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Chapter 5: Held up.
Castle Dracula, dungeons. The 16th of November 1476 A.D.
I breathed heavily as I just bearly avoided the second spike-bed. Why I had decided to go beneath the ground floor of the inner den was truly a mystery. It had bean such a good idea, at least then. But now I wondered why I have ever gone this way. Had Dracula become so strong that he could actually plant thoughts and ideas in my very soul? I grasped my crucifix and spoke the first two prayers upon the rosary. Father Andrej had learned me the entire cycle of the holy rosary. I smiled as my thoughts went back to the many hours I had spent with the somewhat shaky priest who had bean so young when my uncles and my father elected him as their house-priest. If I ever got out of the castle I would see to that there was built a church on our land. The flapping sounds of leathery wings made me concentrate upon my present situation and I continued onward. I brandished the whip and thus whipped the bats to oblivion. The corridor was filled with the mouning sounds of tortured souls. It was making me feel sad but there was nothing I could do. Uncle Julius had told me about what Dracula did with the nobility when he first came to power. It was no wonder that the poor souls would then be eternally trapped within these walls. The pity I had felt for Dracula when I first began my quest where now gone. Or, as I thought about it, it was not gone. But it had changed into a more different pity. First I have felt sorry for Vladimir II, the grand voivod of Warakiya and the prince of Walachia. The sadness I now felt was the pitty for an entrapped and accursed spirit who was forced to remain in this world. His own hatred and greed for power had made him turn to darkness, but somewhere within him, even the Dark Lord, as I had began to call him, must still keep the memories of happier days. Days spent with Adrian, with his two other sons, with Elizabetha and with Liza. I dried a tear from my left eye. My uncle had bean right in another thing. The good feelings of the human hearth was the best weapon when fighting evil. Light was pure and perfect in its own rights. But whenever there is light there has to be shadows. Love penetrated all and made the light shine even brighter. I did the sign of the cross. There was a meaning for me to be here. God had wanted for me to go down here so that was what I was going to do. I used the stopwatch to freeze the moving spike-beds in time and then quickly dashed underneath them before they crashed down again where I had bean mere seconds ago. Somewhat shaky I got to my feet. Although I had survived the long fall down from the inner den that was no reason to take any idiotic chances, I couldn't help but smile. Then I again grew serious. More bats came flying at me. I slashed them with the Vampire Killer and threw the throwing-dagger. From the loose soil covering the floor zombies rouse I summoned the Soul-flame and then I made it rain with holy water to take out the rest of them. I threw the axe and lightning struck as I summoned the Soul Saint so golden energy burst from my left hand. I retrived the dagger and axe before I nearly collapsed. Leaning against the wall as I breathed heavily. I gathered myself and came through as some more zombies rouse out of the ground. I threw holy water at them and then continued onward.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 16th. of November 1476 A.D.
The Ninjotaur slowly stepped back and saluted. I waved it away and leaned slightly backward. Those fools had lost track of her and none of them was able to locate my lone enemy I perhaps had to respect. She had done well against my son and the grim reaper. I had to let him go. He was my best alley and I had to give him cart-blanche when he took undertakings from me. That was of less importance for the time being. No matter. I would find her sooner or later. She would make a fine supliment hor my collection. I smiled. My charismatic charm had become amplified by my "convert".

Castle Dracula, dungeon. The 16th. of November 1476 A.D.
