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Sunday, December 31, 2000. -It's been a tough year for many of us... I had to force Rey into letting me add a comment by yours truly on this New Years/Millenium Eve, but here I am, nonetheless. I want to thank everyone that has submitted stuff to the VGM, especially Ed (Ya llego el primer paquete!!! ^_^); Rey, for putting up with me over AIM, and Mek, even though I have not seen him for a long time, but I know he still supports us. This new year will bring new light into the Museum... and I apologize for not updating myself, but I've been working all mornings 7 days a week, and that cuts into my play time. Anyway... will there be new reviews by the mexican writer? Perchance... just give me some time and I'll beat Rey's constant updating ^_^ ¡Adios! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! - Kitsune

-Last day of an old millemium for some, begining of an old millenium for others. No matter what millenium you live in, you will still see this update the first of the next year.
SNES fans rejoice, a Super nes Ending update is at hand. Endings for Aladdin, Firepower 2000 (shouldn't have this been the sequel to Jackal?), Lufia 2, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back (I am your father luke!) and the game that started the whole pre-rendered craze, Donkey Kong Country.
You can still catch fire with these Neo-Geo Endings. Metal Slug X and from Kitsune Sniper we have endings for Waku Waku 7 and King of Fighters 96!
If you haven't died yet, you can waste your life looking at these Playstation Endings, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tomb Raider 3 and.........Street Fighter The Movie? Oh my god, I just killed 3 years of my life for playing that aberration of Street Fighter!! I should be ashamed of myself and I am. But since tomorrow is a new year/ millenium, I get to start off clean again.
I'd like to thank Opi and Ed for their support and for their games ^_^ . Kitsune for putting up with me while he makes endings and Mek for pretty much everything he has done. And I hope THIS year someone else would update for once! Have a nice sunday. - Rey

Sunday, December 24, 2000. -Even on a holiday!! The clensing continues with 3 Playstation Endings. Mega Man X4, Vandal Hearts and Tekken (take a look at those ugly first generation FMV!!) Thanks to Ace and Baraka for letting me use the games. - Rey

Friday, December 22, 2000. -Video Endin..... err Video Games Museum brings you yet another Playstation Ending update, Grandia and Ace Combat 2. Almost 100 megs of PSX endings in my computer, I got to get rid of them fast. When you see the message Mouse Text, it just means that if you put the mouse cursor over an image you will see text, you know, for those games that have speech instead of text. - Rey

Wednesday, December 20, 2000. -Another BIG Playstation Ending update...but only for Metal Gear Solid, since it is so big. - Rey

Sunday, December 17, 2000. -More goodies with 7 Arcade Endings for games like Double Dragon 3, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter (Yikes! the first one!), Street Fighter 2 and SF Alpha. Ace did the Simpson's one, made by Konami.....Sapo verde eres tuuu..... - Rey

Thursday, December 14, 2000. -Happy B day to me today!! A Nes Ending update, endings for Dragon Spirit, Uncle Fester's Quest and all the Wheel of Fortune games, could you believe me if I said that Rare made those games? A new sub-section inside the nes endings, the International Nes/ Famicom Endings, you know, for all those games that never officially came to America, and yes, I live in America (the continent of course). Games for that section are: Destiny of an Emperor 2 sent in by Focus, New Ghostbusters 2 from our very own Mr. Famous-translator-very important Kitsune Sniper and the Final Fantasy 2 and 3 from me, plus many more.
In addition I put more Super Nes Endings for all of you that only seem to like Snes endings. Endings are for 7th Saga, Demons Crest (great game, too bad it sold less than 100,000 copies), Captain Commando, Ultimate mortal kombat 3 and a couple more here and there. The Super Nes endings come with a new International sub-section too with endings for the following games, Jerry Boy from SuperG, Terranigma (Soul Blazer 3 or Illusion of Gaia 2, europe and japan only!! Arghh!!) , Rockman and Bass ( Mega Man and Bass if you may) from me. - Rey

Friday, December 8, 2000. -It was 20 years ago today...that John Lennon was shot and killed by a deranged "fan." To read more about his life go Here. - Mek

Sunday, December 3, 2000. -Added two new endings sections, the first one comes with 2 Commodore-64 Endings: Ultima 4 and Ultima 5 from Moses, I have no way of knowing if these endings are correct, if any of you know about the Commodore-64 Ultimas or whatever, let me know if the endings are correct.
And for the next new section you better have a fast conection or extra time because one of those Playstation Endings is BIG, I'm talking about the Final Fantasy 8 ending. Other endings are for Air Combat, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions and Rage Racer, thanks to Baraka for letting me use his games. - Rey

Sunday, November 26, 2000. -Subliminal Message. - Rey

Monday, November 20, 2000. -Added 22 Sega Genesis Endings: From Oli I have endings for Golden Axe 3, Splatterhouse 2 and others. From Ace I have Lightening Force, Moonwalker, Sonic 3, Thunder Force 3 among others. From Camus I have the Valis 3 ending. The Rest are done by me. - Rey

Wednesday, November 15, 2000. -Links section updated. And yes I'm still alive, thankfully. As is the site. Currently I'm working about 50 hours a week up at the arcade, which is great for pay, not so much for the site, heh. Anyway, I'll be around, and hopefully steady updates will resume again soon. - Mek

Monday, November 13, 2000. -6 Neo Geo Endings update. - Rey

Tuesday, November 7, 2000. -I came up with an easier to use menu design for Gamepics, you can check out an example in the Arcade section. - Mek

Saturday, November 4, 2000. -3 Neo Geo Pocket Color Endings and 1 Atari Lynx Ending. Both are new sections. - Rey

Friday, November 3, 2000. -We do have a Message Board you know. - Mek

Tuesday, October 31, 2000. - Happy Halloween, everybody! Here comes the mexican reviewer from hell (actually, the Baja Desert :P), bringing you 3 horror game reviews: First, we inaugurate the Genesis section with Splatterhouse 2 and 3; and for the NES, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes! ¡Adios! Happy candy hunting! - Kitsune Sniper's skeleton

Monday, October 30, 2000. -Hello everyone, I updated the Links section, added 3 new links, and removed a TON of dead links. Well, I've been getting hectic hours up at the arcade, that's why I've not been updating much, but I'll do what I can. Late. - Mek

Sunday, October 29 , 2000. -A Sega Master System update today. The only companies that REALLY care about the games, Sega and Nintendo are together in the form of a new company, Is that cool news or what? Endings for Ghouls and Ghosts from me and from Oli: Kung Fu Kid, Space Harrier, Wonderboy, Zillion 2 and R-Type. That's it for that system in the meantime. - Rey

Thursday, October 26, 2000. -I'm ALIVE!!!! Well, sorta, undead would be a better word at the moment... Anyways, I come bearing 15 new PSX scans for your viewing pleasure. 'Tis but a small update from me for now, but don't worry, I plan on getting back in the swing of things really soon. ^_~ POIUYT. - Reiginsei's Ghost

Monday, October 23, 2000. -Quick Game Scans update, added 23 PSX scans, sent in by Mark. RPOPHESSAGR. - Mek

-Added 6 new game ads as follows: Iron Sword - Castlevania II - Simon's Quest, Sky Shark, Wizards & Warriors II / Wizards & Warriors for the NES; The Castlevania Adventure / Motocross Maniacs for the Gameboy; Phalanx for the SNES; And Davis Cup - World Tour for the Genesis. You guys have to, I repeat you HAVE to check out this last one. (Warning partial nudity, hehe). This ad was submitted to me by the Reverend Jones. - Laterz, AnakinVdr

Sunday, October 22, 2000. -VGM breaks the 500th ending mark with 501 endings!! The figure might be small but if you take into account the fact that an ending has a lot of pics and the fact that most endings are super hard to get, well.....it's almost 12,000 pics of endings already. The section that broke the barrier is an all new section, the Turbografx-16 Endings section. With endings for Gradius, Parodius, Adventure Island and R-Type. Be back friday with more. - Rey

Wednesday, October 18, 2000. -Patience hast been rewarded with another installment gaming pleasure with a second edition of 11 Neo-Geo Endings. Immerse thyself with endings for Andro Dunos, Eightman, Fatal Fury, Ninja Commando (sent in by Ace), Puzzle Bobble.
But if thou wants pure sighting pleasures check out endings for Last Blade and Last Blade 2, swordplaying at it's best and speaking of swordplay, endings for Samurai Shodown 2 and Samurai Shodown 3 are also facing off in this madness, too bad Samurai Showdown 3 wasn't as good as the others in the series, even the endings leaves that matter settled. But the real ending in the shining armor comes from the game Garou Mark of the Wolves (Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves), this game has the BEST, and I repeat, BEST ending art in ANY game so far. It's truly the best out there and I hope for more endings like this in the future. And yes, those are REAL Garou Mark of the Wolves endings. - Rey

Tuesday, October 17, 2000. -Hello everyone! This time around, I bring you 5 reviews: for the NES, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II and New Ghostbusters II (European Release)! And for the SNES, Fatal Fury - King Of Fighters, and... Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension. Enjoy! - Kitsune

