System: SNES Country: United Kingdom
Developer: Grey Matter Publisher: Electronic Arts
Size: 8 Megabits Save Feature: Password
Retail Price: ? Release Date: 1993
Number of Players: 1 Genre: 2D Action - Platform
Also On: Genesis

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    When B.O.B. crashes his dad's space car on the way to pick up his date, he finds himself stranded on a hostile asteroid filled with enemies. He must traverse 45 levels filled with a wide variety of foes and obstacles to get to his girlfriend's house. Along the way, B.O.B. picks up weapons upgrades and items called "remotes" that have various uses: one kind allows B.O.B. to fly, another can be used as a bomb, and so on. The somewhat goofy backstory does little to detract from a long, but fun action game.

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