I peeked around the corner. The soiled tunnel. Multiple corridors went this way and that way throughout the dungeon. The laurels I'd found in the inner den was something else to worry about. Not worry exactly dough. I shook my head and continued scouting. It felt like ice somehow. I don't know why but just so was it. The spear guards stood still on their posts. I had a bad feeling they would spring into action as soon I entered the knot-point. I grasped my crucifix and prayed a short prayer. Then I uncoiled the whip and inspected my weapons one last time. I was growing short on crystals again and would have to relay upon my bloodline powers. I did the sign of the cross and then dashed into action. The spear guards immediately got to attention and I slashed the whip toward the nearest head. I used the Soul wind to stagger some of the others and then made the Soul Saint dispose off the possessed armour. Some ghosts came through the wall just as I made flames burn around the Vampire Killer. I flailed the whip right at them just as I made use of the Soul bat. A single beam of destructive energy flew from my whip and made another spear guard burst into fire. The burning Vampire Killer made the ghost spread out and I used the Soul flame to take out some of those demons. I screamed as one ghostly hand grasped the hand in which I wielded the Vampire Killer, making me drop the holy weapon. I snearled with pain and horror as I stamped my crucifix upon it. The ghost burst into flames but I had other and more dire enemies coming at me. I dived under the stabbing lance of a spear guard and grabbed my weapon as I made the Soul bat take care of the forsaken soul. I did the sign of the cross and another ghost flew off. I brandished the Vampire Killer and whipped even another spear guard into oblivion. One of the lost souls stabbed my shoulder and I screamed as I felt the leater give way for the powerful trust. Staggering I still manage to dispose of the spear guard and then clearing a circle around me as I used the Soul Saint. I used one of the medicines and felt strength return to my body. I even ate some rosted chicken and then again prepared for battle. I sent another spear guard back to Hell and then made some ghost explode with fire as I used my last crystals to make it rain with holy water. I claimed a few new crystals as I whipped down the narest candles and then continued to make the enemies running with a quick combination of whip-slashes and bloodline power. Gasping like I'd run a mile I finally could take some rest. The spear guards lay burning on the ground and the few remaining ghost had scattered. I took some time to take care of the countless other wounds I'd received during this and earlier battles. I strongly suspected the bards would make any epoes about my beauty. Not with all those scars. My hands and body had strong signs of hard training and a hard life. My father had hired an actor to paint me when I was still a girl and that where all I had to show forth of boyar respect and nobility. The Belmonts where warriors. Some was even witchhunters and vampire hunters. My clan had presented priests and noblemen before me and would likely present such men even after my time. I gathered my belongings and went to investigate the tunnels leading out of the underground dungeon.

Castle Dracula, dungeon. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
I went down the tunnel. The cave was becoming uncomfortably wet. I slashed the Vampire Killer and disposed off some bats and zombies. But for some time now I had not seen any of them. It gave me some time to gather myself and to knock down some candles. I found some crystals and some food and medicine. My patriark Leon Belmont had once theory that the chaotic glow of the eboney and crimson stones spread had a double-wedgded effect. If Death had given the stones to Dracula, that could explain the gloomed eeriness of the castle. Something fell from the ceiling and again I felt the desire to throw up. It was one of those accursed mudworms. But this time I was prepared. First I froze it in time by utilizing the stopwatch and then completely disposed off it with the Soul Saint. I knew it was a little overdue, but I so much distasted those creatures. My triumph was short however as more mudworms began to fall. Since I could not take down all of them I instead ran as fast I could. The spike-beds hidden along the floor was not all to difficult to jump across but just then I fall down another high cliff and ended sprawling in the water. The weapons and armour dragged me down but I just could not give up. With a last effort I spotted land and began swimming. I was nearly done for it when someone grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the water. Through the eerie mist who drifted throughout the large cave I noticed I was aboard a low ferry with a single lantern at the front. "Who.. ?" I began. Then I saw him. The ferryman. He was concealed withing thick black shrouds and all I could see was his old skelletaly hands who manoovered the boat. "You know who I am, Sonia Belmont." The ferryman's voice was a mere whisper and I gazed at him, trying to get a look of his face. All I could see however was shadows. I felt afraid but not like I had felt for any other. Except for the grim reaper. But who or what this person could be, he was not Death. "I shall take you to your destiny young misstress." He said in a voice I think he did his best to make friendly. "So be it." I said as the ferryman began rowing me into the gloomed mist before us.

