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Chapter 2: Banqueting of Spirits.
Castle Dracula, entrance hall. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
The giant pillared hall with giant stain-glass windows with draperies in golden and crimson silk lay before me. Statues of shrouded women and shields with spears and swords behind them decorated niches in the wall and I felt the soft velvet carpet under my feet. This was more than anything I'd ever seen before. My blood was just as noble as prince Dracula, but my home near the village of Ondol was not nearly as decorated as this place. All light came from giant candelabras in crystal and gold or from the candle-stands placed on the pillars. But that was not what worried me. Silence lay over the hall, all the sound came from the wind blewing outside. It was cold, just as cold as it'd bean outside. Slowly I started walking down the hall. Then I heard the flapping of wings and bats came flying from all directions. I recoiled the Vampire Killer and did swing it in perfect circles, just like uncle Julius had learned me. The bats burst into fire but they didn't stopped coming and soon I was cornered into one niche. But I didn't intend to surrender. I summoned fire to burn around the whip. I hit one of the candles and a strange crystal fell out. As I picked it up, the bats where flapping at some distance. As I held it, I felt new power rise inside me. It was not the type of power I had felt as I held the crystalline ball from the creature bat, but it did gave me more power. "Time for battle!" I shouted as the Vampire Killer not became set on fire, it turned into huge balls of fire and I saw flames burst from it and washed over the bats. As the Vampire Killer returned to its former state. I did the sign of the cross as I recoiled it and continued onward. Further onward the shadows who had hindered me from discovering what lie beyond was clearing. Just as I stopped to gaze upon the decorative wall and ceiling-paintings, the crests, spears and swords who lined me. But that would have to wait as strange skulls, most likely from the children of dragons, stacked untop of each-others and piled human skulls, bones and blood-like mud who tainted the carpets. I felt sick by watching it. I knew how Dracula pillaged those who stood in the way of his monotheistic rages, uncle Julius had try to tell me about it. Stories which made my blood go cold with disdain. He was no longer the prince of this province of Walachia. Not since 1462 when he did submit his soul to The Devil. Uncle Julius had tried to tell me so but it was not before now I really understood him. As I went toward this groused area of the hall, the tainted crimson spots became maggots as I went forward. I wanted to scream as they started crawling toward me. I tossed daggers toward them and smiled as I saw them burst into fire. But I did not had time to think further about it as the pillar of bones came to life. They started turning toward me and I saw fire lit in their mouths and fireballs became shot toward me. I swung the Vampire Killer and made the fireballs explode. But they where already spewing more. I had to gaze as I did swing the whip and a wall of wind blew forward and made the next set of fire became shattered into pieces. "Thank you Lord." I said in hearth-felt gratitude as I again swung the holy weapon crafted by Leon, my great forfather and the pillar did went the same way as its fire. But as I went forward, the packed skulls was the next to become given new life. I could still feel the dark power surging through this place and knew that was what made give all these nightmares their life-energies. I did swing the Vampire killer at the first ones and then tossed daggers at the attacking skulls. They where not powerful, not at all. But they did really terrify me. I did throw magic all around me in a rather frantic motion. As I did come to rest the skulls where nothing more than ashes and slightly burning shards. As I did regain control of my breath I noticed the area was clear of all enemies. Taking a deep breath I continued walking.

Castle Dracula, long library. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
I did comfortly sit back into my chair. The marble fire-place did give some slight warmth to the giant book-covered walls. Within my hands a copy of "Oddesy" in my hands. But I did not pay it any real attention as an Ottoman girl turned to the darkness by my own new-found power. The prince of darkness had truly rerised me as a vampire. But not as any mere vampire. A vampire of rank. A vampire of power, bought to suppress the thirst for blood giving me the ability to think and plot for the benefit of the Dark Lord. That was another particular thing I did have developed during my new life. The title of being the prince of Walachia had turned to a knowledge that Lord Dracula was the Dark Lord, the viceroy of the Master himself. My pleasure in studying my creation vanished as a snearl went over my face. This little farm-girl who thought she was a boyar was the one who could destroy us. With a wink of my mind I sent the book back on its self and rouse from the chair. "Go to the assembly hall young one." I commanded the vampire who quickly bowed and turned to a bat before it left me. With another wink I summoned the rod to my side and I did start walking. I would go to the branch of ancient scholarship and greet the being the Dark Lord had placed there. It would be the means to destroy the little vampire hunter. If need be, I would personally take care of her.

