) (Back), Wonder Boy III The Dragon's Trap (Front) (Back), Ys The Vanished Omens (Front) (Back), Zaxxon 3-D (Front) (Back), Zillion (Front) (Back).

-Added 1 Atari 2600 Review: From James Mamone: Atlantis.

-Added 1 NES Review: From Ruiner9: Bionic Commando.

Friday, May 19, 2000. -Added 1 Neo-Geo Review: Metal Slug.

-Added 1 NES Review: From Falcon: Ninja Gaiden.

Thursday, May 18, 2000. -Added 8 Game Boy Color Endings -From Rey: Dragon Warrior Monsters, Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX, Mario Golf, Mickey's Racing Adventure, Mission Impossible, Pocket Bomberman, R-Type DX, Street Fighter Alpha Warrior's Dreams.

-Added 1 NES Review: From Josh: Casino Kid.

-Added 1 SNES Review: Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island.

Wednesday, May 17, 2000. -Added 36 Genesis scans -From Aaron Mims: Arrow Flash (Front) (Back), Battle Squadron (Front) (Back), Beast Wrestler (Front) (Back), Buster Douglas Boxing (Front) (Back), Chakan (Front) (Back), Dick Tracy (Front) (Back), Dynamite Duke (Front) (Back), Earnest Evans (Front) (Back), ESWAT City Under Siege (Front) (Back), Hardball! (Front) (Back), Jewel Master (Front) (Back), Last Battle (Front) (Back), Pat Riley Basketball (Front) (Back), RBI Baseball 3 (Front) (Back), Sports Talk Baseball (Front) (Back), Sword of Sodan (Front) (Back), Valis III (Front) (Back), X-Men (Front) (Back).

Tuesday, May 16, 2000. -Added 18 Genesis scans -From Larry: Hard Drivin' (Front) (Back), Jeopardy (Front) (Back), Jungle Strike (Front) (Back), Klax (Front) (Back), Lion King (Front) (Back), Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (Front) (Back), Red Zone (Front) (Back), Task Force Harrier EX (Front) (Back), Trampoline Terror (Front) (Back).

-Added 71 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Bagman (Stern Set 1), Bagman (Stern Set 2), Battle Zone (Set 2), Battlantis (Jap), Berzerk (Set 2), Bionic Commando (US Set 2), Black Dragon (Bootleg), Black Tiger (Bootleg), Blasteroids (Version 2), Block Block (Jap), Block Out (Set 2), Blue Print (Jaleco), Bobble Bobble, Bomb Jack (Set 2), Bosconian (Midway, Set 1), Bosconian (Midway, Set 2), Bottom of the Ninth (Version N), Bubble Bobble (US), Bubbles (Solid Red Label), Burger Time (Data East Set 2), Burger Time (Midway), Cabal (Bootleg), Canyon Bomber (Prototype), Capcom Bowling (Set 2), Captain Commando (Jap), Carnival (Cocktail), Caveman Ninja (US), Centipede (Bootleg Set 1), Centipede (Bootleg Set 2), Centipede (Revision 2), Champion Skill (Ability, Poker, & Symbols), Check Man (Japan), Chelnov - Atomic Runner (Japan), Choplifter (Bootleg), Circus Charlie (No Level Select), Circus Charlie (Centuri), Circus Charlie (Centuri, Earlier), City Connection (Set 2), Colony 7 (Set 2), Combatribes, The (Bootleg), Commando (US), Contra (Japan), Contra (Japan Bootleg), Contra (US Bootleg), Cosmic Chasm (Set 2), Crazy Balloon (Set 2), Crazy Climber (Bootleg Set 1), Crazy Climber (Bootleg Set 2), Crazy Climber (Japan), Crazy Kong (Set 2), Crazy Kong (Alco Bootleg), Crazy Kong (Jeutel Bootleg), Crazy Kong (Orca Bootleg), Crime Fighters (Jap), Crude Buster (Jap), Crude Buster (World FU Version), Cruisin, Crush Roller (Kural), Crush Roller (Kural Esco), Crystal Castles (Set 2), Cyberball 2072 (2 Player), Kyohkoh-Toppa , Nebulous Bee, Nekketsu Kouha Junio-kun, Nemo (Jap), Ninja Kid II, Ninja Princess, Ohgon no Siro, Psycho-nics Oscar (Jap), Saigo no Nindou, Tournament Cyberball 2072.

Sunday, May 14, 2000. -Added 20 Mega CD scans -From Aaron Mims: Detonator Orgun (Front) (Back), Dynamic Country Club (Front) (Back), Egawa Suguru's Super League CD (Front) (Back), Fatal Fury Special (Front) (Back), Gambler Jikocyushinha 2 Struggle in the Tokyo Mahjongland (Front) (Back), Heroic Legend of Arslan, The (Front) (Back), Jango World Cup (Front) (Back), Lunar the Silver Star (Front) (Back), Nostalgia (Front) (Back), Sangokushi III (Front) (Back).

-Added 26 SNES games to Gamepics. From Opi: Armored Police Metal Jacket, BS F-Zero 2 Grand Prix, BS Goods Press, BS Ikarino Yousai, Chessmaster, The (Pal), Firemen, The, Flashback (Euro), Gods (Pal), Great Battle 4, K.H. Rummenigge's Player Manager (German), Kindai Majan, Kirby's Dreamland 3, Lawnmower Man, The (Pal), Lethal Enforcers (Jap), Manchester United Soccer (Pal), Maten Densetsu, Mystic Quest Legend (French), Mystic Quest Legend (German), Nishijin Pachinko, NP Picross Vol. 5, NP Picross Vol. 6, Robocop 3 (Euro), Sailormoon (French), Super Donkey Kong V. 1.1 (Jap), Super F1 Circus 2, Wizard of Oz, The.

-Added 17 Game Boy Endings -From Rey: Adventure Island, Adventure Island II Aliens in Paradise, Battletoads in Ragnarok's World, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2, Catrap, Daedalian Opus, Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong Land 2, Donkey Kong Land 3, Final Fantasy Adventure, Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend II, James Bond 007, Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters, Kirby's Blockball, Kirby's Star Stacker.

Saturday, May 13, 2000. -Added 54 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Dai Makai-Mura, Galaga '88 (Jap), Galaxy Rescue, Genshi-Tou 1930's, Gingateikoku No Gyakushu, Gorf, Gradius, Gradius 2, Gryzor, Gun Hohki, Guttang Guttong, Hangly-Man, Hard Puncher, Hishou Zame, Homo, Hyper Olympic, Hyper Olympic '84, Ikari Warriors (Jap), I'm Sorry (Jap), Intruder, Jackson, Joe & Mac, Jumping, Jungle Hunt, Kageki (Jap), Kaiketsu Yanchamaru, Kamikaze, Karate Dou, Konami 88, Koukuu Kihei Monogatari - The Legend of Air Cavalry, Kuhga Operation Code "Vapor Trail", Kyukyoku Tiger, Led Storm, Life Force, Looper, Lord of King, The, Lost Worlds, Magic Brush, Magic Sword (Jap), Majestic Twelve - The Space Invaders Part IV, Maju no Okuku, Makai Densetsu, Makai-Mura, Make Trax, Makyou Senshi, Masao, Mega Force, Meikyuu Hunter G, Mikie Highschool Graffiti, Mizubaku Daibouken, Monkey Donkey, Moon Ranger, Moto Race USA, Mr. Du!, Mr. Heli, Mr. Lo!, MX 5000.

-Added 54 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Batsugun, Berobah Man, Bomb Bee, Cosmo Police Galivan, Cutie Q, Dai-Ressya Goutou, Defence Command, Defense Command, Desert Gun, Destination Earth, Dogosoken, Double Dynamites, The, Dragon Ninja, Dream Shopper, Dump Matsumoto, Eagle, Eggs, Enduro Racer, Euro League, Exciting Hour, Face Off, Fast Freddie, Fighting Fantasy, Fighting Soccer, Fire Shark, Fire Trap, Galag, Galaga 3, Galaxian Part X, Gang Wars, Gate of Doom, Ghox, Hand, The, Kaitei Takara Sagashi, Kodure Ookami, Kyukai Douchuuki, Mole Attack, Mr. Do! vs. Unicorns, Navalone, Pipi & Bibis, Puzzle Club, Quester, Shuffleboard, SOS, Space Invaders Galactica, Space Laser, Super Earth Invasion, Takeda Shingen, Toryumon, Ultraman, V Five, World Stadium.

-Added 12 Game Boy Color Endings -From Rey: All-Star Tennis 2000, Battletanx, Bomberman Quest, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3, Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4, Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest, Speedy Gonzales Aztec Adventure, Top Gear Pocket 2, Toy Story 2, WCW Mayhem, Winnie The Pooh Adventures In The 100 Acre Wood, WWF Attitude.

Friday, May 12, 2000. -Added 8 NES scans -From NGA: Gauntlet (Front) (Back), Guardian Legend, The (Front) (Back), R.C. Pro-Am (Front) (Back), Sunday Funday The Ride (Front) (Back).

-Added 2 Sega Genesis Endings -From Rey: Castlevania Bloodlines, Ghouls'n Ghosts.

-Added 85 Mega CD scans -From Aaron Mims: After Burner III (Front) (Back), Anet Futatabi (Front) (Back), AX-101 (Front) (Back), Back Up RAM (Front) (Back), Black Hole Assault (Front) (Back) (CD), Cosmic Fantasy Stories (Front) (Back) (CD), Dark Wizard (Front) (Back) (CD), Dragon's Lair (Front) (Back), Earnest Evans (Front) (Back), F1 Circus CD (Front) (Back), Final Fight CD (Front) (Back), Heavenly Symphony (Front) (Back), Heavy Nova (Front) (Back), Jaguar XJ220 (Front) (Back), Keio Flying Squadron (Front) (Back) (CD), Microcosm (Front) (Back), Might and Magic III (Front) (Back), Mortal Kombat (Front) (Back), Night Trap (Front) (Back), Prince of Persia (Front) (Back), Quiz Scramble Special (Front) (Back), Ranma 1/2 Byakuranaika (Front) (Back) (CD), Rise of the Dragon (Front) (Back), Sengoku Densho (Front) (Back), Shadow of the Beast II (Front) (Back), Silpheed (Front) (Back), Sin Megamitensei (Front) (Back), Sol-Feace (Front) (Back), Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Front) (Back), Star Blade (Front) (Back), Tenkafubu (Front) (Back), The IIIrd World War (Front) (Back), The Ninja Warriors (Front) (Back), The Side Story of After Armageddon (Front) (Back), Thunder Storm FX (Front) (Back), Time Gal (Front) (Back), Vay (Front) (Back), Winning Post (Front) (Back), Wolfchild (Front) (Back), Yumemiyakatano Mon (Front) (Back).

Sunday, May 7, 2000. -Added 6 Game Boy Color Endings -From Rey: Battletoads, F-1 Race, Kirby's Pinball Land, Tecmo Bowl, Turrican, Zen Intergalactic Ninja.

-Added 17 NES endings -From Rey: Mario is Missing, Mega Man 4, P.O.W. Prisoners of War, Power Blade, Power Blade II, Ren & Stimpy Show Buckeroos, Rollergames, Rygar, S.C.A.T. Special Cybernetic Attack Team, Shadow of the Ninja, Street Fighter 2010 The Final Fight, Super C, Super Mario Bros., Times of Lore, Vice Project Doom, Wario's Woods, Wrath of the Black Manta.

-Added 16 NES endings -From Rey: 1942, Adventure Island II, Astyanax, Battletoads & Double Dragon The Ultimate Team, Blaster Master, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Cabal, Code Name Viper, Contra, Final Fantasy, Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode, Goonies II, Guerrilla War, Ikari Warriors II Victory Road, Jackal, Legend of Zelda.

-Added 7 Game Boy Color endings -From Rey: Daffy Duck in Fowl Play, NBA 3 on 3 Featuring Kobe Bryant, NBA in the Zone, Revelations the Demon Slayer, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Top Gear Pocket, WWF Wrestlemania 2000.

-Added 8 SNES endings -From Rey: Mega Man 7, Super Castlevania IV, Super Mario World, Super Valis 4, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV Turtles in Time, Tetris Attack, Top Gear 2, Ultimate Fighter

-Added 39 NES endings -From Rey: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dragon Strike, Adventure of Bayou Billy, Adventure of Lolo, Amagon, Batman, Bionic Commando, Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest, Contra Force, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, Double Dragon II The Revenge, Double Dragon III The Sacred Stones, Dragon Warrior, Faxanadu, Felix the Cat, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Gradius, Kirby's Adventure, Life Force, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Metal Gear, Mighty Final Fight, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Mission Impossible, Punch Out Featuring Mr. Dream, Shadowgate, Shatterhand, Simpsons Bart vs. The World, Star Tropics, Tail Spin, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Arcade Game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 The Manhattan Project, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters, Tetris, Tiny Toon Adventures 2 Trouble in Wackyland, Trojan, Wizards & Warriors 2 Ironsword

Saturday, May 6, 2000. -Added 12 SNES endings -From Rey: Act Raiser 2, Adventures of Batman and Robin, Contra III The Alien Wars, Gradius 3, Mega Man X, Rival Turf, Sparkster, Spiderman and Venom Maximum Carnage, Spiderman and Venom Seperation Anxiety, Spiderman the animated Series, Super Adventure Island, Super Metroid.