Castle Dracula, dungeon. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
I bid the ferryman fearwell as I stepped upon the rocky bridge leading deeper into the dungeon. Fishmen had attacked us during the voyage but I'd managed to fend them off with relative ease. I thanked God uncle Julius had bean such a hard teacher when training me. I used some medicine to cure the burns I had received from the fishmen's fireballs. I continued walking and quickly turned as something rouse behind me. I was something so huge and ugly that I actually did threw up. The large worm was so disgusting that I cannot describe it. Not that I had much time to inspect it. I flailed the Vampire Killer and flames burned around it. I threw my throwing-dagger, empowered by wind, and something new happened. The dagger split into countless daggers and a seemingly neverending suply of knives dug into the ugly grey flesh of the big worm. Somewhat shocked I still managed to retrive the original dagger as it returned to me. My bloodline powers seemed stronger than I had expected. "Always expect the unexpected." With uncle Julius's words ringing in my ears I slashed the whip as some bats tried attack. Then some more fishmen came jumping up from the murky depts of the castle as more bats flew toward me. Flailing my whip and by utlizing the Soul flame and Soul Saint I managed to fight through the onslaught until I came into another tunnel. It was a dead end and I returned to the underground waterway as I continued defeating packs of fishmen and swarms of bats as I went along. I found another cave but even that was a dead end. As I was running out of tricks I returned to the waterway with my crucifix rouse high above my head. It kept the lost souls at bay, at least for a while. I thanked God as I finally found a tunnel which did not end in a solid rock wall. The fishmen couldn't follow me long from their watery habitats and the bats soon gave up chasing me. Finally I could fall against the wall and at last get some rest. This challenge had put me to the test and I was unsure if I could take much more of this before I died. Death had said my time was not yet right but that could mean anything. In this castle where even Death served Dracula I was beginning to doubth that merely loosing my life would be to prefear instead of other things. Light suddenly lit up before me and at first I thought might God has come to me as a pillar of flame as he dead upon Sinai. Then I knew who they where. The sick blue light unwealed them as Will-o'-wisps. I snarled but did not care as I got to my feet and flung the Vampire Killer about. Giving it the power of wind it became even quicker and left the forsaken souls no room to avoid their destiny. I spoke a short prayer in redemption of their freedom and then continued on. The river was coming through here and I had to take some really wild leaps to jump across the deep ponds, whipping fishmen as I went about. But thank the Lord it was not as many as out in the larger cavern. By the sounds I'd heard back there the underground waterfall had to end there and this was merely some hidden spring of the lake. I remembered how I'd have to jump and crock under the low pathways up in the inner den. That had bean my first encounter with these monsters. The pillar of bones standing here and there along the tunnel didn't gave me much time to think and I had to use the Soul bat and stopwatch to secure my progress. Even so I couldn't stop them entirely and I had to spot to cure my new burns before continuing onward. As I went on I noticed there was a few steps upon each portion of floor and by that I finally figured I was slowly but steadily advancing upward to where I had fought the spear guards. More of the big worms came at me now. And now I at least managed to control my disgust for the beast but if it hadn't bean for the potions their veanum would have killed me. At last I came to the end of the cave and thank all good Saints there was no more enemies. I nearly collapsed upon the floor and for some while merely sat breathing heavily as I thanked Jesus for just being alive. I knew I'd thought something like this before but that had no importance. How many days had I bean inside this death-trap of a castle? It would be a day or two but it felt like I had bean here for centuries. Adrian's hope that I would defeat his father felt like a fool's dream after all I had then bean through. I got to my feet and did some exercises to not stiffen and it was then I found it. I was knocking down the candles nearby when from one of them there fell a large wooden cross. I knelt and picked it up. Light suddenly radiated through me and I threw the cross forward. I had studied the scrolls of my forefathers closely enough to know what this was. The throwing-cross. A boomerang of powerful holy magic through which I could generate any of my elemental gifts and make them even more powerful. I pressed it against my hearth. Under which was my room and for the first time I could feel the life I and Adrian had brought into this world. I knew it was too early for the child to have received a spirit of its own, but the raw power of life already dwelled inside me. The word of the bible, "A virgin shall be with child and she shall call him Imanuel" rung through my mind. Jesus would return to us when and where He decided, but upon this feeling I somehow learned a little more about His miracles. My forefather, Leon, had wanted to do something good for the new millennium who was dawning upon his time. I was not sure if I could messure up to such a man, such a warrior. But I would at least see to that Dracula would never conquer the world like the madmen Walter Bernhardt and Mathias Gronquist had wanted. I got to my feet and continued onward.