Monday, October 16, 2000. -Hey everybody, sorrry I've been gone for about a week or so, I have been putting in a lot of hours up at the arcade. I'll try to get at least one small update done a day, so don't fret. Anywho, I have a new system pic and info up for you, Atari 7800. I'd also like to welcome all the new Curators aboard (there's still one left). See you all soon. - Mek

-Hello, I'm AnakinVdr from the Nintendo Game Archive. I have been contributing NES Scans to this site for a while. Now I'll be helping around here with the game ads section. As my first update I added some new sections. They are the following : Atari Lynx, Classic, Misc, Sega 32X, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis, SMS, Sega Saturn,Turbo Grapfx 16. The total game ads are now 312, you guys should check out the Classic section and of course the NES section. - Later, AnakinVdr

Friday, October 13, 2000.-For such a special day, a very special review... an oldie, but a goodie... Friday the 13th! - Kitsune Sniper

-Here I come with 15 Arcade Endings with endings for Cabal, Poker Ladies (naughty naughty!!), Operation Thunderbolt and Blood Bros from Opi. In The Hunt and Sunset Riders from Ace. And from that Rey guy I got endings for 1943, Bells & Whistles which is actually The US Twin Bee, Bionic Commando (Tip: Stay with the NES version), Contra, Double Dragon 1 and 2 (Tip 2: Stay with the NES versions), Ghosts and Goblins (Arghhh, I had to play this game twice and with NO save features! I already did it once on NES, what possesed me to do it again!?), Haunted Castle (The arcade Castlevania!!) and Mystic Riders (Cotton 100% in Japan). That's it, until next time. - Rey

Thursday, October 12, 2000. -Hi guys, I'm back after a long (needed) break, enjoy 15 new and an updated SNES game with a total of 212 !!! new screenshots ! And a warm welcome to our new team members - may your motivation last for a long time ! My apolgize to the two or three people who sent me some stuff which I still have on my HD - your time will come - soon :) - Opi

Tuesday, October 10, 2000. -All good things come to those who wait.........oeG-oeN.....wtoM, Nothing comes close to this. - Rey

Saturday, October 7, 2000. - Hey everyone! I'm the newest member of this here website! Some people call me "Kitsune Sniper". You can call me Kitsune Sniper =P. I'm from the land of Mexico, and I'll be helping out Rey, Mek, Opi and Reiginsei with the site. Though I'll be sticking to Reviews mostly. You may have seen my previous work somewhere around the site before...

Speaking of which, here are my first additions to the site as a member! 4 reviews: Fatal Fury - King Of Fighters (Neo-Geo), Ranma ½: Hard Battle, Super Double Dragon, and Art Of Fighting; all of these three are for the SNES.

That's it for my first update. Gracias! Saludos a Mexicali! - Kitsune Sniper

Friday, October 6, 2000. -Added 14 PC-98 games, contributed by Crokk. - Mek

-Added a scan of Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, sent in by J. Soler. - Mek

-Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Soreyuke Daiundoukai (NES), from J. Soler. - Mek

-Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio Tachi no Banka (SNES), contributed by J. Soler. - Mek

-Added 2 MSX games to Gamepics, contributed by Robin Mask. - Mek

-Alright, first update of the day, added 34 N64 scans, sent in by Rey. Also go check out the banner I made for Stile, I didn't think he'd use it as his main banner, heh. - Mek

Thursday, October 5, 2000. -One last thing for the night, today is Opi's birthday, so make sure to send him a mail! - Mek

-Creativision pic and info is up, courtesy of CreativEmu. - Mek

-Atari 5200 system info and pic is up. Thanks, again to John Calcano for sending it in. - Mek

-Added a Chu Chu Rocket Winamp skin, sent in by The Video Game Character Archive. - Mek

Tuesday, October 3, 2000. -Made a new Poll of Doom, What 2-D game has the best graphics? Vote now, or not. - Mek

Monday, October 2, 2000. -Alright, I have a nice sized Gamepics update for you all, I added 54 Atari 2600 games. What's New. Small update today, I'll be back tomorrow with some more scans and/or Gamepics. - Mek

Saturday, September 30, 2000. -Started a new Game Scans section, Amstrad CPC is up with 8 new scans. Thanks to JMSH for contributing. - Mek

-Added a whopping 89 more Neo-Geo scans, contributed by KOF Perfect. - Mek

-I have a few updates for you today, first off, added 34 Neo-Geo scans, contributed by KOF Perfect. I will be back later today with more stuff. - Mek

Friday, September 29, 2000. -Yo, it's been a long time since I made a batch of TG-16 games, so here's 33 new ones for you. As always, click here for what's new. - Mek

Wednesday, September 27, 2000. -To the persons called Moses and Llazy that contributed some endings please E-Mail me. It's Urgent. And to everyone else that wants to do endings, PLEASE read the FAQ and Email me first to tell me what ending you are going to do. If you don't, you'll run the risk of doing an ending I already have. Just because the ending is not posted it doesn't mean that I don't have it. - Rey

-My oh my, this is a big one!! All sections are updated and 2 new sections are open. First on the list is one of the new sections, the Arcade Endings. Endings for Mortal Kombat from Peter, Knights of The Round, Punisher and POW from Ace and 1941, Astyanax, Bad Dudes, Final Fight, Mega Man Power Battle, Super Contra and many others from yours truly.

-Second on the list are the Game Boy Endings: endings for crap like Blaster Master Boy and Killer Instinct, and endings for good games like King of Fighters 95, Gargoyles Quest and Gradius, etc.

-Third on the long list comes the Game Boy Color Endings: more crap endings for games like Knockout Kings, X-Men Mutant Academy. Average endings for games like Mr. Driller, Bust a Move 4, Konami Winter Games and endings for soon to be classics like Warlocked and the one that started the side-scrolling rage,Super Mario Bros. Deluxe!

-Next comes the Game Gear Endings. Not much here but endings for Shinobi and Double Dragon.

-Moving along nicely comes the second new section, the MSX / MSX2 Endings. Here we have endings for Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, done by Peter also, this game was never released outside japan and it is the ORIGINAL Metal Gear 2 and not that crap Snake's Revenge that we all got. This ending is a good one for all those so called Metal Gear Fans that think they know Metal Gear because they played Metal Gear Solid. Other endings from humble me include Nemesis, Nemesis 2 and Nemesis 3. I never knew MSX had so many exclusive konami games and these Nemesis (Gradius in America and Japan) games had a pretty good story that helps undestand the gradius saga a bit better.

-Next on are the Neo Geo Endings. Most of them come from Art of Fighting-SNK extraordinare Kitsune Sniper!! Endings range from Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2, Fatal Fury Special, King of Fighters 95 and Legend of Success Joe. Metal Slug ending done by sweet Dawny and King of Fighters 94 ending done by sweet me, errrrrr.....I mean, done by me!!

-Continuing the nightmare with the Nes Endings. Endings for Bad News Baseball, Gun Smoke, Kid Icarus and others to bad to mention. I also completed the Mega Man games by adding the Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 6 endings.

-Now comes the Sega Genesis Endings. Alien Storm, Altered Beast and Eswat from Ace. Galaxy Force II and F-22 endings from Camus. Phantasy Star 4, Shining Force, Sonic 2 and Strider 2 from little old me :)

-Next is the Sega Master System Endings. Not much other than Deep Duck Trouble and Lucky Dime Caper, both are Donald Duck games.

-And last comes the most popular ending section yet....the Super Nes Endings. Endings for the battlin' toads and an update for Tetris Attack, the best puzzle game ever. Street Fighter 2 get's a much deserved ending and as an added bonus you all get the Mega Man X 2 and Mega Man X 3 ending.

-I hope you all enjoy this uber update since it took me from 3:00 AM to 10:00 AM to finish this update (I could have done more but.....) and you probably won't see another one like this one for a long time. It doesn't matter which time zone you live in........7 hours is the same for eveybody......I don't think I will try a stunt like this again. Oh, and BIGmog Rules! - Rey

-Added 26 Neo-Geo scans, contributed by KOF Perfect. - Mek

Tuesday, September 26, 2000. -Added 8 PSX scans from Reiginsei (Who has a hellacious schedule at school, which is why he can't update here these days, heh). - Mek

-Added 6 SNES scans, sent in by Zauver. - Mek

-Added a new section to Gamepics, Creativision is up with 9 games. All sent in by CreativEmu. - Mek

-Atari 2600, Colecovision, and Intellivision system pics and info is up. Thanks to John Calcano for the pics. - Mek

Monday, September 25, 2000. -Added scans for Seiken Densetsu 3 from Rey. You can get them in the SNES section. - Mek

-Added 6 Game Boy scans from Rey. - Mek

-Ok, I did update the Links section. Remember, if you want to trade links, just add me to your site and drop me a line. That's all for now, I'll return later today. - Mek

-Added Panzer Dragoon Mini (Game Gear), sent in by Gynoug. - Mek

-And the odds & ends clean up continues. Added 2 new SMS games to Gamepics. Both sent in by Jorge Nieves. - Mek

-Added 6 N64 scans from Mark. He also sent in a TON of PSX scans, and I'll be putting those up soon. Ah yes, I also need to do a links update, I'll try and get that done today. - Mek