-Added 21 Game Boy endings -From Rey: Bionic Commando, Contra Alien Wars, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Double Dragon 3 The Arcade Game, Home Alone, Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 5, Metroid 2, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Milon's Secret Castle, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, Parodius, Raging Fighters, Robo Cop 2, Super Mario Land, Waverace, Wizards & Warriors-Chapter X The Fortress Of Fear.

Friday, May 5, 2000. -Added 46 PC-Engine scans -From Angel: Baby Jo (Front) (Back), Brandish (Front) (Back), Conan (Front) (Back), Debut (Front) (Back), Dracula X (Back), Dragon Ball Z (Front) (Back), Dragon Half (Front) (Back), Fray In Magical Adventure (Front) (Back), Gradius (Hucard), Gradius 2 (Front) (Back), Gulliver Boy (Front) (Back) (Inside), Kabuki Den Far East of Eden (Front) (Back) (Inside), Neo Generation (Front) (Back), Popful Mail (Front) (Back), Princess Maker (Front) (Back), Puyo Puyo (Front) (Back), Rainbow Islands (Front) (Back), Snatcher (Front) (Back), Xak III (Front) (Back), Xanadu (Front) (Back), Ys II Ancient Ys Vanished (Front) (Back), Ys III (Front) (Back), Ys IV The Dawn of Ys (Front) (Back),

-Added 5 PSX scans -From M Tieleman: Transport Tycoon (Pal) (Front) (Back) (CD). Vortex: Incredible Hulk The Pantheon Saga (Front) (Back). 1 Dreamcast scan -From Marco: Vermilion Desert. 3 SNES scans -From Eloist: Breath of Fire 2 (Pal) (Front) (Back). -From TJ: Space Megaforce (Front). 1 TG-16 scan: -From TJ: Aero Blasters (Front). 1 SMS scan: -From TJ: R-Type. NES scan: -From TJ: Zanac.

-Added 43 PSX scans -From Reiginsei: A Bug's Life (Front) (Back) (CD), Bushido Blade 2 (Front) (Back) (CD), Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 (Front) (Back) (CD), Fighter Maker (Front) (Back) (CD), Final Fantasy 8 (Manual) (Walkthrough) (CD-1) (CD-2) (CD-3) (CD-4), Gex 3 (Front) (Back) (CD), Lunar Silver Star Story (Box Front) (Box Back) (Box Inside) (Case Front) (Case Back) (CD-1) (CD-2) (Making of CD) (Music CD), Macross Do You Remember Love (Front) (Back) (Manual) (CD-1) (CD-2) (Demo), Monster Rancher 2 (Front) (Back) (CD), Castlevania SOTN (CD), Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace (Front) (Back) (CD).

-Added 52 PSX scans -From Mark: Alundra (Front), Ape Escape (Front) (Back) (CD), Armored Core (Front) (Back) (CD), Assault Retribution (Front) (Back) (CD), Brave Fencer Musashi (Front) (Back) (Manual) (CD), Breath of Fire 3 (Front) (Back) (CD), Bushido Blade (Front) (Back) (CD), Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (Front) (Back) (CD), Crash Team Racing (Front) (Back) (CD) Destruction Derby 2 (Front) (Back) (CD), Diablo (Front) (Back) (CD), Ehrgeiz (Front), FIFA 98 (Front), FIFA 99 (Front), Final Fantasy Anthology (Front) (Back) (Manual) (Manual-Back) (FFV CD) (FFVI CD) (Music CD - Reigensei), Ghost in the Shell (Front), Guardian's Crusade (Front), Knockout Kings (Front), Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver (Front), Monster Rancher (CD), Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (Front) (CD), Star Ocean the Second Story (Front), Street Fighter Alpha 2 (CD), Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha (CD).

Thursday, May 4, 2000. -Added 2 Dreamcast scans, and 2 Playstation scans: Dreamcast: Chu Chu Rocket (Front) & (Back). PSX: Romance of the Three Kingdoms 6 (Front) & (Back).

-Added 14 Sega Genesis scans -From Aaron Mims: Aerobiz Supersonic (Front) & (Back), Caeser's Palace (Front) & (Back), Pink Goes to Hollywood (Front) & (Back), Sorcerer's Kingdom (Front) & (Back), Subterrania (Front) & (Back), Tazmania (Front) & (Back), Wrestlemania the Arcade Game (Front) & (Back).

-Added 18 Sega CD scans -From Aaron Mims: Chuck Rock (Front) & (Back), Dungeon Explorer (Front) & (Back), Farenheit (Front) & (Back), Flashback (Front) & (Back), Keio Flying Squadron (Front) & (Back), Monkey Island (Front) & (Back), Silpheed (Front) & (Back), Wild Woody (Front) & (Back), Wolf Child (Front) & (Back).

-Added 9 PSX scans -From Opi: FIFA 98 (Pal) (Front) (Back) & (CD), Formula 1 97 (Pal) (Front) (Back) & (CD), NHL Breakaway 98 (Pal) (Front) (Back) & (CD).

-Added 6 SNES scans -From Opi: Act Raiser (Jap) (Front), Act Raiser 2 (Jap) (Front) Illusion of Gaia (Jap) (Front), Slapstick (Jap) (Front) Soul Blader (Jap) (Front), Terranigma (The creation of heaven and earth) (Jap) (Front).

-Added 4 Atari 2600 scans -From Scott: Amidar (Front) & (Back), Pitfall (Front) & (Back).

-Added 10 Neo-Geo CD scans -From Dark Mazda: Fatal Fury 3 (Jap) (Front) & (Back), Final Romance 2 (Front) & (Back), King of Fighters 98, The (Front) & (Back), Last Blade 2 (Jap) (Front) & (Back), Ragnagard (Front) & (Back).

-Added 6 Neo-Geo Pocket scans -From David: King of Fighters R1 (Front) & (Back), Samurai Shodown (Front) & (Back), Samurai Shodown 2 (Pal) (Front) & (Back).

-Added 15 Sega Genesis scans, and 2 SMS -From Coolkat: Genesis: Pit-Fighter (Front) (Back) & (Cart), Revenge of Shinobi (Front) (Back) & (Cart), Shadow of the Beast (Front) (Back) & (Cart), Space Harrier 2 (Front) (Back) & (Cart), Strider (Front) (Back) & (Cart). SMS: Hang On & Safari Hunt Combo Cartridge (Front)& (Back).

-Added 16 Sega 32X scans -From Aaron Mims: Blackthorne (Front) & (Back), Cosmic Carnage (Front) & (Back), Metal Head (Front) & (Back), Mortal Kombat 2 (Front) & (Back), Motocross Championship (Front) & (Back), Spiderman Web of Fire (Front) & (Back), Star Wars Arcade (Front) & (Back), WWF RAW (Front) & (Back).

Sunday, April 9, 2000. -Added 3 Sega Dreamcast scans: Marvel vs. Capcom (Back), Power Stone (Back), Sonic Adventure (Back).

-Added 12 Sega Dreamcast scans -From Aaron Mims: Air Force Delta (Back), Blue Stinger (Front) (Back), Carrier (Front) (Back), Elemental Gimmick Gear (Front) (Back), House of the Dead 2 (Front) (Back), Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Front) (Back), Soul Calibur (Back).

-Added 5 Neo-Geo Sprite Rips. Bust-a-Move 2: Bub Fried, Bub shocked, Bub's Losing Animation, Cat Celebrating, Rock Creature Celebrating.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000. -Added 4 Game Ads. Game Boy: Square Deal/Lazlos' Leap. Multi-Console: Uncharted Waters New Horizons. Sega CD: Lunar The Silver Star. SNES: Civilization.

Thursday, April 2, 2000. -Added 8 Neo-Geo Sprite Rips. Bust-a-Move 2 Bub Laughing, Bub Sneezing, Bub Crying, Bub Swooning, Purple Creature Mad, Purple Creature Freaking Out, Purple Creature Wimpering, Yellow Referee.

Thursday, March 30, 2000. -Added 3 SNES endings. From Rey: Brawl Brothers, Run Saber, Super Mario RPG.

Wednesday, March 29, 2000. -Added 4 Game Boy endings. From Rey: Dick Tracy, Donkey Kong, Kirby's Dreamland 2, Taz-Mania. And 1 NES ending: Donkey Kong Jr.

-49 Genesis games to Gamepics. From G30: Grind Stormer, Turma De Monica, Ultimate Qix, Ultimate Soccer, Ultraman, Undead Line, Universal Soldier, Unnecessary Roughness 95, V-5, Valis, Valis 3, Valis Syd, Vapor Trail, Verytex, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtual Pinball, Vixen 357, VR Fighter vs Taken 2 (Beta), VR Troopers, Wacky Races (Beta), Wani Wani World, Wardner, Wardner Special, Warlock, Warp Speed, Waterworld, Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars, Wayne's World, Weapon Lord, Wheel of Fortune, Whip Rush 2222 AD, Wiz 'n' Liz in the Frantic Wabbit Wescue, Wolf Child, Wolverine Adamantium Rage, Wonderboy 5 Monsterworld 3 (Jap), World Championship Soccer, World Championship Soccer 2, World Class Leaderboard, World Cup Italia 90, World Cup Soccer, World Cup USA 94, World Heroes, World Series Baseball 95, World Series Baseball 96, World Series Baseball 98, Worms, Wrestle War, WWF Monday Night RAW, WWF Super Wrestlemania.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000. -33 Arcade games to Gamepics. From Ed: Beastie Feastie, Billiards, The, Black Dragon, Black Hole, Breywood, Brix, Bump 'N' Jump, Buster Bros., Car Action, Chiki Chiki Boys, Choplifter, Cook Race, Coors Light Bowling, Cosmic Monsters, Cottong, Dottori Kun, Gee Bee, Gradius 3 (Jap), Great 1,000 Miles Rally, Hopping Mappy, Le Bagnard, Minivader, Plump Pop, S.P.Y., Shanghai, Sky Kid Deluxe, Soldam, Splash, Streaking, Super World Stadium 93, Tank Force, Thunder Cross 2, U.S. Navy.

Monday, March 27, 2000. -54 Genesis games for Gamepics. From G30:Daisenpu, Kyuukyoku Tiger, Lightning Force, Minato no Treasure, Super Thunder Blade, Talespin, Task Force Harrier EX, Tatsujin, Taz in Escape from Mars, Taz-Mania, Team USA Basketball (USA Basketball World Challenge), Techno Clash, Technocop, Tecmo Super Baseball, Tecmo Super Bowl, Tecmo Super Bowl 2 Special Edition, Tecmo Super Bowl 3 Final Edition, Tecmo Super Hockey, Tecmo Super NBA Basketball, Tecmo World Cup 92, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Return of the Shredder, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters, Terminator, The, Terminator 2 Judgement Day, Terminator 2 the Arcade Game, Tetris, Thomas the Tank Engine, Thunder Fox, Tick, The, Time Killers, Tin Head, Tin Tin au Tibet, Tiny Toons Acme All-Stars, Tiny Toons Buster's Hidden Treasure, Todd's Adventure in Slim World, Toejam and Earl, Toejam and Earl 2 Panic on Funkotron, Tom and Jerry Frantic Antics, Tony LaRussa Baseball 95, Top Pro Golf 2, Toughman Contest, Toxic Crusaders, Toy Story, Toys, Trampoline Terror, Traysia, Triple Play Gold, Troy Aikman Football, True Lies, Truxton, Turrican, Twin Cobra, Twin Hawk, Twinkle Tale

-14 NES Scans -From Aaron Mims: Aladdin Deck Enhancer Front, Back. Big Nose Freaks Out (Aladdin) Front, Back. Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (Aladdin) Front, Back. Linus Spacehead's Cosmis Crusade (Aladdin) Front, Back. Micro Machones (Aladdin) Front, Back. Quattro Adventure (Aladdin) Front, Back. Quattro Sports (Aladdin) Front, Back.

Thursday, March 2, 2000. -Added 3 games. Neo-Geo Pocket - From Opi: SNK vs Capcom Match of the Millennium, Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure. SNES - From Opi: The Lost Vikings (Jap).

Tuesday, February 29, 2000. -Added 88 games. Genesis -From G30: Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco Grand Prix 2, Death and Return of Superman, The, Fatman, Saint Sword, Samurai Shodown, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Scooby Doo Mystery, Scrabble, SeaQuest DSV, Second Samurai, Sekai Shokubo Sohansen, Sensible Soccer, Shadow Blasters, Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi, Shadow of the Beast, Shadow of the Beast 2, Shadowrun, Shane Warne Cricket, Shanghai 2 - Dragon's Eye, Shaq Fu, Shinobi 3 - Return of the Ninja Master, Shove It! The Wharehouse Game, Side Pocket, Skeleton Krew, Skitchin' ,Slap Fight, Slaughter Sport, Smart Mouse, Smash TV, Smurfs, The ,Smurfs 2, The - Smurf Around the World, Snow Bros - Nick and Tom, Socket - Time Dominator, Sokoban, Sol-Deace, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3-D Blast, Sonic 3-D Flicky's Island, Sonic Classics 3-in-1, Sonic Special Stages, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Beta, Sorcer Kingdom, Sorcerer Kingdom, Sorceian, Space Harrier 2, Space Invaders 90, Space Invaders 91, Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe, Spiderman and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge, Spiderman and Venom Maximum Carnage, Spiderman The Animated Series, Spiderman Vs. The Kingpin, Spirou, Splatterhouse 3, Star Control, Star Cruiser, Star Trek Deep Space Nine Crossroads of Time, Star Trek The Next Generation Exhoes From the Past, Starflight, Stormlord, Street Fighter 2 Plus Champion Edition, Street Racer, Strider, Sub Terrania, Sumo Wrestling, Sunset Riders, Super Baseball 2020, Super Battleship, Super Battletank War in the Gulf, Super Fantasy Zone, Super Hang-On, Super High Impact, Super Hydlide, Super League Baseball, Super Mario World (Hack), Super Off-Road, Super Ping-Pong, Super Shinobi, Super Skidmarks, Super Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers, Super Volleyball, Superman, Surging Aura, Sword of Sodan, Sword of Vermillion, Syndicate, Syura No Mon, Tommy Lasorda Baseball.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000. -Added 13 games. Genesis -From G30: Ex-Ranza, Hard Wired, RBI Baseball 4, RBI Baseball 93, Ren & Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention, Revolution X, Richard Scarry's Busytown ,Rings of Power ,Robocop 3, Roger Clemmons MVP Baseball, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3, Sangokushi 3.