Castle Dracula, dungeon. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
I felt sick as I explored the new tunnel. I could not help it. The smell purmiated the air and almost made me throw up again. I came to the top of the steps and could see for myself where the terrible scent came from. Garbage and all kinds of foul junk was piled upon the floor and the zombies walking about was for once smelling somewhat better than the air itself. I threw the boomerang-cross at them and continued on as I continued knocking down candles. "Who's entering our home boss?" At first I thought it was the garbage itself who spoke. Then I noticed the faces who peeked out from beneath the piles of dirt. They rouse and I had to resist turning and running away. They where so ugly that the fishmen was rather good-looking compare to these creature. No pervertion, no degredation was speared. Small humpbacked humans with ugly lumpy grey skin and foul yellow teeth. Their long noses, large ears and chins did not make them look better and their eyes where filled with such mallece that I wanted to run away. Praying to God and all good Saints to guide me I made holy water rain over them. Burns erupted upon their skins. They cursed me and then brought forth short-bladed rusty daggers. Other grasped clubs or canes and came toward me with my death shining in their eyes. I had no choice. I threw daggers at them, made light shine around the throwing-cross and tossed even it at them as I did what I had to do with my whip. When it was all over they all lay around me. Even dough they where grotesque and vicked little beasts they had bean living humans born by people who had left their children to Satan and Dracula. I promised myself that whatever happened to my child when I would give birth, I would love it with all my hearth. I continued onward and had to take on some more humpbacks and zombies as I went along. Again was about to run out of crystals. The crystals made me fuse my spiritual properties with the mystic weapons. But without them I could not tap into their energy. Those rather powerful antics where rather expensive to pay for in gems and I needed at least a little light to see in. The sound of flapping bats made me snap back to reality. I flailed the Vampire Killer about and then had to do a rather clumsy back-flip to avoid a new pack of humpbacks. "Get her!" One of them shouted. "The best bite go to who who take her down!" The mere thought these foul creature should touch me nearly made me go mad. I used the Soul Saint to get rid of the bats and then turned upon the humpbacks as I made them taste the full power of the Vampire Killer. Sara Trantoul had given her life and spirit to create the Vampire Killer. She had given it to create a weapon powerful enough to protect other innocent souls from her fate. I would not make it all be for nothing. I was the last Belmont and if the clan should survive it depended upon me to survive. I gasped for breath when the last humpback finally lay dead upon the floor. It had nearly cost me all I got to fend them off. They where quick little monsters and the fact they where so many made them a treath to respect. I thanked God when I again came out of their cave. I then inspected three other tunnels who only lead to dead ends. I was whipping bats and zombies into oblivion as I wondered if there would not be best returning back to the waterway. But I had no intention on trying to climb up the high clifs from which I had fallen down. I possessed neither the equipments nor the knowledge to perform such an act. Finally I found another tunnel who seemed to lead me upward. The mouning of the lost souls entrapped inside the dungeon greated me as I climbed the rather high slope of the tunnel. I was back in the dungeon but I was far from sure that was anything to celibrate. The bats, spear guards and ghosts did not gave me much time to think the problem through. I flailed the Vampire Killer and then used the Soul wind to speed it up and thus I fought my way down the tunnel. As the last spear guard exploded into flames I looked around, trying to find out where I was. If I was to continue down this way I would soon come back to the cliff I'd fallen from to begin with. Turning around I instead began walking in the opposite direction. Again I came across some dead ends before I found a tunnel from which I could continue my journey. I found some more crystals and used the throwing-dagger and boomerang-cross to release the ghosts and zombies coming at me from Dracula's curse. I used my crucifix to blow open the few wooden doors blocking my pach but then had to dive fast to not become crushed under the spiked platforms falling at me. I jumped across holes in the floor filled with spikes and then again ducked as a pillar of bone spew flames at me. I cracked the whip at it and three quick slashes made it burst into oblivion. The other dragon-child's skull however nearly missed me as it send a stream of fireballs at me. I crushed it with a few vials of holy water and then continued onward. The next door I opened in traditional manner and then entered inside. I found myself in some sort of torture lab. The large axes and other torture-instruments standing about made me want to leave. But that would just deliver me back to where I came from. As I walked forward I caught a glimpse of movement behind my back. I whirled around just as the pesky little humpback stabbed at me with its dagger. I slashed the Vampire Killer at it, making it burn away in flames. The screams of pain made me shed some tears for the poor creature. But other humpbacks where moving in and I had no time to grevive. I put my back against the wall and then used the Soul wind to slow them down somewhat. I used the stopwatch to amplify the spell and then began dousing them in holy water. It