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Last Action Hero
© 1993 Sony Imagesoft / Psygnosis
Review by Raziel

Produced in 1993 by Sony Imagesoft / Psygnosis this game is based on the flawed but fun action film with Arnold Schwarzenegger. For those that haven't seen it, I recommend it to rent it on video. Arnold plays a traditional silver screen action hero who is magically transported from the movie world to the 'real' world and discovers that here you actually feel pain when they hit you and you might get killed if they shoot you...Some of you may remember some masterpieces Psygnosis produced many years ago for Amiga like the classic Shadow of the Beast. Well, forget them before you see this game.

The graphics are below average. The sprites are of fair size but with a low level of detail and poor animation. The levels are poorly drawn. The use of colour on them is some of the worst I have seen. Some levels are too colorful and some other too 'grey'. The graphics in the driving levels are a lot better.


The sound is poor, but it has its merits. What I mean...the music is hilarious. It is obvious that they tried to make a tough-action-packed-Swartz-score for the game but the result is outstandingly comical. The first time I listened to the opening music I laughed out loud. The SFX are very poor.


It is basically a scrolling beat'em up with elements of platform. It's not pseudo-3D like Final Fight but rather a poor imitation of Altered Beast. Arnie can simply punch of kick his enemies. There are no body slams or special moves. The control system is awful. The sprite responds slowly at your commands, while the enemies are fast and ruthless. The game is very tough and every time you lose a life the games takes you back to the beginning of the level. There is also a tight time limit. A variation between the action levels are some driving sequences, with a side-scrolling view (similar to the driving levels in Batman 1 for Genesis). They are, as the rest of the game, too tough.

This game perhaps deserves the title of the worst film adaption on the 8/16 bit ever. Poor graphics, hilarious sound and AWFUL gameplay are its 'merits'. Avoid it as hell.

FUN :05