Castle Dracula, entrance hall. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
A set of tossed daggers made the swarm of bats flying at me burst into fire. I permitted myself a moments rest as the bats where now trying to get away from me. That was something I was a little proad of. The bats where no dangerous enegy, but they did trouble me and their desire to drain me of my blood was just a great threat as those strange green fireballs and the floating skulls. Then I did continue walking and felt a desire to scream. The grand hall ended in a huge stair with doors and a corridors at its top. And spiral staircases did went even further upward. Where was I supposed to go? My uncle told me that there where maps over the castle but that he didn't remember where they where. I knelt to pray for guidance and some sort of odd sensation overcame me. I knew where to go, at least for the moment. I slowly went forward and started going up the stairs. As I came to the top of the platform the cracking sounds of bones was the only warning as three pillar of bones fell from the ceiling. I dropped to the ground as the top-most skulls started to fire balls of bluish flames at me. I rolled to the side as the lowest of the skulls did fire at me. I slashed my whip as I did summon the element of ice. The pillars, froze, I could see smoke rise from them and as I again cracked the whip, they shattered into frozen ashes. I couldn't help for embracing myself as the frost made me shiver with cold. Slowly I jumped across the frozen area and landed on the other side I felt the ground give way. I continued jumping and then again summoned the power of ice as another swarm of bats came flying at me. They became frozen and fell down on the floor far below and shattered into pieces. But there was coming more and I was still not on solid ground. I swung the Vampire Killer at them, making them burst into fire or freeze into shattered pieces. Then I again landed on solid ground again and I was in an entire new part of the castle.

Castle Dracula, marble corridor. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
The white corridor was crafted out of solid marble. All of it. Bought floor, walls and ceiling. In niches with more of those wall-paintings, statues of robed females with bare arms stood on elevated pillars. Huge square-glassed windows with huge curtains in crimson and gold did line the left side of the corridor as shields, lances, swords, paintings did line the right side. Huge candelabras in gold and crystal hung from the painted ceiling and a velvet carpet of rich crimson and gold lay under my feet. Armours, painted with those very same colours, did stand here and there, as did pillar of bones too. The corridor went on seemingly forever. I knew people said I had good eyes but I couldn't see anything beside the same going on and on downward. I did suspect that if I'd went up one of those spiral staircases I would have found myself in some sort of twin to this corridor. I shook my head as I did start walking and then had to jump as the floor gave way. Then one of the pillar of bones started to breath fire at me. I swung my whip and the pillar shattered into pieces. Then the doors opened and ghosts shrouded in black came drifting toward me. "God be with me!" I prayed as I swung the Vampire Killer at the nearest ghosts and then tossed daggers at the next group. This was not going to work this time. This time I had to run. I slammed open one of the doors and shut it right into the "faces". And just for security, I placed a wall of ice before it.