poured down like some sort of rain and I gasped as I saw it happen. That was the second time I had done something like this. Somehow my spiritual magic had fused with the power of the weapons themselves and granted me control over some of the things Leon had managed with his orbs. Magic was truly a wonderful thing. What one could do another could not. And what one did someone else could do even better. I shook my head. The Will-o'-wisps tried brandishing the axes hanging upon the wall. But they where no poltergeists and I soon had sent them back to Hell. But now the armours standing throughout the room came to life. The spear guards came at me, brandishing their weapons. And even dough I managed to rise my crucifix in time to block the massive waves of energy coming at me, it made me collide hard against the wall. I sent the Soul Saint forward, taking out most of those fiends. I continued generating the spell until I lost consciousness.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
I walked back and forth as I awaited the return of the scouts I had sent to scout the countryside. As I prepared for the potential ariwal of the young Belmont I also took time to prepare for my other sceems. I had proclaimed my lordship over the species who had become spread after the terrible defeat of Mathias Krohnquist. They had pledged fealty to my rule and my servants where gathering them just now. It would take some time to gather them all. Some hundred years or so. But what was that for me? And even if I should be defeated I had entrusted my essence into the skeletal arms of Death. He would lead my forces in my abseance and prepare for my potential resurrection. The master librarian who had served under my predecessor had given me access to books and scrolls explaining the powers of the crimson and eboney stones and the secrets of the power of dominance which I bough possessed. Soon I would have enough power to unleash my curse upon the countryside and there would be none to stop me. The Belmont clan who was my only main concearn was standing on the brink of destruction. If I could destroy their last true descendant, I would have nothing to fear.

Castle Dracula, dungeon. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
I slowly opened my eyes. How long had I bean sleeping? At least I had managed to defeat all the villains before I blacked out. I picked up the Vampire Killer and also inspected my other weapons. Thank God I had not used all my crystals. I knocked down some candles, receiving some food and crystals who came in handy, before I went for the next door. I came out in a new corridor. Again I could hear the moaning voices of the lost souls enslaved inside the walls of the demon castle. A pillar of bones immediately began spewing fireballs at me and I destroyed it by brandishing the Soul flame. I then had to jump another spike-bed as bats came flying at me. Zombies rouse out of the ground and I whipped them to oblivion before I jumped another spike-bed. I screamed as another pillar of bones hit my arm. Had I not taken a sip from the medicines I would most likely bean fried. The healing potentials of the potion healed my arm and I used the whip to finish off the pillar of stacked dragon skulls. Then I had to sneak under another of those spike-traps and this time I was nearly hit since the bats insisted on attacking me. I made it rain holy water, whipped down a few new candles and then dash right underneath a secondary spike-trap. I whipped some more bats and then jumped another spike-bed. Again I used my medicine to cure myself as a pillar of bones got a shot on me. If I did not find any new medicine soon I would not have any to use. I had tried to only use it when I got really low on energy, but I could not go on forever. The food and medicine I found inside the candles where not as usefull as the potions I had brought with me on this journey. I whipped some more bats and then opened a new door beyond that point. I entered a new corridor and felt sick as I as greated by the same fool stench permiating the homes of the humpbacks. It didn't took long for those freaks to notice I had entered their domain and they jumped at me with their knives and clubs at me. I used the stopwatch to slow them slightly down. But that didn't stop the humpback who bit my leg. Since I had no trousers I had no protections against the surprising way of attack. I slambed the axe into its skull and felt ill as blood and brain soaked my tunic and light armour. "Take this your freaks of nature!" I made it rain holy water and then then used the Soul Saint to finish them off once and for all. But I was not finished with them yet. The scent of death polluting the air attracted the disgusting mudworms and I simply began running. I was not in mood to take care of those monsters. I felt worse still as I heard how the small demons began feeding upon the dead corpses of the humpbacks. I prepared for what I half-way expected and I didn't exactly got disappointed. A big worm rouse out of the piled garbage and I back-flipped away from it. I slashed it with the Vampire Killer whip as I summoned flames to burn around the ancient weapon. It shattered into a swarm of mudworms and I just couldn't help. I ran away as quickly I could. I climbed the few steps as I went forward. I only stopped to take care of some more big worms and some more humpbacks as I moved along. Gratefull for leaving that mess behind I entered into the new tunnel. A few other tunnels branched off from this cave and I had not gone long before I returned from that direction. They would lead me all back to the underground waterway. Why I thought so? Mostly because the tunnels again began to feel uncomfortably wet. I also run into a few dead ends before I found I cave I thought perhaps would lead me back to the inner den.

