System: SNES Country: US
Developer: Blizzard Publisher: Interplay
Size: 8 Megabits Save Feature: Password
Retail Price: $54.95 Release Date: September, 1994
Number of Players: 1 Genre: 2D Action - Platform
Also On: Mac, PC, Sega 32X Related Links: Ad, Ending

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    Perhaps Jeff Lundrigan said it best: "It's like Prince of Persia with shotguns." Smooth animation and a dark atmosphere highlight this action/adventure in which you, as Kyle Blackthorne, must fight through the Ka'dra'suul clan and defeat Sarlac to claim your rightful place on the throne. In true Persia fashion, the action is mixed with ledge jumping and puzzle elements as you must find items to unlock the way to the next level.

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