Castle Dracula, chambers. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
I cracked the Vampire Killer at the corpses who'd rosen from the floor. They burst into fire and I could permit myself a look on the room I now was inside. It was a mouldy set of chambers. With dusted maggot-eaten furniture. But that was less important just about now. My whip had knocked out a good array of candles and granted me enough crystals to make me fuse greater power into my weapons. And I had to admit they really did became useful considering the lots of those yellow-lit candles who made the dead rise from their graves. As came to the centre of the room, bats came flying at me from their set positions. I channelled power into the strange rosary I had found inside one of the candles, a strange relic which made me focus my power on a far more controlled fashion then I had thus far managed, and tossed a spread-shot of daggers at them. Through the elements of ice, fire and wind I did manage to take them all out. But I did not have time to selebrate. The armours standing at each door came to life and started walking towards me. Considering to enter these chambers a bad idea I summoned the power of the elements of ice and wind as the spear guards did prepare their weapons. "To the honour of God." I did the sign of the cross before I dashed toward one of the walls at which I could better protect myself and made the two elements penetrate my whip. It was merely two of them, to be sure, but they where not enemies to take lightly. As they tried to pin me against the wall I did a quick side-step and then cracked the Vampire Killer into the first spear guard's armour. The possessed armour tripped and fell hard into the floor. The other one landed a hit on my shoulder by its armoured fist. The cross-insignia upon my shoulder-plates did turn it on fire, but now it was I who became thrown into the floor. I blinked my eyes and then rolled to the side. The two lances became trusted into the floor on which I had led. I felt somewhat groggy but still was able to brandish my whip into the other spear guard. It burst into fire but the other one did toss its lance at me and I did crack my whip at it and made it burn just as it dashed at me and tackled me to the floor. I felt how his cold steel-protected gauntlets fastened around my throat and it became dificut to breathe. I did the sign of the cross over his helmet which exploded, but his hands continued to squeeze my neck. Weakly I pressed my cross toward his gauntlets. I saw how they burst into fire before I fainted.

Castle Dracula, long library. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
As I did wander down the book-filled halls the first sign of the ruler of the library was the scent of rotting flesh. Then I could feel its presence. Empty eye-socets, empty except for the intense blue fire who burned at me with a merciless intelligence. "What is it, boyar De Reis?" Its voice was a powerful roar in my mind. I quickly went down upon one knee. "My lord," I nearly gasped. "the Belmont worrier have entered the castle." It was always easy to forget when you was not in its domain that it was a creature meant to obey him. But the dead dragon was a power in itself, and even dough it would not touch me, a prominent member of the Dark Lord's court, I never did manage to really command it. "I do know that." It said as white maggots crawled over its rotting black shells and decaying flesh under it. Flies where buzzing all around it, but that did not decrease either its balanced aura of divine authority not its feel of elevated intelligence. It would never fly again, to be sure. Its head and neck was all which it could still move, but its darkened spirit still remained inside its dead shell. And that was something I was really thankful for. I had heared the myths about the dreaded "lords of horror" the ancient council of the dark dragon's wraiths. But who could know if not Lord Dracula did intend to rebuild that ancient order. "I did came here to ask of you to kill her." I said as I slowly get up and sat down into one of the library's many chairs. "I cannot remove myself from this house of sacred remains. My power is not what it once was. But do bring her before me and I shall again claim the life of human worriers." I did slowly nod as I crushed one of the flies who became attracted by my own smell of slightly decaying flesh. "However, if she manage to outlive the guards of our Dark Lord's army, she would one way or another end up here." I nodded. "But do not underestimate her. I have heard the legends of the house of Belmont. A priest I one knew sung the "Lament of Inosence" for me. She might look like no threat, but she no less is." The feel of a smile went through my mind. "The Dark Lord did not look like a threat at the time I fought him." A picture of Lord Dracula suited in armour and with sword and shield in hand went before my inner eye. I did nod. "Lord Dracula's title claim him as lord of the dragons, I do take your meaning." I made a slight wave of fire consume the flies coming at me. "I would have taken care of that if you had merely asked me." It calmlys said. "You have not asked me, but neither the less, I should make your stay here more comfortable." The flies vanished, how it did it I do not know. But that was of little interest. I leaned back into the seat and summoned some of the books to the little gold-painted table beside me. I would wait and see the battle unfold. Again the dead dragon's head rested upon its front claws. Merely the candles above my chear was lit, not that I really needed it, and in the shadows it merely looked like it was a normal living dragon again. This would without any doubt be something to remember.