Castle Dracula, dungeon. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
I continued climbing the flight of stairs I had come across, taking out bats and some more Will-o'-wisps as I went along. Judging by the long track I had climbed the abyss I had fallen from must have bean taller than I had originally guessed. Some of my ancestors had mentioned a super-human ability to push themselves further and harder than other vampire hunters. It was nothing to speak off. But I was beginning to think they might be right. Perhaps it was some side-effect by my clan marrhying other powerful spell-users? For all I knew even the Vampire Killer and the mystic powers themselves tided to our souls gave us some extra strength. I shook my head and opened the next door. I had hardly entered before zombies began rising all around me. I suppose I had entered some underground cemetery of sorts. But I had no time to speculate as the living dead came at me. With my crucifix in my left hand and with the whip in the other I went forward gnarling my teeth as the zombies drew blood. I fought my way over to where I could see the room open up. But then just another crypt awaited me and so on. I had whipped countless numbers of living corpses to oblivion when I finally found another staircase. I noticed the crypt continued deeper in but I didn't care. It slammed the door shut behind me as I descended from the cemetery and then made the throwing-axe strike down lightning so the entrance became blocked by large pundles of stones. It was no permanent hindrance. But at least I had bought myself enough time to get some distance between me and the living dead. I opened the next door and then blocked even that. Again I was near on go lost as I explored the different caves on this floor or whatever I should call it. I at least saw to block the paths leading down into the underground cemetery. The bats did not leave me alone and some zombies had actually managed to get up before I could close the holes. Again I climbed some steps as I battled bats and spear guards. It was then I first felt it. Cold. Biting, bitter and dry cold. It was so freezing I actually began shuddering. The caves I had just entered where all frozen into ice. It became much more difficult jumping the spike-beds who, by the way, was made out of ice too since the floor was so slippery. The bats who flew about made it difficult to concentrate . More than once I was close to fall to my demise as I slipped upon the floor when I prepared to jump. I got good use for the Soul flame here as I had to melt frozen pillars blocking my path. I used the whip to send away the Soul bat so that I could destroy spikes placed upon the floor just above the other spike-beds. I brandished my whip as the bats just did not leave me. The pillar of bones did not exactly help either. I hope future Belmont would have helpers and friends by their side when fighting evil. But that was something I would have to come back to later. If God let me that was. Spikes of ice fell from the ceiling and I had to watch out to not get killed by any of them. That of course made me loose track of the bats and more than one wounded me. But such small damage was easily cured by some of the castle's potion and some food. The important thing was I where still alive. I opened a new door and then went on with the same problems that I had faced before. But now also the Will-o'-wisps had come and thus made things even more difficult. There hung family crests upon the walls in this cave. Behind them hung weapons of multiple arts and types and beside them where even tapestries like those I had seen in the castle keep. This place must have bean some sort of official area because of the decorations. When I noticed the guillotines standing about. I jumped some new spike-beds of frozen spikes and then came to another door. I just had to jump one more spike-beds and then I, hopefully, would be out of here.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
Finally he had returned. It was Death who had introduced me to dr. Victor Frankenstein. The doctor had bean just so willingly to serve me and I had given him the crimson baptism myself. "It is complete." Frankenstein said. "I have managed to secure my equipments and have already built a new laboratory withing the castle." I nodded approvingly. Then the scientist continued. "I have managed to create a monster here, in this time. By using the necromancy afforded to me by you, my Dark Lord Dracula, I have seen to that it is completely obedient to my control." I smiled. "Then you might return to your own experiments. But remember. You belong to me now." The last I said in a sikly voice who made him look down in obedience. "Go." He bowed and then did as I commanded. He would be usefull later on. His technology was a source to power I had not expected to find when I first made him my servant. Others would perhaps tossed him aside after he had created what only he could. Bu so was not I. I had connected his essence to the castle, as I had done with Gilles De Reis and Medusa. I reached out and felt the essence of the executioner. I even tied its essence to the castle. Even the monster could someday prove a boon to the New Order I intended to enforce upon the land.

