Batman Forever

System: SNES Country: US
Developer: Probe Publisher: Acclaim
Size: 16 Megabits Save Feature: None
Retail Price: $60 - 70 Release Date: 1995
Number of Players: 1 - 2 Genre: Side Scrolling Fighter
ESRB Rating: K-A (Kids to Adults)
for Animated Violence
Also On: Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Game Boy, Arcade, PC
Previous Games: Batman (C-64), Batman (NES), Batman Returns Followed By: Batman & Robin

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    Great looking, horrible playing side scroller based on the movie of the same name. Features digitized, motion captured sprites of Batman, Robin, and the bad guys, but it seems too much time was spent on that and not enough time was spent on making the game any fun. Every level is the same thing, moving left to right and punching enemies. One of a handful of SNES games to actually have load times.

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