Thursday, February 10, 2000. -Added 21 games. NES -From Opi: Update: A Boy and His Blob (Europe), Battle of Olympus, The (Europe), Ghostbusters (Jap), Gimmi a Break - Shijou Saidai Quiz Ou Ketteisen, Gimmi a Break - Shijou Saidai Quiz Ou Ketteisen 2, Gimmick!, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, Ginga No Sannin, Goal! (Jap), God Slayer - Haruka Tenkuu No Sonata, Godzilla (Jap), Golby No Pipeline Daisakusen, Xevious, Xevious (Europe), Ys (Jap), Ys 2 - Ancient Ys Vanished (Jap), Zelda No Densetsu - The Hyrule Fantasy, Zenbei!! Pro Basketball, Zombie Hunter. Galg (Jap), Gambler Jiko Chuushin Ha - Maajan Game, Gambler Jiko Chuushin Ha 2, Game Party (Jap), Ganbare Goemon - Karakuri Douchuu, Ganbare Goemon 2, Ganbare Goemon Gaiden - Kieta Kogane Kiseru, Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 - Tenka No Zaihou, Ganbare Penant Race!, Gegege No Kitarou - Youkai Daimakyou, Gegege No Kitarou 2 - Youkaigundan No Chousen, Geimos, Gekikame Ninja Den, Gekitotsu Yon Ku Battle, Gekitou Pro Wrestling!! Toukon Densetsu, Gekitou Stadium!!, Genpei Toumaden, Getsufuu Maden, Gevara, Kirby's Adventure (French Canadian), Yaji Kita Chin Douchuu.

Thursday, February 3, 2000. -Added 43 games. Genesis -From G30: Mega Trax, Pac-Attack, Pachinko Canyon, Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO), Pac-Man 2 - The New Adventures, Pac-Mania, Pagemaster, The, Paperboy, Pat Riley Basketball, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pele Soccer, Pele's World Tournament Soccer, Pengo (Penga), Pete Sampris Tennis, Pete Sampris Tennis 96, PGA European Tour, PGA Tour Golf, PGA Tour Golf 2, Phantom 2040, Phelios, Pinocchio, Pirates! Gold, Pit Fighter, Pitfall The Mayan Adventure, Populous, Populous 2 Trials of the Olympian Gods (Two Tribes), Populous 2 Trials of the Olympian Gods (Wrath of the Gods), Power Drive, Power Instinct, Powerball, Premier Manager, Premier Manager 97, Primal Rage, Prince of Persia, Pro Quarterback, Psycho Pinball, Psy-O-Blade Moving Adventure, Puggsy, Punisher, The, Puzzle and Action - Ichidant, Puzzle and Action - Tanto-R, Super Real Basketball, Wrestleball.

January 21, 2000. -Added 38 games. Genesis -From G30: Bulls Vs. Blazers, Bulls Vs. Lakers, Elisterien 96, Lakers Vs. Celtics, Nadia no Fushugi no Umi, NBA Action 94, NBA Action 95, NBA All-Star Challenge, NBA Hang Time, NBA Live 95, NBA Live 96, NBA Live 97, NCAA Final Four Basketball, New Zealand Story, The, Newman Haas Indy Car Racing, NFL Quarterback Club, NFL Quarterback Club 96, NHL 95, NHL 96, NHL 97, NHL 98, NHL All-Star Hockey 95, NHL Hockey 91, NHL Hockey 92, NHLPA Hockey 93, Nigel Mansell's World Championship, Nightmare Circus, Ninja Gaiden, Normy's Beachbabe-o-Rama, Ooze, The, Operation Europe, Otsomatsu-kun Hachamecha Gekiio, Ottifants, The, Outlander, Out Run 2019, Out Runners, Turbo Out Run, World War 2.

January 19, 2000. -Added 46 games. C-64 -From C-64 Games: Hacker, Hacker 2, Hagar The Horrible, Halifax, Hammerfist, Handel (German), Hanse, Hard Hat Mack, Hardball, Hard 'n Heavy, Hat Trick (Capcom), Hawk, Hawkeye, Head Over Heels, Heart of Africa (German), Heavenbound, Heavy Metal, Helikopter Jagd, Hellowoon, Henry's House, Hercules, Hercules Slayer of the Damned, Hero Quest 2, Hexenkueche, High Noon, Highway Encounter, Hirnris, Holiday Games, Hollywood Poker, Hollywood Poker Pro, Hostages, Hot Wheels, Hot Rod, Hotel, Hounded, House of Usher, Hover Bovver, Hugo, Human Killing Machine, Hunchback, Hunter Patrol, Hypa-Ball, Hyper Agressive, Hyper Sports 84 (Konami), Masters of the Universe (He-Man 2), Masters of the Universe The Ilearth Stone.

January 04, 2000. -Added 50 games. Arcade -From Ed: 1941 (Jap), 1942 (Set 1), 1942 (Set 2), 1943 (Jap), 600, 64th Street (Jap), 720 (Set 2), '99 The Last War, Act-Fancer (Jap), Aero Fighters (Turbo Force Hardware Set 1), Aero Fighters (Turbo Force Hardware Set 2), Ajax (Jap), Akumo-Jou Dracula, Ales No Tsubasa, Alex Kidd (Set 2), Alien Invasion Part 2, Alien Storm (Bootleg), Aliens (Jap), Aliens (Set 2), Alpine Ski (Set 2), Amidar (Olympia), Amidar (Scramble Hardware), Amidar (Stern), Amigo, APB (Set 2), Area 88, Argus No Senshi, Arkanoid (Game Corporation Bootleg), Arkanoid (Jap), Arkanoid (Tayto Bootleg), Arkanoid (US), Arkanoid Revenge of Doh (Jap), Arkanoid Revenge of Doh (US), Armored Car (Set 2), Assault (Jap), Assault Plus, Asteroids (Rev 1), Asteroids Deluxe (Rev 1), Astro Blaster (Ver 1), Astro Fighter (Set 2), Astro Fighter (Set 3), Atari Baseball (Set 2), Atari Football (4-Player), Atari Football (Version 1), Aurail (Set 2), Battle of Atlantis (Set 2), Block (Game Corporation Bootleg), Tetris (Cocktail Set 1), Tetris (Cocktail Set 2), Tetris (Set 2).

December 19, 1999. -Added 50 games. Game Boy -From Opi: !Sqrxz! (V1.1), Adventure Island, Amazing Penguin, Amazing Spider-Man, The. Genesis -From G30: John Madden Football 92, John Madden Football 93, John Madden Football 93 Championship Edition, Kujaki-Oh 2 - Peacock King, Madden NFL 94, Madden NFL 95, Madden NFL 96, Madou Monogatari, Magic Girl, Magic School Bus, The, Magical Christmas Demo, Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure, Magical Troll Adventure, Mahjongg Cop Ryu, Man Overboard - SS Lucifer, Mario Andretti Racing, Mario Lemieux Hockey, Marko's Magic Football, Marsupilami, Marvel Land, Mary Shelly's Frankentstein, Maten Densetsu, Mazin Saga, Mazin Saga (Jap), Mazin Wars, McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Mega Q - The Party Quiz Game, Mega SWIV, Menacer 6-in-1, Midnight Resistance, MiG-29 Fulcrum, Might And Magic 2 - Gates to Another World, Might And Magic 3 - Isles of Terra, Mighty Max, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers The Movie, Mike Ditka Power Football, Minnesota Fats - Pool Legend, Miracle Nine, The, Misadventures of Flink, MLBPA Baseball, Monopoly, Mr Nutz, Ms Pacman, Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing, Mystical Fighter (Kabuki Mau Renjitsu). Added additional shots to the following games: Arcade -From Opi: Bubble Bobble.

December 18, 1999. -Added 59 games. C-64 -From C-64 Games: Galaga, Galaga (Color), Galaxian, Galaxy, Galivan, Gaplus, Garrison, Gauntlet, Gauntlet 2, Gauntlet 3, Gauntlet Deeper Dungeons, Ghostbusters 2, Ghost Chaser, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Gluecksrad, Go For The Gold, Gobots, Gogo The Ghost, Gold Medal Games, Golden Axe (Virgin), Goldrausch (German), Goldrunner, Gravrace, Gremlins The Adventure, Gringos, Grog's Revenge, Ground Snipe, Gryzor, Gunboat, Gunstar, Gyruss. SMS -From Opi: Cyber Shinobi, The, Flintstones, The, Sports Pad Soccer, Super Tetris, Trivial Pursuit, Winter Olympics 94, Wonder Boy, World Class Leader Board, World Soccer, Xenon 2, Zaxxon 3-D. Colecovision -From Opi: Brain Strainers, Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom, Bump 'N Jump, Cabbage Patch Kids, Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show, Congo Bongo, Cosmic Avenger, Cosmo Fighter 2, Dam Busters, The, Destructor, Omega Race, Popeye, Q*bert 2, Sammy Lightfoot, Slurpy, Spy Hunter.

December 17, 1999. -Added 63 games. NES -From Opi: Hello Kitty World, Hello Kitty World (Translated), Hotman, Hotman (Translated). Game Boy -From Pacc: Turrican. From Opi: Sanrio Carnival, Sanrio Carnival (Translated). SNES -From Opi: Sanrio World Smashball, Sanrio World Smashball (Translated). Colecovision -From Opi: Alphabet Zoo, Blockade Runner, Campaign '84, Dragonfire, MASH, Nova Blast, Sir Lancelot, Yolk's On You, The (Prototype). Arcade -From Ed: Arch-Rivals, Battle Chopper, Blade Master, Blasted, Cue Brick, Devil World, Dragon Breed, Dragon Saber, Dream Soccer 94, Finest Hour, Gallop (Armored Police Unit), Gunforce, Hammerin' Harry, Hook, Image Fight, In The Hunt, Kick And Run, Legend of Hero Tonma, Legend of the Valkyrie, Lethal Thunder, Major Title 2, Marvel Land, Mayday, Meikyu Jima, Mirai Ninja, Mystic Riders, Name That Tune, Ninja Spirit, Orbitron, Ordyne, Pandora's Palace, Peek-a-Boo!, Pong, Power Drive, Rock 'n Rage, R-Type, R-Type 2, Spy Hunter 2, Syusse Oozumou, Trivial Pursuit Baby Boomer Edition, Trivial Pursuit Genus 2, Trivial Pursuit Young Players Edition, Turbo Tag, Undercover Cops, X Multiply, Zwackery.