Castle Dracula, dungeon. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
I was just about to jump across the last spike-bed when I first noticed it. Lightning struck down at something stored inside a large iron-maid. The lid shut opened and a large iron-masked corpse came at me. It rouse its arms into the air. Again a lightning bolt struck down and a large double-bladed axe reminded me about what I had seen upon the curch hill outside the village of Ondol where witches and vampires where executioned. The reanimated body began marching toward me and I understood I would have to defeat it or die trying. Frost radiated from the executioner and sparks erupted from its axe. This time destiny and compassion was not on my side. Death had just tried kill me and Adrian had merely tried to test me. The giant body was bent on destroying me and I had no chance turning back. I quickly slashed the Vampire Killer. It staggered slightly, but nothing else happened. Suddenly it jumped at me and the speed and agility nearly tooked me wide open. I glided right underneath its legs and I doused it with holy water. Burns erupted upon the heavy-musckled body. Smoke began rising off of it and still it again merely tripped somewhat. Again it came at me and again I just bearly managed to dive under its feet. I jumped to my feet and then delivered it three quick successive whip-slashes and flames rouse and it fell to one knee. It threw its axe at me, like I did with my throwing-axe and frost became spread about. I slipped upon the floor and thus avoided the three-way daggers it tosses at me. I threw the boomerang-cross as I made flames blaze around it. It cut through its rotting flesh and a mouning sound came from behind its mask. It threw its axe, who somehow had returned to it and this time lightning struck down. I bearly dodged and then let it taste the Soul flame. Again I had the satisfaction to see flames rise up. One of its thrown knives and screamed as blood became spilled upon the floor. But I had no time to cure it as it again threw its axe at me. But now I was on the offence. I made the Soul bat take out the axe and then delivered three successive whip-slashes. I made it even more powerful as I made flames burn around the Vampire Killer. The executioner staggered backward and fell to one knee. It threw three-way daggers at me and I screamed as one of them cut through my arm and one hit my leg. The third missed but I staggered backward and he nearly hit me with the axe. It would have cut me to pieces if it really had hit me. I tossed the throwing-cross and made light shine around it. To my surprise it split into four and I fell to my knees as I saw them cut the large reanimated corpse into pieces. Cold radiated from the burning body and I retrived the boomerang-cross and then weakly rouse the laurels. Why I do not know, but it just felt right to do so. Blood was pumping out from my arm and leg and I knew I was dying. Cold hammered into me and I gasped for breath. "Soul ice!" The freezing cold became colder still and I did not even care as the blood ceased flowing. I watched how the wounds closed and then strength returned to me. I felt how the laurels radiated with cold and somehow I knew I had tapped into its power. It was like something finally was complete. I jumped across the last spike-bed and then opened the door beyond.

