Bronkie The Bronchiasaurus

System: SNES Country: US
Developer: Wave Quest Publisher: Raya Systems
Size: 8 Megabits Save Feature: None
Retail Price: ? Release Date: 1994
Number of Players: 1 - 2 Genre: 2D Action - Platform
ESRB Rating: K-A (Kids to Adults) Also On: PC - Win95

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    Yet another game from Raya Systems created to educate youngsters about a particular medical condition (the last two being Captain Novolin and Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon). This time the game focuses on a dinosaur named Bronkie with asthma who must avoid hazards like dust clouds and cigarette smoke while progressing through the level. Goofy as it may sound, keep in mind that this was and is a game used by asthma clinics and parents with young asthmatic children as a less boring way of learning what to avoid, how the lungs work, how to properly use inhalers, etc. Studies have concluded that children who played Bronkie as opposed to watching a 30 minute video about asthma not only learned more about their condition, but were more confident that they knew how to handle it.

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Contributed by: Rey

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