December 16, 1999. -Added 183 games. NES -From Opi: Nakayoshi Daibouken, Nakayoshi Daibouken (Translated). Genesis -From G30: Beyond Zero Tolerance, Combat Cars, EA Sports 2-in-1, Earnest Evans, Earthworm Jim 2, Ecco Jr., Ecco the Dolphin, Ecco the Dolphin 2, El Viento, Eliminate Down, ESPN Baseball Tonight, ESPN National Hockey Night, ESPN Speed World, ESPN Sunday Night Football, E-SWAT Cyber Police - City Under Siege, Eternal Champions, European Club Soccer, Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing, Exile, Exo Squad, F1, F1 Circus MD, F1 Grand Prix, F1 Hero MD, F1 Super License, F1 World Championship 94, F1 World Championship 95, F-117 Night Storm, F-15 Strike Eagle 2, F-22 Interceptor, Faery Tale Adventure, The, Family Feud, Fantastic Dizzy, Fastest 1, Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Rewind (The Killing Game Show), Ferias Frustradas de Pica-Pau, Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge, Fever Pitch, Fido Dido, FIFA International Soccer, FIFA Soccer 95, FIFA Soccer 96, FIFA Soccer 97 - Gold Edition, Fighting Masters, Fire Mustang, Fire Shark, Fist of the North Star (Hokouto no Ken 2), Flashback - The Quest for Identity, Flicky, Flintstones, The, Foreman For Real, Forgotten Worlds, Frogger, Fun Car Rally, Fun 'n' Games, Gaiares, Gain Ground, Galaxy Force 2, Gambler Jiko Cyusinha, Garfield Caught in the Act, Gargoyles, Gauntlet, Gauntlet 4, Gemfire, General Chaos, Genghis Khan 2 Clan of the Grey Wolf, George Foreman's KO Boxing, Ghost Hunter, Ghostbusters, Gleylancer, Global Gladiators, G-LOC Air Battle, Gods, Golden Axe 3, Googy's Historical History Tour, Granada, Grand Slam Tennis, Great Voyage of Hyoutanjima, Great Waldo Search, The, Greatest Heavyweights of the Ring, Greendog, The Beached Surfer Dude, Growl, Gunship, Gynoug, Hard Drivin', Hardball, Hardball 3, Hardball 95, Haunting, The, Head-on Soccer, Heavy Nova, Heavy Unit, Herzog Zwei, High School Soccer MD, Hit the Ice, Home Alone, Hook, Hurricanes, Hybrid Front, The, IMG International Tour Tennis, Incredible Hulk, The, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Insector X, International Rugby, Introducing the Humans, Ishido - The Way of the Stones, It Came From The Desert, Izzy's Quest For The Olympics Rings, Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf, James Bond - The Duel, James Pond - Underwater Agent, James Pond 2 - Robocod, James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish, Jammit, Janou Tourymon, Japan League Champion Soccer, Jelly Boy, Jennifer Capriati Tennis, Jeopardy, Jeopardy Deluxe Edition, Jeopardy Sports Edition, Jewel Master, Jim Power, J-League Pro Striker 2, J-League Pro Striker 93, J-League Pro Striker 93 (Jap), Jordan vs. Bird - Super One-on-One, Judge Dredd, JuJu, Junction, Jungle Book, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park - Rampage Edition, Jurassic Park The Lost World, Justice League Task Force, Ka-Ge-Ki Fists of Steel, Kawasaki Superbike Challenge, Kick-Off 3 European Challenge, King Colossus, King of the Monsters, King of the Monsters 2, King Salmon the Big Catch, Klax, Kyukai Dotyuuki Baseball, Langrisser Hikari, Langrisser Hikari 2, Last Action Hero, Last Battle - Legend of the Final Hero, Lawnmower Man, The, Legend of Galahad, Legend of Toki, Lemmings, Lemmings 2 The Tribes, LHX Attack Chopper, Light Crusader, Link Dragon, Lion King, The, Lord Monarch, Lost Viking, The, Lotus 2 RECS, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Runark, Shinomekyu, Super Kick-Off, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Warsong, Wings of Wor, World Trophy Soccer, Yogi Bear, Young Indiana Jones - Instruments of Chaos, Ys 3 Wanderers from Ys, Yu Yu Hakusho Gaiden - Makyoto Issen, Zan Yash, Zany Golf, Zero Wing, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Zool Ninja From The Nth Dimension, Zoom, Zoop.

December 13, 1999. -Added 55 games. SNES -Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving, Ashita no Joe, Assault Suits Valken, Tetsuwa No Atomo.. Game Boy -From Rey: Roadsters Trophy. Game Gear -From SMS Power: Slam Dunk. SMS -From SMS Power: Lemmings, Masters of Combat. Genesis -From G30: Dahna Megami Tanja, Dai Makai Mura, Dangerous Seed, Dark Castle, Darwin 4081, David Crane's Amazing Tennis, Desert Demolition, Dick Vitale's "Awesome Baby" College Hoops, Dino Land, Dinosaurs For Hire, DJ Boy, Dodge Ball - Kuy Kid (Dotsushi Danpei), Dominus, Doraemon vs. the Dream Thief and the Seven Gozansu, Double Dragon 5 The Shadow Falls, Dragon Ball Z L'Appel du Destin, Dragon The Bruce Lee Story, Dragon Slayer - The Legend of Heroes, Dragon Slayer - The Legend of Heroes 2, Dragon's Eye - Shanghai 3, Draxos, Dune 2 (German), Dyna Brothers, Dyna Brothers 2, Dynamite Duke, Dynamite Headdy, Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Hyper Dunk The Playoff Edition, Joe Montana Football, Liberty or Death, Mamona Hunter Yohko - Makai Kara no Tenkosei (Devil Hunter Yohko - The Seven Bells), NFL Football 94, NFL Primetime 97, NFL Primetime 98, NFL Sports Talk Football Starring Joe Montana, Pirates of Dark Water, The, Puyo Puyo, Puyo Puyo 2, Risky Woods, Rumble Kids, Sagaia, Strip Q Mahjong Club, Super Daisenryaku, Taikou Rishinden, Test Drive 2 The Duel, Uncharted Waters New Horizons, We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Story.

December 12, 1999. -Added 70 games. NES -From Opi: Battletoads (Jap), Cadillac, Double Dragon 2 the Revenge (Jap), Monster Maker - 7 Tsu No Hihou, Robocop (Jap), Robocop 2 (Jap). SNES -A League Soccer, Akumajyo Dracula X (Dracula XX), Alice's Paint Adventure, Another World, Ardy Lightfoot, Ball. Bullet. Gun. Survival Game Simulation, Baby T-Rex (Sample). Game Boy -From Rey: Catwoman, Deja Vu 1 & 2 Casebooks of Ace Harding, FIFA 2000, Gex 3 Deep Pocket Gecko, Godzilla the Series, Konami GB Collection Vol. 1, Marble Madness (GBC), NBA 3 on 3 Featuring Kobe Bryant, NFL Blitz 2000, Puzzle Master, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. C-64 -From C-64 Games: Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge, Elevator Action, Eliminator, Elite, Elite (German), Elvira The Arcade Game, Elvira 2 Mistress of Dark, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Empire!, Empire Wargame of the Century, Enduro Racer, Energie-Manager, Enigma Force, Eon, Erik the Viking, Everyone's a Wally, Exolon, Explorer, Fairlight, Fantastic Four, Fast Eddie, Fire Track, Fire Trap, Fist +, Five Aside, Flasch Bier, Flasch Bier 2, Flach Bier 3, Flintstones, Flummi's World, Football Manager, Fortress Underground, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Fred's Back, Fred's Back 2, Fred's Back 3, Fred's In Trouble, Friday the 13th, Frogger, Frogger 2, Frogger 64, Frogger 93, Fugger. X68000 -From Opi: After Burner, A-Jax .

December 11, 1999. -Added 19 games. NES -From DragonZ: Flintstones The Suprise At Dinosaur Peak, King Neptune's Adventure, Secret Scout. SNES -777 Fighter 3, 3 x 3 Eyes 2, AAAHH!! Real Monsters, Acrobat Mission, Looney Tunes Acme Animation Factory, Super UFO Ver. 7.3, Wolverine Adamantium Rage. From SuperG's Rare ROMs: DoReMi Fantasy Milon, Holy Umbrella Dondera, Magical Drop 2.. From Opi: Atohoke Ninja Koroshiamu, Gundam Battle Soccer, NP Picross Vol. 3, Solid Runner, Super Godzilla, World Soccer 94. Added additional shots to the following games: Genesis -From Kyo: Streets of Rage 3.

December 10, 1999. -Added 72 games. NES -Commando (Jap), Cosmic Epsilon, Cosmic Wars, Cosmo Genesis, Daiva, Deburas, Deep Dungeon 4, Dezaemon. Game Gear -From SMS Power: G-Loc Air Battle. SMS -From SMS Power: G-Loc Air Battle, Tom & Jerry (Alternate). From Opi: Captain Silver, Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum, Championship Hockey, Cool Spot, Cyborg Hunter, Dead Angle, Desert Speedtrap, Desert Strike, Double Dragon, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Dynamite Duke, Dynamite Düx, Enduro Racer, Eswat, F1, Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone 2, Fantasy Zone 3 The Maze, Final Bubble Bobble, Flicky, Galaxy Force, Gangster Town, Gauntlet, Geraldinho, Ghost House, Ghostbusters, Ghouls'N Ghosts, Girl's Garden, Global Defense, Global Gladiators, Golden Axe, Golden Axe Warrior, Golvellius, Great Football, Great Golf, Ottifants, The, Pac-Mania, Penquin Land, Phantasy Star (Japan, FM-Music), Power Strike, Predator 2, Prince of Persia, Pro Wrestling, Psycho Fox, Psycho World, Quartet, Rambo 3, R-Type , Rygar (Japan), Rygar (Sega Mark III), Sagaia, Sensible Soccer, Shadow Dancer, Sonic Chaos, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Star Wars. Genesis -From G30: Crystal's Pony Tale, Curse, Cyberball, Cyborg Justice.

December 9, 1999. -Added 128 games. C-64 -From Opi: Matchbox. From C-64 Games: Baby Jack, Back to the Future Part 3, Bad Blood, Badlands, Bagdad, Bagitman, Balloon Raid, Bandits, Barbarian 2, Barbie, Bard's Tale 2, The, Bard's Tale 3, The, Basil, Batman the Caped Crusader, Batman the Movie, Battle Bars, Battle Ships, Batty, B.C. Bill, Bigfoot, Bionic Commando, Bionic Commando USA, Bismarck, Black HawkBlue Thunder, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack 2, Bombuzal, Bongo, Booga-Boo, Bounces, Bubble Bobble ,Bubble Ghost, Buggy Boy, Bulldog, Bumping Buggies, Bundesligalive, Burger Time, Burnin Rubber, Businessman, Cabal, California Games, Cargo Run, Carrier Command, Castle of Terror, Castlevania, Cataball, Catalypse, Cauldron 2, Cauldron 2 (German), Caveman Ugh-lympics, Centripod, Chambers of Shaolin, Championship Lode Runner, Championship Sprint, Championship Wrestling, Chase HQ, Chase HQ 2, Chiller, Chinese Juggler, The, Choplifter, Choplifter (German), Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, Chuckie Egg, Citadel, Clever and Smart, Coal Miner, Cobra, Colossus Chess 4, Commando, Commando 86, Compunet, Conan, Congo Bongo, Cops and Robbers, Corruption, Cosmic Causeway, Cosmic Convoy, Covergirl Strip Poker, Cubulus, Cybernoid, Cybernoid 2, Daley Thompsan's Super Test, Dan Dare 2 (Virgin), Danger Freak, Dare Devil Denis, Dark Star (German), Darth Vadar Adventure, Das Drachen~Tal (German), David's Midnight Magic, Dealer (German), Death Wish 3, Decathlon 2, Deep Strike, Defender, Deflektor, Delta, Demon Blues, Der Kleine Hobbit, Der Preis Ist Heiss, Die Dunkle Dimension, Die Erbschaft, Die Erbschaft 2, Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Dig Dug, Dinky Doo, Diplomacy, Dirty, Dizzy Dice, DJ Puff's Volcanic Capers, Dominator, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong (Ocean), Doriath, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Double Dragon 3, Dr. Mad, Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair 2 Singe's Castle, Dream Warrior, Drelbs, Droid Dream, Druid, Druid 2.. Arcade: From Opi: Mahou Daisakusen.

December 7, 1999. -Added 29 games. SMS -From SMS Power: Daffy Duck in Hollywood. From Opi: Baku Baku Animal, Bank Panic, Basketball Nightmare, Battle Out Run, Black Belt, Blade Eagle 3-D, Bomber Raid, Bonanza Bros., Bram Stoker's Dracula, California Games, Casino Games, Championship Lode Runner, Chase HQ, Cheese Cat-Astrophe - Starring Speedy Gonzales, Choplifter, Cloud Master. Game Gear -From SMS Power: Clutch Hitter, Dream Eleven. Amiga -From Opi: After Burner, Air Race 2Atomic Robo-Kid, Aufschwung OST, Bionix, Dungeons of Avalon, Pipe Dreams. SNES -From Opi: Derby Jockey 2, Kakinoki Shogi From. Kyo: Fist of the Northstar 6.

December 6, 1999. -Added 81 games. Game Gear -From Opi: Gambler, Magic Knight Rayearth, Magic Knight Rayearth 2, Magical Taruru-to Kun, Road of The Magic Story, Road of The Magic Story 2 (Madou Monogatari 2 Aruru 16sai), Road of The Magic Story 3 (Madou Monogatari 3 Kyuukyoku Joousa), SD Gundam Winner's History, Shikinjo, Taisengata Daisenryaku G (The Big War), Tama & Friends 3tyoume Kouen Tamalynpic, Warehouse Keeper (Soukoban World). SMS -From Opi: Action Fighter, After Burner, Alex Kidd in High Tech World, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Alex Kidd The Lost Stars, Alien Storm, Alien Syndrome, Altered Beast, Arcade Smash Hits, Asterix , Asterix and the Great Rescue, Asterix and the Secret Mission, Astro Warrior, Astro Warrior & Pit Pot , Aztec Adventure. Genesis -From G30: Champions World Class Soccer, Championship Pool, Championship Pro-Am, Chaos Engine, The, Chaos Engine 2, The, Chase HQ 2, Chester Cheetah Too Cool to Fool, Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest, Chibi Maruko-chan - Waku Waku Shopping, Chi Chi's Pro Challenge, Chiki Chiki Boys (Mega Twins), Chuck Rock 2 Son of Chuck, Clay Fighter, Coach K College Basketball, College Football's National Championship, College Slam, Columns, Combat Aces (Beta), Comix Zone, Commando 2, Contra Hard Corps (Mega Probotector), Cool Spot, Cosmic Spacehead, Crack Down, Crossfire, Crue Ball, Crusader of Centi, Cyber-Cop, Incredible Crash Test Dummies, The, Jantei Monogatari, Kid Chameleon, Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, Mega Games 6 Volume 1, NBA Jam, Panorama Cotton, Quack Shot - The Great Duck Treasure, Soleil, Speedy Gonzales - Cheese Cat-astrophe, Spot Goes To Hollywood, Summer Challenge, Super Airwolf, Twisted Flipper, Two Crude Dudes, Winter Challenge. PSX -From Rusty: Ehrgeiz, Tobal 2. Arcade - Double Dragon, Shippu Mahou Daisakusen. From SYS2064: Alex Kidd The Lost Stars, Alien Storm, Flash Point, Passing Shot, Quartet 2, Same! Same! Same!, Super Hang-On.

