System: SNES Country: Germany
Developer: Quintet Publisher: Enix
Size: 4 Megabits Save Feature: Battery backup, one slot
Retail Price: ? Release Date: ?
Number of Players: 1 Genre: God Simulation, 2D Action - Platform
Followed by: Actraiser 2

PAL cart
     Actraiser has two seperate parts: City building/simulation mode, and action mode. The former involves visiting the different cities on your planet, listening to the needs of the people, and acting accordingly. This may involve getting rid of monsters flying around, using lightning to clear land for city development, or creating rain in the desert so that the people there can grow crops. The other half, action, is a good old-fashioned 2D platformer. You assume a physical form on the planet's surface and use your sword and some magic power to eliminate monsters and their bosses. One notable change in the European versions of Actraiser that wasn't in the US or Japanese versions is the ability to choose between the full game of simulation and action, or a more traditional game consisting of just the action levels.

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