Saturday, September 23, 2000. -Added 22 NES scans from NGA. Ok, I may be back later today with more video game goodness. - Mek

-Boba Fett sent in pics for Tengai Makyo Zero (SNES). He also sent in the scans of it. - Mek

-Night Striker III (Arcade). Sent in by Robin Mask. - Mek

-Found 12 old, old, old SNES scans from Opi, so I put them up. - Mek

-Added 5 TG-16 scans from mbox. As always, click Here for what's new. - Mek

-Added 8 Sega Saturn scans from Aaron Mims. - Mek

-Alright, I have a few updates for you. First off, Tenchu 2 Birth of the Stealth Assasins, PSX. Sent in by sfx. - Mek

Monday, September 18, 2000. -Alright, I have done a lot of trouble shooting with this design and have come to the conclusion, that, well, I dunno why it freezes sometimes in IE. I think I have an idea of what it may be though, so I will be doing a little site maintenance for the next week (mostly FTP work). I'll have reports occasionally. - Mek

Saturday, September 16, 2000. -Ok, quick note, I was having a problem with IE earlier, where the site would freeze. Well, it looks like it was a bad Javascript (Thanks Rey), anyway, if you encounter any problems, let me know. - Mek

-Well, I must say, this new design took well over a week to deliver. I've actually been planning on a new design with this color scheme for about 6 months now. Anyway, vote in the poll if you like/dislike it. Now I'll be off to take a much needed day of rest. Unless, of course, I find any bugs. - Mek

    Sunday, September 10, 2000. -2 New sections for you all!! a Game Gear Section with 2 endings, Mega Man and Shinobi 2, This game last level is ULTRA hard. The other section is for the Sega Master System, only the Phantasy Star ending for that section in the meantime. I have more Game Gear endings but I didn't post them because I already had this update ready, but they will be up on the next update. Thanks to Opi for giving me the games and emu in the first place. Many other new sections are coming right up in the upcoming days. Thanks go to Camus, Peter and Kitsune Sniper (the translator dude) for making the contributions. - Rey

-Alright, last update for right now. Added 10 Atari Lynx games to Gamepics, contributed by MrPerfectn. Speaking of, I'm now hosting his site, MrP's Castlevania Realm. Go, check it out. - Mek

-Added Boston Bomb Club for the Amiga. Sent in by Louie. - Mek

-Added Kirby's Dreamland 2 for Game Boy. Contributed by Dream Land. - Mek

-Front Mission: Gun Hazard for SNES, sent in by Hedon. - Mek

-Ok, so, due to the huge amount of small contributions, i.e. people sending in pics of one game, or one scan and whatnot, for the next few weeks there will be a bunch of small updates on my part. Anyway, I added Time Killers to the Arcade section of Gamepics. Sent in by CBH. - Mek

    Wednesday, September 6, 2000. -Hello again everyone. I'm back from a nice little break from the site. I also happened to get a job at the local arcade, which is pretty rad. Anywho, I added 22 PC-98 games to Gamepics. If you sent me an e-mail in the last few weeks,I should get to it today. There's a lot, and sorry for being away so long. - Mek

    Friday, September 1, 2000. - 9 Snes Endings for your viewing pleasure!. Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury endings, Castlevania Dracula X with the 3 different images you get when you rescue or don't rescue anette, All the endings for Samurai Shodown, I just learned to put an animated pic in a still picture so the Secret of Mana ending came with an animated pic of the last boss. With every update there has to be at least one rare goodie most people have never seen.....this time it is the last bosses of the hard path in Star Fox!. Most people didn't even try to beat the hard path, thus missing the the real last boss, I put it there with the mouseover feature I just learned to do also. Also in this update is the World Heroes and Wanderers From Ys ending. The Ys 3 ending is a long one. A cookie to the one that finds the secret link in the snes update.......and more cookies to those who find it's secrets too...... - Rey

    Monday, August 28, 2000. - With that shocking Spaceworld announcement last week I lost my will to post updates during those days but I'm back! and I come with 6 Sega Genesis Endings. One of them done by me ^_^ , another done by Kitsune Sniper and 4 done by my black bro Ace here in Sto. Dgo. Gobble up this update with Contra Hard Corps, featuring every ending the game has and Dynamite Headdy, a game made by Treasure, the original makers of contra and in Treasure tradition Dynamite Headdy is hard.....even harder it was to get that secret last boss and secret ending that the game has and that basically no one has ever seen, it isn't worth all the trouble people have got to go through. But since I won't settle for less, I had to whip Ace to get that secret ending too, quality always comes first, if a game has multiple endings you will always surely see it here!! Other endings include Shadow Dancer(Shinobi 2), Strider, Arrow Flash and Art of Fighting. A new ending section will be up later this week. - Rey

    Friday, August 25, 2000. - Hey everybody, sorry I haven't been posting in a while, I've been busy with offline matters. Anyway, I added some new links in the links section. - Mek

    Monday, August 21, 2000. Added 28 new Game Gear games to Gamepics and updated 3 more, also up are 2 new MSX games from Robin Mask. New arcade stuff and X68000 will follow tomorrow :) - Opi.

    Sunday, August 20, 2000. -Anyone that wants to do Neo Geo, Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear or Turbo Grafix /Turbo Duo endings are free to do so since we need endings for those systems. Before doing any check the FAQ for making the endings correctly and the What's Needed for any other system listed there that needs endings , you can E-mail me for any questions about them. Before sending any endings E-mail me first so I can give you my non-hotmail E-Mail address. Remember kids, always take the last boss a picture!! - Rey

-Happy Birthday VGM!! Congratulations goes to Mek for making Gamepics in the first place, good luck to him (and us) and let's hope we keep on bringing you the best VGM content on the net for many years to come! Ok, since these days have been new sections day, I come with a new ending section.....Neo Geo endings!! Only one ending so far, done by fellow Kitsune Sniper, it is for the Art of Fighting 3 game. Enjoy it. - Rey

-Added a new section to Gamepics: Virtual Boy, with 8 games. Well, to those who have been following this site for a while know August 20, 1999 was when I began this behemoth. I started it in a hotel room, as I was moving from California to middle of nowhere Kansas. Then it was known as Gamepics, and it's the largest section of this site. Anywho, the first pic I ever put up, is today's pic of the day. I'll be back later with more stuff. - Mek

    Wednesday, August 16, 2000. -created a new section and added 11 Sega 32x games with 111 pictures to Gamepics. :) Check out Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing Deluxe and the other great games - not much more to come (only almost 2 dozens of 32x games were released ! Opi.

-Added many pictures in the Arcade section of Gamepics to Mr. Do and Out Run, two of my alltime arcade faves :) Feel free to do the same with your favorite games .... Opi.

    Tuesday, August 15, 2000. -Hey everybody, I added 21 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics. And let me say, there is going to be some really exciting changes coming to the Museum in the near future. P.S. if you look around here enough, you just might find what I'm talking about. - Mek

    Monday, August 14, 2000. -Uploaded 27 new Game Boy scans - more to come - sorry for not updating much lately, but I joined Retrogames and now I'm too busy to do my duty here as much as I would like to do. Opi

    Sunday, August 13, 2000. -Added 57 Arcade games to Gamepics, thus surpassing 8,000 games. - Mek

-Added 2 X68000 games and updated one more to Gamepics (thanks Vitor) with more than 50 new screenshots. The japanese X68000 computer system seems to be a pretty good and powerful machine (check out Dive On. SSF 2 and Nemesis 90) - more to come later this day - Opi.

    Thursday, August 10, 2000. -I updated the What's Needed page with a list of Game Gear games we need. - Mek

-added 10 SNES games with 119 pictures to Gamepics - and much more to come :) I will upload many new pictures to the real SNES classics to present them better ! If you wanna contribute some level-boss fight pictures or screenshots from later levels - you're welcome to do so :-) Opi.

    Wednesday, August 9, 2000. -added 11 SNES games with 123 pictures to Gamepics - more to come :) We STILL NEED someone with a good x68000 archive and the WILL to help ! Opi.

-`Tis me, Reiginsei, here with an update for you. 'Bout time I did something eh? Well, anyways, on with the update. I finally uploaded the final piece of music from DBZUB22, which would be the ending. Pick it up the the Playstation music section..... What? Oh yeah, you didn't think that was all did ya? I more than doubled the Ads section bringing the total from 18 to a whopping 44 ads. Yay!! ...Ok, so it wasn't a major accomplishment, but adding the 50 remaining megs of ads will be, heh. ^^; BTW, aren't the <!-- --> tags just great AND fun too? =)

-Added 22 Multi-Console ads.

-Added 2 SNES ads.

-Added 2 NES ads.

