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Movie © 1984 Columbia Pictures Industries
Original program and concept © 1984 Activision, Inc.
Code for Nintendo Family Computer © 1986 Tokuma Shoten Publishing
© 1988 Activision
Programmed by Bits

The classic movie starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis & Dan Aykroyd gets a video game that appeared in almost all the consoles of the time. Here, you play the part of the Ghostbusters (of course), as they try to clean the city of New York of all ghosts.

Basically, you run around all over the city, going to buildings, trapping ghosts, driving back to the firehouse, and doing the same thing over and over. And that's it. As you trap ghosts (and depending how well you do it) you earn money, that you can use to buy more equipment for the guys. But what's the point? The only useful items are the Hyper Beam, the Super Trap, and a protection suit that costs more than 100,000 dollars!

After a set time within the game, you have to go to the building at the center of the map, and you have to go up the stairs - here, the game switches to a side-scroller, where you have to evade the ghosts as you go up. Now, in all games known to man (and women, of course ^^), you move your characters using the control pad. It's almost a set law of nature. But the Activision designers said "Nah, let's do something different" - and the result is, that for every step the guys have to take, you have to press the A button! Think this: The ghosts are approaching; you try to escape, but you can't - why? Because you're too tired of climbing and pressing the A button! And you have to climb more than 20 floors! *wrist cramp - GAH!*

And after that torture, they still expect you to fight Zuul, who's attacking you with rays, and the two dogs that protect her are shooting at you, and on top of that, there's ghosts coming from everywhere, and you have to kill her before the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man gets to the top of the building! And if that's not enough torture for you... just wait for the ending... my god! I've never been as frickin' angry with any game ending as I was with this one!

I'm still impressed, though. For a 1986 game, the graphics are simple, but well done. You'll see the same ghost all the time, at least until you get to the final level against Zuul. Though I still don't understand why the Ghostbusters have yellow skin...?

The sound isn't very good. You only have sounds for whan the game starts ("Ghostbusters!"), when you're hit, when the Ecto-1 hits a car, when you trap a ghost, and the Ghostbusters theme. You'll be hearing this last one all the time.

Hmmm... NES naked goodness! Uh, honey? Why is there a fat guy hanging from our bedroom window? And why are you so agitated?

If you see this game, give it a try for old time's sake. But most new players will turn this off after playing it for 5 minutes. Ah, but this sure brings back memories...

"If there's something strange... in your neighborhood.... who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
If there's something weird... and it don't look good... who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!...

tooo roo, tooo roo, tooo roo, tooo roo roo tooo tooo roo roo...
tooo roo, tooo roo, tooo roo, tooo roo roo tooo tooo roo roo...
I ain't afraid of no ghosts..."