Castle Dracula, chambers. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
I sat upon the floor and ate a rousted chicken who'd fallen from one of the candles. If someone had asked me then how it was, I could not have told him. The bird tasted good, like my aunt used to cook it and it did replenished all my lost energy. When I did end the meal, I again prayed, like I had before the meal, and asked for strength in feith and power to dispose Dracula from his position of power. Ending the prayer with the sign of the cross, I got to my feet. There was nothing left inside this chamber. So, instead on going back out into the marble corridor I went toward the door leading to the next chamber. As I did enter the new room, I found myself in a plain eight-sided room with a single candle and a spiral staircase leading upward. As I walked toward the staircase, I could see another door leading back into the corridor. Again I prayed for guidance and then started wander upward. At the end of the staircase, a short corridor leading toward a wooden door taken out from one of those Arabian fairy-tales the maids used to read. A lone muscular armour armed with a sword and shield stood before the door. "A sword lord." I whispered as I walked slowly closer. Then it merely dashed at me with the sword at the ready. I just had enough time to dodge it as I did a quick back-flip and nearly fell down the stairs. I jumped side-ways and then cracked the whip at him. It again dashed at me and I trusted myself right between its knees. Rising just behind it I summoned as much of the element of light I could master and channelled it into the Vampire Killer. The sword lord fell forward and I pushed it down the staircase. I could hear the thud when it hit the floor below. Then, to my hearth-felt horror, it slowly got to its feet and then gathered its sword and shield. It slowly walked over to where the candle casts its shallow light over the room and then stood still. Somewhat comfused I stood watching it for a moment. Then I merely did the sign of the cross in gratitude for the help of God and went over and opened the door.

Castle Dracula, madien's quarters. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
It was like some sort of a harem. Excotic draperies and furniture of classic Arabian style decorated this wing. I could see everything thanks to the moon-light shining through the huge windows at the South and Western end of the castle. If this really was the end of the castle. I could see other buildings going even further westward, most likely through the marble corridor since they lay a little lower than this floor of the castle. I went over to a skatole, a piece of furniture from my end of the world and let my eyes glide over all the beauty-products who cowered it. But even dough all these proofs of self-sentered womanhood, there where no mirrors in the wing, none at all. The candles, spreading good-smelling parfumes as they burned did little to lift the feeling of lost beauty and mourning loneliness. Then one candle, a candle lit by a single silvery flame caught my attention. It was like it did call out for me to crack it. Slowly I went toward it. I tried to see beyond the obvious but without noticing anything wrong. "May Your will be." I said as I did the sign of the cross and swung the Vampire Killer. A flash of silver for a moment blinded me, then something I recognised as a stop-watch lay before me. Slowly I knelt to pick it up. It was like my power to control wind reached out toward it and I just knew what it could do. "Sonia." The sound of soft female voices made me spin around as if a strange boy had come across me while bathing. I slightly blushed by the thought, but that was not what was in the front of my mind. Three young women, ladies by their clouths, hairdo and appearance, or so it looked like. One was blonde, just like me, with a big mane of wavy gold and pale sapphire eyes, while another had long locks of burning red going down her shoulders and pale green eyes. The final one was.. I do not know how to put it, bigger perhaps, more voluptuous, with rich black hair and hard brown eyes. "We need you." The brown one said with a strange sound of played water-glasses in her voice. "You are Anita Saranow. One of Dracula's mistresses during his first marriage. But no, that is impossible." "All is possible for the Dark Lord of the demon castle Dracula." The blonde lady said. "At least you I remember. You are Isabella Von Krohnquist, called "Actrise" by those who knew her. My uncle said you sacrifised your own son to the dark powers to earn the curse of eternal life." Actrise slightly shrugged her well-shaped shoulders. "What do it matter in the great game? Whatever the case, I did what I did to obtain the glory of the dark side of creation. You will understand when you too obtain the splendorous power of the eternal night." "No." I said in a low voice. "I am of the house of Belmont. My family swore to protect all from the creatures of the night. You have bean desived Actrise. You are nothing more than a slave, a puppet for the darkness." I cracked the Vampire Killer at her, Anita did walk right into the blow and screamed as she became enshrouded in fire. I grimly pined her hearth with one of the daggers as I removed her head with another one. Then I used the stop-watch to freeze the others in time and did quick work with the nameless vampire. But somehow Actrise did manage to step backward. "I am a servant of darkness!" She screamed at me. "I will not be defeated by you." I swung my whip at her and again she stepped out of reach. For my eyes it was like darkness gathered around her. "Die!" She snarled as she trusted her hand forward with her claws extended. Now I did do a back-flip and such avoided being slashed by her. She surprised me by teleporting