-Added 1 Game Boy . All of these were from NGA. - Reiginsei

-I wasn't going to update today but after looking at all the work Mek has done, I thought I would throw in a few endings too...you know...to make this day a record breaking one (Opi, Reiginsei, update a little today so we can make this day a record breaker!). Ok, I came today with 12 Game Boy Endings, I completed the Mega Man Games By adding Mega Man 1 And 2, completed all the Kirby games released for the Game Boy by adding the always cute Kirby's Dreamland ending, added Operation C the mother of all Action/ Shooter games, Nintendo's Shooter attempt with Solar Striker, the best Mario game on GB with Super Mario Land 2, all 3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles endings, Wario land 2 among other game endings. That Snes update is still on track, all I have to do is wait a few days before posting it. - Rey

-Added 14 PC-98 games to Gamepics, and I'm signing off for the night. Later all. - Mek

-Added 2 MSX games to Gamepics. - Mek

-Added 1 more SNES scan. - Mek

-Added 4 more NES scans. - Mek

-Added 2 SNES scans. - Mek

-Added 8 NES scans. - Mek

-Added 2 TG-16 scans. - Mek

-Added 135 3DO scans. And I am TIRED, this update took two days to deliver. Thanks, Qun Mang for the scans. - Mek

    Sunday, August 6, 2000. -Added 15 Nes Endings, you should all go and submit Save States at Zophar's Domain. You will all see my name a lot there since I am the only one submitting saves lately. Anyhow, here I come with endings for commando, an old capcom "classic" with some MAYOR spelling errors on the ending, Flying Warriors, both G.I. Joe endings, wax on wax off ending for Karate Kid, the nes game with the weirdest name-Magic of Scheherazade, the super cool River City Ransom, the third Simpsons title, a regular sequel for an awesome game-Star Tropics 2, Super Dodge Ball, Wizards & Warriors and some other crap'o games. I have a nice little surprise for the Snes update I am planing to do, some small innovations will take place in an ending or two. - Rey

    Saturday, August 5, 2000. -Added 60 Arcade games to Gamepics. Whew, I'm tired, I guess that's it for me until later today. - Mek

    Friday, August 4, 2000. -Added 39 MSX scans. - Mek

-WOW, the endings section was updated with 5, yes you read that right, 5 Sega Genesis endings!! This long time negleted section is alive at last and it comes with endings for Golden Axe 1 & 2, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage and a game from one of the coolest heroes of our childhood......the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! Anyone that does not like the TMNT can go eat turtle soup with shredder. Back one of these days with more endings. - Rey

-Put up 7 Sega CD ads. Yeah, remember that section? More stuff later today. - Mek

    Wednesday, August 2, 2000. -FAQ is updated with info on making better endings. - Rey

-added 53 SNES games with 357 pictures to Gamepics and renamed [old name], added and replaced pictures for 4 SNES games. This was another really large update, it took more than 10 hours to make the screenshots, write the html and upload this stuff :) I added a "!" to the new additions like Rey did it with his endings. The SNES section will be completely redone, that should keep me busy for the rest of this year ! Please, if you're able to donate some X68000 and Armstrad stuff for Gamepics, that would be really GREAT ! Rey READ the message board ! Opi

-Added 39 Intellivision games to Gamepics. We're still looking for all sorts of material, so if you have any of the stuff in the What's Needed let us know. - Mek

-Added 3 Snes Endings, another crap ending goes to the Toy Story game, an oldie ending from Zelda A Link To The Past and the mother of all RPGs, the Final Fantasy 3 ending. I still prefer Final Fantasy 2 because of the story. Hi Opi, Hi Reiginsei.There isn't much interaction between us, it's almost like we don't like each other. My Snes ending of the day goes to Tetris Attack, even though the ending is nothing out of the ordinary the game is the best puzzle I have ever played, I still remember all those nights in which I went to sleep making combos and chains in my head.Luckily, there is a "sequel" in the works for the N64 and I don't mind that it is based on pokemon instead of yoshi island, nothing can be more sickening than listening to yoshi say "NINTENDO" when you turned on Tetris Attack. That's why I don't mind that it's pokemon now, I like pokemon (except those pikachu piercing screams). - Rey

-Yo people, what is the haps? Welp, I've been gone for a few days doing some design work, and that's all done so I can resume my updates. Anywho, here is 49 new NES games to Gamepics. - Mek

    Monday, July 31, 2000. -Added 5 Nes Endings, I thought I'd throw in Adventure Island 1 & 2 to complete the series in the ending section. The whole series suck, I don't care what anyone says, and the one that was really good (Part 4) was never released in America, talk about stupid thinking. I also completed the 4 Dragon Warrior endings by posting Part 2, 3 and 4, which were missing from the endings also. I have beaten' 889 games and I have done like 500 endings of those games, I hope one day to finish 1000 games and hope to do all endings one of these centuries. My Nes game ending of the day is 1942, this is a game that originaly took me 6 hours of non-stop playing to beat and when I finally pass the last stage I get the best ending ever made for any game<./sarcasm> and they don't even add the "s" at the end, enjoy it like I did after I trashed my controller. - Rey

    Sunday, July 30, 2000. -Added this new What's Needed page. Go read it, and if you can help out with that stuff, let us know! - Mek

    Saturday, July 29, 2000. -Created a new section for MSX games at Gamepics and added 31 MSX games to it (represented by 115 pictures). If you want to contribute to this new section, feel free to contact me (I would prefer disk based pictures due to the fact that I have most of the ROM based games on my own). This update took me more than 6 hours all in all - just to give you a clue how MAD Mek was to maintain this site alone for such a long time. - Opi

-First update of the day online, we all missed an update yesterday.....strange.... Anyways, I'm back with 8 Game Boy endings ranging from three batman games, the best Bust A Move made, Part 2 of course, a few other games and to all of us fanatics of poke..... err, to all of you fans of Pokemon I got the ending for Pokemon Yellow complete with the diploma you get when you find all 150 pokemons (even though I got all 151) and the one you get with the surfing Pikachu, ok enough Pokemon already (I will do the Gold and Silver's endings as soon as I get the english versions!). I went even further by posting 12 Super Nes endings, one of them belongs to Opi, it is from one of the best shooters of all time, can you guess which one is? The others done by me go from Bust A Move (again) , the piece of crap rocketeer, a few unknown/obscure titles and the knock-out game Super Punch-out!! (no pun intended), enjoy them all, it will be a while for the next one........ and hello to Stone Nguyen for that nice mail he sent me. - Rey

    Thursday, July 27, 2000. -Put up 13 Atari 2600 scans. I have a ton of scans to put up, so everyone who sent them in be patient, they will be up in due time. - Mek

- Added 29 new SNES games to Gamepics and updated 12 more SNES games with additional shots, replace jpg's with better gif's, renamed some games to the correct names and deleted one double entry - all in all 5 hours of work :) Opi

-Everyone's e-mail addy is up down at the bottom of the left menu. - Mek

-Added the rest of the Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 BGM tracks to the Playstation music section. Only one more left to go, and that's the ending theme. It would be up now, but my upload was being bitchy so I'll save it for another day. Gotta love those slowass modem connections. ;) - Reiginsei

    Wednesday, July 26, 2000. -Links section updated. - Mek

    Tuesday, July 25, 2000. -Put up 36 MSX scans, sent in by Angel. - Mek

-Added 14 Playstation (PSX) games to Gamepics and started correcting the SNES section of Gamepics (I use Cowerings ROM renaming utility GoodSNES to verify the games and to correct the japanese names). - Opi

-Added 14 GBC Endings to the Uber VGMuseum, I would have done more if the Metal Gear Solid ending wouldn't have taken me 3 hours to do....... Tomorrow I'll come with some Black and White GB endings,you know you all love those. - Rey

    Monday, July 24, 2000. -Rey here,the last staff member in 'bitch duty' position. I come from an island in the Caribbean called Dominican Republic and I have been coming and submiting stuff here since day 24th that this page started, way back when it was called Gamepics. Before forces like Opi and Reginsei came along and with such forces I am proud to be here now helping Mek make this site even greater than it is. And now the real Video Game Museum, so real that it reeks from awesomeness, proudly gives you my area of expertise....the Game Endings!! I only Added 11 Nintendo endings because I am still "learning" HTML, but tomorrow I will have a plethora of endings for your viewing pleasure. - Rey

    Sunday, July 23, 2000. -Added some Sega Genesis System Notes/History from Nestor J. Galeano. This information should be useful for those of you who are thinking of replacing your older Genesis model with the newer model 3 revision. Oh yeah, and as for the rest of those DBZ MP3s, umm... give me a few more days. =) - Reiginsei

-Added 2 Sega Genesis games to Gamepics, and added 11 shots to Wonder Boy 6 (Genesis). - Mek

-Added 3 Sega Saturn games to Gamepics. - Mek

-Added 48 PC-98 games to Gamepics, sent in by Crokk. And yes, there's one last staff member to make his introduction (hopefully) sometime tonight. - Mek

-Added 10 Game Boy Color games to Gamepics. - Opi

    Saturday, July 22, 2000. -Added 24 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics. - Mek

-Added 7 games to the Playstation section of Gamepics as my little gamepic introduction thing-a-ma-bob for Mek. Enjoy and g'night. BTW, I'll add the rest of the DBZUB22 BGM tracks around tomorrow night. Look for 'em soon. - Reiginsei

    Friday, July 21, 2000. -Added 1 PC98 game (together with Mek as a training lesson) to the PC98 section of Gamepics ! - Opi