Castle Dracula, dungeon. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
I continued walking upward. Bats flew at me and I slashed the Vampire Killer at them. There was so little light that I had to be really carefull when jumping the spike-beds. Will-o'-wisps tried fool me by lighting light who was meant to lure me into those very same spike-beds. The spike-traps falling from the ceiling nearly got me. I used the Soul ice to freeze the mechanisms so they did not fall. But the bats and Will-o'-wisps continued to attack me. I felt something move behind me and I nearly had the ghost upon my back before I destroyed it with a slash of the whip. Then zombies rouse out of the ground and I became busy destroying them. I used the Soul wind to speed up my attacks and then threw the throwing-dagger at some who where at a distance. I knocked down one of the candles and found one of those morning-star uncle Julius had talked about. It really did grant the Vampire Killer additional power. As I jumped the next spike-bed, taking out some bats and zombies, I noticed the tunnel was going upward. I opened the next door and after taking down some more bats and zombies, I discovered the large spiral staircase leading upward. Since I had no map but either the way wished to go upward, I began to climb the large staircase. I felt a little dizzy as I had to jump the elevated platform far above the floor. The pillar of bones didn't make things easier and the bats continued hunting me like they where commanded to do it by some hidden will. I made them taste the Soul Saint as I whipped the pillar of bones to oblivion. I screamed with pain as some bats bit into me. I burned them with my crucifix and then threw the boomerang-cross at another pillar of bones. I slightly shuddered as some ghosts came flouting through the air. I stopped them in time by brandishing the stopwoth and then destroyed them with a couple of quick whip-slashes. There came more and I had to begin knocking down the candles to gather some more crystals. Then I could stop the ghosts long enough to destroy the bats and pillar of bones. I had nearly forgotten about the Will'o'-wisps. That mistake nearly cost me my life. They came flouting from the behind as they threw fireballs at me. I used the laurels in combination with the Soul ice and thus managed to heal my damages before they killed me. Then I made ice power the Vampire Killer and then whipped them to oblivion. I opened the door at the dop of the staircase and found myself at the bottom of a single stair going straight upward. I began walking as a few bats flew at me. Some ghosts rouse out of the ground and I again felt the eerie cold when the lost souls where near. I threw the boomerang-cross at them and made flames burn around even that and the Vampire Killer whip. I advanced upward and took care of a few pillar of bones on the way. I opened the door and again found myself at the bottom of a slightly descending steps going even further upward. I used the stopwatch and then whipped them down. As the pillar of bones breathed flames at me, I dropped to the floor and rolled to the side to avoid them. I got to my feet and threw the axe at it and lightning struck down and the axe shattered into three and more lightning struck down. I then I retrived the throwing-axe and continued upward. The Will-o'-wisps had kept up to me by now and made flames fly at me. I froze them with the Soul ice and then finished them off with some quick snaps of the Vampire Killer. I then continued upward as I continued taking down Will-o'-wisps, bats and pillar of bones. I opened the door and found myself in a corridor I remembered from earlier time.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. of November 1476 A.D.
I was back up in the inner den. I went back to where Adrian had left me after teleporting me into the inner den to begin with. As I began knocking down a few candles I came to remember what Adrian had told me about this place and about his father.


I looked around. We where underground now. "Sonia," Adrian said. "my father is an inhuman fiend of enormous dark magical powers. Never underestimate his powers." I nodded. "What do you know about the inner den?" I asked in an effort to light the situation. "The inner den is where my father one held his duels during his living days. It was here he faced and killed the dragon you faced in the library. It was here he formed an alliance with the dragons and decleared his title as the Dark Lord." He became silent and stepped a few steps away. "God be with you Sonia Belmont. And fear well." He folded his cape around himself and then he was gone. I did the sign of the cross and then continued onward. I really did hope God was with me. If Dracula was as powerful as Adrian said… I again did the sign of the cross. "I place my soul in your hands." I prayed before I went forward.

End of flashback.

I shook my head. I had to concentrate on the present to remain alive. I had found a few new weapons and powers now. But still Adrian's words still made me feel doubt about my strength compared to Dracula. I knelt to my knees and prayed with all the strength I had. "Lord," I prayed. "give me strength and knowledge to do Your will. I am weak but You are strong and I am weak. I place my soul in your hands. Please God, give me strength. Forgive me my sins, amen." I did the sign of the cross, ending the prayer and then rouse to my feet. I felt relaxed. Whatever was to come, I would face it with straight back.

I felt her. She was using some magic which made me feel her presence. She was here, inside the inner den. Again I lost track of her. But now I knew where she was. I would prepare for her. The Ninjotaur would worn her down and then all would come to pass according to my desire.

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