like bats and then reappeared in another place and made a single ball of blue bat-inhabited Hell-fire became shot at me. I knew that could not be turned away by the Vampire Killer, so I instead tossed a dagger at it so it exploded just a few feet from me. Before she could teleport again I cracked the Vampire Killer at her. She screamed but didn't turn into fire. She did again teleport and again tossed a bat-inhabited blue fireball at me. I froze it in time and then tossed daggers at Actrise. They sunk into her flesh. At first I smiled, then felt a desire to scream as she tore them out and the wounds healed. "You cannot destroy me." She snarled as she again tossed her fireball at me. I summoned the element of light and let it shroud her fire. Then I summoned it to burn around my whip. As I did crack it at her head, the darkness again gathered around her and I felt something sift. Actrise became tossed backward and I was quick to remove her head. As her corpse turned into dust, I picked up all the heads and went over to the window. With one powerful toss I tossed the heads out into the river far below me. "Dracul!" I cried as I saw the heads fall. "Dracul! You cannot defeat us forever!" Feeling a little stupid I went toward the door. There was no other way to go forward then to return to the marble corridor.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
I felt something sift. It was like new power did surge through my body. "My lord," Medusadid crawl to my side. "is there anything wrong?" "Nothing." I said. "And did I not commanded you to go to the keep?" "Yes my lord." She quickly said as she did crawled out from the hall. "Explain this to me Death." I scarled at him. "The castle has become one with your power. It is the very symbol of your power by now. And if you feel stronger that is because a new servant has surrendered her soul to its essence. This soul might now become resurrected at any time you so choose, my lord." I nodded. "You have proven your fealty to me Death. Now I want you to show me it again. Go to the clock tower and await my orders." He slightly bowed his head. "Yes my lord." Then he to did left me. "What is my bidding, my lord?" The Minotaur at my side asked. "Nearly stand tall my servant." I said as I did continued to wander. As soon the army was ready to move I would unleash it upon the countryside. That would be the first step in reclaiming my domain.

Castle Dracula, royal chapel. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
Now I at least had found out why the marble corridor seemed to last forever. It went all through the castle and outside was not the way for me to go. So instead I had returned to one of the other main areas of the castle. To the royal chapel. Judging for its position it was the wing I'd seen inside the madien's quarters. It was just as magnificent as the other parts of the castle had bean. At least some parts where. The chapel hal for instance was nearly as huge as the entrance hall and had just as many stain-glass windows and statues. Not that I had much time to view them or the breaf-taking ceiling-paintings. Killer-holes with spikes or nothing at its bottom made he utulize my training to the fullest. Bats did come flying at me at will and spear guards and bone pillars did not make me like this hall any better. I froze the spear guards in time and then jumped across another abyss and then came to the areas right under the stair leading up to the marble corridor. As I'd half-way suspected there where doors even here, leading to the ground floor of the other end of the castle. Unfortunately I again stood face to face with another of those sword lords. It dashed at me with its sword at the ready and I trusted myself right beneath his legs and came up behind him. The armour grasped for my braid and I instead tossed him full with enflamed daggers. It merely tripped a few steps backward and that was really all I needed. I gave hom another load with frozen daggers before I froze him in time with the stopwatch and then used the wind to blow him outside of the pillared area. Then I opened the door and banged it shut behind me. At least this was a wing of the castle I knew. Uncle Julius had described it for me when he told about uncle Reinhardt who Dracula killed inside the church when he did not convince the other priests to burry his wife in a Christian grave. It was no church anymore. The pews where broken into pieces who lay rotting on the floor. The stain-glass windows with images of Christ and the holy Saints and prophets of God was shattered into pieces so the cold wind could blew inside. The wall-decoration was shamed by stains of blood and pinned by daggers and swords. Before the alter the rotting corpse of a man in priest-clothing lay with his neck thore open as if a savage beast had attacked him. His rosary was broken and the crucifix burned. The alter was burned into ashes and so was the holy books and other religious artefacts. The picture of Christ at the head of the alter was all which was left. And a little statue of Sta. Maria, the virgin-mother of Christ. The container for holy water was tried knocked to pices, but still there was some very few drops left. I softly took it on my finger as I knelt before the little statue and the holy icon and did the sign of the cross. I could feel tears run down my face as I thought about the poor souls who had done all this. How could they loose faith in the one who gave His sacred life to die for the sins of the world? Then If they'd truly left God then it was my destiny to deliver them from the darkness. Feeling humble for the duty weighting down my shoulders I again prayed for strength in faith so that I could fulfil my destiny. Then I got to my feet and went for the small door just at the wall beside the one which I had entered into.