-Updated the Links section. - Mek

-I added 12 new games (which I thankfully received from Capr|corn for my own - now dead - site) to the Turbo Duo section of Gamepics ! New screenshots / donations for this section are highly welcome (I have no new CDs left). - Opi

    Thursday, July 20, 2000. -Added 61 Arcade games to Gamepics. My updates will be slower in the next few days, as I teach the new guys everything. Party on. - Mek

-And in this corner, coming to you from EmuCamp and the great party-state of Louisiana, weighing in at 2.7 gigs of MP3s and a ton of video games, Reiginsei!!! Hello fellow Video Game Museum visitors! I shall be your other updater around here along with Opi and Mek. I might not have contributed as much content as the great Opster, but I've submitted a bit here and there, and I still have more to come, heh. For starters, you should head on over to the Playstation MP3 section. I've uploaded the first 4 BGM tracks from Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22, the opening music of The Legend of Dragoon (a great RPG), the ending theme of Vampire Hunter D entitled Lone Ride (a great piece of music) and finally, two tracks from one of the greatest Playstations games ever, Umihara Kawase Shun! They both have Japanese singing, so if that turns ya on, I suggest you download them. Oh yeah, and thanks to Mek for letting me be a part of this great site! ^_^ - Reiginsei

-Hi fans of the Video Game Museum :-) I'm Opi from Geoshock (an old video gaming maniac from Germany). From now on I will help Mek out and update this great gaming source to lower the working pressure off him a little bit ! I contributed to this fine site practically from the beginning and I hope I'm able to do this till its end (which will never come) - so stay tuned for my very first updates - and thanks to Mek for letting me be part of this !!!! - Opi

    Wednesday, July 19, 2000. -So people, what's shaking? Today is going to be interesting to say the least. Two people are coming in, and I'll be showing them the ropes, so we can deliver this massive amount of material a whole hell of a lot faster. Anywho, I removed a whole bunch of dead links from the Links section. Remember, if you want to trade links with me, drop me a line.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2000. -Aaron Mims uploaded 18 Lords of Thunder MP3s, you can get them in the new Sega CD music section.

    Monday, July 17, 2000. -Just an update to let everyone know what's going on, I'm getting a lot of things ready for future updates and such. Also, getting ready for a few staff members, a first for this site. Anyway I'm looking for any and all SNES gurus out there, if you want to help me out with this, please let me know.

    Sunday, July 16, 2000. -Ok, it's been a while I know, but I have a lot to report. First off, where have I been for 3 days? Well I was redesigning a site, those of you out there who are WWF fans, check out The official Stevie Richards site. And yes it's supposed to look like that. Let's see what else, oh yeah, 2 people who contribute A LOT to this site will be joining up here soon to help me out some, before I lose my mind you know. Can you guess who they are? Well that's it for now, I'll be back tomorrow with the goods for all you video game junkies. Late.

    Thursday, July 13, 2000. -Put up 11 Game Boy endings.

-Added a review for Art of Fighting 3 (Neo-Geo), sent in by Kitsune Sniper

-Added 34 Intellivision games to Gamepics.

-Put up 4 Sega Dreamcast scans.

-Added 7 new Neo-Geo games to Gamepics, and also fixed 5 of the games in poor condition. What's New.

    Wednesday, July 12, 2000. -Added 38 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics. I think my motivation is coming back, you all know what that means, updates up to WAZOO.

-Added 17 TG-16 games to Gamepics. Sorry for the lower amount of updates, I've been really busy with things these days. There's a new poll up, the results for the previous poll "What was the coolest [cartoon] bad guy tag team" are:

  • Megatron/Starscream - 286 votes, 35%
  • Krang/Shredder - 181 votes, 22%
  • Cobra Commander/Destro - 169 votes, 20%
  • Skeletor/Evil Lyn - 88 votes, 10%
  • Mum-Ra/Random Mutant - 44 votes, 5%
  • a fat/boys - 44 votes, 5%

    So, I should be back today with some more games. Oh yeah, if you have any MP3 suggestions post them on the Message Board.

        Monday, July 10, 2000. -So what's shaking peoples? Put up 58 Neo-Geo scans. Not much else to report, so I will check you all later today or tomorrow. Late.

        Saturday, July 8, 2000. -60 new Atari 2600 games are up. So, last night I actually wrote down all that is in my que to put up on this site. Let's just say I'll be busy for 237462038324693 more days. Hmmm, I've been neglecting the music section, I should make some tracks tonight.

        Friday, July 7, 2000. -Added 33 Intellivision games to Gamepics. I've been getting a lot of interesting things from people nowadays. Fan artwork, manuals, glitch screens, and such. It should all make for a neat section.

        Thursday, July 6, 2000. -Apparently, the Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace MP3 was corrupt. So I uploaded it again, and it's available in the SNES music section.

    -So what's going on people? Not much here, just get a little bored from time to time with the site (Which is normal, it'll go away in a few days). Anywho, here is 68 new Arcade games. I've been busy making tons of Atari 2600 shots, for those of you who dig those.

        Tuesday, July 4, 2000. -Added 38 Arcade games to Gamepics. Today is July 4th, Pyromaniacs Day, ain't it great?

        Monday, July 3, 2000. -Added 5 Neo-Geo games to Gamepics. And I'm also fixing the section as a whole. I.e. removing the old JPGs, putting up the Japanese varients like: Kunio no Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu (Super Dodge Ball), and correcting some names that may be wrong. Hmmm, I should really make a new poll...

        Sunday, July 2, 2000. -Links section is updated.

    -Put up 62 Neo-Geo scans. Surpassing 2,000 scans in the process. Party on.

        Saturday, July 1, 2000. -Added 12 C-64 scans.

    -Added 14 Game Boy games to Gamepics. I also have a lot of mail to check and answer today, so don't stress out on me for not having answered your mail yet.

        Friday, June 30, 2000. -Added 47 Arcade games to Gamepics. Well, I'll tell you, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is probably one of the best fighters of all time. But there are some problems with it, like the fact that there is no storyline whatsoever, and no character endings. It's like Capcom wanted to minimize the one player feature as much as possible. Le Sigh, oh well, that's not much of a big deal. Now back to earning points for the secret characters....

        Thursday, June 29, 2000. -What's up people? Quite an odd week I had. First off, last sunday night, lightning actually struck in my backyard frying all my phones, my modem, and my cable box. Blah. And then there was that wacky server move. But hey, at least I got all all those damn Gamepics pages done. Let's see what else... oh yeah, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 comes out today, so that will most likely eat up my time and attention like a 10 year old collecting Pokemon cards.

        Sunday, June 25, 2000. -Added 6 PSX MP3s. Including 4 Elemental Gearbolt tracks. In my opinion, the best music found in any video game, ever. Try Act 1's Cinema track. The linkage is going along smoothly, I should be done soon.

        Saturday, June 24, 2000. -Added 6 new Chrono Trigger MP3s. Just stuff to tide you over untill I'm done with the linkage.

        Friday, June 23, 2000. -Hey everybody, 23 new TG-16 games are up. Still adding the home links to the Gamepics pages. I should have that done soon.

        Thursday, June 22, 2000. -Added 3 Neo-Geo games to Gamepics. Waku Waku 7 has some rad graphics, no? Updates will be slow for a while, there are some changes I have to make to the Gamepics pages.

    -Added 30 Neo-Geo scans. What's New.

        Wednesday, June 21, 2000. -Added a new section to Gamepics, PC-98. 8 games are up so far.

    -Added a review for Pokemon Yellow (GB).

    -For you game ending fans out there (and I know theres a lot of you), here's 6 new NES endings.

    -How about 3 Dracula X (PC-Engine) MP3s, eh?

        Tuesday, June 20, 2000. -Put up 41 MSX scans.

    -Added 4 Amiga MODs up to Game Music. MODs are really small and can be played in Winamp, to those who are wondering.

    -Added a review for Super Fire Pro Wrestling Premium X.

    -Put up 28 Neo-Geo scans, contributed by KOF Perfect.

        Monday, June 19, 2000. -To those of you who like the banner, scroll all the way down to the bottom for a nice surprise. Also, If anyone knows the names of the music tracks for Dracula X (PC-Engine), please let me know. I'm talking about the actual game disc, not the soundtrack.

    -Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday, I had a TON of stuff to download and get ready for future updates. Anyway, here is 4 Street Fighter Alpha 3 MP3s (PSX). Looks like I'm about to get in Game Scans mode again. Look for a lot of game scan additions soon.

        Saturday, June 17, 2000. -Here's 5 new Chrono Trigger MP3s. Click Here for what's new.

    -Added a new section to Game Scans, MSX is up with 42 scans.

    -Today's MP3: (As requested by Phil) Chrono Trigger - People Who Threw Away the Will to Live

        Friday, June 16, 2000. -Check out this hilarious review for Lethal Weapon (NES) sent in by Trevor.

    -Added a review for Kirby Star Stacker (Game Boy) sent in by Opi.

    -Added 13 Game Boy games to Gamepics.

    -Added 28 ZX Spectrum games to Gamepics. More to come today.

    -Chrono Trigger - Memories of Green is up in the SNES music section.