December 2, 1999. -Added 44 games. Game Gear -From SMS Power: The Jungle Book. SMS -From SMS Power: Back to the Future 3. Arcade -From SYS2064: Quiz HQ, Quiz Jinsei Gekijoh, Quiz Torimonochou, Rambo 3. C-64 -From C-64 Games: A View to a Kill, Ace, Ace 2, Ace of Aces, Action Biker, Addams Family, The, Addicta Ball, After Burner, Agent USA, Agent UOP, Agricola, Airwolf 2, Aliens, Alleykat, Alter Ego (Female), Alter Ego (Male), Alternative World Games, Amazon Warrior, Anarchy, Annalen Der Roemer, Antirad Palace, Apache Strike, Arkanoid, Arkanoid 2 Revenge of Doh, Armut Und Reichtur, Arnie, Arnie 2, Artura, Asgard, Asterix, Atalan, Atomic Robo-Kid, Atomino, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, Auto Mania, Avenger, Axis Assasin.

December 1, 1999. -Added 60 games. Colecovision -From Opi: Looping, One on One, Super DK Junior, Telly Turtle. SG-1000 -From Opi: Borderline, Champion Golf, Championship Baseball, Congo Bongo, Doki Doki Penguin Land, Flicky, Girl's Garden, Hang On 2, H.E.R.O., Loletta No Shouzou, Monaco GP, N-Sub, Orguss, Pacar, Pop Flamer, Safari Hunting, Safari Race, Sega Flipper. Game Gear -From SMS Power: PGA Tour 96. From Opi: Dodge Ball, Hyokkori Hyoutanjima - Hyoutanjima No Daikoukai, In The Wake of Vampire, Incredible Hulk, The, Last Bible - Megami Tensei Gaiden, Legend of Illusion, Ryu Kyu, Sega Game Pack 4 in 1, Shadam Crusader, Shining Force 2, Shining Force 2 (Jap), Shining Force 3 The Final Conflict, Sonic & Tails 2, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Labyrinth, Spiderman Return of the Sinister Six, Spiderman and The X-Men in Arcade's Revenge, Wagon Land, Yaiba Adventures. NES -Cattou NindenTeyandee, Championship Pool, Chinese 3, Code Name Viper. SNES -From Opi: BS Radical Dreamers, Kirby Super Deluxe, Oshaberi Parodius, Robot Wars 3, Robot Wars 4, Robot Wars EX, Rockman X2, Rokudenashi Blues, Romancing SaGa, Romancing SaGa 2, Romancing SaGa 3, Romancing SaGa 3 (Translated), SD F-1 Grand Prix.

November 30, 1999. -Added 79 games. N64 -From Explosion Net: Aero Gauge, Airboarder 64, Battle Tanx, Bomberman Hero, Chopper Attack,, Dynamite Soccer, F1 Pole Position 64, G.A.S.P. Fighters, Golden Nugget 64, Habu Shogi St. Andrews, Hexen 64, Holy Magic Century, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Olympic Hockey Nagano 98. Game Gear -From SMS Power: Bonkers Wax Up!, Foreman For Real, Monster Truck Wars. From Opi: Kinetic Connection, Kyoto Saint Tail, Ottifants, The, Royal Stone, Sonic Spinball, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble, Space Harrier, Stargate, Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2, Strider Returns, Super Golf, Super Monaco GP, Super Monaco GP 2, Super Off Road, Super Space Invaders, Surf Ninjas, Taisen Mahjong Hao Pai, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu Yu Hakusho 2, Zan Gear, Zool. SMS -From SMS Power: Golfmania, Reggie Jackson Baseball, Special Criminal Investigation, Suekoban Deka 2, Tennis Ace. SG-1000 -From SMS Power: Soukoban. Genesis -From G30: Akumajo Dracula - Vampire Killer, Bubsy - Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, Bubsy 2, Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday, Budokan the Martial Spirit, Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble, Burning Force, Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing, Cadash, Caeser's Palace, Caliber 50, California Games, Cannon Fodder, Captain Lang, Captain America and the Avengers, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Castle of Illusion, Castlevania the New Generation, Chakan the Forever Man, Fantasia, Final Blow, Mickey Mania, Mickey's Ultimate Challenge, Ninja Burai Densetsu, Sylvester & Tweety in Cagey Capers, Tecmo Cup Football, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, World of Illusion. Arcade -Turbo.

Monday, October 25, 1999. -Added 68 games. SMS -From SMS Power: Fred Couples Golf -GG, Rambo: First Blood Part 2 -SMS, Zoop -GG. Genesis -From Opi: Rambo 3, Ranger X, Rolo to the Rescue, Thunder Force 2. From G30: 16-Tile Mahjongg (Jyuuroku Hari Mahjong), 3 Ninjas Kick Back, 777 Casino. TG-16 -From Opi: Operation Wolf, Ordyne, Override, Xevious, Yo Bro, Zipang. Amiga -From Opi: Bug Bash, Gravity Force, Railroad Tycoon, Super Cars 2, Turrican 3. Game Boy -From Opi: Kisekae Tales, Kwirk, NBA Pro 99, Xenon 2, Yogi Bear in Yogi Bear's Goldrush, Yoshi. C-64 -From Opi: Air Support, Airline, Amidar, Bard's Tale, The, Mail Order Monster, One on One, P.H.M. Pegasus, Raid Over Moscow. Atari ST -From Opi: Armada, Bubble Ghost, Carrier Command, Circus Games, Cluedo Master Detective, Colonial Conquest, Conflict Europe, Crystal Castles, Dungeon Master, Fish, Forbidden Quest, Guild of Thieves, Kayden Garth, Mata Hari, Myth, Oids, Operation Hormuz, Passing Shot, Risk, Shoot Em Up! Construction Kit, Silent Service, Star Fleet, Summer Olympiad, Sundog, Target Range, The Games -Summer Edition, Xtron. Neo-Geo -From Ed: Goal! Goal! Goal!, Janshin Densetsu, Mahjong Kyoretsuden, Minnasanno Okagesama, Neo Geo Cup 98: The Road To The Victory, Puzzled (Joy Joy Kid). Added aditional screens of the following games -Neo-Geo -From Ed: Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle, Samurai Shodown 3.

Sunday, October 24, 1999. -Added 60 games. Arcade -From Ed: Capcom World, Capcom World 2, Captain Silver, Champion Skill, Championship Sprint, Chicken Shift, Commando (Capcom), Commando (Sega), Comotion, Congo Bongo, Contra, Cop 01, Cops 'N Robbers, Cosmic Alien, Cosmic Guerilla, Crackshot, Crash, Crater Raider, Crazy Balloon, Crime Fighters, Crossbow, Crush Roller, Curve Ball, Cyberball, Dangard, Danger Seed, Dark Seal, Darwin 4078, D-Day, Dead Eye, Defender, Demolition Derby, Demon, Demon's World, Depthcharge, Deta Twin Bee, Devil Fish, Devil Zone, Diamond Run, Dig Dug, Dig Dug 2, Digger, Disco No.1, Discs of Tron, Do! Run Run, Dog Fight, Dog Patch, Dokaben, Domino Man, Dominos, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Jr., Double Dragon 2, Double Dribble, Double Play, Dragon Spirit, Dynamite Dux, Mr. Do's Castle, Mr. Do's Wild Ride.

Saturday, October 23, 1999. -Added 79 games. Amiga -From Opi: 1869, Alien Breed, Archon, Archon 2, Arkanoid, Battle Chess, Borrowed Time, Bubble Bobble, Bugbomber, Buggy Boy, Cabal, Carrier Command, Castles, Colonial Conquest, Defender of the Crown, Duck Tales, Elite, Emerald Mine, Empire, Enlightenment, Fire & Ice, Flood, Gemz, Great Courts 2, Great Giana Sisters, The ,Gunship, Hanse, Honda RVF, Hunter, IK +, Ikari Warriors, Indianapolis 500, International Sports Challenge, It Came From the Desert, Journey, Kaiser 2, Katakis, Last Lap, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, Maniac Mansion, Marble Madness, Midwinter (German), Mr. Nutz, Nebulus, Netherworld, North & South, Nuclear War, Oskar, Overlander, Paradroid 90, Parasol Stars, Pirates, Populous, Push Over, Rick Dangerous, Rick Dangerous 2, Risk, Rodland, Sentinel, The, Shanghai, Starfleet 2, Steigenberger Hotelmanager, Super Hang-On, Test Drive, Traders, Turrican, Turrican 2, Uridium 2, Videokid, Virus, Wing Commander, Wings of Fury, Winter Games, Wonderboy in Monsterland, World Games, Xenon 2, Zool 2, Z-Out.

Friday, October 22, 1999. -Added 83 games. Genesis: From G30: Abrams Battle Tank, Adams Family, The, Adams Family Values, Advanced Daisenryaku (Advanced Military Commander), Adventures of Batman and Robin, The, Adventures of Rocky and Bullewinkle and Friends, The, Aero Blasters, Aero the Acrobat, Aero the Acrobat 2, Aerobiz (Air Manager), Aerobiz Supersonic, After Burner, Air Diver, Aleste - Full Metal Fighter Ellinor, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Alien 3, Alien Soldier, Alien Storm, Alisia Dragoon, Altered Beast, Take the A Train (Jap), Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel. SMS -From SMS Power: Eternal Legend -GG, Home Alone -SMS. NES -From Opi: Isolated Warrior, James Bond Jr., Jeopardy, Jesus Dreadful Bio-Monsters, Kickle Cubicle, Kiwi Craze, Klash Ball, Klax, Konami Sports, Labyrinth, Layla. SNES -From Opi: Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition (Hack), Sugoro Quest, Super Bases Loaded, Super Black Bass, Super NBA Basketball , Super Ninja Boy, Super Ninja Kun, Super Off Road The Baja, Super Shadow of the Beast, Super Valis 4, Syndicate. Neo-Geo -From Ed: Maruko's Deluxe Quiz, Quiz Daisousa Sen, Quiz Daisousa Sen 2, Quiz King of Fighters. Arcade -From Ed: Capcom Baseball, Caveman Ninja, Challenger, Champion Baseball, Changes, Check Man, Check Mate, Cheeky Mouse, Chelnov: Atomic Runner, Cheyenne, Chiller, Chopper, Circus, Circus Charlie, City Connection, Clay Pigeon, Cloak and Dagger, Cloud 9, Clowns, Cobra Command, Combat, Colony 7, Cosmic Chasm, Crazy Climber, Crazy Kong, Crude Buster, Crystal Castles Lynx -From MrPerfectn: Pinball Jam Featuring Elvira and the Party Monsters, Pit Fighter, Power Factor, Qix, Super Off Road. Added aditional screenshots for the following: NES -From Opi: Little Nemo the Dream Master. SNES -From Opi: Street Fighter 2,Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Street Fighter 2.