Castle Dracula, long library. The 13th of November 1476 A.D.
Even after all chich I had seen, this was some of the wildest since I ever entered the castle. This place was perhaps not as huge or luxurious as the marble corridor or the royal chapel, but the walls where nearly completely covered with books. The crimson and cold velvet carpet went along the floor as far the eye could see and high-backed chairs and gold-painted tables, they too covered with books, made me stare. The ceiling was decorated with paintings of the gods and guardians of lore, literature, magic, scholarship and knowledge. And even here, the giant candelabras of gold and crystal hung, even dough here only a few candles where lit and those who where so was few so the hall lay in shrouds of shadow. Here and there the books where gone in place of a fireplace or another door, but that was so seldom that it felt like a surprise every time I saw them. It was in the shadowed part of the corridor that the pillar of bones concealed themselves. And those pesky bats didn't have to hide themselves of course. I did also notice another strange thing, the candles from which helpful items was to find semed to stand on high wooden stands in here and bought the candles and their stands vanished when I cracked the Vampire Killer at them. But it was the sound of footsteps who seemed to follow me who really made my hear stand on end. And the fact they didn't do anything made it just more frightening. From one of the chairs a shrouded character rouse. Thinking it was one of the corpses or a ghost, I lashed out with it just as I did a back-flip just in chase he would try toss a dagger at me or anything. The individual turned into mist and then reappeared somewhere else. Then the footsteps finnaly caught up to me. Two new sword lords, with their swords and shields at the ready. "Surender, young Belmont." It was the shrouded one who spoke. Removing his hood I recognised him. "Gilles." I merely said. He nodded, a smile on his seemingly kind old face. "The time have come for you to join us young Belmont. With your luxurius look and extraordinary power you could grow high in rank in the dark court." Before he could withdrew I dashed forward and slabed him on the face with my cross. "Do never dare say that again" I said as I stood proudly tall before him. "Kill her!" Gilles snapped at his sword lord and I whirled around to face them. I did the sign of the cross to make them stagger a little and then I summoned the element of light to shine around the Vampire Killer. As I brought out the daggers I stroke the little drops of holy water from the church on them before I did summon wind to give them even more power. A spread-shot of daggers at the first one made it stagger and I didn't gave the other time to move in for its wounded comrade. I struck the whip into its head and did a back-flip as its head did explode. But the possessed armours soon got back on their feet. I froze them in time using the stopwatch and then made light grant the daggers as much energy I could grant them through the rosary. As the dark spirits inside them left them, the armours fell to the ground and slowly turned to dust. But I didn't stop to watch as Gilles opened his cloak, under it he was dressed in simple dark-green velvet clouthing, and sent a wavy ball of bat-inhabited blue fire at me. He most likely had some control over it because when I tried to jump it, it split into three smaller flames who nearly killed me. Had I not froze it in time I would have ended like a burned crisp. Giles reached out with his other hand and a simple wave of red flames became fired at me. I summoned as much of the element of ice as I could and then slashed the whip forward and let the ice blast forward. The flames shattered into frozen pieces and this time it was I who did attack him. I made light grant the daggers more power before I tossed them at him. He made an effort to teleport again but it was just to many daggers. He screamed like a wind beast when the daggers ripped into his chest. But I must have missed the hearth since he ripped them from his flesh and then tossed them away. Now he again teleported like mist as he made a swarm of bat come to discharge of him. I whipped the bats into oblivion as fast as I could, some of them got past my defence and made blood drip from my arms and legs, as he retook human form and again unleashed one of his single bat-inhabited blue fireballs. But this time I was prepared and as I jumped them I froze the three new flames with ice and then tossed daggers right into his head. Darkness came to gather around him, like it had with Actrise as he slowly burned into nothingness. I knelt down and prayed in gratitude