        Thursday, June 15, 2000. -Added 10 Sega Genesis endings.

    -Added 41 Arcade games to Gamepics.

    -That Chrono Trigger MP3 is actually called "To Far Away Times." Sorry about that.

    -Neat (I get mentioned at the bottom).

    -Here's your MP3 of the day: Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times (Ending). Word.

        Wednesday, June 14, 2000. -Massive Links update.

    -Greetings. Here is 21 SNES game endings. Rey instructed me to dedicate Kirby Super Star to Opi So, um, yeah, ok.

    -Added 25 TG-16 games to Gamepics. More to come.

    -I wrote up this FAQ. You can see it above in that little mini menu. Inside, it has all the submission info you need. It also answers some of the more annoying questions I get. Use it or die.

        Tuesday, June 13, 2000. -Welp, I'm still making screen shots, so to tide everyone over, here is 5(!) new Chrono Trigger MP3s. Ed, check the message board.

        Monday, June 12, 2000. -Just a note, I'll be making screenshots today, so I won't be able to do any updates until late tonight, maybe. Late.

        Sunday, June 11, 2000. -Two more King of Fighters 97 MP3s are up in the Sega Saturn section.

    -Added a review for Art of Fighting 2 (Neo-Geo). Hmm, what to do next? MP3s or art?

    -And the MP3age continues. Chrono Trigger - Enhasa (Time Circuits) is up in the SNES music section.

        Saturday, June 10, 2000. -Check out these rad Double Dragon maps (Arcade) sent in by Caveman Ninja.

    -Added a review for Art of Fighting (Neo-Geo), and a new link. So, this weekend I've decided I'll be focusing my attention on some of the neglected sections of the site. Notables are: reviews, endings, art, and sprite rips. Perhaps I'll put up a couple Chrono Trigger MP3s today. Good deal, eh?

    -Good morning video game fanatics. Have a nice new Sega Saturn MP3, Pocket Fighter - Morrigan's Stage. More to come later today.

        Friday, June 9, 2000. -Added 76 C-64 games to Gamepics. And if you notice, I've surpassed 7,000 games total. All the contributors deserve thanks, however, certain people deserve thanks for their extra efforts with this site (Like sending CDs with tons of material), and in no particular order; Opi, Rey, Ed, Aaron Mims, and Angel. Thanks a ton. If I've missed anyone, forgive me, I'm rather tired, heh. Remember, contributors are what make this site what it is, so if you want to send in anything, reviews, screens, scans, anything, just let me know. Sometimes I take a rest after I break a thousand, but tomorrow I'll be back with more video game goodies. Rock on.

    -Have another MP3, Orochi Iori's Theme - King of Fighters 97 Sega Saturn.

    -Welp, I have a nice surprise for you all, a new section. Game music. The first one up is Blue Mary's Theme - King of Fighters 97 Sega Saturn (MP3).

    -Have a hot steaming plate of 43 Game Boy games. They're good, and good for you.

        Thursday, June 8, 2000. -Added a review for Rad Racer (NES). What has my Message Board come to?

    -Added 24 TG-16 games to Gamepics.

    -Added a review for Adventure Island (NES).

    -Added 10 Neo-Geo Pocket games to Gamepics.

        Wednesday, June 7, 2000. -Added 62 Arcade games to Gamepics. Fear this. R. Mika does. Also, if you have a TV tuner card and would like to help me out, I could use some 3DO, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, Jaguar, and DC shots. Or if you would like to help out with some rarer stuff, like MSX, and other assorted computer systems, let me know.

    -Added 28 Game Boy games to Gamepics.

        Tuesday, June 6, 2000. -Added 14 SNES game endings.

    -Added 32 Sega CD scans.

    -Added 15 TG-16 games to Gamepics. More stuff to come today.

        Monday, June 5, 2000. -Added 13 Neo-Geo Pocket games to Gamepics.

    -Added 85 Arcade games, 1 Neo-Geo game, and 1 Sega Saturn game to Gamepics. Click Here for what's new.

        Sunday, June 4, 2000. -Added a review for Ninja Gaiden 2 (NES).

    -Added 22 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics.

    -Welp, I'm back early, so here is two new reviews: Congo Bongo (Arcade), & Street Combat (SNES).

        Friday, June 2, 2000. -Ok, I have to go away this weekend. I'll be back on Monday with tons of video game goodness. Cobra La.

        Thursday, June 1, 2000. -Added 58 Game boy games to Gamepics.

    -Start this day off with a small Genesis Gamepics update. 4 games for that.

        Wednesday, May 31, 2000. -Added 20 Game Boy games to Gamepics. In one week's time, I added 574 games. It's on now.

    Added a review for Ranma Chonai Gekitosen (Ranma ½ Part 1) (SNES).

    -Added 2 new links. Constructicons, merge for the kill.

        Tuesday, May 30, 2000. -Added a review for Mega Man X (SNES).

    -Added 68 C-64 games to Gamepics. About the previous post, that refers to things like Gamepics and Game scans, if/when I get reviews, I'll try to have them up in a day or two.

    -Oy, sorry for the lack of an update yesterday, we all need a break every now and then. Anywho, I'll be back later today with lots of goodies. Oh yeah, the total amount of stuff in my que (yet to be put up) is 130MB, and that's not counting what's in my mailbox. So, if you sent something and haven't seen it put up yet, don't fret, it will be put up eventually.

        Sunday, May 28, 2000. -Added 26 NES games to Gamepics.

        Saturday, May 27, 2000. -Added 9 SNES games to Gamepics.

    -Added 32 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics.

    -Made a new poll. The results for the previous poll, "What was your favorite cartoon as a child?" are:
  • Transformers, 372 votes, 51%
  • He-Man, 123 votes, 17%
  • Duck Tales, 82 votes, 11%
  • G.I. Joe, 78 votes, 10%
  • a fat boys, 65 votes, 9%

    a fat boys being one of my personal favorites.

    -Added 81 C-64 games to Gamepics. I'm still looking for reviews, so if you're down, let me know.

        Friday, May 26, 2000. -Added 37 C-64 games to Gamepics.

    -Added 16 Neo-Geo Pocket games to Gamepics.

    -Alright, I created a new custom wallpaper for Yoshi's Island. You can check it out in my Art Section.

        Thursday, May 25, 2000. -Added 60 C-64 games to Gamepics. Whew, I added a ton of games today. Anyone see Gladiator yet? Well, I guess I should say who HASN'T seen Gladiator yet. Super rad movie. Let's see, perhaps some scans are in order tomorrow, hey?

    -Added 53 Arcade games to Gamepics.

    -Added 56 C-64 games to Gamepics. Tired I am, sleep I must.

        Wednesday, May 24, 2000. -Added 23 Arcade games to Gamepics. Remember to click Here for what's new.

    -Added 29 C-64 games to Gamepics.

    -Split the Turbo-Duo, and TG-16 sections up. Also added 2 Duo games, and 21 TG-16. Sweet.

    -Added 43 C-64 games to Gamepics, surpassing 6,000 total games.

    -TG-16, & X68000 are fixed. Thus completing the new Gamepics layout.

    -Fixed SG-1000, and SMS.

        Tuesday, May 23, 2000. -Added 41 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics.

    -Added a review of Final Fantasy 4 for the SNES.

    -Added a review for Batman, NES.

        Monday, May 22, 2000. -Added 36 C-64 games to Gamepics.

    -Neo-Geo Pocket, and PSX are fixed.

    -Added 33 more Atari 2600 games to Gamepics.

    -Added 21 Atari 2600 games to Gamepics.

    -Neo-Geo is fixed.

        Sunday, May 21, 2000. -N64 is fixed.

    -Intellivision is fixed.

    -Added 13 NES endings.

    -Added a new section to Gamepics, Sega Saturn. Made with my TV Tuner of doom. Four games up so far.

    -Game Gear is fixed.

    -Added 2 more Playdia scans.

    -Added a new Game Review, Street Fighter Alpha 3.

    -Added a new section to Game Scans. Playdia is up with 2 scans, yadda yadda click here for what's new. Oh, by the way, I'm looking for Atari Jaguar, Lynx, and Sega Game Gear scans. If anyone has any, just let me know.

    -Added a new section to Gamepics. ZX Spectrum is up with 34 games.

    -Game Boy is fixed.

        Saturday, May 20, 2000. -The C-64 section for Gamepics is fixed.

    -Atlantis should be working properly now.

    -Added 106 SMS scans.

    -Atari 2600 reviews section is up, with Atlantis being the first review for it. I apologize if things seem to be going slowly, between answering tons of mail to getting these sections ready, I've been busy, heh. But that's ok, if you still want to contribute anything at all for The Video Game Museum, just let me know. I have a ton of scans to add today, so be back soon.

    -Bionic Commando review is up.

        Friday, May 19, 2000. -Added a game review for Metal Slug.

    -The Yoshi's Island review has the format I use.

    -Ok, everyone who has been mailing me about reviews seem to want a uniform reviewing policy. So, that being said, I will be posting a review shortly that pretty much sums everything up. If you'd like to use that format, so be it.

    -Added a new game review, Ninja Gaiden for the NES.

