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Street Combat
Review by David "Kitsune Sniper" Silva García

A fighter that was born in the mid 90's Fighting game craze, Street Combat looks like a lot; but some examination proves that the packaging does not necessarily mean a good game.

The game has 8 fighters... well, actually 7: some guy named Steven [wearing armor and without armor], Tyrone, Dozo, G.I. Jim, Helmut, Lita, and C.J., who serves as the final boss.

Does thou challenge me?!

Story: 0
Ummm... what story?

Graphics: 5
The characters are well drawn, but the colors are really distracting. The backgrounds are OK; they aren't too imaginative, but they set the mood.

Gameplay: 2
The characters can move, which is why I gave that department a 2 in the first place. You have to press a button to jump, and the L and R buttons are used for blocking. Who came up with that idea?

Nihao, Ran... oh, forget it! Don't call me P-Chan!

Another thing that takes away the replay value is that you can only use Steven in the 1 player mode. However, you can switch between the Armored and normal forms before a fight.
The rest of the characters are available only on the 2 Player mode.

Music: 3
Argh! Turn that crap down! This has to be some of the WORST MUSIC in any game! This makes the Backstreet Boys sound good! A warning: Listening to this may cause insanity, or even worse, the desire to join some cult in order to get away from this game!

Sound: 4
They talk? Um... I guess so. The grunts really seem out of place here [like any American voice acting...]

Overall: 3
I wouldn't even recommend this crap to my worst enemy, especially with this ending.

Here's your martini, sir...
A fine young man... you're making me homophobic!
Yes, Dudley Moore sponsored the tournament!
Find the closest volcano and throw this cart there. You'll be doing a favor to humanity.

No, thanks. Here, you can have it!

A special commentary: This game was released originally in Japan under the name "Ranma 1/2." That's right, this was a Ranma 1/2 game! The gameplay is the same as the Japanese version, but the characters were altered to the point of not being themselves anymore.

Here's the lowdown: Steven [armored] is actually Ranma Saotome! Steven without armor is Ranma-Chan, Tyrone is Genma Saotome, Dozo is actually Kodachi Kunou [What the hell were they smoking; they made a female character into a male one!], G.I. Jim is Tatewaki Kunou, Helmut is Kouchou [The Principal], Lita is Shampoo [!] and C.J. is Ryouga Hibiki! Also, the music is completely different [thank God!], and the graphics are a lot better in that version. Who knows why they changed it.

They probably thought that being Ranma 1/2, it wouldn't appeal to the American public. Typical American views...