Thursday, October 21, 1999. -Added 95 games. Game Boy -From Opi: Cute Pet Shop, Die Maus, Elevator Action, Game Boy Wars 2 (Jap), Ganbare Goemon, Gem Gem Monster, Godzilla, Golden Goal, Golf Classic, Hammerin' Harry, Hollywood Pinball, Holy Magic Century, Hyper Olympics Track & Field, International Superstar Soccer 99, It's a World Rally, Obelix, Oddworld Adventures, Quest for Camelot. From Focus: Bardigin, Centipede, Gameboy Wars 2 (Translated), Lodoss War, Shadowgate Classic, Small Soldiers, Super Breakout. Genesis -From Opi: 1607, 668 Attack Sub, EA Hockey, Earthworm Jim, Elemental Master, Hardball '94, Hellfire, High Seas Havoc, Joe Montana Sports Talk Football 2, John Madden Football, Jungle Strike, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, NBA Live 98, Onslaught, Out Run, Quad Challenge, Quack Shot, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Urban Strike, Vectorman, Vectorman 2, Viewpoint, X-Men, Ys 3 Wanderers from Ys. X68000 -From Focus: Code-Zero, Dracula-X, Super Street Fighter 2, Thunder Force 2. C-64 -From Opi: A Fistful of Buck$, Koronis Rift, Moonsweeper, Mr. Heli, River Raid, Skyfox 2, Star Wars, Thrust. TG-16 -From Opi: 21 Emon (PC Engine). Arcade -From Ed: Basketball, Battle Zone, Black Widow, Break Thru, Bubbles, Bull Fight, Burger Time, Burnin' Rubber, Calipso, Canyon Bomber, Capcom Bowling, Captain Commando, Carnival, Cosmic Avenger. From Opi: Assault, Cosmo Gang the Video, Crazy Climber 2, Finalizer, Herbie at the Olympics, Phelios, Spiker, Vulcan Venture. Lynx -From Mr Perfectn: Ishido Way of the Stones, Joust, Krazy Ace Miniature Golf, Kung Food, Lexis, Malibu Bikini Volleyball, Marlboro Adventure Team, Ms. Pac-Man, NFL, Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden 3.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999. -Added 104 games. Also added additional pics for 2 existing games. NES -From Opi: Bigfoot, Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa, Bird Week, Bishojo Sexy Derby (Jap), Bishojo Sexy Derby (Trans), Bloody Warriors, Blues Brothers, The, Bo Jackson Baseball, Bomberman, Bonk, Boulder Dash, Brush Roller, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Burai Fighter, California Games, Captain Ed, Captain Silver, Castle Excellent, Castle of Deceit, Castle of Dragon, Challenger, Championship Lode Runner, Chase HQ, Chester Field, Chip'n Dale Rescue Ranger 2, Circus Caper, Cobra Triangle, Cocoron (Jap), Cocoron (Translated), Columbus, Conflict, Contra (Jap), Cowboy Kid, Crazy Climber, Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat, Darkwing Duck, Deep Dungeon 3, Defender of the Crown, Demon Sword, Die Hard, Digger: The Legend of the Lost City, Dirty Harry, Door Door, Double Dragon 3, Dough Boy, Dragon Buster, Dragon Quest 3, Dragon Unit, Dragon Wars, Dragon's Lair, Duck Hunt, Dusty Diamond All Star Softball, Dynowarz, Empire Strikes Back, The, Exed Exes, F-1 Race, Faria, Felix the Cat, Field Combat, Lee Treveno's Fighting Golf, Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Gaiden, Flappy, Flipull, Flying Dragon, Formation Z, Frankenstein, Front Line, Galaxy 5000, Gargoyle's Quest 2, Gauntlet 2, George Forman's KO Boxing, Ghostbusters, Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters, Goemon 2, Gold Medal Challenge, Gradius, Gunhead, Gunsmoke, Gyruss, Hostages, Ice Climber, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Jimmy Connor's Tennis, Jungle Book, Jurassic Park, Karate Champ, Karateka, Knight Rider, Magic Darts SNES -From Opi: Maringer Z, Mechwarrior 3050, Melfand Stories, Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City, Mickey & Donald 3, Mickey Mania, Micro Machines 2, Sailor Moon S Puzzle, Sailor Moon S Puzzle 2, Sanrun, Skül Jagger Revolt Of The Westicans, Super Battleship, Supper Soccer. Added additional screens for the following games: NES -From Opi: Kid Icarus, Kirby's Adventure.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999. -Added 76 games. C64 -From Opi: 1942, 5th Axis, The, 720º, Airwolf, Aquanaut, Armalyte, Artillery Duel, Barry McGuian World Championship Boxing, Blue Max, Blue Max 2001, Chimera, Comic Bakery, Conflict in Vietnam, Crazy Comets, Dam Busters, The, Eddie Edwards Super Ski, Gateway to Apshai, Green Beret, Guadalcanal, Jumpman, Jumpman Jr., Last Ninja, The, NATO Commander, Nebulus, Nodes of Yesod, Racing Destruction Set, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Tour De France, Who Dares Wins, Who Dares Wins 2, Zak McKracken. Lynx -From MrPerfectn: Fat Bobby, Gates of Zendocon, The, Gordo 106, Hard Drivin', Hockey, Hydra. SMS -From SMS Power: Incredible Crash Test Dummies, The -SMS, Party Games -SMS , Smufs, The -GG, Sega Galaga -SG-1000, X-Men: Mojo World -GG, X-Men: Mojo World -SMS. TG-16 -From Opi: Legendary Axe 2, Race Drivin', Super Probotector: Alien Rebels, Tower of Druaga, The, Tricky, Turrican, TV Sports Basketball, TV Sports Football, TV Sports Hockey, Twin Cobra. Arcade -From Focus: Saint Dragon, Silent Dragon, Snow Brothers, Snow Brothers 2, Space Invaders 95, Space Gun, Strahl, Super Bubble Bobble, Super Space Invaders 91, Superman, Syvallion, Taito Tetris, Tatsujin 2, Tecmo Knight, Terra Cresta, Terra Force, Thunder Dragon, Thunder Fox, Teki Paki, Toki, Twin Qix, Violence Fight, Zero Zone.

Friday, October 15, 1999. -Added 54 games. Lynx -From MrPerfectn: Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf, Dirty Larry's Cop Renegade, Dinolympics, Double Dragon, Dracula: The Undead. NES -From Opi: 1999, 4 Card Games, 4 Wheel Drive Battle, 634, 8 Eyes, Adventure Island, Adventures of Dino Riki, Adventures of Lolo 2, Adventures of Lolo 3, Akumajo Dracula 2, All-Star Softball, Amagon, Ankoku, Arch Rivals, Archon, Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust (Jap), Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust (Translated), Ashibe, Asmikland, Astyanax, Atlantis, Attack Animal Gakuen, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Bad Street Brawler, Ballblazer, Bandai Baseball: Legends of the Diamond, Bandit Kings of Ancient China, Barbie, Baseball Stars, Baseball Stars 2, Bases Loaded 2, Batman Return of the JokerBattle Chess, Battle Storm, Be-Bop-Highschool, Best of the Best Championship Karate, Bible Buffet, Big Bang, Dirty Pair, Three Stooges, The. Neo-Geo -From Ed: Breakers Revenge. Arcade -From Ed: Boot Hill, Bosconian, Boulder Dash, Bottom of the 9th, Boxing Bugs, Bowler, Bowl-O-Rama, Brain.

Thursday, October 14, 1999. -Added 138 games. NES -From Kefka: Maniac Mansion. SNES -From Opi: Aladdin, Alcahest, Alfred Chicken, Alien 3, Anime Wrestling, Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2, Asterix, Astro Boy, Astro Go! Go!, Bastard, Battle Clash, Battle Pinball, Battle Soccer 2, Battletoads & Double Dragon The Ultimiate Team, Beauty Fighter, Beavis and Butthead, Big Run, Biker Mice From Mars, Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball, Block, Bret Hull Hockey 95, Brunswick World Tournament of Champions, Brutal: Paws of Fury, Bugs Bunny in Rabbit Rampage, Burning Pro Wrestling, Cannon Fodder, Castlevania Dracula X, Choplifter 3, Civilization, Clay Fighter, Clue, Congo's Caper, Cool Spot, Cool World, Cosmo Gang The Puzzle, Cotton 100%, Crystal Beans, Cyber Formula 1, Cybernator, Cyborg 009, Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions, Dark Half, Davis Crane's Amazing Tennis, Daze Before Christmas, Desert Strike Return to the Gulf, Dino City, Dinosaurs (Jap), Donald Duck Circus Games, Doom, Double Dragon 5: The Shadow Falls, Dragon's Lair, Drakkhen, Dungeon Master, Ganbare Goeman 2, Ganbare Goemon 3, Gemfire, Gengis Khan: Clan of the Gray Wolf, Gon, Granhistoria, Hokuto No Ken 6, International Superstar Soccer, Kablooey, Kawasaki Carribean Challenge, Keeper, Kid Clown in Crazy Chase, King Arthur's World, King of the Dragons, The, Knights of the Round, Krusty's Super Fun House, Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing, Lamborghini American Challenge, Last Action Hero, Lawnmower Man, The, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, The, Lemmings, Lemmings 2 the Tribes, Lennus 2, Lester the Unlikely, Lethal Weapon, Live a Life, Madden NFL 98, Magic Boy, Magical Drop, Majintensei, Mario & Wario, Mario Excitebike 3 (Satellite View), Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, Metal Marines, Metal Warriors, Might and Magic 2, Monster Maker 3, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 3, Mother 2: Gyiyg Strikes Back, Mr. Nutz, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Scooby Doo, Sim Ant, Sim Earth, Snow White in Happily Ever After, Sonic Blastman, Space Ace, Star Trek the Next Generation, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Bomberman, Super Bomberman 2, Super Bomberman 3, Super Bonk, Super Genghis Khan, Super Momotarou II, Super Shanghai, Super Tennis. From Super Squall: Tiny Toons Sports. SMS -From SMS Power: Smurfs, The -SMS. TG-16 -From Opi: Ane-San (Turbo-Duo), Legendary Axe, The, Talespin, Tatsujin, Terra Cresta 2, Thunder Blade, Tiger Shark, Time Cruise, Titan, Toilet Kids, Tora E No Michi (Tiger Road). From EmuMax: ALICE, Atomic Robo-Kid, Baseball 89, Baseball 90, Baseball 91, Battle Lode Runner, Batman, Blueblink, Bomberman 93.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999. -*Update* added 2 games. PSX -From Focus: Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Street Fighter EX Plus alpha. Added 74 games. C64 -From Opi: 7 Cities of Gold, Archon, Archon 2: Adept, Archon 3: Exciter, Aztec Challenge, Ballblazer, Bandits, Barbarian, Battle Through Time, Beach-Head, Beach-Head 2, Beamrider, Boulder Dash, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Bruce Lee, Castles of Dr. Creep, The, Cauldron, Chip's Challenge, Dallas Quest, The, Defender of the Crown, Destroyer, Dino Eggs, Dragonriders of Pern, Dropzone, Fast Tracks, Fist 2 The Legend Continues, G. I. Joe, Ghostbusters, Great Giana Sister, The, Gribbly's Day Out, Gunship, Gyroscope, H.E.R.O., Heart of Africa, Hyper Sports 84, IK+, Impossible Mission, International Karate, Kane, Kane 2, Karateka, Little Computer People, Lode Runner, M.U.L.E. , Master of the Lamps, Match Point, Oils Well, Paradroid, Pirates, Pitstop, Pitstop 2, Pogo Joe, Quasimodo, Sabre Wulf, Sentinel, Sentinel, The, Shamus, Shamus Case 2, Skyfox, Slurpy, Space Taxi, Spelunker, Stealth, Summer Games, Summer Games 2, Super Pipeline, Underwurlde, Way of the Exploding Fist, The, Winter Games, Wizball, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2, Zeppelin, Zone Ranger.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999. -Added 36 games. Lynx -From MrPerfectn: Casino, Cyberball 2072, California Games, Centipede, Ultimate Chess Challenge SMS -From SMS Power: Puyo Puyo 2 -GG. Genesis -From Focus: Battletech, Fatal Labyrinth, Immortal, The, Master of Monsters, Rockman X3 (Pirate), Splatterhouse 2, Street Smarts, Strider 2, Zero Tolerance. TG-16 (Turbo-Duo) -From Opi: Cosmic Fantasy 4, Hot Blooded High School Soccer, Metamor Jupiter, Red Alert. Arcade -From Ed: Astro Blaster, Astro Fighter, Astro Laser, Bionic Commando, Birdie King 2, Black Tiger, Blaster, Blasteroids, Blasto, Blast Off, Block Block, Block Out, Blockade, Blue-Print, Blue Shark, Body Slam, Bomb Jack.

Monday, October 11, 1999. -Added 42 games. Lynx -From MrPerfectn: APB, Awesome Golf, Basketbrawl, Batman Returns, Battle Wheels, Battlezone 2000, Bill and Ted's Adventure, Block Out, Bubble Trouble, Shadow of the Beast, Super Asteroids and Super Missle Command. NES -Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The, Akira, Ys, Ys 2. SNES -From Opi: L.A. Wares, Last Battle, The, Natsuki Crisis Battle, Sinniti Fantastic Story, Super Famisuta 5 Baseball, Super Hanafuda, Super Zugan 2, Sword Maniac, Theme Park, TKO Super Championship Boxing, TNN Bass Tournament of Champions, Villgust, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego, Winter Olympics Lilliehammer 1994, World Cup USA 94, Wozz, Wrestle and Romance Revolution, Xak: The Art of Visual Strategie, Xardion, Yoshi's Cookie, Young Merlin, Ys 3 Wanderers From Ys, Ys 4 Mask of the Sun. SMS -From SMS Power: Ace of Aces -SMS, Krusty's Funhouse -SMS, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers -GG. From MrPerfectn: Mortal Kombat -GG.

Saturday, October 9, 1999. -Added 50 games. NES -Golgo 13, Monster in My Pocket. SNES -From Opi: Anika: Ancient Magic, Asterix & Obelix, Bebe's Kids, Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball, Captain Tsubasa 2: The Way to World Youth, Captain Tsubasa 3, Captain Tsubasa 4, Captain Tsubasa 5, Dennis the Menace, Elnard, Golden Fighter, Hashire Hebereke, Hebereke No Puzzle, Heian Huunden, NHL Stanley Cup, Spirou, Super International Cricket, Tecmo Super Baseball, Tick, The, Trinea, Zico Soccer. Game Boy -From Rey: Mario Golf. Arcade -From Josh: Gals Panic, Street Fighter. From Ed: Atari Baseball, Atari Football, Atari Tetris, Athena, Atomic Point, Aurail, Avalanche, Aztarac, Azurian Attack, Bad Dudes, Badlands, Bagman, Balloon Bomber, Bandido, Bank Panic, Barrier, Batman, Battle of Atlantis, Battlantis, Battle Road, The, Bay Route, Bermuda Triangle, Berzerk, Bio-Attack.

Friday, October 8, 1999. -Added 51 games. Atari -From Kyo: Capture the Flag, Desert Falcon, Dukes of Hazard, Fighter Pilot, Fish Derby, Football, Freeway, Fun with Numbers, Golf, He-Man - Masters of the Universe, Human Cannonball, Indy 500, Kaboom, Klax, Laser Blaster, Midnite Magic, Mini Golf, MotoRodeo, Night Driver, Okie Dokie, Othello, Outlaw, River Raid 2, RS Boxing, Secret Quest, Skeet Shoot, Skiing, Skydiver, Slot Machine. NES -Operation Wolf, Orb 3-D, Othello, Over Horizon, Over Lord, Xenophobe, Xevious, Yo! Noid, Yoshi, Z Gundam Mobile Suit, Zippy Race, Zoids 2, Zoids 3. SNES -From Rey: Prince of Persia, Top Gear 2. Game Boy -From Rey: Double Dragon 3, Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest 2. SMS -From SMS Power: Sonic and Tails -GG, Heavyweight Champ -SMS. Genesis -From G30: AAAHH! Real Monsters, Awesome Possum.