        Thursday, May 18, 2000. -Added 2 new Links. I'll be back with some more reviews.

    -Added 8 Game Boy Color endings. Some really big ones at that. Click here for what's new.

    -Added a new review, Casino Kid for the NES.

    -Well, the Reviews section is started. First one up is Yoshi's Island. I've received a lot of emails, so I'll get to replying to them now. Oh by the way, I've had people asking me about how they should be rated, like if there's a point system or anything, I personally use EGM's 10 point rating system, but that's just me. It's your review, so basically, just review it however you want.

        Wednesday, May 17, 2000. -Just a note, if you would like to send in screeshots, or any additional info for a review, go right ahead, I'll add them in as well.

    -Ok, here's what's up. I'm looking to start a reviews section. Basically, anyone can review any game they want, and I'll add it. If you want to write some reviews, or already have some reviews I could put up, let me know.

    -Added 36 Sega Genesis scans. You know the drill, click here for what's new.

    -Colecovision is fixed.

        Tuesday, May 16, 2000. -Turbo Express pics and info are up.

    -Added 18 Genesis scans.

    -Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday, I was running errands pretty much all day. Anyway, Here is 71 new Arcade games. More updates to come.

        Sunday, May 14, 2000. -Added 20 Mega CD scans.

    -Added 26 Super Nintendo games to Gamepics. Click Here for what's new.

    -Added 17 Game Boy endings.

    -Atari Lynx is fixed.

    -Atari is fixed.

        Saturday, May 13, 2000. -Added 57 Arcade games to Gamepics. Also, a big congratulations to Ed for surpassing 1,000 games contributed.

    -Ok, Arcade is finally done, I also went ahead and added 52 arcade games as well. Click Here for what's new.

    -Added 12 Game Boy Color endings. Also, I'll be working on the Arcade section of Gamepics today, and that will probably take a while, so updates will be sparse until it's done.

    -Atari ST is fixed.

        Friday, May 12, 2000. -Amiga Gamepics is fixed.

    -Added 8 NES scans.

    -Atari Lynx is up.

    -Speaking of Game Endings, here is a new section for it: Sega Genesis is ready to go with 2 endings up.

    -Game Endings was moved to the left menu, cause Game Systems is growing too rapidly, and it's all unbalanced.

    -New system for Game Scans, Mega CD is up with 85 scans. I still have lots of mail to check, so no one freak out on me.

    -Atari Jaguar is up.

    -Good news, bad news. Good news: I'm back a day early. Bad news: I didn't get any of the Gamepics stuff done. Sigh. Anyway, I have tons of stuff to add, so let's get to work. Oh yeah, if you want to talk to me, my AIM name is Mek3D, and my ICQ# is 32549872.

        Tuesday, May 9, 2000. -Well, I gotta go for 3 days. I'll have lots of stuff this weekend, and (hopefully) a completed Gamepics. Hasta.

    -First update of the day, Neo-Geo MVS. a fat boys.

        Monday, May 8, 2000. -Neo-Geo Pocket section is up.

    -Well, I'm tired, I think I'll take a break. Perhaps some Resident Evil: Code Veronica, or Chu Chu Rocket is in order before wrestling tonight. I'll be back soon.

    -Neo-Geo Pocket Color section is up.

    -Added 6 Game Boy endings.

    -Last update before I go to sleep, Game Boy Color.

    -Neo-Geo CD is up. I'm getting very tired. I feel like I've been forced to watch WCW for 10 hours straight, yikes.

    -SMS is up. Lots more stuff coming today.

    -First day's update, Sega Genesis pics and info are up. I can't believe I keep screwing up the dates on here. If I had fancy CGI, I could blame that, ahem, yeah, the CGI.

        Sunday, May 7, 2000. -Commodore 128 system info and pics are available.

    -Sega Game Gear system info is up.

    -Added 17 NES endings. I might be able to squeeze in one more update tonight.

    -Added 16 more NES endings.

    -Added 7 Game Boy Color endings.

    -Added 8 new SNES endings. By the way, If anyone wants to make Neo-Geo, Sega Genesis, Arcade, etc... endings, please do, it would be a welcome addition to the museum.

    -First update of the day: 39 (!!) NES endings. If you have the chance to play Resident Evil: Code Veronica, do it, it rules so hard.

        Saturday, May 6, 2000. -Added 12 SNES game endings. Click Here for what's new.

    -Ok, early morning update, 21 Game Boy endings.

        Friday, May 5, 2000. -Last update for today: added 46 PC-Engine scans.

    -Added 12 scans: 5 PSX, 3 SNES, 1 TG-16, 1 SMS, and 1 NES.

    -Added 43 more PSX scans. As always, click Here for what's new.

    -First update of the day; 52 PSX scans.

        Thursday, May 4, 2000. -One last thing before I go to sleep, to those who like to copy my polls, I only have one thing to say to you; a fat boys.

    -Last update of the day, 4 more scans, 2 Dreamcast, and 2 Playstation scans. Chu Chu Rocket, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms 6, respectively.

    -Added 14 more Genesis scans.

    -Added 18 Sega CD scans.

    -Added 9 PSX scans.

    -Added 6 SNES scans.

    -Added 4 Atari 2600 scans.

    -Added 10 Neo-Geo CD scans.

    -Added 6 Neo-Geo Pocket scans.

    -Added 15 Genesis scans, and 2 SMS scans.

    -Added 16 Sega 32X scans. My mouth is pretty sore, and I have so much work to do, so I'll try my best to get as much done in the next few days. If you sent stuff a long time ago, and it isn't up yet, it will be soon. Plus, I have to finish the Gamepics layout (lots of work). It's my birthday tomorrow, joy.

        Wednesday, May 3, 2000. -Ok, today I have to have my wisdom teeth taken, joy. So, updates will be sparse until next weekend, for I will be busy as a mofo. Damn.

        Monday, May 1, 2000. -Ok, so I made a tribute to Ogre Battle, you can see it in my art section.

        Sunday, April 30, 2000. -Two days later, I finally come back with a new system. NES is up.

        Friday, April 28, 2000. -Made the N64 section. I'll be back later today with more systems.

        Wednesday, April 26, 2000. -One last thing before I hit the sack. If you put my site in your links section, and I do NOT have you in mine, let me know. Also, if you would like to trade links, again, just tell me. Hasta.

    -SNES section is now up. I guess that's it for today. Late.

    -Added a pic and system info for the Game Boy.

        Tuesday, April 25, 2000. -The Gamepics maintenance is going well, NES, and Sega Genesis are up, though the old "back" links haven't been deleted yet. I'm still looking for pics, history, specs, and general info for all systems, so if you want to help out, mail me.

        Sunday, April 23, 2000. -Just a note; I still need people to send in pictures, info, tech specs, and history for all systems. So if you want to help out, feel free to mail me with anything you want to send along.

    -Added a section for the Mega-CD.

    -Ok, last/first update of the day, however you look at it. Sega Dreamcast section is up.

        Saturday, April 22, 2000. -Turbo Duo added.

    -Added the new Virtual Boy section.

    -Sega Saturn pic and info is now up. I will be back with more soon.

    -Ok, just thought I'd introduce a new super section; Game Systems. It will has system specs, and hopefully history soon. The first one up is PC-FX. Big thanks to Aaron Mims for helping out. If you want to help out on this, i,e.. send system info, pics, or write up some history on them, please feel free to let me know. I'll be back later today with more systems.

        Friday, April 21, 2000. -Sorry I haven't updated in forever, I'm still working on the Gamepics design. It's bland being all white and all. If you have any ideas, or if you want to talk about stupid crap, go to the Message Board. Rey killed it 4 times now.

        Thursday, April 13, 2000. -Vote in the new poll regarding the new Gamepics layout.

    -Ok, I'm doing some adjustments to Gamepics, you can view a preview Here. This is probably going to take 1-2 weeks at best, so I'll make updates every few days.

        Sunday, April 9, 2000. -Added 3 more Dreamcast scans.

    -Added 12 Dreamcast scans.

    -Added 2 new links.

    -Added 5 more Bust-a-Move 2 rips.

        Tuesday, April 4, 2000. -I've been doing maintenance lately, as you probably can tell. So today, I made new sections for future updates to Game Ads. Game Boy, Multi-Console, Sega CD, and SNES.

        Sunday, April 2, 2000. -3 more Bust-a-Move 2 rips for Neo-Geo.

    -Finally sorted out the Sprite Rips section. Also made 5 Bust-a-Move 2 rips for Neo-Geo. No update for a day, because of the almighty Wrestlemania.

        Friday, March 31, 2000. -For the people, by the people.

        Thursday, March 30, 2000. -Added 3 SNES endings.

        Wednesday, March 29, 2000. -Added the new Game Boy endings section. 5 endings for that.

    -Added 49 Genesis games to Gamepics.

        Tuesday, March 28, 2000. -Added 33 Arcade games to Gamepics.

        Monday, March 27, 2000. -Added 54 Genesis games to Gamepics. Click the link above for what's new.

    -Made a new Stats and What's New page.

    -First update of the day, 14 NES Aladdin Deck Enhancer scans.

