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Rad Racer
Contributed by PeKENyo

      There are a few things people can claim about this old Nintendo game. I for one can claim to have played a level of this game that was made specifically by Nintendo for one of their tournaments held in Oakland, California back in the early 90's-- and boy, let me tell you, that was a tough level. Then again, that's what I love about Rad Racer!

      Besides RC-PRO AM, there weren't too many racing games for the 8-bit Nintendo system that people enjoyed back when Nintendo was in their early years. The game resembles an advanced version of Pole Position. What was neat about the game was that there were multiple tracks that happened in various locations, my favorite being driving towards the night city. The game called for intense control over how one manipulates the control, and thus how well one controls the car. The best way to play to rad racer was with the NES advanced joypad-- the big controller with the big joystick and multiple buttons such as turbo A & B.

      Rad racer provides good challenge as the premise of the game is to race against other cars, to dodge them as you pass them, and to hopefully finish first but not past third. The big thing about Rad Racer was as to how fast one could finish a particular track. Major props to those who know they're the fastest on any given level.

      Alas, there isn't much more to talk about in Rad Racer save their interface. The interface had RPM's, a gas counter, and a few other nifty features. Don't get me wrong, although there isn't much to say about this game, it was an extremely good game nevertheless. For what this game was built upon-- an 8-bit engine with 16 colors-- this was a very good game that was much more advanced than its predecessors.

Kudos to Nintendo for Rad Racer.