Thursday, October 7, 1999. -Added 55 games. NES -Harlem Globetrotters, Hatris, Heavy Barrel, Heavy Shreddin', Hector '87, Hogan's Alley, Home Alone, Home Alone 2 Lost in New York, Homerun, Homerun '90, Hook, Hoops, Hot Slot. SNES -From Opi: Fishing Koshien, Kamen Rider, Legend, Mystic Ark, NHL 95, NHL 97, Nigel Mansell's World Championship, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Ninja Warriors Again, The, Nosferatu, Smurfs, The. Game Boy -From Focus: Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Dragon Quest 1&2 Remix, Earthworm Jim, Gauntlet 2, Gex Enter the Gecko, Judge Dredd, Killer Instinct, Metroid 2: Return of Samus, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, Mortal Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat 4, Mr. Do, Ms. Pacman, NBA Jam, Nemesis, Rampage World Tour, Ultima Runes of Virtue, Ultima Runes of Virtue 2. SMS -From SMS Power: Jurassic Park -SMS, Tesserae -GG. Arcade -From Ed: Armored Car, Arm Wrestling, ASO, Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Astro Invader.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999. -Added 50 games. Atari -From Kyo: Breakout, Basketball, Burgertime, California Games, Checkers, Combat, Commando, Crossbow ,Crystal Castles, Dark Chambers, Double Dragon, Dig Dug, Double Dunk, Dragster. SNES -From Opi: F-1 World Championship Edition, Faceball 2000, Family Dog, Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Feda The Emblem of Justice, FIFA Soccer 96, FIFA 97 Gold Edition, FIFA 98 Road to the World Cup, FIFA International Soccer, Fighters History, Final Fight Guy, Fire Emblem: Riddle of Emblem, Fire Emblem 4: Geneology Holy War, Flash Back, Flash Hiders SFX, Frogger, NBA Give 'N Go, NBA Hang Time, NBA Jam, Network Q Rally, Neugier, Newman Haas Indy Car. Game Boy -From Focus: Dragon Quest Monsters. From Kyo: Konami Classics, Konami Classics: Castlevania, Konami Classics: Contra, Konami Classics: Gradius. Genesis -From Focus: Castlevania Bloodlines, Mutant League Football, Mutant League Hockey, Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star 3, Shining in the Darkness, Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999. -Added 29 games. Atari Lynx -From Opi: Blue Lightning, Checkered Flag, Gauntlet, Klax, Lemmings, Pac-Land, Raiden, Rampage, Rampart, S.T.U.N. Runner, Shanghai, Toki, Xybots. SMS -From SMS Power: Aleste -SMS, Back to the Future 2 -SMS, Batter Up! -GG, Buggy Run -SMS, Bust a Move -GG, Deep Duck Trouble -SMS, Factory Panic -GG, Superman: The Man of Steel -SMS, Tanoshii Sansuu -SC-3000. Arcade -From Ed: Alpine Ski, Ambush, Amidar, Ant Eater, Appoooh, Arabian. From Josh: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999. -Added 134 games. NES -From Opi: Crystal Mines, Darkman, Desert Commander, Dog Town, Dominoch, Dr. Mario, Dragon Strike, Eliminator Boat Duel, Fantasy Zone. SNES -from Rey: ABC Monday Night Football, Al Unser Road to the Top, Andre Agassi Tennis, Animaniacs, Barbie Super Model, Barbie Vacation Adventure, Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition, Battle Cars, Beethoven's Second, Big Sky Troopers, Bio Metal, Blackthorne, The Blues Brothers, B. O. B., Bobby's World, Brandish, Capcom's Soccer Shoot Out, Captain Novolin, Casper, The Chaos Engine, Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool, Clay Fighter 2: Judgement Clay, Clay Fighter Tournament Edition, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, Jungle Strike, Mechwarrior, Megaman's Soccer, Plok!, Power Athlete, Revolution X, Rex Ronan Experimental Surgeon, Robotrek, Super Baseball Simulator 1000, Super Bases Loaded 2, Super Caeser's Palace, Williams Arcades Greatest Hits. From Opi: Ghoul Patrol, Gods, Goeman Puzzle, Goof Troop, Hagane, Hanna Barbera's Turbo Tunes, Harley's Humongous Adventure, Hat Trick Hero, Hit the Ice, Hook, Hungry Dinosaurs, Hyper V-Ball, Inindo: Way of the Ninja, Inspector Gadget, International Tennis Tour, Sensible Soccer, Side Pocket, Slam Dunk, Sonic Wings, Space Megaforce, Spawn, Speed Racer, Spike McFang, Stargate, Steven Seagal is the Final Option, Street Racer, Sunset Riders, Super Adventure Island, Super Back to the Future 2, Tetris Battle Gaiden, Tetris Fighter, Wordtris. Game Boy: From Rey: Mega Man 5. TG-16 -From Opi: Gaia No Monsho, Galaga '90, Gradius, Gunhead, Hatris, Hit the Ice, Hono No Tataka Tamako Dodge Danpei, Impossamole, Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu, Liquid Kids, Lode Runner, Mr. Heli, Neutopia, Neutopia 2, Parasol Stars, Puzznic, Rabio Lepsus Special, Raiden, R-Type, R-Type 2, Salamander, Splatterhouse, Super Star Soldier. Neo-Geo -From Focus: Irritating Maze, Kizuna Super Tag Battle , King of the Monsters 2, Magician Lord, Mutation Nation, Ninja Combat, Ninja Commando, Overtop, Puzzle Bobble, Pleasure Goal, Power Spikes 2, Puzzle de Pon R, Ragnagard, Robo Army, Samurai Showdown 2, Samurai Showdown 3, Savage Reign, Sengoku, Sengoku 2, Shock Troopers, Soccer Brawl, Spin Master, Super Sidekicks, Stakes Winner, Stakes Winner 2, Top Hunter, Top Player's Golf, Tecmo World Soccer 96, Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer, Viewpoint, World Heroes 2 Jet, World Heroes Perfect. Arcade -From Opi: R-Type Leo.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999. -Added 19 games. Atari -Atari Boxing -Kyo. NES -Cabal, Caveman Games, Chack 'N Pop, Choplifter, City Connection, Clash of Demon Head, Cliffhanger, Color a Dinosaur, Conan, Conquest of the Crystal Castle -Opi. SNES -Adventures of Dr. Franken, Circuit USA, Imperium, Majyo Tachino Nemuri, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Taz-Mania, Top Gear, WWF Super Wrestlemania. -Opi

Monday, September 27, 1999. -Added 25 games. Atari -Frogger, Atari Video Cube. TG-16 -Adventure Island , Aeroblasters, Alien Crush, Barunba, Champion Wrestler. -EmuMax. Neo-Geo -Panic Bomber, Pulstar -Hedon. Arcade -005, 1943, 1943 kai, 3 Stooges, 3 Wonders, 4-D Warirors, 720º, 88 Games, Act-Fancer, Aero Fighters, Air Buster, Air Wolf, Ajax, Ali Baba, Alien Syndrome, Aliens. -Ed

Sunday, September 26, 1999. -Added 39 games. NES -720º, Spy vs. Spy, Tecmo Bowl, Tennis. SNES -Looney Tunes Basketball, NBA Live 97. N64 -Super Mario Kart 64. Genesis -Aladdin, Battle Toads, Madden 98, Mega Man The Willy Wars, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants. Neo-Geo -Street Hoops, King of the Monsters, Legend of Success Joe, Metal Slug X, Nam -1975, Puzzle de Pon!, Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory, World Heroes 2, Shock Troopers 2nd Squad, Thrash Rally. Arcade -Whoopee -All from MrPerfectn. TG-16 -After Burner 2, Altered Beast, Bomberman, Bonk's Adventure 3, Darius Plus, Drunken Master. -EmuMax

Saturday, September 25, 1999. - Added 57 games. NES -Focus -Dragon Quest 1, Dragon Quest 2, Dragon Quest 4. SNES -Opi -Super Turrican, Super Turrican 2, U.N. Squadron, Umiharaki, Undercover Cops, Utopia. Rey -Mario's Early Years Preschool Fun, Mario's Early Years Fun With Letters, Mario's Early Years Fun With Numbers. Focus -Dragon Quest 3 Remix, Dragon Quest 5, Dragon Quest 6. Adam -Populous, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2, Runes of Virtue 2, Secret of the Stars, Ultima 6, Worms. Game Boy -Opi -Alleyway, Boulder Dash, Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge, Choplifter 3, Contra, Pinball: Revenge of the Gator, R-Type 2, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Tetris 2, V-Rally Championship Edition, Yoshie's Cookie. MrPerfectn -Daedalian Opus, Duck Tales 2, Mario & Yoshi, Mario's Picross, The Sword of Hope, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Radical Rescue, Wordtris. Neo-Geo -Focus -Football Frenzy, Fight Fever, Galaxy Fight, King of Fighters 95. Arcade -Xonox -All Points Bulletin, Hydra, P47, Pit-Fighter, The Simpsons, Zerowing. SYS2064 -Palamedes, Plotting/Flipull, Plus Alpha, Puchi Carat, Pulirula, Puzzle Bubble 2, Puzzle Bobble 2X, Puzznic.

Friday, September 24, 1999. -Added 51 games. NES -Batman 3-MrPerfectn. SNES -Bakuto Dotchers, Z Gundam, Super Puyopuyo, Super Puyopuyo 2, Astral Bout, Fighting Network Rings Astral, Bout, 3x3 Eyes, Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel, Gogo Ackman 2, Accelebrid, Combatribes, Aretha 2, Aretha, Albert Odyssey 2, Albert Odyssey, Araiguma Rascal, Final Fantasy 6, Air Cavalry, Rudra No Hihou, Cacoma Knight in Bizyland, Battleracers, Appleseed, Dragon Quest 1/2 Remix, 3d Devil's Course, Arcus Spirits, Dual Orb 2, GD Leen -From Hedon Raiden Trad, Popeye, Mr. Do, Firepower 2000, F1 Pole Position 2, Cosmo Gang the Video, Bubsy in Clawed, Encounters of the Furred Kind, Bonkers -Opi Genesis -Golden Axe, Sonic Spinball, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist. -MrPerfectn. Neo-Geo -2020 Super Baseball, Alpha Mission 2, Agressors of Dark Combat, Art of Fighting 1, Art of Fighting 2, Bakatono, Blazing Star, Baseball Stars Professional, Burning Fight, Crossed Swords, Cyber Lip -Focus. Arcade -Haunted Castle -MrPerfectn.

Thursday, September 23, 1999. -Added 90 games. NES -A-Train, Arkanoid, Athlete World, B-Wings, Baseball Simulator 1,000, Back to the Future 2&3, Baltron, River City Ransom. SNES -From Opi -Super Bombliss, Super Bonk's Adventure 2, Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss, Super Tetris 3. SMS -From SMS Power -Akai Koudan Zillion, Kujakuou, Street Fighter 2', Sitio do Picapau Amarello, Super Kick Off, Slider, Smash TV, Solomon's Key, Space Invaders, Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six, Speedball, Sports Trivia, Spy vs. Spy,, Super Racing, The Story of Mio, Submarine Attack, Summer Games, Tails' Sky Patrol, TazMania, TazMania (alternate), Tempo JR, Tensai Bakabon, Trap Shooting / Marksman Shooting / Safari Hunt, Ultimate Soccer, Vampire Master of Darkness, VR Troopers, Wonderboy 3, Wonderboy in Monsterworld, World Cup 90, World Cup 92, World Cup 94, World Games, Wimbeldon, Wolf Child, Woody Pop, WWF RAW, Zaxxon. Genesis -SMS Power -Star Gate. Arcade -SYS2064 -Daisenpu, Darius/Darius Extra, Darius 2/Sagaia, Dinorex, Dogyuun, Don Doko Don, Drift Out, Earth Defense Force, Earth Joker, Elevator Avtion 2: Elevator Action Returns, Extermination, Fighting Hawk, Final Blow, Galmedes, Gekirin Dan, Grand Cross Pinball, Growl/Runark, Gun Frontier, Hachoo!, Hit the Ice, Iga Ninjyutsuden, Insector X, Kageki, Kaiser Knuckle/Global Champion, KiKi Kai Kai/ Knight Boy, Knuckle Bash, Kuri Kinton, Legend of Makaj, Liquid Kids, Master of Weapons, Maze of Flott, Mega Blast, Mutant Night, New Zealand Story, New Zealand Story Extra, Ninja Kids, Ninja Warriors, Omega Fighter, Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Wolf.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999. -Added 35 games. N64 -From Josh, Milo's Astro Lanes, and Quest 64. SMS -from SMS Power. James Pond 2: Robocud, Rampart , RC Grand Prix , Renegade, Road Rash, Robocop. Arcade -From SYS2064. 64th Street, American Horseshoes, Arabian Magic, Arkanoid Revenge of Doh, Ark Area, Armed Formation, Ashura Blaster, Asuka & Asuka, Atomic Robo-Kid, Avenging Spirit/Phantasm, Balloon Brothers, Bio-Ship Paladin, Blood Brothers, Bomb Jack Twin-jpg, Bonze Adventure, Cabal, Cachat, Cadash, Camel Try, Champion Wrestler, Chase HQ-jpg, Chimera Beast, Cleopatra's Fortune-jpg, Combatribes, Crime City, Cybattler. And Parodius by Xonox.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999. -Added 33 games. SNES -all by Rey. Air Strike Patrol, 2020 Super Baseball , Adventures of Batman and Robin, Brain Lord, Brawl Brothers, Bronkie, Dragon the Bruce Lee Story, Barkley Shut Up and Jam. SMS -All from SMS Power. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade , King's Quest, Laser Ghost, Line of Fire, Lucky Dime Caper, Makai Retsuden, MeGumi Rescue, Mercs, Machine Gun Joe, Mickey Mouse: Land of Illusion-GG, Mickey Mouse: Land of Illusion, Montezuma's Revenge, Ms. Pac-Man, Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden, Pac Attack, Paper Boy, Populous, Phantasy Star, Power Strike 2, Putt & Putter. Genesis -all from Outkastcjb. WWF Wrestlemania, American Gladiators, Booger Man.. Neo-Geo -World Heroes -Outkastcjb.