        Sunday, March 26, 2000. -Started Game Ads, due to contributions. Don't freak out on me, it's just like Game Scans, except it's ads. And it isn't going to distract from adding everything else. That being said, here is 3 NES ads. One last thing, PSX scans. I have a lot of them, and some are duplicates from different people. If this is the case, I'll use the better looking version. No offense to anyone who sent them in.

    -Added 4 new Game Boy Color endings.

    -First update of the day, 15 Genesis scans.

        Saturday, March 25, 2000. -4 more scans. 2 Saturn, and 2 PC-FX. Shining Wisdom, and Deep Blue Fleet respectively.

    -Added Focus's super rad Dragon Warrior 3 monster chart. It's located in the Rips section. I should probably organize that section better.

    -Put up 9 new C-64 scans.

    -Added 10 Game Boy scans. And 1 Intellivision scan.

    -Added 40 Atari 2600 scans. As for people complaining about how fast I put things up, let me just tell you that I get a ton of contributions, and it takes a long time to put them up. I download and reply to email about once every 3-4 weeks, so just have a little patience.

        Wednesday, March 22, 2000. -Hmm, this'll probably be the last update of the day. Added 5 Game Boy Color Endings.

    -Added 8 scans to the Neo-Geo Pocket section.

    -First update of the day, 5 Saturn scans. The backs of the Capcom Generations series.

        Tuesday, March 21, 2000. -8 more Genesis scans.

    -Added 11 new SNES endings.

    -First update of the day is online. 18 Genesis scans. Ever notice how I'm a day ahead of things? It's probably from a long time ago, when I would update at obscene hours of the night, and it's changed into how it is now. Oh well, it's like a magazine, get it?

        Monday, March 20, 2000. -Ok, last update of the day. Added 2 more endings, both SNES.

    -Removed a couple links. Use your heads people, if you send me a mail that says "Trade Links" it means you have to add me to your links section too. It's not a difficult concept, and I hate that I had to address it. Anywho, I'll be back with some more video game goodness later on.

    -Added 9 NES Endings.

    -Added 6 more 3DO Scans.

    -Added 25 SNES cartridge scans.

        Thursday, March 16, 2000. -Another another new section. This time, it's Inspector Vector's SNK Artwork. A big thanks goes out to him for contributing.

    -Added a new section, 3DO to Game Scans. 5 of them. Remember, this site isn't here for me to show off my personal collection of video games. It's here for everyone, made by everyone, so enjoy.

    -46 new Sega CD scans.

        Tuesday, March 14, 2000. -Two new SNES endings.

    -Added a new section; Virtual Boy to Game Scans. Also added two new links. Remember, The Video Game Museum is made from contributions from everyone; for the people, by the people, as the saying goes...

        Friday, March 10, 2000. -Added 112 Scans. 92 Sega Genesis. 12 NES. And 8 Neo-Geo CD. Bringing the total to 1,001. Keep the scans coming!

        Thursday, March 9, 2000. -Added 6 NES endings. I'll be back later with some more stuff.

        Wednesday, March 8, 2000. -Three new NES endings.

    -Added a brand new section to Game Scans; Atari 2600. 36 scans for that. Mystery Link.

        Tuesday, March 7, 2000. -Two new NES endings.

    -Added 45 Sega Saturn scans. Little by little, (almost) everyday I add. So, I'll be back tomorrow with more video game goodness.

        Friday, March 3, 2000. -Added 3 NES endings. I'll be gone this weekend, so no updates until Monday. Late.

        Thursday, March 2, 2000. -Ok, added a bunch of sections that needed to be made. Neo-Geo Pocket for Gamepics. Neo-Geo Pocket for Game Scans. And SNES for Game Endings. 4 scans for Game Scans, and 3 games for Gamepics. Also, the ending for Yoshi's Island.

        Wednesday, March 1, 2000. -Scans. 28 added, including a new section; Sega 32X. You can see what's new to the right. Video Game Museum indeed.

        Tuesday, February 29, 2000. -Added 88 Genesis games to Gamepics. Click Here for what's new. Tomorrow I should have some new scans up. Word.

        Saturday, February 26, 2000. -Well I think I can get back to normal updates now. Also, everyone that has sent me e-mail, don't worry, I'll get to it tonight hopefully. As you can see, there is a new poll. If any of you watch The Tom Green Show, then you might be familiar with it. You can get more info about this hotly contested debate Here.

        Wednesday, February 23, 2000. -Added 13 Genesis games to Gamepics. Click Here for what's new.

        Tuesday, February 22, 2000. -I FINALLY got my own copy of the greatest game ever made. So I scanned it. I'll be back later with some additions to Gamepics. The Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!

        Monday, February 21, 2000. - Added 29 scans to Game Scans. 8 NES, 11 Sega Saturn, and 10 TG-16. Mystery Link.

        Saturday, February 19, 2000. -Just doing a little Remodeling. Also added a new poll for the 91% of you who wanted one.

        Friday, February 18, 2000. -Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've had a lot of things to take care of. I made a new sprite rip; Fat Shy Guy from Yoshi's Island.

        Thursday, February 10, 2000. -Added 19 more NES games to Gamepics.

    -Added yet another new section to Game Scans, PC-FX. 14 scans for that. Also added 21 NES games to Gamepics. Click Here to see what's new. And last, but not least, a new Sprite Rip from Opi.

        Wednesday, February 9, 2000. -Game Scans has another new section. Neo-Geo CD is up with 118 scans. Kindly contributed by DarkMazda. Also added a new game ending. Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES.

        Tuesday, February 8, 2000. -Sorry for no updates this weekend, I had a lot of stuff to take care of. Added a new section to Game Scans. Intellivision is up with 42 scans. Enjoy.

        Thursday, February 3, 2000. -Added a new Downloads section, in the lower right hand menu. I added some Wallpapers for download.

    Added 43 Sega Genesis games to Gamepics. To see what's new, click Here.

        Wednesday, February 2, 2000. -Added 60 Genesis scans. Also added 3 new Game Boy Color endings.

        Tuesday, February 1, 2000. -Added 23 scans. 17 PSX and 6 N64. Also added a new ending, Godzilla the Series for Game Boy Color.

        Monday, January 31, 2000. -Added another new ending, Catwoman for the Game Boy Color. Also made a new banner, tons of rips in it. Hope you like it.

        Sunday, January 30, 2000. -Finished the new Links section. Also added a new Rip: Tribal Shy Guy From Yoshi's Island. I'll be back with some scans later on. I'd also like to assure everyone that Contributes, that I will have everything up soon. Thanks for your help.

        Saturday, January 29, 2000. -Added a new section, Game Endings, as you see to your lower right. Thanks to Rey for all these images. Only one game for now, as it takes a while to set them up. Also added another sprite rip from Yoshi's Island, the small cloud, and fixed the large cloud (It was missing a frame). Anyway, I'll be back later with a revamped links section.

        Friday, January 28, 2000. -Added 45 scans. 6 SNES, 3 Sega Saturn, and 32 PSX. I also made a new Yoshi's Island Animated Rip, a nice little Cloud. If you have any suggestions for the site let your voices be heard Here.

        Thursday, January 27, 2000. -Added 52 scans. 12 SNES, and 40 Sega CD. Also, does anyone out there have any Neo-Geo boxes or CD cover scans? I would like to add them to the Scans Section, if you can help me out. Thanks.

        Wednesday, January 26, 2000. -Finally, after a small delay, the Video Game Museum has opened. Now with it's own domain name, vgmuseum.com. I hope to bring you the most scans, the most screen shots, and whatever else you may expect from The Video Game Museum. If you'd like to send something for the Video Game Museum, please feel free to Contribute. One last thing, this site nests a lot of tables, if for some reason you encounter any problems during it's loading, please Mail me.

        Sunday, January 23, 2000. -Added 99 NES scans. Thanks to the Nintendo Game Archive for their submissions. One month away from Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI. Own.

        Saturday, January 22, 2000. -Added another new section to Game Scans. Sega CD is now up with a total of 74. plus more on the way. Thanks to Aaron Mims for these scans.

    -Added a Sega Dreamcast section to Game Scans.

    -Added 47 NES scans. So many, that I couldn't fit them all in the right hand menu. So go ahead and click Here.

        Friday, January 21, 2000. -What do you want to see in The Video Game Museum? Let me know by posting about it on the Message Board.

    -Added 38 Genesis games to Gamepics, and 8 NES scans. You can check out what's new for Gamepics Here. I also moved the poll to the right. Rock The Vote.

        Thursday, January 20, 2000. -Added 40 scans. A large chunk of them Genesis. You can see what's new in the menu to the right. Also, if you have any suggestions for the site, feel free to use the Message Board, and let me know. Or you could use the new poll to the left.

        Wednesday, January 19, 2000. -Added screens for 46 C-64 games. To see what's new, click Here.

    -Welcome to the next evolution. Gamepics and Game Scans come together to make VGMuseum, The Internet's Video Game Museum. You may ask why did I make this. Well, like any museum, they have "wings," or different sections, if you will. And each section is designed to have a different look and feel. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new and improved design. I still have a few things to fix, and then I will be bringing you regular updates once again. Late.