before I continued walking. The pillar of bones in a shadowed area did spit fireballs at me and forced me to drop myself to the floor. As it stopped firing I jumped to my feet and cracked my whip at them. It took three hits to dispose the top one and then three more to take out the lowest one. That was something I had not stopped to think about. But it looked like some of the pillar of bones had greather power than the others. To be true, they had always needed more than one strike to become destroye, but now they had grown even stronger. But then again, perhaps the castle could feel that I grew in power and so gave its own habitants more power too? I could not think further about that as a group of ghosts came drifting through the wall. I froze them in time with the stopwatch and then quickly disposed them. This place was getting me nowhere. Perhaps it was Gilles who had only used his powers to lure me here. Then I had to blink as the light I'd seen in the distance now became clear to me. On the end of this wall, two other corridors branching of to either side, but right before me it was a dead end. Not knowing where to go I instead started taking out the candles. And Is I went down the left-most corridor it looked like there where no more enemies then a few ghosts and bats. Then two set of burning blue eyes caught mine and the feel of someone old and powerful burst into my mind. Then I felt the stench of rotting flesh. Three elevated platforms was spread out just before the giant rotting carcass. Then the dead dragon attacked. It lifted its giant dead head and breathed a massive wave of fire at me. I jumped ontop of the leftmost platform and the dead dragon moved its head at me, to bite me or what I do not know. But I didn't stay to find out as I jumped to the midest and also highest platform and channelled ice into my whip and then cracked the whip into the side of its skull. For a moment the fire in its eyes died, but then they returned and it hammered its head into the floor so bricks fell all over the place. I made a back-flip and then couldn't do anything but to ran to avoid the bricks. Then the dragon again breathed a powerful wave of fire. Not caring about the minor wounds and bruises I'd received during the falling brick attack I again jumped onto one of the platforms and summoned tornadoes to blow all around it. I made frost freeze the tornadoes so solid projectiles crashed into its body. But strangly enough it didn't seemed like my magic harmed its body. I jumped to get a better view and the dead dragon breathed a wave of fire where I had just bean. But that gave me important information. Last I'd wounded it I had hit its head. And it could only move its head. I tested the theory by making tornadoes blow into its face. It seemed damaged, but not nearly as damaged when I'd used the Vampire Killer. Then it hit me. Dragons where immune to near all sorts of magic. And I had used light on the whip when I did attack. Once again I had to jump as the dragon breathed its wave of flames at me. I jumped onto the highest platform and cracked the Vampire Killer into its skull. I did empower it with fire beforehand, and this time the fire not only went out in its eyes, but it even did roar in pain. Then it smashed its head into the floor and again bricks started falling all around me. I ran to avoid the greater bricks as I knew that if I did became knocked out, the dragon would destroy me. "God, please, give me strength." I whispered as I again summoned fire to burn on my whip and brandished it to destroy the stones around me. The dragon breathed fire at me and I was just merely able to freeze it. "Let it be Your will!" I shouted as I did the sign of the cross and again jumped onto the platform and cracked the Vampire Killer into its head. Bricks fell all around me as I continued to brack its skull. Fire burned and made swet drip from all over my body. But I did continue to swing the Vampire Killer. It felt like the weapon itself became like a living flame in my hands. "Into Your hands I surrender my soul." I let go off all the fire around me, flames ran hither and dither and I screamed, as did the dead dragon. I could see its naked skeleton burn before it too shattered into pieces. I became thrown backward and hit the floor so hard my head shot back up. Again I sent the flames to go all around me, then the darkness overcame me and I again fainted. "Soul flame." I whispered as my eyes closed.

(A.N: Legacy of Darkness has allways bean one of my favorite games beside this one. So is the novel Bram Stoker wrote. Not to mention the movie from 1992 based on that book. Until the next chapter, see you all.)

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