Monday, September 20, 1999. -Added 28 games, all by Rey. NES - Legend of Prince Valiant. SNES -3 Ninjas Kick Back, Irem Skins, The Jetsons: Invasion of the Planet Pirates, Lagoon, Sparkster, Stunt Race FX, Super Adventure Island 2. Game Boy - Aerostar, Aladdin, Alien 3, Aliens vs. Predator, All Star Challenge, Antz, A Boy and His Blob, Conkers Pocket Tales, Hercules, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lion King, Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, Mulan, Pinnochio, Pocahontas, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Spawn, Tarzan, Yars Revenge, Zebco Fishing.

Sunday, September 19, 1999. -Added 69 games. -NES - All from Adam. Chronicle of the Radia War, Crystalis, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Warrior 2, Dragon Warrior 3, Dragon Warrior 4, Dungeon Magic, Final Fantasy 2, Might and Magic, Ninja Gaiden 3, Robinhood, Shadowgate, Star Wars, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Sword Master, Swords and Serpents, The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown, The Immortal, Ultima Exodus, Willow. SMS -All from SMS Power. Aerial Assault, Air Rescue, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World , Aladdin, Aladdin-GG ,Alex Kidd BMX Trial, Alf, Alien 3, Anmoitsu Hime, American Pro-Football, Ashura, Battletoads, Batman Returns, Bomb Jack, Borgman, Bubble Bobble, Bubble Bobble, The Castle, California Games 2, Chack'n Pop, Chicago Syndicate, Champions of Europe, Columns, Danan the Jungle Fighter, Double Target, Dick Tracy, Dragon Crystal, Double Hawk, Drol, Ecco the Dolphin, Ecco: The Tides of Time , Fire and Forget 2, Flash, Forgotten Worlds, Gain Ground, George Foreman's KO Boxing, Golgo 13, GP World, Great Basketball, Great Golf (Japan), Guzzler, Heroes of the Lance, High School Kimengumi. Genesis -All from Outkastcjb. WWF Royal Rumble, Paper Boy 2, Fire Pro Wrestling, Marble Madness, Devil Crash.

Saturday, September 18, 1999. -Added 21 games. Atari -Galaxian, Jr. Pac Man, Mario Brothers, Missle Command, Ms. Pac Man, Space Invaders, Q*Bert, Tennis. NES -Bartman Meets Radioactive Man, Deadly Towers, Gilligan's Island, Load Runner, Trick Shooting. Game Boy -Bubble Bobble, Bubble Bobble 2, Bomberman GB, Kirby Star Stacker, Kirby's Dreamland, Kirby's Pinball Land, R-Type, Motocross Maniacs 2 -Rey.

Friday, September 17, 1999. -Added 11 games. NES -Off Road, Star Voyager, Transformers, Win, Lose, or Draw. SNES -Lethal Enforcers, Magic Sword. N64 -Super Mario 64. Game Boy -Duke Nukem -Rey. Atari -Alien, Assault, Xevious.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999. -Added 20 games. NES -Bad News Baseball, Dick Tracy, Burger Time, Dig Dug, Ikari Warriors 3 - Rey, Ghoul School. SNES -Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Out of This World - Rey, Firestriker -Rey, Smash TV. Game Boy -Castlevania Legends -Rey. Atari -Joust, Pac Man, Pro Wrestling, Millipede, Mr Do, Pitfall, Adventures of Tron. Arcade -Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Bubble Bobble.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999. -Added 40 games from Kyo. SNES -Aero Fighters, Bahamut Lagoon, Bart's Nightmare, Chessmaster, Der Langriss, Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden 2, Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden 3, Dragon Ball Z - Super Saiyajin Densetsu <RPG>, Dragon Ball Z - Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-hen <RPG2>, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Front Mission : Gun Hazard, Gundam Wing -Endless Duel, Kirby's Dream Course, Lord of the Rings, Macross Scambled Valkyrie, Might and Magic 3, Monopoly, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Fighting Game, Neon Genesis Evangelion Digital Comic 00, Ranma Hard Battle, Ranma Super Hard Battle, Ranma RPG, Rockman & Forte, Sailor Moon Super S <Puzzle>, Samurai Showdown, Sim City 2000, Super 3D Noah's Ark, Super Bomberman 5, Super Scope 6, Tenchi Muyo RPG, Yuu Yuu Hakusho. Genesis -Beyond Oasis, King's Bounty, Landstalker, Rampart, Snake Rattle and Roll, Theme Park, Shining Force. Neo-Geo -Magical Drop 2, Eightman

Wednesday, September 8, 1999. -Added 23 games from Kyo. NES -Final Fantasy 3, Fatal Fury Special, Galaga, Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu, Joust, Mighty Final Fight, Metal Gear 2, Rampart, Strider, Space Harrier, Space Invaders, Wizardry ,Wizardry 2. Game Boy -World Heroes 2 Jet, Sailor Moon R, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Castlevania. Genesis -Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets of Rage 2, Streets of Rage 3, Rugby World Cup 95, Dragon Ball Z

Tuesday, September 7, 1999. -Added 30 games, all by Rey. NES -Dragon Spirit the New Legend, Punch Out. SNES -Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, Eye of the Beholder, Ken Griffy Jr's Winning Run, 3 Ninjas, Ken Griffy Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, Quarterback club, Q*bert 3, Virtual Bart, Vegas Stakes, Vortex, Spiderman and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge, X-Zone, X-Kaliber 2097, Yogi Bear, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Zoop, Spiderman, Soul Blazer, S.O.S., Time Cop, Time TRAX, Tinstar, Pinocchio, Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World, Jim Powers: The Lost Dimension in 3-D, Kendo Rage. Game Boy -Harvest Moon, Super Mario Brothers DX.

Sunday, September 5, 1999. -Added 22 games. Kyo submitted: Game Boy -Pocket Monsters (Pokemon Japanese) Blue, Pocket Monsters Pikachu, Yuu Yuu Hakusho(Poltergiest Report), Dragon Ball Z, Tetris, Battle Arena Toshinden, KOF 97 (Hacked ROM), SD Hiryuno, Final Fantasy Legend. Arcade -Rockman the Power Battle. Rey submitted: Game Boy -Turok Battle of the Bionasaurs, Turok 2, Zen Intergalactic Ninja, 720, Barbie Ocean Discovery. SNES -Adams Family Values, Arcana, Bazooka Blitzkrieg, Dream TV, Water World. NES -I Can Remember. Josh submitted: NES -Soap Panic

Saturday, September 4, 1999. Added 29 games. NES -3, Crash and the Boys, Jackal, and TMNT Tournament Fighters, all by Rey. SNES Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Terranigma, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R, by Tuxedo Kamen. Porky Pig, and Shadowrun by Rey. 7th-Saga, Earthbound, E.V.O.Search for Eden, Illusion of Gaia, Lost Vikings, Lost Vikings 2, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals, Paladins Quest, and Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom by Adam. Game Boy -Zelda: Link's Awakening, KOF 95, Samurai Showdown 3, Tennis, Fatal Fury 2, Frogger, Galaga/Galaxian, and Super Mario Land by Kyo Kusanagi. Pokemon Pinball, Revelations Demon Slayer, Pokemon Yellow, and Space Station Silicon Valley by Rey.

Friday, September 3, 1999. -Added 26 games, new ones are: NES -21, Mighty Bomb Jack, Chubby Cherub, Zanac, Wrecking Crew, U.S. Championship Volleyball, Volleyball, Tiger-Heli, Tag Team Pro Wrestling, Solomon's Key, Slalom , Skyshark, Sky Kid, Side Pocket, Renegade, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Qix, Platoon, Pinball, Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival, Clu Clu Land, Donald Duck. SNES -Tales of Phantasia -Tuxedo Kamen. Game Boy -King of Fighters 96 -Kyo Kusanagi, Wario Land 2 -Rey. Neo-Geo -Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury special.

Friday, August 20 - Thursday, September 2, 1999.
10-Yard Fight
Adventure Island 2
Adventure Island 3
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
Adventures of Lolo
Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Air Fortress
Air Wolf
Alfred Chicken
Alien 3
Alien Syndrome
All Pro Basketball
Alpha Mission
American Gladiators
Antarctic Adventure
Back to the Future
Bad Dudes
Balloon Fight
Bases Loaded
Battle of Olympus
Bionic Commando
Blades of Steel
Blaster Master
Bomber King
Bomberman 2
Boy and his Blob
Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble 2
Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout
Bump n Jump
Bucky O'Hare
Caeser's Palace
Casino Kid
Castlevania 2
Castlevania 3
Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers
Contra Force
Dig Dug 2
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Double Dare
Double Dragon
Double Dragon 2
Double Dribble
Duck Tales
Duck Tales 2
Elevator Action
Final Fantasy
Friday the 13th
Ghosts n Goblins
G I Joe
The Goonies
The Goonies 2
Gradius 2
Gremlins 2
Heroes of the Lance
Ice Hockey
Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors 2
Kid Icarus
Kid Niki
Kings of the Beach
Kirby's Adventure
Kung Fu
Legend of Zelda
Legend of Zelda 2
Marble Madness
Mario Brothers
Mega Man
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 5
Mega Man 6
Metal Gear
Mickey Mouse
Nemo the Dream Master
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden 2
Pro Wrestling
Rad Racer
RC Pro Am
Ring King
Rush'n Attack
Star Tropics
Street Fighter 2010
Super Dodge Ball
Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers 2
Super Mario Brothers 3
T&C Surf Designs
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game
Tengen Tetris
Top Gun
Urban Champion
Vegas Connection
Wizards and Warriors 2: Ironsword
WWF: King of the Ring
X Men
Yoshie's Cookie
Zombie Nation

Actraiser 2
The Adams Family
Aerobiz Supersonic
Alien vs. Predator
Area 88
Arkanoid Doh It Again
Batman Returns
Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire 2
Bust a Move
Castlevania5: Vampire's Kiss
Chrono Trigger
Contra 3: The Alien Wars
Darius Force
Demon's Crest
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong Quest
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble
Dr. Mario and Tetris
Final Fantasy 2
Final Fantasy 3
Final Fantasy 5
Final Fight 2
Final Fight 3
F-Zero 2
Gradius 3
Hal's Hole in One Golf
Harvest Moon
Indiana Jones
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
Killer Instinct
Kirby's Avalanche
Liberty or Death
The Lion King
Madden 97
Mario Kart
Mario Paint
Mega Man 7
Mega Man X
Mortal Kombat 2
Ogre Battle
Ranma Puzzle
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4
R-Type 3
Secret of Evermore
Secret of Mana
Seiken Densetsu 3
Sim City
Star Fox
Super Bases Loaded 3
Super Bomberman 4
Super Buster Brothers
Super Castlevania 4
Super Empire Strikes Back
Super Ghouls N' Ghosts
Super Mario Allstars
Super Mario RPG
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Super Metroid
Super Off Road
Super Punch Out
Super Return of the Jedi
Super R-Type
Super Star Wars
Super Street Fighter 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters
Tetris Attack
Ultima the Black Gate
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons

Battle Squadron
Blaster Master 2
Columns 3
Golden Axe 2
Gunstar Heroes
Phantasy Star 4
Revenge of Shinobi
Rocket Knight Adventures
Shining Force 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Sparkster: Rocketknight adventures 2
Thunder Force 4

Neo Geo
3 Count Bout
Andro Dunos
Aero Fighters 2
Aero Fighters 3
Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior
Baseball Stars 2
Blue's Jouney
Captain Tomaday
Double Dragon
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury 3
Fatal Fury Special
Fighter's History Dynamite
Flip Shots
Ghosts Pilots
Kabuki Klash
The King of Fighters 94
The King of Fighters 96
The King of Fighters 97
The King of Fighters 98
Last Blade
Last Blade 2
Last Resort
League Bowling
Magical Drop 3
Metal Slug
Metal Slug 2
Money Puzzle Exchanger
Neo Bomberman
Neo Drift Out
Neo Mr. Do
Neo Turf Masters
Ninja Masters
Pop'N Bounce
Puzzle Bobble 2
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
Samurai Showdown
Samurai Showdown 4
Super Dodge Ball
Twinklestar Sprites
Waku Waku 7

Altered Beast
Arkanoid Returns
Bubble Memories
Bubble Symphony
Carrier Air Wing
Darius G
Double Dragon 3
Final Fight
Ghouls N' Ghosts
Ninja Gaiden
Pop n Pop
Punch Out
Puzzle Bobble 3
Saturday Night Slam Masters
Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition
Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition
Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
U N Squadron
WWF Superstars
WWF Wrestlefest